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Price was £22.58 - £49.99. The kidde 7dco carbon monoxide alarm is well made, simple to operate, intuitive in its warnings and will last for ten years before needing to be replaced. The three aa alkaline cells should last more than a year at a time. The display and leds indicate and the beeper sounds when alarmed, or more likely when tested or if the batteries need to be changed, or eventually when the whole unit needs to be replaced at end of life. The two buttons allow for testing and resetting the various functions. Please remember that it is different from a smoke alarm. . The display in this 7dco offers a very big advantage over the very similar 7co (no display). The 7dco shows the actual amount of co in the air (if over 30ppm), and this is very significant because co is an accumulative poison and continuous exposure to low levels can adversely affect ones health, also a presence could warn us about an ongoing fault developing in an appliance in the house before it becomes too dangerous. It also has a second button to press to show a peak level that might have happened previously, and this will show an event within the range 11-999 ppm. These features the display offers make it the obvious choice to buy. . The leaflet that comes with it is clear and unambiguous. It has a good explanation about the risks of co, with a table showing how the different levels of poisoning affect us and what symptoms to watch out for. It also has clear instructions on safety, as well as on positioning it and its use. My sample was made on 28th feb 2017 and should have a ten year life from installation today. See the wiki for how the electrochemical detectors like this one work. . If there is anything combustible in the house, be it an open fire, gas cooker, or central heating boiler, then at least one of these carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted for the safety of ones family and oneself. It is simply stupid not to have one. We have had a series of co detectors and alarms since they first became available, and this one replaces a kidde 9co-5uk that reached end of life. Our first in the 1980s was a one-time pad that changed colour, and it warned us the day after the previously ok old boiler was incorrectly serviced and damaged by a cowboy supposedly working for bg. . At the time of writing this review, this kidde 7dco is also a which? best buy.

-J. Williams

7dco carbon monoxide alarm replaceable batteries digital display 10 year sensor kidde 10 year carbon monoxide alarm digital -7dcoc kidde 7dcoc 10 year carbon monoxide alarm digital display. the display shows live co levels in the environment and the latest sensitive -kidde 7dco carbon monoxide alarm replaceable batteries digital display 10 year sensor warranty

  • Spotlight: Two Led’s – Red:illuminates When In Alarm Mode, Green:dc Power Is Present, Normal Operation.
  • Spotlight: Test/reset Button Tests Co Alarm Circuit Operation And Allows You To Immediately Silence The Alarm.

OnSale Kidde Monoxide Replaceable Batteries Warranty (Security Electronics) Ke7dcoc

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The device has rather strict requirements for its location: not closer than 2m to the possible source of co and not further away than 4m. It has also to be not close than 30cm to the ceiling. In a small kitchen it was difficult to find the place for it. I would suggest those requirements should be mentioned in the description of the product. It started working at once after i inserted the batteries. The Best carbon monoxide alarm replaceable ( Dec 2018 ) | Kidde-Security Electronics Review Spotlight Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm (replaceable batteries) Digital Display 10 Year Sensor and Warranty Battery operated (3aa's included). Two led's - red:illuminates when in alarm mode, green:dc power is present, normal operation. Test/reset button tests co alarm circuit operation and allows you to immediately silence the alarm. Digital display continuously displays co levels detected. End of life alarm alerts user to replace the alarm after 10-years protection. It has replaceable batteries .

Kidde 7dco Carbon Monoxide Alarm Replaceable Batteries Digital Display 10 Year Sensor And Warranty Review (ke7dcoc)

We were having problems with our (brand new, freshly installed) gas fire the exhaust flue was defective and while waiting for the supplier to get and fit a replacement i became worried so bought this for peace of mind. It is a smart discrete unit that is easy to set up, just insert the supplied batteries. A tiny green light flashes every 30 seconds or so to reassure you that the unit is on and working. There is a test button for further reassurance that when pressed emits a deafening alarm. Thankfully i have no idea if it does it's job and hope i never will find out. -X. Claudia

Kidde Monoxide Replaceable Batteries Warranty

  • Order: DIY & Tools
  • Brand: Kidde
  • Color: White
  • EAN: 0047871096336
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.57 inches
    Length:2.76 inches
    Weight:0.55 pounds
    Width:7.48 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: KE7DCOC
  • Manufacturer: Kidde
  • Model: KE7DCOC
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: KE7DCOC
  • Sub-Type: Home Improvement
  • ReleaseDate: 2017-07-06
  • Size: N/A
  • UPC: 047871096336
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warraty.

7dco carbon monoxide alarm replaceable batteries digital display 10 year sensor Home Improvement, Kidde 10 year carbon monoxide alarm digital -7dcoc kidde 7dcoc 10 year carbon monoxide alarm with digital display. the display shows live co levels in the environment and with the latest sensitive sensor technology provides ideal protection against carbon monoxide leaks. - continuously monitors for the presence of deadly carbon monoxide in the home providing a constant protection against its effects - digital display that continuously displays co levels detected - battery operated detector (batteries included) - test / reset button and led to allow simple verification of alarm operation - loud 85db piercing alarm function - sensitivity: 30ppm (parts per million) co gas - 10 year warranty - kitemarked to bsen 50291:2010 and ce marked - supplied with base plate for simple installation, or can be free standing Kidde Monoxide Replaceable Batteries Warranty (KE7DCOC-Kidde).

Kidde Monoxide Replaceable Batteries Warranty Home Improvement

  • Arrived and packing all intact. Took a matter of seconds (8 to be exact) to set the product up. Works well and will live out it's guarantee by kiddie no problem. 5 stars!
  • I am very worried about living in a house with gas, having a caravan with gas, so this is great it lives in the kitchen and comes on holidays with us. Thankfully it has never needed to set the alarm off. It beeps when the battery is running low but that lasts for a long time. I test it at least once a week when ever i dust it. Best price was on online store.
  • Said battery for 10 years but it was broken after 3 years. I struggled to contact online store then got directed to supplier contacts. I contacted the supplier and gave the online store order number. Then i got a replacement. I can only gave 3 stars since it's broken before 10 years, but still higher than 2 stars because i got a new replacement.
  • Rather difficult to read the small digits small enough to hide
  • Too soon to say-it is flashing s it should, but will it last?

carbon monoxide alarm replaceable Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm (replaceable batteries) Digital Display 10 Year Sensor and Warranty (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The ability to change batteries, unlike some models, and the indication of a live current reading is perfect to understand if your room is ventilated correctly. I use this at home where i have a scandinavian fireplace, i noticed at times when i closed the chimney vents too early the reading rose to level 30, within safe levels but not too healthy for long exposure, so it was a good tool to ensure how out the embers should be. I also take this on holiday if staying in villas with gas.

Kidde 7dco Carbon Monoxide Alarm Replaceable Batteries Digital Display 10 Year Sensor Warranty
Click to see NoticeKidde Monoxide Replaceable Batteries Warranty (ke7dcoc)"A carbon monoxide alarm is an essential purchase if you have a gas boiler, or any other gas appliance. Fortunately, alarms with a display aren't the 50 purchase that they were years ago, and this one is a great value device that definitely works well - it picked up possible buildup from the cooker in an enclosed kitchen, proving the advice on opening windows when cooking is a sensible one."

(0) Question: Ive just bought 7dco, all seems to work ok but when i press the peak level button it remains on 0 is that ok or is it not making a reading?

(1) Question: I am baffled as to the questions saying about placement. surely the best place for location has to be next to your gas boiler and/or fire?

(2) Question: We have our 7dco unit 3 years. just changed the batteries and now it alarms all the time. any suggestions

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Kidde 7COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm replaceable batteries 10 Year Sensor Warranty

The kidde 7coc carbon monoxide alarm is a premium designed model that comes with an amazing full 10 year warranty adding huge peace of mind to users. It is incorporated in a slimline case and can be either wall mounted or left free standing allowing for extreme ease of use when it comes to placing the unit to protect your family. The alarm constantly monitors the co levels in the room providing continuous protection from the presence of deadly carbon monoxide gas which is responsible for many deaths per year in the uk. It features two led's which indicate the alarm is working properly. Red indicates the presence of carbon monoxide and green that the batteries are in good working order. Kidde are the worlds largest manufacturer of fire safety products and you know you are purchasing a premium brand with this model. It is ideal for home use as well as being portable because it can be free standing. This makes it perfect for holidays where you need that extra peace of mind in hotels, boats, caravans or tents. Battery operated (batteries included) easy to use test / reset button loud 85db piercing alarm sound full 10 year warranty kitemarked to bs en 50291:2010 and ce marked  end of life warning so you know when to replace simple to install low battery indicator perfect for taking on holiday to protect your family

Kidde 7COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm replaceable batteries 10 Year Sensor WarrantyKidde-Monoxide-replaceable-batteries-Warranty

Brand :    kidde
Color :    Multi
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0..15 pounds
Model :    KID7COC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • 10 year sensor life
  • Power supply of 3 x aa batteries; continual monitoring
  • End-of-life warning
  • Multi-feature green and red leds
  • Test/reset button
Price :    $12.50 (was $17.50)
Home Improvement :    Best Security Electronics (Home Improvement product review) for Kidde 7COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm replaceable batteries 10 Year Sensor Warranty available ( Dec 2018 )

Kidde 29 Optical Smoke Alarm

The kidde ks29d is an optical smoke alarm using the latest photoelectric sensor technology. The alarm has a test button to regularly check the performance of the alarm. Battery operated smoke alarm (alkaline battery included)

Kidde 29 Optical Smoke AlarmKidde-29-Optical-Smoke-Alarm

Brand :    kidde
Color :    Multi
Size :    N/A
Weight :    396.83 pounds
  • Battery operated, easy installation
  • Test/reset button, 5 year warranty
  • Photoelectric sensor
Price :    $8.45
Model :    29
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
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Fire Angel ST-622T 10 Year Life Smoke Alarm Thermoptek Lithium Battery

Fitted with a 10 year sealed long life lithium battery, the fireangel st-622 optical smoke alarm uses a thermally enhanced smoke sensor; the technology of choice for the uk's fire and rescue service. The fireangel st-622 benefits from additional features including easy to use test/hush button, as well as "sleep-easy" function, allowing low battery warning chirps to be silenced for 8 hours.

Fire Angel ST-622T 10 Year Life Smoke Alarm Thermoptek Lithium BatteryFire-Angel-ST-622T-Thermoptek-Lithium

Price :    $8.50 (was $13.95)
  • Ce marked and kitemarked to bs en 14604
  • Thermally enhanced for quicker detection of smouldering fires (compared to standard optical sensors)
  • Tamper-proof battery does not need to be replaced for the life of the alarm
  • Battery powered smoke alarm - sealed 10 year long life battery
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
Brand :    fire angel
Color :    Multi
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    ST-622T
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Building Material (fire angel product review) for Fire Angel ST-622T 10 Year Life Smoke Alarm Thermoptek Lithium Battery available ( Dec 2018 )

Ei Electronics Smoke Alarm Test Button Batteries - Twin Pack

Ei electronics low cost effective smoke alarm suitable for general residential use. Product features: high sensitivity - responds to all standard firesdual ionisation chamber - quick response to fast flaming firesbattery powered by a 9v battery (included)built in sounder to give a minimum sound output of 85db(a) at 3mbleeps every 40 seconds when battery needs replacingeasily installed - no wiring. Test button simulates smoke - use to check performance at least monthly5 year guarantee (limited) kitemark bs50291-1:2010 manufactured in the eu ei electronics:

Ei Electronics Smoke Alarm Test Button Batteries - Twin PackEi-Electronics-Smoke-Button-Batteries

Brand :    ei electronics
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Quick easy installation - no wiring
  • Certified to bsi en 14604 : 2005
  • Easy find test button
  • Made in ireland
Price :    $10.50 (was $12.99)
Model :    Ei 100BDQWX
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 1-2 business days
Home Improvement :    Best Security Electronics (ei electronics product review) for Ei Electronics Smoke Alarm Test Button Batteries - Twin Pack available ( Dec 2018 )

Kidde KID9040TLSB Twin Pack of Smoke Alarms

Kidde ionisation smoke alarm with test twin pack.

Kidde KID9040TLSB Twin Pack of Smoke AlarmsKidde-KID9040TLSB-Twin-Smoke-Alarms

Price :    $12.00 (was $13.99)
  • Battery operated (9v battery included) - easy installation and provides continuous protection even during power outages
  • Ionisation smoke alarm with test (twin pack)
Brand :    kidde
Color :    Multi
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    KID9040TLSB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 1-2 business days
Home Improvement :    Best Auto Accessory (Home Improvement product review) for Kidde KID9040TLSB Twin Pack of Smoke Alarms available ( Dec 2018 )

Carbon Monoxide Alarm, TOPELEK Carbon Monoxide Monitor Detector Battery Operated CO Detector Alarm Digital LCD Display, LED Indicator, Replaceable Battery Home - EN 50291 Certified

Stay safe and sound with topelek battery powered carbon monoxide alarm! certified safe topelek co detector complies with en50291. 2012 standards and meets the requirements of ce, rohs. Therefore, you can put your trust in it. It makes a loyal and reliable safeguard for your family. Test before use please follow the user manual. Use the test button to test whether co alarm is operating correctly before installation. Easy to install comes with mounting bracket, anchor plugs, screws, battery, with all accessories ready, what you need to do is to choose proper places and drilling. It won't occupy much space due to its compact design, and it can be installed to wall, ceiling and other appropriate places. Battery-powered battery-operated carbon monoxide detector will not be affected by the power outage. Sensitivity and reaction time: 50ppm, alarm within 60-90min 100ppm, alarm within 10-40min 300ppm, alarm within 3minspecifications: dimensions: 5. 53 x 5. 51 x 1. 85 inches powered by: one 9v battery (included) support lcd digital display: yes certification: en50291. 2012; ce & rohs alarm volume level: 85db within 3 feet detection range: 30-999ppmpackage included: carbon monoxide detector x 1 mounting bracket x 1 screw x 2 anchor plug x 2 9v battery x 1 user manual x 1our warranty every topelek product includes a 30 days money back guarantee & 18-month worry-free warranty!

Carbon Monoxide Alarm, TOPELEK Carbon Monoxide Monitor Detector Battery Operated CO Detector Alarm Digital LCD Display, LED Indicator, Replaceable Battery Home - EN 50291 CertifiedMonoxide-TOPELEK-Detector-Indicator-Replaceable

Brand :    topelek
Color :    White
Size :    Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Model :    PA-003W/HS026A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Security Electronics (topelek product review) for Carbon Monoxide Alarm, TOPELEK Carbon Monoxide Monitor Detector Battery Operated CO Detector Alarm Digital LCD Display, LED Indicator, Replaceable Battery Home - EN 50291 Certified available ( Dec 2018 )
Price :    $15.99
  • Advanced electrochemical sensor build-in smart electrochemical sensor, topelek carbon monoxide monitor is sensitive enough to detect odorless, invisible and deadly carbon monoxide in the air. complies with en50291. 2012 standards; ce tested and certified
  • Large lcd digital display co detector offers both audible signal alarm as well as a digital display of co levels detected. it can also display a peak reading over a period of time.
  • What you get 1 x carbon monoxide alarm, 1 x mounting bracket, 1 x 9v battery, 2 x anchor plug , 2 x screw, 1 x user manual, topelek 30 days money back guarantee and 18 months worry-free warranty!
  • Loud 85db alarm red led flashes and a loud alarm pattern sounds with loud 85 decibel alarm, when a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected.
  • Easy installation & widely used comes with mounting bracket, screws and anchor plugs, just drill holes in appropriate places. widely used in home, bedroom, basement or any rooms with a risk of co poisoning.

Kidde I9080UKC Smoke Alarm - Premium General Purpose Test Light & Hush

Kidde smoke alarm - premium general purpose with test light & hush kidi9080ukc the kidde kidi9080ukc smoke alarm has a hush button feature to temporarily silence nuisance alarms e. G. Cooking or steam. It has a loud alarm with a flashing light which indicates that the alarm is operating and a test button is available for checking the alarm is working correctly. The alarm also has aautomatic test light (emergency escape light) for assisting persons in the event of a fire and comes with a 5 year warranty. The kidi9080ukc premium general purpose smoke alarm can be used anywhere around the home, however it is ideal for hallways, bedrooms and landings. Kidi9080ukc

Kidde I9080UKC Smoke Alarm - Premium General Purpose Test Light & HushKidde-I9080UKC-Smoke-Alarm-Premium

Brand :    kidde
Color :    White
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0..34 pounds
Model :    KIDI9080UKC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 1-2 business days
  • Hush button feature
  • Low battery warning signal
  • 5 year warranty
  • Test/reset button for checking alarm operation
  • Automatic emergency escape light
Price :    $8.92 (was $12.49)
Home Improvement :    Best Auto Accessory (kidde product review) for Kidde I9080UKC Smoke Alarm - Premium General Purpose Test Light & Hush available ( Dec 2018 )

X-Sense SD12 10-Year Battery Smoke Alarm Fire Detector, EN14604, CE Certified Smoke Detector Photoelectric Sensor

The x-sense smoke detector boasts a photoelectric sensor that quickly and accurately detects dangerous smoke. This tuv certified device, which also conforms to en14604 standards, means you can sleep peacefully at night knowing you and your family are safe. Premium material & outstanding performance for optimal operational reliability, the casing is made of eco-friendly and fire-retardant plastic material, which resists high temperatures. The abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant features ensure a 10-year lifespan. Equipped with a photoelectric sensor, this alarm boasts strong anti-interference capability and provides an early response to a wide range of slow burning, smoldering fires. Reliable power supply the sealed cr123a lithium battery boasts a 10-year life expectancy, so you won't have to frequently change expired batteries. Combining high capacity and great reliability, this battery will ensure on the job warnings 24/7 with uninterrupted protection. Multiple functions the alarm will alert you instantly when malfunctioning or in low battery. If a false alarm occurs, you can momentarily press test / silence button to cease alarm. The red led will flash once every second to indicate hush mode. After 8 minutes, the alarm will automatically recover to ready mode. Warranty the sd12 has passed the tuv certificate and is in full compliance with the en14604 standards to ensure its quality and safety. Also, this device is ce certified. Moreover, we provide a 30-day return and 10-year quality warranty from the date of your purchase.

X-Sense SD12 10-Year Battery Smoke Alarm Fire Detector, EN14604, CE Certified Smoke Detector Photoelectric SensorX-Sense-10-Year-Detector-Certified-Photoelectric

Price :    $11.99
  • Guaranteed quality: the high quality alarm is tuv certified and conforms to the en14604 standards for added trustworthiness; comes with a 10-year limited warranty to further guarantee its quality
  • Easy installation: all mounting hardware included for fast and simple installation in minutes; the tamper-resistant pins prevent tampering and theft
  • Ultra-extended battery life: incredible 10 years of extended use with one lithium-ion battery sealed in this alarm; provides you 10 years of 24/7 protection and peace of mind on a single battery; you'll sleep soundly knowing your home is protected for many years to come
  • Unique functions: malfunction warning, low battery warning, and hush mode enabled; allows you to instantly be aware of the detector's working status; test and silence enabled by momentarily pressing test/silence button
  • Superior alarm performance: proven performance for detecting smoke from hidden and slow-burning fires; photoelectric sensor can also detect dangerous fast-burning fires that can cause extreme damages; powerful 85 db alarm tone will sound through your entire home and instantly alert those in danger
Brand :    x-sense
Color :    White
Size :    SD12
Model :    SD10C
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Security Electronics (x-sense product review) for X-Sense SD12 10-Year Battery Smoke Alarm Fire Detector, EN14604, CE Certified Smoke Detector Photoelectric Sensor available ( Dec 2018 )

Kidde 10LLDCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm Digital Display With Sealed Battery

The kidde kid10lldco 10lldco alarm is a sleek, lightweight carbon monoxide (co) alarm with a non-replaceable, sealed-in lithium battery which provides 10 years of continuous protection, meaning that the battery never needs to be changed for the duration of the alarms life. The alarm has a digital display which clearly shows the levels of carbon monoxide. A peak level display allows the highest co level recorded (between 11 - 999ppm) to be displayed. The 10lldco has a unique, water-based kidde co electrochemical sensor. It features a co quick-test feature that allows the alarm to be temporarily desensitised to allow quick testing using approved co spray. The alarms interrogation feature allows peak level and test history to be analysed by kidde upon arrangement. It has 3 leds - alarm, operate and fault, and an end-of-life warning that alerts the user when to replace the alarm. A test/reset button allows regular testing of the alarm function. This slim, easy-to-use alarm is ideal for use in all living areas and can be installed on the wall, where the digital display can easily be seen, or used free-standing on a table or shelf. It is also conveniently portable, so can be taken away on holidays for added peace of mind. Bsi certified to en52091-1. Ce tested & certified. Ptdkid10lldco

Kidde 10LLDCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm Digital Display With Sealed BatteryKidde-10LLDCO-Monoxide-Digital-Display

Brand :    kidde
Color :    White
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    10LLDCO
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Digital display that shows current co levels (from 10ppm)
  • 10 year sealed battery
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
Price :    $27.90 (was $37.78)
Home Improvement :    Best Tools (Home Improvement product review) for Kidde 10LLDCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm Digital Display With Sealed Battery available ( Dec 2018 )

kidde 7dco carbon monoxide alarm replaceable batteries digital display 10 year sensor and warranty Price : 22, was : 30 as 2018-03-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Kidde Monoxide Replaceable Batteries Warranty (ke7dcoc) Reviewed by on

Top kidde monoxide replaceable batteries warranty (ke7dcoc) Content

The F.A.Q. for kidde 7dco carbon monoxide alarm replaceable batteries digital display 10 year sensor and warranty

Seems a good piece of kit though i have only tested it as it has not gone off in anger (and never does i hope). Siren is nice and loud and i think would wake anyone but the deepest of sleepers (depending on where it was placed of course). Come with a digital display which normally reads zero (on mine at any rate) but in the presence of carbon monoxide this should show the amount present in parts per million i. E. 35ppm. The display is a good size as are the digits shown on it. Has two buttons on the front, test/reset and peak level as well as 2 led's, alarm/move to fresh air and operate. Fairly comprehensive instruction manual explains all. Can be uses standing or fixed to a wall - the preferred option. Only 4 stars because before use the supplied batteries have to be inserted in the rear and i found that a bit fiddly compared to the two other detectors i have which just needed a pull out strip to start them working. Minor point but there you go. :-)

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Kidde-Monoxide-replaceable-batteries-Warranty

(0) Question: How long do the batteries last and is it worth replacing the supplied ones with lithium equivilants?

(1) Question: What type of battery is required

(2) Question: Since this is battery operated and it is always on, does the battery need to be changed on a regular basisand will alarm notify if batteries are out?

(3) Question: Would this be suitable for a pub cellar?

(4) Question: Does this comply with british standard en 50291 and have a british or european approval mark

(5) Question: Is this detector suitable for a butane gas heater?

(6) Question: What is the range of co2 levels monitored ie 0 - 1000 or 0 - 10, 000 ?

(7) Question: Does it give an audible warning when detecting carbon dioxide?

(8) Question: What is the battery life like?

(9) Question: Does it have the british kite mark stamped.

(10) Question: Are these the proper rechargeable batteries to use?

(11) Question: Hi, my boiler is in the loft. my gas engineer suggested putting an alarm in the loft? is this common practice?

(12) Question: Does it sound an audible alarm? is it loud?

(13) Question: I just put the batteries in the alarm and it won't stop producing this ultra loud noise. the display doesn't power on yet. how to make it stop/work?

(14) Question: The alarm instructions talks about mounting on a wall or tabletop. can the alarm be ceiling mounted ? surely this would be the most sensible.

(15) Question: No digital display? i got the item twice, and both times without the display? what is that for a model? !

(16) Question: Does this flash all the time when its working (ie could it go in a bedroom or would it be disturbing)

(note) Question: where/how to get Kidde (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Kidde's products

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Item arrived well packaged and within time estimated. Does as it says on the tin - easy clear instructions.

Bestsellers, Security ElectronicsTop Kidde Monoxide Replaceable Batteries Warranty (ke7dcoc) FAQ Content

Best kidde monoxide replaceable batteries warranty (ke7dcoc) in review

Excellent buy. Alarm went off and showed high levels of co at boiler area, no other alarms in house went off. Urgently got boiler repair person and he found a leakage. This product saved our lives. I will highly recommend.

O. Ruby, Sheffield

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D. Pearson, Doncaster says

I have given this 5 stars because at the moment it is working well but this is a replacement from an earlier one that was guaranteed for ten years with a sealed battery which lasted 8 months before it stopped working so i have gone with this one with replaceable batteries. Time will tell. The other one was sent back to online store with no trouble.

. McCarthy, Sachsen-Anhalt

The alarm came properly packaged and probably for the first time every i was pleased to open the plastic package around the alarm as someone actually though about other people opening it. The plastic was perforated and easy to open, no cuts or bruises and also no need to use scissors to open it, greatly done! . . The product itself looks fine and the alarm sound is clearly loud enough to get everyone's attention. Can't say much about how long it will work as we just installed it

L. Suzanne, Auvergne says

I bought this detector for our kitchen. It's simple to set and quick to set up, with good clear instructions which spell out clearly what different alarms mean and the addition of the digital display makes it even easier to read. I've also found the unit to be very robust. I originally attached it high up on the wall with sticky pads. The pads didn't turn out to be strong enough so the unit fell a good 1. 5m onto a concrete floor. The batteries fell out and i feared it would be dead but it was absolutely fine! i would definitely buy one of these again as for the money, quality and longevity, it would be hard to do better.

. Guest, Lorraine

Bought to replace outdate carbon monoxide alarm in living room. Small enough to not be noticed in corner. Simple enough instructions with a clear display. Gives peace of mind.

B. Joanna, Oldham says

This unit is great in that it looks good and feels quality, with an added bonus of replacement batteries. However it is difficult to say how good it is at doing its job without being in the situation where we have a carbon monoxide leak, which isn't ideal! . . It should be noted however that when you put the batteries in, it will emit a short beep to notify you that it's working, that's according to the manual anyway. I'd argue that they need to be clear on the definition of short beep; unbelievable, ear bleeding screech is more how i'd describe it! i did check that i wasn't pushing test when i put the batteries in btw! . . So all in all, great; just pop some ear defenders on before you put the batteries in! . . 4 stars as a) i can't attest to its effectiveness and b) i'm now mildly stunned by the test "beep"!

Z. Edna, Thueringen

So easy to set up, it replaces an old plug in monitor and appears much better. I like that it has continuous monitoring and that i can see at a glance if there is any carbon monoxide present. There is a button to press to see peak levels and another to test and reset the unit. The digital display also tells you when the batteries need replacing and when the unit is at the end of its life. Being portable it can be taken on holiday and give added comfort.

M. Lawrence, Maine says

Excellent carbon monoxide detector easy to operate and understand with visual alerts as well as an audible alarm and being able to replace the batteries is a very good idea.

U. Sally, Stoke-on-Trent

Carbon monoxide alarms are the kind of items you hope never to test fully - a bit like fire escape ladders; so i can't tell for certain that this alarm is fully functional! . . However it arrived promptly, the 'test' function shows the alarm goes off and is perfectly audible/hard to ignore, and the display shows a reassuring "0%" co present. It was easy to assemble and put in place, and looks ok on the wall. And so far it hasn't gone off 'in anger' i am pleased to say! . . Quite satisfied with this purchase and would currently recommend to others.

W. Lara, Wyoming says

Street prices for co alarms seem to be skyrocketing, so glad to be able to get a new one at about the same price as we paid for our old firstalert unit which had reached the end of its functional life. Yes there are cheaper ones on online store, even with ppm displays, but is it really worth entrusting your safety to kit that (according to reviews) lacks proper certifications etc? kidde is a respected brand in safety equipment, so can buy with confidence. Obviously can't really rate this until it's saved our lives (or not) but no reason to believe it's anything but the bees' knees for the money.

Y. Debra, Stockport

Has batteries, everything you need to ensure you and your family are safe. Makes an initial beep when you put batteries in (it is loud, even for my one deaf ear ! ). Brought 2 more of these for my wider family and now i'm happy. It's a horrendous way to perish and for a few quid, just get one!

F. Mathis, Bath and North East Somerset says

I bought this item 3 years ago last week and thought it was about time i reviewed it! . . First thing to note is that the battery is still going strong! so 3 years and no battery change, or maybe i have changed it maybe once! not too sure. Definitely not twice. It still works though as i test it every year with a candle just to make sure! . . I originally bought this as my boiler was in my bedroom when i lived in a small flat, now i live in a normal house where it just sort of lives in the kitchen. . It's a very nice product.

A. Sarah, Wokingham says

Brought one of these recently having been advised by a gas man servicing our boiler. Within a few weeks of having it the alarm sounded. Inspection by call out gas man confirmed carbon monoxide in our house. Scary, but at least we were able to react quickly and get the problem addressed before anything awful happened. Thinking of buying another to have downstairs in the house too. This model is easy to use and read. Would highly recommend. Normal excellent delivery service by online store. Thank you.

P. Wimbish, Barnet

Arrived quickly via prime. Well packaged complete with 3xduracell batteries. 10 year warranty (you need to register product). Obviously i didn't read the full description, but as i saw it had a digital display, then it would be easier to tell when it was faulty, needs new batteries etc. This is still taken care of by the flashing lights, so you need to keep the instructions to refer to which sequence of flashing lights means what. It'd be nice if they have to do that system, they have one light for batteries, one for faults etc.

. Anonymous, Texas says

Very easy to set up and just required a couple of screws in the wall as mounting points, this provides that vital confirmation that the silent, odourless killer, carbon monoxide, isn't present. . Having suffered from low level carbon monoxide poisoning thirty years ago as a child when the family gas fire was incorrectly serviced by a qualified engineer ( thankfully my parents called in another service engineer when suspicions were aroused as to why we all kept falling asleep and the carbon monoxide levels were still low) , i now need the reassurance of an alarm in the hopefully unlikely event that should similar should happen again, my own family will be alerted before lives are threatened. . Display will hopefully always confirm a zero reading . The one thing to be aware of is that you must follow the instructions carefully to ensure correct positioning. . Highly recommended.

G. Angelica, Plymouth

I use this in my motorhome. At each site i set it up and down go through the test procedure. It has a digital display to measure ant co, and a reassuring green light to show it is in operaction.

. Gina, Connecticut says

Does the job, and like the led which helps. Overall great warranty/life period compered to some others. Remember all these detectors have a life span so that is why quality oulasts cheapness

H. Anonymous, Windsor and Maidenhead

I have two of these mounted on the wall in my house. One in the bedroom hallway and one in the main hallway. They have never gone off but i test them occasionally. Every home should be obliged to have these. Don't delay - buy them right now. You could be saving a family member.

E. Patricia, Derbyshire says

I didn t really understand the review of the person that used a gas stove to measure the carbon monoxide levels. Seems like that would be the test for a methane detector or a way to blow up your kitchen. I didn t fancy a face full of pyrex so i opted for a test with tealights. I lit some candles in a bowl and put a pyrex dish over the top. After the oxygen had been exhausted the carbon monoxide reading gradually went up on on the monitor (not enough to set off the alarm though). The product seems to function perfectly well. Usual faultless service from online store as expected.

. Carolyn, Delaware

Far cheaper than the price of a family take-away and absolutely priceless for that peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe! bought the multipack, one for ourselves and one for our son who is in rented accommodation at university. Must be very easy to set because the husband didn't whinge!

. Sharon, Kensington and Chelsea says

A compact and functional device, with the added benefit of having replaceable batteries and a 10 year lifecycle. It seems to work as well, recording low levels of carbon monoxide on one occasion, prior to having the chimney swept, which gives me a good degree of confidence that the kidde is not kidding me, but doing the job that it was bought for. Recommended by which? , i have two, one to monitor my boiler/kitchen, and the other to monitor the open fire when used. They do give peace of mind, and the alarm is piercing. I figured that i would rather put my faith in a known brand than on some brand that i had never heard of .

Q. Elida, Maine

I haven't succumbed to co poisoning yet so it must be working. Seriously, it's kinda hard to review something like this when you hope it's never called into action!

R. Courtney, Thurrock says

I purchased one of these some time ago because the chimney sweep said we ought to have one and then i thought no more about it. Two weeks ago i began to feel very faint and had a dry mouth and ended up in a&e. Three days ago our oil boiler started to give off very obvious fumes so i took the detector into the boiler room, where the reading went up to 165ppm and the alarm went off, at which point i turned off the boiler and called the service engineer who found the (regularly serviced) boiler clogged up. The detector was the thing which confirmed suspicions and would have solved the problem earlier if it had been in the right room. I've just purchased a second one for the boiler room and urge everyone with a boiler of any type to buy a detector with digital readouts.

S. Shirley, Louisiana

Sits near the stove and watches over me, day and night. The "maximum reading" storage is very useful in letting me know if the stove has been misbehaving while i have not been present. This item is stable enough to be moved around and positioned on any flat surface, it does not necessarily need screwing to the wall. This is one of my favourite household robots, given that i live on my boat and need to keep a check on co levels. It has not, so far, screamed at me while i have the stove door open briefly for fire-building, refuelling or cleaning.

. Edith, Arizona says

This seems good. It has a nice digital output to show the co levels present in the environment it's in. I especially like the 'peak reading' button which will show the highest value the meter has read (meaning if you put it somewhere and there is co whilst you aren't monitoring it, you can still know about this thanks to this button. ). . The only issue i have is that it has never read any co in the location where i have put it. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing. Unless it just means the device doesn't work. I wouldn't really know, but considering the fact that i don't seem to have suffocated, i'm going to assume this works well!

Top carbon monoxide alarm replaceable Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Y. Sheila, Massachusetts says

Hopefully should do the job, its installed cannot test as no carbon monoxide,

P. Carmen, District of Columbia

Im not really sure about this carbon monoxide monitor. I have had it a few months now and it has gone off twice when there have been no leaks detected by the gas men. I think it must be either really sensitive or faulty because it seems to go off after i've cooked more often than not so is probably picking up on the ignition from the gas cooker. Ive even tested it by putting a cheaper one from the gas company next to it and this one still went off when the other one didn't. It makes me think there is a fault with the device. You are better off getting a cheaper one from your gas company as this one can cause unnecessary worry.

R. McCarthy, Washington says

Arrived promptly in good condition. It was easy to fix with good instructions on where to out it. Seems like a good idea

Z. Jacqueline, Maine

I returned this because i thought that it has a 10 year battery. It doesn't. There are other kidde co detectors that do have a 10 year, sealed battery so i ordered one of them.

B. Gilmore, Hillingdon says

I'm not sure who designed this but it's the most crazy device ever. . Trying to reset the peak level does a test most of the time, and it appears the test readout says 17 or 18 sometimes. . I've had mine with the green light stay on after trying to check the peak and/or reset it. I've no idea if the thing is actually working in this state or not. Is it 'crashed' or locked up? . . Sometimes i've wondered if the buttons are sticking in because they feel a bit cheap. . Then sometimes when you try to check the peak and it's reading zero, you have no idea if it's actually showing your the peak, or if it's not entered peak display mode. . All in all i've generally no idea if the thing is actually working or not, or if the peak readings it's giving (i've seen up to 29 in my oil boiler room), is even correct or not. . Perhaps in an emergency it'll work as expected which is fine, but the way it works and/or doesn't work in the basic peak function isn't reassuring for such a device. . This should provide peace of mind but instead it just provides uncertainty. . I'm going to have to test it against the car exhaust to see if it actually is working, and can be trusted to work in an emergency. . Personally i wouldn't recommend any one to buy it because you want reassurance with something like this. . I'd have happily spent 10 more if it actually had a decent screen, more buttons (perhaps behind a cover for resetting? ). Just something to make it obvious what is actually going on. . I doubt i'll buy a kidde product again for essential home safety use if this is the best they can do for the money.

S. Rowe, Indiana

So far when we switch it on within 5 minutes the alarm goes red and displays a number anywhere up to 100, this is not good as we don, t know if it is malfunctioning or not the boiler has been serviced and checked so that is ok, the only anomaly is he alarm , i need to know what else i can do , it cost me 19 + with p&p and as an oap its money i cant afford

L. Kathlene, Peterborough says

Do not bye this it shows an error code already

I. Mays, Arkansas

I can only give this 3 stars because you simply cannot read the printed labels beside the lights and buttons. They are too feint to read ! what a stupid mistake on the part of the manufacturer.

N. Mable, Islington says

There was a fault with the one we got which caused it to keep going off. We had an expert come to our house and he said it was just a fault with the product and there was no carbon monoxide found in our house

M. Finch, Colorado

Advertised as 10 year life, but this does not refer to the battery life, just the basic system. The batteries are aa and will give out after a year or so. You can get alarms at about the same price guaranteed to last 7 years including battery. So don't buy this one.

E. Mary, Nottingham says

There is no digital display on this alarm

. Erickson, Luton

Purchased fireangel and kidde carbon monoxide alarms, both have digital displays and battery will last a few years. . Was not particularly impressed. It does work with the bucket test however the point of having a digital display is to show sensitivity, which this model is not particularly good at. Seems the fireangel shows parts per million but this shows parts per 100 or 1000 - which essentially makes the display pointless - you want the alarm sounding if its showing that much. Have put these two side by side and this is just not sensitive enough - hence 3 stars

C. Irene, Prince Edward Island says

Seems to be ok. However the battery life is very poor. About two weeks and they had to be replaced.

V. Kelly, Basse-Normandie

Not working at all . very disappointed

Q. Parker, Doncaster says

Started off well, but within a few days the unit just started going off for no reason. Left it in fresh air to reset as advised - no joy.

G. Diana, Brighton and Hove

Always 0. 0 is that normal? everywhere i put it says the same thing, next to the boiler or outside, makes 0 difference, is that normal!

A. Shayna, Ohio says

Bought this towards the end of november and have already had to change the batteries twice despite it never showing a reading above 0. Not impressed, would expect the batteries to last like they do in smoke alarms.

O. Wimbish, Redcar and Cleveland

Never worked properly no matter what i tried. Just kept beeping, changed batteries, reset and followed instructions to no avail. Binned it.

. Noguera, Rhone-Alpes says

This arrived on time & was bought because of the ratings & the longevity of the product, however the quality of the battery compartment was very poor and the middle battery only just fits if you manipulate it! if i so much as touch the back of the unit the alarm sounds. Ok, but wouldn't really recommend

D. Campbell, Bury

Bought two, one broke after a week (lots of "i'm broken beeps"). Hopefully the other one works, if it doesn't, i won't be able to let you know.

J. Monique, Hertfordshire says

Our co alarm came in good time, well packed with no problems. However, the alarm started to sound while showing 40ppm on the readout. We have reset it and left it outside on a clear day and it still registers 40ppm and eventually the alarm goes off again. All the manual says is don't ignore the alarm, but it doesn't say what sort of levels are harmful. We found that out by looking elsewhere online. We've had to turn it off so now we are wondering if we should try another brand or if this might be a dud.

. Nancy, Arizona

Gone wrong after five months, most disappointed

U. Wayt, Portsmouth says

First one stopped working showing a err message in a few weeks but online store were great in sending a replacement. Looks like a common occurrence and worrying that there is such a high failure rate. The replacement seems to going good now and its been a few months in.

F. Olga, Bremen

The detector was easy to install. It showed 0 levels of co for a month, before going off repeatedly. We checked the house with other detectors - there is no detectable co in the house. The alarm even went off in the garden. . We returned it as faulty after about a month's usage.

X. Reed, Montana says

I have a kidde 9c05 which today my wife complained, was making a high pitched sound, that i could not hear. I started to fit replacement batteries and then noticed a label: manufactured 2009 - replace 04 2017 . Just a couple of months out with the warning after 8 years . Not bad! . I don't know if it worked as a c02 alarm but it has tested ok but it has never gone off in anger. I know our other c02 alarm made by a different supplier works, as it saved us after a new gas fire was not fitted correctly! . However, reading reviews about possible replacements from a raft of suppliers, i noticed amongst the mostly positive reviews that there are some worrying reviews that claim a small but significant % of each model has proven unreliable. So i bought the standard model from british gas for 29. 99 delivered. European and british standards guaranteed. Sealed for life batteries, self checking . And after 7 years it shouts to tell you to bin it and buy. Another. My family matter more than saving a few pounds on the purchase price.

W. Cecilia, West Sussex

This worked for about five months then one day out of the blue it started beeping loudly showing err message on the display. We've restarted it, changed the batteries but clearly it's broken and online store make it very hard to complain/claim on warranty.

. Patricia, Pennsylvania says

Works great, even showing very low levels of carbon monoxide when someone uses the grill on the cooker. The feature where you press both buttons to clear the peak reading isn't very good though. It is very hit and miss whether it clears the reading or sets the alarm off in test mode.

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