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Price was $649.00. This review is going to initially look like a negative review. It is not. I am wholly impressed by this machine, it's capabilities and the customer service i received from qidi tech and its representative, audrey. So here's the story. . It was a dark and stormy night. . I initially ordered this machine approximately a month ago. When i got it, the left extruder didn't work. I immediately sent it back for a replacement with online store. So far, so good. The replacement arrived and worked for a few hours before both extruders stopped working. Now, i was getting upset. I didn't want to send it back to online store for a third machine, so i contacted qidi tech. Even though i'm in the western us and they are in china, their service rep, audrey, returned my email in just a few hours. . The sun also rises. . During the next few days, audrey guided me through a series of tests with written instructions and video demonstrations to determine where the problem was. Eventually, we determined that the stepper motor controller chips for the two extruders were not functioning properly. Audrey immediately sent replacements that arrived in just a few days - from china! however, even though only two stepper chips were defective, she sent three. She also send an entire controller/mother board in case that may have been malfunctioning. She also sent four controller cables (for the two extruders and the two extruder cooling fans) and an extra 3m hotbed build surface for good measure. . As i was taking things apart and putting them together to figure out why the extruders weren't working, i lost a small white teflon spacer for one of the extruder fans. I told audrey. She sent 4 replacements, an extra nozzle, fan connecting bolts and an extra extruder heat sink! i have never received such prompt and generous customer service from any company, ever. Audrey made it her mission to make sure my machine was working properly and as quickly as possible. . The awakening. . I have always been a little cautious of purchasing expensive things from overseas because of the distances involved if something goes wrong. That is not a concern with qidi tech. I am a customer for life. I have been printing with this machine almost 24 hrs per day for the last 10 days to test its endurance and performance. It has passed this test magnificently. The machine prints difficult materials flawlessly and the duel extruders create close tolerance parts with two different colors/materials similar to machines costing three times its price. . The bottom line. . 3d printers are still young and evolving. Just a few years ago, they were many thousands of dollars. That has changed and they are now much more affordable. However, that affordability can affect reliability issues due to cost containment and global sourcing of parts. That is just the nature of the beast and is a fact of life for any 3d printer under the $2000 mark. That's why i'm far less concerned with initial "shake-out" problems that may arise with any particular machine than i am with how the manufacturer handles those problems when they are notified. In this regard, qidi tech has the best customer service i've every seen of any manufacturer, period. . Do not hesitate to buy this machine. It is an excellent machine, but the customer service is even better!

-I. Nicole

Dual Extruder Desktop 3d Printer Qidi Tech I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, 2 Free Filaments, Works Abs Product Description: Qidi Technology 3d Printer Qidi Tech I Is The Most Precise And Dependable 3d Printer. Each 3d Printer Is Leveled, Fully Calibrated And Operated 8 Hour Before Delivery. -Qidi Technology 3dp-qda16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3d Printer Qidi Tech I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, 2 Free Filaments, Works Abs Pla

  1. Highlight: Aviation Level Aluminum Plate Its Surface Is Completely Flat And Will Not Warp During Heating Process.
  2. Highlight: Easy To Use Software For Simple Customization Of 3d Models.

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Had this printer for little over a month now , has gone through over a dozen spools of filament , have printed most main types " pla , abs , tpu/ ninja flex , nylon , and pc max ". . Haven't had a single issue with this printer at all, is extremely sturdy and the bed only moving in z axis is outstanding . Haven't had any prints come loose from the bed . . Excellent details and better then advertised resolution " z resolution is rated at 100 microns yet have printed perfectly at 60 microns for a finish print , have ran calibration towers far lower . . Doe this price range i can't see beating this printer for a factory assembled unit , easy setup from the well packaged box , was up and printing 15 mins. After opening box , highly recommended . . Support is outstanding and also in the qidi 3d facebook group Best dual extruder desktop printer | Ruian Qidi Technology Co Ltd-Mechanical Components Review ( Apr 2020 ) Highlight QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer QIDI TECH I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, with2 Free Filaments, Works with ABS and PLA Fdm technology; dual extruder; obtained ce, fcc, rohs certificates; qidi technology is registered trademark by edify technology inc. Aviation level aluminum plate its surface is completely flat and will not warp during heating process. Easy to use software for simple customization of 3d models. Fully metal external frame much more stronger than pvc plate and wooden frame. new high heat resistant metal platform supports replace plastic supports. Support software:replicator g/makerware .

Qidi technology 3dp-qda16-01 dual extruder desktop 3d printer qidi tech i, fully metal frame structure, acrylic covers, with2 free filaments, works with abs and pla Review (3dp qda16 01)

I am new to 3d printing. Did a lot of research on the internet before committing to buy. I had spent a little time at the local fablab using one of their expensive 3d printers and abs. After several attempts i ended up with a somewhat useful heater knob replica for a 1947 dodge powerwagon for a friend of mine . Not a great print but usable if you are not too picky. I finally decided on the qidi dual extruder machine and ordered from online store. . Online store said it should be delivered in 3 days . It was here in 2! . . Very well packaged in double boxes with lots of foam padding. I took my time and followed the instructions as listed on the included sd card. It took a couple of hours to unpack and do the final assembly (which was very minor) including mounting of the two included rolls of filament (abs & pla). . First print using simplify3d software (well worth the money) . The heater knob for the 1947 dodge powerwagon . Perfect print! every detail was sharp and clean both in pla and abs. In my opinion you can't beat this combo . Especially for a "newbee". . It's been several days now and i have produced a bunch of prints just learning and practicing. Not one problem with the qidi 3d printer! . Time will tell . But . So far i am very pleased with this purchase. Just a side note . I am 80 years old . So even an "old duffer" can learn 3d printing. . Update . I have owned the printer for over a month and a problem developed and it quit printing as it should. I contacted tech support via email and told them of my problem. I received an email response the next day (time difference between china and montana) and they asked for a video of the problem i was having with the printer which i sent. The next day i received more instructions to trouble shoot the problem. Their tech department determined that the problem was a bad cable on the x axis and promptly sent via ups, not only a new cable, but a spare motor and several extra nuts and bolts along with a wrench to deal with the small nuts and two new replacement extruder nozzles which i did not ask for. All of this at no charge. Talk about top notch customer service! i installed the new cable according to the instruction video they sent. The printer is now up and running just like before. Can't say enough about the good experience i have had with this printer and the 5 star service . Well done! -B. Neva

Technology 3dp Qda16 01 Extruder Structure Filaments

Qidi Technology
Product Dimensions
Height:14.76 inches
Length:18.31 inches
Weight:55.12 pounds
Width:12.60 inches
Part/Serial Number
Office Electronics

dual extruder desktop 3d printer qidi tech i, fully metal frame structure, acrylic covers, 2 free filaments, works abs Office Electronics, Product description: qidi technology 3d printer qidi tech i is the most precise and dependable 3d printer. each 3d printer is leveled, fully calibrated and operated 8 hour before delivery. qidi tech after-sales team supplies technical support and lifetime service. Technology 3dp Qda16 01 Extruder Structure Filaments (QD3DP2016-01-Qidi Technology).

Technology 3dp Qda16 01 Extruder Structure Filaments Office Electronics

  • I have been wanting a 3d printer for quite a long time. After researching several different ones i wanted something that would be simple to use so i could start learning hands on about how it all works. I kept seeing good things about qidi so i took the plunge. . - the printer is quite sturdy and the quality is quite good. Not top of the line but very good. - removable side window makes it simple when printing pla. - dual extruders in an inexpensive package is great. So far with makerbot software things are going well learning. - prints are simple to dial in. - qidi support is very very good. I had a problem and i emailed them. They responded right away and were very helpful. . So far i am really liking this printer and i am looking forward to doing even more with it as i learn.
  • I have been looking for a very long time for a 3d printer and have been going back and forth with all the versions and manufacturers out there. I am very new to 3d printing and this is my first printer purchase so i was looking for minimal build and as much out of the box capabilities as possible while staying under $1000. . After much debating, i decided to purchase the qidi dual extruder 3d printer. It had the features i was looking for based on feedback from friends and the price was in line with what i was thinking. I ordered this on sept 28th and even though i was given an estimated delivery date of between oct 26th and nov 2nd, it showed up today oct 1st! this unit shipped from china for free and made it to my door in 4 days! i was very excited to see dhl show up at my door. . Because of my expected long wait to have it delivered, i emailed the company asking if they could provide me the software download so i could start learning it. Within a few hours, i received an email back from john stating that i should download the makerbot replicator software as it is the "recommended" software. I downloaded and installed it and played a while with it and also explored thingiverse. Com to keep myself occupied while waiting. . My wait was very short and when i opened the box today, i unpacked a very well packed and protected printer. There were two free spools of filament, one silver abs and one green pla along with all the required hardware, parts and a small toolkit. I would estimate it took me about 3 hours to complete the build. This was really just final assembly. The only thing that had to really be done first was to switch the power to 115v. You need to remove the bottom plate to do this but it is critical you do this before you power it on so just do it first. . After that step, i mounted the dual extruder into it's "cradle", mounted the filament holders and filament, and attached the plexi-glass walls, door and top. All in all, it was an easy assembly and the steps were very easy to follow in the directions that are on the included sd card. . Once i had it built up, i wanted to test it and like an idiot, i completely forgot that i had already installed the makerbot software. I installed the replicator g software and python and another windows fix and could not get this to connect to my pc and find a port it could use to communicate. I messed around with this for about an hour before i remembered what john had said. I closed all those programs and opened up the makerbot software and within 30 seconds, it had connected to my printer! that was it. Maybe the python helped since i had already installed it as part of the replicator g install but i am not really sure. All i know is that it worked perfectly using the makerbot software. . I leveled the print platform as instructed and kicked off my first build. A jeep grill keychain. In about 37 minutes it was done and i am very happy with the results. I am now in the process of printing a hydroponic top for a mason jar and i can let you know how that turns out in the morning (6. 5 hour build time). . All in all, i am very happy with my purchase and i will update once i have a good week under my belt. I just wanted to share how this worked out for a complete novice on day 1. . Update: i have now been using this printer for a few weeks and am still very happy with it. I am learning things that have made my life easier and my prints much better. I had one small issue with the fan on the left extruder not running and reached out to qidi in china. Within a few hours, audrey contacted me via email and then called my cell. Within a few minutes, she was able to figure it out with her engineer and gave me the fix for it the next day. They also shipped me out the replacement part right away. I got it via dhl the day after. I am very happy with that level of support considering this had to travel halfway around the globe. . Here are a few observations/suggestions:. . 1. Don't leave prints on your print bed over night! this might be common sense to most but i am new and did not realize how much harder it is to take this off after everything cools. . 2. Using rafts is pretty normal but i did not know that the supports were that important. Many items that have a span of some sort requires at least a minimal amount of support to make sure it does not deform. . 3. A small file set is great for cleaning up rafts and supports on your finished product as is an exato knife. . 4. Abs and pla seem to print with about the same quality from this machine - i have not really seen a difference. I have used the two free spools that come with this unit and hatchbox filament with great success. . 5. Placing your finished item in a ziploc bag with some acetone (not touching) creates a great smooth and shiny finish (takes a couple hours). . 6. I had to cut down the guide tubes about 2. 5 inches to make sure they did not rub on the plexi-glass dome cover. . 7. Is an awesome website!
  • The machine is a nice build, but the documentation is pretty bad. The software is totally useless and i couldnt even get it to install on my laptop. That all aside, its incredibly solid and ive gotten loads of great prints from it so far. Wish the lightswould shut off, but thats a small detail. If youve used a similar machine like a makerbot you would have no issue with stumbling around here, but i wouldnt recommend it for a first time printer buyer.
  • Arrived damaged with bent frame and one leg shorter than three others, sending it back
  • This was my second return ever of an online store product in over 5 years. My makerbot replicator 2 is great but i wanted to print abs as well this printer seemed to be the least cost way to go. Most of the reviews looked good and the company does have a good support community. The printer was well packed and after a 30 min or so of setup (minus the missing screws for the top enclosure), i printed my first test file. The printer got to the 50% mark and then the x-axis motor just stopped moving. I read a few support reviews (all suggested replacing the cable to the motor). However, i figured if you have to replace a cable after 10 min of use it might not be worth keeping. The part that did print correctly looked great and if i had more time to invest fixing the printer i am sure it would be worth the low price, however, i will go with a more reliable printer that i don't have to fix after ever build (or in this case half a build).

dual extruder desktop printer QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer QIDI TECH I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, with2 Free Filaments, Works with ABS and PLA (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The only thing better than the printer is the support from qidi. . The qidi is a dual extruder all metal frame 3d printer with heated bed. The design is simple and effective. The build quality is solid and true. . The printer has a few small quirks. The sd card slot is not exactly ergonomically located. The slot is inside the printer and to the right. With the acrylic panels on it is a bit of a challenge at times to access it. The printer has a small cooling fan in the bottom compartment that houses the electronics. I'm certain the fan was the driving force behind a hair dryer in a previous life. Last, leveling the build plate can be a slight bit of a challenge due to the fact that the printer head runs about 1/8" off the back of the bed. This makes it a bit difficult to get a proper level on the back part of the build platform. . Qidi vs. Flashforge. . The flashforge printer and the qidi are similar, both being replicator clones. The primary difference between the two is the price. The flashforge is considerably more expensive than the qidi. The build is very similar, both have sturdy metal frames and use similar components. The primary difference between the two printers is the main board. Although the main boards are quite similar, both being variations of the mightyboard architecture, the flashforge uses an atmega 2560 while the qidi uses the 1280. There is no performance difference in the chips. The 2560 is simply a larger flash size which, while a nice feature does not actually have any advantage over the 1280 at the moment. Another difference is the flashforge boasts a few color leds that put on a bit of a light show. Not exactly what one would call a deal breaker for the serious 3d printer. . The qidi has 1" diameter spool holders which fit just about every filament spool i've ever tried to put on it. Flashforge, on the other hand opted to use very large spool holders that only fit spools with a bore hole over 2". This is a particular problem if you're partial to hatchbox filament as i am. You'll have to print your own spool holders if you want to use anything smaller than this large bore. . Another advantage the qidi has over the flashforge is the acrylic side panels and metal back. Flashforge opted to go with black solid styrene panels on the sides and the back. The additional light provided by the clear acrylic panels is a distinct advantage. . Qidi support is exceptional. I had a few issues with mine and they were extremely responsive and seemed to genuinely care about my problems. I can't say i've ever had a better experience.

Qidi Technology 3dp-qda16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3d Printer Qidi Tech I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, 2 Free Filaments, Works Abs Pla
Click to see NoticeTechnology 3dp Qda16 01 Extruder Structure Filaments (Qidi Technology)"I was skeptical about this, especially since this was to be my first 3d printer, but after comparing the flashforge creator and this, i decided to risk it and go the chinese route. I am familiar with the drone hobby world and know that most of these come from the same factory, so i was prepared for the chinese-to-english google translated instructions and odd phrases. . That being said, i had it out of the box and put together in about 2. 5 hours. I took my time thinking it was the most fragile thing on the planet but its actually really sturdy and built solid. Instructions are in the sd card, luckily i read somewhere to look there while researching what to buy so if you are lost on what to do, start by taking the sd card out of the printer and putting it into the computer before you start putting the thing together, it will save you about 45 minutes of googling what to do. . Came with 2 rolls of filament, 1 white abs and 1 orange pla, lots of spare parts (which made me think i put it together wrong), couple tools to take things off the platform, and some chinese glue. . I could not have been happier so far!"

(0) Question: Can u print big things

(1) Question: The robo 3d states "print with 15+ materials! " does this printer have same capability? or a list of compatible materials?

(2) Question: Sd that came with the printer is corrupted. how can i recover the software / drivers / firmware? +

Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer, Dual Extruder, Fully Enclosed Chamber, W/2 Free Spools

Flashforge online store, the most reviewed and trusted flashforge retailer on the planet, presents the dreamer-the latest and most advanced desktop 3d printer from the makers of the popular creator, creator x, and creator pro. Not only does the dreamer look sleeker, but the performance advances are what one would expect when some of the best 3d engineers are put to the challenge. It's got a fully enclosed body, wi-fi connectivity, a built-in sd port, a build volume of 230 x 150 x 140, a higher resolution color touch screen, full manufacturer's warranty fulfilled by flashforge online store, and lifetime support provided by expert flashforge online store technicians . And still, it's more affordable than the competition. So, with the latest printing technology from flashforge, and the peace of mind that comes from buying from flashforge online store, you can dream bigger and better than ever before. Features - new 3. 5" hd ips touchscreen - built-in wi-fi, uploading the printing file to machine - built-in 4g memory support with storing file and folder - compatible both with skein forge and slic3r slicing - enclosed chamber insulates and protects abs prints specifications - package size: 590 x 470 x 580 mm - actual size: 485 x 400 x 335 mm - package weight: 16. 00 kgs - actual weight: 10. 5 kgs - resolution: 0. 1 - 0. 2mm - build volume: 230 x 150 x 150 mm - filament compatibility: abs / pla / pva software : flashprint operating systems : window xp/7/8, mac os. Not compatible with linux what's in the box - flashforge dreamer - two spools of filament (0. 6 kg abs and 0. 6 kg pla) - usb cable - power cord - tool kits - 4gb sd card.

Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer, Dual Extruder, Fully Enclosed Chamber, W/2 Free SpoolsFlashforge-Dreamer-Printer-Extruder-Enclosed

Brand :    flashforge
Weight :    24.25 pounds
  • Turns 3d designs into real, tangible objects
  • Full manufacturer's warranty fulfilled by flashforge , and free email support provided by expert flashforge technicians
  • Self-developed software flashprint; compatible with slic3r slicing
  • High-end plastic-alloy body/frame; new 3. 5" hd ips touchscreen
  • Enclosed chamber insulates and protects prints
Price :    $1099.00
Model :    700355100300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Electronics :    Best Mechanical Components (flashforge product review) for Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer, Dual Extruder, Fully Enclosed Chamber, W/2 Free Spools available ( Apr 2020 )

BIBO 3D Printer Dual Extruder Laser Engraving Sturdy Frame WIFI Touch Screen Cut Printing Time In Half Filament Detect removable Glass Bed

Bibo2 touch laser is the most featured printer. Now order the bibo2 touch laser, we will send you the wifi module (usd20, pre-installed) and laser engraving module (usd22) as the gifts. It is, of course, a 3d printer. But it's also a laser engraver, too, permitting the ability to engrave on wood or even cut paper and cardboard. Not every 3d printer has such an extra feature, and those that do often cost far more than this machine. 1 3? yes, 1 bibo2 touch laser 1 laser engraving machine+2 3d printers(copy printing can print two same objects at the same time) machine parameter extruder number: 2 metal frame: 6mm thick aluminum composite panel. More reliable and higher precision than plastic frame full-color touch screen: yes laser engraving: yes wifi control: yes copy printing: yes continue printing after power cut: yes filament run-out detection: yes removable heated bed: yes (already leveled, usually no need to level it again) number of fan to cool plastic extruded: 2 printing mode:usb connect pc or sd card or u disk machine size:18. 4*14*14. 7(in) weight: 35. 3 pounds printing parameter build size :8. 4*7. 3*6. 3(in) / 214*186*160 mm printing layer resolution: 0. 05-0. 3mm max. Nozzle temp. :270 recommended software: repetier-host, cura, simplify3d compatibility: windows, mac, linux filament type:abs, pla, dissolvable filament (pva, hips) filament diameter 1. 75mm shopping now! you can get these gifts: 1 x laser engraving module 1 x wifi module (pre-installed) 1 x acrylic cover kit (assembly required) 2. 2 lbs (1. 0kg)pla filament 1 x sd card 1 x glass bed 1 x glue stick allen wrenches 1 x usb cable

BIBO 3D Printer Dual Extruder Laser Engraving Sturdy Frame WIFI Touch Screen Cut Printing Time In Half Filament Detect removable Glass BedBIBO-Extruder-Engraving-Printing-removable

Brand :    bibo
Size :    BIBO2 touch laser B
Weight :    35.30 pounds
Model :    BIBO2 touch laser X
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Multifunction Device (bibo product review) for BIBO 3D Printer Dual Extruder Laser Engraving Sturdy Frame WIFI Touch Screen Cut Printing Time In Half Filament Detect removable Glass Bed available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $699.00 (was $849.00)
  • Full color touch screen: with no threshold, which is more friendly and easier operation
  • Laser engraving: extremely good at engraving objects such as wood, plastic, leather, paper and even cutting thin materials like plastic
  • Wifi control: the included networking feature permits you to control the print via a phone or pc
  • Filament detection: if the filament spool runs out during printing, the machine automatically pauses for you to load in a fresh spool, very useful for big volume object printing, very useful for big volume object printing
  • Copy printing: dual extruders can print two same objects at one time, cut your printing time at least in half

ESUN 1.75mm PVA filament, natural, 0.5kg/roll

Esun 3d printer filament: pva size: 1. 75mm pva is a support material. Typically it is used with pla filament. Pva is best printed around 195 celsius. When a pla product is printed out, it can be thrown into water so that the pva supporting material can be melted away. Cold water would take 4 hours to melt all pva. Warmer water will melt pva faster. Pva is soft, soluble in water under normal temperature.

ESUN 1.75mm PVA filament, natural, 0.5kg/rolleSUN-1-75mm-filament-natural-0-5kg

Brand :    esun
Color :    white
Weight :    1.10 pounds
  • Original manufacturer.
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction, premium product.
  • Printing temp. is 190 220 .
  • Work as a supporting material for pla and some other materials, but not for abs.
  • 1. 75mm pva filament with double layer sealed bags.
Price :    $39.99
Model :    IG-PVA175N05
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Raw Materials (Biss product review) for ESUN 1.75mm PVA filament, natural, 0.5kg/roll available ( Apr 2020 )

Platform Sticker QIDI TECH I 3D Printer: 5 pcs kit

Production description: platform sticker for qidi tech i 3d printer

Platform Sticker QIDI TECH I 3D Printer: 5 pcs kitPlatform-Sticker-QIDI-TECH-Printer

Price :    —
  • Size:225x150x150mm
  • Blue pc plate
  • Platform sticker for qidi tech i
  • Qidi tech platform sticker is not suitable for other brand 3d printers
Brand :    qidi technology
Model :    QDBPCT2016-02
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (qidi technology product review) for Platform Sticker QIDI TECH I 3D Printer: 5 pcs kit available ( Apr 2020 )

HATCHBOX PLA 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, White

Welcome to hatchbox 3d products our engineered filament is here to help you stream your creative outlet, enabling you to see your thoughts and concepts engineered into a real and rewarding reality. The filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3d printers using 1. 75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0. 05mm.   pla, or polylactic acid, is a commonly used thermoplastic material that does not require the use of a heated print bed. Blending a mixture of plant-based materials and polymers creates hathchbox 3d printer's pla, making this material more earth-friendly. Because of the lower melting temperatures and lack of warping, pla filaments retain their color vibrancy and are a common choice for displays or small household prints. The 3d printed object will have a glossy type finish with we love it: less warping easy to use no heated bed required eco-friendly.

HATCHBOX PLA 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, WhiteHATCHBOX-3D-Filament-Dimensional-Accuracy

Price :    $22.99
  • Recommended extrusion/nozzle temperature 180 c - 210 c (356 f - 410 f)
  • 1 kg (approximately 2. 20 lbs) spool
  • Spool diameter: 7. 88" - spool width: 2. 69" - spool hub hole diameter: 2. 20"
  • Pla (polylactic acid) 3d printer filament vacuumed sealed with desiccant
  • 1. 75mm filament diameter (dimensional accuracy +/- 0. 03mm)
Brand :    hatchbox
Color :    White
Size :    3D PLA-1KG1.75-WHT
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    3D PLA-1KG1.75-WHT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (hatchbox product review) for HATCHBOX PLA 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, White available ( Apr 2020 )

HATCHBOX ABS 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, Black

Welcome to hatchbox 3d products our engineered filament is here to help you stream your creative outlet, enabling you to see your thoughts and concepts engineered into a real and rewarding reality. The filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3d printers using 1. 75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0. 03mm. Abs or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is a tough and durable thermoplastic. It's ability to with stand higher temperatures, abs is one of the most popular and commonly chosen material on the market. Abs can be used for full functional models, and is the closest material to real production models. The 3d printed object will have a glossy type finish with abs. Why we love it: prints at higher temperature tough and durable requires less manual finishing process in acetone for polished finish.

HATCHBOX ABS 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, BlackHATCHBOX-3D-Filament-Dimensional-Accuracy

Price :    $21.99
  • Recommended extrusion/nozzle temperature 210 c - 240 c (410 f - 464 f), use with heated build platform is recommended
  • 1 kg (approximately 2. 20 lbs) spool
  • Abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) 3d printer filament vacuumed sealed with desiccant
  • Spool diameter: 7. 88" - spool width: 2. 69" - spool hub hole diameter: 2. 20"
  • 1. 75mm filament diameter (dimensional accuracy +/- 0. 03mm)
Brand :    hatchbox
Color :    black
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    3D ABS-1KG1.75-BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (hatchbox product review) for HATCHBOX ABS 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, Black available ( Apr 2020 )


Product description: x - pro is a new dual-extruder 3d printer developed according to user requirements, which is applicable to families, schools, 3d printing fans, makers and businesses. . Qidi technology 3d printer x-pro 1 roll of 1kg pla filament, 1 roll of 1kg abs filament, color randomly selected. Power cable usb pen drive tool box filament guide tube printing technology:fdm (fused deposition modeling) build volume: 230 l x 150 w x 150 h mm layer resolution: 100 500 microns positioning precision: 11 microns on x and y and 2. 5 microns on z filament diameter: 1. 75 mm nozzle diameter: 0. 4 mm frame & body: metal extruder quantity: two product weight: 23 software: qidi tech software operating systems: windows 7/ 8 / 10 , mac os x windows system computer :print via usb pen drive , ethernet . Mac os system computer :only support print via usb pen drive voltage: 115v 230 v power:100 w


Brand :    qidi technology
Weight :    39.68 pounds
Model :    QDXPRO
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Turbofan with four sides blowing , better cooling
  • 4. 3-inch full color touchscreen: user friendly design.
  • Software: specifically customized and easy to use qidi tech 3d printer software.
  • Breakpoint printing : if there is a power outage during the printing process, the printer will automatically save the breakpoint.
  • Removable build platform: finished models can be removed easily.
Price :    $725.00 (was $899.00)
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (qidi technology product review) for QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3D PRINTER Newest Model: X-Pro available ( Apr 2020 )

Borosilicate Glass Plate Kit Flashforge Creator Pro Dreamer, No Z Shim Required

Everything you need to add a glass printing surface to the print bed without loosing build height and or modifying the z endstop. Includes: 6x9x1/8inch thermal shock-resistant laboratory borosilicate glass, meets mil-g-47033, also known as pyrex and schott glass, this glass resists clouding and pitting and is highly chemical and heat resistant. With a low rate of thermal expansion, it is dimensional stable during changes in temperature. Thickness tolerance 0. 008" includes four solid nylon corners to hold glass in place. Three stainless steel conical compression springs to replace stock springs. Four washers to go between nylon corners and nuts. Magnalub sample grease packet and 2mm allan key if you need extra borosilicate plates up to date installation document can be found here https://goo. Gl/jsasgv

Borosilicate Glass Plate Kit Flashforge Creator Pro Dreamer, No Z Shim RequiredBorosilicate-Flashforge-Creator-Dreamer-Required

Brand :    greenlee3d
Color :    Clear
Model :    GP-FF-Kit
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3-4 business days
  • Real borosilicate glass, not cheap sodalime
  • No z shims needed
  • Maintains the same build area as stock
  • No paper clips
Price :    $47.64
Art And Craft Supply :    Best Biss (greenlee3d product review) for Borosilicate Glass Plate Kit Flashforge Creator Pro Dreamer, No Z Shim Required available ( Apr 2020 )

qidi technology 3dp-qda16-01 dual extruder desktop 3d printer qidi tech i, fully metal frame structure, acrylic covers, with2 free filaments, works with abs and pla Price : 649, was : 0 as 2018-05-20
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The F.A.Q. for qidi technology 3dp-qda16-01 dual extruder desktop 3d printer qidi tech i, fully metal frame structure, acrylic covers, with2 free filaments, works with abs and pla

    loving this printer. I've only had it a few days but i'm already getting fantastic results using the included filaments. It took a couple of careful hours making sure i followed the instructions before trying my first print. But it was not bad at all. And they included numerous spare parts and a scraper (which i didn't realize so i'd already bought one). I had one issue with the "turbo fan" not turning on. As many others have said the support is fantastic and they got back to me right away to help troubleshoot. It turned out to be a solder that came loose on the fan, so i let them know i would try to re-solder (which i was able to do without much difficulty). But they still felt bad and had a new fan in the mail within hours. . Once the fan was working i was immediately getting beautiful prints with the standard settings. See photos. Green is pla and the white is abs. The two included filaments with the printer. . Save yourself some money and go with the qidi. You won't have to sacrifice quality or service. . Update: i have had this printer almost a year now, and it is still printing as sharp as ever with 1000+ hours of printing under it's belt. Absolutely no regrets with my purchase. And any questions i had the support would answer literally in minutes. Just be warned that 3d printing is an addicting hobby and may make your spouse mad. But you can always 3d print them a gift so say sorry. :d

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Can i make cup to drink with it

(1) Question: What two colors of filament does this printer come with?

(2) Question: Pla filament tends to bunch up on the extruder as it heats. i have the fan on max, extruder temp 210. bed temp is 40. any adivce? using s3d

(3) Question: Will petg filiment work with this printer

(4) Question: What is the loose driver board for? just extra?

(5) Question: Does this really take 3-5 months to ship?

(6) Question: Can this printer's two extruders extrude at the same time to print two same objects to save the printing time? i saw bibo 3d printer on online store has it.

(7) Question: Please help me figure out: anycubic i3 mega or this one? and why? this would be my first 3d printer. thanks.

(8) Question: I want to update to latest sailfish firmware. is it hard to do this?

(9) Question: Can anyone compare this to the flashforge 3d printer creator pro? can you load the sailfish firmware on it?

(10) Question: What is the print volume?

(11) Question: Fan speed

(12) Question: Could 2 of these be run off of one computer?

(13) Question: If there's an issue with the extruder or if it runs out of filliment will the print stop?

(14) Question: Does anyone know the maximum print speed on this unit? i can't find it anywhere.

(15) Question: Can it print tpu and nylon out of the box?

(16) Question: Does this print flex filament

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My first 3d printer. Appears i got a good one. Takes about 20 minutes to set up initially, and then level the bed. Worked great first time. . Pros:. 1. I love the dual extruders. This is a must have. I tried printing abs with the left head and pla with the right. The pla head is great for printing the raft. It separates from the abs and build platform super easily. It's also great for printing dual colors or having a dedicated support material (they even make a water soluble one). 2. The build volume is generous, which is one reason i picked this one. 3. Heated bed/enclosed abs performance is great. I opened the window during an abs print and you could tell for about 15 layers it was warped during that time period. The enclosed space works. . Cons:. 1. I am using fusion 360. I was a little disappointed that it appears the autodesk meshmixer formats are not supported. I ended up paying an additional $150 for simplify3d instead. It works great. 2. No wifi, but normally it's more reliable to print from sd card anyway. It takes a long time to complete an intricate 3d print, so why risk a windows update interrupting the job? . 3. No filament runout detection. 4. No auto leveling bed. 5. No camera for remote monitoring - you can supply your own of course. But there is no where to mount one either. 6. Would be wonderful if it had a light under the print head, but it does not. 7. No emergency stop button. . Other thoughts:. 1. I ordered an online store alexa power outlet and i already have a camera system. Prints can take 5 hours or more, so i won't always be around. If it begins to misprint while you are out, you will want to shut it off remotely. This goes for any 3d printer. 2. Print quality - i did not mention because it will depend on slicer settings and filament. Subjectively, it prints "pretty good" but i have no basis of comparison. I will post some pictures later.

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I purchased this printer 3 weeks ago, it is my second 3d printer, the 1st one was a less expensive diy one. Big mistake, while i thought i was saving money with that one it cost more in the long run "trying" to get it going, nuf said- so i look very long and very hard for a new printer. And i must say i am not disappointed in this one! not one curse word has come out of my mouth so far (huge step from the other one) i took my time setting it up, read everything twice. And i can say without a doubt i love this printer, it even loads the filaments for you, no more standing over it trying to stick it into the extrude again and again! i also purchased simplify3d for this and it all works like a champ. I would on every level purchase this unit again. Great packing job! again can i say that in 3 weeks i have printer more than i did in 11 months with the other one! so do yourself a favor spend the extra bucks for this one rather than the lower cost "put it together yourself one". The only thing i can say about my other one is i can take it apart and put it together really fast now and know how it all works or does not work, a little too well. It is a case of you get what you pay for - pay me now or pay me later. Again nothing but positive things to say about this unit, will add to this as time goes on but hope all future update are as good as this one. Oh yes the manuals are on the sd card as well as the software, so pull that bad boy out and look at those as soon as you unwrap the printer. Ps while simplify 3d was a rather pricey piece of software, it has allowed me to do dual extrude printing in a snap, thanks to their wizard. And this printer, prints them wonderfully! . Also i would recommend getting some medium fill model glue for the lid- once i glued all the seams it help a lot the screws were not quite cutting it - now it is as solid as a rock. . Update- it is now feb-17-2017. And i can say without any hesitation that this printer was well worth every penny that i paid for it, it has been almost non stop since i got it- total of 1954 hours- lthat is 81. 50 days - wow- have had a few jams but those are so easy to clear out - watch the youtube vidoe- i love this printer- i dont think i even got 3 days worth of printing out of the other one, which by the way has been sitting on the desk waiting for me to fix it for about a month now. You will not go wrong if you order this one (and i think the price dropped as well) i have not tried the really high end printers $- but i am able to print some amazing stuff with one and will post photo in the future- if you are doing a long print job- more than 7 hours would recommend using sd card- since my windows machine sometime will reboot or loose connection with the printer- nothing to do with the printer- just windows- also don't forget to go into device manager and turn off the sleep function -or what ever it is call on all the usb ports- i mean all the usb ports- not just enough to do it in the control panel. . Update- 4-5-17. 6 month later and i still love this printer, it has been an amazing work horse- well worth every penny that i spent on it only downside is i wish i would have purchased this first and not wasted my money on the other build it yourself one, by the way still sits rather unused on the desk- i finally got it working more or less- but why waste my time with that one when i have this. Can not say enough good things about this printer. . Update 5-2018. This printer still rocks, the only issue that i have had was i had to replace the heat bed, which was totally my bad, i have found that the glass plate with abs goo is the best way to get items to stick down. Just to let you know how this preform over the long haul, works just as good as the day i got it!

U. Pearson, Bolton

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V. Lorenz, Ohio says

Great machine for the price. As with many other reviews, the worst thing about this are the instructions. They are definitely lacking. A full assembly video would be really great since it is hard to show some of the details in pictures like the clear top assembly. I had to ditch the instructions and just look at the parts i had and figure out how they went together. Fortunately, if you are intuitive and mechanical in nature you should be fine. Took me a while to figure it out on my own, but i was able to fully assemble my machine and get it running in a few hours. I recommend downloading the free makerbot software. Much better than the software that came on the sd card. The software that came on the card was hard to figure out what i was getting in terms of supports and rafts until they printed out (wrong the first two tries). Now that i have a month of printing under my belt, i can try to help some people out as i was getting ready to smash something because my prints were coming out terrible at first. The biggest thing that really changed my prints from terrible fails to very consistent was the cooling fan. I am printing mostly in pla and i was tackling a probably advanced print for my second attempt and here is my advice. The object was a small ball bearing. Everything is printed in place. The problem i was having is the second (not used) extruder head was hitting the print and causing serious issues. I leveled the platform, checked to make sure the second extruder was the same elevation as the main head, but nothing worked and i couldn't figure out why it was happening over and over. On my 6th attempt, i finally figured it out. The cooling fan was not coming on so my edges were curling up. I had figured the program would activate this fan and control it, but apparently not. In the menu while the printing is starting, you can manually turn on the cooling fan and it was like night and day. My raft was coming out very spiky and when i turned the fan on, the rest of the print was very smooth. After that, all i had to do was tune in my temperatures and i can print pretty successfully now. Love the machine, i even printed my first dual print this past weekend. Came out great. I attached photos of my latest project that i printed out. Iron man arc reactor.

J. Cageen, North Dakota

So far, i've bought a total of six of these qidi tech 3d printers. The other five are still not assembled, but this 3d printer has been sitting on my desk for a few months and it went through about a month of almost constant printing, largely to test the durability. I did have one issue. Two of the four x axis motor wires stretched and broke a couple of inches from the motor, failing with intermittent connections inside the cable after a lot of printing. It didn't take too long to replace the cable and it's been working well ever since. The printer is easy to service and repair, and the manufacturer is reported to be very accommodating although i've never contacted them. . The plastic doors are a bit on the flimsy side but they work. They're needed to prevent air drafts when printing abs. The doors are mostly a cosmetic issue. Ditto for the acrylic top cover. It should have been vacuum formed from one piece of heated acrylic, but that would have probably required more volume to ship internationally, so the top is assembled by the customer from flat sheets of thin laser cut acrylic. The acrylic top seems a bit mickey mouse. Also, the cable cutout in the back of the acrylic top is not the correct shape. I've thought about laser cutting a properly designed replacement. . The steel frame is very solid and this, along with the xy gantry that leaves the build platform only moving in the z axis and the fully enclosed design all contribute to good print quality. . I do wish the memory card slot wasn't in such an inconvenient place, hidden under the right front of the build platform after it lowers at the end of a 3d print session. I also wish the power switch was on the front panel. The 3d printer must be power cycled to change memory cards, and that's a hassle when printing new objects. I plan on moving the power switch to the front. It really should have been designed that way, or the memory card should be hot swap capable. . I've done significant hot rodding of this 3d printer. My goal is short run additive manufacturing, so it was worth my time to optimize the 3d printer design a bit more. I moved the spools to the sides and made new spool rollers so it's much easier to replace filament reels, i redesigned the filament feeders and replaced the carry handles with combo handles and filament tubing mounts, and i made a quick release magnetically attached glass plate. I hope to find time to document these modifications, probably on thingiverse. I also use 12" long stainless . 010" thick shims to level the glass print bed instead of the plastic cards that ship with the printer, and i replaced the cheap wing nuts with 3mm knurled stainless nuts for leveling the print bed. . I mostly print abs onto glass, using elmer's x-treme glue stick in the super jumbo 40 gram size, applied as thinly as possible to room temperature glass, then immediately printed with a 110c heated bed and 230c nozzle.

O. Connie, Tower Hamlets says

First off, let me say that i feel like a pretty technically competent person but this is also my first 3d printer experience. After weeks of research, this seemed like the perfect choice to me because i will sacrifice some ease of use and don't need the "name brand" if i can still get most of the features while saving money. . This is the ticket as it has plenty of the important features like sd card printing, heated build plate, full enclosure for environment stability for abs, and a dual extruder. It is also a huge price savings compared to the original model this was based off of. Possibly only ships on saturdays if you choose free shipping, so be patient. Used this for a few weeks, so far so good! . . Overall:. This is a pretty nice unit for the price. Comes with spare parts and everything to get you going. The operation isn't very loud and is almost musical. The loudest part is probably the initial cooling fan for the power supply? i can comfortably sit right next to the printer in action and still work on my computer. It's almost mesmerising just to watch it do it's thing. The white lighting is nice, but it really needs a light at nozzle height so you can watch your print better. Abs fumes aren't killer, only slightly noticeable when you stand up. . Boxing and assembly:. Packaging was quite nice and tight, had trouble getting the initial box out from under the printer lip but after that it all comes apart. Unit came with a free kg spool of white abs and blue pla. Checked everywhere, didn't receive an sd with the instruction but i figured it out from the very basic "instruction pamphlet". Bolt the extruders to the x-axis carriage, mount the fan, attach filament pegs and guide tubes, assemble the flimsy roof and side panels and you're done. . Initial improvements:. - bent a paperclip into a hook to hold the hatch open, crude but effective at keeping the door off your head. - printed out the flash forge guide clip to hold the wire up with the filament guide tubes. - grab a small box to hold plastic shavings. - get a thinner putty knife that would actually help pry off prints if needed. . Before your first print:. * home axes:. - go through your "utilities" menu and home the axes to make sure everything moves around properly. Use jog to manually move around if needed. * load filament:. - in the "utilities" menu. The extruders will heat up and grab your inserted filament. - once the factory filament is purged and your color is coming out nicely you can stop. - if you only plan to use one extruder, use the right extruder. This is the default one. * level build plate:. - go to the menu menu preheat and start heating your build plate. Skip the extruders to keep plastic from dripping out. (plate may expand so this will compensate for running conditions). - while it's warming up, go to utilities and scroll to level build plate, this will raise the plate. (preheat still works in the background). - find the 3 adjusting wing nuts under the build plate and back them off so the extruder nozzles don't touch the mat. (counter-clockwise if you imagine a clock on the top mat surface). - when it is hot (100-110ºc) grab a piece of printer paper and slide it under the nozzle to check for proper distance. - move the extruders to the front left corner and adjust only the front left wing nut clockwise until a slight amount of drag is felt when sliding the paper between it and the mat. A little less is better than a little too much. - do the same for the front right side, and finally the rear center. Now move the extruders to the center and test the drag. Adjust all equally until the center feels good and you should be level and ready to print. . First print:. *if you got an sd card, then you can try printing out the test file if you like. If not, time to find a computer. *load up makerbot (free) and under devices - select type of device set the printer to "replicator (dual)". *get something simple like a 20mm calibration cube file off thingiverse or make one in tinkercad and download the . Stl. *drag the file into the makerbot window and you should see your object appear in the box. - in order to mess with this object, first click it to select it, then double click on any of the boxes to the left to mess with the dimensions or extruder if needed. *print settings:. - with the object selected, click settings at the top middle to view the printer settings. The basics will get you going. - start with "low, " no supports, no raft, layer height (0. 30mm), infill 10%, number of shells 2. - now for my custom suggestion, set the left extruder to 0ºc so that no plastic drips out of it. - and the big one, set the platform temperature to 100ºc. This was a huge help in getting my prints to pop off the bed easier. Seriously, you could almost pick up the printer by the print with it set to 110ºc. If 100ºc is too cold and the first layer isn't sticky then you can bump it up a bit. (make sure it's not a build plate leveling issue! ). - click okay and then move over to preview. * preview and export:. - you will see estimated time, material used, number of layers, and what the model will look like. - it's a good idea to scrub through the layers and see if there are any "impossible" layers like floating parts without supports and such. - if all is good then click export. Export to your sd card on the root, don't put it in any folders. - eject the sd card from your computer and put it in the printer (open the door and it sits right behind the lcd screen, gold contacts facing the back). * starting the print. - make sure your build surface is clean of fingerprints and other materials. I used acetone to initially clean it. Let it dry. - i don't need any kind of adhesive to get prints to stick, the mat does just fine. - go to "print from sd" and select your file. (if you get a read error, just hit okay and try again and it should work. ). - select your file and the printer will go into the preheating position. It will heat the build plate first, then heat the extruder. (you may get a took too long error, hit okay and it will just keep going. ). - when it is hot it will make a tone and start the process. It will lay an initial bead in the front to clean the nozzle. Then it will move to the print area and begin the first layer. - grab a flashlight and carefully watch as it moves around and extrudes the plastic. The first layer should sit on the mat, not float on top or be smeared into the mat. If it is, you may have to cancel the print and re level the plate accordingly. - if the first layer goes well, keep an eye on how layers meet and see if the walls look good, not over or under extruding. If all goes well, you will eventually have your first print within 10 minutes to an hour depending on the size and complexity of the model you choose. *removing the print. - once the printer is done it will play a tone and show you the time and length of filament required. Hit okay. - i like to switch to the "monitor mode" under "utilities" so that i can see the temperature of everything. If you're american like me, maybe print out a ºc to ºf chart, or just remember that anything above 50ºc is probably too hot to touch. - now here is where good bed temps, and the size of the first layer play a big part in removing the print. If all goes well, you should be able to grab the print firmly and move around forward and backwards until it breaks loose. This can be rather violent at times and your print may go flying. - if your print is stuck, give the bed more time to cool. I found that with higher bed temps, prints would break free easier when the bed was under 70-50ºc. - if the print is still stuck at room temperature, it's time to grab that putty knife and try to get underneath the print on one corner. Go at around 5-10º so you don't damage the mat surface. If the putty knife won't get under it, you can try tapping a razor blade underneath the print and try to work the perimeter free and be very careful of the mat. If you can't get it off now, i don't know what to tell you, time for the blow torch and jaws of life. *examining the print. - i'm still playing with how to get a good print, but i have noticed that abs shrinks around 2-3% so keep that in mind if you need very accurate dimensions. - there are sites dedicated to what to look for in your prints so i won't go over that here. *cleaning up. - at first i used the purple glue stick and would clean up with acetone but it was a little messy. Now that i let the mat do the work, i just use my putty knife to scrape off any leftover plastic from the plate real quick before getting read for the next print. I've had fine results with just that. . Well there you have it. Don't be afraid to play with the settings to try and get the best print you can. It's a really fun little process and eventually your desk will be full of plastic trinkets. Happy printing!

E. Lewis, Devon

Much like other reviewers my printer did not work out of the box. I opened it following along with their youtube videos and limited documentation and after flipping the power switch found that the lcd screen was dead. Frustrated i emailed their support, vipservice qd3dprinter. Cn and included a link to the youtube video i had uploaded showing the behavior. The next morning when woke up i had received a nice email with some steps to follow which included both attached pictures and youtube links showing the steps described in the email. . I followed the steps and reported back that the issue had not been resolved. According to the support tech due to long travel from the factory that unfortunately the printers can become damaged and in this case they thought the mainboard needed to be replaced. They apologized and sent out a replacement lcd and mainboard via dhl. These parts arrived 2 days later and included some additional extruder nozzles. . Following the included instructions from the email and youtube videos that had created i was able to put everything back together again. After i swapped out the parts the printer fired up as it should have and i was able to print maybe 4 prints before my next issue manifested. I came in to check on a print to find that extruder seemed to have stopped in one spot and covered itself in filament. After cleaning it up i thought perhaps that i had mis-leveled the base. I attempted to use the utility on the printer to run the level adjustment and found that the printer was making an odd sound and no longer would move on the x axis. I could move it by hand and none of the travel bars the extruders rode on appeared bent, so i made another youtube video and sent it to support. . Within a couple of hours i received a response saying that the x-axis motor cable was probably the culprit. There is an extra cable included in the original packaging and the support tech included another youtube video on how to swap the cable out. After swapping out this cable voilà the machine was back to working properly again. Since then i haven't had an issue. . For $700 i would like to think this thing would work out of the box. However, after looking at the reviews and statements on the flashforge products i think they all suffer from the same problem. These printers are built in china and spend a long time in transit being jostled and thrown around. The support team i encountered was very helpful and made sure i had everything i need to fix the issues that arose. . Things i've learned:. If you choose to purchase this printer i would encourage you to create youtube videos to share with support if needed. . Experiment with the slicer settings. I downloaded the latest version of makerbot software and found the defaults for the pla to have the extruder temperature at 230 degrees c and platform temperature 110. I found that my best results were obtained with an extruder temp of 215 and platform temp of 55. Also, make sure you add some glue on the platform. Seems like after the first 4 or 5 prints ran the regular mat wears out and the glue is needed for the pla to stick. . I had a couple of prints fail due to the filament binding and the extruder running out of material. I'm sure it's common sense or written somewhere, but i had the filament feeding from the bottom instead of the top. It's kind of like toilet paper it can work either way, but over the top works best ; ). . All said and done once you get it working it works well, but for me at least it was a journey.

A. McCarthy, Saskatchewan says

I have been using this printer for a few months now. So i feel like i can give it a review. . I have over 1000 hours printed on this and i still love it. I have only experienced a 2 jams in all the time i used it but i belive that was a result of cheap filament i purchased online. . I spent a good 2 days calibrating my printer settings to get this to print within +/- 0. 1mm tolerance and ever since then this thing is amazing. It prints parts that are to spec. . Pros:. - great support. I contacted the seller multiple times and they where always willing to help. - the price is great for what you get. . Cons:. When it arrived there was a lose wire. I managed to fix it with no problems in under 10 mins. . Overall i would recommend this printer to anyone that has a small budget but still wants to be able to have great prints

Y. Carolyn, Bedfordshire

After getting an opportunity to play with a really expensive 3d printer, i became really interested in getting my own. I decided to get the qidi tech one because the features it offered for the price were unmatched by any of the others i looked at. After having it for a month, here are my thoughts:. . Assembly: i was worried about the assembly being tedious and complicated, but i was very surprised when it arrived. Assembly involved screwing a few things together and all the tools were provided. Although the instructions were in the typical chinese to english translation, it was very straight forward and the pictures made it easy to follow. Took about a half an hour all together. . Setup: after putting it together, i had to level the build plate per the instructions. A leveling paper is included to help do this. Leveling it is pretty simple, just tighten or loosen the three screws below the plate and measure the distance between the plate and the extruder with the included paper. One problem i had with this is that the instructions don t say how close it s supposed to be. I made the assumption that the extruders should be just barely touching the paper and that seems to work. . First use: so after doing everything in the instructions, i finally got to print something. Simple prints that were mainly composed of straight lines or basic circles worked fine, the problem came when i tried to print more complex objects, like figurines, that i found online. They would come out a mess and nothing like they were supposed to. After some research and testing, i finally got it to work as well as i feel it should, although the prints don t come flawless like some of the pictures they ve posted on here. . Problems: the first problem i have with this printer is the extruders. I ve found that trying to print using both extruders for a print is extremely difficult since one of the nozzles is lower than the other. This causes the nozzle to hit the print and causes a bunch of problems. Their solution to this was to stick a piece of paper between the nozzle to elevate it, but it didn t really work. Their other solution was to just use one extruder at a time, which defeats the purpose of a dual extruder. This was the main reason i gave it four stars instead of five. Doesn t make the printer unusable, but it does mean i won t be using the dual extrusion option anytime soon which also means i can t print multicolored objects. . Second is the provided softwares. They suck. Maybe it s just me, but they don t work that well. For one, most prints will require supports so that it has a surface to print on, like the arms of a figure for example. The included software makes supports that are impossible to remove without damaging your print. I eventually decided to go out on a limb and spend $150 on simplify3d. This made a world of difference. Not only does it give you more options to control the printing process (prints speed, bed temp, nozzle temp, raft and brim options, etc. ) but the prints came out so much better. They were also easier to remove when using rafts and supports came off easy. Highly recommend getting the software. . Last is the build plate. This isn t really a major problem since i knew what i was getting, but i would ve really liked a glass plate. I used a high end printer with a glass plate before and prints would be smoother on the bottom and easier to remove. Not a big deal, since i can modify it with a piece of glass cut to size. . Overall, i highly recommend this printer if you re a first timer like me. Works great for the price and after some fine tuning, does a great job. One thing that should be mentioned is that their customer service is top notch. They replied to my emails really fast and even sent me a free replacement fan when i accidentally damaged mine when putting it together. . Edit 1/4/18. Just a day after i posted this review, qidi tech customer service sent me an email regarding the unlevel extruders. They sent me a brand new one for free (didn't even pay for shipping) and i got it after about a week. Like i mentioned, this problem doesn't stop me from being able to use the printer so i don't plan on switching out the part anytime soon, but i appreciate the excellent customer service. It's nice to know that the company cares about their customers and make an effort to help. I've always believed that great customer service is priceless, so for that i'm increasing my rating from 4 to 5 stars.

K. Nellie, Maryland says

I bought this printer 43 days ago. Here is my experience:. . I had already found an unboxing video from qidi, they have a youtube channel so i was ready to get the printer up and running quickly. Out of the box, the video matched what i needed to do to set the machine up. I set the machine up and leveled the print bed. I was printing with the included filament within an hour. My prints were great. They did send me the wrong sd card as far as the files loaded on it. The sd card they sent me was for their other printer they sell. I emailed tech support and i had a link to the proper files within 24 hours. I did notice that out of the box this printer's light dimmed at times and there was a slight clicking noise coming from the printer. The prints were great so i thought this must be normal? understand, this is only my second 3d printer and my other 3d printer makes a lot of noise compared to this one out of the box. . I continued to print with great results. I fixed the occasional jam. Re-level of the build plate. Nothing out of the ordinary. The clicking noise however did get louder. I contacted qidi tech support and they were fast to reply. They had me send them videos of the noise and in return the sent me a video to try and see if it eliminated the noise. The steps did not fix the noise. They told me they would send me parts and instructions on how to replace the parts. I believe within a week+ i had the new parts and in the meantime i was still printing without much issue. The video they sent had some difficult steps to follow however i followed them and was able to replace the parts. The noise continued and the machine still had dimming lights. I emailed qidi tech support and again the sent me parts to try and fix my problem. At this point in time the printer was having major issues. It would stop extruding plastic at the same layer height each print attempt and cause a jam that would wrap the filament around the gears inside the extruder. I tried both nozzles and different filament (even though the filament i had used successfully before still jammed) with no luck. . I received the new parts as of yesterday. Everything in the printer is working great again. The machine does not make any noise and the lights do not flicker. After the latest fix i am printing better than when i originally received the machine. I am including a picture of a small print i was unable to print before. This print is not cleaned up and straight off the bed. Also, the hulk i printed with this machine before the parts and repair but the boombox is after. . So with the time i spent with qidi tech support and swapping parts with a new printer you may wonder why i don't rate a 1-3 stars instead of 4 (which will change to 5 if this printer continues to run well), their tech support, even through my frustration, continued to help me until the printer was working properly. I have to say, they stand by their product. There is a language barrier there, but i had no issues with the back and forth via email and videos we had to use. Simply put, they took care of me. . I will keep this review updated as i continue to use the printer. . Update (5. 25. 17): putting the fixed machine through its paces and it is rock solid as of this writing. Updating the rating to 5/5.

M. Isabel, Connecticut

Update: i have now been using this printer since christmas. I have used many different types of pla and once i find an ideal temperature for the different brands of pla i get amazing prints. I have been printing non-stop since christmas and would like to buy another one, to keep up with business, but online store tells me that it will be 3-5 months for delivery. I had been using a davinci printer which i must say i am glad to be rid of. The proprietary pla that xyz printing forces you to use for a very expensive price is just crap. I used to buy other pla and spin the xyz pla off and replace it will better pla. Glad to have this new qidi printer. . So far i am completely satisfied. I am kind of new to 3d printing but this printer was easy to setup and configure. I did download the latest makerbot software to slice my 3d models. It prints faster than some of the other printers in the same price range. I use ixcc pla for most prints at 200c with the platform at 40c. I use elmer's washable school glue stick on the print platform.

S. Kimberly, East Sussex says

I researched for a while. And concluded that the qidi dual extruder must be a good buy based on the price/reviews. I have found it is and exceeded my expectations, once i figured out a few things. (i am a newbie). The following are tips and tricks based on 3-4 weeks of experience. . 1. It's not hard to assemble. Two bolts to get the extruder on, attach the filament wheels and the doors. . 2. Download newer/free makerbot desktop slicer which has more options, especially useful for dual mode where an. . . Extruder retraction setting comes in handy for preventing non-used extruder from dripping & messing everything up. . 3. Might need some more experimenting. However for pla, i set bed to 60 degrees and extruder to 200 degrees. . . Doors mostly closed since too cool will cause warping. This way i avoid the raft. . 4. Plate preparation. . . A. Dollar store painters tape seems to work. . . . . Leave front left corner untaped and ruffle edges so extruder gets wiped after test line, just before printing object. . . . . Otherwise a little bit left over from test line interferes with the crucial first framing of bottom layer. . . B. To level. Make sure leveling paper is right between the screw and the nozzle. . . C. Tighten so paper is slightly hard to move. . . D. Move extruder with paper underneath to better assess the difference in height. Leveling is critical. . . E. I use elmer's purple stick glue to help with adhesion. Apply when extruder is warming up. 140 degrees. . . . . Then spray with fine mist of water and wipe with paper towel when extruder reaches 175 degrees. . . . . This makes a gooey surface that will last long enough to lay down a nice first edge/frame. . 5. Skype message for customer service. Can you wait a few minutes for a response? . . . My first issue was that the turbo fan was not in the packaging. . . One was sent from china express mail the very next day. . . Later i realized that it was already attached ! . . . So if you think you are missing it, make sure it's not already on the extruder before freaking out. . 6. I use open source blender for design. . . It has many. Many. Many options. . . But by following tutorials, learning the basics, it's not too hard and when you need more, it'll be there. . I hope the previous information will be helpful when you receive your new qidi dual extrusion printer.

. Smith, West Virginia

I really wish that we could do reviews in half stars because this would definitely get a 4. 5 stars in my book. For the price, you can't argue much. It's 85% fully assembled, after you calibrate it it works straight out of the box, and they did a great job with the build. After having played with it a bit, i'd recommend this to anyone looking to get a 3d printer for themselves. The only reason's that i can't feel too comfortable giving them a 5/5 is the instructions are a little lacking when it comes to adding the side panels. Admittedly some of it is straightforward, there is a good deal of guess work. . Outside of that, the overall quality is great when you consider the price. They did a great job replacing the makerbot rep2 bushing with actual bearings, made the whole thing out of metal; (the back of mine is mdf though), and everything else. I am very pleased. The only draw backs is that it's not very fast when it comes to heating. It's not unbearable but is a little slow, i'm betting it is something to do with the power supply. I will be doing some more testing in the future to make sure. Overall, it's a great printer without spending a ridiculous amount of money. . If you are serious about this machine do plan on either replacing the build plate support platform or making your own. It is injection mold plastic which isn't bad per say, but if you are going to be running the machine a lot and really really need 100% perfect prints all the time, after a while you'll want to replace it. It prints great and having used a myriad of printers, i'll be buying a few more of these for our offices. . *after much tinkering and fiddling, i have reconsidered changing my rating from a 4. 5 stars to a solid 5/5. I wish it printed better when it came to dual extrusions prints but i have yet to fully experiment with all parameters.

F. Angela, Haute-Normandie says

I received the qidi tech 3d printer yesterday and so far i am very pleased. Now this printer is a big step up from the crappy mini 3d printer i bought from a crowd funder a year ago. . First, like most have already said, the instructions for setup are not great. But, you know, even though i was worried when i first got it that it might be difficult, i found out quickly that is wasn't. In reality, it was pretty easy to put together. Most of it is already setup, you just have to put the extruders on and the figure out the calibration. Also installing the cooling fan was pretty straight forward. I was a bit confused when i reviewed the instruction for oiling it, and not having any oil. So i did have to go buy some 3-1 oil. Also, you do get a lot of extra parts, but don't panic, they are only extra parts and you didn't miss something when you put it together. . Beyond that, i have had great success. Admitting my own mistake, of buying black abs instead of black pla, i had the settings wrong on my first 2 prints, which gummed up the extruder a bit (be patient if this happens, let it cool off, and just pull of the excess dried filament), because the plate heat setting was too low. After raising the heat level, i got a great print even though the printing setting was still on pla and the filament was abs. Didn't realize that until this morning. . Why did i give it 5 stars? right now, i am very pleased. I hope that does not change. . So here is also why. Price - $500 cheaper than the flashforger creator pro, but just as good (or maybe better). Extra special touches - they include a cooling fan, extra parts and a cool little tool kit. Customer service - even though it is a chinese company, they tried hard to provide information and instructions in english. And from the printed greeting sheet, you can tell they want to make sure you are happy with your product. They even include a skype contact. Never seen that before from a company. Print quality - very good so far. Calibration - very easy. It's not self calibrating, but not hard to do. . I'm sure i could keep going on, but won't. I am happy with the printer and recommend if your in the market for a good 3d printer, give this one a chance. . Update. Added a new picture of some awesome star wars items i found on thingiverse. Sooo cool. . Update: awesome customer service. Recently, i was having a bit of trouble getting large flat prints to stay flat and hold to the heat platform. I contacted qidi customer service by email and received a response within a day. Audrey, the customer service representative, was very helpful and patient to explain what i was doing wrong and offered suggestions to correct the issues. Seems i had my temperature settings wrong and after correcting them, i got good flat prints, but still had to alter the settings some. . Note: the blue plate should be flat and level, however, i found a strange offset on the back-right and back-left when leveling. She said it was normal. I also asked how to set the proper level height and her response was: "the paper should touch the extruder with a little friction. ". This was very helpful as i was never sure of the friction i should have. I also still need to increase the heat about 4c depending on the size of a flat print. The last 3" print i did, i set extruder at 220c and plate at 48c, and did get a flat print but a bit of edge warp on one corner. . Anyways, i was very happy with the customer service of this company.

X. Dorine, Missouri says

This is my first 3d printer and absolutely loving it! i admit, i'm addicted to printing! i've been printing only in abs (i really should try pla soon) and have only had this printer for about 2 weeks. It is a learning process for me (a few bad prints and warped items, likely due to operator error) and i'm only using the makerware software included with the printer so far (though i hear simplify 3d is ideal). I've printed tons of stuff so far, i'll include some pictures in this review. For instance, printed a new case for a raspberry pi 3b and touch screen to have a portable custom computer. Created/printed my own custom part for a friend that needed it for a costume. This printer can build anything you can imagine. Loving it! install instructions are on the sd that was in the printer, be sure to get the sd card out and follow along the document and it will go smoothly for you.

G. Nielsen, Queensland

I read all the rave reviews about the qidi tech printer and i was skeptical about it at first but i figured for the price it was worth taking a chance. I have only had it for a week, and i cannot tell you how great this printer is. I received the new 2016 model with the chrome spool holder. Unboxing it was challenge, but it was because everything is very well packed. It took more than 15 minutes to just unpack the unit. . You will have to raise the print bed, to remove one of the boxes. To raise the bed, you will have to turn the long screw behind the platform; the one in the center. Wear either gloves or use a paper towel so the oil from your hands does not get on the screw or vise versa. . The first thing i check was the voltage setting and it was set to 115v. I did not have to remove the bottom panel. You can just use a flashlight and look into the opening. . The dual extruder was very easy to install. You just remove the 2 screws, sit the extruders on the rails and just tighten. . I m going to save you time and headaches and tell you, don t use the makerware software. It s a complete joke. I ve spent hours trying to get the software working. I ve used the one that came on the sd card, version 2. 4. 0. 14, and even the latest one from makerbot, makerbot desktop 3. 9. 1. The replicatorg interface looked like it was meant for windows 95, so i didn t even want to lose any more hair. I ended going with simplify3d and wish i would have done it sooner. . I had to make a spacer for the spool holder, to allow me to use other brands of filaments. The new spool holders are designed to work only with gidi filaments. I uploaded the spacer on thingiverse; . . . The spacer print on the left is from makerware and the one on the right is simplify3d. I thought it was just a fluke and gave makerware the benefit of the doubt, and printed another one from makerware by lowering the temperature to 220. Still same results, so i did it again at 210 and guess what? still the same thing. It s not a bed leveling problem, because it prints just fine from simplify3d, with no adjustments. . I use simplify3d with directly attaching with the usb port because i got tired of unplugging the sd card. Make sure you uninstall makerware, before you use simplify3d with the usb port otherwise it will not connect. With simplify3d, i used the flashforge creator pro settings, and made my own configurations/tweaks from there. . I ve email support about the spool holder, and also heard right back from audrey. Apparently, there is a new revision of the spool holder and that it will be available soon. . The only problem i ve had with the printer, is the print sticks way too good on the print bed. I destroyed a couple five hour prints trying to remove it from the print bed. I did not use any glue, hairspray, or tape. I guess i can t complain about my prints sticking to well. . Overall, great printer and great support. I would highly recommend it and considering getting a second one.

. Bullock, York says

This is one of my biggest online store purchases and i must say i am very pleased with the printer and online store's support. I had the printer for about a month and it worked a lot better than i expected a 3d printer to be. Once i become more knowledgeable about how to use simplify3d properly with the printer, everything started coming together and making sense. The printer is very sturdy and extremely reliable. Sadly the more knowledgeable i got, the more i noticed the problems the printer had. I had to replace my first order because i noticed that the bed was warped slightly and was bowed in the center leading to problems printing larger scaled models and more unique problems. Luckily online store gave me great customer service and sent me a replacement in no time. I expected to upgrade or make changes to the printer down the line to fix all of these problems but i didn't want to void any warranties so i accepted a replacement instead while still in the return window. Apparently qidi just updated this model with their 2018 version which is superior in a lot of ways so when i received the replacement i i noticed all the changes including a solid top so it is sturdier, and more manageable (and magnetic windows instead of crap hinges! ). The printer was 4/5 stars but it's now 5/5 imo due to the much needed upgrades. . Here are the aspects of the printer with pros and cons on the 2018 model. . Hardware:. *the printer is heavy so it doesn't rattle when printing at higher speeds but some people might not want a heavy printer (i do) 5/5. *side panels are now magnetic so no need to print something up for them to hold. Though they don't have any hinges anymore. 4/5. *front panel is still the same with but with a tighter hinge but still lacks the countersink design of the side panels thus having gaps. 3/5. *top panel is also magnetic and has a countersink area now like the side panels and is very versatile and much more accessible 5/5. *power switch is on the back behind the power cord making placement in a corner or up against the wall bad. 1/5. *filament holders are superb, strong and reliable. Now the diameter is bigger. 5/5. *stepper motors are quality ones along with all the bearings, rods, and bolts. The db level is also lower from the design and possibly motor changes. 5/5. *extruders are nice though i don't have anything to compare them to. It works and haven't had a jam yet! ? /5. *bed is aluminium and has a custom bed sized tape to help adhesion along with leveling screws. 4/5. *lcd is basic but you really don't need more than that. No wifi sadly, but direct usb-b works well. 2/5. *and finally most of the cables are neatly wrapped in heat shrink and tucked away 6/5. . Software/firmware:. The software is up to you, but the printer comes with an 8gig standard sd card that contains the manual, test models and recommended slicing software. If the print isn't printing right, it's more likely something is wrong with your print settings/slicer than the printer itself. I'm still learning so my knowledge regarding this is a bitter shallow. . Extra notes:. It's nice to also get a free spool of abs and pla though the quality is not that great. I've been printing in mainly abs and wood pla (hatchbox) and they both work splendidly, which their own settings of course. My main use for the printer is for research and design along with making parts for motorcycles and broken tool parts. I print in mm and get a 1-3% size tolerance with abs and about a 1% size tolerance with standard pla. . I'll be updating this review up to the next 6 months to include anymore problems. . Tl; dr. I've done a lot of research into 3d printers and so far this is one of the best and most reliable for the price. The only regretful con is the small bed size, though that is more likely my fault for choosing the printer in the first place. Ignore that it is foreign made, it's top shelf for it's price and it will make you feel like it's a 1, 500$ product. Remember that 3d printers are still mainly a tool and are still made only for enthusiasts. If you aren't willing to learn how to print properly and learn it's mechanics, you will have a hard time with any 3d printer. This printer, given time, will make you realize that we're already in the future and we're only going forward with this technology. Splendid product and learning experience, thank you.

C. Wilson, Montana

I gotta say that i really am enjoying making parts with this thing. I'm an engineer with a strong manufacturing background, and this thing let's me dream up stuff all day long and then make it real. I would love to have a cnc mill, etc, but for now, this thing will keep me occupied trying out different ideas. I've been up till the wee hours of the morning doing things with it, and learning the fine points, but i have to say it is working better than i expected! i could see where this would be a bit confusing for someone not familiar with cnc equipment, but there is enough stuff online to get even a beginner going. After looking fairly seriously for almost a year, this one seemed to be the best bang for the buck. There were a couple others that i looked at, but this one seemed like a good first machine. These things will always get better and cheaper, but if you start with something now, you will be gaining experience without spending a fortune, and it will make your next purchase of a 3d printer much more informed. . Of course, there are a couple of things i would, and will change on it. The plastic panels/door leave room for improvement, as does the feed tube clamping system. Easy fixes, and really quite minor. I use a small dial indicator to level the bed, and i can see that the bed itself has a small bow in it, but it does not seem to affect the printing as of yet. Would also be nice if they would up the gauge on the wires a bit, so you could heat up the bed, and the extruder at the same time, and faster. It's not too bad the way it is, but it could be better and it would not be a hard or expensive thing to do. Get one, use it and enjoy it!

L. Maria, West Berkshire says

 this printer was my first foray into 3d printing (well, except getting to play with the makerbots at work). I was a little concerned about spending several hundred dollars on something, especially since i expected it to be lower quality than the much more expensive machines i was experienced with. I cannot begin to tell you how wrong i was. . From day 1 i have been blown away with the quality of the prints from this printer. Working with a friend i have been designing and building close tolerance tools (which have actually sold to very happy customers). I've built accessories that have to function within moving parts, and sturdy brackets to mount things on. Every print has been a learning experience and i'll include some things i've learned in this review. . 1. Invest in s3d slicer software, for the money you are saving buying this printer over any of the others, its well worth the investment to have a slicer that gives you more control over the process. 2. Do not use the green glue stick they send with it. Its thick and gooey and it will look like the incredible hulk got excited all over your build plate. Use elmers glue stick (the purple ones), it goes on clear. 3. Bear in mind that the larger the surface area of your print, the harder it is going to be to removed (sometimes printing something upside down will work to your advantage). 4. If you really want to take the game to the next level, remove the blue build surface (and the adhesive beneath it), run down to the hardware store and have them cut you a piece of glass to fit the bed, and print on that (i did that this weekend and i can't believe how smooth the bottom of my parts are and how easy they now are to remove). I've found that for doing this its best to use aquanet hairspray instead of a glue stick. . Things that i love:. Didn't require a ridiculous amount of assembly. Works well out of the box. Dual extrusion. Plenty of spare parts. Ability to print abs (although i prefer pla myself, its nice to have the option should i need it). . Things that need improvement:. Please upgrade the bed on this to the magnetic flex type on the x pro or a glass bed system. That glue stick is evil, please either put something that isn't as messy or just omit it and tell the customer to buy one. . If i were looking at another printer i would still be hard pressed making a decision between this and the x-pro. My friends x pro is awesome and has some neat bells and whistles (like the magnetic build plate, touch screen, and wifi), but theres no s3d profile for it yet and we're having difficulty getting it to print to scale as well as my tech i does (but i think once s3d releases a profile that issue will be fixed). . P. S. Qidi, when will you be releasing a printer with a larger volume? i would love something that could print 300mm x 300mm x 450mm (x, y, z). Let me know if you need a reviewer ; -p

W. Glenda, South Carolina

I'm writing this review less than 24 hours after receiving the 3d printer. Let me start off by saying i m a novice to the world of 3d printing and only stumbled upon it while clicking around on youtube. After watching a few videos i was hooked and wanted to buy a printer of my own. I searched and searched and then search some more, over-analyzing every type and price point of 3d printer on the market. I looked at $150 diy kits and $1500+ fully assembled and ready to print machines. After weeks of research i knew i wanted a machine that was under $1000, had a heated bed for the ability to print a variety of filaments and at least partially assembled. That brings me to the qidi line of printers. Although these printers had a strange name and not a name brand at that, they were striking similar to the makerbots and they had an average 4+ star review on online store. So i decided on the qidi brand but now my choice was the qidi x-one or the qidi tech i. I wanted a larger print area than the x-one offered and didn t give too much thought to dual extrusion at the time. Another day or two comparing both models and i went for the qidi tech i. The printer arrived yesterday packaged very securely. Unboxing was easy and wow this thing is heavy and solid. A couple of minutes later i had the extruders, the handles and acrylic shields attached however i wrestled with turbo fan housing for an hour (if only the sd card was packaged on top with a note that said watch the videos on this card before assembly) it would have saved me time and frustration. After assembly, power up, bed leveling and filament loading i was ready to print! wait software! i have to load software on my computer next. The sd card has two software packages makerbot makerware and replicatorg. The instructions suggested i load replicatorg for dual extrusion printers so i tried that. After an hour unsuccessfully able to get the python accelerator (whatever that is) to load i gave up and loaded makerware. (if anyone has this printer and was able to get replicatorg to successfully load on windows 10 please reply). . Now with makerware successfully loaded and the printer assembled and calibrated i was ready to go. Makerware was extremely straight forward and easy to use. There are even example files in makerware that you can download even ones for dual extrusion as well. I started off printing the 22mm calibration block in abs then moved to a teapot and finally a two color dual extruded makerbot pendant using the dual extrusion example. I have to say the prints came out very good and was amazed how easy it is to print. I then loaded the pla filament and printed a series of items as well. Overall i am very pleased with the purchase so far and even though its only day 2 with the printer i had to write this review because i feel this printer is one of the very best purchases i ve made on online store. The qidi tech i is very well built and easy to setup and manage. For a beginner like me it seems to have the versatility of a heated bed allowing printing in many different types of filament and also the dual extruder makes two color prints a snap. If you re new to 3d printing and want a printer you can grow into i feel the qidi tech i is the very best bang for your buck. Hopefully i re-post here again in a few months with more positive updates.

R. Megan, Lambeth says

I work in a 3d printing lab for scientific research, and bought this for home. I was worried that it might annoy me since it only uses x3g files, and i do a lot of my own custom gcode writing at work, which necessitates an open-source format. Makerware's software sucks. It's come a long way in the past 2-3 years, but it still sucks. Simplify3d in my opinion makes this a competitive product, since it can directly convert to x3g format, and there is a lot more control over the settings, such as putting in a lot of my custom gcode scripts at each tool change, layer change etc. As for hardware, it has a few upgrades over the makerbot replicator 2, which this is basically a knock-off of. The spool holders are nicer (though too large for a couple of my more exotic material filament spools. Haven't gotten around to custom making something yet to accommodate this), there is a spring thing on the belts which i expect will let the belts last longer before needing to retighten them. There is a ptfe tube fitted in the heater and nozzle chamber. Often when you change materials, even with running material through at a lower temp, there tends to be a thin film deposited on the walls of the heated brass and gets stuck there. Eventually it degrades and may break off and clog the nozzle. I haven't used this printer long enough (got it about 2 weeks ago, running 20+ hours/day) to know for sure if this will help, but i think it will. . So, while imakerbot spends all their time proprietarizing their software, these knock off companies are perfecting the hardware. We have 5 different company's fdm printers at work, and on the hardware side of things, this guy keeps up with them so far. . Also, the printer came with a few tools, like some wrenches and a scraper. I already had everything i need, but it is a nice startup kit for someone who doesn't already have a few dozen hobbies and residual tools around the house. . Edit after 1 month:. The customer service is great! i have a few filament spools that did not fit their holders, and they sent their new upgraded ones for free, which arrived quite quickly (a week or so). . Also, i managed to find some smaller nozzles:. Https:// use at your own risk, as smaller nozzles tend to jam more frequently, but often worth the risk with the increased quality on fine features! the qidi replacement nozzles come with the ptfe tubes, which is really nice. These do not. But qidi does not offer 0. 4 mm nozzles. . I must say, the reliability of this printer is really great. All of the fdm printers i use at work cost $3-7k, and they require maintenance all. The. Time. This one i have done nothing other than a few mods to get ninjaflex to print, and inadvertently stripped a heater block (my fault) from switching out materials too often. No other maintenance at all. I've put about 650 hours on this already and it's still running like new.

Q. Eva, Newham

Want to make some cool sh. Stuff without spending a grand? this is the ticket. . If you are new to 3d printing, there will be a learning curve, but you can produce some amazing stuff quite quickly regardless. Once you understand the capabilities of the printer, thingiverse and the makerbot desktop software are where to start. Simplify 3d is the software you want if/when you get serious. Cura can be great a great slicer (software for converting models to printer friendly files) but it is quite technical and strangely finicky at times (the makerbot desktop has some issues here and there too, but it seems like no one has a perfect slicer/layout program yet and it is free, unlike simplify 3d, and easier to use right off than cura). Still reading? right on, lets get into it a little more then. . The included filament is of good quality, mine was wound well too. Order the ubiquitous '3d print removal tool' 5 or 6 bucks, a wood handled mini putty knife thing with your printer, you will need it to get prints off the bed. Seriously. . The dual extruders are tricky. I just run one at a time. The right one. If it fails (i'm approaching a year and i have no idea how many hundred prints, and all is well) i have a backup sitting next to it. Ignore the dual extruders. Use one and this is still the best printer for the price on the market. The little monoprice i3 clone is the best cheap printer for the money by far, but this qidi is a superior machine. They both can produce a very similar print quality, but the print bed on the qidi is about twice as big. Also, the sticker on the print bed/build plate (or whatever the f you want to call it) that comes with the qidi is amazing. I didn't realize how good it was until i cruised forums and talked to other 3d printer owners. 6 in rolls of blue painters tape? kapton tape? hair spray? abs slurry with acetone (smells lovely)? nope. A little elmers purple (get the purple stuff, you'll understand when you use it) glue stick is the most i've ever put on the bed, prints stick to the bed great. I didn't realize this was an issue for so many people. It is. I'm approaching a year on my qidi, hundreds of prints, and i'm only on my fourth build plate sticker. I should be on my third, but i really f-ed one up scraping a print off the bed at one point. This is a good problem, prints sticking too well, not getting pulled off the plate and destroying the whole print and making a mess and/or jamming the extruder. I gave a friend a spare build plate sticker (blue 3m plasticky thing, i need a better name for these) for his monoprice printer and changed his game completely, the blue painters tape/kapton tape, slate bollocks, can all f off. The aftermarket glass plate is quite good from what i hear, but still needs hairspray or glue stick, and it effects the build volume (and requires a spacer for the z axis sensor). . I'm approaching a year on this machine. I clean and lightly oil all the metal rods occasionally, a quick wipe with paper towel and some 3 in 1 oil seems to do the trick quite well and i've had to replace the ptfe tube in the right extruder twice now. That's it for maintenance, minus some extruder jams (due mainly to poorly wound filament spools. But we'll get to that in a minute), which seemed tricky at first, but are no big deal at all now (5 min fix tops, worst case scenario so far is replacing the ptfe tube that goes between the actual extruder and the nozzle). I did replace my nozzle ($5 for a decent brass replacement), but quickly realized it wasn't necessary. I print at 0. 2mm layer height for the most part, i rarely level the bed properly, i usually do it on the fly at the start of the print, that first layer is the most important. I print primarily in pla and recommend only using good quality filament, the cheap stuff isn't worth the risk. That said, i've had bad rolls from hatchbox, which i thought would be my go to brand. Solutech, bamtack, and hatchbox are my go to's. I've had zero problems with the solutech and bamtack, but i've used a lot more rolls of hatchbox than any other brand. Sooo the jury is still out. Random off brand (not to name anything specific, like microcenter's inland brand) can be great, or a jamtastic failfest. Spend a few extra bucks, spools from all brands come wound a little messed up here and there, but there is a clear quality control difference between the brands i just mentioned. . The printer looks solid. It is. I had one problem with mine when i got it. It seemed that the right side (all references are with you facing the front looking at it) top belt was cut in half. I was initially devastated as i had nothing that i could replace it with, rendering the printer useless to me. Then i looked a little closer and realized the belts are not one continuous round piece (like, say, a serpentine belt on your car) but a simple cut length with a spot to hold the cut ends on each belt. I put the belt back on, and soon realized i messed up the axis as the belt wasn't centered properly. This is not fun to fix and adjust. I would recommend a second competent person (and a hemostat) to help if you have to deal with this. That said, i have been running solid since. . I destroyed one of the extruder fans with an allen wrench while taking it off to clear a filament jam. Turn the printer off first (i'm an idiot) and print fan guards as soon as you get up and running and you wont deal with this. Also, they are 24v fans, and last i checked noctua, sadly, doesn't make 40mm 24v fans (though i'm pretty sure you could run one with a simple mod. But that is for another time) the extruder fans aren't quiet by my standards, same goes for the power supply. But mine are still running fine. . This is a solid printer. It is capable of some pretty amazing stuff if you know what you're doing. I recommend a few mods/upgrades though. Print a magnetic front window add on (you have to add a magnet if you didn't figure that out), a front window holder to hold it all the way open, and, most importantly, stop using the stock spool holders as soon as you can. Perfectly wound filament? might be good. Slightly less than perfectly wound filament? will jam at some point. The stock design is nice and compact, but doesn't always feed well. You can print a mod that will help pull the filament from the center of the spool. Or just make a filament holder that mounts on the wall above/behind the printer with a few printed pieces and about 3 feet of pvc like i did and take that problem right out of the equation. I start prints, watch the first layer, and walk away. I am very pleased with this printer. . Final note:. It's more "what you can do with your printer" than what your printer can do. With high resolution (read "patience", it will take two damn days to print anything of decent size at the best quality) and a good understanding of supports and temperatures you can print some amazing things with this printer. Or you can get the basics down and print some very decent things at medium quality at a rate of a few a day. Your call. . My first 3d design was a treat jar for my bunny, picture attached. . 3d print removal tool

Top dual extruder desktop printer Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

C. Pearson, Mississippi says

I ve been using this printer for 5 months now. It has been variably problematic from day 1. The only good thing it has done is make me more confident in repairing 3dprinters, but not much else. This is also only my 2nd printer, with the first being a foolproof davinci jr, so i wasn t exactly an expert to begin with. . It arrived with the front cover badly damaged and scratched up enough to be almost opaque, without anything to scratch against in the packaging, so it wasn t a transit problem. The paper manual that comes with it is uselessly limited, but the big manual is on the sd card that comes with the machine. I had small issues here and there the first couple months, mostly what comes from learning how to 3dprint. . Now, the biggest problems with the printer its self started a couple months ago with the main carriage actually warped hard and bowed down considerably. Yes, the plastic carriage that held the extruders essentially melted! well, got that replaced, but couldn t get the extruders to level out otherwise. I then discovered that the left extruder nozzle somehow become lower than the right one. When i tried to fix it, the nozzle refused to go all the way in anymore! well, i removed the heating block and discovered that the threading for the nozzle inside the block was damaged. Other nozzles wouldn t fit on it, but the same ones would fit on the right one. This resulted in the left extruder being lower than the right one, by quite a bit, which means it was catching the prints while printing . Which is very bad. . On top of that, i realized that the protection on the thermal couplers was damaged and exposed at the ends (there is a black covering at the end of the wiring and it is badly broken up). While actually replacing the heating blocks (i bought 2, so i decided to replace both anyway), one of these thermal couplers separated from the part that screws into the block. . All that resulted in removing the right heating block and using single extrusion, which actually worked quite well while waiting for a replacement coupler to arrived, but i bought it for the dual extrusion, not single. Well, now i can t get the extruders to even out, the hot end i think its called (the metal tube the heating block screws into) on both sides, with the very tiny screws that hold them in place removed, refuses to budge to anything but vice grips and lots of muscle. I m currently at a loss as to how to fix this, but i'll eventually figure it out, like the rest of the issues, but after several months of dealing with this nonsense, i m not able to recommend this printer, at all. . The worst part is that when it works, it prints incredible quality parts and a good speed. When it works, it is simply amazing but it works barely 20% of the time for me now.

Y. Amanda, Rhone-Alpes

Wasn't what they said it would be. Comes with virtually no software. / software wouldn't install. No manual. Like they just ship it to you and expect you know what all of the specs etc are.

J. Audrey, Rotherham says

I haven't been able to get a successful print from this machine yet. I've tried everything i can think of but there is very poor documentation on this product. I've had one print almost succeed but messed up at the end. Most prints look like the attached. Qidi's website is down, i've tried contacting support but no response yet. I will likely return it. I have only tried to print the test prints. . On a positive note, build quality seems high and shipping was fast but it doesn't print as advertised.

F. Lara, New Mexico

I ordered this in august and saved it for christmas. When i set it up, a sensors for the extruder head position malfunctioned. It seems as though the sensor that tells the printer head that it has reached the right-most stop in the printer is broken. . I have contacted qidi vip service and am awaiting a reply as 0f 1/3/15.

U. Palmer, Bremen says

Product seemed to be solid but the directions and operating manual we very very rudimentary. The videos were insufficient and basically worthless. The videos were not even for the correct product! no instructions whatsoever and the best part was, there were extra parts with no explanation of what they were for. Granted, i am a beginner but you never make assumptions about your user and always create a dummy proof manual! . . If they get it together and write a manual in english then maybe. They really left it up to guessing.

P. Aldana, Arkansas

 1/20/2017. . I am updating my review based on different product experiences through xyzprinting's da vinci 1. 0 pro and a qidi tech x-one. The time difference from the us to china is rather big however in working with qidi tech support (primarily audrey) i will say they are more than willing to help. In re-evaluating this printer i feel i could have approached a few things differently. . I updated it from 1 star to 3 star primarily due to their customer support being more than eager to help me after the fact. We were also excited to print the world and back so we were a little disappointed with the issues however every printer has it's quirks and learning experience. . As the video i uploaded was in regards to a motor cable this indeed was identified as an issue by their tech support. I chose not to replace it and if i did the issue would have been fixed. The glass cover in the end could have been a better design but after the issues with the prints jamming up and not sticking, to the motor i was just fed up. Would i buy this again? yes, based on what i have learned now i would give it another shot. I am actually thinking of purchasing it again in the near future and giving it a shot. . Some tips in regards to the prints curling was more than likely due to the bed not being properly leveled or incorrect temperatures being set. I have noticed that other reviews suggested the same thing about the second nozzle pulling away at what the first one did. I have two other printers, the xyz da vinci pro 1. 0 & a qidi tech x-one. I will be writing a separate review for the x-one but i can tell you that with the single nozzle i have had successful prints with pla. . In regards to the software i still think that is a slight issue. In working with the x-one it is a different matter as they have their own slicer known as "qidi tech". I am also thinking of purchasing simplify 3d or another slicing program so in the end it will not matter much. For first time buyers this might be a bit of a bust but there are various applications you can use such as 123d design (i recommend this one for now), sketchup, cura, or meshmixer. So far the x-one has been great and the slicer works just fine. . Documentation still needs some work and i believe they should make better videos but after you tinker around with any printer you learn fast. For first time buyers i will suggest you read up as much as you can. Check out the books from make for 3d printers or do some research on forums and other sites or look at other peoples comments and suggestions. . When i get one of these printers i will update my review again but for now try it out and give some time for their tech support to get back to you. If you do have a problem with the motors do what tech support suggests and replace the cable. We have all been there, you hit that moment when everything just blows up and you throw in the towel too soon. That's life! live & learn! . . *. . Save your time & money. I am thankful i ordered through online store as they took care of our return. At first we were very excited to get this printer but as the moments passed everything went down hill. I was steered away from the flashforge mainly due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews from various other users. We ordered this as an early christmas gift and it was a lump of coal. We were only able to get one solid print, everything else was a glob. The bed was adjusted various times, we tried with rafts/supports/glue if needed for prints and in all cases it was a failure. Temperatures were correct for material/print, either abs/pla and in all cases something was wrong. . At some point the extruder began making weird noises and later it turned out to be problems with the motor cable. The plastic cover on top is also a really poor design. Once assembled, even if you tie the cable and the plastic filament guides it will at some point hit the top acrylic cover and drop it out of place. The support was very limited and would take 1-2 days to get a response. Not good when you are on a time crunch to do a return. . Here is a response from one of their customer support in regards to the motor cable:. . This is the motor cable connection problem. . Please find out the x axis motor cable in the package . Then make a replacement refer to this video (link removed). . I am adding pics and a video of some of the issues for your reference. . Really? why will i have to replace a motor cable when it's brand new! we should not have any problems. Turns out more issues came up after that with other components but i won't waste time talking about every little issue. There was also horrible documentation that contradicted itself, was lacking information or was just horrible. The software was also a little tricky to get installed, sure they have some documentation to get it installed but it's just cheesy how it calls on makerbot's software. In the end after a few days of messing with this we sent it back. . We ended up ordering an xyzprinting - da vinci 1. 0 pro. This one worked flawlessly right out of the box and has been great. Do yourself a favor and pass this guy up and look for something better. Can you make this one work? if you have countless hours/days to tinker with it and do tons of work around's sure, but how long can you keep applying band-aids. Horrible experience, horrible product. . Hope this review helps others out.

. Nellie, Wirral says

This printer is a clone of the flash forge creator pro, which i have and have had great results with. I had lots of issues with this printer not being consistent with the extruder and in areas that are more dense building up and dragging the extruder on the plastic and ruining the part. After fighting with it for two weeks i sent it back in the origonal packaging with everything and they refunded me over $200 less than what i paid. Their support guy was very unhelpful and his only reccomendation was that i should use pla instead of abs, which is a total load of crap. So in summary i was unhappy with the product and the support, and also online store for letting them charge me such a ridiculous amount for the return.

Q. Sheila, Saarland

I am compelled to write a review on this product. . This product is not hassle free as i hope. So expect to invest some time and effort, along with some frustration, as it does not work right out of the box. I purchased it because people are raving about it; and it's cheaper than its competitors (e. G. , flashforge, dremel, etc). But don't be fooled, it's not worth the trouble. . Poor documentation; it is pretty bad! super disappointed! . . Also, it does not read g-code, which is a bummer. And the build-plate alignment is off-centered. And there is a lot of vibration in a few areas of the print. . I am considering about sending it back.

Z. Teresa, Essex says

4/30/2017 update. I own 13 of these printers. 7 out of the 13 have gone bad. 6 of them due to the x-axis motor placement. I originally gave this a 5 star review but must reduce it to 3. Support told me that this motor problem happens on maybe 2% of the machines. Well. So far it is 54% with our test pool. Support has been good, but also pulling teeth. They have told me that i should check ridiculous things and stall like crazy after i send in video, descriptions, and symptoms that all point to the same issue. Once i replace the x-axis motor, the machine works perfectly. . The main problem i have seen is that they use two typs of stepper motors, and they went cheap on the batch i had, they sent me some replacements and they were completely different and higher quality. The replacements have worked perfectly. . When the machines are running it is 5 stars, when they continue to have faulty designs and you have a 50/50 chance of receiving a bad machine that goes bad 3 weeks down the road. I have to give it 3 stars to show this. . I am torn because i have liked the machines for the most part, but it has been extremely frustrating to have so many go bad for the same reasons and then have support give you a run around while supplying blatant evidence in their face. I am also getting very tired of google translate answers. . -. I have purchased 3 of these now, i have received 2 total so far. 1st machine was ordered in november 2016 and it is a solid machine! works perfectly out of the box, minor adjusting to the bed to make it level and it starts printing perfectly. Works with makerbot software very well, long as you use the 'replicator 2' profile on it. (it is a clone of the machine) if you are using free software, you will need to turn on the filament cooling fan manually through the lcd screen, with paid software, i have not had to do this as it tells the machine to turn it on when you want it. -i have personally been using simplify3d because it tends to slice items better then the free software. (costs around 150, but the difference has been astounding in my print quality. ). I thought some of the issues were the settings i was using and i wasted quite a bit of filament on trying different techniques and it turned out to be the free software for slicing models. -. . I have had no issues with this machine! i have been using it non stop for almost 4 months now. I have had to grease it a bit to make sure it functions properly. One flaw i can find is switching out filament. It is not the easiest endeavor at times, but is very minor annoyance when it can get caught in extruders. . 2nd machine. Arrived in late january. It has been a fantastic machine! there are some design differences since my first one. The lcd screen is not angled like in the first one and it is housed in a plastic casing that you can tell was the cheaper route. The side panels are shaped a bit differently also, nothing bad about it, just different. So the only complaint i have is knowing what the first printer was like with the lcd screen and then the second one not having the same design flow that allowed you to look at the screen while standing, nice feature, and it was housed in a metal frame that helped stop flecks of plastic falling through cracks, the new one does not have such luxury. . Still a 5 star product! for the price, it matches up with the flashforge easily and is far cheaper. The machines are both clones so the differences are very miniscule. . I will try to answer any questions i see, but i have been very happy with these machines! go qidi tech! . P. S. I have not had to use their customer service so i cannot speak to this. (i have not had to use it, this is a great sign! ) and the machines come with spare parts in case anything goes awry.

O. Michele, Oregon

I have the 2017 and the 2018 version of this printer, and yes, there is a difference. The 2018 has a new one piece acrylic top that you don't have to peel tape off or assemble. And the acrylic sides on the 2018 are held in place with several little magnetics. Functionality is about the same and are the issues. My biggest issue is with the plate, once the blue pad is removed. It takes over an hour to remove the left-over sticky as shown in the picture. I've tried chemicals, but the only thing that seems to work is rubbing my finger over and over and over and over the glue to roll it off the metal plate. If anyone has a better way to remove this, let me know!

I. Elanor, Minnesota says

Ive got the old model. . Its lack luster but prints so whatever.

M. Elida, South Carolina

I bought this as a replacement for a different brand 3d printer i have that is wearing out from a lot of use. . After 2 days straight of trying to get consistent good prints i'm returning it. . Negatives of this product:. - poor documentation. For printing abs it had 1 set of settings to try for replicatorg software. - have to hunt for software. The sd card install files don't work so you have to find them on the internet and use without any instructions from qidi. - no tech support - i tried the website and email on the information card that came with the printer and neither worked. The email bounced back. . Otherwise the machine seems solid built and mechanically sound so if you are willing to diy learn and find software it might be for you.

L. Mathis, Bracknell Forest says

Good printer just mechanical problems

T. Patton, Bournemouth

Junk strait junk. This what i have had to do to just try and get a print off it. Or my 1st printer fyi

X. Ophelia, New South Wales says

I got the printer about 2 weeks ago, i went with this printer because of the reviews. Well, everything went extremely well at first. I took my time setting everything up and my first 4-5 prints came out perfect. Easy setup, prints stuck perfectly, i was happy. On the 5-6 day i was printing a fairly big project that had about 2-3 hours to go when i left the printer alone to do its job. I came back and plastic was everywhere. I didn't know what happened and didn't think much of it. I set it up to start again and when it went to home, it started making a horrible noise, tried unplugging it, reseting firmware, replaced driver board, bothe harnesses, nothing worked. . I emailed online store since i couldn't find any contact info to qidi. Online store promptly responded and gave me the info. Sent an email with pictures, video of the stepper shaking, and invoice. Waited, and waited, and after that i waited a little bit more. Finally emailed again following the same procedure before which was to wait, and wait . You get the picture. 7-8 day later i was feed up and started a return, i assumed since i bought from online store i would get replacement from online store. Qidi responded quickly when i flied the return and said i would have to send my printer back, give them time to process(up to 2 weeks) only then would the send me a replacement. I am not waiting 4-6 weeks when i purchased it from online store. I expected my return to come from online store. . Qidi only responded when i initiated the return, they did not reply to a single email, and there were 5 of them. All polite and non aggressive. . This company seems to be dropping the ball much more frequently and for this much money, i think i will have to go elsewhere. Anyway, hope you get lucky, just do count on tech support when things go bad. Very upsetting to say the least.

B. Tracey, Schleswig-Holstein

The original unit had some issues. There were screws laying loose on the bottom of the unit. The x-axis motor had no screws in it. The z-axis was jammed and wouldn't move. It didn't seem that any screw had been tightened. The assembly instructions are useless. Within 2 hours of delivery, i had the unit assembled. The y-axis motor failed within 3 hours. The motor sounded like someone is shooting marbles. This unit was unusable. The x-axis sensor cannot activate. The z-axis also does not stop. These motors just grind away, which is probably what damaged the y-axis motor. The computer forgets its settings, like sound and plate position. . Update 5/25/16: i contacted support. There were some communication issues. They sent me a replacement printer. I don't have the acryllic panels on yet, but i printed a small 15-minute job successfully. I noticed several things immediately:. 1. The operation is quiet-no marble sounds. 2. The x-axis motor is mounted differently, which allows the stop sensor to function. 3. The z-axis motor is much tighter, allowing the bed to level properly. 4. I used different guide tubes, which i cut shorter. The outside diameter is greater, so they are clamped more tightly, and don't end up pulled down into the filament on the spools. Being shorter, the guide tubes shouldn't catch on the hood. 5. The filament feeds continuously on its own. 6. The nozzles leak. I'll print a bigger job tomorrow. . Update 5/26/16: i tried a bigger job. The printer knocked the object off, the nozzles were clogged, the x-axis motor burned up some chip, and the z-axis motor burned up. The z-axis motor probably did itself in when the job ended and the platform came down on the object. The nozzles clogged because the head wasn't getting the filament off, i guess. I've replaced the chip for the x-axis, and the motor for the z-axis. Heated the nozzles to 280c to clean. . Update 6/3/16: it's an expensive paperweight. Support has done their best, but the part failure rate is alarming. I've replaced the mainboard, 3 motors, 4 chips (the spare was doa), the x-axis sensor wire, etc. I've used 2 1km spools of filament, but only have 6 successful prints to show for it. . Update 6/9/16: i've gone through 5 1km spools of filament, and am up to 10 successful prints. By successful, i mean that nothing on the printer broke, the nozzles didn't clog, and no part failed. I've had shafts come loose, motors burn up, 5 chips fail, etc. Support has ceased to respond. I understand that support doesn't manufacture this product, but they leave me without a working product. I have more than $800 in parts for this printer. . Update 6-13-16: i'm returning these printers. For anyone else who buys one, you need to be able and willing to completely disassemble the printer, until all screws have been removed. At that point, you can remove the loose parts from between the mainboard and the base, replace broken parts, etc. When re-assembling, pay particular attention to the set screws on the shafts. On the printers sent to me, the set screws were loose, so the shafts came out, there were loose screws left in the unit that kept shorting out parts, some of the shafts had parts assembled in the wrong order, the nozzles were about 2mm different in height, some of the solders were bad, the units hadn't been calibrated (such that the axises weren't straight and the nozzle cleaning mostly missed the print plate, one of the sensor wires had been shorted to the flimsy frame, and the logic unit actually had an infestation (nasty). I was having issues with the heated bed still allowing warping. I found that the heated bed was a lot hotter on the right side than the left side. None of the home positions were correct. Print yourself a bracket to hold the guide tubes to the extruder wiring, as this will help keep the tubes from popping out of the top of the extruders. Buy the flexable magnetic build plate. Do not heat the nozzles to 280c to clean them. You'll need to watch the entirety of every print job. Not all filaments are created equal. In addition to the qidi-supplied filament, i tried hatchbox & inland. Inland seems to work best. Also, some colors are terrible. The extruders are not capable of different temps, and setting temps of 190 produces results ranging from 176 to 206 throughout the job, so the nozzles will clog.

R. Franklin, City of Bristol says

The printer works well right out of the box(after fixing it), and is surprisingly intuitive for a chinese knock off. Build quality is poor, and the design isn't great, which limits the speed one can get accurate prints, but it does the job well if you keep the speed down. . The control rods are under sized, and flex a lot under vibration, which this thing can create in spades. Having two stepper motors on the print head means it is really heavy compared to other designs, and thus the amount of weight bouncing around is extreme, more than it can handle. . The x axis stepper also is on a moving platform, adding to the vibration, and the wiring is poorly routing and rubs/snags on the belt and case. It comes with extra cables, which isn't really a solution to the problem. . As shipped, the right nozzle heater didn't work, and so i tested with the left nozzle. Halfway through the print it said the right nozzle overheated, and it shut down the extruder (although the machine kept running the gcode and trying to push filament into a cold nozzle. ) . So i took it apart, and found that the wiring for the right nozzle was not properly connected to the board(the wire was screwed in, but not stripped! just clamped on insulation. ). . After that quick fix we were good to go. Mostly. Still had a random 'overheating error' on day 3. (it was not overheated), but otherwise it has just simply worked. . Overall, it works better than any other chinese knock off i've bought, but they copied a bad design. Find a printer without 5 lbs of moving parts and you will be much happier.

D. Edith, Dorset

I got the qidi over the flashforge because of the price and all the reviews here said it's identical to the flashforge. After working briefly with the flashforge, i was expecting the qidi to be identical. I can say now by working with both that it's not. I had so many issues with the qidi that i returned it, spent the extra and bought the flashforge. . Out of the box i found a lot of the screws were not tight. The top support that holds the z-axis threaded bar was so lose and the bar was actually bent. I didn't find this out until i tried to move the build plate up to get the box out and it won't budge unlike the flashforge. The only way to move the build plate without power is to manually turn the threaded bar. I personally think this shouldn't be done because you're putting oils from your hands onto a greased up part. While both products stick items under the build plate for a cleaver, cost effective way to have support for shipping, it should be done away with and only have the plate move while powered. . The build/hot plate is different from the flashforge. It takes forever to heat up. The blue pad they stick on the plate is horrible to use. I found that i needed to turn the heat up on abs prints by 10c to even get the filament to adhere to the surface. Even then i could never get the first layer to stick 100% without issues. Save yourself the time and frustration and rip the blue pad off before turning the printer on and invest in some kapton and 6" blue painters tape. Use kapton tape (or glass) for abs and the blue painters tape for pla. . The last thing is the sheet metal used. It's so thin and doesn't support the print all too well. I found that when the extruders were moving, i got so much vibration and noise. The flashforge is made with a much thicker material and it's machined well. In order to put the door on, i had to unscrew the front panel to allow the screw holes to line up. The door doesn't even close, it just sits in front without any supports to make a nice seal. This leaves a gap going all the way around the door allowing noise and heat to escape. . If this is your first time 3d printing or interested in trying this printer out, save yourself the frustration, and possibly pain, and get the flashforge. The extra money you spend means a higher quality product. You may not have the issues that i had but your odds of getting one with is much greater. . Tip: don't use replicatorg and go with either slic3r (free) or simplify3d (paid). If using slic3r, go to 3d universe's (google it) page and find the slic3r setup guide. It's much faster to generate the gcode and the files used for the sd card. 3d universe has nice start and end gcode scripts that increases the first layer success rate.

K. Valdez, Havering says

I bought 2 of these items and although they come with 2 free spools of filament the quality is really bad i highly suggest buying 3rd party filament it works great with these printers. The only suggestion i would give to the company is to sell these without the crappy filament.

S. Anonymous, Arizona

Be prepared to spend some quality time and frustration to fine tune this bad boy. Not ideal for printing extremely precise items such as two separate pieces that will need to be assembled.

W. Garner, Blackburn with Darwen says

I have yet to get a single good print out of this thing. Corners pile up and goop over, the secondary extruder hits my build surface almost every single time not matter how many times i level the damn build plate, makerware software does not like the qidi and some prints stop around half way through, it has to be the slowest printer i've seen in action, the instructions are in broken english but eventually ya figure it out. Dont forget to transfer the power imput to the american standard! its all chineesey from the factory which doesnt make any sense because it comes with an obviously american plug type. That being said, i called customer support once and they picked up immediatly and were very helpful. Overall i have attempted around 2 dozen prints off of thingiverse and not one came out good. I used pla and abs, fiddled with every adjustment, tried printing with and without the cooling vent on the side, used a million glues on the build plate including the acetone/abs mix everyone talks about online. Save your money and get a flash forge. I might actually donate this one to a local high school for them to practice with.

. Isabel, Nottingham

Great customer service, very quick to respond and provide some suggestions, however:. . -things need improvement. 1. The printer came with a broken power cord. It took some time to isolate the issue, as there was no visible damage. Customer support helped, almost right away, said it is the power cord, which suggest they have known qc issues with these cords. 2. Firmware keeps crashing quite often. After struggling for one hour, i managed to print nut and bolt and another test file. But that was it. I was not able to re-print test files or other files due to constant firmware crashes. By crash i mean, the printer goes through boot sequence over and over, when you try to print or if you are in the middle of printing. 3. Instructions are of a very low quality, they need to learn from samsung or hp. Qidi, please buy some samsung and hp consumer friendly printers and read their instructions, you will learn a great deal. 4. Software. There is none, i had to use makeware from makerbot, but there is no usb support for qidi printers and they don't specify which makerbot is compatible (it is makerbot 2x figured through trial and error). Anyway, sd card worked. . - things which are great with this printer. 1. Customer support is great, very fast and responsive. 2. Built quality is pretty good, solid steel frame, good quality wiring inside. Give 2 stars, because not every was bad. I may have gotten a bad printer. . At the end, i had to return it to online store, my time is more expensive then to troubleshoot printer issues or talk to their customer support, qidi should invest more into qc/qa.

H. Sandra, Dudley says

I am beyond aggravated right now. The first 2 prints went without a problem. Then i started the 3rd print, which i had to run over night. This morning i'm coming down to a spiderweb of hair thin filament in the chamber, a totally clogged and smeared extruder and the best: the parts of the left and right rail lying in the chamber! yes! the thing fell apart while printing! turns out that the axle of the little sprocket weren't even in the ball bearings. I took it completely apart and put it back together. It seems it works for now. Updates will follow but please keep in mind, those things are not for technically illiterate people!

E. Lynette, California

The pause print feature does not work.

V. Hadley, Nottinghamshire says

Needed a lot of tweaking to get good prints. Biggest issue was print bed not level. It has a hollow towards the center, i had to put glass down to get a level bed. Nozzles are also no even with the right side higher then the left.

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