Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) 101

Review for ultra hd roku smart led tv

Price was $399.99. This is a huge step up over past tvs i've owned. The fact that it is a roku tv means no messing with multiple remotes - one controls the tv and integrated roku unit. Also, by downloading the roku app on a tablet or phone you can lose the remote in the couch (you know you will, so own it) and still be able to control the tv.

-J. Carrie

55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 The S-series 4k Tcl Roku Tv Delivers Stunning Picture Performance While Bringing All Your Favorite Content Through A Simple, Intuitive Interface In A Sleek Modern Design. -Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model

  1. Advantages: Smart Functionality Offers Access To Over 4, 000 Streaming Channels Featuring More Than 450, 000 Movies And Tv Episodes Via Roku Tv.
  2. Advantages: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of High Dynamic Range (hdr) For The Most Lifelike Picture.

Cut-Price Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) 55s405

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I am sooo in love with this tv. And if you play video games like me i promise you that you will too :d Best ultra hd roku smart led tv | Tcl-Television Review ( Feb 2020 ) Advantages TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 49. 1" x 28. 5" x 3", tv with stand: 49. 1" x 30. 8" x 8. 7". Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv. Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture. Direct-lit led produces great picture quality. 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur. Inputs: 3 hdmi 2. 0 with hdcp 2. 2 (one with hdmi arc), 1 usb (media player), rf, composite, headphone jack, optical audio out, ethernet .

Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model Review (55s405)

This is a great tv for the price. The sound and picture is great and with the netflix upgrade for four dollars per month more you can't beat the ultra high def. I couldn't give it a full 5 stars because it doesn't have blue tooth capabilities. I didn't look closely prior to buying because now days when something says "smart tv" i just assume it means completely. You can hard wire a lot of things as i was told by their very fast response team. But who want's to string wires everywhere this day and age? -L. Carmen

Tcl 55s405 55 Inch Ultra Smart

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: TCL
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0846042007603
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:30.80 inches
    Length:49.10 inches
    Weight:30.00 pounds
    Width:8.70 inches
  6. Manufacturer: TCL
  7. Model: 55S405
  8. MPN: 55S405
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 55S405
  12. Type: Home Theater
  13. Category: TELEVISION
  14. ReleaseDate: 2017-05-17
  15. Size: 55-Inch
  16. UPC: 846042007603

55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 Home Theater, The s-series 4k tcl roku tv delivers stunning picture performance while bringing all your favorite content through a simple, intuitive interface in a sleek modern design. Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (55S405-Tcl).

Tcl 55s405 55 Inch Ultra Smart Home Theater

  • So far this has been an excellent tv! it arrived safe and undamaged, there have been a few reviewers who unfortunately received damaged screens. Not the case here! a 55 inch screen is unthought of in this price range. The picture is good for tv and bluray, and i can't speak for the sound because i hooked up the bose sound bar immediately, it costed over half the price of this set, but will be connected to every tv i own until it dies. No issues with this tv at all, easy to install and a breeze to set up and use. Love the simplicity of the remote and menu screen. Buy, buy, buy! you won't be sorry!
  • After hours of gaming, movies and tv, this is simply the best tv i've ever purchased! i tweaked some settings (which was incredibly easy) and couldn't stop dropping my jaw. Draw distances in games seemed enhanced somehow. The colors. The hdr is so worth it. I can't stress enough how worth it the hdr is. Blows my dang mind, even the tv's speakers are better than expected, bass is noticable. The apps and roku function very smoothly. I would highly suggest anyone that loves movies or games (or both) to get this tv! great price for supreme value!
  • Doa. Arrived, set it up, put legs on. Turned it on. Nothing. Turned it off and setup screen flashed. Called manufacturer and online store. Nobody can help, tv has to be returned. On the other hand, it looked nice. Oh. And the power cord is on the back right (as you look at the tv) and it's so short it wouldn't reach the plug.
  • First time i've bought a cheap tv, and it will be my last. Picture quality is ok, roku was easy to set up. . Now, my issue, which may be of no concern to others who are ok with the tv's internal speaker sound, but they sound like crap to me. I connected a pair of high quality speakers and straight amplifier coming from the tv's optical audio output. This type of connection is very simple and straightforward, with very good sounding micro amplifiers (50w x 2) available for under $10. However, tcl chose not to have the audio volume of the optical link track the normal tv speaker volume. This means the external speakers do not change volume when the tv speakers change volume. In order to do that, one must use the hdmi connector for the audio, rendering the optical audio output nearly useless. What a crappy audio implementation on this tv. All my old crt tv's had an audio output that tracked the tv's speaker volume. Tcl made a very poor design choice, no wonder they are cheap tv's, as their designs are not well though out. . Update 01/05/2018: tcl responded to me for a quick solution, but not when i talked to their tech support. Hmm, but they told me about me an easy fix. Audio to external speakers now works as hoped :) i will add one other thing about design, maybe i'm being picky but it would make the tv better. Provide a bit more space around the various a/v i/o jacks. You cannot use a fat usb thumb drive that has much of a jacket because it won't fit in the usb port, too tight on one side. Other jacks are also quite tightly spaced on one side. Ymmv
  • Writing this review because after waiting for 3 weeks the tv finally arrived. Once i opened the box and set the tv, turned it on an had a completely shattered screen.

ultra hd roku smart led tv TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This tv is a good deal. If you're on the fense about it, like i was buy it. I was skeptical from reading some of the reviews and because this is new technology. I understand the technical details because i'm an electrical engineer. So i can tell you, there's no need to get hung up on the technical details. This is an hd-high definition tv and a good deal. I wish someone would have just come out and said this - so i am. . More detail - this is what most people refer to as an hd tv. They're just calling it something extra because the technology is relatively new. They're referring to this tv as hd-4k-hdr because hd technology is changing and there are different types of hd technology. I think this is where a lot of people are getting hung up or confused. The bottom line is this is a great hd tv at a low cost. This tv is very user friendly - meaning they do a good job in the end user having to do little to nothing to set it up. The tv is intuative, which i think throws a lot of people off. An example would be (ghosting). You might see the tv blurry or lagging behind - just give the tv time to adjust to what you're watching and the picture will become crystal clear! this is just one example of one thing that happens initially. After the tv has the chance to adjust, you won't see that again (it remembers what it had to adjust) then it's done. It's really an incredible technology. With that said for those of you that like to make adjustments, you can still do this also. You just need to do a little research. There are basic adjustments for the roku program and detailed adjustments for the tv itself. Just remember that you must be in the tv mode to make these adjustments. Just pull up a news program off of the roku menu, this will allow you to fine tune the tv by pressing the * button on the remote. You'll see a very detailed/different menu of adjustments. Once you get the settings where you want them - they will also have the same effect on the roku streaming channels like online store prime, netflix etc. It's really an incredible technology for the basic or (technical) user.

Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model
Click to see NoticeTcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television)"I love my tv and worth it for the price. We use it for the ps4 pro, wii, and pc. No problems gaming in 4k as long as you follow the directions to gaming. The roku is easy to use as well. I highly recommend it if you ball on a budget!"

(0) Question: Will the tv connect to my sonos soundbar using the optical cable?

(1) Question: Does this tv have a true 120hz refresh rate?

(2) Question: Do i need to buy a wall mount for it?

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Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs

Bought this to install a small spare tv in the kitchen. A second person to help with the installation is helpful. It is sturdy and the price was more than competitive. Extremely satisfied

Online storebasics brings you everyday items at a great value an online store brand.

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVsAmazonBasics-Heavy-Duty-Articulating-22-inch-55-inch

Basics Heavy Duty Articulating 22 Inch 55 Inch (pbh 997) FAQ.

This is better than i expected. Nice wall mount. Solid and heavy duty. For the money it's perfect. I just wish it came with more available screw sizes. -Notice from A. Franklin, Idaho

Click to Show basics heavy duty articulating 22 inch 55 inch (pbh 997) Details

Do not. I repeat do not waste your money on a super expensive tv mount. This one is perfect! left, right, forward, back, tilt up or down. It does everything, is easy to install and sturdy.

Basics-heavy-duty-articulating-22-inch-55-inch-(pbh-997) set picture

- H. HakalaEasy to mount and seems like quality metal parts. My tv is mounted and gives me a lot of leeway to angle or adjust the tv to get the viewing angle just right. Well worth the money.

So far so good. Ordered 2 for my kids tvs so we can mount them and they won t be able to touch them anything! . Easy install

J. Rita, Ile-de-France

Price :    $24.99
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for reliable strength
  • 15 degrees of tilt for optimal viewing angle (+10 to -5 degrees)
  • Bubble level and all mounting hardware included for easy installation
  • Articulating design extends up to 16. 3 inches from the wall and swivels left to right up to 180 degrees
  • Articulating tv wall mount accommodates 22- to 55-inch tvs (up to 80 pounds) for enhanced home tv-viewing experience
Brand :    basics
Color :    Black
Size :    22-inch to 55-inch TVs
Model :    7851B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    temporarily out of stock. order now and we'll deliver when available. we'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item.
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (basics product review) for Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs available ( Feb 2020 )

Samsung Electronics UN55MU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

The samsung mu6300 ultra hdtv redefines the viewing experience by producing a colorful high dynamic range (hdr) picture. Our new smart tv user-interface (ui), the new smart remote controller with voice navigation capability provides faster access to your favorite streaming content choices and more.

Samsung Electronics UN55MU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN55MU6300-55-Inch-Ultra

Brand :    samsung
Color :    NA
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    36.40 pounds
Model :    UN55MU6300FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN55MU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $781.30
  • Oneremote automatically detects and controls all your connected devices and content with no manual programming required*.
  • Smooth action on fast-moving content with motion rate 120
  • See vibrant and pure color for a realistic experience.
  • 4x more pixels than full hd means you're getting 4x the resolution, so you'll clearly see the difference.
  • Please note the differences between the mu6300 and the mu630d. mu6300: black cabinet, 450 nits hdr sustained brightness, mega dynamic contrast mu630d: dark titan cabinet, 430 nits hdr sustained brightness, ultra dynamic contrast

VideoSecu MW380B3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37 -70 LED LCD Plasma HDTV up to 165 lbs VESA 684x400 600x400 400x400 200x200mm, Dual Arm pulls out up to 16 AW8

The videosecu full motion articulating mount is designed for mid to large size lcd led plasma flat panel screen display. Constructed with high gauge steel, it handles screens up to 165lbs. This articulating mount supports tv vesa 684x400, 684x300, 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 500x300, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 200x200, 200x100mm. Dual arm design allows 160 degree side-to-side swivel (the max degree is depending on your display size), 15 degree forward and 15 degree backward tilt and extends the flat panel screen for perfect view positioning and reduce glare. The wall plate is 17. 5" wide, allowing it to be mounted into two standard wood studs 16" apart. Post installation level adjustment allows 3 degree rotation for perfect level in different view angles. How to ensure the mount compliance with your selected display? first, the weight of your display should be less than 165lbs. Next, mounting holes distance on the rear of tv must be less than 27" (684mm) horizontally and 16" (400mm) vertically. Last, your tv should be at least 37 inch. Otherwise, you will see the bracket. Notice: this mount fits most 37-60" tvs (vesa hole patterns from 200x200 mm (8x8") to 684x400mm (27x16")), some up to 65 70 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years

VideoSecu MW380B3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37 -70 LED LCD Plasma HDTV up to 165 lbs VESA 684x400 600x400 400x400 200x200mm, Dual Arm pulls out up to 16 AW8VideoSecu-MW380B3-Articulating-Bracket-200x200mm

Price :    $55.24 (was $64.99)
  • Articulating arm tv wall mount fits 37" 40" 42" 46" 47" 50" 52" 55" 58" 60" 62" 63" 65" 70" lcd led plasma display; mounting hole pattern compatible from 200x200 300x300 300x200 400x200 400x300 400x400 600x400 684x300 684x400mm
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Fit 16 inch apart wood studs; free hdmi cable and standard mounting screws included
  • Supports display up to 165 lbs; adjustable tilt +15/-15 degrees and swivel side-to-side for comfortable viewing angle
  • Arm fold less than 3" or extend 16" from wall ; post-installation level adjustment allows the tv to perfectly level
Brand :    videosecu
Color :    Black
Size :    37-70 inch
Weight :    17.00 pounds
Model :    MW380B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu MW380B3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37 -70 LED LCD Plasma HDTV up to 165 lbs VESA 684x400 600x400 400x400 200x200mm, Dual Arm pulls out up to 16 AW8 available ( Feb 2020 )

Winegard FlatWave FL-5000 Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna 4K Ready / High-VHF / UHF / Ultra-Thin / Black White - Reversible - 35 Mile Long Range

Winegard fl-5000 flatwave digital hd indoor tv antenna: watch local news, weather, live sports and all of the top-rated shows for free, in hd, and with dolby digital surround sound with the flatwave indoor digital tv antenna. Cut the cord and save! the average home pays over $750 for cable in just one year. Did you know the average household receives 189 tv channels with cable, but uses only 17 of them? watch the tv you want without the big monthly tv bill. Cut the cord and watch the top-rated tv shows for free! tech specs - indoor antenna range: 35 mile range - hd dual band vhf and high-uhf tv antenna - multi-directional tv antenna - ultra-thin, 0. 6lb weight - digital tv antenna dimensions: 13" x 12" in the box - flatwave fl-5000 non-amplified indoor tv antenna - 15' mini coax cable attached to antenna - two 3m command brand strips warranty and support - one year limited warranty - complimentary telephone and email support - online technical manuals, instructions and videos note: run a channel scan after installation to receive programming run a channel scan on your tv after setting up the indoor antenna. To keep your channel line-up up-to-date, it is a good idea to run a channel scan monthly and anytime a channel is lost.

Winegard FlatWave FL-5000 Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna 4K Ready / High-VHF / UHF / Ultra-Thin / Black White - Reversible - 35 Mile Long RangeWinegard-FlatWave-FL-5000-High-VHF-Ultra-Thin

Brand :    winegard
Color :    Black/White
Size :    apple
Weight :    0.80 pounds
Model :    FL-5000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Extra long coaxial cable (15') included so you can position the flatwave in the strongest signal areas
  • Winegard's best performing indoor antenna (u. s. patent d656, 131)
  • Ultra thin dual color design blends into any surrounding
  • No assembly required - just connect it to the back of your tv, run a channel scan and in minutes you'll be enjoying all of your favorite shows, sports, and news live and in hd
  • Made in the u. s. a. by winegard company, the leader in antenna design and manufacturing for nearly 60 years
Price :    $14.89 (was $35.08)
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for Winegard FlatWave FL-5000 Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna 4K Ready / High-VHF / UHF / Ultra-Thin / Black White - Reversible - 35 Mile Long Range available ( Feb 2020 )

TCL 55P607 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. We've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. With dolby vision hdr compatibility, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

TCL 55P607 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-55P607-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    tcl
Color :    Black
Weight :    33.10 pounds
Model :    55P607
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of dolby vision hdr (high dynamic range) for the most lifelike picture
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Full-array led backlighting with 72 local dimming zones produces deep blacks and excellent picture quality
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 49" x 28. 3" x 3", tv with stand: 49" x 30. 1" x 8. 3"
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv
Price :    $799.99
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 55P607 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Feb 2020 )

TCL 55C807 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. We've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. With dolby vision hdr, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

TCL 55C807 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-55C807-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Price :    $665.29 (was $698.95)
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 48. 5" x 29. 6" x 2. 3", tv with stand: 48. 5" x 31. 2" x 9. 6"
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of dolby vision hdr (high dynamic range) for the most lifelike picture
  • Edge led backlighting with dynamic contrast produces deep blacks and excellent picture quality
  • Roku tv smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes
Brand :    tcl
Size :    55 Inch
Weight :    40.80 pounds
Model :    55C807
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 55C807 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Feb 2020 )

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount 32 -55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 Full Motion Swivel Articulating 20 in Extension Arm, HDMI Cable & Bubble Level WP5

The videosecu articulating mount is a mounting solution for 32"- 42", some models up to 55 inch (please check vesa and weight). The tv mount fit vesa 200x200mm/200x100/100x100 (8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4"). This wall mount comes with 4 removable mount adapters. It can extend the vesa to 400x400 400x300 400x200 300x300 300x200 (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"). Please check your tv vesa; these are square or rectangular patterns between 4 and 16 inches per side on the rear of your display. Heavy gauge steel construction provides safety loading up to 88lbs display. The high-tech look mount offers 15 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward tilt, 180 degrees of swivel and extension up to 20 inch for viewing angle and tv placement adjustment. The removable vesa plate can be taken off for easy installation. Will the mount fit my tv? firstly, please check the weight of your display, it should be less than 88 lbs. Secondly, if your monitor or tv has 4 mounting holes on the back of the screen that are 400x400 400x300 400x200 300x300 300x200 200x200mm/200x100/100x100 (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"/8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4") apart from each other vertically and horizontally this bracket will fit. In addition, please check the area inside the 4 mounting holes to make sure there are not any plugs. Otherwise, the plate may block the plugs. Notice: this mount fits most 32-49" tvs (vesa 400x400/400x300/400x200/300x300/300x200/200x200/200x100/100x100mm(16x16"/16x12"/16x8"/12x12"/12x8"/8x8"/8x4"/4x4")), some up to 50 55 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount 32 -55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 Full Motion Swivel Articulating 20 in Extension Arm, HDMI Cable & Bubble Level WP5VideoSecu-ML531BE-Monitor-Articulating-Extension

Brand :    videosecu
Color :    Black
Size :    32-50 inch
Weight :    10.00 pounds
Model :    ML531BE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount 32 -55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 Full Motion Swivel Articulating 20 in Extension Arm, HDMI Cable & Bubble Level WP5 available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $19.99 (was $24.99)
  • Low profile mount retracts to 2. 2" to save space, extends 20" from the wall
  • Standard mounting hardware, 10 ft hdmi cable and 6" 3-axis magnetic bubble level included
  • Tilt+15 /-5 , swivel 180 degrees and rotate for maximum viewing flexibility; vesa plate can be taken off for easy installation by one person
  • Post-installation level adjustment allows the tv to perfectly level
  • Heavy guage steel supports screens up to 88 lbs. compatible with vesa (mounting hole pattern) 400x400mm/400x300mm/400x200mm/300x300mm/300x200mm/200x200mm/200x100mm/100x100mm (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"/8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4")

Mounting Dream MD2268-LK TV Wall Mount Tilting Bracket Most 42-70 Inch LED, LCD Plasma TVs up to VESA 600 x 400mm 132 LBS Loading Capacity, 6 FT HDMI Cable Torpedo Level

Fits 42-70" tvs this mount fits most of 42-70" tvs sold today. It fits tvs with mounting holes as close as 8"x4" or as wide as 24"x16" (in tv terms - vesa 200x100mm to 600x400mm). Low 1. 5" profile flush-tilt design is only 1. 5" from wall yet still tilts to improve viewing and reduce glare. Heavy duty steel construction and automatic robot welding technology this mount is constructed with heavy duty steel materials and with durable powder coated finish, and 100% welded by automatic robot, this advanced welding technology makes the mount sturdy and ensures mounted tv stable and secure, supports tv weight up to 132 lbs. Fits 16" or 24" studs plus concrete wall this mount fits for 16" or 24" studs plus concrete wall typical in us homes. Not for dry wall alone application. All installation hardware included. Torpedo bubble and 6' high speed hdmi cable it comes with torpedo level and 6' hdmi cable. Hdmi cable supports 3d, ethernet, 1440p and audio return conforming to latest hdmi 1. 4 standard. Includes all necessary mounting hardware this mount ships with hardware for both wall and tv mounting. Rohs certified this product is rohs certified, rohs is the european union directive standard of restriction of hazardous substance, aiming to protect human health and environment. Prevents falling off from both sides of horizontal bar you can slide the tv assembly left and right over the horizontal bar of the wall plate but still can prevent the tv assembly from falling off from the horizontal bar because of the stop plates at both ends of the bar.

Mounting Dream MD2268-LK TV Wall Mount Tilting Bracket Most 42-70 Inch LED, LCD Plasma TVs up to VESA 600 x 400mm 132 LBS Loading Capacity, 6 FT HDMI Cable Torpedo LevelMounting-Dream-MD2268-LK-Tilting-Capacity

Price :    $21.96
  • Tilt your tv forward to reduce glare for better viewing.
  • Us based customer support answers your pre-purchase and installation questions. our mount is 10 year warranted!
  • Fits most 42-70" tvs up to 132 lbs, with max vesa/mounting holes spacing of 600 x 400mm. our mounts are tested 4 times loading weight claimed. images on left side will help you see if this mount perfectly fits your tv in the aspects: vesa, studs spacing and possible blocked input. not perfect? you can check other mounting dream mounts for best options.
  • Place your tv close to wall, 1. 5 flush profile, saving space greatly with stylish appearance.
  • Easy installation with decent instruction, and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. pulling straps locks and releasestv breezily. comes with 6 ft hdmi, bubble level and velcro ties for cable management.
Brand :    mounting dream
Color :    Black
Size :    42-70 Inch
Model :    MD2268-LK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (mounting dream product review) for Mounting Dream MD2268-LK TV Wall Mount Tilting Bracket Most 42-70 Inch LED, LCD Plasma TVs up to VESA 600 x 400mm 132 LBS Loading Capacity, 6 FT HDMI Cable Torpedo Level available ( Feb 2020 )

ECHOGEAR Universal TV Swivel Stand 32 to 60 TVs - Improves Stability Plus Adds 75º of Swivel & 4 of Height Adjust For Better Viewing Angles - EGTV

Tvs are getting bigger and the stands they come with are just getting flimsier. Don't worry, echogear to the rescue! sorry, we were just testing our opening for our new infomercial. The echogear tv stand is a great solution to maximize your tv viewing experience. Get many of the benefits of mounting a tv, without drilling holes in your wall. Benefits of upgrading your tv stand watch tv from any seat in the room with 75 degrees of swivelquit worrying about your tv tipping over with improved stabilityadjust your tv height to accommodate a sound bar or other av device sound difficult to install? think again. With a quick 15 minute assembly, you can get back to the chill part of your netflix marathon quicker. That's right, we're hip (or whatever the kids say these days). We've designed this tv stand to be compatible with almost every tv out there, and included a ton of screws to ensure you have the right fit. Buying from echogear means you get an awesome product at a great price. We back up everything we sell with our us based customer support that is available 7 days a week. With echogear, you will be satisfied, or your money back. Not everyone knows they have the option to replace their crappy stock tv base. When describing your awesome new echogear stand to your friends, feel free to use words such as tabletop swivel stand, revolving tv stand, turntable, replacement tv base, freestanding tv mount, or dope metal tv holder thing. So go ahead, improve your tv watching experience with a new tv stand. You'll be glad you did.

ECHOGEAR Universal TV Swivel Stand 32 to 60 TVs - Improves Stability Plus Adds 75º of Swivel & 4 of Height Adjust For Better Viewing Angles - EGTVECHOGEAR-Universal-Swivel-Stand-TVs

Brand :    echogear
Weight :    15.50 pounds
Model :    EGTV1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Consumer Electronics (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Universal TV Swivel Stand 32 to 60 TVs - Improves Stability Plus Adds 75º of Swivel & 4 of Height Adjust For Better Viewing Angles - EGTV available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $69.99 (was $79.99)
  • This universal tv stand has it all. 15-minute installation, 75 degrees of swivel, 4 inches of height adjustment, and added tv stability are what keep echogear customers coming back for more.
  • The stands that come with your tv just don't compare. not only do you get these features, but this tv base provides more safety and stability. worry-free tv watching is the best way to watch tv.
  • Improve the viewing angles in your space by swiveling the tv left and right and adjusting the height at which the tv sits. no matter what seat you're in you'll have the best angle to catch all the action.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible experience for our customers. therefore, this tv stand requires only 3 simple steps to be assembled and safely holding your tv (in 15-30 minutes). see just how easy installation is in the content below.
  • Our instruction manual and hardware pack are outlined and labeled for an easy to follow process. us-based customer service is also available 7 days a week, excited to help you finish your project and answer any questions.

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 32-inch to 80-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs

This is a perfect tv wall mount bracket. I can watch my tv from two seperate rooms by using the swivel function. It can also hug flat against the wall very nicely. No regrets on this purchase!

Online storebasics brings you everyday items at a great value an online store brand.

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 32-inch to 80-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVsAmazonBasics-Heavy-Duty-Articulating-32-inch-80-inch

Basics Heavy Duty Articulating 32 Inch 80 Inch (pbh 1006) FAQ.

. Easy to install but the final mount takes 2 people. Worked perfectly to mount 30 inch roku tv. Lots of accessories to mount. Larger devices . High quality wall anchors, extenders etc. -Notice from G. Lorenz, Pennsylvania

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Bought this to install a small spare tv in the kitchen. A second person to help with the installation is helpful. It is sturdy and the price was more than competitive. Extremely satisfied

Basics-heavy-duty-articulating-32-inch-80-inch-(pbh-1006) set picture

- J. FlorenceThis is better than i expected. Nice wall mount. Solid and heavy duty. For the money it's perfect. I just wish it came with more available screw sizes.

This is a sturdy and adjustable mount. It works great for my older 70" that weighs over 100 pounds. Online store installation did a great job.

Y. Aldana, Saskatchewan

Brand :    basics
Color :    Black
Size :    32-inch to 80-inch TVs
Weight :    15.00 pounds
Model :    7852B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Equipped with a built-in bubble level
  • Fits vesa 100x100 - 600x400mm mounting patterns (the vesa mounting patterns are the distances (in mm) between the four screw holes on the back of the tv)
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for reliable strength
  • 15 degrees of tilt for optimal viewing angle (+10 to -5 degrees); articulating design extends up to 19. 9 inches from the wall
  • Articulating tv wall mount accommodates 32- to 80-inch tvs (up to 130 pounds) for enhanced home tv-viewing experience
Price :    $35.12
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (basics product review) for Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 32-inch to 80-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs available ( Feb 2020 )

TCL 49S305 49-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

49-inch class full hd roku smart tv. Roku tv personalized home screen. Dual-band 802. 11n wi-fi. 3 hdmi inputs, analog video input, usb port, digital and analog audio output. Digital television tuner. 1080p resolution. 120hz cmi.

TCL 49S305 49-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-49S305-49-Inch-1080p-Smart

TCL 49S305 49-INCH 1080P ROKU SMART LED TV 2017 MODEL Summary
Brand :    tcl
Color :    Black
Size :    49-Inch
Weight :    25.40 pounds
  • Direct-lit led produces great picture quality
  • 1080p full hd resolution for a lifelike picture
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 43. 7" x 25. 3" x 3", tv with stand: 43. 7" x 27. 7" x 8. 5"
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
Price :    $329.99
Model :    49S305
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 49S305 49-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Feb 2020 )

tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model Price : 399, was : 0 as 2018-01-10
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model

Got the 49" at a great price. Tv looks great, and i really like the roku system on it. This is my 2nd smart tv (1st was a 2015 vizio) and i love the roku menus. Everything works quickly and the picture is just great. You do have to make sure to update your hdmi to 2. 0 and have a hdmi cable capable but once you do it looks great. Sound is alot better than i expected as well and do not plan on getting a sound bar.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on TCL-55S405-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

(0) Question: Does the s405 have a "premium highs speed hdmi input? the playstation 4 pro requires this to output 4k games properly.

(1) Question: Would this be a good tv for the new xbox one x coming out this year?

(2) Question: Does the remote accept ear plugs like my current roku device?

(3) Question: My tv came broken, the screen is destroyed and i am very irritated. what steps should i take to solve this issue?

(4) Question: Can a digital antennae be hooked up to it?

(5) Question: Can i hook this up to my cable tv along with roku?

(6) Question: Can this connect wirelessly to a computer running windows through the miracast? or any way?

(7) Question: Can i plug in a usb drive and play mp4 movies?

(8) Question: What's the difference between the s series & the up series?

(9) Question: Has anyone hooked up an online store fire tv streaming media player to this smart tv? how does it interact with the roku? how is the interaction with dish?

(10) Question: Does the built in roku stream at 4k?

(11) Question: Is it great for gaming? i heard it's terrible for gaming as it lags a lot

(12) Question: The price is suspiciously low, how can tcl offer the competing quality to "major" brands at this price point?

(13) Question: Tv stand width

(14) Question: What's the minimum width of stand needed to support this 43-inch 4k model?

(15) Question: Does this tv upscale 720/1080 content? also how well does that work?

(16) Question: How many watts is the sound on this? also, is the sound pretty decent on this? i can't afford to buy an external sound system, so i hope it's decent

(note) Question: where/how to get Tcl (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Tcl's products

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Here's the short version:. If you grew up poor and can't mentally justify spending a month of rent in urban california on a single television, if you're poor as heck right now but could conceivably afford this television, if you've never owned a 4k tv, if you've never owned an especially large tv, you will not be disappointed by this gigantic freaking monstrosity of a display. It nicely upscales 1080p content, it has a nice frame rate, it has passable speakers you can hear the bass on, and as someone who is picky about delay to the point of 25ms being effectively unusable for music-based games i am very happy with the "game mode" option that removes the delay typically associated with hdmi displays. It is a good tv and everyone in my family, which includes two audio people and a visual artist, is extremely happy with it. . The detailed version:. . Given the extremely low cost compared to similarly sized tvs it is surprisingly high quality. The remote is minimal, comfortable, and easy to use. Has a phone app in case you're one of the many people who habitually misplace the remote. App does exactly the same things the remote does. The speakers kinda suck at low volumes, but it's whatever. If you care about audio quality go buy some fancy external hookups. It's good enough that i can bump the thumper soundtrack and it's still a decent listening quality. Actually plays tones below 200hz and does so cleanly, so it's better than most tvs i've had. It has a "game mode" that it claims will affect the picture quality, but does not noticeably do, and the lack of delay is such that it is not noticeable to me, a musician to whom 25ms of delay is unacceptably bad and unusable. I'm actually able to play thumper on the nintendo switch with no problems whereas with my previous tv it was so bad that i opted instead to play on console with headphones. This is the feature that i love the most about this tv. The upscaling is such that on my gaming pc i saw no difference between 4k and 1080p when playing gta5 (except for the frame rate when large distances or a large number of objects are visible, which is entirely due to the fact that i'm playing it on a gtx1060). It has a lot of service integrations, such as netflix, hulu, online store instant video, google play movies, and a few others. It's huge oh my god i am bad at conceptualising physical space i did not realise how big fifty-five inches is even when estimating its size based on my existing 40" television i literally had to rearrange my entire room and build new furniture to accommodate this thing? . It's surprisingly thin. Does cec and has settings to automatically switch channels based on what just turned on. Lots of options for controlling and customising various aspects of the television including picture and audio correction, accessibility options including captions and spoken audio transcription (i have not tested the latter feature), and ui skins. You should absolutely poke around the options as much as possible once you get this as there are several options for things like the refresh rate of the display, which i imagine is relevant to a lot of people. (i am not intimately familiar with specifics of refresh rates, but i have seen no tearing or distortion from fast-motion visuals and things appear to animate smoothly. ). Does some advertising for purchasing media through roku, presumably to offset the cost of the device. It isn't especially intrusive and only consists of movie posters in a small portion of the screen at very select times in one part of one menu. Does require a significant amount of opting out of certain things. Overall a fantastically huge, featureful, and good-looking tv for the cost. . Regarding complaints i've seen in other reviews: my product did not show up broken, it has not stopped working despite extensive use since i got it, i have no complaints about the refresh rate, it displays 4k content over hdmi with no issues, they say it's a glossy screen but it's really just unusually and disconcertingly smooth and otherwise significantly less glareful and reflective than my previous television, it has effectively no inconsistencies with backlighting or colour (just a small spot that's slightly brighter, which is only visible at extreme viewing angles or if the screen is effectively displaying nothing but black, and i don't mean like really dark or a scene at night i mean like literally it is displaying the colour black over 50% of the screen, and only then is it noticeable from a front angle, and just barely at that). . So if you're one of those folks that buys artisan gold plated audio cables aged seven years in oaken casks, if you buy two of the ti version of the latest nvidia graphics card because you absolutely need to run everything on "ultra" at 120fps in 4k, if you're the kind of person who thinks grey goose tastes better, you probably won't like this tv. . If 10% not as good as the best thing for 1/4 of the cost is your jam, this is an amazing purchase. I freaking love my new giant tv.

Electronics 282271, LED & LCD TVs 1107379546, Television & Video 1102906621, Televisions 956271Top Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ Content

Best tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model (television) in review

Quite frankly, i was very, very unsure as to whether i should purchase this tv. It is a ridiculously good price, says it has hdr (hdr10), it has some local dimming type qualities and is under $400 it s also from a manufacturer that, quite frankly, i am not very sure of as i am not familiar. What pushed me over the proverbial edge to buy this was two-fold first, it is quasi suggested by online store, the price is great and i know it has a roku built in. This is the third (i think) generation from tcl and roku and the first to boast 4k and hdr. There are some outstanding features on this television and a couple cons that i can live with. I ll outline them below. . I wanted to buy a new tv for my bedroom and the 49 was cheaper than the 43 . Also, in my humble opinion, if you want to get a 4k tv with hdr, it is best experienced with a larger tv screen. I wanted to get the 55 version that has dolby vision hdr (because it can use dolby vision or hdr10 standards for hdr) but it was cost and size prohibitive. . I saw a lg tv for a similar price but they are still using a rgbw pixel setup for their budget tv s and it really does not do blacks well nor does it perform well with some contrasting. The reviews, research and data specs i found for this tv all outweighed going with a more familiar brand. Plus, online store is awesome and prime has great benefits to protect us. I mention that as buying a tv online is a bit scary to me as i worry it might arrive broken but this was packed so well it would be malfeasance to arrive broken (or intentional). . After it arrived, i checked to make sure it was in one piece. After i found it was, i set it up. The first thing i noticed is that it weighs less than half a 46 sony tv from 2010 that it replaced. This thing is light! i can pick it up and turn it in my hands by myself without worrying about dropping it. Be careful though. . Concerning picture:. . This has hdr and the colors really pop and look outstanding. The version is hdr 10 and the tv has a 10 bit panel. Be weary of tv s that tout hdr but only have 8 bit panels as they cannot show the full color gamut (aka not really show much of the benefit of hdr). The ones you really have to check are budget samsung (i love samsung but the budget ones have some critical reviews; which i urge you to check yourself) and lg. Now, the premier models (aka, flagship) for samsung and lg are absolutely amazing but they also cost a lot more. Nonetheless, the screen is very, very good for the cost and i am thrilled at the price and performance. Setting up hdr is easy but make sure you press the * key on the remote for each input to access the settings to change the hdmi setting. It took me a bit to figure that out. . This tv has a refresh rate of 60hz but some internal hardware bumps it up to 120hz but does give it a bit of a soap opera effect. Some love it, some loathe it. I am the latter. Either way, in sports mode it was able to keep up with fast nfl action in 4k and some other programming on directv (nfl not in 4k but the upscaling was great! ). From what i read, i wouldn t calibrate this tv as it didn t really help. This is different as calibration usually makes the tv show it s best picture but that doesn t seem to be the case here. Oh well, easier for me to setup. . Sound:. . The volume gets quite loud! what i love about this is an option to use to have speech mode so language in movies, shows, etc, is clearer without having to turn the tv up in general to loud levels. My former tv lacked this. Nice addition. The stock speakers don t sound tinney or bad at all to me. Keep your expectations in check though; this is a budget tv. . Other features, etc:. . Sd content and content from streaming is upscaled very well. That is extremely important, in my opinion, as there is not a ton of 4k material and hdr but it is growing rapidly. Most of the hdr and 4k content out there to stream, you need about 30mbps download speeds (which rules me out as i can only get dsl). Hdr adds another 3mbps required with 4k. . Breakdown. It has hdr (hdr10 and it looks great for the price). Great up scaling. Screen cast. Roku remote and user interface. Simple, fast and easy to use user interface. Good apps/thousands of channels because it is a roku. . 3 hdmi (all can do 60hz 4k at 4:4:4 or 4:2:2). Headphone/speaker out. Ota tuner. Component input. Great sound for a budget tv. 1 arc hdmi. 1 mhl hdmi. As wide as my 2010 sony 46 tv (small bezel on this). Inexpensive. Full led backlight array, it seems, with local dimming. It doesn t perform as well as much more expensive tv s but it performs well at this price point. Wifi true dual band ac and have had zero drop outs thus far. . Some cons are:. . Needs another hdmi input. No 3d (if that is a con). . Could use more than 1 usb port. . I would recommend taking advantage of the 2 year warranty available so you get the 1 year manufacturer one and 2 after that. . Overall, i cannot dispute the value this brings to the table; it s amazing

Z. Monique, Poitou-Charentes

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Y. Anonymous, Rhode Island says

Features: 5 stars. The roku features work very well! . Display: 3 stars. Fair to good. The backlighting is a little uneven. (see picture. I did not edit it, but it looks more non-uniform in the photo than in real life). The uneven lighting generally is not noticeable for tv/movie viewing. Dim scenes have a lot of motion blur, especially at 480p. Upscaling from the dvd i tested was not very good (seemed to draw weird extra lines/edges). Great for 720, 1080 and 4k though! . Edit: i realized the weird appearance of the dvd was due to the bluray player i was using. The bluray player was upscaling the 480p to 1080p. (i assume the tv further upscaled to 4k). From a distance it looked ok, but up close the artificial enhancement of edges looked pretty bad. I set the player to display the original resolution. The picture was much better! . Value: 4 stars, great tv for the price!

. Claudia, Pennsylvania

There are numerous reviews about this tv for you to read on the internet - rtings being very thorough for your average joe. Here's my non-technical review in upgrading from a nearly 10-year old samsung fluorescent-lit lcd tv. . Compared to the old tv, . * blacks are deeper and more even. * colors are more vibrant, even without actual hdr or wcg. * 4k content looks amazing, but 1080 content looks natural (no issues with fuzziness/blurriness). * weighs far less due to being significantly thinner. . The other tvs i considered were the 2017 vizio m-series and tcl p-series tvs. After considering how we use tv (fairly infrequently - mostly streaming yt, oann, plex, online store vid, etc. ) and the cost difference for hdr, wcg, and fald (and upgrading to a 4k receiver + player), i decided to go with the inexpensive route. Honestly, the tech has improved so much even at the low-end that my eyes are impressed and i haven't noticed what i'm missing. Maybe in a couple more years, we'll upgrade our entire setup and move this tv to the bedroom, but if you're like me, coming from a dinosaur of an lcd tv, the comparative upgrade is gigantic; i'd bet even tvs from 3-5 years ago might look poor next to this.

X. Weber, Northern Territory says

I replaced a 100" 1080p projector, which simply due to the size of the image, i am going to miss, but this tv is spectacular for the money, although being a cinephile, i'd like some more advanced picture settings, particularly the ability to turn off interpolation. Out of the box, regular 1080p blu rays look awful, but that is fixable as i will get to shortly. I won't get into too much detail about the picture. There are other reviews for that here, and i agree with the positive ones, the picture is phenomenal for the price, but there is a bit of unevenness in the backlighting that only bothers me when the screen is mostly one color/shade. . The real reason i'm leaving this review is to tell you how to fix what, to me, was almost a deal-breaking picture issue when playing native 24p content. I was playing a brand new blu-ray on my ps4 (not a uhd blu ray), and like any cinephile should, i have my ps4 set to output 24p signal when available (most movie blu rays). This resulted in horrible artifacting during fast motion and panning, especially in dark scenes. (legitimately awful, i was about to send it back, but decided to sleep on it. ) after some research and fiddling with settings, i found that turning the 24p setting off on the ps4 mostly fixed this, but i wouldn't recommend that. . The best solution that i found was to enter the expert picture settings menu (using the roku app on your phone), and to turn noise reduction to off. My guess is that since this tv has a native refresh rate of 60hz, it is doing a 3:2 pulldown on 24p signals and attempting to guess and add 36 frames every second between the original 24 (which is standard for 60hz tvs), but then the noise reduction is seeing a lot of those artificial frames as "noise" and trying to smooth them. This is probably what is causing the artifacting and ghosting during motion. You'd think the software would ignore the artificial frames that the tv itself generated when it comes to noise reduction, but that doesn't seem to be the case and the two functions collide into an absolutely unwatchable mess on screen. . Don't take my word for what looks best though. Try it yourself. Try it with just turning 24p off on your blu ray player. Try it with just turning noise reduction off. Try it with both. I liked it best with just noise reduction off, but everyone is different. I'll be honest, if i hadn't been able to resolve this, i would absolutely have sent the tv back and bought something with more advanced picture settings, albeit at a much higher expense. It was that bad. . Hopefully this helps you.

T. Gloria, South Carolina

Great tv for the price. They also finally patched and fixed screen mirroring. Although it is not as smooth as i want it to be it finally works for windows and for mobile devices. It uses the same technology as miracast and definitely has room for improvement but it works great overall! . . Keep the tv on the latest version but i would recommend this as my best tv buy in-terms of price to performance ratio in 2017.

I. Medina, Stockport says

Tv was well packaged. Only been using this tv a couple of weeks but haven't experienced the tcl issue of turning on and off, ironically, the 42" tcl i am replacing had this issue the entire 8 years i owned it and it is being moved to my workshop now. Have been and continue to be happy wit tcl. If i have issues i'll update my post.

G. Ruff, Pennsylvania

Bought nov. 5, 2017. So far this tv's picture, sound quality, remote, and roku experience have all been above expectation. So far there is not one bad thing i can say about this tv. This is my honest review. Nobody is bribing me to utter one word. Wish they were, but nothing. I've noticed other manufacturers are selling comparable tv's at this price so i don't know how this one stacks up to the new offerings elsewhere. But all i can tell you is the one i received is a solid win so far. I will update if something goes on the fritz. Hope this helps you make a decision. Purchased a "wali table top tv stand for most 22"-65" lcd. " with this tv and it works extremely well, very sturdy, and allows you to put this tv on a much smaller table.

H. Emma, Northwest Territries says

This is not a technical review. I only have 2 things to say about this tv. Here they are: 1) picture is awesome, i mean really awesome, 2) tv speakers sound really good, surprisingly good.

B. Melissa, Mississippi

4. 3 out of 5 stars with almost 1, 000 reviews (nov 2017). How can you go wrong? . . Well, you can't from my experience. I know, know. You've been researching tvs like crazy. You love the price of this one but you're not sure because all the pretentious internet videophiles and review sites tell you only samsungs are "real" tvs. They must be better right? they're 2-3x as much as this tv. That would be great if they delivered 2-3x better video quality. Well guess what? they don't. . Simply put, this tv delivers. I won't repeat what everyone else has said. After 1, 000 reviews you're sick of it. I will share some tidbits about this tv that mattered to me. . Pros. 1. Price - why pay 2-3x more for (maybe) a 5% image quality improvement? . 2. Roku - essentially saves you one input and has a good interface. 3. Picture - stunning providing the source content is good (if it's not no tv no matter how expensive will look good). 4. Inputs - not enough hdmis, but lots of other stuff which is good. . Cons. 1. Inputs - another hdmi or two would've been great. 2. Settings - had a hard time figuring this out. You have to be watching something to adjust the more advanced picture settings. Seems weird. 3. Dim picture - yeah, a bit brighter would've been better. You can tinker with brightness but that just washes the image out. . Who cares. 1. "only" hdr10 - mmmmkay. Well that's the standard samsung uses and hdr content is a bit thin currently. Relax dolby vision fanboys. 2. Crappy viewing angle - that's the way va panels are (samsung uses va too) so such is life. 3. It's not a "real" brand name - big whoop. 1, 000 consumers on online store are pretty stoked about this tv. Screw what cnet thinks. . Tv settings. I tried to go with what the "experts" said. That left me with an overly warm, muddy, soft picture. If that's what they used to review the tv no wonder why they dinged it on image quality. Their settings sucked, not the tv. Anyway, i don't care what they're fancy calibration doohickey said, here's what worked for me. . Tv brightness: brighter. Picture mode: normal (movie is too red, sports too green, vivid too saturated and grainy, low power lacks punch). Picture size: auto or direct. Audio effect: normal. Sleep timer: off. . Advanced picture settings. Dynamic contrast: off. Backlight: 100. Brightness: 50 (can try 55-60 but washes out fast). Contrast: 100. Sharpness: 25 (everyone loves 0, a little sharp is okay, just avoid ghosting and halos). Color: 45. Tint: 0. Color temperature: normal (warm too red, cool too blue). . Ymmv on these settings and, of course, do what works best for you. Overall, amazing tv value! . . * update *. So it's only been a few weeks but i had a chance to see some real 4k hdr content on this tv and i literally peed myself. Yeah, it looks pretty good. I'm not sure how much better a picture can possibly get. You can pay more for a tv but i really don't see why you would.

N. Angela, Wiltshire says

This is a great tv. Having the native roku os is a massive plus since nearly everything integrates with it. I can stream, or cast to it and everything look great. The remote is small and simple, but intuitive. The picture is bright and vibrant with no dead pixels. Great buy and great bargain.

Q. Moore, Shropshire

This tv i bought hoping i want going to find the "catch" for the unbeatable price. And so far it is beyond expectations. You get it all the refresh rate, the 4k hdr, and the 55" size. What is there to question. I also thought that i would dislike the roku home screen is. But it's fluid and easily operates with no lag. All in all great tv. Can't wait to try what tcl comes out with next.

. Veronica, Indiana says

I utilized an hd antenna along with the roku service, that works perfectly. Once you tune your channels , hit the antenna icon and then the left arrow and it will give you the channel lineup for the antenna just like cable tv.

K. Sally, Hackney says

It's really hard to beat this for a "cheap tv. " the roku is cooked in, the picture is nice for the price, and it's light and easy to set up. My only knock is the lack of a network cable option-you will have to connect via wifi. This isn't a problem in most situations, though, and seems to work very well. Highly recommended.

W. Denise, Hawaii

Picture is stunning! . Setup was easy. Sound is a little muddy but not dreadful. . Hd tvs look worse if you get too close. This tv, well, when i finished setup i watched "doctor strange" in 4k. The closer i got the better it looked. And i mean one inch in front of my nose! . . 5 stars for an incredible bargain!

. Alexia, Auvergne says

I am shocked at the picture quality. I went into this purchase wanting a larger inexpensive tv for the master bedroom. So far i am floored, the picture blows away my panasonic plasma i purchased several years ago (for 3x the price). The roku os is super easy, the antenna integration and usb storage for recording live programming are great. . One small item i can nitpick is the white led at the bottom center of the tv that remains on after powering off. I haven't dug through all the settings yet, i will post an update if i can disable it. Update: the led can be disabled in settings under power settings. . If this set can continue to perform, i will replace my main panasonic plasma with the new tcl c series. . The pic is from a nature show "the hunt" streamed from netflix. . I can't imagine a better picture for the price point. That coupled with the roku os and i am extremely happy with this purchase

S. Glenda, Haringey

It was a bit wider than the description gave with its framing. Excellent tv. We have been using it for netflix, online store prime, cable, etc. I was worried about the wireless connection not being strong enough. The tv has an excellent wireless interface. It picked up my router from the upstairs, other end of the house location with no trouble. I have not seen any buffering at all. The thing i had to figure out was where the volume buttons were on the remote control. They are on the side. The tutorial teaches you that. The interface is pretty good. The instructions were clear and understandable. My son likes it for the crispness of the graphics with his xbox 1s. It was lighter than i was expecting considering the 32" lcd tv we were using prior to this. Value is a+. Shipping was quick and everything worked out of the box. The most amount of time was setting up my accounts for the tv. Once that was done, it was katie bar the door for the tv watchers. My father-in-law loved watching it for football over thanksgiving.

. Noguera, Birmingham says

Tcl 49s405 is an impressive smart tv for the price - we didn't realize that until four years ago when we bought a 40" for our office though 4k wasn't available then. Since moving this fall, we decided to upgrade to a larger screen with 4k and we love built in roku so all we compared the tcl line with a few others and price wise, tcl came out on top again. With this smart tv we are also cutting the cord, we've gotten used to what roku has to offer and has now partnered with (online store being one, super easy to set up) along with the higher package hulu and a few other groups that cost less in the long run, offer more ultra hd (that's 4k) and 4k straight up. We are saving a lot of money and super happy with the picture quality but man! you can tell when it's on cable and external antenna hd against 4k! . If you are on sd or the latter cable, the black is holographic and annoying and either too bright or too dark even with all the settings tcl offers with the 49s405. The speaker still isn't great but a lot better than the older one we have though we still use a full stereo surround sound system. It also has just enough hdmi ports with ethernet & a headphone jack. There is no lag time when using your laptop on screen and while we don't use it much, the smart phone app allows you to do everything from your phone that the included ruko bar does as well as control and broadcast in sync with the tcl. It's also built so you can use just about any wall mount you may already have without blocking access to the side panel so there is that too. If you are looking for a bargain and thinking of cutting the cord, start with a tcl. You really will not be disappointed.

F. Connie, Newcastle upon Tyne

I purchased this tv to go into a spare bedroom that's primarily used for gaming & sports, so it would not only need to be a fantastic tv, but also double as a 4th pc monitor. . As a tv, this is a great product. I was happily surprised when compared to our main tv downstairs (a $2, 500 samsung 4k hdr) when i was testing it for issues. I didn't have any cracks, dead pixels, or light bleeding upon arrival. The color display may be lacking many of the customization options found on more expensive tvs, but the default settings will be more than enough for the average user. The hdr settings are excellent and my ps4 pro was able to output a beautiful picture (pro-tip: switch the input mode to hdmi 2. 0 instead of auto and raise the color to about 75). The upscaling from 1080p to 4k isn't as crisp as with my more expensive samsung, but i've actually seen worse on a more expensive sony set. . For a smart tv, this is where i wish other companies like samsung would invest a little more effort. The roku interface is absolutely top-notch and one of the best smart tv firmwares around. It's simple, elegant, responsive (i. E. Fast) and supports just about everything you can think of except twitch. . Edit: there is in-fact an app for twitch. Dunno how i missed it. . Pc monitor - this is a capable monitor for both 4k and hdr, but there are some things to take note of. My regular setup already consisted of a triple 1080p 24-inch monitor desk, with the 49" tcl to be mounted on the wall above them. When linked to my pc, it had no problem auto detecting as a 4th monitor, but getting hdr to work on the other hand was a little wonky due to some limitations with windows 10. First of all, if you simply enable hdr in windows 10, you'll find that the colors are very, very washed out. You can solve this by simply adjusting the color setting for the tv up to a higher amount (80-90 should work), but you'll still find that something is not quite right as the white tones will still look a tad "grayish". If you have an nvidia gpu (i have a gtx 1080), you'll need to manually adjust some of the settings for the best results. . Nvidia control panel - change resolution - use nvidia color settings and set the following options:. Output color format: ycbcr444. Disable windows 10 hdr. Enable game mode on the tv for reduced input lag. . Edit: hdr can still be enabled by individual games if played in fullscreen. The windows 10 setting controls only the desktop mode and apps. . This technically no longer will let you set the color depth to 10 bpc which i believe is needed for most hdr10 compliant devices to detect an hdr source, but after doing a bit of digging online, it's not that big of a loss. The more important factor is the chroma 4:4:4 setting that this tv supports at 4k 60 hz. With this setting, i did lose the "hdr" notification on the tv when switching to some games, but those were games with wonky hdr support anyway. Games like middle-earth: shadow of war, gears of war 4, and resident evil 7 had no problem getting the tv to recognize as being an hdr signal, and displayed the "hdr" notification. Colors were absolutely fantastic. Mass effect andromeda on the other hand gives me issues where it will either not properly display at fullscreen (borderless works but then framerate takes a dive), or the colors are washed out-for that game only, i had to disable hdr in windows 10 and force the hdr10 setting in the game menu, and then it worked. Of course, you could alway set the nvidia color setting to rgb and the dynamic range to full for richer colors, but then you'll be closer to crushed blacks and off-looking whites again. . Overall, i would say that this tv is worth the price. Products as good as this will hopefully help drive the cost of 4k/hdr sets down over the next year, as it's clear that you don't need a $2, 000 tv to properly use the tech. While this tv may not be perfect for all uses, it's very capable for anything.

U. Rochelle, Barnsley says

So far so good. Package arrived in good shape. It let the tv sit in the box overnight until it got to room temperature. The set-up, start to finish, was about 35 - 40 minutes. The majority of the set-up time was devoted to establishing a roku account. . The quality of the pictured is very good, exhibiting no dead pixels. For this price point i was not expecting oled picture quality. . Looking forward to watching 4k content. I will update my review as appropriate.

A. Anonymous, Nordrhein-Westfalen

At first, i was concerned that it would not be a high quality tv because of the cost. I was wrong! the picture is very sharp, interface is fast, and the colors can be setup using an expert mode on the app. . The sound quality is not the best, i recommend getting a sound bar. . The out of the box color needs to be setup using the professional mode to maximize picture quality. . For the price, there is no competition at this size and resolution. Highly recommend

P. Isabel, Tasmania says

Great tv! i'm not tv critic or anything but to me the picture is great. I'm not a fan of the random movie "ad" on the main menu screen and haven't found a way to fully get rid of that just yet. But that's the only complaint i have. Smart tv works great, simple to operate and connected to our media streaming without issues. Has a number of free movie apps (with commercials but hey it's free movies like on netflix so they have to pay for those somehow). I play destiny on it and it looks great, no noticeable lag time. I've played a number of other games without issues as well.

V. Kathlene, Nevada

This tv does it all - seriously its a great deal for the price. Yes it is 4k, yes it is 120hz, yes it has hdr, and it does them all well. I'm usually not a fan of smart tvs or roku in general, but all the smart tv functions are smooth and work perfectly. Netflix is supported in 4k if you have the top tier subscription. My supported ps4 games look fantastic, but psvr owners be aware psvr does not support hdr throughput (you need to connect to ps4 directly). My only very minor complaint is there is no coaxial audio port, so i had to use one of the 3 hdmi input for my soundbar. This is probably for the best anyhow since the first hdmi supports hdcp and allows controlling the soundbar and tv volume with the remote simultaneously.

O. Guest, Wisconsin says

I can't really compare this to a $1000+ 4ktv as i've never owned one, but i can say that this particular tv is fantastic for the price. The 4k looks excellent, hdr looks good. Screen quality is amazing. Sound quality is pretty good for tv speakers. I still recommend getting a sound bar or a good set of external speakers for it, however.

E. Heidi, Georgia

I did some tests with the 49s405 and an old crt monitor to test input delay (input lag). I'm not 100% sure that i did it correctly but what i'm seeing is 40 - 50ms+ on the tv. That being said i played some overwatch and didn't feel the delay and it didn't seem to affect my performance. Overaqll i am happy with the tv but i am not videophile. In video games, input lag is the delay between the television or monitor receiving a signal and it being displayed on the screen.

. Shayna, Torbay says

Great tv for the price! the up conversion is hit or miss but mostly it is a hit. I've been recording videos in hd, 1080p for many many years, wedding videos and such and they looked great on a 1080p tv but the up conversion makes them look even better! somehow it can even break down the strands of hair and make them stand out. With the 720p upconversion, it still looks good. When you start going lower and lower like 480 then it starts to look blotchy and sometimes even worse than the original. . The overall picture is great! the screen is bright, the blacks are solid, the colors are vivid and brilliant, it truly looks great! with the 120hz, i don't see too much motion lag in faster action movies, i haven't watched sports with it yet though. . The sound, blah. Terrible! no matter what anyone else says, it's only good enough to listen to, nothing great. I just hooked up a set of powered pc speakers to it for now and they sound much better. . The menu is super simple and easy to navigate and use, it is very intuitive. The remote is the same, it has enough features and the buttons are placed where you would expect them to be. The video and other menu's though are very simplistic. By default, you are able to select most of their pre-programmed and use them easily. They honestly look great already, i don't believe many people will want to deviate from that. But there is an advanced menu as well where you can change all the individual settings like saturation, hue, warmth, and the others. . From what i have experienced, seen previously, and researched as well sony and samsung make the best tvs if you pay for one of their higher end models but for the price and value this tv can't be beat. I'm glad i paid the extra $50 for this 2017 version over the 2016 version. If anyone is looking at the 2016 model, here are the main differences i seen between them:. . 1) 2016 has no hdr, so no true black and no vivid color contrast. 2) 2016 energy star rating is not as well, i think you will save about $11 - 15 in electricity bills in a year with the 2017 model. So in 2 or 3 years it will pay for the difference. . I would highly recommend this tv to anyone who is looking for an excellent low or moderate budget tv. It is also great for someone who is not as "tech savoy" as the remote and menu's are easy to use. I can only compare this to a septre 50" 4k tv i bought last year to see how the videos and picture would look on a 4k tv. The video on this tv is much brighter and distinguished, the upconversion on it is much better, the sound on the septre was better though than this one.

Top ultra hd roku smart led tv Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

P. Weber, Pennsylvania says

The first arrived damaged, replacement arrived damaged. Third is on it's way and can only hope it arrives ok.

U. Suzanne, City of Kingston upon Hull

I bought this from walmart since it was so much cheaper there. I just copy and pasted my review. . I was hesitant about the tcl brand, but i also was about vizio originally. I was in the market for a 65" 4k display with hdr so this tv always showed up in my searches, but was never considered. Mainly because it was similarly priced to the vizio's, which was a preferred brand. When the price dropped below 700 i actually gave this one a closer look. Decided to try it out since the price was so good. I've had this a few days so here is my initial impressions. Pros:. Lightweight. 4k content looks pretty good. Hdr content is hit or miss but could be a result of the source of the material. Built in roku. . Cons:. Backlight bleeds through all over but mainly near the bottom and the sides of the screen. Not sure if the picture settings keep resetting or if i just have to change them within each roku app. Not enough picture settings on the tv itself. Having to use the roku app on my phone to access additional settings. . My entertainment center for this tv hasn't gotten here yet so i'll update this if i feel i need to once i get everything hooked up. I'll watch some hdr 4k blurays and see if the quality justifies an update. . Update:. . Watched guardians of the galaxy 2 in 4k hdr and i was very impressed with the picture. After a lot of tinkering with the settings i think you'll be happy with it. Even figured out how to turn off the stupid indicator light on the front. I have attached a picture of the back light bleed through. For the price its well worth the few negatives that this tv has. If you can get the same deal i got then get it, otherwise get a vizio with local dimming

. Cunningham, Rhode Island says

Price was nice however i had to return it as it could not be setup due to the remote receiver not working.

X. Bethany, Darlington

I purchased the tv in june, and the first few months the unit worked as expected. If i were to review the product immediately, it would have been five stars. . However, as recently as this month, there is an issue with the display not loading. A problem that at first was resolved with turning the unit on and off a few times, but now the problem has involved into a 20 minute wait for the picture to display. When operating the remote and pushing home button for example, the sound still plays that a button was clicked but there is no response on the screen. It appears as if the the back light is on yet no display appears. At this point, no matter how many times we turn on and off the unit or how many times we even unplug the tv, we're stuck hoping that the set turns on properly when we're trying to relax after work. . Edit: tcl customer service was very responsive, and a technician was at my house, repairing the television within a week. It now functions properly.

E. Donna, Oregon says

This is a unique tv. The remote is very small and easy to misplace. Noticing the price but the high stars sold me. "you get what you pay for" truer words were set up for this tv. It's not a true 4k and it is not higher than 60 refresh rate. I've always had sony tv's and it might be possible to get used to this, i would strongly think very carefully before getting this tv. The picture is no better than my 2009 sony brava. Reading the reviews is very important, something i failed to do.

. Taylor, Illinois

*update* 1/2/2018. After 6 months the tv has back lighting issues causing uneven lighting on different sections of the screen, with a distinct line showing highlighting the problem. Good luck getting a solid answer from tcl regarding their warranty or replacement of the item as they'll just give you the runaround. This is clearly a hardware issue and one from bad quality control. Don't waste your money. *. . Ok so let me preface this by saying i'm upgrading from a 1080p samsung with a 60hz refresh rate. Overall this is a pretty good tv for the price and for most people it will do the job and then some. The roku interface is smooth and pretty easy to set up allowing you to jump in to watching what ever you want. But where the tv comes up short is in the picture settings, an again for some people this may not be an issue but if you're looking to avoid that "soap opera effect" or "clear motion" than this tv may not be for you. Some people are more sensitive to it than others and what you'll notice is it basically takes away that cinematic look you get from film to make it look "overly clear" or too realistic. . There is no direct way to just flip it off as the tv decides when it's best to use the "feature". It's not as bad as some older tv's where it was clearly noticeable and you can tinker with the settings (both through the app and the tv) to reduce it to some effect, but the reality is that it's still there and cannot be shut off. I tested this on streaming (netflix, online store) - blu-ray (ps3) - cable an a nintendo switch. Hopefully tcl/roku will update the software in the future to allow this but i doubt it and will probably be returning the tv. . *update 7/22/17*. . So i've had the tv for about a month an a half and had more time to test some things out. First things first, that frame insertion/clear motion/interpolation/soap opera effect or whatever you want to call it is there for sure. But it all depends on the source of the video feed and what that feed is capable of doing. Any of the apps from the roku interface will produce this effect as well any thing streaming to it via the plex app from another source. Here's a quick rundown of things i have connected and wether they produce the effect or not:. . Roku apps (netflix, online store, etc. ) : yes. Charter cable box: no, seems to be limited to 1080i/1080p. Ps3 blu-ray: yes, tested with logan/logan noir blu-ray and you'll see a noticeable smooth motion. - games on the other hand look fantastic. 2012 mac mini: no, tested itunes digital hd copy of logan/logan noir and also some movies thru vlc player. Nintendo switch: not sure, but will say it produces a great picture similar to ps3 games. . Really this seems to affect 480/720/1080p content when upscaled, but 4k content such as online store's the grand tour look really good and have from the get go. So yes the effect is there and no you cannot turn it off, so i hope this helps any one looking to check out this tv. Also be weary of some of the comments on this review as they seem awfully suspect of being company based and not consumer based opinions.

N. Dorine, Wokingham says

I've had this tv for 4 months now. Everything is as expected: large screen, great picture, decent sound, easy to use, etc. The one major issue is the wi-fi connectivity. It will stop working. It happened to me after two months, started again after another two weeks, and now hasn't worked for the last month again. It is a physical problem with cheap assembly, and i've read enough of the same complaint to know i'm going to need to solder something in place. If you don't mind that, then purchase away. If you don't care about the roku/smart part of the tv, then you're in luck. Otherwise, don't buy tcl.

L. Guest, Hampshire

This is a good budget tv. . Pros. We use roku and it is nice to have it integrated with the tv so you don't have to have an external box. And the roku interface is nice and is controlled by the remote. When connected to the computer, the screen is very crisp and has high definition/resolution, even for gaming. . Cons. The product description says this has a 120hz refresh rate. I know the industry accepts simulated refresh rates, but regardless, this doesn't look like120hz to me. There is a noticeable flicker when watching sports; and the espn ticker line is a little jumpy as it moves across the screen. Out of the box, a lot of darker scenes appear red - people look like they have a sunburn. I switched to movie mode and this improved significantly but i don't want to have to to switch modes for the type of show i am watching. The viewing angle is not great. We have this tv in a corner and everything starts to look fuzzy as you move to the side. . I thought about upgrading to something rated higher, but after researching, i can't find anything that addresses the cons without spending at least twice as much. So we're keeping this one - i'm happy enough with it.

A. Florence, North Carolina says

Really disappointed in buying this tv. I bought it in mid august and it was fine for the last couple of months. I'm not sure about the quality of the tv or what, but a small insect (fruit fly or gnat) somehow got into the tv screen. Then the insect died in the middle of my screen, so i am no longer able to watch shows without this big black dot on my screen. When i contact tcl about it, they refuse to help at all. So i've got a tv that was decent for 2 months and now is pretty aggravating. What's most difficult is how unwilling tcl is to help out at all. They told me it was an act of god, so i have to deal with it. Thanks god, but no thanks tcl.

F. Meghan, Stockton-on-Tees

The box wasn't damaged on the outside but the tv arrived shattered. I was really interested in seeing a budget 4k offering as i'm not too snobby about picture, but i ended up going to bestbuy and getting a comparable samsung unit. . Unless you want to ship these back 3-4 times before you get a good one, i suggest you stick to physical stores for large items like this. Still a loyal online store customer, but large + fragile items don't play nicely with ups

H. Diana, Rhone-Alpes says

I must be one of the unfortunate ones. Thankfully there's online store's customer service 'cause tcl's is dismal. Buyer beware if you need to contact tcl support. I bought the unit just under a month ago. It worked fine for two weeks. After two weeks, it would turn on and appear okay, but after a few minutes you'd hear a hum/buzz that would get louder over a few minutes, then the video would go blank. Audio still worked, but no video and no pressing of any mouse buttons would bring it back. Unplugging and immediately replugging wouldn't help either. But unplugging for an hour and turning it on worked, only the problem would happen again. It was sort of like something tried to warm up and when it did, it just died. I tried all factory reset options. Tried reseting via the button on the side. The sound before the video went out was from the back of the unit, not the speakers and was unaffected by speaker volume. I initially tried to replace it with online store but they were out of stock so i started a return process (since you only have 30 days on devices like this). With the return started just in case, i reached out to tcl. They are slow. The send duplicate emails. They take days to reply. They do not communicate well. Despite sending the serial number and proof of purchase, they wanted a picture of the serial number and a video of the problem (hard to upload a 3 minute video from a phone when their website limits uploads to 10mb). After 10 days of back and forth and with only 3 days left to return it to online store, they finally called me. They wanted to send out a tech in another 7-10 days to repair it. If the tech couldn't repair it, then they wanted to send a tech with a replacement after that (another 1-2 weeks). I offered to give them my cc to secure it and asked to ship a replacement and i would return the old one, but they said they cannot do that. I work and can't wait for a tech to come to my home to do a repair for hours and possibly have to return again. Plus it would be another week to three weeks before i'd have a working tv. Which would be too late to return it to online store and would now be an item with used, replacement parts in it. This for something i'd had less than a month. I've seen some good reviews for these and some bad ones. I understand tech fails. But its the tcl technical support that really failed here. In the end, i saw online store had these in stock again. So i cancelled the return, and redid it as an exchange. New tv will be here in 48 hours and i have 30 days to return the bad one to online store. No waiting 7-10 days for a tech. And 1-2 weeks for a new unit if repairs can't be done. I just put the bad one into the replacement ones box and drop it off at ups. Thank you online store for having such great customer service. Tcl. I will never deal with you again.

V. Juliana, Maine

Found out that dtv doesn t have a code that works with this model, this is a major draw back

D. Alice, Nevada says

I bought this tv from reading the good reviews. It was dead on arrival. The tv will power on, but there was nothing shown on the screen. Sometimes it would flash parts of the screen and show what seems like a "select your language" type of setup wizard, but the image never stays. I tried factory reset step outlined on tcl support site, and online store rep also walked me through another way of resetting (unplug, hold power button for 30 seconds, release then plug in), both failed to fix the tv. It is now out of stock on online store and they cannot offer a replacement at this point. I've also talked to tcl support, despite the long hold. Tcl support is apparently outsourced to india, and the rep had a heavy accent. When his english was not properly understood, he got audibly irritated. He "trouble-shot" me through the same 2 procedures, and determined that he couldn't help any further, except for sending a tech rep in 10 business days, which is not acceptable to me. This is a clear case of defect, you don't need to send a "technician" to determine that and keep me hanging for 2 weeks. I've decided to cut the loss and return the tv to online store directly. Even though i would forfeit the wonderful black friday price of $299, i'd rather pay a little bit extra and buy an equivalent sharp model from my local best buy instead. I would also stay away from tcl. I have purchased a couple refurbished tvs from vizio and olivia before, and both work flawlessly. It was a total surprise and disappointment to have bought a brand new tv and had it doa. The quality of tcl is questionable to me.

M. Hannah, Haringey

Update: i responded to the tcl comment and provided the requested pictures and contact information, but tcl never replied. I have added the photos to the review. I'm reducing my rating to one star because of the poor support. . There are significant display defects with my tv that reduce my otherwise 5-star impression of this product down to 2-stars. . There is a mark about 1/2-inch long in the lower-left-center of the screen that looks like residual glue, but is not on the outside of the screen and cannot be removed. . The lower left side of the screen has a dark area about the size of a fist that is very noticeable when the screen is white.

I. Lara, Massachusetts says

Do not buy this tv. Worked great at first and now the picture is grainy and takes 15 minutes for it to come on and when it does i have to reset the tv. Have been trying to get a refund or get it fixed and all i'm getting is the runaround.

. Meyer, British Columbia

Complete piece of junk. Set up tv, plugged in, the right side of screen blk. Tcl cust service absolutely horrible i am returning this and buying a tv at walmart, very disatified

Z. Nancy, Leeds says

Eh - it's ok. Have had it for a few months now. Replaced a 4-yr old lg with failing leds. I find the roku "smart" part a little constraining - as the roku os won't play some media file types (licensing, not a technical issue). The tv does show some weird anomalies/pixelation in the dark parts of the picture - no settings i can find gets rid of it completely; and fast motion animation is not particularly "clean" either so - it's an "ok" picture and i'd opine a "semi-smart" tv - i've had a roku stick for years and it's great for what it is but i'm not sure i'm on board with using it as a "smart tv" os. You can't argue with the price, though - and i'm done paying $1k for tvs which only last a few years anyway. Maybe i got a clunker - can't say. It works - but you certainly don't step back from it and say "wow".

. Debra, Tameside

On the fence about this tv. Bought, set it up easily and seemed to work well. I like that it had all the roku options and i only needed one remote for everything. Image is sometimes dark around the perimeter but considering the cost i was overall pleased until i wasn't. We were watching tv and all of a sudden it restarts itself but that's not the worst part. After doing that it a crackling noise started to come from the back of the tv. To me i associate the sound it was making with something that is about to catch fire electronically. So i quickly unplugged it, cleared everything away and got a fire extinguisher. Gave it some time, turned it back on and it made the noise again, figured i'd unplug and leave it off for a while. I'm not comfortable using it or leaving it plugged in when not in the house, the few times i have used it, the noise did not return but i don't want to take the risk. I had posted a question asking if anyone else had had this issue but no one else has. Tcl's customer service did respond to me and advised me to send an email referencing the question etc, i did send an email as soon as i had all the information i thought they would want and included the online store order. I have not heard back from them so since my time is running out (30 day return policy) i am probably going to return it to be on the safe side and get something a little more expensive but hopefully without this possible danger. I like the idea of this tv but i don't feel safe having this in my house.

T. Anonymous, Torbay says

Tv is ok but if you contact support you will find that there isn't any. They do nothing and then tell you they are closing your ticket because they couldn't contact you. They have no trouble contacting you to tell you they are done with you even though they've done nothing. This happened twice so i've given up.

J. Kimberly, Hounslow

I'd like to preface by saying the tv looks great and having the roku app is amazing. However, it has many problems. Just today the home screen would not display. I would press the home button on the roku remote and hear the sound but the screen would be black. The netflix button worked, it displayed that app perfectly fine, but the home screen was not working. I unplugged the power cord from the tv and that seemed to reset it, so for the now the home screen is working again. The fact that nowadays even our tv's are throwing advertisements in our faces without our control is extremely frustrating to me. Part of the reason i got this tv with the roku was to avoid as many advertisements as possible. For example, i changed my theme to something that looked decent and was free, ($1. 99 for a picture in the background? really? ) but recently my theme was mysteriously changed to a game of thrones theme which isn't even in the theme store so it couldn't have been me or anyone else. Additionally, there's always an advertisement on the right side of the screen on the home page, and you can guess what it was advertising when my theme was magically changed. That being said, the quality and size of the screen is outstanding, and the personalization settings are very convenient. Overall it's a good deal, though i don't agree that roku is a cable box replacement.

. Olga, Alaska says

I received the tv and everything looked intact. Opened the box, . Took out the two tiny stands, and removed the tv from the box with the help of my boyfriend. We put the tv on the couch and prepared to attach the stands when suddenly i realized something. No screws for the stands to attach. This is a major bummer. I'm off the hardware store to buy the necessary items that should be in the box. Will update the review later once i get a chance to actually view the tv.

S. Yvette, Kentucky

I am blown away at how a 60hz tv can be legally advertised as 120hz. This one even specifically left out "cmi" to indicate that the refresh rate is "simulated. " at least with other tcl models, the description includes "cmi" to indicate that the refresh rate is a lie.

W. Guest, Washington says

Arrived doa unfortunately, had to return it.

B. Erin, Redcar and Cleveland

Good product , unfortunately the item was slightly damaged upon arrival. There are three white smudge like irrimovalable spots on the upper right side of the tv. Normally i would over look at this minor caveat , however being a broke college student this was an immense purchase, one which i saved for through the greater part of the summer. Everytime those spots catch my eyes i get depresssed. I absolutely love this tv. That's the worst part about it. Has all the lastest functions 4k. Hdr . Roku. I only wish i got one without the defective pixels or whatever those spots are.

Q. Walsh, District of Columbia says

Do not buy 49 inch in my experience they come with a crack in the screen both times i will be getting a refund if possible. I'm not blaming any one because i'm sure this tv has been moved around a lot it is just sooooooooo frustrating that this has happened 2 times lucky i keeper my 1080p tv.

. Clara, Dorset

Update:. . After writing my original review, the t. V. Broke twice. The first time the screen messed up, like it was zoomed in 5x. It finally corrected when i clicked on netflix, accidentally because it was so zoomed in i couldn't see what i was selecting. . Then, today, 7 weeks after getting it, the external sound just stopped while we were watching it. After troubleshooting i realized it wasn't the soundbar. Both the optical out and analog outs did not work. . The coax connector also broke loose literally from the cable weight alone going up to the t. V. . This t. V. Is built like garbage. Just horrible. The low price, features, and picture qualify do not make up for the terrible build quality. Avoid this t. V. . Breakdown on this t. V. :. . It's very light. Easy to hang. . The picture is very good. No complaints at all, looks great in a room with some natural light. Did some tweaking using settings i found in a google search. . The interface is decent. A little lag on the roku interface, but it works. . The sound is horrible. This is what brought this down to 3 stars. There are no advanced audio editing functions, not even a basic eq tweak, just a few presets. My kids and i literally couldn't understand what people were saying. Muddy, awful internal speakers. I had to immediately buy a soundbar with a sub. . Decent enough t. V. , nice to have the roku built in, works fine, get a soundbar or sound system.

C. Anderson, Essex says

This is getting three stars because as of right now the app isn't allowing me to go into hdr mode. I just got finished with a tech support chat that proved fruitless. . Regardless, i'd strongly recommend everyone to at least switch from the default picture setting to 'movie' via the app- it got rid of all the tracking issues i was seeing with the default 'power saver' settings. Nice picture, but as of this moment not all of the functions are working.

G. Widmer, North Dakota

Id live to give it a great review. The tv looks great. But since the day i plugged it in, ive had a problem with the screen blacking out frequently. So far, im in about 4 hours of time spent on the phone with foreigners that barely speak english and read scripts to you as if you are a 5 year old. There is a loud popping noise that accompanies the blackouts and a surge, yet all they can come up with is resetting everything (which i explained to 6 different people that i already have. Now they are giving me a runaround about proving that i bought it from online store, and the guy had the nerve to tell me that they have to "determine" if its a warrantable issue! nothing but a runaround. Customer service is virtually nonexistent.

. Wayt, Washington says

 edit: tcl replied to this review and recommended that i contact their email support. My experience with email support is in the edit at the bottom. . I bought this tv and plugged it in as soon as i got it, extremely excited for the size, price, features, and numerous positive reviews. I fired everything up and it all set up just fine. Once i entered my netflix credentials and logged in, however, i noticed something very wrong. When browsing through netflix, it loads previews of the shows. This is an incredibly annoying feature on it's own, but to top it off, whenever i am flipping through content, the tv will lose picture for one second, come back, lose picture for another second, and then load the preview. This makes it extremely aggravating to scroll through the netflix app, as the screen is constantly turning on and off to load the previews for each show/movie. The content itself plays back fine, but browsing is a nightmare. It makes netflix unusable for me. . I called tcl regarding this, who had me go through troubleshooting steps for about a half hour before directing me towards roku. I called roku, who had me perform similar troubleshooting steps as tcl and then directed me to netflix. I called netflix support, who i was on the phone with for almost two hours going through every possible troubleshooting step and getting their best techs involved. Their conclusion was that there is an issue with the tv, which i am inclined to agree with, as the netflix app runs just fine on my xbox one and standalone roku box on another tv. I called tcl a second time and relayed this to them, and they said they would escalate the issue and get back to me within 24 hours. . 24 hours passed with no contact. 48 hours passed with no contact. Beyond frustrated, i called back and asked what was happening with my case. The support person did not have an answer for me and said i would receive an email within 24 hours. I told them that was not good enough, as it had already been well past when they were supposed to respond, and requested an answer that day. The tech told me that it would be done. Well, it didn't happen. It didn't even happen in the 24 hour window i was promised. I called tcl again and got another tech. I don't know if it was this tech's first day or what, but he acted like he did not know how to speak at all. Two minutes into the conversation, he said there was an issue with his system and put me on hold. After a few minutes on hold, the call dropped. I tried to call back and kept getting a busy tone. Unbelievable. . It has now been 5 days since i initially called about the issue, and tcl has been of zero help. My time is valuable, and the money value of time i have spent dealing with this has now far exceeded the money i saved by purchasing what i thought was a quality television for a great price. I had high hopes. I didn't even get into my second issue with the tv, which is that every day when i turn it on, it will not connect to my wireless network without me reconnecting it manually. The password and everything is saved into the tv; all i need to do is hit connect. Why can it not do this by itself? . . I am extremely disappointed with the technical issues, but i am disgusted with the lack of support from a company who claims to be the fastest growing tv company. Reading through other online store reviews, i see that user barbe is likely having the same netflix issue as me, completely sucking any confidence out of me that a replacement set will resolve the issue. I am returning this tv and going with another brand which will adequately support their product, and i will make sure to tell all my friends and family to avoid this brand at all costs. . *edit*: per tcl's reply to this review, i contacted email support instead on 8/24. Below is my experiences with them. . The first email response from larry at tcl was very timely, letting me know that they were on the case. Larry told me he'd get back to me that day, but also noted that a video would help. He did not say that a reply was contingent on a video. Regardless, i emailed a video at the end of the day, and he did not reply until i sent an email reminder the next day. Larry asked a couple more questions and told me he'd get back to me. This was on 8/25. . On 8/25 i was also contacted by jerome from roku, who called me at work and told me he wanted me to call him when i got home. I called him twice when i was home and he did not answer. He never returned my calls or emails as well and i never heard from him again. Great support from that guy. . On 8/28 i still had not heard back from larry, so i shot another email asking what was happening. Larry said that roku identified an issue, but did not tell me what it was and did not advise on how to fix it, just that they were "working on a solution". This has now gone on for over two weeks. It is 9/14 and the issue persists. Nobody has any answers and nobody has helped me. The way i have been treated by this company is just ludicrous. So much for "making things right". Any other company who had issues right out of the box that they could not resolve has offered either a partial or full refund. Tcl offers nothing but frustration. I pray nobody else has issues with their sets and has to go through what i have gone through with this company.

K. Candy, Florida

Terrible service from tcl and roku. Had the tv 7 months and the left side of the screen went out. Walmart passed me off to roku who said it was tcls fault who gave me the run around for hours. Now they say it will be weeks before they send a repair person out. Buy from online store and don't buy tcl or roku.

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