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Price was 34. I like the stick. It streams smoothly, it's unobtrusive and was very easy to set up. . The interface is very frustrating. Hard to search and no apparent order to the way items are displayed. It won't stream from my nexus 7 or direct from windows 10, either. Strangely, it doesn't automatically switch channels like my other hdmi-attached devices do. It will switch to an external source, but to my dvr which is attached to a different port. The dvr, dvd and chromecast can all switch and switch back but not the fire stick. . I didn't bother with the voice remote but added the app to my tablet (one of the few things that will work with my nexus 7) and it works about as well as most voice-controlled devices do. That is to say sporadically and with frequent reversions to the keyboard. . If you're using prime this is as good a way as any to access it. Add other providers via their individual apps and you have a pretty good media streamer for a very good price.

-G. Erickson

Fire tv stick streaming media player previous online store fire tv stick, streaming 1080p media player with digital video, music, apps, games, and pictures on your tv. includes remote control. -fire tv stick streaming media player previous generation

  • Extra: Tens Of Thousands Of Tv Episodes And Movies, From Video, Netflix, Bbc Iplayer And More, Plus Games, Music And Apps.
  • Extra: 8 Gb Of Storage And 1 Gb Of Memory, Plus A Dual-core Processor For Fast Streaming And Smooth Performance.

Half Price Fire Tv Stick Streaming Media Player Previous Generation (Digital Device 4) W87cun

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I ordered my online store tv firestick and thought it might be tricky and hard to set up, i was so wrong. The box contains information and all the parts to get you going in a blink. First the delivery was same day as i have prime ( but don't need that to use the firestick) and the box is neat. . Pluged it in to the tv and followed the very easy instructions. Well that was it, the little video at the start helped me with tips and such. . I have been so impressed with this product that i have ordered another 3 for my kids as gifts. . You even get the netflix, itv, bbc and more on top of the online store tv. The Best fire tv stick streaming media ( Apr 2020 ) | -Digital Device 4 Review Extra Fire TV Stick | Streaming Media Player (Previous generation) Just plug in and start streaming in minutes. take it from room to room and turn your hdtvs into streaming media centres.. Tens of thousands of tv episodes and movies, from video, netflix, bbc iplayer and more, plus games, music and apps.. 8 gb of storage and 1 gb of memory, plus a dual-core processor for fast streaming and smooth performance.. No more buffering - asap learns what movies and tv episodes you like and buffers them for playback so they start right away.. Great for casual gaming, too - play favourite titles such as crossy road, sonic the hedgehog 2, hill climb racing and more.. Prime members get unlimited access to prime video, including original programming such as transparent, plus two million songs with prime music. .

Fire Tv Stick Streaming Media Player Previous Generation Review (53 002829)

Welcome to the deal of the century! it's the fire tv stick and it is revolutionary. . I confess to not actually buying this wonderful piece of technology as it was bought by my brother on the recommendation of his friend. I'm glad he did because it's a magic box of tricks. I am astounded by the things is can stream and although i have had it a few weeks am always finding something new. . The big plus with the fire tv stick is that kodi (an opensource app) can be installed on it. This allows you to stream movies (all in hd), music, bbc iplayer and even games. You can even stream webcams across the world and see people in real time shopping on the streets of 5th avenue. Yes, really! in fact it is fair to say that if there is something that can be streamed then firestick can do it. . The interface of the firestick is simple, quick and very responsive. On the box of the firestick tv it states that all you have to do is plug it into the port on your tv, connect it to a power cable with wireless internet access and you are up and running in no time. . Be warned: this is not true! . . Having used computers extensive i followed the instructions but could not get the firestick to work. It took 2 days messing around with it fault finding before discovering the input source to the tv must be manually set. Then it worked a treat. Anyone else at that level would have taken it back to the shop and assumed wrongly that it was something to do with the internet connection, the television or some kind of incompatibility. Another problem is that online store, in order to cut costs, provide minimalistic instructions that run to only a few pages. If you don't know what you are doing you will be tearing your hair out! there is an online forum but do you want to endlessly seach to find out what is wrong? i had to work out how to install it using youtube by following some tutorials. . Kodi. . As stated most people i believe will stream using the program called "kodi". Don't worry it's free and i mean completely and totally free! it must be said that kodi is absolutely brilliant and it takes a lot to get me excited these days. I was lucky in that i had formerly used the program on my computer many years ago prior to the name change. However, a word of warning once again. If you don't know how to install kodi, update kodi and input the various sources from what are known as "respositories" then you will not have a clue what you are doing. It's a nightmare! . . There is no problem if you are a computer fanatic with a degree in physics who likes to run linux all day long but for the rest of us mere mortals you will find it totally confusing making sense of system, add ons, programs, video add ons etc. I was reliable informed by a friend of mine that he knows someone who charges 10 to set everything up because most people are lost! . . I found out that if you use kodi (again i assume most will) then there are things called "builds". This came to me whilst browsing youtube. A build is essentially a development with all the bells and whistles. The one i installed was called "durex" (sorry folks about that! ). I was simply blown away by the plethora of stuff. There is every movie you could ever want from a-z, live sports channels, international television networks, radio networks, music etc. One of the pleasant surprises is streaming music via spotify. It works like a dream. I love it! . . Any other faults? . . Yes, the firestick tv control. Although it is quick and responsive if you want to find anything you have to input it, unless you have voice activated, manually. It is tedious and if you are unfortunate enough to be dyslexic you will spend more time on the control than watching any movies as everything needs to be input precisely. One mistake and you are back to square one. . Verdict. . Excellent product at a truly incredible price but can be tricky. If you love you tv and movies buy one you will feel like you won the lottery! -N. Carrie

Fire Tv Stick Streaming Media Player

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Amazon
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0848719044959
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:0.45 inches
    Length:3.34 inches
    Weight:0.6 pounds
    Width:0.98 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Amazon
  7. Model: W87CUN
  8. MPN: 53-002829
  9. Part/Serial Number: 53-002829
  10. Type: Amazon SMP
  11. Category: DIGITAL DEVICE 4
  12. ReleaseDate: 2015-04-15
  13. Size: 8 GB
  14. UPC: 848719044959

fire tv stick streaming media player previous Smp, Online store fire tv stick, streaming 1080p media player with digital video, music, apps, games, and pictures on your tv. includes remote control. Fire Tv Stick Streaming Media Player Previous Generation (W87CUN-).

Fire Tv Stick Streaming Media Player Smp

  • Good piece of kit but maybe a bit behind the times now. . Given online store now have the fire tv box i would suggest that these sticks may well become a thing of the past. . Great item if you simply want to turn your tv into a smart tv. Positives for this item would have to be that it is well hidden, you simply plug it into the hdmi port on your tv and the usb cable into a power source (can also be plugged directly into your tv if yours has a usb slot). . The only issue i have had with these is that they sometimes have a tendency to overheat.
  • I love this product, i bought this item solo to use with my home plex server so i could watch all my movies and tv series on any tv in the house with one simple click, and it does that and more. I've only had this product a week but so far i love it, my wife isn't too handy when it comes to tech but she find this product very simple to use. . Pros. If your an online store prime customer there is a lot of content available. Simple plug it in and play. Very easy interface. . Cons. Can be sluggish at first to stream 1080p movies but after couple minutes its smooth. Found it didn't like being powered from my usb on tv and had to plug it in to mains
  • I bought this and it seems ok but the lip sync always seems to be out. It gets worse as the programme goes on and i have to rewind all the time. There are some good apps on it. I ended up going back to my now tv box as it was too annoying.
  • I have a sony smart tv, with all the apps including online store prime, but it doesn't have the itv hub, so i bought the firetv stick to give me the itv hub app. First of all the stick has no settings for picture quality ie brightness, picture quality for me is a bit dark, i know i can adjust things on my tv, but then i have to reset the tv back again for normal tv programs. The stick also took over the wi-fi from my tv & i had to make a new wi-fi reconnection for my tv. I am a bit disappointed with the fire stick, & i don't think that it's for me, but having said all that i have connected it to the dining room tv which is not a smart tv, just a normal one & it's ok for that. To conclude, if this is for you then fine buy one its cheap enough, but for me it's just ok.
  • Probably better to get the box version as the fire tv stick is affected by the television being on -bit of a major design flaw, but if you have it sticking out the side of your tv the remote does managed to control it most of the time. The interface is glitchy and often doesn't appear when the home button is pressed. My account is often logged out, my netflix account is also often randomly logged out; this requires me to laboriously re-enter my passwords (which are long and complex, i. E. Secure) regularly. The fire tv stick also seems to struggle when other devices are using the wifi (we have a good internet connection through our wifi so it isn't bandwidth issues). As soon as i buy a roku in the near future the fire tv stick will be on ebay or more likely in the bin (given that i'd probably have to pay someone to take it off my hands).

fire tv stick streaming media Fire TV Stick | Streaming Media Player (Previous generation) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I originally bought this as a present for my step-daughter, so she could watch tv upstairs. Unfortunately, for her, this is such a fantastic piece of equipment that we couldn't bear to be parted so we have had to purchase another one for her! . I am amazed at how much i love the fire stick. It is so easy to get going with but the possibilities of this piece of equipment are huge. Since we have online store prime we have access to thousands of songs through prime music - many of which come with lyrics scrolling up the screen! great if you want a bit of a sing along! . There are also lots of prime tv entertainment to keep you busy - loads of free movies and series, including a lot of original ones. The stick is pretty much plug and play for the basic set up and has enough to keep you going for quite some time. However, one of the main attractions for me is the fact that you can install kodi on the stick - which gives access to loads of good entertainment too. I absolutely love the fire tv stick and my only niggle is that i didn't know how brilliant they were earlier! . Fantastic item and at a brilliant price compared to a lot of the android tv boxes - get one!

Fire Tv Stick Streaming Media Player Previous Generation
Click to see NoticeFire Tv Stick Streaming Media Player Previous Generation (53 002829)"It's good for what it does, but as usual online store try to limit you to there proprietary software, however you can get a "side loader" that will let you install (some) play apps. Unfortunately i haven't managed to load chrome to make a proper browsing experience. I can recommend a mouse app that turns the remote into a proper controller so you can use other apps which helps a little. The lack of more 4 is a real weakness in my view, but i-player works much better through this than it does through virgin tv, quicker and the programmes are available more quickly also. It's not fully "smart" tv but its a step towards it and for an older tv, if you already subscribe to prime i would strongly recommend it."

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(2) Question: My tv does not have a usb port. does this mean i will not be able to use this stick?

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Exinoz Gold-Plated HDMI Adapter Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV & Apple TV exinoz-90-degree-adapter

Plug in your chromecast easily in tight places behind your tv with this right angle adapter, you can install the chromecast in even the tightest places. This 90 degree hdmi adapter is an angled hdmi adapter that avoids bending hdmi cables and removes the strain on hdmi ports to increase the lifespan of your expensive devices and your hdmi cable. High quality hdmi purchase your chromecast hdmi adapter with a complete peace of mind as we offer a 1 year unconditional warranty. Compatible with other hdmi devices you can use this adapter with your roku streaming stick, fire tv, and any other devices that use hdmi to connect to the tv

Exinoz Gold-Plated HDMI Adapter Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV & Apple TV exinoz-90-degree-adapterExinoz-Gold-Plated-Adapter-Chromecast-exinoz-90-degree-adapter

Brand :    exinoz
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  • Standard size, type a 19-pin port and plug
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SOWTECH HDMI Switch 4K, Powered USB Cable 3 Input 1 Output HDMI Switch Splitter 4Kx2K Pigtail HDMI Cable, Gold Plated Connector, 4K Ultra HD 3D support, HDMI Switcher HDTV, PS3, Xbox One, 360, Bluray Player, DVD Player etc.

This is a high performance hdmi switch. It can easily switches three sources to one display. It not only has the key-press-switching function, but also detect a signal when plugging another new device. With one fixed hdmi pigtail cable, this converter not only reduces cost but also save time for consumers. It routes high definition video(in multiple resolutions up to 1080p)and digital audio from any one of the three sources to display units. Note: 1. Please turn on your display device first after connecting the input sources. (please wait a few seconds for the displays to work. ) 2. If you connect the switch to your tv, please choose hdmi 4/arc port on the tv for better performance. All inputs accommodate the connections of the high definition video sources simultaneously. It is compatible well with hd-dvd, sky-stb, ps3, xbox360 etc. The output sends high definition audio/video signals to a high definition display. Note: 4k hdmi switcher, power supplied by usb cable. Package contents: 1 x user manual 1 x hdmi switch 3 ports

SOWTECH HDMI Switch 4K, Powered USB Cable 3 Input 1 Output HDMI Switch Splitter 4Kx2K Pigtail HDMI Cable, Gold Plated Connector, 4K Ultra HD 3D support, HDMI Switcher HDTV, PS3, Xbox One, 360, Bluray Player, DVD Player etc.SOWTECH-Powered-Splitter-Connector-Switcher

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  • Smart switch - hdmi switch 4k / 2k upgraded version with quick button-press-switching function(note: the item is a 3 ports hdmi switcher, not an hdmi splitter)
  • You will receive: the sowtech 4k hdmi switch, user manual, 1-year warranty and the best customer service
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Brand :    sowtech
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Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (sowtech product review) for SOWTECH HDMI Switch 4K, Powered USB Cable 3 Input 1 Output HDMI Switch Splitter 4Kx2K Pigtail HDMI Cable, Gold Plated Connector, 4K Ultra HD 3D support, HDMI Switcher HDTV, PS3, Xbox One, 360, Bluray Player, DVD Player etc. available ( Apr 2020 )

EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick 2 Pack . Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port 2 Pack

Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet the exinoz power cable allows you to power your fire tv stick directly from your tv's usb port. It's the fastest and easiest way to set up your fire tv and eliminates the need for an ac power outlet. Ideal length for clean space the exinoz power cable is the perfect length for connecting your fire tv stick to your tv's usb port. Long usb cables (like the jumbo usb cable included with your fire tv stick) can hang down behind your tv, cluttering the area behind your tv, not to mention the use of an ac power outlet. Made for fire tv this exinoz power cable connects the fire tv stick to your tv's usb port. The 90-degree connector minimizes the length of fire tv and reduces the likelihood of it peeking out from the side of the tv. User notes please make sure that your tv usb port has at least 850 ma of power. For lower power tv usb ports, we recommend our other product, the exsonite intelligent power cable which can support most tv models, even with much lower tv usb power output.

EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick 2 Pack . Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port 2 PackEXINOZ -Cable-Fire-TV-Pack

Brand :    exinoz
Size :    2 Pack
Model :    Exinoz Fire TV Cable 3 Pack
Quantity :    1
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Digital Accessories 4 :    Best Consumer Electronics (exinoz product review) for EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick 2 Pack . Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port 2 Pack available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $7.97
  • Removes clutter from behind your tv by removing the long usb cables that can hang out from behind your tv
  • Mini usb cable length for powering your fire tv stick from your tv's usb port
  • Note: does not include the fire tv
  • Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet to power your fire tv stick
  • High quality cable which comes with 1 year product replacement guarantee

Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player

Stream on the big screen just plug your fire tv stick into an hdtv and start streaming in minutes. Use the included alexa voice remote to search across apps and find the best way to watch. The fire tv stick has the fastest wi-fi and most accurate voice search of any streaming media stick. Shows start faster and stream more smoothly than ever before. Always something on with access to online store video, netflix, curzon home cinema, all 4, youtube and more, there are tens of thousands of tv episodes and movies ready to stream. Watch live tv (including sports and news) as it happens. Subscription fees may apply. Designed around your voice use the alexa voice remote to quickly find what you want to watch. Just say "find romantic comedies" and alexa will show you results from apps such as netflix, online store video and more. Want to skip the opening credits? say "fast forward a minute" within online store video and online store channels. Alexa, the brain behind online store echo, doesn't stop there. Simply press the microphone button and ask to play music, place your favourite order from just eat and more. New skills are being added all the time. Fire tv stick with alexa voice remote works with smart home devices such as lights, switches, thermostats and more from wemo, philips hue, hive, netatmo, tado and others. Learn more about compatible smart home connected devices, including starter kits for easy setup. Even better with prime being an online store prime member unlocks thousands of movies and tv episodes, including online store original series, plus ad-free listening to over two million songs with prime music. From award-winning series man in the high castle and goliath to great shows for kids such as tumble leaf and creative galaxy, something is always on. Online store channels is exclusively available to prime members. Choose from over 40 channels including discovery, eurosport player, itv hub+, hayu and more

Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media PlayerStick-Alexa-Remote-Streaming-Player

Price :    $29.99
  • Over 7, 000 apps, games and alexa skills, including prime video, bbc iplayer, itv hub, netflix, and more. plus, access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox.
  • Easily find what you want to watch with search results from netflix, prime video, and other third-party apps.
  • 8 gb of storage and 1 gb of memory for apps and games, a quad-core processor, plus 802. 11ac wi-fi for fast streaming and smooth performance.
  • Launch apps and control content with the included alexa voice remote. simply say "launch netflix" or "skip ahead 5 minutes" and alexa responds. plus, play music, search for local restaurants and more. just ask.
  • The next generation of our bestselling fire tv stick. the most powerful streaming media stick, with the fastest wi-fi and most accurate voice search-now including the alexa voice remote.
Brand :    
Color :    BLACK
Weight :    0.7 pounds
Model :    LY73PR
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Smp :    Best Digital Device 4 ( product review) for Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player available ( Apr 2020 )

Echo, Black previous generation

Online store echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the alexa voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather and more. Prime members can also ask alexa to order eligible products they've ordered before and many prime products. All you have to do is ask. Echo has seven microphones and beam-forming technology so it can hear you from across the room-even in noisy environments or while playing music. Echo is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with 360 immersive sound. When you want to use echo, just say the wake word "alexa" and echo responds. If you have more than one echo or echo dot, alexa responds intelligently from the device you're closest to with esp (echo spatial perception). Online store echo provides hands-free voice control for online store music-just ask for your favourite artist or song, or request a specific genre or mood. You can also search for music by lyrics, when a song or album was released, or let alexa pick the music for you. Listen to 40 million songs with online store music unlimited. With multi-room music support, you can play music across multiple echo devices simultaneously (available for online store music and tunein. Bluetooth not supported). Echo also provides hands-free voice control to spotify and tunein. Plus, echo is bluetooth-enabled so you can stream other popular music services like itunes from your phone or tablet. Echo has been fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. Its dual downward-firing speakers produce 360 omni-directional audio to fill any room with immersive sound.

Echo, Black previous generationAmazon-Echo-Black-previous-generation

Brand :    
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  • Fills the room with immersive, 360º omni-directional audio. play music simultaneously across multiple echo devices with multi-room music (available for music and tunein. bluetooth not supported)
  • Hears you from across the room with far-field voice recognition, even in noisy environments or while playing music
  • Call or message anyone hands-free who also has an echo device or the alexa app. also, quickly connect to other echo devices in your home using just your voice
  • Plays all your music from music, spotify, tunein and more using just your voice
  • Allows hands-free convenience with voice control
Price :    $149.99
Home :    Best Digital Device 3 ( product review) for Echo, Black previous generation available ( Apr 2020 )

EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick. Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port

Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet the exinoz power cable allows you to power your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast directly from your tv's usb port. It's the fastest and easiest way to set up your fire tv and eliminates the need for an ac power outlet. Ideal length for clean space the exinoz power cable is the perfect length for connecting your fire tv stick or other streaming device to your tv's usb port. Long usb cables (like the jumbo usb cable included with your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast) can hang down behind your tv, cluttering the area behind your tv, not to mention the use of an ac power outlet. Made for fire tv this exinoz power cable connects the fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast to your tv's usb port. The 90-degree connector minimizes the length of your streaming device and reduces the likelihood of it peeking out from the side of the tv. User notes please make sure that your tv usb port has at least 850 ma of power. For lower power tv usb ports, we recommend our other product, the exsonite intelligent power cable which can support more tv models, even with much lower tv usb power output.

EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick. Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB PortEXINOZ-Cable-Fire-Stick-Powers

Price :    $6.47
  • Removes clutter from behind your tv by removing the long usb cables that can hang out from behind your tv
  • Versatile mini usb cable length for powering your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast from your tv's usb port
  • Note: does not include the fire tv, roku, chromecast
  • Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet to power your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast
  • 2 year guarantee high quality cable which comes with 2 year product replacement guarantee
Brand :    exinoz
Size :    1 Pack
Model :    Exinoz Fire Cable
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (exinoz product review) for EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick. Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port available ( Apr 2020 )

Power Cable Fire TV Stick, Galopar Mini USB Power Adapter Cable Fire TV Micro USB Power Cable Charging All-New Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Chromecast Roku 6 Inches

Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet this power cable allows you to power your fire tv stick directly from your tv's usb port. It's the fastest and easiest way to set up your fire tv and eliminates the need for an ac power outlet. Ideal length for clean space this power cable is the perfect length for connecting your fire tv stick to your tv's usb port. Long usb cables (like the jumbo usb cable included with your fire tv stick) can hang down behind your tv, cluttering the area behind your tv, not to mention the use of an ac power outlet. Made for fire tv this power cable connects the fire tv stick to your tv's usb port. The 90-degree connector minimizes the length of fire tv and reduces the likelihood of it peeking out from the side of the tv. User notes please make sure that your tv usb port has at least 850 ma of power.

Power Cable Fire TV Stick, Galopar Mini USB Power Adapter Cable Fire TV Micro USB Power Cable Charging All-New Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Chromecast Roku 6 InchesCable-Fire-TV-Galopar-Chromecast

Brand :    galopar
Size :    1 Pack
  • Package includes: 1* cable for fire tv. note: does not include the fire tv
  • Mini usb cable length for powering your fire tv stick from your tv's usb port.
  • Ideal length for powering fire tv from your tv's usb port, removes clutter from behind your tv by removing the long usb cables.
  • 1 year warranty. high quality and lightweight cable travels easily with your tv stick.
  • Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet. please make sure that your tv usb port has at least 850 ma of power.
Price :    $5.99
Model :    Fire TV Cable 01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Digital Accessories 4 :    Best Consumer Electronics (galopar product review) for Power Cable Fire TV Stick, Galopar Mini USB Power Adapter Cable Fire TV Micro USB Power Cable Charging All-New Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Chromecast Roku 6 Inches available ( Apr 2020 )

fire tv stick streaming media player previous generation Price : 34, was : 0 as 2018-02-11
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This review is for the online store fire tv stick without voice search remote. . First off - i have voice search on a fire tv box and it is pretty cool and works very well - but only on the online store service. It does not work on netflix or youtube or any other service on the fire stick. In my view it is not worth paying any more for unless you only watch on prime video. So not an issue that the remote for this fire tv stick does not have voice search. . Secondly - where to buy. There seem to be a lot of fire tv sticks on ebay which are pre-loaded with kodi that sell for 50% more than this price. Don't bother, its not worth it. Recommend buying from here - you have easy returns if any problem arises, and it is very simple to add kodi if you are interested in that - just google it. . Third - this runs fast and streams pretty well. No performance issues worth mentioning, that i have encountered. . Fourth - easy to use. Menus are straightforward and its easy to navigate and find what you need using the remote. There are apps for your smartphone that can act as remotes and have a keyboard, but i find it just as quick to use the remote supplied. . Fifth and finally - if you have online store prime you also can easily select online store music and play tunes through your tv. Great! also now has all the catch up services channel 4, 5, itv and bbc iplayer. . It would be nice to be able to movies bought from the google play store on the fire tv stick, but there is no facility to do so. This maybe an issue if you have purchased a lot of movie/tv content in google play, but for me it does not detract from overall a great media stick. . I think this is a fantastic device and highly recommend it.

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(0) Question: Why does it ask for credit card details when trying to access free apps and games

(1) Question: Has anyone tried to connect the firestick to a bt vision box? my tv does not have a hdmi socket but vision box does and connects to tv via scart

(2) Question: Do i have to have an hd tv? i have an hd ready tv

(3) Question: Can i use it abroad for tv films

(4) Question: I have plugged the fire tv stick into the hdmi port on my tv but no screen appeared. i have not yet paired it with my wifi, please how do i do this?

(5) Question: When trying to use my fire stick i keep getting the message signal out of range, what can i do?

(6) Question: Will it work in france

(7) Question: My tv doesnt have an hdmi port only a usb port. would i be able to get this to work somehow on my tv?

(8) Question: Can i use it with sky?

(9) Question: I have a subscription to netflix but not online store prime, would this stick be any good for me

(10) Question: My t. v does not have a usb port but my eetv box does, will the firestick work in the eetv box?

(11) Question: Can you have two sticks registered to the same account?

(12) Question: My jvc tv (lt32dy8zj) says it has 2 ports which i cant find? there are two sky plugs, is this it?

(13) Question: Is the end connection an usb or hmdi connection?

(14) Question: Can this be charged by a power bank in stead of mains

(15) Question: After reading all the great reviews. mine finally came today and i cant watch anything. it keeps saying error playing! what is the problem?

(16) Question: I've got a talktalkyouview box and only one hdmi port at the back of my samsungtv. is there hdmi adaptor takes both the fire stick and youview box?

(note) Question: where/how to get Electronics (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Electronics's products

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After debating it for the past few years, i've finally taken the plunge and gotten online store prime. What pushed me over the edge was of course being able to watch the grand tour, hehe! but i'm happy with my decision. Of course, i thought that the best way to enjoy the online store prime shows are by purchasing this fire tv stick. This little usb stick is so easy to use and is very handy indeed. It arrived super quickly and the directions on how to use could not have been clearer or simple. You plug this little usb stick in the back of your tv, sync it with your remote (i splurged for the voice control! ) and voila! job done! i normally watch netflix via my bt box but it's a pain to do so and with this tv stick, i definitely have easier access to netflix (i. E. Shows i watch on netflix are on the home screen) and it seems to me that the connection is less buggy as well. As for online store prime, i've been impressed with the shows that it offers like goliath, start up, and i cannot wait for the next episode of the tick. I've also watched youtube videos with the stick as well as the "walter presents" shows on all4. There's also a number of video, music and game apps you can download but i haven't gotten around to that.

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Best fire tv stick streaming media player previous generation (53 002829) in review

My only grumble, i cannot rate this enough! . Goodbye sky, freeview etc, hello entertainment. This has got be one of the best purchases i have made in a long time. Everything you may want for home entertainment on the television.

H. Anonymous, South Dakota

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P. Amanda, West Berkshire says

I had been thinking of getting the online store fire stick for some time now but i was unsure if i would really use it but when i was stuck for a small gift for my husband to go alongside his main present i decided to opt for the fire stick and he has used this more than his main gift! the great thing is as you will see from my reviews i read a lot and so have accumulated many credits for him to use on films/programmes. . The fire stick is really easy to use literally plug it in and off you go, even i who am in no way a tech whizz have found this a breeze to use. The remote only has a couple of buttons so is very self explanatory. . Since having this we haven't been watching our sky tv so we are actually going to cancel our sky and just use our fire stick and sign up to prime instead so all in all it is money saving for us too! . . Over the moon with this purchase and at such a great price too you can't go wrong.

V. Heidi, North Carolina

Very good value media steaming device. Ideal if you have a non-smart tv or if you want to install third part apps like kodi (search the internet on how to do this). . Very nice bluetooth remote so you don't need to point directly at a infrared sensor. Just plug into your hdmi port- power up with usb cable to a power source and off you go once you have connected it to your wifi for internet. . Note, use the supplied usb adapter (recommended in the instructions) as the power from your usb port on your tv might not be enough 'amps' to power up the firestick. My tv's usb port was fine however i still connect to the adapter as it leaves it always on or in standby. Otherwise the firestick will have to boot up each time i turned my tv off/on. Powering via your tv's usb port may be a good idea if you only occasionally use it or are really concerned about constant power consumption (which isn't exactly high).

C. Wayt, Montana says

I did quite a bit or research before i bought the fire stick downloaded information etc. I set the fire stick with the extension lead as the back of my tv is not straight as the fire stick is. Sat back -nothing happened. The batteries were in the wrong position so reposting them. It took me another hour to figure out what to do next as my tv goes through a sky box with scart to connect. You cannot set this up through sky, i had to turn sky off then go into the input part of my tv remote to comment to the hmdl setting, once in this setting, it asked for my broadband password, i had to this a couple of times then i saw the advert withe the animated man which i knew from my earlier research was the introduction to online store fire stick connection. From then on it was. Plain sailing, using the fire stick remote to cue in any further information, which has to be done on the fire stick remote only it was just getting used to the different sites that you can use. I did have a couple of times when the tv screen froze owing to low broadband signal

E. Colleen, Dorset

These have to be one of the best gadgets out there, combined with a prime account they really are amazing value, to be fair great value even if you don't, you access to various tv channels, apps, you can watch or listen to any of your purchased digital films, music or books. Compact in size, no subscription fees, works on any tv with a free hdmi port, has a remote control (batteries supplied), and more. After showing my friends and family they have asked me to get them one too, and they are all techno phoebes lol. Think i have purchased about five of these so far. Originally purchased my first one after reading all of the great reviews online.

Y. Garner, New Jersey says

Simple and easy to use, very easy to set up. You simply plug into the back of your tv set - i use it on the upstairs bedroom set. I mainly use to watch online store prime and netflix. Although this is an online store product, it has access to a netflix app so that's a big bonus. Connection via my wi-fi works brilliantly. Hardly ever seen it buffer and picture quality great (obviously it might vary depending on your wifi). Remote quite small and very straightforward to navigate - newer versions to this model have voice search facility as well. A neat and useful addition to aid your tv viewing - no complaints, very impressed.

B. Delgado, Wisconsin

This is a very good quality product. I received this product on time and it fits my phone extremely well. I like the look and the feel of this product as it is manufactured to a high standard. I know that this product will last me along time even though i use it currently on a daily basis. I have been using this product for a week now and still has no scratches on it and seems like it is going to last a long time. All in all a great product that i would highly recommend to buy, one great future is that the product does not have a long wire attached, some products these wires are too long and transporting it in your bag can turn into a mess very quickly. This product is nice and neat and causes no issues. I would highly recommend this product as mentioned in the review due to the high quality. I would also recommend the seller here as the transaction was trouble free and they kingly gave me the product free of charge. Thank you

S. Cassella, Kentucky says

Ive been an online store prime member for years as i buy a lot on line so i get a lot of free deliveries i keep getting messages from online store saying you don't use streaming etc which i'm entitled to i'm not a computer buff so a lot of these words mean nothing to me anyway i thought right time to have a go if i balls it up no problem, so i purchased the fire stick asked my son to set it up for me he said dad you don't need me its easy so i delved in head first did what the instructions said and to my disbelief it worked without any problem i felt quite proud so i thought now get some apps well that was easy as well so i put my photos off my phone on it to free up space that too was easy watched a film that was easy listened to music that was easy catch up tv was easy you tube was easy well everything was easy what was i worrying for. Had it a few days now love it best thing ive purchased for years if i could give 10 stars i would money well spent as a bit of an online store fan let me assure you this is worth every penny would recommend to anybody especialy those like me that think what does that mean usb hdmi streaming downloading uploading i rest my case one happy online store customer.

T. Joanne, Yukon Territory

What a great gadget, yes i know it's an online store site and online store product, but the fire tv stick has really hit the spot in our house. After discovering to my annoyance that the 'itv hub' was nowhere to be seen on my expensive panasonic tv or for that matter the xbox, i looked for a low cost and easy to use solution. . Fire tv stick has been just that. Was installed in 20 min (ok, i'm quite into technology, but it was genuinely easy, lug and play (not pray! ). The key pont being that it has all the main catch-up tv/streaming channels ready to be installed as standard. (you do need to download them o the stick once it's set up on your wifi, but that really did not take long. . The performance is good, with screens looking sharp and the download steady (even on our rather ropey internet signal). You should ideally connect it to a usb power plug, as it does work best with its own power feed, online store include the cable but not the charger plug). You can also download an app for your apple or android phone/tablet to act as a remote - though the physical remote it comes with is fine if basic. . As a final flourish, i have since found that you can download other 3rd party streaming apps on the stick that give you access to many more sites and your own pictures and video's if you have a home server of some kind). For 35 (at the time i bought it) it seems great value, there is no subscription to pay (though if you do pay for online store prime, you get access to all those shows and films as well as the other online store benefits like free delivery).

O. Edna, Warrington says

Purchased as a christmas gift for my inlaws. They love it. I did have an issue trying to get it to work initially but a call to online stores help desk, revealed that i needed to update the software. Which was real easy and embarrassing i have not thought to check this in the first place, in my defence as only received two weeks earlier i assumed that it would have the most up to date software already installed. . The inlaws love it, they find it really easy to use and the vast expanse of programs they have access to has amazed them. It is far more reliable and easy to use than the online store app on our samsung smart tv. . I see many people moaning that it is pointless if you do not have a prime account especially for those who purchased the fire tv stick just to watch the grand tour. Did these people in all honesty believe that online store would shell out millions to clarkson and co and air the show for free, online storeis a business and their anger should be directed towards the bbc who is owned by the public but did not consult with the public when ditching one of its highest revenue grossing shows, meaning that either we all pay more for out tv licence or as is the case they have to make more cut backs, bye, bye back off.

X. Hayward, Bedfordshire

This device is superb. There is nothing else you need to know. If you have an online store account, netflix, spotify or any interest in watching films in another room without complexity, this is the kiddy. I sometimes forget that its such a simple device as the user experience is great. If you're one of those 'freeloaders' kodi is also possible through a simple process to side-load the app. Youtube is your friend with advice on that.

Q. Zelda, Sefton says

This is one of the best things we have bought for our house, in the end we bought another. It's so easy to move around the house and we have even taken it on holiday with us. There are so many things on this tiny product. It's very simple to use and follow. The kids wouldn't be without theirs. There are so many apps to use, much more useful than my samsung t. V smart hub. Bbci player and other terrestrial t. V catch up apps. We particularly enjoy the unlimited photo cloud storage that will play on the fire stick. Very easy to take to the grandparents and show the latest holiday snaps and also the kids can take their favourite online store prime shows with them rather than a stack of bulky dvds

A. Sally, Coventry says

Plug and play simply way to turn non smart tv into smart tv. Plugs into hdmi socket and is powered by usb either on the tv or with the provided plug. Pleased it give netflix and online store, iplayer is great too. Can install lots of other app kodi runs great too. So impressed i bought a second for another tv in the house

W. Valencia, Sutton

24. 99 was the price paid for my fire tv stick. I had the fire tv box but wanted another "on the move" option for when at relatives etc. It's main goal, for us at least was to fill the gap of series material in our home for adults and kids. Amongst our various devices we have nowtv boxes, fire tv, android boxes, chromecast and more. Each of those platform offered a percentage of tv series available and with those items combined we had a happy overall tv package. We then added in the premium "prime" tv and away we went, jumping free trials and subscriptions on other devices when needed. . The tv stick allowed us to make the reasonably low cost jump to watching prime content without the need for the tablet or laptop. We also didn't need to squint at mobile screens any longer. Installation is a doddle and all instructions and procedures where slick and polished. The power lead for the stick reaches far enough without being too weighty for the stick and port it is plugged in to. . With the rise of netflix and online store creating more an more good quality original series, this device and the service is a must. It should be noted however that we use this on our non-main tv as it is not quite as fast as the fire tv box, but for night time tv under the duvet it gets five star shaped thumbs up!

F. Arnett, St. Helens says

Online store fire tv stick. . This is a steaming device which allows you to watch movies, tv shows, play games, listen to music and more. A relatively simple process of plug and play. Simply put the stick into a hdmi port but it does need to be powered. You can use your tv usb slot (if it has one and provides enough power) otherwise you'll need to plug it into a socket. You're pretty much ready to go from there (you'll need wifi). I have a chromecast as well but i wanted to use this to watch online store prime video as online store (for obvious reasons but annoyingly) do not support casting from their apps, so cannot be used with chromecast unless you cast if from a browser (which is not as good, but i won't get into the technical reasons now). . Essentially, you have a plethora of apps on the stick such as iplayer, netflix, online store prime video, itv player, spotify, youtube, plex and plenty more (search online store fire tv stick: apps & games, you'll see the full collection there). You'll need a subscription to the content provider if it's a paid service such as netflix or online store prime video (which is free if you have a online store prime account). The quality is good, the interface is responsive and works well with the mobile app (although i prefer the remote). . Pretty good overall. I believe you will get the most out of this if you have access to online store video and netflix.

M. Weber, York

We have a beloved old tv that we love but wanted to access netflix and online store prime from. This was perfect. Easy to use and install and access to so much content. I advise you spend 20 minutes setting ups - bbc, itv and channel 4 have been good additions. The interface is simple to use and the password system for younger viewer restrictions is easy to set up. The search function includes netflix so you get to see what's available for free as wells to rent/buy. You can take it away with you as well - perfect holiday accompaniment!

Z. Megan, Pennsylvania says

As it says in the title, the fire stick does all i expected & more. Our tv, being five years old, is by current standards not very smart! the announcement that the current bbc iplayer service it uses would terminate in september coincided with online store s 5 off offer, so now seemed as good a time as any to make the purchase i d been contemplating for a while. . Getting it connected to the tv & power supply was easy, although i was slightly concerned when it didn t find my network, easily solved by pressing the wps button on the router. . After that set-up was easy & a few minutes loading the relevant apps got me up & running with everything i need. Apart from the itv hub, c5, etc. , players which we can t get on the tv it s given us access to channels, such as dave & quest, which we can t watch on either freeview or freesat. For anybody who s thinking that they are on freeview, they are not if, like us, your terrestrial tv relies on a local relay which only offers a basic service. . After reading reviews on here i wasn t expecting to be able to use the fire stick to access my eurosport pc account, but i decided to try anyway! to my surprise i was able to log in with no problems. One of eurosport s faqs is something along the lines of why do i have to pay again? it explains that the pc & android versions are different platforms which are currently incompatible so a subscription on one is not valid for the other; however, my experience suggests that changes have been made to rectify that, so if you ve been unable to log in to your pc account it may be worth trying again. Looks like their faqs need updating! . . I can t comment on the paid services (apart, of course, from eurosport) as we ll have no need for them we don t watch films or dramas & there s more than enough available without payment to keep us occupied. . A few small gripes. As it s permanently connected it interferes with the way our other devices interact for example, the dvd recorder doesn t automatically switch the tv on, downloading free apps generates a zero-price online store order & as the remote control doesn t use ir i can t add the fire stick to my one-for-all. . To sum up, an excellent device & much cheaper & probably more flexible than a new tv.

. Wilson, South Carolina

Have had online store prime for a year but have but had barely used the prime video apart from binge-watching greys anatomy on my tablet. My husband is not patient enough to watch tv on his tablet so he had not watched anything. However when i discovered 'the walking dead' seasons 6 and 7 were available to watch on prime, i decided to but him the firestick for his birthday as well as the 2 seasons of his favourite zombie series. Since he passed 45, it seems he is not really interested in normal tv anymore and only seems to enjoy zombie and vampire programmes, so this was the a gift which he really enjoyed. The stick arrived next day with prime. It is small, as is the remote. We had just bought a new tv and the stick fitted neatly at the back (our old tv did was not able to use usb ) it was a bit slow to start up the first couple of times, but ones we got the hang of it, there were no problems. You can also watch netflix with it if you have an account. There is a pretty good choice of programmes to binge watch, we managed to see the whole of walking dead season 6 within a week, but we had to pay for that. There are a lot of programmes provided free such as lucifer, bosch, and the one we are watching at the moment - the following (which is fab! ) my teenage daughters have not really used it, they haven't found much they are interested in apart from a couple of films which i purchased for them, so they go off to their rooms watching netflix, and we can watch what we want to. I know the stick can be used on a computer or tablet, but with the tv we haven't bothered to use it on anything else. The only thing it has missing is a reset button - if it struggles to connect, occasionally we have had to unplug it and start again so a button to do that would be useful. Overall great gadget, very happy i am finally fully using my prime video. Thank you for taking the time to read my review - i hope you found it helpful :)

R. Cecilia, Indiana says

I really love this gadget; it's revolutionary and the simplicity of it means that almost anyone can operate it. . So what is it? - it's a small hdmi dongle that plugs into the back of a compatible tv with a wireless connection to the internet. This is all controlled using a wireless (not infra-red) remote control. Once connected up, you have access to a huge range of apps and games available from the online store app store. However, when used in conjunction with an online store prime membership, it becomes so much more - there are tonnes of tv shows and movies available at the touch of a button - with many of them included with the prime subscription, others such as brand new blockbusters, are available to purchase or rent for a small fee. . The fire tv operating system is built from the android platform, but the interface is unique to online store; it is well thought-out, self-explanatory and very easy to navigate through. The remote is brilliant; operating wirelessly, there is no need to point the remote at the tv, it works from anywhere in the room! . . Picture and sound quality is very much dependent on the speed and quality of your internet connection. Streaming using a firestick can and will use up a lot of bandwidth, so viewers with a monthly internet usage cap should probably consider changing their internet package! the online store platform continues to grow and is now home to an increasing number of exclusive programmes and movies. . If you already have a prime subscription (for deliveries etc) and you have an interest in tv / movies, i would absolutely recommend an online store firestick - it is a huge game-changer for the way content is delivered to the home and an excellent starter product for anyone who has not dabbled in streaming media before. . Obviously, online store's isn't the only content you can access on a firestick - there's also, netflix, iplayer, itv hub and hundreds of other apps available from the online store app store. Many users will be purchasing a firestick with the intention of installing the kodi media player - at the time of writing this review, kodi is not available direct from the app store and you need to 'sideload' it to the device; there are many, many guides available to assist a techno-novice in this respect and step-by-step videos are available on youtube! . . The online store firestick is excellent device for anyone new to streaming online video, it is also a very inexpensive solution for anyone wishing to add smart tv features to a non-smart tv - totally recommended!

U. Alba, Haute-Normandie

Review price: 44. 99. . I have to say that this is one of the best purchases i have made in some time. . I have been using a hdmi cable from my laptop to my tv for many months to watch movies both from online store (bless 'em) and elsewhere. But the hdmi connection failed a few weeks ago, and i couldn't get it to work again. I suspect that the problem is with the cable, but i was not keen to rip out the old cable and re-route another completely. . A couple of people had recommended the fire stick, so i decided to give it a go. And i am really pleased that i did. . Apart from the fact that i cannot surf the net with it, i can do virtually everything else. Game downloads are limited to online store games, but i don't use either the internet or games on my tv anyway. Mostly my partner and i just watch movies when there are no normal tv programs we want to watch. Or we watch episodes of programs that we have missed in the past with bbc iplayer/itv hub/etc. . I can also recommend the voice remote. It's really easy to use and quite responsive to both our voices. Far easier than keying in titles etc. The 'home' and 'back' etc buttons have become unresponsive on a couple of occasions, but unplugging and re-plugging in the stick seems to immediately correct that. . The fire stick is simplicity itself to set up. Just plug in the dongle to an available hdmi port on the tv and a mains socket (mains plug with micro usb lead provided). You are guided through the rest, which only involves registering to you online store account, and keying in your wifi password. . Thereafter, you can use the fire stick on any tv in the home. Brilliant, and inexpensive for so much home entertainment!

Top fire tv stick streaming media Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

J. Brendon, Isle of Wight says

Having had great success with google chromecast i bought this for my main tv which on paper looked more sophisticated. Other reviewers comments on the streaming facilities are more valid than mine. My biggest disappointment was the screen casting (mirroring) just did not work, neither on my tablet nor my samsung smartphone. Following hours and days trying to find a solution, trying all sorts, i had to give up. It appears i am not alone with this issue. In the end i returned the and went for the trusted chromecast. Issues with your particular router, tablet or smartphone could hold the gremlins. I acknowledge the majority of reviewers are quite satisfied, particularly the streamers and the like.

L. Cassella, Ile-de-France

I am writing this on day 1 of ownership. The voice recognition works quite well, but overall, it's not as good as i expected. A lot of the content has to be paid for, even though i have an online store prime account. Even some decades-old programmes like thunderbirds, red dwarf and star trek voyager have to be bought. A lot of the apps get poor reviews. Itv hub, all 4 and my 5 are not as good as bbc iplayer, and i had to disable some settings on my bt wireless router to get them to load at all. Having said this, initial start-up was pretty seamless, and if you purchase videos this way instead of buying dvds it's probably quite good value.

E. Dorothy, Shropshire says

When i bought this it was excellent - responsive and worked well. The recent update has made it slow and now it often crashes. Loading any app is slow, i get blank screens and can't tell what it is up to. This has made the user-experience very poor. . I didn't ask for the update, and i can't change it back to the way it was. Thanks online store. In one year you have rendered this product useless. . Update: online store contacted me after this review and tried to help me 'fix' the problem. I spent time on the phone going through reducing the display resolution, clearing cache data, resetting apps etc. I tried to explain that the problem was that the new software had made the device unacceptably slow. This was ignored. Many times. The offered to send me a replacement device which i agreed to. Surprise, surprise - since it was the same hardware, it behaved in exactly the same way - slow, laggy, and apps crash, i see this often in bbc iplayer and all4. For example, watch a programme on iplayer, finish then return to normal tv. Every 15 minutes the tv switches back to the fire stick as it crashes and reboots. . My gripe is this: i didn't ask for the update, i don't want it as you have made the device useless in less than one year.

A. Florence, North Dakota

Bought this for my husband and he is not impressed, difficult to get a signal at times. This purchase turned into a nightmare. I have been on to customer service today for 3 hours, what's all that about. They initially replaced the remote, still not working. Had the wireless reset by sky twice, bought a signal bootester, because it kept saying signal not available, we have an excellent signal to our property. They did not want to replace the fire stick and remote. Offered me a refund then go buy again whilst telling me the item was not longer available. Hello consumer rights! not fit for purpose. If you have a problem don't call the helpline, i had better not be paying for the call i made to them tonight 2 hours! with no resolution! . Frankly as a regular customer to online store expect better service from online store. Can i speak to someone in england please? in the end after more than 3 hours! might have a resolution via the chat line, we will see. Online store up your game, i would still like to discuss this with management in the uk, but imagaine i will whistle in the wind

. Carrie, Bourgogne says

Being 'previous generation', i suppose reviewing this product is pointless! . . Anyway, after just over a year of use, mine has now died (fried motherboard i'm guessing) from no apparent mistreatment. . Whilst working it did the job well enough, especially as i have online store prime. It would occasionally be very slow to go through menus and once or twice just wiped everything and rebooted. . So, i haven't been overly impressed with it on balance and don't intend on buying a replacement!

R. Pearce, Louisiana

Too expensive for what it is! processor is far too slow, there is a repeated misalignment between sound and vision. Disappointing! . . Update. Software was updated. Since online store introduced video previews in the interface, this stick is rendered useless! navigation is now extremely slow, when it works. Keeps freezing after a little use. I will cancel my subscription!

N. Harrison, Maine says

First to mention: i'm not reviewing the video content provided, just the fire stick/features itself. . After having a chromecast for ages (which i love), i was always frustrated that i couldn't watch prime video too so gave in and got this stick. Personally it's impossible for me to navigate the prime video collection on a pc (to wire it to my tv) stress-free as it's constantly showing me dvds to buy/rent instead. . Things i like:. - their interface is pretty good. It's nice to have a 'hub' of all content to browse on the tv, and once i realised that the sections labelled 'prime' contain the 'free' content, it became much easier to use (shame that isn't made clearer earlier). . Things i don't like:. - there is no way to see how far through a film you are without pausing it. In chromecast/netflix, you can see in the app what you are currently watching, and how far through you are. This is annoying for me. - when the remote (or app) is left for a short time, you must click a button twice in order to reconnect it, then perform the action you want. If your phone is ringing or someone at the door, this is annoying as it can take a few seconds to 'wake up' the remote, so that you can pause. - this is not directly the fault of online store tv, but the device just adds to the repositories of content that i have to separately browse in order to find something. I wish there were a way to be able to find the film i want from one location, and have it tell me which service i need to view it. . Summary:. Overall it's a much better way of accessing online store's video content (this is largely illustrates how awful i find the website is for this rather than that the tv stick being good), however it's still nowhere near as good as chromecast/netflix for me. It's nice to have as well as the chromecast, purely to broaden the range of content i have access too, but if you're deciding between the two, i'd go with the other.

. McCarthy, New Jersey

The initial setup was relatively easy. However, i found the device has a tendency to freeze or jump when navigating between elements on the screen. I find the interface a little bit confusing at times. . I connected the fire stick to my tv. The tv has audio out to the blu-ray player, and normally plays without any problem. When i first connected the fire stick, it worked - sound came out of the blu-ray speaker system. Switched the tv off, went to bed. Next morning, the fire stick would not response until i had unplugged it completely and hooked it all back up again; and when it did come back up . No sound :(. . Seriously disappointed that voice search only returns results from online store, not from netflix.

. Sandra, Kentucky says

I own three of these devices and i'm at my wits end trying to get them to work. I'm sick of it. All three have the same problem which is that the bluetooth remote becomes unresponsive every time i use it. All three are the same. It works for a couple of minutes and then bam, nothing. I've changed batteries and checked connections. Restarted and re-paired. They simply aren't fit for purpose. Just lets down an otherwise good bit of kit. This problem makes it unusable. Yes i could use an app, but i'm not fond of app based remotes. It's just a lot of faffing about. I like a physical remote. These devices are the only ones of many electronic items i have this problem with. Apple tv. No problem. Samsung smart remote - no problem. Epson projector. No problem. All bluetooth remotes and keyboards. No problem. The firestick stinks with this dodgy cheap remote.

. Shayna, Manitoba

It came in useful when my sons pc broke and he was not streaming through it. As it requires my network it would be useless in the case of a break down and it also promotes a lot of paid for services. If my sons tv had wifi he would not have needed it and the reason it has not been used before is because i have a tv with wifi so can already stream from the internet. As it was a gift that is ok and i had used chromecast before my tv was upgraded. Not sure i would spend the money on it myself now as it was a gift but has a use on tvs without wifi as long as your services are running. It is not like a dongle you rent that gives you another way to access the internet. My son found it easy to plug in and use so may be useful to people who dread technology and do not have a smart tv especially if they subscribe to paid for services anyway.

W. Angelica, Richmond upon Thames says

Easy to plug in and set up. Hdmi extension lead helps - both hdmi ports on tv are close together and had to swap chromecast onto second one to get fire stick lead to fit. There tends to be a delay between power up or selecting the fire stick and anything appearing on screen and thought at first it was not connecting to wifi. No such delay evident with chromecast. Remote control is useful but wouldn't pay extra for voice control. Mostly control device from mobile phone anyway. . Bought it because tired of arguing with online store about them refusing to allow their content to be cast to tv by rival chromecast. Missing out on the additional benefits of my prime membership. So capitulated and got fire stick as well. So far have not found anything to watch or listen to that i cannot get via chromecast. Time will tell. Only had it a couple of weeks. Lots of films and tv programmes are listed only to find when selected that you have to pay a fee to view. No! sorry! that is what i pay my prime membership for. Well, free postage and next day delivery on orders really, not that that happens either! certainly not paying again. So not as much choice as they would like you to think. Friends say there are ways to get around this but i'll wait and see how it performs before tampering.

Y. Alberta, South Carolina

We've had this for awhile. Once we load singing, like netflix, the screen will go black after a few minutes of watching something and then come back. I did ring tech support. Although they were helpful they didn't solve the issue. I tried using it for the first time in awhile the other day and our home screen wouldn't load either. When we used it more frequently, the sick was useful because we had online store prime, catch up and netflix all in one place. Bar the glitch, which we got over, it had been a very handy product. We've not had it a year though and we're now encountering another problem with it not loading.

I. Anonymous, Hessen says

It takes ages to get going when you turn it on and it takes ages to do anything if you press a button, so much, so that you think you did not press the button so you press it again and end up not where you want to be! . . In effect it is a tablet but with only one function. So you would be better off buying a cheap tablet instead. The other advantage of a tablet is that on channels like the bbc you can download them and watch them when you want and do not have to stream them. . Not having the voice remote one means i have to navigate using the buttons, which on occasion has been very perplexing and indeed took longer to try and get to the program than the program loaded. . Despite what it says it does not buffer does not remember what you want to watch etc it just streams and badly at that - we have super fast broadband but the fs and only the fs freezes due to insufficient bandwidth! . . About the only thing i could recommend it for is as an instant hand warmer, within seconds of turning it on it is very hot, gets hotter far quicker than you can use it to watch programs. . I have a fire tablet and love it but this stick is the pits buy a cheap tablet instead!

. Debra, Poitou-Charentes

Its ok. The controller is temperamental and needs stroking and talking dirty too on occasions to make it work. The plug in device would be fine with most tvs but my newly purchased sharpe tv has a stupid small section to contain any leads to be plugged in. The the fire sticks fault but i have had to purchase a short hdmi male and female lead so i can extend the connection point. Could be a smaller bit of kit or with a flexible lead like the chrome stick thingy. Having said that i doubt online store will allow this report to be published as they vet things like the nazi party used to.

V. Walsh, Iowa says

Not impressed anymore. Just waiting for my 3rd stick - 1st started well, then after a couple of months got really hot and stopped streaming smoothly. 2nd one was just the same plus it kept going in and out of hd. I spent ages with chat help doing data and cache clear and factory reset ( which i had already done with my first stick ) if the 3rd is just as bad i'm going to ask for a refund. If i have to watch that into film again i think i'll go mad - surely there must be a skip button. As for buying film content - i will stick to dvds in future - at least i know they will work and be good quality.

B. Patton, Australian Capital Territory

I cannot get the fire tv stick to play 5. 1 digital audio over my av receiver, even though i checked over the specks and other reviews here to confirm that it would before purchasing. The fire tv stick connects to one of my av receiver's hdmi ports fine and i pick up the video signal. However, no sound, not even stereo sound, is heard over my 5. 1 speakers. The only way i can hear anything is to turn up the volume on the tv itself, which kind of defeats the purpose of trying to watch via my av receiver and 5. 1 home cinema speakers. What is also really strange is the stereo comes through to my tv speakers via my av receiver, but still nothing comes over the home cinema speakers? i have gone through all the audio settings and fond some 'possible solutions' on online store support forums for this 'known problem' but none of them have worked. I then called online store fire tv support and they confirmed that they don't have a fix for it at the moment and i will have to just make do with the audio via my tv speakers in the meantime! so, at the end of the day, all i can say is a bit fat. "boooooo! " to this. Not impressed! :-(

O. Watson, Connecticut says

Had this device for 13 months (1 month over the warranty) and have barley used it. Now when i select hmdi all i get is a blank screen. Advice on customer support about blank screens does not work and online store has no other advice or help to see if this problem can be solved. My tv is only a year old and now tells me there is nothing connected to the hmdi. Already had to replace the cheep remote control as that packed in a month ago. Looks like it was designed never to last past the warranty or to force customers to upgrade. I will not be paying 69 plus for something as cheaply made as this. Only got this to watch grand tour. Paying 7. 99 for three people sitting around a lap top trying to watch a program is not an option so will cancel prime as well.

P. Linda, South Gloucestershire

Well, bit disappointed. The vast vast majority of stuff on here you will have to pay for, the rest you will require prime for. Don't get me wrong the prime shows are quality and the thing works fine. But when it wants you to pay 3 quid for an episode of big bang than has been shown and continues to be shown on the tv many times over. I mean come on. You really expect me to pay for that? why online store? do you take me for some kind of fool? i mean what is the business model here? oh i know, we will get folks to pay for stuff they can watch free any day of the week. I dunno who thought it it up, but you need to fire their backsides. . And unless you want to pay for stuff you see for free elsewhere, don't buy this.

H. Peggy, South Tyneside says

Had one of these for a year and a bit. Initially worked well but it is slow, needs resetting every few weeks and online store prime is a real pain in that it keeps promoting sales of movies and tv to you. They are not clearly identified so when you finally find something you want to watch you find out you have to pay extra for it. Netflix is much better in that you know you are not going to find something you like and then have to rent or purchase it. So this stick is alright when it works but slow and cumbersome. Finally broke down after a year and i went with a roku express which blows this thing away. Much faster, more open, etc. I have to say online store prime videoand this stick (even the new one) don't compare to something open like roku where you have cleaner choice. Won't be going back and have to say i haven't used online store prime video since the switch.

Z. Hannah, Gateshead

I bought this dongle to allow streaming of my music from the online store cloud to my tv. Initially i was very pleased with the device: installation was trouble-free, my music miraculously appeared in the "music" section, the music app was good. The next day i found that the music app had been "upgraded" overnight. The handy "alphabet bar" for searching was gone, no longer could i select an artist and see which albums of theirs i owned. Selecting all songs and playing with the "shuffle" enabled was bizarre - only songs from artists from the beginning of the alphabet would play. . Since then i have experienced the device "hanging" often ultimately making using the stick irksome. Such a pity as it's been a case of "so near and yet so far". I will be returning it.

M. Nellie, Hertfordshire says

Excellent doing what it's supposed to. There is a problem with it though. That is you need to subscribe to online store prime to get the majority of what i was expecting. Had a problem though - not the firesticks fault. Discovered after i had it for several months that my tv had online store built in. So i had wasted money buying an item i did not need. Plonker! . So because it did not let me watch the channels i thought i would get for the price of the firestick i only give it three stars.

S. Lynette, Languedoc-Roussillon

Verified purchase. Just seen a message on my fire tv notifying me that youtube will not be available from january - ridiculous! i suspect this is a knee jerk reaction to online store not allowing the prime app on the google chromecast. Grow up both of you! you are in a world where we (the consumer) expect all apps to work on all devices. This is behaviour we expect from apple. Stop being childish and publish your collective apps to each other. I suspect in one the the two board rooms one of their exec s will utter the words well they started it , a phrase i would expect from one of my two kids, not from two companies i respect (or did). Grow up!

. Anonymous, Hounslow says

Absolute rubbish. Hardly anything to watch for free if you're not a prime member. Even worse, it allows you to watch trailers fro free and then charges for the episodes. Much worse is that it allows you to watch some first episodes and then wants to charge you for the rest! . . So we took off my account and added it to my son's account, who is a prime member. Not much more to watch and same tactics. . I'm a big online store fan and it is my default site for any online shopping i need to do. They have always been brilliant - good info, quick deliveries and on the odd occasion where there's been a problem, quick to intervene and resolve with no quibble. . This service lets them down substantially.

K. Irene, Rhode Island

Gets hot and crashes . Ok when its cool . Cheap hardware , decent software. Everything free on this is free on all other and cheaper media devices of this kind . Why pay a company for hardware just to have to pay again to get any decent use out of it . Do not see the point but i think the producer of this knows and that's why they developed the online store fire tv box (better hardware) .

Q. Isabel, Michigan says

I bought a fire stick to access online store prime video shows as my smart tv is slightly too old to have the online store app pre-installed. I have fibre optic broadband with very good/excellent strength in the room the tv is situated in however it took quite some time to connect the fire stick to the wi-fi and it still intermittently loses connection, buffers or the picture becomes pixelated. I have plugged a wi-fi booster in behind the tv but that made no difference. I then bought an hdmi extension cable as i read that the fire stick can pick up interference if it is too close to the free serve antennae - that makes some difference but i still have to move the stick from time to time to find the best spot without interference. The fire stick comes with a ridiculously small hdmi extension cable which is no use at all and online store know that as they tell you to position the fire stick away from the back of the tv. In conclusion: far from happy and will cancel my prime membership as soon as i have finished watching the prime videos i bought it for.

. Imelda, Sunderland

This thing is useless at screen mirroring. My samsung phone works, my nexus 7 tablet doesn't, my online store fire 7 inch 5th gen tablet doesn't. The online store remote app works on some devices but not on others, it seems to be completely random whether the device can find the fire stick or not. Sometimes yes sometimes no. The android devices are all on 5. 1. 1 at least. All my equipment is in the same room. The only device which can screen mirror to the fire stick is a samsung phone, even though al the other devices are capable of mirroring. The other functions seem ok, but so what? how much g*d* tv a person watch? for screen casting/mirroring look elsewhere.

T. Lara, Wandsworth says

Purchased as my older tv had stopped supporting youtube and the iplayer version was very old/poor quality and sony was no longer supporting updates. 35 seemed an ok price to get these back onto the tv as we use them a fair bit. . Easy enough to set up. Often a slight lag in processing so iplayer/youtube sometimes play for a short while in sd before they buffer up to full hd. . Most annoying thing is that after a few weeks and minimal usage the remote won't tab/navigate "down" (ie pressing the bottom of the circular pad doesn't do anything - up/left/right seem to be fine)) - lucky my tv remote seems to work with the firestick but not overly impressed with this aspect.

X. Anonymous, Maine

I use fire tv stick primarily for youtube. Since the recent fs update where the youtube app was removed and youtube can only now be accessed via a browser, youtube is virtually unwatchable. The browser cannot cope and fs-tv either buffers far too frequently or it freezes. The fire tv then needs a power-off reset. . Online store! sort this! re-instate youtube as an app now! . . Then, and only then, will i revise this one star rating. . . Fire tv stick with voice remote streaming media player

. Paula, Florida says

The unit is robust and loos teh part, comes with flexible hdmi extension. The remote is sleek and feels nice to the touch responsive. The unit performance it's ok, but there are issues with both picture quality pixelation and drop outs even with a strong wi-fi signal. Its a shame really as it's built well. Searching the web it is suggested to use different power cables from other loeading brands which i hsve not explored to date. Ideal if you are travelling in the uk and like to experience more than the standard freeview.

G. Joanna, Wyoming

Well. Have been pleased with the prime service and online store have created a great platform for music, video, delivery is excellent. For this reason the 79 is amazing value once you purchase the firestick. . But when you get error code 1055 the level of service for resolution is odd and inefficient. Firstly, you have to go through reset, updates, clear the cache, delete the data then. The error code 1055 continues. You are then informed that this is a known technological problem. Clearly this is a known issue with no resolution. . I was then informed to delete all my addresses off my online store account and then re enter. Weird. Then i had to delete my credit card and re enter, even more weird. . So instead of receiving emails that finally said to "factory reset" yay! it worked for an hour and then error code 1055, no video. I was informed that i would be sent a new stick (as it is clearly faulty). A 45 minute telephone call later, and a disagreement the agent finally conceded and a new stick will arrive tomorrow, but they wanted my card details. Let's see if i get charged. If i do, we'll. . So it's great unless it goes wrong then good luck. Disappointed and feel let down by online store. It has taken 4 days to resolve.

D. Russell, Doncaster says

Bought it to give me extra channels not provided by roku. Gives a lot more but incapable of maintaining sound and video synchronisation. It may have something to do with our relatively poor internet connection but if not needs some serious work. Look forward to some response. Biggest failure is the inability to pick up a programme from where it left off. Also if you switch back to tv it cannot return without being physically disconnected from power and tv powered down. Love grand tour!

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