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    C2g 2-port Usb 2.0 Hub (757120816515)

    C2g 2-port Usb 2.0 Hub (757120816515) 449

    Read Review C2g 2-port Usb 2.0 Hub (757120816515), 2-port usb 2.0 this hub connects up to 2 usb 2. 0 devices just one cable. two usb a female ports will receive your mice, printers, hubs, or other usb devices out them being cluttered together. unlike -c2g 2-port usb 2.0 hub
    • I bought a pure evoke f4 dab radio with the intention of recording to a usb flash drive but also using it as a bluetooth speaker. The problem is the included bluetooth adapter and optional usb flash drive both need a usb socket but there is only one on the radio. I did not want to be constantly swap... go to https://puqus.com/uk/c2g-2-port-usb-2-0-hub-44907kyti34/#c2g-2-port-usb-2-0-hub
    • Extras: Each 4-pin Usb 2. 0 Port Transmits 1. 5/12/480 Mbps Transfer Rates Per Usb 1. 0/1. 1/2. 0 Specifications.
    • Extras: Fully Compatible With Usb 2. 0 Specification, And Backward Compatible With Usb 1. 1 Specification.
    Price Fall C2g 2-port Usb 2.0 Hub (Computer Component) 81651