Energizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries – Pack 4 (engrcaa1300) 347

Review for universal aa rechargeable batteries

Price was £5.69. I have found energizer batteries to be very reliable over the years, both in standard and rechargeable form, so well worth paying the extra for a quality product.

-D. Alberta

Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries – Pack Energize Aa Rechargeable Batteries 1300mah (pack 4) Engrcaa1300 Energizer Rechargeable Batteries – Reusable Power You Can Depend On! Energizer Rechargeable Batteries Are Highly Recommended -Energizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries – Pack 4

  1. Extras: Long Lasting: Lasts Up To 2x longer In Digital Cameras Vs energizer Standard Alkaline,  results Vary By Device.
  2. Extras: Long Shelf Life: Up To 5 Years Total Usable Battery Life Under Typical Usage Patterns; Can Be Charged Up To 1000 times.

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These batteries replaced my previous 1200mah ones and what a difference. They perform very well in my digital camera over long periods and in cold conditions too. I am quite a heavy user working as a building surveyor and no longer worry about running out of charge. The only thing that would have improved it would be a free battery case, but that is only a bonus. Best universal aa rechargeable batteries | Energizer Group-Battery Review ( Feb 2020 ) Extras Energizer Universal AA Rechargeable Batteries - Pack of 4 Recycled content: energizer's recycling comes to energizer universal recharge batteries. Long lasting: lasts up to 2x longer in digital cameras vs energizer standard alkaline,  results vary by device. Long shelf life: up to 5 years total usable battery life under typical usage patterns; can be charged up to 1000 times. Long shelf life: charge lasts up to 12 months in storage; suited for all devices and occasions. Batteries come pre-charged .

Energizer universal aa rechargeable batteries - pack of 4 Review (engrcaa1300)

Use these in my camera flashes and must say i love them. Wouldn't use any other battery and infact have purchased around 10 packs of these to use with kids toys and other things. Charge takes around 4 hours but they last in my camera flashes all day when i'm using them alot. -F. Reed

Energizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries Multi

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Energizer
  • Color: Multi
  • EAN: 7638900268317
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.99 inches
    Length:0.57 inches
    Weight:0.5 pounds
    Width:0.57 inches
  • Manufacturer: Energizer Group
  • Model: ENGRCAA1300
  • MPN: ENGRCAA1300
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: ENGRCAA1300
  • Sub-Type: CE
  • Category: BATTERY
  • ReleaseDate: 2012-08-20
  • Size: AA

universal aa rechargeable batteries - pack Ce, Energize aa rechargeable batteries 1300mah (pack 4) engrcaa1300 energizer rechargeable batteries - reusable power you can depend on! energizer rechargeable batteries are highly recommended for high-drain or frequently used devices - ones that you use more than once a week - such as digital cameras, portable audio players, two-way radios, handheld games, and gps equipment. they are also recommended for toys, infant devices, and pdas. for best results pair your energizer rechargeable batteries with energizer chargers. can be charged 100's of times. hold their charge for up to 6 months. engrcaa1300 Energizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries - Pack 4 (ENGRCAA1300-Energizer).

Energizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries Multi Ce

  • For me energizer are the best batteries by far, especially when i went into the himalayas where the batteries performed very well, regardless of the cold weather. They were used in the two cameras i had with two spare sets of fully changed batteries and i had no issues.
  • Arrived promptly. Bought these for my cordless telephones, and have been using them now for a few months. They work as expected as i. Have used these type of batteries for years and only buy energizer. These are excellent and hold their charge without problem. And they are. Much cheaper than supermarket prices. Very good batteries. Very pleased with both seller and product.
  • These batteries corroded on me about a week later before i even used them. I ended up disposing of them. I would never buy these or any batteries from energizer again as this was very dangerous what had happened. Not recommended!
  • Ok, still not cheap but better than in most shops
  • These d batteries have a 2500mah capacity which is okay. Would expect a little more capacity from energizer given that there are 3000mah d batteries nowadays. Greater capacity means i do not have to change these cumbersome batteries as often.

universal aa rechargeable batteries Energizer Universal AA Rechargeable Batteries - Pack of 4 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

After going through what seemed to be a neverending supply of batteries we switched to the rechargeables. Energizer arent a leading brand for nothing.

Energizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries - Pack 4
Click to see NoticeEnergizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries - Pack 4 (engrcaa1300)"Bought these to go with set for digital radio, this time for burglar alarm. Runs out of battery when you least expect, and then you have to buy more. Now i just have to wait an hour for recharge."

(0) Question: If you buy 4 batteries it costs â 6. 39 but if you buy 8 batteries it jumps to over â 30 why it should only cost double

(1) Question: Silly question, these batteries are 2300mah they will still charge in my 2000mah charger

(2) Question: Are these 2000mah as product description says: type aa, capacity 1700mah (pack of 4)

Energizer Universal Charger - Pack of 1

Energizer charger universal 629874 engrhuni the universal charger, is the ultimate energizer family charger. It charges all five of the most popular battery sizes- aa, aaa, c, d and 9v. With the average household said to contain up to 30 battery powered devices, it is a must have for any family. Neat and compact, the energizer universal charger has been designed with busy households in mind. The unique spring loaded battery charging area allows you to quickly swap between charging your aaa batteries to your 9v batteries. The universal charger is also fast, charging 4 aa 2450 mah batteries in under 4. 5 hours with easy to read lcd charging indicators showing when the batteries are fully charged. Engrhuni

Energizer Universal Charger - Pack of 1Energizer-Universal-Charger-Pack-1

Brand :    energizer
Color :    Silver
Size :    1
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    ENGRHUNI
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Multi cell charger: it charges aa, aaa, c, d and 9 v rechargeable batteries
  • The energizer universal charger: an everyday battery charger for all your essential devices
  • Fast charge time: safely and quickly charges aa or aaa batteries from 3 to 5 hours
  • Charge detection: lcd panel indicates charging status and a safety timer prevents over charge
  • Protection: primary battery detection and reverse polarity protection
Price :    $16.38 (was $17.59)
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (energizer product review) for Energizer Universal Charger - Pack of 1 available ( Feb 2020 )

Energizer Base Charger + 4 AA 1300mAh 1.2V Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries

Energizer base battery charger includes: 4x aa 1300mah 1. 2v energizer nimh rechargeable batteries (also known as: 15a, 15ac, 4006, 815, aa, am3, e91, kaa, lr6, mignon, mn1500, nd62s, stilo) energizer aa 1300mah 1. 2v batteries they can be recharged to full power at any time using a broad range of chargers. Since the cells are rechargeable up to 1000 times, they're a good economic and environmental choice. It makes them ideal in high drain devices such as portable cd players, mp3 players, remote controlled toys, hand-held games, palmtop computers. Energizer base battery charger an excellent basic charging solution for your everyday devices at an exceptional value and value for money, it can be tucked away in the corner and left to get on with charging your batteries so they are ready for whenever you need them. Approximate charging times: aa : 2000mah - 8 hours / 1300mah - 6 hours aaa : 800mah - 7 hours product features - charges up to 4 aa or aaa batteries - led charge light shows when batteries are charging - automatic shut-off at 11 hours to avoid overcharging - economical charger and good value - charges aa or aaa overnight - polarity protection - energy star certified voltage: 100 to 240 input voltage range battery voltage: 1. 2v built-in 3 pins uk mains plug (2 pins plug-in-adaptor will be included for customers from overseas)

Energizer Base Charger + 4 AA 1300mAh 1.2V Pre-charged Rechargeable BatteriesEnergizer-Charger-Pre-charged-Rechargeable-Batteries

Brand :    energizer
Model :    639838
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Charger set includes 4x aa 1300mah rechargeable batteries.
  • Package includes: 1x energizer base charger
  • Charges up to 4 aa or aaa batteries
  • Product ean: 7638900304626
  • Economical charger and good value
Price :    $12.65 (was $13.88)
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (energizer product review) for Energizer Base Charger + 4 AA 1300mAh 1.2V Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries available ( Feb 2020 )

Energizer Power Plus Rechargeable AA Battery Pack of 4

This is the energizer rechargeable nimh battery aa 1. 2 v power+ 2000 mah 4-blister en-pwrpl2000b4 the worldâ tms first rechargeable battery made with recycled batteries! engineered to be more responsible, while maintaining performance. Blister contains 4 pcs aaa 2000 mah batteries.

Energizer Power Plus Rechargeable AA Battery Pack of 4Energizer-Power-Plus-Rechargeable-Battery-Green

Brand :    energizer
Color :    Green
Size :    2000mAh
Weight :    0.3 pounds
  • Batteries come pre-charged
  • World's 1 recharge brand according to market survey data
  • Charge lasts up to 12 months in storage; suited for all devices and occasions
  • Lasts up to 4x longer in digital cameras vs energizer standard alkaline, results vary by device
  • Up to 5 years total usable battery life under typical usage patterns; can be charged up to 1000 times
Price :    $6.10 (was $6.84)
Model :    ENR Power Plus NH15 2000 BP4 Pre-Ch
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Health Personal Care (energizer product review) for Energizer Power Plus Rechargeable AA Battery Pack of 4 available ( Feb 2020 )

Lloytron Intelligent 4 Channel Compact AA, AAA 9V/PP3 Ni-Mh Battery Charger

Lloytroncompact aa/aaa + pp3 battery charger b1502 - 13a uk style plug - 2 channels - charge up to 4 aa, 4 aaa and two 9v batteries - charging status indicators - (please note batteries not included) - output aa - 200ma, aaa - 200ma, 9v - 20ma - typcal charge time for nimh batteries

Lloytron Intelligent 4 Channel Compact AA, AAA 9V/PP3 Ni-Mh Battery ChargerLloytron-Intelligent-Channel-Compact-Battery

Price :    $6.46 (was $6.92)
  • Lloytroncompact aa/aaa + pp3 ni-mh battery charger b1502
  • Polarity reverse protection
  • Supplied brand new & boxed from lloytron
  • Led charging indicators - moulded uk 3 pin plug
  • For ni-mh and ni-cd rechargeable batteries only. please read full instructions before use
Brand :    lloytron
Model :    B1502 Lloytron
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Home Furniture And Decor (lloytron product review) for Lloytron Intelligent 4 Channel Compact AA, AAA 9V/PP3 Ni-Mh Battery Charger available ( Feb 2020 )

Energizer CHRPROWB4 Pro Charger With 4 AA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

The energizer pro charger integrates sound into the process of charging your batteries. A series of beeps will play to indicate that the charging has initiated and another series of beeps will play when the batteries are fully charged. This will ensure your batteries are fully charged every time which will help maximize battery performance. Additionally there is another sound that plays to indicate when a battery has expired and can no longer be charged. The energizer pro charger comes with 4-aa energizer universal nimh rechargeable batteries (1400 mah). Energizer universal rechargeable batteries have up to a 5 year lifespan and can be charged up to 1500 times. Energizer's aa products are now infused with extended-life additives to provide consumers with a usable battery life of 5 years.

Energizer CHRPROWB4 Pro Charger With 4 AA Nimh Rechargeable BatteriesEnergizer-CHRPROWB4-Charger-Rechargeable-Batteries

Brand :    energizer
Color :    Black
Size :    Pro Charger w/ 4-AA
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    CHRPROWB4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Compact wall outlet charger with folding plug for easy storage
  • 3-5 hour charge time with auto shutoff to prevent overcharging and battery damage
  • Conveniently charges 4 aa or aaa nimh rechargeable batteries at the same time
  • No more guesswork - audio and visual alerts indicate when charging has started, when charging is 50% complete and when batteries are fully charged
  • Charge batteries 100s of times to save money and create less wastesimple to use with auto shutoff and bad battery detection
Price :    $15.79 (was $16.74)
Speakers :    Best Battery (energizer product review) for Energizer CHRPROWB4 Pro Charger With 4 AA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries available ( Feb 2020 )

Lloytron AA/AAA Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd Intelligent LCD Battery Charger

The lloytron intelligent lcd fast battery charger allows you to charge rechargeable batteries from your mains socket. With it's universal 100-240v 50hz worldwide compatible power supply you can use the charger (with an appropriate plug adapter) anywhere in the world. It can charge aa or aaa batteries one at a time or in 2, 3's or 4's. The lcd display shows charging, fully charged, defective, and wrong battery type. With it's intelligent microprocessor it controls the charging to each individual battery so you can be confident the batteries will be charged at an optimum rate. Please note there are no batteries supplied. Approx charging times aa 1600mah - 1 houraa 2100mah - 1. 5 hours aaa 800mah - 1 hour

Lloytron AA/AAA Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd Intelligent LCD Battery ChargerLloytron-Ni-Mh-Intelligent-Battery-Charger

Brand :    lloytron
Weight :    2.49 pounds
Model :    B1504
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 1-2 business days
  • Charge nimh/nicd rechargeable batteries from your mains socket
  • Worldwide voltage compatible
  • Charges in 4's, 3's, 2's, or even single batteries
  • Automatic polarity reverse protection
  • Charge up to 4 x aa or 4 x aaa batteries at a time
Price :    $8.56
Ce :    Best Battery (lloytron product review) for Lloytron AA/AAA Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd Intelligent LCD Battery Charger available ( Feb 2020 )

energizer universal aa rechargeable batteries - pack of 4 Price : 5, was : 5 as 2018-02-12
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Great Britain
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The F.A.Q. for energizer universal aa rechargeable batteries - pack of 4

I use these for my amp when i'm busking, they work well. I try not to push them so i'm not sure how long each charge actually lasts but i usually do 2. 5 hours continuously and they're fine!

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Are these batteries nimh?

(1) Question: How long are the batteries guaranteed to work for before recharging?

(2) Question: Are these energizer rechareable batteries suitable for wirelessspeakers

(3) Question: Are these batteries 1. 2volts

(4) Question: Are these batteries mimh or micd ?

(5) Question: Hi, this battery has not worked since i purchased it. it will not recharge at all with the recharger equipment i have(which recharges other batteries)

(6) Question: Hi. has anyone noticed the number of hours the energizer 635675 rechargeable d battery last?

(7) Question: Are these 2300, as per the description, or 2450 as per the text on the box in the photo?

(8) Question: Are these 1. 5 volt batteries ?

(9) Question: I have hair trimmer (shaver) and it has its own charger. but the battery inside is dead and needs to be replaced by a new one. is it suitable for this

(10) Question: Are the batteries fully charged when they arrive or do i need to charge them?

(11) Question: What is the difference between extreme, power plus, iniversal, etc

(12) Question: What is the difference between this and newer model priced 8. 75 advertised on same page ?

(13) Question: Image says 2500 mah, title says 2300 mah. which one is it then?

(14) Question: Does the normal energizer charger work for these or do they require a special charger?

(15) Question: Are these fully charged when new

(16) Question: Will these work well on a 2-cell d battery maglite? i need them to output full power, and last about 5 hours.

(note) Question: where/how to get Energizer (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Energizer's products

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Lots of brands selling a similar thing (including online store basics, which are actually good too) - but i chose these as i have been burnt (figuratively) by cheap rechargeable batteries before. These do not disappoint- on to my 5th packet now and all of them really reliable and easy to use- hold their charge, charge quickly, but above all they so the job when i need them too. Primarily used in out house for kids toys and camera flashes and gadgets- great for all these purposes!

Accessories 1301475431, Electronics & Photo 897065, Household Batteries & Chargers 130404134, Rechargeable Batteries 130114134Top Energizer Universal Aa Rechargeable Batteries - Pack 4 (engrcaa1300) FAQ Content

Best energizer universal aa rechargeable batteries - pack 4 (engrcaa1300) in review

Ordered these as i have had good results from this make, been a while since i needed any more, no hesitation in buying and recommending these, green minded too!

. Anonymous, Barnsley

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K. Wells, Barking and Dagenham says

These batteries were a steal at the price and last a long time on full charge. They also come with a fair bit of charge in them so you can "plug and play" so to speak! great if you want to save in the long run as despite certain 1 shops selling packs of 20 disposables these rechargeable energisers last a lot lot longer than triple the 1 wonders!

S. Olga, Maryland

Bought these for a mamas and papas bouncy chair for my new born, charged from my nitecore d4 smart charger (one at a time! ) took a while but thats not the batteries fault. . So far worked well, i have other energizer rechargable and they seem reliable.

B. Edith, Rhode Island says

I have always broght energiser rechargble batteries and they have always done well and always lasted a very long time i would always recommend

Q. Annette, Idaho

These work ok and have been reliable but the capacity is not that great and i find i am recharging them more often than i would like. I have some other '7 day shop' c cells which are higher capacity and last longer

U. Lara, New Mexico says

These batteries arrived within a couple of days from icell and charged within 4 hours with the "energizer universal battery charger with smart led". They have only been used in a cd player (nothing too energy intensive)but are working well and have already been used for over 10 hours and they are still going strong. At just over six pound for two, they are only 2-3 times the cost of single use "c" batteries yet they will happily recharge over 200 times before you should start to expect some of them to fail. Nice to be able to help yourself save money while saving the planet at the same time!

. Theola, Newfoundland and Labrador

Solid batteries. Bought to use in xbox controllers. Good staying power. They will pay for them selves very quickly. The son and i do a lot of gaming.

. Morgan, Michigan says

Now we have a baby, everything takes batteries and rechargeable ones are a logical step. These are all i buy and have not let me down. Coupled with the quick charging unit, i can almost keep up with the little ones demands!

G. June, East Riding of Yorkshire

These work really well in my nikon flashgun and the great thing is that they really do hold their charge and their high capacity means i get a lot of flashes from one charge, bearing in mind that off-camera flashguns take a lot of power.

V. Marguerite, Iowa says

Again like others not been charged since taken out of packaging ages ago.

P. Wilson, Australian Capital Territory

Very good batteries. Charge fast and 1100mah which for the price is above average. . Work great for my garden lights

Z. Lewis, Brandenburg says

This is a good product. We have already got an energizer charger for rechargeable batteries but wanted some more batteries. We initially went to the local 'cheap' shop and bought some rechargeable batteries for 1. All i can say is don't bother as the charge does not last and you are forever changing them, then the battery fails. This has not happened at all with the energizer batteries so this is why we bought these again. Get these, don't buy cheaper, it's not worth it!

T. Colleen, Arkansas says

These should last ages compared to standard aa batteries. My last rechargeable aa batteries would not work anymore so i bought these. I have also bought aaa edition of these and they are also good.

N. Powell, Darlington

I bought other types for rechargable battery for my telphone handset but none of them are good enough to last longer. These battery are excellent, and i don't hear the beeping noise from the handsets anymore.

O. Kelly, Louisiana says

These are good batteries, although i wish i bought duracell instead. Duracell are meant to last longer. I feel they have lasted longer than standard batteries i have used previously though. They are also much cheaper than anywhere else. At my local argos they are 12. 99. So i have saved over 6. 00. I bought these for 5. 54. What a bargain!

. Rowe, Virginia

I was pleasantly surprised, in a way, to discover that these energizer extreme rechargeable batteries come pre-charged, having just purchased a charger! the 2300 milliamp-hour capacity is absolutely amazing, being almost one and a half times the capacity of the battery which is sealed inside my phone! i recommend rechargeable batteries to people because, once you have invested in a charger, you save a fortune by not having to keep buying non-rechargeable batteries! it is also better for the environment because the rechargeables come with 'environmentally friendly' credentials. I recommend this purchase to anyone who thinks about saving money when spending it! richard, norwich, england, uk. Mid-march 2016.

J. Nellie, Solihull says

Tried these as we were getting through unreal amounts of batteries with xbox controllers. I have the proper charger also and 2 sets of 4 batteries in circulation. They charge in less than 1 hour and last for days in the controllers. Having enough batteries i can keep some charged ready to go in case they do run out. Working like a dream, i wont need to buy any more batteries for a while.

W. Gilmore, Schleswig-Holstein

These battery pack was a great bargin, if you want use them for light load devices. The packaging was very good they recharge very well. My charger took around 4 hours but it will depend on your type of charger. The main thing is that they do hold thier charge for quite a while and does keep your device running and since i have got it the batteries i see no signs of discolouration or leakage. I like this product it been worth the price.

Y. Miller, Northumberland says

Very good quality of batteries. I use these batteries on a daily basis in a wireless keyboard. They are quick to recharge with energizers quick charger and last a very long time. Some of the best batteries you can get for the money.

I. Rita, Alsace

Being used successfully in a roberts radio which has the option to use either rechargeable or standard batteries. The rechargeable batteries can be recharges without removal from the radio.

H. Ross, Lambeth says

Great delivery service and great value for money. Have used these batteries in the past and would recommend to anyone looking for good reliable batteries that once fully charged seem to last for ever.

. Susana, Bexley

Good quality rechargeable batteries. Take 1 hour to charge with my energizer quick charger and last for ages. I would highly reccommend these over unbranded batteries as unbranded batteries tend to have overstated capacities and sometimes regulations are not followed so they could be a safety hazard.

. Walsh, Portsmouth says

These are the best rechargeable batteries i have ever bought and at a very reasonable price. I bought them several months ago and they hold the charge very well even when used in a digital camera or when stored for a long time. I will not buy anything else from now on. I am now considering buying size c if they are available.

Top universal aa rechargeable batteries Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

I. Tracey, North Carolina says

First impression was these batteries are very light, they dont even feel the quality you would normally expect from energiser. The batteries do "hold" their power for some considerable time, however when used, they discharge extremely fast. I brought mine for a cree torch, its original batteries had lasted over 2 years! so you can see how often i use this torch. When used with these batteries, the torch lasted just under 4 hours. . There is nothing physically wrong with the batteries, ive had the same issue with many brands, in the 2500mah bracket. And that is the key, its the 2500mah, for a d cell many companies make them very low, even their non chargeable ones have a far higher mah rating. . I would recommend this for an item you dont use often, but not for everyday items. For those you will need something in the range of 10, 000mah.

X. Diana, Salford

Poor. I bought it for a head mic for use in fitness classes, and it barely lasts a single class before running out. I'm sticking with duracells in future, which last best part of a week before they need recharging.

S. Susan, North Lincolnshire says

These do not recharge in my cordless headphone transmitter, other nimh batteries do ! the print on the batteries and the leaflet enclosed is so small, and in so many languages, that it is illegible! not a recommended product, money wasted.

T. Cathy, Nevada

They loose their ability to charge if you don't use them regularly. I've learnt this the hard way :-(

B. Juliana, Wandsworth says

I recharged them maybe 7 times in total and the battery charger from the same brand can't recognize the batteries and so can't charges them. Useless

R. Audrey, Westminster

I bought these for my golf gps. I have been using duracell re-charge. These energizers are no comparison at all to the duracells. I can get nearly three rounds from the duracells without a recharge. I can get just enough for one round from the energizers. Definitely will not buy any more and would not recommend them.

P. Teresa, North Tyneside says

Actually pretty annoyed at these. They are rated 1. 2v (i expected aa to mean 1. 5v in addition to the physical size of the battery, but i must have been too naive). If you use them in one of those battery powered string lights, you will get a very dim lighting out of them, just like when the non rechargeable batteries are close to their death. Considering i got these batteries precisely to counter that, i regret my purchase.

K. Theresa, Northwest Territries

I am returning 2x2 so called energizer batteries that hold more or less zero charge. They were not cheap; my son pointed out that false d cells have been around for a long time. Has online store checked these from this supplier - i certainly would expect these to be checked once they are received back by online store. If they just contain one a or one c cell then we are talking fraud which should be prsecuted. I can only give one star - i would prefer to give negative stars. Do not buy these.

O. Valdez, Alsace says

I'm no expert on batteries, but these last about 1/10 the time of the disposables i had been using. I'm lucky if they make it three weeks in my apple bluetooth keyboard. The thing used to last for months.

Z. Pamela, Alaska

Bought a pack of 6 for a digital radio back in march. Using the energizer accu recharge universal recharger bought at the same time i accepted that the charge time for the medium size 'c' batteries would be fairly long. It is-i. E. Several hours- with four batteries or two batteries at a time but that's not a problem. I find, however, that in use with the medium sized dab radio ( which takes 6 batteries at a time) the batteries only last 4 or 5 weeks with the radio only being used about one hour a day in the mornings. This is disappointing as standard non rechargeable batteries lasted at least 4 times as long. These batteries need recharging far more often than i thought they would-hence only a the 3 star rating.

N. Guest, Delaware says

I used these batteries once and when i tried to recharge them a warning appeared indicating that the batteries can't be charged. . Never again i will buy batteries off online store. I'll buy from a trusted supermarket instead.

H. Bethany, Delaware

Good but just don't last long enough. Bought for sons night light and have to charge them daily. Will certainly buy the longer lasting ones next time! would be ideal for to remote batteries and things that do not use as much energy.

D. Anonymous, Hammersmith and Fulham says

They don't last very long between chargings. I'm using them in a mac trackpad and they last about 2 days.

A. Erickson, Rhode Island

Tried them as soon as i got them and they were dead. Felt super light like nothing is actually in them. Charged them up for at least a full day just to make sure. Tried them again still light as anything and still don't work. Tried in 3 different items that i know work with normal d cell.

. Pete, Sunderland says

After 1 charge and 2 uses in an xbox controller they lost their shape and are now dangerous to use

G. Shawna, Bath and North East Somerset

Work ok, just expensive, paid 8, can get from supermarket for 5

V. Shirley, Barnet says

Bought these for christmas window decoration but they weren't as bright as they should be, tried ordinary non rechargeable duracel battery and it was much brighter, very disappointing, will be returning.

M. Lynette, Ohio

Charge doesn't last very long in these.

W. Anonymous, Aquitaine says

Really very disappointed after 5 cycles 2 of the batteries were dead and refused to charge , the energizer charger beeping and indicating a bad battery status

E. Edna, New South Wales

Not experiencing the great retained charge other reviewers have stated. I am using a smart charger which indicates each individual. Cell charge so avoiding leaving on needlessly and any unnecessary excessive charging. I have recharged from virtually flat but find durability lacking. Currently being used in timed decorative led lights so would. Have expected a week from fresh charging. On for 6hrs each night. And lasting 3-4 nights. Maybe i am being unrealistic?

Y. Taylor, Bourgogne says

Batteries couldn't be charged in the energizer charger, shown up as bad batteries, only did 2 cycles. The seller didn't even bother refunding full amount, avoid this seller

U. Joanne, North Somerset

I don't like negative reviews but if things do not do what it says on the tin then you should notify other people. I have to agree with other reviewers in that these batteries are not fit for purpose. I bought these in december 2017 for use in my computer mouse, hardly an onerous or heavy duty task. They have been charged less than ten times and all four have now packed up. One set (they work in twos) probably threw their hand in after five charges and the other two were rather erratic for the remaining 3 or so charges. Totally given up now. I cannot see anything relating to warranty anywhere and it is probably not worth the hassle but i would think a company like energizer should not be marketing sub standard products like this. Not sure what to replace them with. Previously had duracell and they were good and can't remember how many charges they had but probably about a hundred. All charged in a duracell charger but can't see that should make any difference. Highly sceptical about some of these recharge claims on the blurb when trying to decide.

L. Donna, Reading says

I purchased 2 sets of these batteries, 1 set that came with a energizer charger. I have only charged the batteries a couple of times over a year and twice i have found one battery has failed and shows faulty on the charger. Not good value!

F. Gina, Stockton-on-Tees

First time i am using c rechargeable batteries but they feel hollow and light. 3 stars might be a bit harsh from me but i just don't get the confidence in it right now - especially coz i left it overnight for charging and it still didn't display as fully charged.

. Nellie, Illinois says

Had these just over a year and two have now failed. I use them in my mouse and trackpad and i'd guestimate they've been recharged about once a month so twelve times in all. Which is nowhere near the 500 times they suggest on the packaging. But still cheaper than buying regular batteries and better for the environment

. Janice, California

What can i say? they work. I think they're overprices, but they do the job. . I put a bit of effort into researching these first and i can tell you they're a decent ratio of capacity and cost per capacity. Put up with them, but be disappointed that there's not more competition driving the price down.

C. Glenda, East Riding of Yorkshire says

I am surprised at how bad this product is given that it is a mainstream brand with a good reputation. These batteries are used to power an apple trackpad (not the latest one) and they simply don't last for more than 2 weeks. Regular (non rechargeable) varta batteries last about 6 months in the same device. Re-charging these batteries with the energizer pro charger brings them to a maximum of 91%. I would not recommend them.

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