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Price was 149. I'm feeling very mellow towards this little gadget, particularly since i unknowingly bought it on a day that online store had reduced the price by 30% - to the immense surprise of my daughter, who tried to buy it on the next day, only to find that the price had reverted to about 150! so much for street savvy kids. I haven't plumbed all of its' depths but it works pretty well as the advertising blurb states, good sound for what it is, surprisingly good at distinguishing instructions from background noise, and with in-built quirkyness when asked daft questions. Oh, and my daughter was rescued from raiding her piggy bank when she won a staff award at her place of work, which was. An online store echo.

-X. Edna

Echo, Previous Online Store Echo Is A Hands-free Speaker You Control Your Voice. Echo Connects To The Alexa Voice Service To Play Music, Provide Information, News, Sports Scores, Weather And More. -Echo, Black Previous Generation

  1. Special: Fills The Room With Immersive, 360º Omni-directional Audio. Play Music Simultaneously Across Multiple Echo Devices With Multi-room Music (available For Music And Tunein. Bluetooth Not Supported).
  2. Special: Call Or Message Anyone Hands-free Who Also Has An Echo Device Or The Alexa App. Also, Quickly Connect To Other Echo Devices In Your Home Using Just Your Voice.

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Oh i love this little gadget. The main reason i bought it is to listen to radio without tuning problems. All my radios have the same preset stations but one in living room went crazy resulting in tuning every time i want to listen. Just as i was pondering buying a new system, tv shopping channel had a fantastic offer on it, difficult not to purchase. Oh does this alexa give me joy, when having a coffee she reads news to me to change radio channels. I love it. Person who promoted alexa on tv channel was excellent in explaining and showing its facilities, when i discovered alexa can read kindle books. Being a bookworm and having eyesight problems for limited time, this facility to read books was deciding factor. I just wish if there could be an option of male voice and male name. Alas you can't have everything. Best echo, previous | -Digital Device 3 Review ( Feb 2020 ) Special Echo, Black (previous generation) Plays all your music from music, spotify, tunein and more using just your voice. Fills the room with immersive, 360º omni-directional audio. play music simultaneously across multiple echo devices with multi-room music (available for music and tunein. bluetooth not supported). Call or message anyone hands-free who also has an echo device or the alexa app. also, quickly connect to other echo devices in your home using just your voice. Allows hands-free convenience with voice control. Hears you from across the room with far-field voice recognition, even in noisy environments or while playing music. Answers questions, reads audiobooks, reports news, traffic and weather, gives info on local businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and more using the alexa voice service. Controls lights, switches, thermostats and more with compatible connected devices from wemo, philips hue, hive, netatmo, nest, tado and others. Always getting smarter - alexa updates through the cloud automatically and is continually learning, adding new features and skills .

Echo, black previous generation Review (53 005342)

What can i say about the online store echo apart from i absolutely love it! easy to set up even for an oldie like me. Music sounds amazing. Alexa has made my weekend! i told her she was clever thinking she wouldn't respond. But she said 'thanks' wow how good is that. I had lovely calming sleep music playing on low all night it was great as i have noisy neighbours so it took my mind of them slamming and banging doors and their tv blairing out all night. I have ordered the battery base unit today to make it more portable too so looking forward to getting that and taking alexa with me where ever i go. :-) i've not come across any negatives yet. I toyed with lots of ideas before settling on the echo but this fits the bill. I would suggest to anyone to buy one! -M. Sherry

Echo Black Previous Generation

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Amazon
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0841667115177
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:9.25 inches
    Length:3.29 inches
    Weight:2.34 pounds
    Width:3.29 inches
  • Manufacturer: Amazon
  • Model: SK705DI
  • MPN: 53-005342
  • Part/Serial Number: 53-005342
  • Sub-Type: Amazon Home
  • Category: DIGITAL DEVICE 3
  • ReleaseDate: 2016-09-28
  • Size: 0
  • UPC: 841667115177

echo, previous Home, Online store echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. echo connects to the alexa voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather and more. prime members can also ask alexa to order eligible products they've ordered before and many prime products. all you have to do is ask. echo has seven microphones and beam-forming technology so it can hear you from across the room-even in noisy environments or while playing music. echo is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with 360 immersive sound. when you want to use echo, just say the wake word "alexa" and echo responds. if you have more than one echo or echo dot, alexa responds intelligently from the device you're closest to with esp (echo spatial perception). online store echo provides hands-free voice control for online store music-just ask for your favourite artist or song, or request a specific genre or mood. you can also search for music by lyrics, when a song or album was released, or let alexa pick the music for you. listen to 40 million songs with online store music unlimited. with multi-room music support, you can play music across multiple echo devices simultaneously (available for online store music and tunein. bluetooth not supported). echo also provides hands-free voice control to spotify and tunein. plus, echo is bluetooth-enabled so you can stream other popular music services like itunes from your phone or tablet. echo has been fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. its dual downward-firing speakers produce 360 omni-directional audio to fill any room with immersive sound. Echo, Black Previous Generation (SK705DI-).

Echo Black Previous Generation Home

  • I have owned this now for several months and am changing my review. Connected to my bt infinity straight away with no problem this is a good product but in my opinion it is spoiled by the number of specialised applications at the expense of some basics. I don't want to be told silly jokes, or hear ear cringing singing by alexa'. Many of the functions are brilliant such as news flashes weather and answers to complex enquiries. You must be specific in your enquiry and i have not managed to receive a correct answer to my question on algebra. I personally don't want to control heating, lighting etc from my echo still many others do it is incredible at this and i have seen it working. Similarly i do want 'not to have to say 'alexa, every time i ask a question especially when i wish to ask follow on questions. Neither do i want a 'i don't know' when i ask what is this address when online store know full well where i live. When i want to delete an item from my shopping list the device can't do it. . To summarise the concept is brilliant but has such a long was to go.
  • Couldn't justify buying one at full price but when they were on a prime day offer i finally gave in to temptation! . . Very useful to have in the kitchen, can set timers without using your hands, add to shopping list, control music etc. Alexa seems very responsive to all members of the family, much to our teenage sons delight! . . Sound quality is ok, it's never going to be great through one smallish speaker. We have a reasonable size kitchen & it doesn't struggle to make itself heard. . Would be even better if it was battery powered but i'm not paying 35. 00 for that pleasure, it's not that big a deal!
  • A bit overhyped. Set be can be awkward as during the linking of my accounts it kept going to german. Also be warned, if you're with bp you'll need to get your duel band split for it to connect to your wifi. The speaker is good for its its size and it has a decent volume. It can also double up as a paperweight which is a new home for my lotto tickets.
  • This product is much more functional with android / google users as it synchronises with google calendar, reminders and so forth as well as integrating with online store music and fire stick. It is for this reason that users of apple products will find it much less useful than siri, especially since the echo lacks the contextual abilities and access to resources that siri has in order to answer more complicated questions and carry out certain requests. . There is much scope for improvement on that front and for that reason, i would say the single best feature of this product, in my opinion, is the news broadcast / brief update that it can provide.
  • At the moment it gets an average from me. It is ok for a start but it needs a lot of work. It says you can have a sports update on it, but you can only have american sports and teams and the update is garbage it just tells you when the team plays next. That is not an update. You will also not find many sports on the teams listed section. The skills area is also very poor if your in the uk and dont like american things like tv movies and sport. It does have sky news, sky sport, bbc and some english papers on it. Worth a look if you have spare cash hanging around and you want a cool new toy, but maybe wait till gets a few updates.

echo, previousEcho, Black (previous generation) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Bought this after checking whether i could listen to my hundreds of books purchased from audible. Com, i was assured you can but you can't. So really disappointed. As that was the only reason for purchasing it. I would like to know if it will be be possible in the future but who to ask as i have just spent hours on a live chat with audible and nobody seem to know whether you could or not. It already took me all day to connect the thing to wi fi (virgin media) so pretty fed up with it. I can listen to audible on my ipad and computer so why not the echo? . . Update on above. After being on audible. Com for 13 years i have now changed to audible. Co. Uk and can listen on the echo. I pay annually for 24 books with a saving 100 compared to the american site. My subscription was just about to be renewed again as well so my saving paid for the echo- so worked out really well in the end.

Echo, Black Previous Generation
Click to see NoticeEcho, Black Previous Generation (53 005342)"Great device. The voice control, while not perfect, is the best i have seen. Works straight out of the box and requires no training. Range of features is impressive and i would guess that online store will increase these with future updates. . The sound, while not fantastic, is certainly of good quality, good enough to listen to radio and spotify without it grating. My wife listens to classic fm and says it compares well with her dab radio. . Lastly, the device looks great. Reassuringly heavy with modern looks and quite obviously of very good build quality. I am looking forward to leaning more about what alexa can do."

(0) Question: How many voices can the echo recognise?

(1) Question: Privacy. when does it stop listening? who is listening?

(2) Question: On a scale of 1-10, 1 being unlikely and 10 being certain, what are the chances of alexa enslaving the human race?

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Speaker Stand Echo Plus, All-new Echo Alexa 2nd Generation Remote Holder, Acrylic, Black

Compatibility online store echo 1st generation, echo plus features: speaker stand is composed of eight aluminum pipes and three abs board, which is perfectly suitable for placing online store echo speaker, mobile phones or pens, etc. The horseshoe-shape and non-slip design makes sure speaker(could with charging base) stable stand on the desk, easy to place and no falling down. Prevent your echo from accidentally knocking down or children, pet being tipped over, provide protection in all domains. Keep your room neat and tidy, convenient to get speaker and controller. Turn the screw tightly with screwdriver, easy to assemble and disassemble, compact size for saving space. Specifications: color: black main item size: 16 x 15. 8 x 12. 2cm / 6. 3" x 6. 2" x 4. 8" main item weight: 326g / 11. 47oz package contents 1 x acrylic speaker stand (unassembled parts) 1 x screwdriver 8 x screws 1 x quick install guide

Speaker Stand Echo Plus, All-new Echo Alexa 2nd Generation Remote Holder, Acrylic, BlackSpeaker-Amazon-All-new-Generation-Acrylic

Price :    $16.99 (was $19.99)
  • 2-in-1 design - not only a dock station for echo 1st generation, echo plus but also a great holder for the echo remote, pens or your iphone. it helps you make your desk neat and clean.
  • Premium quality - made of semi transparent black acrylic, and connected with the solid aluminum alloy bars, simple and esthetical.
  • Extra stability - the acrylic speaker stand equipped with rubber pads at the bottom, makes the echo more stable to stand on your end table and makes it harder not to knock over by accident.
  • Sound stabilization - the form-fitting design ensures that the echo speaker perfectly stands in the acrylic holder. allowing echo speaker 100% sound quality and voice recognition.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - backed by a 30-day, no-questions-asked return guarantee and 18-month worry-free warranty.
Brand :    azomor
Color :    Black
Model :    AZ17BK
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Digital Device Accessory :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (azomor product review) for Speaker Stand Echo Plus, All-new Echo Alexa 2nd Generation Remote Holder, Acrylic, Black available ( Feb 2020 )

WB2900 22 24 28 30 32 38 40 LED/LCD TV Wall Bracket w/ Tilt 12 Pan 30 Free Rotate 5 , VESA 200 100 75, Holds up to 15KG weight

The allcam wb900 is the super flexible wall mount bracket for mid-sized lcd tvs and monitors. The lcd tv has a good degree of flexibility; it is able to pan left or right 15 and tilt up/down 10 degrees to suit the needs of users. It is ideal for installation in kitchens, hotel rooms, and corridors, thanks to it's stylish and durable design. The lcd2900 tv wall bracket is the best companion for the vast majority of modern lcd tv or monitor screen sizes from 22" to 40" which are vesa compatible (see faqs). Allcam makes a wide range tv wall brackets and floor stands, with many different styles and features. If you want more flexibility than what this wb2900 tv bracket offers, you can consider the allcam wb101 or wb107 which have swivel arms. If your tv is 30" or over (or 26" but with vesa 200 mounting holes), please consider the allcam l293ss, or the allcam l273s which are larger and come with swivel arms.

WB2900 22 24 28 30 32 38 40 LED/LCD TV Wall Bracket w/ Tilt 12 Pan 30 Free Rotate 5 , VESA 200 100 75, Holds up to 15KG weightWB2900-Bracket-Rotate-Holds-weight

WB2900 22 24 28 30 32 38 40 LED/LCD TV WALL BRACKET W/ TILT 12 PAN 30 FREE ROTATE 5 , VESA 200 100 75, HOLDS UP TO 15KG WEIGHT Pros
Brand :    aam
Size :    22" - 40" TVs (Vesa 200)
Model :    LCD2900
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Av Furniture (aam product review) for WB2900 22 24 28 30 32 38 40 LED/LCD TV Wall Bracket w/ Tilt 12 Pan 30 Free Rotate 5 , VESA 200 100 75, Holds up to 15KG weight available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $10.98 (was $19.98)
  • Compatible with vesa 75x75, vesa 100x100 and vesa 200x200 mounting standards; powder coated in fasionable black colour
  • Super flexible: swivel left/right 30 degrees, tilt up/down 12 degrees, rotate 5 degrees
  • The perfect wall mounting bracket for popular tvs like: blaupunkt 32/133i, eternity 32 inch, samsung ue32k5100, sony bravia kdl-32rd433, telefunken 32, samsung ue40k5100, panasonic tx-40ds400b, sony bravia kdl-40rd453, sharp lc-48cff6001k, lg 43uh603v, panasonic tx-40ds400b
  • Universal, compatible with all 22" to 40" led/lcd tv / monitor with vesa200x200, 200x100, 100x100 or vesa 75x75 mounting holes (not compatible with lcd monitors/tvs that have no vesa 200 100 nor 75 mounting holes)
  • Allcam / ehome will provide 5 years full warranty in uk; made from heavy duty steel, max. loading capacity: 15kg/33 pounds

Echo Black Stand Deluxe Base Soundbass 1st Generation High-End Discreet Plinth Design Exceptional Improvements In Stability Color Matched Finish Perfect Protection For Alexa

Mount it, protect it, love-it! introducing the soundbass custom designed deluxe stand for the online store echo this stand has been designed in the uk to be the best quality and highest performing stand available for the online store echo speaker when we set out to design our stand for the online store echo we wanted something unobtrusive, that would not affect the sleek online store design, we looked at the options available, they were all so unpleasant and spoilt the good looks of the online store echo. After many years working with high-end industrial design houses in london we understand to provide functional unobtrusive designs, that meet the brief to improve the stability of the product without damaging the sleek looks of the online store echo, hence the soundbass echo stand was born only buy soundbass authentic products

Echo Black Stand Deluxe Base Soundbass 1st Generation High-End Discreet Plinth Design Exceptional Improvements In Stability Color Matched Finish Perfect Protection For AlexaSoundbass-Generation-Exceptional-Improvements-Protection

Brand :    sound bass
Color :    Black
Size :    Deluxe Plastic
  • Designed in england - sympathetically designed in the uk to provide improve stability & protection without affecting the sleek looks of the echo
  • Important - echo sold separately the speaker shown in the listing is reference only. the speaker is not included
  • Deluxe design - complimenting you echo perfectly, color matched to blend in perfectly with alexa, non-slip / non scratch rubber base, plastic version available in black, white & grey, metal version also available
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - we truly want you to love the soundbass echo speaker stand, which is why it's backed by soundbass's 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee
  • Extra protection - dogs, cats, children or clumsy cleaners, this stand provides extra protection for your echo to isolate it from knocks, bangs or tipping.
Price :    $11.99 (was $19.99)
Model :    Echo-Plastic-Black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Digital Device Accessory :    Best Home Furniture And Decor (sound bass product review) for Echo Black Stand Deluxe Base Soundbass 1st Generation High-End Discreet Plinth Design Exceptional Improvements In Stability Color Matched Finish Perfect Protection For Alexa available ( Feb 2020 )

Echo Battery Base, Mpow 10000 MAH Intelligent Echo Battery Echo Charger Echo Accessories Alexa Echo, Cellphones Tablets Not Suitable Echo 2nd Generation

Quality engineering echo accessories mpow battery base provides led battery indicators, an on/off button to maximize battery life, silicone material for secure grip and extra protection. The advanced battery management system is for efficient and safe charging. Extra-long battery life no longer need an outlet and say goodbye to tangled charging. With 10000 mah li-on battery, you can listen to music or get help from alexa from any location for 6-8 hours. You may charge the base either with echo original adapter for around 5 hours or with included usb cable for around 6 hours stable & portable design designed to securely attach to echo, the non-slip material on the bottom of battery base gives stability on any surface. With silicone handle, you may take your echo anywhere, such as garden, park, patio, etc. Note 1. This battery base is not designed for echo dot or online store tap. 2. Long press the on/off button for around 3 seconds to turn off the base. 3. Echo not included. Specification product size: 4. 1 x 4. 1 x 2. 1inch (103*103*53 mm) package size: 7. 1 x 5. 5 x 2. 3 inch (180*140*58 mm) net weight: 10. 3 oz (292 g ) package weight: 17. 6 oz (499 g) battery: 10000 mah li-on battery packing list 1x mpow battery base for echo 1x usb cable 1x silicone handle 1x screw 1x user manual warranty every mpow product includes a 45-day money back & 18-month warranty.

Echo Battery Base, Mpow 10000 MAH Intelligent Echo Battery Echo Charger Echo Accessories Alexa Echo, Cellphones Tablets Not Suitable Echo 2nd GenerationMpow-Intelligent-Accessories-Cellphones-Generation

Price :    $25.10 (was $26.99)
  • Incredible battery life high-performance 10000 mah li-ion battery provides 6-8 hours of playback time. you may charge the base either with echo original adapter for around 5 hours or with included usb cable for around 6 hours.
  • Silicone handle the unique but cool handle brings you a portable echo, enables you to carry around far easier and safer. you can use it in the garden or wherever you want at anytime. this is what sets us different from others.
  • Intelligent charge technology compared with traditional ones, mpow echo charger permits your echo in a fully charged state without damaging the battery caused by long time charging.
  • Multiple functions this echo battery base can simply attach to base of echo (not suitable for echo dot) via a dc charging connector effortlessly and securely. the widened semicircle silicone pads prevent any drops and make your echo stable. with 5v/2. 4a output, this echo base also acts as a power bank to charge your cellphone or tablet while enjoying music from your echo.
  • Warm tip for compatibility issues this echo battery base is not suitable for echo dot 2nd generation. and with the upgraded design of echo plus and echo alexa's charging port, this echo battery base is not suitable for the 2nd generation anymore. if you're not sure whether our echo battery is suitable for your echo or not, just feel free to contact us first.
Brand :    mpow
Color :    black 1
Model :    PAMPBH077AB-UKAE1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (mpow product review) for Echo Battery Base, Mpow 10000 MAH Intelligent Echo Battery Echo Charger Echo Accessories Alexa Echo, Cellphones Tablets Not Suitable Echo 2nd Generation available ( Feb 2020 )

Intecbrackets - full motion swivel tilt heavy duty TV wall bracket TVs 40 - 65 maximum VESA fitting of 600x400. Super strong a lifetime warranty.

Latest design of heavy duty full motion swivel and tilt tv wall mount, supplied ready assembled for a fast and hassle free installation. Long flexible extension with 615mm of reach, yet folds back to give an unobtrusive slim fitting with just a 69mm gap between the tv and the wall. Super strong cold rolled steel construction offering a very impressive 60kg weight rating and tested to 4 times this level ! fits modern tvs from 37" up to 65" including curved screens (maximum fitting size of 400 x 400mm vesa - 99% of all tvs) and is supplied with extensive fittings and fixings, easy to follow instructions and is covered by our lifetime guarantee. The ideal bracket where you need a long reach but also a modern slim installation coupled with optimum security and peace of mind. Important fitting information: not suitable for mounting to plasterboard walls unless they are locally reinforced. Dry-lined and dot & dab walls require specialist fixings, please contact us for details.

Intecbrackets - full motion swivel tilt heavy duty TV wall bracket TVs 40 - 65 maximum VESA fitting of 600x400. Super strong a lifetime warranty.Intecbrackets-bracket-600x400-lifetime-warranty-Black

Brand :    intecbrackets
Color :    Black
Weight :    14.88 pounds
Model :    ITB615B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (intecbrackets product review) for Intecbrackets - full motion swivel tilt heavy duty TV wall bracket TVs 40 - 65 maximum VESA fitting of 600x400. Super strong a lifetime warranty. available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $32.99 (was $179.99)
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Full 90 degrees of swivel both left & right for tvs. up to 55". tvs over this size with will reach 70-80 degrees depending on size of tv
  • Suitable for all tvs from 37 -65" including curved with a maximum vesa fitting of 400x400mm (99. 9% of all tvs! )
  • Long reach flexible extension: 69-615mm
  • Easy tool-free tilt system giving 12 degrees of tilt upwards and 15 degrees downwards

Doro 338, 345GSM, 506, 510, 515, 520, 605, 606, 607, 610, 611, 612, 621, 622, 715, 740, 810 Genuine Mains Wall Charger With Original USB Cable Charge & Sync

A genuine doro mains plug with usb socket with usb cable for charging your device at home or away. Usb cable can also be used to transfer data and charge from any compatible usb port (pc, laptop, netbook, mac, game console, etc). Compatible with doro: 506, 510, 515, 520, 605, 610, 612 & 621.

Doro 338, 345GSM, 506, 510, 515, 520, 605, 606, 607, 610, 611, 612, 621, 622, 715, 740, 810 Genuine Mains Wall Charger With Original USB Cable Charge & SyncDoro-345GSM-Genuine-Charger-Original

DORO 338, 345GSM, 506, 510, 515, 520, 605, 606, 607, 610, 611, 612, 621, 622, 715, 740, 810 GENUINE MAINS WALL CHARGER WITH ORIGINAL USB CABLE CHARGE & SYNC Advantage
Brand :    doro
Color :    Black
  • Genuine doro usb cable
  • Charge, sync & backup
  • Genuine doro plug
Price :    $8.25
Model :    HKC0055010-4S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (doro product review) for Doro 338, 345GSM, 506, 510, 515, 520, 605, 606, 607, 610, 611, 612, 621, 622, 715, 740, 810 Genuine Mains Wall Charger With Original USB Cable Charge & Sync available ( Feb 2020 )

echo, black previous generation Price : 149, was : 0 as 2018-02-11
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Great toy ! i bought this with two dots, this echo lives in my lounge, the two dots are in two bedrooms. The sound quality is fabulous and we cannot fault it. You can ask alexa to play any music and i love that, she will play mostly all we have asked. The fun part is that the one i have in my 15 year old sons bedroom is blue toothed to my account so i have played tricks on him when he is on skype to his mate and played some awful music on his dot. With hilarious consequences! the only thing i cannot find out how to do is have separate accounts for my son's, the other dot etc as if you ask it to add something to your todo list everyone logged into the online store app can see it too in my house. I think that in years to come it will be fantastic - but for now sometimes you can ask it a question and something that you would expect it to get - but nothing she will say sorry i don't understand. It will also pick up on the tv at times if she thinks someone said her name. The app is nice, love the music side of this, not really dealt in the rest, games etc only slightly but does look fun, yes/no games, would you rather etc. I have no regrets buying this as it was reduced as an online store prime member. It is great for having guests and you don't have to mess with your phone to play music. It is a good gift to the house.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: I have a daughter named alexa, a dog called online store, and a cat called echo - will i have to get one of them to change their name ?

(1) Question: Does it have a tuner or connect with radio?

(2) Question: Will it ever be able to read aloud kindle books in the uk or is that never going to be included?

(3) Question: Will this work as a soundbar connected to a tv? and what's the power output of the speaker?

(4) Question: I am disabled and my speech is a bit slurred and irregular. siri understands me but dragon dictate has trouble. will alexa be able to understand me?

(5) Question: My dog's name is alexa. is this likely to be a problem?

(6) Question: I live in a stone croft with no electrical appliances. do i need one of these?

(7) Question: Can echo be integrated with pc - to play music or find documents etc. or does it only integrate with mobile apps?

(8) Question: Can you hook the online store echo and echo dot together, so have echo in main room and echo dot in rest of the house

(9) Question: How often does alexa need feeding? what does she eat?

(10) Question: Can i call it a different name

(11) Question: I live in france, will it work ?

(12) Question: Would this be able to replace my wife ?

(13) Question: Do you only require 1 echo for the home or do you need one for each room, or is one required and then a dot for each room

(14) Question: Is the echo mains power only? or does it have batteries - and also the same for the baby echo. must say i'm excited buying it at last!

(15) Question: What is the output of this speaker

(16) Question: Does anyone know if the white version of the echo has a matching white plug and cable?

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I had trouble setting up the alexa app on my samsung smartphone, i then found out i couldn't download the app as my phone was too old and not compatible (my phone is around 3 years old now) - this is important to tell everyone i think and is something online store should have warned about. Now i can only use update apps and playlist through computer desktop which is a bit inconvenient -check you phone is compatible with the app. . - i use daily, absolutely brilliant for music, picks up my voice very well, the alarm setting function works a treat. . There are some excellent apps you can install, such as games, they are quest themed games and are pretty fun, where you have to guide alexa through different problematic scenarios. Animal fact games which are great to play especially for the kids (20 questions, what animal am i? ). Loads of sport apps which need developing further. . Here are questions to ask her which produce cool and pretty funny responses! . . Alexa, how old is santa claus? . Alexa, can i tell you a secret? . Alexa, what s the magic word? . Alexa, do you smoke? . Alexa, are you smoking? . Alexa, what is your favorite food? . Alexa, what is your favorite drink? . Alexa, are you hungry/thirsty? . Alexa, what is your feature? . Alexa, do you have any pets? . Alexa, who is your best friend? . Alexa, what religion are you? . Alexa, are you god? . Alexa, are you evil? . Alexa, what language do you speak? . Alexa, am i funny? . Alexa, can i tell you a joke? . Alexa, what is happiness? . Alexa, what size shoe do you wear? . Alexa, what makes you happy? . Alexa, are you working? . Alexa, heads or tails? . Alexa, random number between x and y . Alexa, what number are you thinking of? . Alexa, high five! . Alexa, flip a coin. Alexa, roll the dice. Alexa, give me a kiss. Alexa, clap. Alexa, tell me a secret. Alexa, show me the t. V. Alexa, you re fat. Alexa, you hurt me. Alexa, i m hungry. Alexa, you rock. Alexa, not everything is a question. Alexa, are you tired? . Alexa, do you have a brain/heart? . Alexa, do you have a lover? . Alexa, do you want to go on a date? . Alexa, do you have any relatives? . Alexa, do you have a job? . Alexa, are you human? . Alexa, can you dance? . Alexa, did you miss me? . Alexa, can you pass the turing test? . Alexa, what s your middle/last name? . Alexa, what s your sign? . Alexa, are you my friend? . Alexa, do you sleep? . Alexa, does everyone poop? . Alexa, i have a cold / the flu. Alexa, when is your birthday? . Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road? . Alexa, what s black and white and red all over? . Alexa, is your refrigerator running? . Alexa, do you have prince albert in a can? . Alexa, how old are you? . Alexa, sing me a song. Alexa, tell me a story. Alexa, do you have any brothers or sisters? . Alexa, what are you going to do today? . Alexa, where do you live? . Alexa, where are you from? . Alexa, do you have a boyfriend? . Alexa, do you have a girlfriend? . Alexa, how much do you weigh? . Alexa, what is your favorite color? . Alexa, what color are your eyes? . Alexa, will you marry me? . Alexa, are you in love? . Alexa, how tall are you? . Alexa, what are you wearing? . Alexa, do you believe in god? . Alexa, do you believe in ghosts? . Alexa, are you lying? . Alexa, do you want to fight?

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Best echo, black previous generation (53 005342) in review

Solid heavy and feels well made. Easy to set up and works very well. A pleasure to interact with and plays music radio etc with no problem at all. Will provide recipes from jamie oliver the weather forcast, traffic information and will book you an uber cab. For home automation you need compatible devices and not all are so check that out before buying if that is what you want. But for 149 it is a snip as a bit of fun. This is the future i have little doubt. The initial thrill has subsided and whilst fun it is not nearly as functional as it could be and so many of the "skills " will work with the american model only (which is cheaper) for instance integration with harmony remotes yes in the states but not here in the uk. I will not even operate the online store fire as far as i can determine and anyway you cannot turn your tv with it so what would be the point i suppose. To get it to operate sonos you have to take sonos of its dedicated sonos net (which is rock solid) and put it on you home network - which may not be! i have a nas drive on the network with my music library on it - nope the echo cannot access it. The voice recognition is near perfect and alexa almost never misunderstands a request how ever.

N. April, Wolverhampton

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A. Alba, Liverpool says

So, after weeks of deliberation i finally succumbed to the black friday temptation of ordering myself my new ai friend alexa (in the form of an online store echo), as well as two smaller online store echo dots to place around the house in strategic locations. . Firstly. I admit that i have only had the online store echo for a weekend, but i just cannot understand the amount of 1 star reviews (and the ludicrously high amount of people finding those reviews useful? ! ). If i was a cynical person i d suggest that there might even be some sort of industrial sabotage going on here. Is it just coincidence that all of these bad reviews (and huge amount of helpful votes) are hitting the echo just before google release their own version in time for christmas? . . So i ve decided to give as honest and open a review as possible in order to highlight the pluses and (currently very few) minuses that i ve experienced. I ll add to the review as time goes on, as i have no doubt there will be some exciting developments in the coming months. . Day 1. . Open up package. For once online store have used exactly the right sized box which is a pleasant surprise in this instance for 1 x online store echo and 2 x online store echo dots. Bought for 119 and 39 each respectively. Bargain. Excitedly unwrap the various boxes and pull alexa out of her package for the first time. Initial thoughts are that she looks slightly larger than i d envisaged, but very sleek and lovely. I ve definitely had worse surprises than this. . Plug alexa in to my kitchen, pride of place on the kitchen island. Download alexa app on iphone. I have sky broadband by the way i ve seen reviews about alexa not connecting to bt so can t comment on this, but seems to have been resolved anyway. By the time the app has downloaded alexa s rather sci-fi circular top light is glowing orange and i connect her to my wifi. This has taken less than a minute in all from opening the box and plugging her in. Alexa announces that she is now connected. . Alexa, hello i whisper in stunned awe and expectation. . Hello alexa responds, perhaps rather nonchalantly. . Alexa, what is the weather like today i ask. . The weather today will be 8 degrees and overcast, with a chance of sunshine later on . . I glance at my wife and my children. Truly, this is a new dawn in the technical age. . 2 hours later : i have linked alexa to my spotify account, to audible, have updated her skills to include my preferred news bulletins. I can now ask alexa to play music, artists, songs. I have asked her to set multiple alarms. I have asked her to read my latest audible book and then seconds later ask her to switch to xfm, radio 6 music, and rinse fm just for laughs. I will test alexa mercilessly on this in due course. . 4 hours later : downside. My eldest daughter (who is 5) has cottoned on to the new miracle in the kitchen and has developed an imperious style of talking to her. She demands constant jokes. They re not too bad thankfully. Little mix s black magic has been played 335 times so far, followed by abba s honey honey, as well as abba s mamma mia. Unfortunately i have no way of getting alexa to sanction particular songs or not. Yet. . 6 hours later : i have plugged in echo dots in two other rooms. Nb you cannot link them in terms of playing songs on all of them together as you would a sonos system. I have also not tried playing different songs off my sonos system on different echo speakers. I suppose that if only one account is linked then this could be an issue. I did find last night that when playing music from my iphone on a bluetooth speaker in another room, the music would switch off on the main echo unit i. E. Couldn t play the same spotify account music at the same time in two parts of the house. Will have to revisit this. . Day 2. . Alexa, good morning i say breezily as i come in to the kitchen the next day. Good morning she replies, with equal good humour, and then goes on to tell me some fact of the day about frozen, which is 3 years old today. . Alexa, put on the radio, please i say, as i can t yet get used to making demands without being polite. Well, i am british. The radio starts. . Alexa, what is the weather like today? my wife asks as she walks in to the room. Alexa responds. Jackets and scarfs it is. Radio continues playing. . Alexa, tell me a joke says my daughter to the echo dot in the next room and then runs in to tell us why the chewing gum crossed the road. . Alexa, how do you boil an egg? i ask, just testing her, and i smile wryly as alexa tells me that she also recommends putting a little hole in the top of the egg with a skewer before boiling. . Throughout the day we all variously use alexa to play an audible book, play the radio, set a number of timers whilst we re cooking, work out the distance to the moon, tell us (multiple) jokes, and do a lot of dancing to little mix. . It also turns out that her favourite colour is infrared. . Truly, how did we every get on without her? . . Conclusion so far . . We re only on day 3 now. I m sure the novelty will wear off. And beyond the little gimmicks do we just have a very expensive egg timer, that also doubles up as a radio? or is this the future as far as my home entertainment is concerned? . . In short, i don t quite know yet, but i m very positive about what i ve seen and experienced so far. And my conclusions so far . . - for the current price ( 119 until the end of the day) this truly is a bargain. At 150 it s a good price. The sound quality isn t the same as my sonos but it s good enough. . - once again, i cannot understand the 1 star reviews. How can anyone take this miracle out of the box and say that it s not good because you can t have it read kindle books . Seriously? ! either these people haven t bought the echo yet or they have an unhealthy relationship with kindle. Or they work for a brand competitor. . - the sound quality of the echo dots (currently 39 and not quite as good value in my view) obviously isn t as good or as loud, but it does have an internal speaker. You can also link these to bluetooth speakers and (i suppose) bluetooth radios. I have one by the bed now which i have been using (for 24 hours admittedly) to ask the time, play the radio, or set a daily alarm. . - there are some wrinkles that need to be ironed out. Alexa hasn t quite got it when i ask for a particular sonos playlist yet so i do find i have to go to my phone and bring up a particular playlist and then start it through the app. I can still then carry on as normal though i. E. Alexa, volume up , alexa, skip , alexa, what song is this? etc. Etc. . - there are also a number of skills that are advertised but which don t (yet) work, and which are advertised as linkable. Others have mentioned that searching on bing is not as good as searching on google. Let s face it, about 99. 9% of people search on google and clearly google are holding off from allowing the echo to do so until google has stolen a march (or not) over its competitor. . +. . There are certainly improvements to be made. But rather like the sonos firmware, it s fully updatable/futureproof etc. Etc. And i am sure . No. Actually i m positive that our alexa experience won t stagnate and we find her gathering dust in a corner somewhere. I m already excited about linking with hive, philips hue and other media. In 12 months? you ll be able to walk in to a room and have alexa turn lights on, turn your tv and netflix on, set the temperature to what you want it to be, and then order some food to be delivered in nanoseconds. . Do you really, really need an online store echo? well, do you really, really need smart tvs, netflix, online store delivering in a day, just eat, dab radio, intelligent playlists, a speaker reading you a book etc. Etc. Etc. ? probably not. But if you re of that opinion then you re not going to be reading these reviews anyway. . And if google comes up with an amazing alternative and it looks like in 12 months time that the echo will be obsolete, then what has the downside really been in the meantime? . . *. Update : 12th december 2016. *. . A month(ish) since alexa arrived, and it s time to put a few further thoughts down on the performance so far, the various bug bears, issues, positives, and ups and downs! . . And for those sceptical of my motives for writing my alexa review . I can confirm that i (still! ) don t work for online store or any affiliation. Nor do get sent free products to review. I wish i bloody did. If anyone is reading this review and thinks i wonder if this guy wants to review our incredibly high priced electrical product which we ll give him for free? , then the answer s yes, whole heartedly! high-fi component manufacturers i still do not have a decent turntable or amp on which to play the (admittedly meagre) collection of vinyl i ve built up over the years. And tv manufacturers i m reluctant to swap my trusty 8 year old panasonic 40 inch plasma for something new as i just hate the soap opera effect that i see on new screens, but i m always willing to try . . But, back to the review at hand. Has the echo been worth it? . . In a word yes - and i stand by the majority of my original review. Of course some of initial novelty has worn off, and even the kids aren t quite as enthusiastic to hear a joke as they were. But it s still a very impressive bit of kit, and the weekly updates it sends through advise what s new and updated, and these have been improving even in a few weeks. . So, some general comments/issues to be aware of. . - firstly, since it is my spotify account that is linked to the echo, i often find that i m just getting in to a song or podcast on the way to work when the music drops (literally) and i then get a note to say that the trolls soundtrack is being played on my echo. Irksome. I know what the solution is to get a family spotify account but i haven t got around to doing this yet, so this will be resolvable. - alexa is good for most information most of the time. I am learning that interaction is dependent a lot of the time on how a question or demand is phrased, for example alexa, play christmas playlist will result in alexa suggesting a random christmas playlist from spotify. Asking alexa, play my christmas party playlist on spotify and it will work. So not far off, but you have to be specific. - likewise, when searching, i m not experience a drop in quality in terms of her answering as some other reviewers have mentioned, but you do have to be quite specific with questions, and random questions that you d ask google and get a response don t necessarily get the same response (or in fact any response) from the bing setup on the echo . - . And in fact that is one of the prime (no pun intended) issues that online store will need to resolve in my view. I have never rated bing as a search engine, and i do not think it s nearly as advanced as the google search. I seriously doubt google will want or need to allow online store to use the google search engine until google have made some serious roads in to getting people sold on their own product. - i sometimes get a bit bored of saying alexa. Particularly in this sort of sequence alexa, play my new music playlist on spotify , alexa, volume up , alexa, volume up , alexa, skip , alexa, pause . But how to resolve this? i don t expect there will be, and i d say it s probably going to be the same on any home system you buy. . But generally . ? . . I do love walking in to the room (the 3 rooms we have where alexa resides) and saying alexa, play absolute radio *radio starts*, and a little later alexa, set timer for 10 minutes *sets timer*, then alexa, what s the weather going to be like today? *immediate breakdown of weather*, and then because i m filling out a form alexa, what s the date today . . So, i m still impressed. Still think it was worth the money i paid for it. And still excited about the various future opportunities that are going to come about. Particularly excited about the sonos link up next year.

. Glenda, Northern Territory

We absolutely love the online store echo. It does work, yeah maybe people might see it as being a tad lazy. We use it currently with online store music unlimited, as it is just easy to do. It does not always understand what you want it to play. Even when you know that a particular album/playlist/station exists in online store music. The family thinks i must have been involved in the programming of the jokes it tells. I will be getting hive to control the heating next and plug sockets as my partner always worries about leaving her hair straigtners on. I will later be getting hue to control lighting in certain rooms. I will later be getting logitech harmony to make it "easier" to control our "home media system", which is a collection of miss matched items. Sony, samsung, sky etc. I will update at a later date when other items have been added. Only niggle i can find is that it needs to be further away from any sound source such as a tv. Ours is 1000mm above and 300mm to the left of the television and it does struggle to "hear/understand" sometimes properly when television is on at normal level whgen lots of vocals happening.

L. Hakala, City of London says

Wow it is like having someone at home you can talk to as it replies in good english. But we need to get out more ! . We love it and can highly recommend it to people who need reminders and reports/news and lots more it even has a sense of humour too tells jokes that come out of xmas crackers. But i think why did i not buy this product earlier as it is fantastic and well worth the money. One thing it is not a five minute wonder as some gadgets seem to be. Can be part of our fast paced modern life as we sometimes forget appointments/anniversaries, but with alexa she will never let you forget them again. Well done online store for bringing a product to the masses.

P. Donna, New York

I originally bought an echo dot as i liked the thought that it would be my font of all knowledge. I was happy paying the much lower cost for essentially the same criteria as i could link it in with my own speakers to increase the volume for music. I have been so impressed with it that i have left it permanently in my bedroom and now opted to buy the larger version on online store prime day. This meant it was half the original price and i am delighted with it. The product has a much deeper and louder sound so no need to link it into separate speakers and it is continuously playing my favourite music via the playlists. It is situated in my lounge and i use it every day.

E. Guest, Stoke-on-Trent says

I've only had this a week so have yet to fully get to know what echo can do. I do, however, think its a great bit of kit and unlike other bluetooth speakers there is no buffering or lag. The sound is great for my small home and the voice recognition is good. The skills one can add are okay but some are for the us market and not available here as yet. The music from prime that is free seems quite good but for the more discerning music fans then maybe the premium prime or spotify is for them. I loath having to pay a subscription per month to play a few songs. I have yet to set up any smart bulbs or sockets as they are a little pricey but as things wear out i plan to invest in more automation. The build quality is brilliant and it looks great. I love this and its introducing me to new music, facts and information on a daily experience. I fully recommend this as a friend for any home.

D. Megan, Wyoming

Alexa hasn't changed my life but it has made it more simple. . Top uses are as follows. 1. Shopping list. 2. Timers. 3. Music (spotify or radio). 4. Turning hue lights on or off. 5. Turning the heating up or down. 6. Audiobooks. . I use all of the above pretty much on a daily basis, it's strange how natural it is to issue voice commands. . Could be better if she had a bigger data base for general questions or the ability to add more than one item to your shopping list at once or having multiple timers.

B. Ross, Washington says

There is always a lot of promise with things like this and it's good at what it does, but hasn't changed my life. I had a dot in the kitchen but go this instead as i use it a lot for music and the full size has a much better sound; much fuller and louder. It can fill a big room. Great for streaming prime music and radio or music from my phone. I use it also for timers, reminders and it's great to be able to add to my shopping list. It's a shame you have to use the app to delete stuff but amusing to see how many times today my daughter has asked her to say 'bum'. (usually a lot). She's five and alexa will recognise her about 80% of the time. It's pretty good at recognising adults but wierdly not as often as the dot, which almost never ignored me as this one does. . I am sure it could do more for my life as it's a pretty expensive bluetooth speaker. I have it integrated with lightwave for controlling lights, which rarely works. New stuff arrives all the time but a lot of it is variations on old stuff. . All in all a good gadget but one to invest time in to get the most from.

C. Evelyn, Oregon

I read all the reviews for this over and over again, went and saw one live, played with it and pondered. My wife was the doubting thomas, so in the end i just went ahead a bought it. I already have a sonos , which i have had for a year now, and use it all the time, which is in the living room. The benefit of this is that i can play my itunes through it plus online store prime ect. I have the echo in my kitchen/conservatory are and use it every morning to update me on news/sport, then play my favourite music/radio stations. The grandkids love it , and to honest i am getting fed up hearing one direction! my wife uses it a lot as well as i can keep track of it via my phone as to what she listens to when i'm out. All in all a good investment and it can only grow as it is updated. Sound quality fantastic as well. One thing i cannot master at the moment is finding some radio stations via vice control, but practise makes perfect. If you're dithering about buying one , stop and just do it.

J. Jennifer, Norfolk says

Alexa is definately part of the family now. Kids love her, friends love her, hubby loves her even i love her lol had to update using my online store account that was only bit we had to do but takes minutes. Kids find her so useful asking educational questions. Setting reminders she is great. Sound for playing music is awsome. We have her on volume 4 and even thats loud so at volume 6/7 its a whole house party. We are so very happy with this purchase. Would definately recommend this purchase.

T. Meghan, Virginia

Absolutely amazing! i bought this as a gift for christmas for my husband and he is not disappointed, and neither am i. This has far surpassed our expectations. To sit in your armchair and get the answers to so many questions - and ask her to play music for you and get a great selection. We are only just getting to know alexa but would very highly recommend it. We live in a village with only adequate internet connection and have had no issues with it at all, it is flawless all the time. Very very highly recommended.

Z. Michele, Stockton-on-Tees says

My friend had one of these on my visit to the us and i was super excited to see it launch in the uk. I love, love love my echo and although it needs a few features adding (which i assume online store will do) i use it every day without fail. It is so useful for everyday things like shopping lists, traffic updates, weather and news but can also help with dinner ideas, finding out information and playing music via spotify, prime or radio. Everyone needs an echo in their lives. I am also looking at adding lighting and a heating thermostat this is tech at it's best. Alexa can hear me from any room and even when the music is playing you don't need to be next to her or even facing her, i honestly think everyone needs this in their lives. I actually have it in white and it looks very elegant and blends in well with my decor.

K. Theresa, Birmingham says

I really like this echo, sleek design that becomes integral in your home, and the more you use it the better it becomes; you re only limited by your own imagination. . Understand this you don t need it, want over need prevails once again! . . Speakers will fill your room in a balanced 360 dergee way. Music sounds clear and loud but not in a party banging way which is ok it s not meant to be. You can hook up sonas speakers which gives you music in every room with a more mature sound, if you want speakers, go for apple pod, but that s all it s got going for it apart from the sleek design and a 300 quid price tag. Opposed to the differing prices of online stores echo, 49. 99 - 89. 99 - 136. 99. And a sleek design (winner winner chicken dinner)! . . Alexa can sound a bit robotic and her knowledge is limited and is a little bit frustrating at times ! knowledge base is limited as there is only access to wikipedia, this is where google wins hands down but google does have search engine and poor speakers! . . The common denominator is that all these products fight for your money and to take control of your smart home. . There is a huge skills development programme working on your behalf, it s fun and practical and will keep you entertained as you custom build your needs into alexa. And if you, like me are thinking what the hell is a skill, well here s the answer it s an app! . . In conclusion if want to get involved with these products and be entertained while you voice control your home, i would reccomend online store echo as the best all rounder and i know, typical to online store ethos they will strive to make echo even better as time moves on! that s without a doubt!

. Anderson, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

This product is simply great and i have fallen in love with it, much to the annoyance of my wife! great in the kitchen, meaning i can play music whenever i want, and the speaker quality is really good. I have set it up with some smart plugs (preference of tp link), and have connected it to my tablet for control. A few teething issues with set up, but probably of my own ignorance rather than any issues with the product. When connecting, it is best to have the tablet close by to start with. Reading all the information on the product, i am probably using only around 10% of what it can do. However, online store send a weekly e-mail giving new ideas to look at. Initially, you have to learn how to speak to alexa to make sure she understands, but this is no issue and you quickly learn. I would recommend this product.

V. Rhonda, New South Wales says

As an early adopter of the echo which was purchased primarily for internet radio it soon became more than just a fancy radio that you speak to request stations. . After 12 months this product has rapidly become a daily used product with home automation being the key to the success of this product, as of writing this my home is setup up with 1 echo and 2 echo dots (2nd gen) which work flawlessly individually and together, buying additional smart home plugs i can controll all my lighting around the home, having the hive i can controll my heating system again flawlessly, my router is also alexa enabled and in addition to these have the rmpro to controll the tv and entertainment system aswell as ceiling fans and with a little bit of side work is now working via the echo (alexa). . Added to this the ability to play music to all or set grouped echo devices is a game changer. Every month i check what new features are available this as said above has exceeded my expectations, setting timers when cooking is a breeeze and is perfect for any home cook no more clock watching. . I see the future of homes all equipped with similar devices and having had it in my home for 12 months would be strange to be without it.

I. Candy, Cheshire

Alexa turn on the ground floor lights; is pretty much the first thing i say when i get home. Alexa connects to hue and powers up my lights. Saying alexa ask harmony to turn on the television; causes my logitech harmony hub to switch on the tv. Alexa ask neato to start cleaning causes my neato robot vacuum to get going (one for the way out of the door. ). . These are the things it knows to do today; the beauty of the echo is the rich eco system; something apple has failed to deliver with homekit. Every week online store's echo update email lets me know about more services that allow it to further enrich my life. Its not yet the source of information that the computer on star trek delivers (and how i wish the voice was majel barret's) but for home automation and some basic audio sources - get me the cnn news headlines for example its excellent. . The willingness to work with seemingly everyone has made alexa a good first choice for adding voice activation to your home.

W. Debra, Lorraine says

Use the big one at home and small one at work hooked up to an old mini hifi system. Both work a treat. It's early days so the ai is a bit behind some other voice assistants like google and siri. I don't mind the trigger words being limited - not a problem. . If this is gen 1 (which it is really) then i have high hopes for the 2nd and 3rd gen units with more native features. . One thing i would like is to have voice control of podcast playback - it's not currently possible to skip forward or back, jump to x minutes etc. . The speaker on the big unit easily beats my bluetooth speakers (hive 1 and 2) - it's plenty loud enough for the kitchen and has replaced our radio/cd player. . The only skills i added was for smart plug controls which do work consistently well. The other stuff is pants to be honest.

. Paige, Basse-Normandie

I ended up buying alexa after searching for a good quality speaker. I was considering bang & olufsen's beoplay a1 and bose's soundlink ii. Even if alexa is not portable, needs a constant power source and the sound quality is not nearly as good, i have to admit that being able to interact with a piece of tech made me reconsider my priorities. . I use alexa for what i consider basic tasks, from streaming music, audibooks & setting alarms to keeping track of my online store orders. I am considering investing in smart home features just so i can use its capabilities at max. It's definitely something cool to have around the house and the design is perfect for a minimalist home; however, many skills are poorly developed and has random moments when it misbehaves, especially when streaming music. . I think the key to enjoying alexa without getting frustrated is to come to terms with the fact that it is a work in progress.

. Lynette, Walsall says

Good fun to be had ! it is really good although she sometimes doesn't understand what you ask. Radio drops out quite a bit which is annoying but when she will agree to play through radio player not tunein it's much better. We don't use ordering apps or anything like that at the moment so not seeing it's full potential but overall it's good fun. We did have to join the online store music to get her to play songs you ask for but it is only 3. 99 a month so not too bad. If you are already a member of another song app you should be fine just enable that app on your phone. Best laugh we had was when my husband asked for a particular song and she played something random, he said alexa stop before i kill myself and she told him not to do that there are people who can help and proceeded to give the samaritans phone number !

. Patton, Sachsen-Anhalt

Hard to remember life without it. She sits in our kitchen, plays the radio and whatever music we request. She s also useful for news, weather and setting timers. Some of the jokes are good fun. Very impressive voice understanding. My minor issues are:. 1) there are some teething troubles when selecting music where tracks have been covered for example, asking for nimrod by elgar or barcelona by queen both lead to remixes or cover artists rather than the original. It s frustrating (or impossible) to verbally instruct alexa to play the correct tune, eventually i discovered that saying enigma variation nimrod by elgar and barcelona by freddie mercury work, but it took a while for me to work these out and the phone app didn t help. 2) similarly, (because of kindle) there are issues when asking for music which is from a film that is based on a book (this might be a niche problem) but asking for the track the ring goes south from the lord of the rings lead to alexa telling me i didn t own the book asking for the track the ring goes south from the album the lord of the rings sort of worked but i was given a tribute/cover version rather than the movie version i wanted. Playing the full album then skipping to the track works ok but takes time and it s a shame the app doesn t help. But generally, we re very happy, impressed and surprised at how good the technology is it seems only a short while ago that i was angrily giving misinterpreted instructions to a cinema telephone system; while today i stand in my kitchen talking to the ship s computer from star trek! thanks!

U. Stacey, Isle of Wight says

I bought this on online store prime day on a whim, i'd seen a bit about the echo but couldn't really justify buying it at full price (150gbp). However, now i have it i'm not sure how i lived without it. I already had spotify premium, but only really used it through my phone and some cheap speakers. Now we (my wife and i) listen to music all the time. Alexa sits on the breakfast bar in our kitchen/dining room - she always hears our commands form in the room. We can even shout from upstairs and she hears you! you don't have to speak like a robot either, she generally understands what you want - alexa louder, alexa shut up, alexa play me some music, alexa is it cold outside etc. I like that spotify can be controlled from the app on your phone (or the spotify web app) and play through the echo (great when we have the patio doors open and are sat in the garden). Then the news updates, jokes, weather and updating calendar is added bonus. Oh sound quality - it' loud enough and clear enough for me - i'm not looking for exceptional quality (but to be honest i think the sound is great). Can't wait to see what new features become available as it develops. One the the best things i've bought in ages!

Q. Maria, North Lincolnshire

I bought this after seeing it at my son's. It is perhaps still more of an interesting curiosity than anything else -unless you have the urge and the money to create a 'smart home'. I was initially impressed by its use as a speaker for spotify and the ability to control that from a mobile phone. It's really nice to sit there and say 'alexa' play me some van morrison. It is particularly nice when a little inebriated. However it has to be said that she is a bit of a pleb. Start talking to 'her' about anything beyond readers' digest classical and she becomes utterly confused. I find the list function unexpectedly useful. My old method was to write things down and lose the piece of paper. I also find the alarms and timers useful. I suppose my main criticism, other than the fact that 'she' seems musically ignorant, is that the majority of 'skills' are entirely worthless. Could i do without it? yes. Would i want to do without it? no. Lastly, anyone who does as i did and pays more than 100 has to be barking mad. Wait for it to be 'on offer' at 99.

O. Medina, Lancashire says

It was a present for my other half and he loves it. He asks alexa all sorts of questions. He has a joke with alexa. He particularly likes the rude ones! she is very polite and far cleverer than me and i don't get nagged for info all the time. They have great fun together. All our visitors have questions answered too. Brilliant source of entertainment at dinner parties. Great source of information and apps. Our most used is 'alexa play . ' and immediately she is playing. Whether its the welsh national anthem. A type of music or a favourite radio station. Alexa does not appear to give answers to measurement conversion questions? you have to ask in a different way sometimes to get an answer. Every home should have one. We also get frequent updates by email from online store on new question suggestions.

Y. Watson, Tennessee

I really enjoy having my echo, i primarily use it for music, catching up on the news and adding things to my shopping list. I know that it can do so much more, but i don't have the smart heating or lights in my house, and we don't do takeaway very often! i linked it up through ifttt so that when i add items to my shopping list they appear on my windows phone as a onenote page. The speech recognition can sometimes go wrong, and a lot of the time she "doesn't know the answer to that one", but it's a fun thing to have in the kitchen, especially when you ask her to recite pi to a million digits! she seems to be improving all of the time, so maybe one day she can act as a bluetooth hands-free speaker for my phone.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Z. Jackson, South Carolina says

When it works it is great but consistently fails to recognise my voice or "alexa" key word. Seems to have no problem being triggered by random comments on tv programmes which can be irritating. . Sound and build quality is excellent for a device of this size. Plus directional recognition of voice input is top notch as indicated by the lights except at high volume when it can fail to recognise any input. . Integration with applications such as hue and nest is poor at this time. . Tunein feature is great and is mostly whati use echo for at the moment, but this is an expensive version of a radio. . Integration with a shared itunes library or music folder on a home computer is a missing feature

B. Carrie, Manitoba

Not as good or useful as i had hoped. Seems very american in her actions. Want football scores got nfl game results and old ones at that. I do enjoy asking alexa to do things but it gets rather annoying trying to ask it in the right way before you get an answer. Sometimes quicker to check on your phone. Hoping it will improve quickly. Mainly used now to play music but sound is rather poor if that is going to be it's main use. Think of alexa as a 3 year old kid. Good when it plays nicely but when it's bad it's very frustrating and doesn't seem to listen to you . Very limited in its skill set currently but hoping for alexa to learn and progress. Wished i had waited a little longer so alexa was more grown up and sensible.

F. Melissa, Bayern says

This was good, for a while. I used it for adding to shopping lists and 'to do' lists, but the main use was being able to play exactly the playlist i wanted on spotify. They must have silently done some kind of update or something because i now am unable to call up any playlist at all. If i say "play sam smith playlist", that used to play my sam smith playlist. Now it just plays some random sam smith playlist and ignores mine. . There's also something about alexa that just winds me up when she's ignoring me like this. If it was one of my kids saying ". I'm sorry, i don't understand", i would sit down with them and gently explain that it was my sam smith playlist that i wanted them to play. With alexa i just want to launch her out of the f*g window! i hope online store are recording the number of expletives that people must be ranting at this stupid black plastic tube. Maybe they'll then sort their crap out and not release a product that doesn't do what it is advertised as doing. . In addition, today the app announces with pride that you can '. Call and message your friends and family'. Now if you have kids you'll know why i don't want to set this feature up. "alexa, call president trump. I want to tell my daddy on him". No thanks. . However, the app gives me no other option. It is forcing me down the route of setting this feature up, or closing the app; no other option. So now i can't even get into the app to try and sort out the playlist issue. Genius! thanks online store. You are succeeding in abusing your position to such an extent that i am, indeed, on the verge of launching this piece of crap against a wall and cancelling the prime account i have had for years. Way to go!

D. Linda, Bourgogne

From the early days of broadcast radio, reception was generally very reliable. It was even used for nazi and soviet propaganda for heavens sake, it was that good. The equivalent of today's radio 4 was broadcast on long wave. It travelled a long way and you could get it all around the house. Then came fm: great quality but a bit particular about where you could receive it. It liked to drop out under motorway bridges for example. After that came dab. You either got superb quality or nothing at all, quite frequently the latter. . But this device takes radio unavailability to a whole new level. In the first day of listening, tune-in had probably delivered more radio 4 dropouts that in the rest of my life to date (including driving under motorway bridges and through tunnels). By the end of week 1, dropouts were probably on a par with the whole of uk broadcast history. Some news and discussion programmes were impossible to follow, as important words, phrases or minutes of audio would just disappear. It is hard to believe that 21st century radio reception can be this bad. . I've reset it numerous times. I've tested it as close to the router as possible, and compared it with an echo dot in the same place both using the default tune-in app. It had about ten times as many dropouts as the dot and about a 5 second lag. In the old days all devices would play the same stuff at the same time, but not any more. Thinking positively, it occurred to me that if one dropped out in the lounge, i could dash into the kitchen and catch up. This thing should be marketed as an exercise machine. . Oddly, the device can stream music reasonably well. It also did a better job with radio 4 if you asked it to use radioplayer, but i don't see why i should have to do this and even radioplayer seems to have deteriorated. I have checked the speed and strength of connection at the device and it seems way above what is required for radio. I've even asked broadband supplier to check the incoming signal and its fine. . Why is this thing so bad at radio, why is it so much worse than the echo dot and why should it depend on which app you use?

E. Stacey, Stockport says

I have to say i love my online store echo and haven't switched on my hifi since i bought it - so why only 2 stars? one of the main reasons for owning an echo is to listen to the radio and the default app is tunein (which cannot be changed) and it is garbage. It's always been bad on mobile devices and that has continued with the echo with constant drop outs and just stopping randomly. . The alternative radioplayer works perfectly but because alexa likes to use tunein you find yourself having to try and get alexa to use radioplayer for about a minute before she gives up on tunein and does what you want - after a slight diversion with south carolina public radio for some weird reason! . . First world problem? yes, but a damned irritating one that online store must be aware of looking at the various forums, blogs and online store reviews. . Apart from that it's great. Sound quality is fantastic, i have it in the kitchen on top of our larder fridge and rarely have the volume above 3/10, with a rich full sound. Using the timer function is a joy when you're cooking and my children come running when they hear the alarm go off as they know it means food :). . All of the other features need some work, especially the internet searching as it uses bing which is not first choice for most people with good reason. . Overall a good product, but online store - sort out the bloody radio!

Q. Finch, Alberta

I've had the echo for coming up to a month now and while it has great potential, it is currently falling short in a lot of ways. . Good bits. . . - fantastic build quality. - alexa can hear me even in a crowded kitchen with lots of other noises going on. - sound quality is really good. . Bad bits. . . - where's the ifttt integration, it's available in the us so why not here? . - you have to say things in a very specific way. For example my nest thermostat is called 'downstairs' you have to explicitly say 'set downstairs temperature to 18 degrees' it can't seem to understand any other variation. . In summary at the moment it's a great internet radio/speaker but is not much else until we have more skills, or ifttt integration.

U. Anonymous, New York says

This technology still has some way to go. I like the fact that i can use voice commands to work stuff via the extra plugs i bought along with my new echo and i initially enjoyed the novelty of adding sugar to my next ocado order. However, yesterday alexa decided to randomly add lettuce to my ocado order while i was listening to pink's speech at the vmas on my phone. Trust me, pink didn't say anything about getting alexa to order lettuce. And then today she started belting out auld lang syne while i was watching tv. So her hearing or understanding is far from perfect and could even get quite costly if she keeps on ordering random products while i'm not paying attention. Even if you forgive all that, i'm already getting a bit bored with switching lights on and off by voice when i've got a perfectly good light switch nearby. And to be honest, it's hard to remember some of the exact key phrases that she relies on to get my smart products to work as i don't need to adjust things like my heating schedule everyday. I'm also disappointed at having to shout at alexa whenever i've got the tv on so she can hear me. It's like living with an annoying, lazy and slightly deaf relative who promised to help you out when they moved in, but keeps getting it so badly wrong (deliberately? ) that there's only so many times you can put up with the disappointment before you stop talking to them altogether. I'm just glad i bought all this stuff when it was on offer so that i'll be able to sell it all on ebay without losing too much money when apple eventually bring out their smart speaker at xmas time. Yeah, it'll be much more expensive but hopefully it'll be more accurate and have a better speaker that is actually worth listening to music on. Would not recommend an online store echo unless you really can't resist a new gadget, you can spare the cash for the echo plus all the gadgets you'll need to get the most out of it, and you've got enough patience and humour to tolerate how often she gets things wrong.

S. Widmer, South Gloucestershire

Cool product but a long way to go. One of the main problems i think is it has no internal power supply. Meaning if you want to move it you need a socket close by. There is a charging dock you can buy but christ its expensive as you have to buy the batteries separately. This is an afterthought but making the consumer responsible for it! . Instructions are quite vague to be honest. If you ask alexa questions often she will say i can't answer that and yet they are simple questions you will find on google etc. Its using bing but hopefully transfer or use google as well on an upgrade. Sound is good enough to me with lots of warm bass. Not sure but i am just having new smart meters fitted to my gas and electric supply so hopefully that will one day connect to it. That would be real fun! third party accessories will start to flood the market like re-chargeable docking stations at a reasonable price so you can move it around without mains cable. The unit upgrades and downloads the latest firmware automatically so any new stuff should come straight away. I think it will be a great product but its expensive. I can't wait for the phillips hue to get cheaper or indeed a third party that will knock the price out a lot cheaper as i want my house to be full remote and voice activated but i just can't afford it all. Plus the lighting systems on the market are like milk bottles. They are huge? online store here is a great bit of advice for you- make a replacement light switch that connects to the echo. That way you don't need bulbs, just tell the light switch (or plug socket) to turn on and off any thing that is connected to it. Simples.

M. Nellie, California says

Please note that i am not a tecnical gig and maybe i have not figured alex's ful capacity + i do not use the unit at all as a remoute control. After a day of trying to interact with alex's my husband said that we have simply bought an expensive advertiser. Whatever you ask alexa she would inform you that you have to subscribe and she can gladly help you to do it. You want to hear your favourite song - subscribe to online store unlimited music . You ask her a question -most of the time she doesn't know or the answer is extremely short, e. G who was bach? she will tell you his full name and that he was german composer. Apparently, alex's does not use wikipedia. Not sure if you can change that somehow but we gradually lost interest in her. Pros: nice speakers. Entertaining for kids when you download games on her. Great use as a radio.

I. Donna, Lancashire

Spoiler alert. Many of the features talked about in the uk press are still not available on echos in the uk. So for example none of the communications features like intercom are available. This makes echo worse value for money than competitors that do provide comms features. I've also found thay the app store (skills) are packed with useless apps. Definitely a "can't see the wood for the trees" situation. E. G. I have no need to know about bristol's bin collection times. This could have been easily solved through a intelligent set of tagging and filters. It makes finding useful skills a 30 minute hunt. Just not worth the hassle. . I'll amend this review when the full feature set becomes available.

. Helen, Ohio says

Initially excited about this product as i have heard some good things about , however although easy to set up even for a novice from the word go their are fundemental flaws with the voice commands. It can be. Very frustrating when asking for even the simplest commands only to de directed to something completely different or to be told i don't understand what you are saying ! at first i thought it was me or my axcent. Alexa had problems understanding but this was not the case as even when my wife asked alexa to do things we had the same problem . Clearly their needs to be some more work to iron these issues out and i only hope the next model addresses these issues or i can see some disapointed customers in the future once the hype surrounding this technology expands. In summary it is early days but if it continues and i find myself and the wife having to continually shout at alexa if only in frustration to make it understand you commands it may end up as an expensive ornament on the mantle piece . My experience so far tells me i should of waited a bit longer to see what else is on the market .

T. Guest, Mississippi

Bought this in july and have tried numerous times to connect it to my wifi but it fails to connect. Have tried all the suggestions and also other networks to no avail. I bought it via a warehouse deal and there appears to be no recourse for faulty product. I suspect this fault was the reason for the item being returned. I can find no way of getting online store to accept responsibility for the problem via the website. Beware buying warehouse "bargains"as they were returned for a reason which online store may not have corrected.

. Guest, Derbyshire says

I like the functionality, although perhaps not as efficient or all encompassing as google home, but what i don't like is the fact that it seems to rob the broadband. When not on bb runs at circa 37mbps, when on bb drops to circa 17mbps. . I have heard that it can muck about with the wifi if too close so i moved it to another room and still no cigar. I would assume that there is a solution to this issue but i have to say that i am sick to death of having to make alterations to things so that they work. I am old enough to remember computers and their accessories in the late 80's and 90's where you more often than not had to do something to make something work (for those that remember - irq settings with scsi based scanner on a 486dx computer. ) but now that we are 20-30 years on i would hope that things would just work without the endless internet surfing to try and have to match up your problem to someone else's and then run the gambit of making suggested changes without breaking everything.

X. Pearson, Alabama

I love the direction echo is taking online store but i have one concern and one request, which if delivered could make up for the weakness, but the reality is this is an exciting work in progress which could become a key utility when i'm at home:. . Firstly, i believe the search engine it accesses is bing, oh dear, outside of the us it is simply not localised enough*. For example, echo will tell you your football team's score. But bing has only heard of premiership football teams and i'm guessing cricket will be a complete mystery to it. It's only one example, but my google which i carry around in my pocket knows about my teams and its knowledge of me makes it a much more useful assistant. It is a shame google is a direct rival to echo/alexa as google's knowledge of me and localisation will never underlie alexa's assistance and information tools. Partnering with microsoft, never a great idea. And as for being a personal assistant, what about reading emails or social media updates? i might be wrong that bing is part of the problem, but i think it is on the football team scores and that just can't simply ask how the tube is running (there are some third party skills for this though). The lack of assistant capabilities may lie elsewhere, it does import google diary interestingly, so maybe there is hope. . Second, as a prime and audible customer, not only do i pay for the services, but i've paid for 2 echos and 2 dots on order and i'm thinking about more, why not add 20-30 million songs to prime music or offer a gold service offering this, but for less than a spotify subscription. The alternative offered is to load your old tunes to the online store cloud. But it refuses to read my wma files, but anyway 250 loadable songs hardly makes up for the lack of music on prime. Or if course it let's you use your spotify account. Come on online store, we pay you enough, you should offer a bit more through online store prime music. . I'm a huge fan of online store, its changed the way we live, but while it has got the lead on others with echo/alexa in some respects, in both ai-driven personal assisting and as a music hub, well it's already betamax*. The second issue seems easy enough, not sure the bing issue can be dealt with. . There are some smaller issues, it simply won't understand the word kraftwerk, it won't read me certain audible books no matter how much i shout at my echo, i can't link the echos so it follows me around with the music i'm listening to, there are a few other little issues, but these are ok because the ai will improve. . All that, but a fabulous piece of kit. I love simply, asking for a radio station (not sure why it sometimes thinks i'm asking for bbc radio asia rather than bbc london. I'm guessing the uk accent understanding needs improvement, but it usually works well) the book reading, the integration with prime music, the limited national rail skill (i'm don't always want the next train, i might want to plan ahead. Oh and i need to try a tube skill, though google simply has simply got this built in), i'll undoubtedly try the uber and domino skills. More skills please. I'll undoubtedly use this as an incentive to make my home a little smarter with lights etc. . My hope is that online store's efforts to encourage ai skills built around the echo/alexa infrastructure delivers continuous improvement. That's where the real value of this development lies. . This is a fabulous piece of kit and is the future. If it avoids becoming betamax* because its underlying search and assistant capabilities can't be improved or its prime content doesn't increase, because i'll be able to get my spotify on someone else's vhs*. It will become vhs if the ai community online store us developing works. . A final thought - i've made a mistake here, i want to use an assistant which follows me around, omnipresent and useful at the times i need an assistant. What i should have waited for was to see where cars go with in-car ai assistants. I want to plan a journey at home, get into the car tell it what music i want and what light setting. Now, online store are working on a link with bmw, what will others choose and will they simply give more control to google and apple auto apps? online store are right to go for cloud-based ai solutions, but i am guessing eventually we'll all favour google and/or apple because they are more integrated with mobile solutions so the same ai will be everywhere, in the train on the commute, in the car and of course at home. Online store have grabbed the home space first, but when i am out on the move or i want some useful regional/local knowledge, well it is next to useless. Google knows there are football teams outside of the premiership - alexa doesn't*. . Update: i'm now getting so angry with the inability of alexa to find two thirds of my many audible books that i've slashed my rating, if it can't work effectively with online store products well that's not good. Maybe if i had a stanford accent it would play more of the books i ask for. But i don't and it won't. . Update 2: well done online store adding online store music unlimited for 3. 99 a month really responds to one of my issue with it. But i have not signed up as it says "on a single device". So a super option, but i've got 4 echoes looks like that costs 7. 99 (i assume that works with all my echos) or 14. 99 a month for a family (one assumes multiple accounts). . *it gets worse on regionalisation after the clocks went back in the uk alexa confirmed an alarm at 8am but it went off at 9am - i'm guessing the cloud intelligence won't reset its clock until the clocks go back in the us which is a week later. *kids, look them up on wikipedia

H. June, North Somerset says

My sons have endless hours of fun talking to alexa. She doesn't always understand them or get their instructions right but that seems to add to their enjoyment. She put brown buttered bread on a shopping list once, instead of playing some death metal band for younger son. Unlike siri, she also seems to struggle with my name, which makes it impossible to get her to turn my lights on. Overall the natural language processing is impressive but alexa seems to struggle more than siri does with acting on what you ask. Some of the tasks alexa can undertake require specifically formulated queries (like checking train times) rather than the promised 'natural conversation' style. This feels more restrictive that siri. Having said that, i use alexa more than siri - having a hands-free voice command system in the home makes more sense for me than one on my phone so i'll be interested to see how it improves over time. . The echo has a decent speaker, ideal for a smallish room. This one is in the kitchen, where hands-free is ideal. Makes putting on some music whilst you cook or wash up much easier. I also have a dot, which i bought first, and that has a much more limited speaker. It's not terrible but i'm hoping for a sonos link-up for that room. . If you're wondering whether to go echo or dot, my advice would be echo unless you've already got a very good sound system. If i'd known how we would use the echo, i'd have bought a full sized echo first not a dot. My eldest son would buy a dot tomorrow, if it was cheaper, and use bluetooth to connect to his existing sound system.

V. Debra, Croydon

This was a christmas present for me. It's very much work in progress at this time and there is much room for improvement. However, what i do like is the ability of this device to stream a lot of music from its huge data source and commercial free, which means that you don't have to subscribe to premium sites that charge you for access. However, having said that the sources tend to be drawing upon music recorded in live concerts and sessions. Alexa sometimes has difficulty in understanding my instructions for example when i ask to play some music from 'muse' it comes back to me with some flash report from the news! also, you may need to qualify or be a little more precise with some other names e. G. When i asked alexa to play some music from rainbow it started playing some childish song like 'ba ba black sheep' from the children's tv programme 'rainbow. ' no alexa, please play me some music from the rock band rainbow. However, apart from these little side issues, the ability that you have to access a lot of music from the past is brilliant e. G. Barclay james harvest, mott the hoople, pink floyd, supertramp, the eagles, dire straits, rainbow - the world is your oyster.

W. Whiteman, Tameside says

The concept is great but the reality is a let down! more often than not alexa's answer is either " i don't know that" or "i can't answer that". There is just not the functionality implied with the slick adverts. Pros: decent speaker, very clear, simple voice recognition is good. Cons: it's a mid range speaker, uk functionality is weak. This is just a gimmick until it gains decent apps and much broader functionality. If it's a good wireless speaker you are looking for, you can buy better for the price. If online store can improve and broaden functions/apps i would happily rate this higher, but until that happens 2 stars is very fair

R. Eva, Sandwell

Fun at first, but that soon turns into frustration. The speaker is not brilliant - lacking in bass and treble - it seems optimised for speech, not music. The a-i is lacking compared with google home - it appears to have no learning capability or way of remembering of contexts beyond the previous command. Getting it to play foreign internet radio stations by voice command is frustrating. If you select the radio using tune-in from your phone and ask what we are listening to, it probably won't pronounce it correctly, and whether you copy alexa's pronounciation or pronounce it correctly, it will not understand and play something random instead. You can get it to tell you your daily commute time, but it can only perform that trick for the one journey you programme into it. If you ask how long another journey will take it will tell you the mileage and then say "as i do not know your current speed i cannot tell you how long it will take". . It's search engine is "bing" . Do i have to say any more? you can get it to do some specific things like re-ordering your usual pizza if you download the appropriate skills. The availability of skills in the uk seems somewhat limited compared with those offered in the usa. I have not yet tried ifttt which could potentially provide some useful additional functionality.

K. Peggy, Kentucky says

The echo is ok but not brilliant. . It does tend to listen to our tv (probably bored just sitting on its shelf) and will suddenly switch on when it hears a word it likes on the ten o' clock news. However, i don't think hugh edwards has ever slipped in the word "alexa" during his bulletins just for fun of it or to to see whether he can wake up half a million online store echos around the country. . Then the other day, during a news clip, donald trump mentioned that nigel farage is a great british politician. . My echo suddenly sprang into life and yelled "i don't think i heard you correctly. ". . Hmm. Maybe it's not as daft as it looks. . Another thing with my echo is that it's a bit deaf. So am i. Therefore, i ask alexa to increase the volume when i'm trying to get the answers right on that pop quiz programme on radio 2 in the morning with bruce forsyth. Afterwards, when i realise that i've scored null points yet again, bruce will suddenly play a loud record. I yell at the echo to turn the volume down and it completely ignores me. I yell so loudly that my neighbours came round once and asked if i was ok. . They also suggested that i should not yell at my wife (alexa) so loudly as their cocker spaniel starts barking. This subsequently wakes their baby up. They also complained that this then might have a knock-on effect and now they're afraid that it'll make their baby suffer from nightmares with the result that it'll grow up into a maladjusted ne'er-do-well. . I blame hugh edwards. . And another thing. I would like to adjust the treble on my echo because alexa's voice is, frankly, rather sugary sweet. . When i suggested this to alexa, she retorted in no uncertain terms that it wasn't possible. . Why? . . She can tell me whether it is going to snow today or who won britain's got talent in 1953, and yet she can't speak properly. . So i'm not terribly happy but hey ho.

C. Pamela, North Lincolnshire

I think as a first generation product, what they are trying to do here is admirable. But i returned it purely because at the moment it is a bit gimmicky. The things that came in useful was the playing songs from spotify/online store library which was great. And to add things to the shopping basket. But on a daily basis there is not much else. Sure you can control your heating but you would need to have a lot more smart wear to see the full effect. There needs to be a screen on this because ordering uber via the echo is pointless, you need to look at your phone anyway. The same goes for ordering something, without a screen you cannot be sure what you have ordered. But for it to really take it to the next level, it actually needs to be a better speaker. Sure it is loud but the bass and sound quality is poor. Doubling it up as a speaker that replaces what you would buy is a sure way of getting people to buy it but the sound quality needs to be significantly better and that's also one of the main reasons i sent it back

Y. Glenda, Warrington says

I've got four echo dots which all seem to perform better than the two echos that i've purchased. I've had to return one for a replacement and i only managed to do that because it was just withing the online store 6 week rule. Despite the replacement both of my echos constantly lose connection with my wifi, constantly need re-booting and constantly need to be reset to factory settings (which is a pain because you have to set the thing up from scratch all over again). The echo dots are great for connection to bluetooth speakers and work over some distance. The distance with the echo is far far less and i'm finding that they wont even power a speaker in the next room through a thin modern house plasterboard wall. On a more positive note, the tone of the echo is far superior to the echo dot but you could still add a good quality bluetooth speaker to an echo dot and still buy the whole lot for just over half the price on echo.

J. Anonymous, Rochdale

Whilst the online store echo is a great device, the lack of audio sync between the echo devices allowing multi-room music means google has the edge with its device. Big design oversight by online store.

L. Alberta, New Hampshire says

We bought this after using two echo dots attached to harmon kardon onyx 3 speakers being used in different rooms around the house. We thougth an all in one unit would make a nice compact device for use in one of the bedrooms, but the sound quality just doesn't stack up when playing music -. - its great for voice playback, such as news updates, confirming actions to turn on hue lights, controlling nest or getting the temperature from netatmo sensors etc, but just not that great for music due to lack of bass. . I really like using alexa to control my connected devices - the majority of my house is setup with controlled lightning and heating. The echo dots serve a great purpose for that at a better price, and with 3. 5mm audio out to better speakers that is probably the better option unless space is at a premium.

G. Meyer, Oklahoma

Bought online store echo primarily to listen to the radio. Unfortunately the default player is tune in. As far as i am concerned this is a rubbish player. Radio 5 live keeps losing the signal and sometimes goes on a loop where you here the same program an hour later. It really confused me when i was waiting for a time signal, radio 4 often goes in and out of signal about every minute , this is awful when you are trying to listen to a news broadcast. Some days it just switches the radio signal off for no reason at all. Radio player is much better but cannot be set as default and alexa often fails to hear " get radio player to " and just turns on tune in. Its very frustrating and i am sorry i bought the echo. Online store should be ashamed of themselves. Tune in might work in the states but from the many comments i hear on the internet this is a major problem in the uk which online store is not addressing.

. Erickson, Tennessee says

Its a nice product but i'm glad i didn't pay full price for it. . Pros. Being able to activate music through voice control. Takes up very little space. It's fun. . Cons. Poor sound quality it's clear but no depth, for that you'll need extra speakers. Doesn't seem to understand the difference between "turn it up" and "turn it off" which is frustrating as you have to go through the whole "alexa play radio player" then she speaks then you have to tell her which radio station to play which takes way longer than pressing a button. It's worth noting that the radio stations are played a few minutes behind normal broadcasting so if you want to have alexa playing in synchrony with a current radio player, you'll hear a lag that is impossible to enjoy. Does not hear you over certain things, i have a noisy living room and sometimes it does not hear my commands. Tunein (factory installed app) radio just randomly turns off without warning and doesn't play all radio stations, you need to download radio player to get a the majority of stations. I got online store prime free for a month and it doesn't play 50% of songs that i ask unless i subscribe and pay for online store music which it tells you about even if you tell it to stop. Music also turns off without no real reason.

P. Kathlene, Merton

Ah, sure, it's a novelty: get alexa to tell a joke, bark like a dog, meow like a cat and tell you the ultimate answer is 42. But even at the reduced price of 100 sterling that's an expensive novelty. . Google play told me that none of my devices was compatible with the online store alexa app (apparently it's "not available in your country" (ireland)), so i had to set it up via my windows laptop. That was a bit problematic but eventually i managed. Had to sideload it onto my android devices via apkpure. . One of the main reasons for buying the device was to stream radio. But it won't stream most of the rte stations so it's pretty poor in that regard. Apparently the echo can access tunein but only the channels that are available in the uk. So although the rte stations are listed (and i can access them fine via the tunein app) alexa can't play them as she thinks she's in the uk. . Still exploring but not impressed so far. . Apparently alexa is a scorpio. Guess that makes it all ok.

. Jarvis, Vermont says

The main problems lie within the lack of adequate speech pattern recognition for "average brits". It struggles with scottish and south yorkshire accents, but with a few years of learning it should perform better. If you are lucky enough to have a regional dialect you may feel that online store is encouraging you to change the way that you speak. There's some fun easter egg commands like "open the pod bay doors" or "i'm your father" which raise a smile. For those who don't know, this device merely captures and transmits sound to a cloud which performs tasks such as "what time will it be dusk" or "what's the square root of 842". Online store's aws cluster does all the heavy lifting - not this unit which is a dumb terminal. . Alexa uses bing, do you use bing? . Me neither. . Playing music on it is ok, nothing special and it's mono. If you want better audio fidelity, buy a small bowers and wilkins device instead, they're a british company and their products are superb. As a kitchen radio it's absolutely excellent, all your favorite bbc stations (and some commercial ones) are available with a simple command. I currently only use it to play radio stations and music. In conclusion, without good search and voice recognition the echo is just a dumb device. It will get better over time and the price of wifi-enabled devices will fall to more affordable levels, perhaps black friday?

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