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Price was £12.99. Let's face it, there is nothing worse than unsightly naisel hairs and bushy eyebrows. This handy little trimmer takes care of both very well. The nose trimmer doesn't nick or pull the hairs making it very comfortable to use. It comes with two eyebrow attachments - make sure you look after those other reviewers say they are not sold as a spare if you loose them. The trimmer comes in a handy bag so keeping it all together shouldn't be a problem. I would recommend this product - it gives much better results than previous circular trimmer i've used in the past and you can't go wrong for a tenner.

-P. Anonymous

Series 3000 Battery-operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer – Showerproof & No Pulling Guaranteed – The Philips Nosetrimmer Series 3000 Gently Removes Unwanted Nose, Ear And Eyebrow Hairs. The Protectube Technology And The Specially Designed Angle Of The Trimmer Ensure A Fast, Easy -Philips Series 3000 Battery-operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer – Showerproof & No Pulling Guaranteed – Nt3160/10

  1. Benefit: With The Revolutionary Protectube Technology, The Cutter Is Protected By An Ultra-thin Foil Guard With Rounded Tips To Prevent Skin Irritation: No Pulling Guaranteed.
  2. Benefit: Soft Pouch Includes: Aa Battery, 2 Eyebrow Combs (3 And 5 Mm) And Protective Cap To Keep The Blade Clean.

Cut-Price Philips 3000 Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer (Consumer Electronics) Nt3160 10

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I bought a similar tool some years ago which was useless and put me off the category. This works very well. They say it is guaranteed not to pull and it certainly doesn't. It's easy to use - just put it in the orifice and rotate around. Unlike with shaving you can't see the results quickly but if your hearing is decent you can hear when it is cutting - or not when the job is done. You can run it under a hot tap with the motor on to ensure it does not clog up. Best series batteryoperated nose ear | Philips-Consumer Electronics Review ( Jun 2019 ) Benefit Philips Series 3000 Battery-Operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer - Showerproof & No Pulling Guaranteed - NT3160/10 Fast and safe trim of nose, ear and eyebrow hair: angled to easily reach hair inside the ear, nose as well as for use on eyebrows. With the revolutionary protectube technology, the cutter is protected by an ultra-thin foil guard with rounded tips to prevent skin irritation: no pulling guaranteed. Soft pouch includes: aa battery, 2 eyebrow combs (3 and 5 mm) and protective cap to keep the blade clean. Battery operated for ease of use (aa battery supplied). 100% showerproof .

Philips series 3000 battery-operated nose, ear & eyebrow trimmer - showerproof & no pulling guaranteed - nt3160/10 Review (nt3160 10)

So i'm a girl. There's this veet trimmer for girls for 30 and it looked like it did the exact same thing as this. This does exactly what i want it too, gets rid of peach fuzz and shapes my eyebrows and saves me 20. No replacements though, so it's a rebuy but tbh at this price thats fine. -D. Anonymous

Philips 3000 Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Philips
  • EAN: 0709102212389
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.57 inches
    Length:8.27 inches
    Width:3.94 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: NT3160/10
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Model: NT3160/10
  • MPN: NT3160/10
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: NT3160/10
  • Sub-Type: CE
  • ReleaseDate: 2015-01-01
  • UPC: 779254175986

series 3000 battery-operated nose, ear & eyebrow trimmer - showerproof & no pulling guaranteed - Ce, The philips nosetrimmer series 3000 gently removes unwanted nose, ear and eyebrow hairs. the protectube technology and the specially designed angle of the trimmer ensure a fast, easy and comfortable trim with no pulling guaranteed.     advanced guard system prevents pulling, nicks and cuts     easily reach hair inside the ear or nose     ultra-precise and sharp cutting slots     fully washable     the blades never need to be oiled     easy hold and control, even when wet     2 combs to tidy up eyebrows     easy storage of all accessories. soft pouch includes: aa battery, 2 eyebrow combs and protective cap to keep the blade clean.      aa battery powered   Philips 3000 Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer (NT3160/10-Philips).

Philips 3000 Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer Ce

  • My husband is amazed by this multi functioned trimmer. Not only is he relieved that i no longer make him sneeze by pulling his nose hair out and plucking his eye brows this device does the job pain free. On top of this he does his side burns with the dual trim tool. Great product good price 5 stars. He even took it away on holiday .
  • I have had a few of these philips nose and ear trimmers, but this adds a new dimension by adding beard trimming too. . I love these little kits as they do exactly what you want them to do, at a pretty reasonable cost. This kit also includes an eyebrow comb, thankfully i don't need one but i think it's a great idea for those with unruly eyebrows that need to be trimmed. . It even comes with a little case and a battery - they really have thought of everything. . Basically, if you need an ear and nose trimmer, and also look after sideburns, a beard or unruly eyebrows you could do a lot worse than this. . My old one i've had for about 4 years, which leads me to think this should be equally well made and long-lasting. As such, i can happily recommend this.
  • Looks good, sounds good, is very solidand with the phillips reputation you would expect a quality item. That is not so i am afraid. It hums along but never seems to cut anything. You could stand there for hours and there would be no difference. I have given it many a chance and given up and used scissors instead. . This is not an item i would reccommend. Look for an item that has five star from every contributor, even paying a good deal more.
  • Not fit for purpose. Or, excellent if all you care about is not cutting yourself. And you don't actually want to trim any hair! useless compared to much cheaper thimble tom style cutters. I've tried this now a few times but every time i have to get a pair of scissors and do the job properly. Now it will gather dust at the bottom of a drawer until such time i forgive myself for spending the money on it and toss it in the trash! nice little carry bag though :/
  • Dropped first one on a carpet and the trimmer bit smashed to pieces. Bought another and it lasted 2 months before stopped working. Rubbish.

series batteryoperated nose ear Philips Series 3000 Battery-Operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer - Showerproof & No Pulling Guaranteed - NT3160/10 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I was concerned about the reviews saying it broke within the first year, but time will tell. Having said that, it's by far the best hair remover i've ever bought, quiet also. The only thing i don't like is twisting the base of the unit to turn it on, as sometimes i twist the wrong way and the battery falls out.

Philips Series 3000 Battery-operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer - Showerproof & No Pulling Guaranteed - Nt3160/10
Click to see NoticePhilips 3000 Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer (nt3160 10)"Eyebrows are weird, especially when over 40, just get rid."

(0) Question: Has anyone experienced problems with the rubber grip part of this product used in it's manufacture? - i. e. degrading and becoming 'sticky' ?

(1) Question: Do you know if you can buy the small trimming attachments on there own as ive lost the 3mm one. thanks

(2) Question: Does it come in original packaging?

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Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose, Ear Facial Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry Vortex Cleaning System - Black

The panasonic er-gn30 wet/dry trimmer provides a safe and easy way to trim facial hair such as hair around the nose or eyebrows. This trimmer uses a rotary cutting system that is fast and safe, eliminating the possibility of injury from using scissors. The unique vortex cleaning system allows for simple and thorough cleaning for easy maintenance, and it is fully immersible in water. To clean the trimmer, just hold it in water with one hand. The water is then pulled in from the sides, spun through the unit and ejected from the top. The trimmer s dual-edge blade cuts hairs which enter the trimmer from not only the sides but also the top which makes it perfect from trimming individual stray hairs on the eyebrows or for beard detailing. Curved, hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades leave the correct amount of hairs for natural filtering. The panasonic er-gn30 vortex wet/dry nose and facial hair trimmer is compact and convenient to take on the road for travel use. It is designed for use in the shower, and for easy cleaning. The trimmer operates on one aa battery (not included) for 90 minutes of use and comes with a cleaning brush and protective cap. Ergonomic angled body - easy to use pen-grip body sharp 60 degree inner blade does not pull on the hair new precise and fast blade - improved dual edge blade can cut the nose hairs. Convenient to trim useless hair of eyebrow or to make detailed shape of the beard, but not suitable for hair below 0. 5mm washable easy to clean: simply soak in water and switch on. Water flows like a screw and blows out the hair. Protective cap cleaning brush

Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose, Ear Facial Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry Vortex Cleaning System - BlackPanasonic-ER-GN30-Facial-Trimmer-Cleaning

Brand :    panasonic
Color :    BLACK
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    ER-GN30-K503
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Designed for trimming eyebrows, nose and ear hairs from 0. 5mm
  • Ergonomically angled body for easy use
  • Advanced sharp dual-edge blade technology for precision trimming
  • Comes with a protective cap and cleaning brush
Price :    $11.83 (was $12.50)
Health And Beauty :    Best Personal Care Appliance (panasonic product review) for Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose, Ear Facial Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry Vortex Cleaning System - Black available ( Jun 2019 )

Remington Nano Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Personal nose and ear trimmer nano series

Remington Nano Nose Ear Hair TrimmerRemington-Nano-Nose-Hair-Trimmer

Brand :    remington
  • Rotary head for nose and ear hair
  • Vertical trimmer with wash out feature
  • Anti-microbial nano silver for cleaner trimming
  • Vertical guide combs
  • Showerproof with hang loop for easy shower storage
Price :    $8.26 (was $9.99)
Model :    NE3850
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Personal Care Appliance (remington product review) for Remington Nano Nose Ear Hair Trimmer available ( Jun 2019 )

12 x Replacement Toothbrush Heads Oral B - Round Head Hard to Reach Area

12 replacement generic toothbrush heads for oral b

12 x Replacement Toothbrush Heads Oral B - Round Head Hard to Reach Area12-Replacement-Toothbrush-Heads-Oral

Brand :    d&k online
  • 12 pack generic toothbrush
  • Uk stock
  • Replacement brush head
  • Brand new
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BaByliss Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer

Babyliss 3 in 1 hygienic trimmer battery operated

BaByliss Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic TrimmerBaByliss-Men-7051BU-Hygienic-Trimmer

Brand :    babyliss for men
Color :    Silver
Model :    7051BU
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Personal Care Appliance (babyliss for men product review) for BaByliss Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer available ( Jun 2019 )
Price :    $6.02 (was $8.00)
  • Three interchangeable heads ideal for trimming nose and ear hair, eyebrows, sideburns and moustache
  • Washable heads for easy cleaning
  • Hygienically trims unwanted hair
  • Safe, fast and easy to use
  • Three-year guarantee

Co2CREA Storage Travel Orgnizer Carry Case Bag Philips Norelco QT4050 QT4070 Turbovac Rechargeable Vacuum Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting fit UK spec Main Charger accessories

Co2crea storage travel orgnizer carry case bag for philips norelco qt4050 qt4070 turbovac rechargeable vacuum beard trimmer hair cutting fit uk spec main charger accessories

Co2CREA Storage Travel Orgnizer Carry Case Bag Philips Norelco QT4050 QT4070 Turbovac Rechargeable Vacuum Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting fit UK spec Main Charger accessoriesco2CREA-Orgnizer-Turbovac-Rechargeable-accessories

Price :    $16.99
  • Shockproof dustproof and water resistance, comes with hand strap
  • Material: eva, color: black external size: 22x16x6. 5 in cm weight: 245g
  • For sale is case only (device is not included)
  • Comes with mesh pocket perfectly for other small accessories storage
  • Co2crea storage travel orgnizer carry case bag for philips norelco qt4050 qt4070 turbovac rechargeable vacuum beard trimmer hair cutting fit uk spec main charger accessories
Brand :    co2crea
Color :    black
Model :    uk-160512-3
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (co2crea product review) for Co2CREA Storage Travel Orgnizer Carry Case Bag Philips Norelco QT4050 QT4070 Turbovac Rechargeable Vacuum Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting fit UK spec Main Charger accessories available ( Jun 2019 )

Duracell Ultra Power Type AA Alkaline Batteries, Pack of 12

Duracell ultra aa alkaline batteries with high performance cathode technology. Duracell ultra power provides up to 40% more power vs duracell plus duracell ultra power batteries have powercheck, an integrated tester that always let's you know how much power is left in your battery. Duracell's duralock technology means these batteries are guaranteed to stay powered for up to 5 years when not being used. This huge leap forward in battery technology has been made possible by improvements in the purity of ingre

Duracell Ultra Power Type AA Alkaline Batteries, Pack of 12Duracell-Ultra-Power-Alkaline-Batteries-black

Brand :    duracell
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Size :    Pack of 12
Weight :    0.63 pounds
Model :    mx1500b12
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Price :    $6.94 (was $7.21)
  • Duracell ultra power alkaline batteries use unique powercheck technology
  • Duracell's duralock keeps unused batteries powered for up to 10 years in ambient storage
  • Superior nylon top closure helps preventing our batteries from leakage
  • Our 1 longest-lasting battery enabled with high density core (duracell's longest-lasting aa alkaline battery on average across 2015 iec standard tests)
  • Our best battery, suited for everyday devices with extra performance for high drain devices

Best Rechargeable Nose Hair Trimmer - Premium Quality Stainless Steel Won't Break Lifetime Warranty 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction

Good grooming starts with good tools! when you want the job done right, you can't possibly rely on those cheap battery-operated plastic jobbies to get the job done. To look your best - and avoid the snags and painful tugs you get from cheap trimmers - you should only rely on the schön "3-in-1" ear nose, and hair trimmer - available exclusively here on online store through ez innovations. It's a "3-in-1" model - which means it can be used to trim ear hair, nose hair, and sideburns equally well! most other trimmers cannot make such a claim. But the schön "3-in-1" saves you money by eliminating the need to buy a separate tool! and since the schön "3-in-1" is such high-quality design and construction, it will last a lifetime! it even comes with ez innovations exclusive 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction: if you don't think the schön "3-in-1" is the best ear, nose, and hair trimmer you could possibly buy, please return it and accept a full refund with our sincere apologies. We aim for complete customer satisfaction. We're totally confident you'll love the schön "3-in-1" - or we wouldn't be able to make this generous guarantee. We'd go broke! so don't hesitate to order yours today. Treat yourself to the luxury of sharp, precision grooming. It makes you look your best! due to eu regulations all manufacturers must ensure that electric shavers are only supplied with a shaver cord which has a 2pin plug. This is a safety feature. It has been implemented to ensure that we do not plug our shavers directly into the 240v uk mains socket while shaving- causing possible risk of electrocution when water is involved

Best Rechargeable Nose Hair Trimmer - Premium Quality Stainless Steel Won't Break Lifetime Warranty 100% Money-Back Guarantee of SatisfactionRechargeable-Stainless-Money-Back-Guarantee-Satisfaction

Brand :    schon
Model :    B01J1T16BC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (schon product review) for Best Rechargeable Nose Hair Trimmer - Premium Quality Stainless Steel Won't Break Lifetime Warranty 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction available ( Jun 2019 )
Price :    $15.99 (was $19.99)
  • Easy cleaning - the attractive brushed steel finish makes cleaning a breeze while looking great on your bathroom counter! run the blades under the tap when needed to quickly clean
  • Order now with peace of mind due to our "better than money back" guarantee! if there's any kind of problem with your order, we'll promptly refund or replace; no need to go through the hassle of sending anything back to us.
  • Perfectly trims nose, ear and facial hair comfortably - this 3 in 1 trimmer includes an easy to use hair attachment for trimming sideburns, around the ear or any other facial hair. schon's unique design safely removes hairs without any pulling leaving you comfortably clean!
  • Rechargeable for a lifetime - never worry about constantly replacing batteries for your trimmer again! just connect this to your uk two pin shaver plug to charge when needed (supplied with 7/16 europlug that fits uk 2-pin shaver outlet)
  • Maximum durability stainless steel - don't settle for cheap plastic substitutes! made with stainless steel blades and body for ultimate longevity

Q Connect 250ml Whiteboard Surface Cleaner

A fantastic bottle of surface and whiteboard cleaning fluid that removes grease and grime from all hard surfaces and whiteboards. Recommended for use in classrooms and the office. Bottle: 250ml

Q Connect 250ml Whiteboard Surface CleanerConnect-250ml-Whiteboard-Surface-Cleaner

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Size :    1
Weight :    0.64 pounds
Model :    KF04552
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  • Pack of one
  • Erases marks that cannot be wiped
  • Practically odourless and fumeless
  • Q-connect cleaning fluid for whiteboards
  • Capacity: 250 ml
Price :    $1.66
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (q-connect product review) for Q Connect 250ml Whiteboard Surface Cleaner available ( Jun 2019 )

philips series 3000 battery-operated nose, ear & eyebrow trimmer - showerproof & no pulling guaranteed - nt3160/10 Price : 10, was : 12 as 2018-02-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Philips 3000 Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer (nt3160 10) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for philips series 3000 battery-operated nose, ear & eyebrow trimmer - showerproof & no pulling guaranteed - nt3160/10

Bought this to replace and older version that had seen many years of use. This is nigh on identical and appears to work exactly the same as the old one. It trims everything i need it to painlessly. I like the trimmer much more than the circular rotating ones offered by other companies as those really are quite useless at trimming anything other than nose/ear hair. I also use this trimmer to neaten up my beard and pick up the odd stray hair after using a full size beard trimmer. I'm not sure how other folks have had a problem with this other than if they had a dud, which i guess can happen to anyone. It's very simple to use and to keep clean and the addition of a wee carry bags makes it easier not to loose the eyebrow attachments. For this price you cant go wrong. The previous one cost less than a tenner and it lasted 6 years and hopefully this one will live up to that too.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: What batteries does this use?

(1) Question: If the item comes with a guarantee how do i get it repaired if it is faulty. i haven't got the original packaging. item is faulty after 6 weeks.

(2) Question: Can these help to keep the eyebrows neat and tidy or just remove them ?

(3) Question: How many betties come with this trimmer. it says one comes with it. then says you need two aa

(4) Question: Can you use this trimmer in the shower ?

(5) Question: Can this be used to thin out eyebrows which are thick?

(6) Question: Does it leave 'stubble' if used to trim under your eyebrows?

(7) Question: I have like hair on top of my nose, will this help me to get rid of it?

(8) Question: Does it clean bear

(9) Question: Does the eyebrow comb actually work because it doesn't seem to connect with the trimmer

(10) Question: What guarantee or warranty is offered on this please?

(11) Question: Is it rechargable

(12) Question: Will it be able to trim this?

(13) Question: Can this be used for hair around the sideburns/eyes/upper cheek as well?

(14) Question: Broken after only being used twice! tried switching the batteries and no luck?

(15) Question: Does it clean the bears?

(16) Question: Does this come with a charger or can i only use batteries?

(note) Question: where/how to get Philips (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Philips's products

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Have used a few nose trimmers in the past, but come back to these as they are effective at removing the hair. So long as you are careful with them. If you press too much they can cut your nose, which stings! however, so long as you just sweep them round the inside then they do a good job at removing the hair. Would recommend these to all.

Bestsellers, Consumer ElectronicsTop Philips 3000 Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer (nt3160 10) FAQ Content

Best philips 3000 battery operated eyebrow trimmer (nt3160 10) in review

Bought this for my hubby, he said its good. Does not pull the hairs and is really pleased. The eyebrow hair remover is not as good as expected and tends to leave the short stubble behind. It is much better than his last one.

F. Jennifer, Delaware

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M. Kelly, New Hampshire says

I am now of an age where things seem too expensive and music is too loud and - the reason for this purchase - hair is growing at an alarming rate from various holes in my head. . This hand held doo-dah is capable of getting rid of any and all unwanted hairs that pop up from the ears and/or nose with ease. . The battery lasts ages and the cutters stay sharp. . Buy one, it's less painful that plucking!

A. Barbara, Victoria

Works as described as would by again in a heartbeat if it was to break which i don't see it occurring as quality of the product is top class. Really does trim the nose hairs down without to much over heat of the blades. A simple run under cold water and a tap dry and ready to start trimming again.

G. Suzanne, South Australia says

I have used many similar products over the years, and i have found this the best. Particularly useful are the attachements for eyebrows which avoids looking like you have two caterpillars for eyebrows - simple and effective. A very good price.

J. Linda, Southend-on-Sea

Having used the product for a while now i am happy to write a review on the usability. It is a neat little product which has been well designed by philips. They have thought through the minute details right from providing additional attachments for differing hair lengths to the battery and a handy travel pouch. The product itself is very easy to use and has not resulted in any nips and cuts. I was not sure if this product will cause painful pulls and tucks while using them on sensitive skin but this product has surpassed my expectations in terms of quality and usability. Durability will only be known once it's been used for a few years.

H. Gina, Hackney says

Superb quality best value / quality around, first one lasted 15 years just replaced and upgraded now!

N. Franklin, Colorado

Had one of these for a few years, bought another for my son. Not power hungry, seem to last ages. Used for nose and also for intimate areas , wont chop you to bits. 3 cheaper than shops from this seller.

X. Taylor, Alabama says

It arrived on time and was well packed. I quite like although it is a bit chunkier than my previous remington one which was very compact and had a protective cap for when it wasn't in use. This one is easy enough to use and has a little bag to put everything in.

K. Cathy, Tennessee

Being of a certain age i find that while hair growth has all but stopped on my head, it is growing copiously and with increasing speed from my nostrils and ears. I have tried a number of methods over the years to halt or even slow this seemingly relentless progress , all to no avail. Plucking and scissors have been tried, even the careful use of a cigarette lighter by my completely competent and trustworthy barber. But nothing has worked - at least not in the longer term. . Then everything changed when i saw this device being advertised on online store. As soon as i saw it i realised that it could be the answer to my dreams. And do you know dear reader, it was. Within twenty minutes of unboxing it, the offending hairs had completely disappeared, all without any pain or discomfort whatever. The device would even have thinned my eyebrows for me but mine seem to fall out quite naturally by on their own. The device itself is beautifully made to a very high standard, and it operates faultlessly every time. It can then be rinsed under the tap to dispose of any loose hairs, or "clingers" as we like to call them. . If anything in my story rings true with your own experience, then why don't you purchase one for yourself - you'll be very glad you did.

. Elanor, New Jersey says

Very good at nasal hair, which at 48yrs old is the fastest growing hair i have had in my whole life . Doesn't tug the hair out just quietly trims the little buggers. I was so impressed i bought one for my wife's moustache.

Y. Glenda, Hillingdon

Great product. Cannot fault it. Its does the job and feels very good in the hand. It is accurate easy to use. Haven't tried the eyebrow combs and do not think i will as i have these looked after by my hair dresser.

C. Terry, Oregon says

I had previously owned one of these but when i dropped it and broke it i replaced it with a couple of other brands neither of which were as good as this. Having become totally disenchanted with the last of these i returned to this tried and tested model. No regrets.

E. Alma, Vermont says

I have unfortunately needed to buy a few nose hair trimmers over the years and this is without doubt the best of the bunch. The edge trimmer is better than the round ended trimmers in my experience, the attachments aid trimming eyebrows if needed. The battery appears to last a long time. Turning on and off is straightforward but the minor quibble that i have is the trimmer doesn't always start - it seems to have a connection problem that requires a bit of shaking or opening and closing to rectify. May be just my model but it hasn't lead me to return it as faulty

I. Maria, Leeds

It is better than the previous one that i bought. At least it had a little bag to store it in, though you have to be careful to put it somewhere not to get weight put on it. Can't say any more.

W. Palmer, Plymouth says

This set was a gift for a hairy 55 year old male. Or should i now say ex-hairy 55 year old . Hahaha. He thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread. He says it is so easy and safe to use especially in certain facial orifices that previously he had been reluctant to trim in case of inflicting irreversible damage with his previously larger trimmer. This was the perfect gift.

L. Finch, Western Australia

Shaves my nose hair well. Means i don't have unfortunate situations where i'm talking to someone, go to the bathroom and see a hair poking out my nose, then have to think about what that person must have thought of me, the weird nose hair poking out his nose guy. Now with this philips series 3000 nose, ear & eyebrow. I don't have to worry!

O. Florence, Merton says

I bought this nose and hair trimmer as a gift for my boyfriend. I really love the presentation, it comes with lovely bag to keep everything in. My boyfriend says that it's much more gentle then other trimmers, he's very happy to use it, especially for his nose and eyebrows. . Fantastic quality for the price!

. Susana, Middlesbrough

I purchased this for 6. 99 from online store back in may 2016 and the battery that comes with it still works. I've probably used it about ten times since then. It does the job it says. It feels really nice in your hand and is pretty heavy and sturdy which i like. . I always remove the battery from the eye brow and nose hair remover from every use, and pop the battery in the bag that comes with the razor.

Q. Heidi, Illinois says

Being an indian i have to admit we get some serious thick whiskers growing in our nostrils if not all over! this trimmer is great got it for a friend who had over grown hair and he was ecstatic after he used it. He video called me to show me but i had to hang up as soon as i saw him in the bathroom. Anyhow he said its the best trimmer he has used and he claims to have used many. I may get one myself!

. Claudia, Delaware

I'm not totally new to nasal hair clippers, but my experience hasn't been great. The last one i had, about 10 years ago, essentially ripped the hairs out and was more painful than my fingers-based approach. . This one, however, is a revelation. I avoided the cheapest trimmers for fear of a repetition of the above problem. A tenner seemed a reasonable price to pay for something that might control my transformation into father jack. . There is no pain at all involved, and my nasal cavities are now as smooth as a babies bottom (although thankfully not as smelly. ) the attachments for eyebrows actually work quite well, better than my previous method of running my wet razor over them carefully. Often not carefully enough, leading to many 'i shaved them off for charity' lies. . That this thing is washable under the tap is a bonus.

T. Guest, Ealing says

This is my second philips nose and ear hair remover. The previous one, i had for 6 years and it served me admirably. I used it regularly at least once a week, without fail to trim my moustache. Unfortunately, my daughter broke the first model, and i had no hesitancy to replace it, like for like. I looked at other models, but the philips model is tried and trusted, and there was no need to change. They are solidly built, take rechargeable batteries and very simple to use and clean. Operationally, they never catch any hairs, and perform effectively and efficiently each time they are used. I use recycleable batteries, to power my unit, and one battery lasts for months. So in 6 years time or whenever this model stops functioning, i will purchase another one happily and without a second thought.

Top series batteryoperated nose ear Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

U. Nancy, Schleswig-Holstein says

I was gifted one of these and loved it. After two weeks it stopped working. I put a new battery in and it wouldn't work. I bought another as i liked the first one so much. It worked for two weeks and broke just like the other. I suppose mine came from the same dodgy batch. I have no packaging in which to return them as they arrive indestructably sealed and need to be cut apart to get at them. C'est la vie.

J. Joanne, Leicester

For being philips i expected something better . Leaves many hairs uncut.

H. Brendon, Baden-Wuerttemberg says

Looks good and great price but pretty useless. I've bought a lot of philips products over the years and this is the worst. Tiny blades that yes can shave long hairs of your arm or hand to test out but really struggles with short hairs in your nostrels or early or even eyebrows. Rubbish

. Gladys, Wyoming

2nd one i have owned and i prefer this style rather than the others on the market. . The first one lasted me nearly 2 years so hoping to get similar out of this although it does look like the quality isn't as good as the last one i had. . It is cheap enough not to care about though.

T. Lawrence, Idaho says

This item worked really well and was the best nasal trimmer that i have ever used. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. I had bought it in august used it a hand full of times then in mid september didn't work! just after the returns window. I really want to get another one but over 12 is a lot of money for something that i hardly got to use. If it still worked i wouldn't hesitate in giving 5stars.

C. Bethany, Barnet

These trimmers are great in that you really can't nick yourself with them and they're washable, . They're bad in that they are just pathetic at doing the job of cutting nasal and ear hair, which is what they're meant for so, . Meh, . Thumbs down. . I have to repeatedly pass over ear lobes to try and get the hair short, and as for nasal hair, . Who knows what's going on up there, . Rotate, move in and out, . Crank around, . No matter what, the nasal hair is never really removed.

X. Lynette, Kansas says

Bought one it lasted less than a year. I thought that it was my fault that it broke. Bought a second and it lasted 2 months. Maybe i was really unlucky but i'm going to look for one that lasts a good few years. It's a massive waste. Terrible for the environment and human happiness (but good to keep the economy turning some would say! )

Y. Suzanne, West Virginia

The first one only worked once, so i bought another one as i presumed it might just have been faulty. After buying a second one, and this time it lasted for three uses, i've realised its just a poor quality product. Wouldn't recommend at all.

I. Peggy, Peterborough says

Not very reliable, electrical internal connections are not the best. I find i have to jog the switch between on and off to make it run. Not the best.

E. Medina, Slough

This just doesn't work well for me, perhaps i have a faulty one like the other 1 stars , it just will not cut my nose hair very well. . Seriously not impressed , if anyone has any other suggestions for a nose hair trimmer that works let me know i'm as im running out of them to try ?

Z. Joanna, Bracknell Forest says

I was rather impressed by this nose trimmer. It actually cut the hair, and did not pull it out. However, it completely died after two uses. I changed the battery but it was "deceased", and not worth sending back for only 10.

. Jacqueline, Australian Capital Territory

When it worked it was fine, but from the word go i had trouble with the twist switch. Eventually, it gave up the ghost altogether; changing battery's made no difference. In all i used it less than twenty times.

P. Anderson, City of Bristol says

Got this for nose hair purposes (yes women have snout hair! ) and the instructions say that for the nose you do not need to add any attachments. Issue i have with this is that the blade part does not go all the way to the base of the orange bit so you have to push it quite a long way up your nose to catch the hair in the nostril entrance. Up date. 1 year on it is now in bin as it died. Did not get a huge amount of use either!

. Cindy, South Carolina

Worked great for 3 months then just stopped working. Only a tenner so not the end of the world but you'd expect better from philips. Ears and nose currently resembling wolverine - have to buy another now. Great for ears and eyebrows - bit rough in the old nasal passages.

. Cassella, Alaska says

Purchased this to replace a braun, which i foolishly threw away. This doesn't do what it claims and to top it all, when i went to replace the battery the metal contact concealed in the based was twisted and i couldn't put it back together. No customer service email, only a number which i gave up with. Really don't like to criticise products but this was very disappointing.

M. Rita, Islington

Mine stopped working after 6 months. I've returned it for a refund, not a replacement. I found the eyebrow trimmer useful, but the way the trimmer cuts nasal hair meant that it was a struggle to cut them all, as it cuts sideways not upwards. Most of my hair grows downwards, not sideways! i also didn't like the way you twist the handle to switch it on, most of the time i turned it too far and ended up opening the battery compartment instead!

N. Jackson, Oklahoma says

Personally, i have found this is not a good product and would recommend you purchase something else - does not do the job

W. Russell, Wisconsin

Worked fine but the on/off switch started to only work intermittently and eventually failed, after only six months of use. Seeing as others have had this issue, there is clearly a problem with the design. The problem with buying through online store is that warranty repairs or returns are not available, so effectively it is money down the pan.

R. Susan, Barnsley says

This does not work very well and i am looking for another one to replace it, you seem to go over the same bit time and time again and still get everything trimmed, still hair left where it just seems to ride over. Would not recommend.

K. Noguera, Redbridge

This, when it works, it works well. However this is the second one i've brought because the first one suddenly stopped working. Normally i avoid any phillips stuff because it always can't wait to break down (i was once stupid enough to buy one of their washing machines). I've used it twice and to my surprise it actually worked the second time too. . My advice? purchase with caution

Q. Hadley, Staffordshire says

The product itself is good , however i had a missing part. I contacted philips as suggested and spoken to their customer care . They said they could not help and that they cannot dispatch the missing part seperately . This was very disappointing from a large company as philips they would not help at all. They say that there is a 2 year guarantee but i don t have much faith in their after care anymore.

L. Powell, Cheshire

Stopped working altogether after a couple of days and a replacement from online store was requested. Now the replacement one has stopped working altogether a month later after being used just a few times. Not fit for purpose, do not buy.

S. Cecilia, Rhode Island says

Cons: reviews claimed it was great at getting rid of the nose hairs but is much less effective than i thought. If you have stray hair that are too long rather than all round growth this is not brilliant at getting to individual hairs. Not used it for eyebrows but comes with that attachment. . Pros: easy to clean and good grip.

B. Terry, Wisconsin

I don't think i have abnormally coarse hair, but this thing wont cut anything. The blades are just too tiny to cut a nostril or eyebrow hair, even if i pluck it out and force it into the teeth of the cutter. Totally useless!

G. Annette, Newham says

I feel that i have just received a fake/lower quality product. Couple of months ago i ordered this exact trimmer and it was perfect. Unfortunately i had the misfortune to forget it in a hotel on one of my work trips. Not an issue - i ordered a second one since i was so happy with the first one. The quality of the second trimmer i received is appalling. The most visible difference is the missing rubberised grip which was a game changer when using it in the shower. The whole trimmer seems to be of a lower build quality. I can't believe this is being sold as the exact same product.

A. Colleen, Buckinghamshire

It isn't that reliable. I have to take the top off, and jam it back on after switching it on. Otherwise it won't work. Very noisy. Not particularly effective. I think there must be better ones out there.

V. Kristen, Worcestershire says

It will only appear to cut eyebrow hair if you put the guard on. That's ok but sometimes i have the odd long rogue hair that i need to cut and this will not do the job. You can put the blade right next to that hair and it will just push the hair back! . . However worse that that was the fact that when i was trimming my ear hair on the edge of my ear the blade pierced the skin in two places and it poured with blood. . So in my experience it is very fussy in what hair it cuts but not that choosy on ears! . . I would send it back but for the price it is too much hassle.

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