Bluerigger Basic High Speed Cable (Computer Component) 476

Review for basic high speed hdmi cable feet

Price was £6.49. Excellent sturdy cable. I was having trouble projecting my pc screen to a newish smart tv by wireless so bought this as an alternative solution and it works perfectly and with good quality. I will buy from this firm again.

-P. Sandra

Basic High Speed Hdmi Cable – 2m 6.6 Feet – Supports 4k, Ultra Hd, 3d, 1080p, Ethernet Audio Return Latest Bluerigger High Speed Hdmi Cables Connects A Wide Range Of Hdmi Devices. Use It To Extract The Maximum Performance From Your Gaming Or Home Theater Setup. Durably Built For Clear Signals -Bluerigger Basic High Speed Hdmi Cable – 2m 6.6 Feet – Supports 4k, Ultra Hd, 3d, 1080p, Ethernet Audio Return Latest Standard

  1. Properties: Category 2 Certified – High-speed 10. 2 Gbps / 340 Mhz (supports Up To 240hz Refresh Rates And 48-bit Deep Color).
  2. Properties: Compatible With All Hdmi Components – Connect Blu-ray Player, Apple Tv, Xbox One, Ps4, Roku, And Laptops With Hdmi Output To 4k Uhd Tv, Projectors, A/v Receiver, Etc.

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This lets me put pictures and sounds on my tv from my apple tv, or my playstation, or my laptop, or anything else with an hdmi socket. Pretty nifty. . If you're the kind of person who gets a microscope out to analyse the resolution frame-by-frame, pixel-by-pixel then i suppose you might want to spend more on an adamantium-plated, nitrogen cooled version like they use to hunt for new particles at cern (probably? ) - but if that's you then why did you even bother reading this far down a review on a five quid cable anyway? go away. Best basic high speed hdmi cable feet | Bluerigger-Computer Component Review ( Jan 2020 ) Properties BlueRigger Basic High Speed HDMI Cable - 2m (6.6 Feet) - Supports 4K, Ultra HD, 3D, 1080p, Ethernet and Audio Return (Latest Standard) Bluerigger cables are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and us-based customer support. Category 2 certified - high-speed 10. 2 gbps / 340 mhz (supports up to 240hz refresh rates and 48-bit deep color). Compatible with all hdmi components - connect blu-ray player, apple tv, xbox one, ps4, roku, and laptops with hdmi output to 4k uhd tv, projectors, a/v receiver, etc.. Reliable construction - durable, high-quality build protects against corrosion while maximizing signal strength - 100% pure copper conductors, triple cable shielding, 24k gold-plated full metal jacket connectors. Supports latest hdmi 2. 0b standard - 4k, uhd, 3d, audio return channel (arc), category 2 certified, 18 gbps / 600 mhz refresh rate, 2160p, 1080p, 48 bit deep color, ethernet and is backwards compatible with earlier versions .

Bluerigger basic high speed hdmi cable - 2m 6.6 feet - supports 4k, ultra hd, 3d, 1080p, ethernet and audio return latest standard Review (hdmi 2m br 1 4 ferrite 2)

Great quality cables as usual from bluerigger at a great low price! don't fool yourself with 'price quality' when it comes to av signal cables. Ive got a number of optical toslink cables from blue rigger, an rca subwoofer interconnect and 4 of these hdmi. They are excellent! -Y. Anonymous

Bluerigger Basic High Speed Cable

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: BlueRigger
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0798304077391
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.26 inches
    Length:6.38 inches
    Weight:0.44 pounds
    Width:5.91 inches
  • Manufacturer: BlueRigger
  • Model: HDMI-2M-BR-1.4-FERRITE-2
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: HDMI-2M-BR-1.4-FERRITE-2
  • Sub-Type: Personal Computer
  • Size: 2m
  • UPC: 765123456058

basic high speed hdmi cable - 2m 6.6 feet - supports 4k, ultra hd, 3d, 1080p, ethernet audio return latest Personal Computer, bluerigger high speed hdmi cables connects a wide range of hdmi devices. use it to extract the maximum performance from your gaming or home theater setup. durably built for clear signals & minimal interference/physical strain, the bluerigger hdmi cable is triple-shielded with solid copper conductors & full metal jacket housing. rugged build - the hdmi cable is made of a pvc outer layer that protects from physical strain, external interference & maintains efficiency of the digital signal - full metal jacket connector provides strength, durability and prevents interference as compared to other cables. - built with 100% pure oxygen free solid copper strands that maximize signal strength and video quality - high density triple layer shielding maintains integrity and purity of digital sound - gold plated, corrosion-resistant connectors deliver optional signal transfer with minimum distortion - these cables are atc (authorized testing center) certified to support all resolutions up to 2160p quality picture and sound - latest version hdmi cable supports 4k, uhd, hdr, 3d content, ethernet and audio return channel - guaranteed 4k, uhd, 2160p, 1440p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i resolutions - supports refresh rates of up to 240hz and 48-bit deep color - supports transfer rates of up to 340mhz or 10. 2gbps - works with all hdtvs, blu-ray players, xbox 360, ps3 and other hdmi devices - supports true hd dolby 7. 1 and dts-hd master audio - hdcp compliant backwards compatible with previous hdmi standards the cable is backwards compatible with all previous hdmi standards, so you'll be able to use the bluerigger cable with all your hdmi devices. warranty bluerigger hdmi cables are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. please contact us via email if you have any questions. Bluerigger Basic High Speed Cable (HDMI-2M-BR-1.4-FERRITE-2-Bluerigger).

Bluerigger Basic High Speed Cable Personal Computer

  • Heard stories about anything over 7 - 10 metres hdmi wise and the signal suffers. Not with this 15 metre cable, it works flawlessly - i almost listened and thought about sending my signal over cat5 with an hdmi sender/receiver kit. But they ain't cheap, glad i didn't. Connected output from sky q mini box to input on epson projector. No problems at all, and absolutely no difference in picture quality to the 1 metre sky supplied hdmi cable. I suspect all the stories about long lengths of hdmi cable problems that people are reporting are to do with what they are buying: cheap stuff. I've now bought a second cable to connect my media box to the same projector.
  • Very sturdy cable. I have plastered the cable into the wall and terminated the end straight into a junction box. The cable isn't very flexible so it would be difficult to bend the end at 90 degrees in a tight junction box. Bends at 90 degrees ok in length in the walls. Picture quality looks good with no apparent loss of clarity.
  • A little slow in arriving but was what i needed
  • Had to return this item, did not work. Money returned promptly.
  • It worked well for nearly two weeks. Then it just stopped transmitting sound. I got a refund. . As i said in my email to you before you added your comment. I wanted a refund as i don't trust the build quality of this item after this failure. What's to say another wouldn't fail in six months time after i can get a refund ?

basic high speed hdmi cable feet BlueRigger Basic High Speed HDMI Cable - 2m (6.6 Feet) - Supports 4K, Ultra HD, 3D, 1080p, Ethernet and Audio Return (Latest Standard) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Purchased two 7. 5m (25ft) lengths to run from a sky box in one room to an av amp, and then to a wall mounted 4k tv. Both cables running in 25mm external conduit. Nicely boxed product, good quality cable, heavy duty but still flexible, thankfully not nylon braided which i find makes the cables too stiff. The heads of the cable are fairly large, but i did manage to push both through a single 25mm conduit at the same time by pushing one through against the wire of the other. Fairly tight fit though. This is high speed cdmi with ethernet, so basically the highest spec cable currently available ( and much cheaper than you can be fooled into paying at other places, and this is also cl3 rated for in-wall installation, so all round good value.

Bluerigger Basic High Speed Hdmi Cable - 2m 6.6 Feet - Supports 4k, Ultra Hd, 3d, 1080p, Ethernet Audio Return Latest Standard
Click to see NoticeBluerigger Basic High Speed Cable (Computer Component)"I purchased this cable to replace a 5m cable that broke at one of the connections after i tripped up over it. . It is a thick cable but isn't as thick as the braided cable it replaced. Flexibility is good although i used a 90 degree connector as my television is connected to the wall and there isn't much room behind it and the wall mount. . Construction seems sound and the hdmi connections are sturdy. The connection ends are quite long as they include molded strain relief behind the hdmi connectors. . Most importantly it carries a 1080p signal at 60hz from my pc to my tv without any degradation in signal, ie. The red/pink pixels commonly associated with a corrupted digital video signal. I can't advise if it will carry a similar 3d signal with the same results as i don't own a 3d capable television. . Overall i'm very happy with the cable and the service especially at the price which was lower than similar cables. Edit; i'm not sure if i would choose this cable at 13. 99 considering i paid under half that at 6. 49, doubling the price seems a little extreme bluerigger."

(0) Question: What hdmi versions are the 'newer' cables? 1. 4 or 1. 4a?

(1) Question: What is the diameter of this cable?

(2) Question: Are these the newer hdmi 2. 0 spec cables or the 1. 4 / 1. 4a / 1. 4b?

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Asus MX279H 27 inch Widescreen AH-IPS Multimedia Monitor 1920 x 1080, 5 ms, 2x HDMI, VGA, 178 Degree Wide-View Angle, Asus SonicMaster Technology

Asus mx279h 27 inch frameless ips led bang olsen speakers 1920 x 1080 vga hdmi x 2 90lmgd051r010o1c monitors monitors

Asus MX279H 27 inch Widescreen AH-IPS Multimedia Monitor 1920 x 1080, 5 ms, 2x HDMI, VGA, 178 Degree Wide-View Angle, Asus SonicMaster TechnologyMX279H-Widescreen-Multimedia-SonicMaster-Technology

Brand :    asus
Color :    Silver+Black
Size :    27-inch
Weight :    11.46 pounds
  • Featuring dual hdmi ports for multi device connections
  • Asus sonicmaster technology, co-developed with bang & olufsen icepower for premium immersive audio
  • Full hd ah-ips led display with 178 degrees wide-view angle in frameless design for edge-to-edge brilliance
Price :    $257.99
Model :    MX279H
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Monitor (asus product review) for Asus MX279H 27 inch Widescreen AH-IPS Multimedia Monitor 1920 x 1080, 5 ms, 2x HDMI, VGA, 178 Degree Wide-View Angle, Asus SonicMaster Technology available ( Jan 2020 )

LG LAS260B 100 Watt 2 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

Sound quality much better on my lg smart tv once i got this lg las260b connected.

Lg electronics 20 channel soundbar 100w wired subwoofer black las260b tv audio sound bars

LG LAS260B 100 Watt 2 Channel Bluetooth Sound BarLG-LAS260B-Channel-Bluetooth-Sound

Lg Las260b 100 Watt 2 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar (Lg Electronics) FAQ.

Bought as a gift for my son. He loves it. Links to his lg tv and he's able to use the tv remote with the soundbar. -Notice from X. Jennifer, Sutton

Click to Show lg las260b 100 watt 2 channel bluetooth sound bar (lg electronics) Details

Great products sounds amazing only one small annoying problem when watching netflix or online store prime there seems to be a slight voice delay between the tv on speaker but only watching these two channels, but overall sound is amazing especially in theatre mode

Lg-las260b-100-watt-2-channel-bluetooth-sound-bar-(lg-electronics) set picture

- H. RitaDang this was a good deal! . I bought this soundbar for 59. 99 because of the good reviews and because i've recently purchased a 40" toshiba tv to replace one of those big box sets that was 15 years old. The tv was 175 and had great picture reviews but poor reviews for its sound. Knowing nothing about soundbars whatsoever i was initially worried that this didn't have a subwoofer box thing like some of the others do. But i needn't have worried. The soundbar box arrived, bigger than i expected. This product is slightly longer than my television is wide. In the box came only a little remote with batteries for it, the soundbar, and a few leaflets. One is a simple manual, the others are warranty/protection things. Note that there is no optical cable provided so if you aren't going to be using the bluetooth function exclusively you will need one of your own. It was very simple to set up, all i did was plug in the power cord to the outlet, put the batteries in the remote, and my optical cable from the soundbar to the tv. The soundbar looks good (a textured black which matches its remote) and feels like quality. This means relatively nothing until you turn it on, at which point you will notice just how good this sounds. Using the bluetooth function i have linked it to my phone and am playing my spotify playlist as i type this. It sounds so amazing i felt compelled to come and leave a review. I have it on the "cinema" function as opposed to "voice" or "standard" as this sounds the best to me. These functions can be chosen via the buttons on the remote. I noticed that my sky remote automatically connected to the soundbar somehow but i don't yet know how to ensure that the volume buttons only control the soundbar and not the tv so for now there's a little competition between the two and i'm keeping the soundbar's remote to hand just in case, because this soundbar produces infinitely better sound than my tv and having both devices supplying sound at once is not nice. If i'm using the soundbar as a bluetooth speaker and one of my kids turns on the tv, the soundbar automatically gives the tv priority and channels only the tv sound. This is annoying to me but useful at the same time. Does it make me regret my purchase? absolutely not! . Before buying this soundbar i was going to try to be content with my new tv (i'm frugal) but it honestly just was not cutting it. The 15-year-old tv had much better sound than the new one. But now with this soundbar, i truly feel like i've upgraded my whole living room and i only paid 235 in total. So if you need to improve your tv sound, or if you just want a really nice speaker to play your music, go for this one. Who knows how long it will still be available at such a low price.

Adds a nice sound to xbox one games & sky q viewing.

Y. Wilson, Stoke-on-Trent

Brand :    lg electronics
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.51 pounds
  • Bluetooth: play your preferable music from your smartphone or bluetooth enabled device on your lg sound bar by wirelessly streaming via bluetooth
  • Slim design: lgs ultra-slim sound bar is styled to complement your tvs design
  • Lg bluetooth remote app: simply download the lg bluetooth remote app for your smartphone to control your lg device
  • 2. 0 ch 100 w surround sound: bring to life all of your favourite movies, tv shows, sports and music with 2. 0 channel surround sound and added bass to enhance your tvs sound
Price :    $64.86 (was $69.00)
Model :    LAS260B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Audio Or Video (lg electronics product review) for LG LAS260B 100 Watt 2 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar available ( Jan 2020 )

HDMI Cable 2M High Speed PRO GOLD HDMI Cable v2.0/1.4a 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K 60Hz Ultra HD Ethernet Audio Return Virgin BT - IBRA RED

Ibra red gold series hdmi cable connects the hdmi-compatible device to your hdtv/display source. It combines hd audio & video into 1 cable for many home theatre needs. These heavy-duty and high-speed hdmi 28awg cables with solid copper conductors & corrosion-resistant gold-plated solid metal-shielding are made from premium materials for a pro-grade output. It allows for a shared internet connection among compatible devices, without extra wiring. Please don't be fooled by thin copper clad aluminium (cca) cables. This beauty is made of 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper and is triple-shielded for maximum performance and ultra-low snr. High quality sound and pictures: ibra red gold high-speed hdmi 2. 0 cable significantly extends bandwidth of up to 18 gbps, providing 4k 60fps (2160p and 4:4:4 chroma support) video resolution (four times higher than 1080p / 60) and supports wide-angle 21:9 video aspect ratios. Synchronized video and audio streams: new ibra red gold high-speed hdmi 2. 0 cable can transmit two video streams (dual view) at once and up to four audio streams all at the same time. More often, ibra hdmi cables support up to 32 audio channels and up to 1536 khz total audio. Compatibility: devices with standard hdmi ports, like an hdtv, blu-ray player, ps3, ps4, xbox 360, apple tv, roku, boxee, pc, mac, stereo, monitor & projector. Backwards compatible with previous hdmi standards: the cable is backwards compatible with all previous hdmi standards, so you'll be able to use this cable with all your hdmi devices. When you connect two devices with different hdmi standards, they will automatically find the best available connection.

HDMI Cable 2M High Speed PRO GOLD HDMI Cable v2.0/1.4a 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K 60Hz Ultra HD Ethernet Audio Return Virgin BT - IBRA REDHDMI-PRO-GOLD-Ethernet-Return-Red

Price :    $7.95 (was $29.99)
  • Great picture & sound: full support of extended colour spaces such as x. v. colour and deep colour / transmits all digital audio formats such as 2. 0 (stereo/mono), 2. 1, 5. 1, 7. 1, dts -hd mater audio, dolby truehd, dolby digital, dts // up to 32 speakers (audio channels).
  • Ibra premium quality: the tangle-free nylon braided cable is durable and high wear and corrosion resistance provides clear and stable pictures. 4k ultra hd resolution (4096x2160 and 3840x2160) provides maximum data throughput to work perfectly with new 4k ultra hd televisions
  • 4k compatibility: hdmi cable (male to male) connects 4k blu-ray players, smart 3d, media pc, apple tv, ps4, ps3, xbox one, xbox 360, roku, computers and other hdmi-enabled devices to 4k tvs & displays, ultra hd a/v receivers and more. supports 4:4:4 chroma.
  • Super high speed: supports all hdmi 2. 0 functions including 18gbps transfer speed, and audio return channel (arc). video resolution up to 3d, 4k, 1080p, 1080i, 720p.
  • Ibra red gold updated version: supports hdmi 2. 0 ports (4k 60hz, 18 gbps) - connect 4k/hd tv to blu-ray/dvd player, xbox, play station, pc, and other hdmi devices. backwards compatible with hdmi v2. 0, v1. 4 & v1. 3.
Brand :    ibra
Color :    Red
Size :    PRO GOLD 2M(2 METER)
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (ibra product review) for HDMI Cable 2M High Speed PRO GOLD HDMI Cable v2.0/1.4a 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K 60Hz Ultra HD Ethernet Audio Return Virgin BT - IBRA RED available ( Jan 2020 )

Sony BDP-S3700 Smart Blu-Ray DVD Player Wi-Fi Built-In Apps 2016 Model - Black

Enjoy full 1080p hd, stunning colour, wireless networking and powerful apps with the sony bdp-s3700.

Sony BDP-S3700 Smart Blu-Ray DVD Player Wi-Fi Built-In Apps 2016 Model - BlackSony-BDP-S3700-Blu-Ray-Player-Built-

Price :    $59.72 (was $79.01)
  • Access over 300 online apps for catch-up tv like bbciplayer or channel 5 and vod like netflix and many more
  • Enjoy playstation3 games streamed via the cloud without a console with playstation now, giving more people the opportunity to experience the world of playstation
  • Wi-fi compatibility for stable and quick access to a wide range of online services
Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.76 pounds
Model :    BDPS3700B.CEK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Abis Electronics (sony product review) for Sony BDP-S3700 Smart Blu-Ray DVD Player Wi-Fi Built-In Apps 2016 Model - Black available ( Jan 2020 )

Cable Mountain HQ 0.5m Optical TOSlink Cable Gold Pins Metal Case

A high performance lead designed for optical digital transmission between digital audio equipment using toslink connections (e. G. Sky+ and tv/home cinema system)

Cable Mountain HQ 0.5m Optical TOSlink Cable Gold Pins Metal CaseCable-Mountain-Optical-TOSlink-Metal

Brand :    cable mountain
Size :    HQ 0.5m
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    0.5MSILVTOS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Suitable for any toslink enabled devices
  • 0. 5m of optical cable measured tip to tip
  • High quality 0. 5m (50cm) single mode optical cable
  • Optimal audio transfer for digital signals
  • Metal casing with gold plated inner pins
Price :    $2.93 (was $3.58)
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (cable mountain product review) for Cable Mountain HQ 0.5m Optical TOSlink Cable Gold Pins Metal Case available ( Jan 2020 )

LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc Player LG Smart Wi-Fi - Black

Lg electronics smart bluray player w multiroom 1080p black hdmi x 1 usb x 1 bp350 tv audio blu ray players

LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc Player LG Smart Wi-Fi - BlackLG-BP350-Blu-ray-Player-Smart-black

Price :    $69.99 (was $94.78)
  • Built-in wi-fi
  • Display type is led dot
  • Power consumption is 12 watts
Brand :    lg electronics
Color :    black
Size :    2 Meters
Weight :    1.90 pounds
Model :    BP350
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (Ce product review) for LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc Player LG Smart Wi-Fi - Black available ( Jan 2020 )

Exposure QR Handlebar Mount For Helmet Lights Black

The ideal way to mount your exposure helmet light to your handlebars, this lightweight qr bracket combines a secure clip designed to fit the spark, sirius, joystick and diablo lights with a tacky silicone band that can be mounted in seconds.

Exposure QR Handlebar Mount For Helmet Lights BlackExposure-Handlebar-Mount-Helmet-Lights

Price :    $13.95
  • 2 year warranty
  • Compatible with - joystick, diablo, spark and sirius
Brand :    exposure
Weight :    0..1 pounds
Model :    EXPQRHB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (exposure product review) for Exposure QR Handlebar Mount For Helmet Lights Black available ( Jan 2020 )

Barking Heads Dog Food Puppy Days Chicken Salmon, 2 kg

A scrumptious feast of british chicken, rice, and scottish salmon to name just a few of the delicious ingredients - all in all, a perfect diet for those gorgeous puppies who demand the very best from a food to help them grow big and strong!

Barking Heads Dog Food Puppy Days Chicken Salmon, 2 kgBarking-Heads-Puppy-Chicken-Salmon

Brand :    barking heads
Color :    Puppy Days
Size :    2 kg
Weight :    13.23 pounds
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Rich in dha, a vital fatty acid found in a mothers milk
  • 55% chicken & salmon
  • No added synthetic preservatives, flavourings or colourings
  • Made in britain using only the finest ingredients
Price :    $11.46 (was $11.69)
Model :    PD2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Pet Sales :    Best Pet Supplies (barking heads product review) for Barking Heads Dog Food Puppy Days Chicken Salmon, 2 kg available ( Jan 2020 )

LG BP250 Blu-Ray DVD Disc Player Full HD Up-scaling external HDD playback

No nonsense player. Excellent playback on dvd/blueray/cd . Smaller than i expected which was in fact a bonus. No hesitation in recommending this player.

Lg electronics bluray player 1080p black usb x 1 hdmi x 1 bp250 tv audio blu ray players

LG BP250 Blu-Ray DVD Disc Player Full HD Up-scaling external HDD playbackLG-BP250-Up-scaling-external-playback

Lg Bp250 Blu-ray Dvd Disc Player Full Hd Up-scaling External Hdd Playback (Lg Electronics) FAQ.

Good buy for playing old dvd's and blue ray. Nice compact size too. -Notice from G. Rochelle, Essex

Click to Show lg bp250 blu-ray dvd disc player full hd up-scaling external hdd playback (lg electronics) Details

Very impressed with this blu-ray player. Easy to use and good performance

Lg-bp250-blu-ray-dvd-disc-player-full-hd-up-scaling-external-hdd-playback-(lg-electronics) set picture

- K. Guest5 stars, this is a great little blu-ray player, the upscaling of normal dvds is brilliant. Highly recommended for the price. Very happy

Excellent product. You will need to buy a compatible 'n' adaptor, upload the firmware on your computer then download the firmware on to the adaptor, so it will make your dvd work wirelessly. They are not expensive but necessary in order to be compatible with this player and make it wireless. Set up of the adaptor then the player is really easy, you just need to key in the wireless key exactly as stated on the back of your broadband hub, follow the wizard and away you go. . Once the product is working there are countless applications you can go into on the player, once you navigate around the main screen: you tube, iplayer, browse the internet and so much more. This is a great player for the price and will give you hours of enjoyment, the options are so wide and varied, too much to mention here. . I would thoroughly recommend this product to any online store customer and i hope you enjoy using this product.

I. Neva, Cornwall

Brand :    lg electronics
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.83 pounds
Model :    BP250
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Display type is led dot
  • Power consumption is 12 w
  • Supports ethernet, 3d, 4k video and audio return channel (arc)
  • Blu-ray disc playback
Price :    $47.17 (was $54.99)
Home Theater :    Best Audio Or Video (lg electronics product review) for LG BP250 Blu-Ray DVD Disc Player Full HD Up-scaling external HDD playback available ( Jan 2020 )

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4 Media Player

Specificationvideo output -áhdmi 1. 3 interface up to 1080p, composite audio/videoaudio output - spdif optical (digital audio), hdmi passthrough supportedvideo codecs - rm/rmvb, h. 264, vc1, wmv, mpeg 1/2/4, xvid, bd-iso, mkv, mov, wmv, ts, m2ts, mts, flv, avi, dvd-iso, vob, m2p, mp4, mpg, swfvideo output - pal, ntsc, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/50hz, 1080p/60hzexternal storage support - usb hdd (up to 4tb) , pendrives, micro sd, micro sd(xc), micro sd(hc)miracast - android 4. 2 + mobile phone or tablets dlna supportconnection - 1x usb 2. 0 host port, 1x micro sd slotnetwork - rj-45 lan 10/100mbps + wifi 802. 11 b/g/n 150mbps subtitles - rt, sub, idx+sub, ssa, smi, pgs subtitle subtitle codes - unicode (utf8), ansi, big5 (traditional chinese), simplified chinese, western, turkish, central european, greek, cyrillic, se european, russian, hebrew, arabic, japanese, thaiimage support - hd jpeg, tiff, png, bmp, gif

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4 Media PlayerSumvision-Cyclone-Micro-Media-Player

Brand :    sumvision
Size :    Micro 4
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    cycmic4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Bigger storage support - support up to 4tb hdd and support the new sdhc/sdsx micro sd
  • Network streaming - using rj45 or wifi to stream from computer or nas
  • Support all major files: bd-iso, mkv, avi, hd jpeg, mp4 - easy to use interface
  • Built in miracast - display all froma tablet or phone to the big screen - passthrough surround sound support - hdmi audio can be transferred directly to amplifier then to tv
Price :    $29.99 (was $32.99)
Photography :    Best Camera Other Accessories (sumvision product review) for Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4 Media Player available ( Jan 2020 )

CSL - 2m UHD HDMI 2.0b Cable 4K 60Hz / 2160p / 4:4:4 High Speed Ethernet ARC CEC Deep Color fully HDCP compliant / HD Ready / 3D TV / Playstation 4 Pro / Nintendo Switch ecc

Hdmi cable hq ultra hd - most recent technology for best image quality. - 3d and network capable - full hd resolution 2160p(4096 2160 pixel 60 hz) - latest tv-technologies / for oled displays with 4k resolution - supports x. V. Color and deep color - multiple shielding (shielding) - arc and cec technology -gold plated contacts - perfectly shielded for the best image quality - optimized to the latest hdmi standard - backward compatible with earlier hdmi standards - ideal for 3d-capable devices, full hd receivers, hdtv & pc systems the high quality processing of this cable meets the highest professional standards. Optimal signal transfer is the basis for brilliant hd picture quality - this high-end cable is a guarantee for it. The integrated network function of the cable allows you to control your network-compatible devices such as tv, hd recorder or blu-ray player without an additional lan cable. Enjoy great entertainment in your home cinema evenings or immerse yourself in realistic 3d gaming worlds. This hq hdmi cable supports crystal clear multimedia applications and offers unique hd entertainment experience thanks to an excellent video and audio quality.

CSL - 2m UHD HDMI 2.0b Cable 4K 60Hz / 2160p / 4:4:4 High Speed Ethernet ARC CEC Deep Color fully HDCP compliant / HD Ready / 3D TV / Playstation 4 Pro / Nintendo Switch eccCSL-Ethernet-compliant-Playstation-Nintendo-Black

Price :    $5.99
  • Other resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p / full support of extended color spaces, such as, x. v. color and deep color
  • Real 3d and high speed ethernet capable 100% backward compatible with hdmi 1. 0, 1. 1, 1. 2, 1. 3, 1. 3abc, 1. 4, 1. 4a, 1. 4b 60 hz multiple shielding - 3x shilded: shielding: 3x shield / wire mesh - alu-mylar, wires in alu-mylar (sf / ftp) hdmi a male to a male lead gold plated connectors
  • Suitable for: home cinema / projector / receiver / monitors / 3d tv / apple tv / blu-ray + dvd player / xbox 360 / one / one s / one x / playstation 3 / playstation 4 / playstation 4 pro / nintendo wii u / nintendo switch / computer / pc / monitor / notebook / laptop / mac / imac / macbook
  • Audio format: dolby digital / dolby surround sound / dts hd master audio and dolby digital true hd 7. 1 / sacd / dvd audio arc (audio return channel) available lengths: 0. 5 m / 1. 64 ft 1 m / 3. 28 ft 1. 5 m / 4. 92 ft 2 m / 6. 56 ft 3 m / 9. 84 ft 5 m / 16. 4 ft 7. 5 m / 24 ft 10 m / 32. 8 ft 12. 5 m / 41 ft 15 meters / 49. 2 feet
  • Csl - 2. 0 metres 4k hdmi cable hdmi 2. 0b standard certified resolution: 4k 60 hz ( 4096 2160 ) 160p, 48 bit/px color depth supports bandwidth up to 18gbps and hdr ultra hd compatible
Brand :    csl-computer
Color :    Black
Size :    C: 2m (metres) black/red
Weight :    0.26 pounds
Model :    A23724x30
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (csl-computer product review) for CSL - 2m UHD HDMI 2.0b Cable 4K 60Hz / 2160p / 4:4:4 High Speed Ethernet ARC CEC Deep Color fully HDCP compliant / HD Ready / 3D TV / Playstation 4 Pro / Nintendo Switch ecc available ( Jan 2020 )

bluerigger basic high speed hdmi cable - 2m 6.6 feet - supports 4k, ultra hd, 3d, 1080p, ethernet and audio return latest standard Price : 5, was : 10 as 2018-02-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Bluerigger Basic High Speed Cable (Computer Component) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for bluerigger basic high speed hdmi cable - 2m 6.6 feet - supports 4k, ultra hd, 3d, 1080p, ethernet and audio return latest standard

Excellent cable, i purchased 15m and the quality of picture is not much difference to the 1m cable. And the price is excellent to! run it up the wall, under floorboards through the wall and no change to picture, i did view the reviews before hand and blue rigger come up tops, get one of these if you need one 5 stars!

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on BlueRigger-Basic-High-Speed-Cable

(0) Question: Does this cable support hdcp 2. 2?

(1) Question: Does the hdmi cable connectors stay sturdy after being plugged and unplugged over a period of time?

(2) Question: Is this v 2. 0 or 1. 4

(3) Question: Does this support 4k resolution? i know it's not mentioned here, but they seem to imply it does on bluerigger's website

(4) Question: Can i use this cable to stream internet video from my macbook to my tv

(5) Question: Will this support 4k?

(6) Question: I am looking to connect my skyhd box from one room to another would this cable be suitable.

(7) Question: Does it work with samsung full hd tv

(8) Question: Does this cable support hdmi v2. x?

(9) Question: Will this connect my dvd player to my tv

(10) Question: Is the cec line connected through?

(11) Question: Do i need to buy this item if i buy the amarzon fire

(12) Question: Will this cable support 4k

(13) Question: Is it possible to use this cable in tubes and is the connector shielding removable?

(14) Question: Wait i can use as an ethernet cable to ?

(15) Question: Xbox one

(16) Question: Will this cable work with sky hdbox

(note) Question: where/how to get Bluerigger (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Bluerigger's products

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It never fails to amaze me when people think the more money they spend on an hdmi cable, the better a picture and sound they will get. Well that's something that simply isn't true. They've fallen for a scam perpetrated by greedy companies who can't accept the fact that their analogue cash cow is dead. With an hdmi cable, you either get great picture and audio, or you don't. Your sound and vision is made up of zeros and ones, and you can't boost the strength of numbers. . The only thing you do need to look out for is the version number of hdmi, since it's upgrading to take advantage of hardware changes. This cable is the current 1. 4 spec needed to carry the extra information required for 3d viewing on top of everything else, and i can tell you without hesitation that it's at least the measure of scam cables costing considerably times more. The plastic casing on the end of a thickly coated cable is of excellent build strength. You'd be insane to fall for hype and spend a penny extra. The sound and image is completely stable, and there's really nothing else to say. I'd buy another one in a moment if it was required.

Bestsellers, Computer ComponentTop Bluerigger Basic High Speed Cable (Computer Component) FAQ Content

Best bluerigger basic high speed cable (computer component) in review

I chose blue rigger, because i have previously had a 15m hdmi cable from them that worked well and appeared to be well made. I fully expected a similar quality from these shorter cables. I was not dissappointed to find that they have the same solid build as the longer cable, i am really very pleased with bluerigger cables. They are of excellent quality yet are priced verylow. Five stars bluerigger. Keep up the good work.

Z. Patton, Oldham

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H. Jarvis, Nottingham says

Does what it says on the packaging so to speak. Very fast delivery, and does it's job. Although the cable is thicker than i had expected, i can't blame them for that. It does say its for built-in cabling etc. My tv (a philips 47pfl6809) does give me a warning that my "hdmi may be damaged, don't use a cable longer than 5m" or whatever, i haven't had any problem with it within the week or so that i've been using this cable. It does video and audio from my pc just as i had expected with no problems so far. . I haven't figured out how to get internet to the tv through the cable yet (if you zoom in very closely to the images it says ethernet ready or something like that) that's not a big concern for me, wifi works great so far and i have a proper rj45 (tp-cable) on the way just in case anyway. . For the 9 euro or whatever it was when i bought this cable, it does everything i expected it to and so far all the downsides are probably more because of myself not reading the description well enough (thicker than expected etc)than because of the cable itself. . I would recommend this cable, as long as you got the mindset that "you get what you pay for", since it seems like it's a lot better than what else is at this price range. At it's regular full price however i would not recommend it. . 4, 5 our of 5 stars, easily.

. Wimbish, Sachsen

Bought other leads but the signal kept dropping out, these are perfect. I now have short bluerigger leads from my equipment to wall junction boxes, long bluerigger leads inside my walls and then short bluerigger leads from junction boxes out to my tv's. Signal is perfect, no problems at all. Highly recommended and i wasn't paid or in any way gifted for this review. :)

G. Dorine, Northamptonshire says

I only recently discovered bluerigger products when i needed a new dvi-hdmi cable for an old mac mini. I was very impressed with the quality of that product and so when i needed to buy new hdmi cables they were at the top of my product search. . I received my cables next day in a simple, easy to open cardboard box. As with the other cables i've bought, the quality and finish of these hdmi cables is surprisingly good with more flexibility than other cables i've used in the past. The the cable is reassuring weighted and the connectors are sturdy and lock snugly into place without any sign of downward drag. I'll definitely be buying more bluerigger products in the future.

Q. Brendon, Maryland

Well, not too much to say. Just that it works well! . . I needed something quick for euro 2016 so i ordered the one which arrived the next day! - good choice. Now i can watch all games in the garden; connected my projector to virgin media box and worked straight away with sound and good quality on a large projector screen!

I. Irene, Newfoundland and Labrador says

I bought this cable along with a kinivo 501bn 5 port hdmi switch with ir wireless remote, also from bluerigger. I already own 8 or 9 of their hdmi cables in different lengths for connecting 4 gaming consoles, freeview hd box, sky+hd box, home cnema and pc to our tv. Cables are well built and look and feel premium quality. I highly recommend them.

J. Michele, Barnet

I bought a pair of these to extend the distance between the tv and set top boxes after a recent living room refurbishment. For under six pounds these are an absolute steal. The items arrived the next day, neatly packed and individually boxed in sturdy cardboard boxes. The cables were capped at both ends so there's no damage to them or dirt inside the connectors. I connected them up to a tivo hd box and an android tv box - both of which are working absolutely flawlessly. The cables are well made and have a premium feel to them (the same sort of feel you'd get if you paid 5-10 times more in the high street! ) and are of excellent quality all round. Highly recommended.

A. Hannah, Walsall says

I bought this cable after the connector on the previous long hdmi cable snapped off because it was so short inside the end of cable. This one claimed that the metal went much further inside the cable and that appears to be true. I have had this cable a number of months now and it is still in great condition. . It is quite basic, but the design is clean and functional. The cable sleeving is pretty heavy duty. The cable is relatively thick, it is flexible but you wouldn't want to bend it too sharply. . I have used it with my ps3 and computer with a sony bravia 3d tv and i am very happy with the sound and picture quality, although i have not tried it with 3d content yet. I will update this review when i have. . I think this cable is very good quality for the money paid. If you want a cable which is soild and will last but not too fancy, i think this is a good option. I also have the shorter 2m version which i have had even longer and it is performing just as well.

U. Amanda, Nevada

The cable itself is quite pliable, not stiff hard plastic like some i have bought, the material feels a decent quality, matt finish. The cable end connectors are firmly attached with no movement on the metal part of the hdmi connector where it extends from the plastic casing. I am using this to connect an hdtv to a high end graphics card in my pc. This cable supplied sound, which my previous cable did not ( a cablesson cable, poor quality throughout, construction is shabby, it stopped working). The cable even came in a good quality box, something i wasn't expecting, and only added to the overall feel of a well thought out and presented product. If you need a sensibly priced good quality cable, this is it.

. Joanna, Connecticut says

Excellent quality cable, run through walls from av cupboard to kitchen wall where my tv is mounted. No issue with picture quality or audio quality. Cable was easy to feed through my ceilings and walls and didn't coil up or get tangled as per previous hdmi cables i have purchased. Nice connection on the end and feels sturdy. I use this over a 9m run - source av receiver kitchen tv. Packaged satisfactory and nice premium feel to the cable. Also fire rated for in wall runs

E. Emma, Hammersmith and Fulham

Excellent cable and good quality have run to another room in wall and all works well. Cable can be pulled straight so no issue with tangling up like some other hdmi cables do. Seems sturdy and well manufactured. Happy with purchase and would recomend. No picture loss or quality loss. Purchased one for a 15m run and a 8m run. Both work perfectly. Happy shopper

M. Laura, Oregon says

I bought a 1 metre cable for 1. 50 to see if my laptop was compatible with my tv. Having proved it is i then searched for a cable long enough to go from my armchair, round the edge of the room and into the back of the tv. . Based on 1. 50 for a cheap'n'cheerful (i. E. , poor quality) 1 metre cable, i expected to pay at least 30 for a decent 10 metre cable so i was pleasantly surprised to find this cable at this price (just over a tenner). . The cable is indeed excellent quality with securely attached and well-made plugs. I've been using it for a few weeks now and i'm very happy with it. I can find no fault with the cable and highly recommend it. . Bear in mind that this is a thick cable so won't bend easily round sharp corners. This isn't a fault, but some people might find it an inconvenience. It just needs a little thought when planning the route.

L. Paula, Telford and Wrekin says

These seem to be really good quality. Does that matter? . Well, when a cable fails on you & you spend precious time determining the cause of the fault - only to find that it's the cable that was working just fine until . Then yes that matters. Now my blu ray player is working just fine again, as it should be. Oh, & the cable that failed wasn't just a one pound cheapie either; colours started to go and very quickly lines appeared onscreen, then . Nothing. So time will tell, but initial reactions to these bluerigger cables are very positive.

F. Gladys, Southend-on-Sea

Bought this to connect my xbox one to a capture card on my pc, through an hdmi splitter (powered). So far its flawless. I have it running under the carpet most of the way. Although it's quite a thick cable, it goes around corners pretty nicely and seemed to put up with my not-so-gentle handling.

N. Garner, New Hampshire says

Good quality items that seem to have improved the picture quality from my sky q box. And the are 18 gb spec cables so they support hdr10 bit image transfer. I also found the company tech support very helpful. All round excellent product.

. Edna, Bayern

These are very reliable and quality leads that have never me down. Purchased for all my games consoles and android boxes etc etc. Top buy at a very good price.

W. Theresa, Poole says

It's a hdmi cable. Either it works or it doesn't. Mine works. End of review! i would also add that it feels well made in the hand, solid and like it's likely to last a while. But it works as a hdmi cable and i really can't believe that shops like maplins are still selling hdmi cables for 30-50. I kid you not. It's a cable! even if it has 24 ct gold plating on it, it's still just a cable with about 50 pence worth of gold on the connectors. I paid 5 for this which is still pricey for a hdmi cable but will do the same job as a 50 cable. Go figure. . Anyway, this item feels well made and it works. Recommended.

R. Audrey, Bromley

This is not the first product we have bought from bluerigger and it goes without saying that it will not be the last. These are quality products of a very high standard and we have been using many of these without having had any issues, ever. We can highly recommend these cables and, of course, the company itself for their genuine offerings and first-class products.

B. Edith, Devon says

Not much to say about this cable other than it's superbly priced and very well made. Inclusion of arc is nice. . Save yourself a lot of money buy not spending much on digital cables, the end result is exactly the same as a 200 cable no matter what the salesperson tells you, unlike the old days when an expensive scart or composite/rgb cable did make a difference.

K. Crawford, Maine

I wanted to take the pc's picture to the tv, around the outside of the living room. I needed at least 10m. I plumped for 15m as this looked like good value and would give me a bit spare, just in case. . Hdmi carries digital data. Either the ones and zeroes get through well enough to be read successfully, or they do not. If they get through without errors, you will have a perfect picture. If they get through with errors, you will get freezing, picture errors and blocking. . In other words, if your hdmi cable works, the picture quality cannot in any way be affected by how much you paid for the cable. There can be no difference between an expensive cable's picture and that of a cheap cable, as long as it's actually working. Expect the differences between cables to be primarily in physical robustness and quality control (i. E. What proportion arrive broken). . This cable is very nice. - i have not had any problems with it. - it looks good and feels solid. - it comes in a very neat and cute box. - it comes with a lifetime warranty, amazingly. - it is somewhat stiff, but not so stiff that you can't loop up the excess cable. - the ends appear to be very well made (no poor quality clip-together casework here). . I paid under 15 for this cable. That is insanely good value compared to some of the other products available. Really, i do not see why you would need to find a better cable than this. Buy it.

O. Wilson, Idaho says

Having just built a brand new gaming rig, i wanted to choose a good hdmi cable to connect it up to my big tv. Needed a long one so that i could choose to keep my pc hidden away rather than right besides the tv and this bluerigger 25 ft seemed just the right combination of price vs. Quality. Having now received this in 2 days (i prefer to use the excellent online store locker service) and connected it up i can say that i wasn't wrong. It is quite obviously good quality, designed to last and works perfectly for my purposes. I've noticed no problems in playing any of my games at highest resolution which my gtx 770 and tv support. In my setup, this cable goes thru my kinivo 5 port hdmi switcher (kinivo 501bn premium 5 port high speed hdmi switch with ir wireless remote and ac power adapter - supports 3d, 1080p) and again there is no problem in auto switching despite its length. . In short, i'm quite happy with my decision and would definitely recommend this cable to anyone wanting a longer than normal high quality hdmi cable.

Top basic high speed hdmi cable feet Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Anonymous, North Dakota says

Bought the cable to connect a kindle fire hd to a sony 24" tv. Image is quite grainy but i am unsure if it is normal when going from 7" to 24" display or the quality of the cable. I suppose i could by another, very expensive cable, and check the difference but for my limited use it is not worth it. I will be reviewing other comments on the product to see where the issue lies.

D. Judith, West Virginia

To long to do the job, but the product sturdy

. Courtney, Berlin says

Had to get 2 in one month as the first stopped working so got another only for it to do the same.

F. Wanda, St. Helens

As far that a hdmi cable can be good, this one is. Good price for a good cable.

O. Whiteman, Worcestershire says

I have recently ordered bluerigger hdmi cable. It is not working at all. When i connected my device using a av cable, it was working. I am not happy with the product.

Y. Patton, West Berkshire

It connects my blue ray player to my tv, as to whether it's better than any other make. Who knows!

H. Jackson, Brighton and Hove says

Bad build quality for an hdmi cable that is not cheap. After two uses got the dreaded digial pixelation (normally caused by a break/solder joint issue). Online store basics cable worked fine to the same two devices without red pixel spots randomly appearing.

U. Mahood, East Riding of Yorkshire

Says its high speed but struggles to display my macbook pro when most hdmi cables manage with ease

. Marguerite, North Lincolnshire says

Brought this cable less then a year ago. Worked fine until yesterday and in the middle of a game on the xbox it just stopped working. Took xbox out the cupboard used another hdmi cable and it worked! tried ps4 on cable and nothing the pain is now having to pull the cable out and feed another one through

P. Guest, Quebec

Works for a 4k monitor however for anyone thinking about it for an extension for an htc vive do not buy it does not work.

N. Sheila, Basse-Normandie says

Didnt work at all after i fished it in the ceiling not 2 haapy at all thanks mapplins are better

W. Sandra, New South Wales

I bought this to connect my laptop to my television. Went by the high rating and was good value. Worked very well but just today the edges came off making this 50ft cable useful. I reckon it is not durable when you constantly plug and unplug it. I guess most people use it for a permanent connection and i have no doubt it is good for that purpose. Nevertheless it is useless for me and have to look for another one

. Glenda, Hammersmith and Fulham says

After receiving a new tv, i ordered 4 of these hdmi leads and am very pleased with the short delivery time. However after spending two and a half hours trying to get all of the four to work i found that one of the leads is faulty. Not best pleased.

L. Hurst, Tasmania

Very useful and very long a bit of an over kill i think

J. Kelly, Newcastle upon Tyne says

I would not recommend. Purchased two of these cables as mounting a tv to the wall. Both have broken after having to take out to reposition tv. Very disappointed with what has happened and have now purchased new cables from another manufacturer

Z. Ophelia, Knowsley

Unfortunately it won't work for some items - it cannot hold a lock between an nvidia shield tv and jvc projector rated hdmi 2. 0b and 2. 0a respectively. . But it will handle 1080p sources over this distance with version hdmi 1. 4 and 2. 0. Unfortunately not quite good enough for my needs and this was not replacing an expensive cable, it was a damaged generic one at about 40 during install. For proper connectivity sources for uhd 4:4:4 60hz you will need something in the fibre optic line from monoprice or ruprio.

E. Susana, Washington says

It's ok. Ordered two cables, one stopped working after a week. I wouldn't buy it again but at least the other cable is still working.

V. Reed, Slough

Don't buy this lead unless you want to miss important flash points in your viewing

S. Eleanor, Wisconsin says

This lead suffers from saturated reds and the definition generally is not as good as other popular and cheaper hdmi brands. I may just have been unlucky with this one but its too cheap to bother about.

K. Parker, Montana

Ordered 3 x 10. 5 meters. Of which 1 did not work. And i have missed the return window. Won't be buying from them again

C. Mathis, Oklahoma says

Cable doesn't work. returned for refund

X. Noguera, Utah

Thick and sturdy cable, looks good but on the edge of not working, connected between my ps3 and and an epson projector connecting to hdmi1 works fine, connecting to hdmi2 i get hdmi disconnects every few minutes. So it looks like it's right on the edge of working and even the a small diference on the receiving end makes it not work.

A. Lisa, Nova Scotia says

This cable does not work with a hdmi switcher via ps4, even minimum 5m cable length would not go through my hdmi switcher box black screen. Now if only tv's came with 10 hdmi ports 6 at the back 2 on the left and 2 on the right it would make everyone's hassle disappear.

G. Edith, Bremen

No improvement over cables supplied by virgin , its well constructed and thicker than some but no marked improvement .

R. Patricia, Maryland says

This cable is good quality one, but sadly for me its not supporting 144hz, even seller told it will support 144hz, max this cable can do is 120hz on very very low resolution, that's the reason for 2 stars!

I. Tracey, Essex

Use to connect from apple ipad tv to tv and if i move on the bed it disconnects. Terrible same thing happened with this brand on my kindle micro had wire to hdmi, thought it was kindle or ipad but it's the cables. Total rubbish

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    • Does the job for my laptop to external monitor and i can use dual screen from laptop with a separate hdmi outlet too. Much better connection compared to previous hub i owned.
    Cut-Price Multi Port Adapter Charging Portable Chromebook (Computer Component)
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    Jetech Tempered Glass Screen Protector (uk 0338)

    Jetech Tempered Glass Screen Protector (uk 0338) 70

    Read Review Jetech Tempered Glass Screen Protector (uk 0338), Tempered glass screen protector film new ipad 2017 ipad 9.7, ipad air, ipad air 2, ipad pro compatible with: apple ipad air 1, ipad air 2, ipad pro 9. 7, the new 2017 ipad 9. 7 fit ipad models: a1474/a1475/a1476/a1566/a1567/a1822/a1823/a1673/a1674/a1675 -jetech tempered glass screen protector film new ipad 2017 ipad 9.7, ipad air, ipad air 2, ipad pro 9.7
    • Supplementary: Extremely High Hardness: Resists Scratches Up To 9h (harder Than A Knife).
    • The product arrived damaged but was replaced the next day. Thank you! . . This item feels like good quality. I have another brand for my iphone but they don't do it for the ipad so i bought this. A bit frustrating trying to get the bubbles out but once this is done the product is great. It makes me ... go to
    • Supplementary: Made With High Quality 0. 33mm Thick Premium Tempered Glass With Rounded Edges. High-response And High-transparency.
    Reasonable Jetech Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Computer Component) Uk 0338

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