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Price was £189.00. I've had these headphones for about 2 months now and have been using them daily, in a noisy office. Nc (noise cancelling) technology is most effective against a constant drone (e. G. An aeroplane engine) but these headphones also do a pretty decent job at muting office background noise, too. . When researching headphones i was sold on the feature of being able to connect to 2 devices at once; but having it paired to my iphone and my macbook at the same time, i frequently hear random little glitches every so often. This is really annoying and has meant that i now only keep it paired to one device at a time. So much for saving me the effort of unpairing/repairing devices when i want to change the source input. . I'm completely satisfied with the sound quality (i'm no audiophile, but i am used to listening to music on decent systems). When in nc mode, the range of sound is a bit compressed, but this is fine given that nc mode enables you to actually listen to your music when other headphones would be drowned out my external noise. . The inbuilt volume and navigation controls work flawlessly, as does the internal mic; all really useful features. The best hardware feature is that music stops playing when you remove the earcups from your ears and music starts again when (the pressure sensor is triggered) you put them on again. This pressure sensor is a big improvement over the old orientation sensor, which would cut music when you lay down or had your head at a funny angle. Annoyingly, the pressure sensor in the left cup has already stopped working, so the music will only stop once the right cup has been removed. . Plantronics offer desktop software so that you can update the firmware on your cans, annoyingly though it doesn't work on macs, only windows. . Additionally, my colleague tried to use these on his linux laptop and although they paired fine there was only limited functionality from the hardware buttons and they sounded awful. I don't particularly think this is plantronics issue, it is probably a linux bluetooth driver issue, however, it's worth being aware of if you use a linux machine. . The build quality feels decent and they are a nice pair of headphones to hold. But, given that one of the pressure sensors has already failed, i've got a feeling that these cans won't be with me for life. I'll come back and update this review if anything else fails on them.

-L. Guest

Backbeat pro 2 mobile headset – black sound shapes your day, so enhance every moment backbeat pro 2 wireless headphones. choose active noise cancelling to create an oasis of personal space. listen to hours of audio up -plantronics backbeat pro 2 mobile headset – black tan

  • Properties: Up To 24 Hours Continuous Wireless Streaming. Stays Charged Longer Using Smart Power Management.
  • Properties: Immersive, High-res Sound, And Powerful Speaker Drivers Deliver The Right Balance Of Rich Bass, Crisp Highs, And Natural Midtones For Your Music.

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Good, solid construction that's comfortable to wear. Sound seems excellent to me, clear at low and high volume across the frequency range. Controls are easy to get used to and they work. Battery life is great - still on medium after reasonable use over a couple of weeks. The sensors that pause sound if you take the phones off are useful, though i have found them to pause sound on occasion when eating or drinking as the phones move slightly on you ears. You can turn the sensors off if desired. Noise cancelling seems reasonable when switched on, with no change in music quality but a clear reduction in ambient sound. The Best backbeat pro mobile headset black ( Apr 2019 ) | Plantronics-Headphones Review Properties Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Mobile Headset - Black Tan On-demand active noise cancelling (anc). open listening mode lets you hear your surroundings. Up to 24 hours continuous wireless streaming. stays charged longer using smart power management. Immersive, high-res sound, and powerful speaker drivers deliver the right balance of rich bass, crisp highs, and natural midtones for your music. Automatic music play/pause when headphones are put on/removed. Headset battery level leds plus on-screen meter. hear status alerts for remaining battery and more .

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Mobile Headset - Black Tan Review (207110 05)

Unboxing. Plantronics are clearly attempting a premium feel with the gift like unfolding box. Unfortunately the graphic lining the box which i think is water droplets just looks messy. Accessories. The hard carry case i got with the 2 se model is a great sturdy zip up plastic affair with soft lining and mesh pockets inside, the headphone cups twist forward to lie flat in the case. The usb and 3. 5mm cables are quite short and don't have the premium feel for example of the jabra revo  equivalents. Day to day use. Pairing and connecting is simple and fast. Slightly annoying that the voice prompts clip at the end of the recording. The headphones are large even when compared to other active noise cancelling (anc) headphones such as the bose quiet comfort q35. I understand some of this is to provide passive noise shielding but they still feel like they could be trimmed down a little. However, they are comfortable to wear with soft padding on the headband. Sound quality. The active noise cancelling works great on the street and blocks out chatter and car noise really well. Travelling on the underground and on the bus you still hear the low engine rumble however, you still hear music clearly including punchy bass and clear high frequencies even at half-volume, which is way better than my previous jabra revo non-anc headphones which i had to crank up to maximum in these environments. I especially notice this when listening to podcasts which tend to be mixed quieter than music and are easily legible at half-volume. The 'open mic' feature works eerily well and allows you to hear the outside environment with the headphones still on for example when crossing a road. . The slide-off auto-pause feature generally worked well, though i found it accidentally triggered a couple of times in high winds and when doing movement in the gym. I quickly got used to adjusting the volume using the left ear cup although i occasionally accidentally triggered track skips as the skip and pause controls are not so well demarcated by touch alone. . Conclusion. Although i have had many bluetooth headphones before these were my first anc ones which was the the main attraction. On this front they deliver the goods and mean i am able to enjoy music and podcasts whilst travelling without cranking the volume to compensate for noisy surroundings. Whilst they feel slightly bulky and not inspiringly styled i am happy to pay this price for the sound quality, wearing comfort and shielding provided. -. Alexia

Plantronics Backbeat Pro Mobile Headset Black Tan

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Plantronics
  • Color: Black Tan
  • EAN: 5033588048534
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:9.80 inches
    Length:9.02 inches
    Weight:0.64 pounds
    Width:2.56 inches
  • Manufacturer: Plantronics
  • Model: 207110-05
  • MPN: 207110-05
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 207110-05
  • Sub-Type: CE
  • Category: HEADPHONES
  • ReleaseDate: 2016-12-01

backbeat pro 2 mobile headset - black Ce, Sound shapes your day, so enhance every moment with backbeat pro 2 wireless headphones. choose active noise cancelling to create an oasis of personal space. listen to hours of audio with up to 24 hours of battery life. enjoy wireless freedom with class 1 bluetooth power for an impressive range of up to 100 m/330 ft. plus, connect to two devices at the same time and switch seamlessly from movies on your tablet to music or calls on your phone. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Mobile Headset - Black Tan (207110-05-Plantronics).

Plantronics Backbeat Pro Mobile Headset Black Tan Ce

  • After having these for over a year the sound quality still trump's any headphone that i have bought before or after. . Very handy controls, battery life still very impressive and super comfortable. The anc feature is really affective and really impressive features as per product description. . My issues are that the material around the ear cups have started spontaneously splitting, pretty much the whole circumference of the inner cup, so much so that the foam was protruding out. Fairly simple to fix with super glue but disappointing nonetheless. Also the general quality of the soft materials used is apparently quite poor since there is quite a bit of wear in a number of places. Fwiw these have been very looked after and never left the house. . Pics of damaged/worn areas added
  • Took me ages to find a pair of wireless headphones with active noise cancellation and when i found these i had to give them a go. . The design is great, taking inspiration from roku style products with the back and purple colour scheme. I love the amount of buttons on the device for various bits. All the buttons do work for android on my oneplus one and lenovo yoga tablet but i can't vouch for ios. They are comfy and not too heavy but i do mark them down for the round cup design because ears are not circular! . . They do sound great, a nice punchy sound with good but not overpowering low ends, mid and highs are great too. The noise cancellation is good and does mostly cancel out low end noise but if you've just come from a bose store these will feel like a downgrade but then again these are half the price. The battery is fantastic, admittedly i don't use the noise cancellation mode much but these do go for a week of decent use, i got 2 weeks out of them with moderate use. The addition of two device support is nice too. . Overall i do recommend these highly, an overall great package with great cables as well, such as the 3. 5 to 3. 5 lead if you did want to wire them which also has controls on them. You can also still use the noise cancellation tech when wired which is a nice touch.
  • Get the backbeat pro 1's if you want these. These feel of a worse build quality, more plasticky and the sound quality is exactly the same as the previous model (which i think look better). Noticeable jarring when switching audio sources.
  • They hiss. They're very comfortable and have a great feature set, good battery life and effective noise cancelation but they have a loud hiss when using bluetooth, particularly noticeable when connected via bluetooth but not actually playing anything.
  • I want to like them more but the auto cut off feature can be a bit temperamental. Given that this means the sound cuts out completely it negates the rest of the features, when they work they're great, superb battery life and good noise cancelling. Just this niggling issue that i'm hoping i can work out - so far we are progressing to an expensive paperweight

backbeat pro mobile headset black Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Mobile Headset - Black Tan (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Excellent sound and battery. Easy to pair with any bluetooth phone/tablet/tv/pc. Anything with nfc you can just tap and pair. . I bought these for travelling - wish i could get to use them for that! my wife tried them a week after i bought them, and i'm going to have to buy a second pair as she loves them so much. . I'm not an audiophile, but here are my thoughts anyway:. They have good bass and a nice mid-range, making for a well-rounded sound. Stereo separation seems very good. . I don't really get along with noise cancellation on any headphones - but these work reasonably well. All noise reduction headphones make the sound a bit tinnier, and add a light hiss to the sound - these do the same. A nice additional feature allows you to hear your work colleagues when the nc is switched on. This reduces the volume of the music and uses the external microphone to pick up sounds and play them back through the headphones. . The controls on the ear pads are genius, so easy to use. Press the centre of the left pad to play/pause. Press the centre of the right pad to call/answer/hang-up. Turn the outer dial on the left pad forward to skip forward a track and backward to skip backward. Turn the outer dial on the right pad to increase/decrease volume. Once you are used to them, others seem clunky. . Battery life:. On bluetooth, the battery seems to last forever. We charge ours up about once a month, with 2-3 hours use per day. Not used the anc, but you are supposed to get a decent length of time with continuous use out of them. If they go flat, just plug the cable in and continue to enjoy these quality headphones

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Mobile Headset - Black Tan
Click to see NoticePlantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Mobile Headset - Black Tan (207110 05)"Firstly i need to compliment online store on their superb delivery. I ordered these headphones on friday afternoon at 3pm, expecting them to arrive some time the following week but to my great surprise, online store' s squirrels must have been working overtime as the package arrived at 3pm on sunday. Yes sunday! that sort of speed of delivery would have impressed me had it been during the week but to arrive on a sunday was completely unexpected and deserves 5 stars alone! . . Turning to the headphones, this being my first foray into the over-ear variety, i have to say i'm nothing short of impressed. I had been through what must be dozens of in-ear versions in the past and upon hearing the all too familiar crackling sound of one of the earphones starting to give up the ghost after 18 months or so, decided to take a look at something more robust. I did a lot of research into the writ less variety, assuming the technology would have moved on considerably since when i last had a pair and having looked at bose, beats, sony etc, came across some reviews for the platronics, suggesting that they might just be the best on the market and well, what i can i say, for the price, the endless features, sound quality, ergonomics etc, they truly are remarkable. Connecting them is so simple, it takes 2 seconds, the sound quality is unbelievable and the battery life beats anything in its class. . For the money, these are for me, the best headphones on the market today and i cannot recommend them enough. It's a full five stars for me. . They are slightly more bulbous than some others but if you can put up with that as i very much can, then look no further. Just got to get used to not wearing hair gel!"

(0) Question: Hi - can anybody comment on whether the sound quality is different when the noise cancellation is off vs. when it is on?

(1) Question: Understand most features on it only works in wireless mode. but most important for me does the active noise cancellation works connected by cable?

(2) Question: Can these headphones be used wired as well as wireless?

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black

The bose soundlink over the ear headset delivers enhanced freedom and convenience as compared to the run of the mill bluetooth headphones. Glass filled nylon, impact resistant materials, and corrosion resistant stainless steel used to make this accessory enable it to withstand the rigors of wear and tear. The sleek white headphones incorporate active eq and bose's triport technology that work together to produce powerful, immersive sound at any volume. Its hd voice and adaptive audio adjustment let you entertain clear, hands free calls. The bose soundlink over the ear headphones reviews sing its praises; here's why. Physical features key features over the ear headset white unsurpassed sound the bose soundlink on ear bluetooth headphones white sound better than conventional bluetooth headphones. The accessory's active eq and triport technology helps deliver crisp and powerful sound at any volume. Clear calls the bose soundlink on ear bluetooth headphones are created to optimize your phone calls, too. Its adaptive audio adjustment and advanced microphone system with hd voice enables clear, crisp calls, even in noisy or windy environments. Easy connectivity. Seamless switching. The bose soundlink on ear bluetooth headphones easily connect to your smart devices, thanks to its advanced bluetooth technology, enabling seamless audio and video sync. If you receive a call while listening to music, watching a movie, or a video, the headphones will automatically pause the content you are playing and connect you to the call. Once done, the headphones automatically resume the content, so you don't miss a thing. Comfort and durability the bose soundlink on ear bluetooth headphones's corrosion resistant stainless steel, impact resistant materials, and glass filled nylon enable it to withstand daily wear and tear. The accessory's contoured headband and soft ear cushions make them comfortable for use all day long.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II - BlackBose-SoundLink-Around-Ear-Wireless-Headphones

Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Size :    One size
Weight :    0.43 pounds
Model :    741158-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • High microphone system, hd voice for clear calls in windy or noisy environments
  • Enhanced side tone so you sound more natural on calls
  • Deep, immersive sound, improved eq performance for wireless headphones
  • Latest bluetooth technology for easy connectivity and seamless audio/video syncs
  • Switch between two bluetooth devices so you can watch a video while staying connected to your smartphone
Price :    $179.99
Speakers :    Best Headphones (Speakers product review) for Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black available ( Apr 2019 )

EkoBuy Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter PC Gold Plated USB, Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista - Plug Play on Windows 10

I recently ordered one of these dongles, mainly for transferring files between my pc running windows 7, and htc 8s windows phone, and it was delivered quickly. The software loaded ok, but my windows phone wasn't being found at first, while my other, older sony one was. Help files, both those on the disc, and on the web, weren't much help for the problem i was having. I managed to get it to work for me however, after turning off the high speed usb 4. 0 option in the settings and made my pc "discover-able" (obviously, i hear you say). I see that some other reviewers have also sometimes had connection problems, but as i've found out, you might just have to do a bit of "tweaking" of the settings to get the dongle to work for your setup. Hope that's some use to anyone that's having problems, as mine's working fine for my setup, and up to now, i'm very happy with it.

Ekobuy bluetooth 4. 0 usb dongle adapter for pc product features : ultra-small form factor, plug and forget it. Experience stereo audio with advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp) support. Bluetooth low energy (ble) protocol support. Up to 3 mbps data transfer rate with enhanced data rate (edr) support. Backward support classic bluetooth v3. 0/2. 1/2. 0/1. 1 networks a windows computer to bluetooth devices such as keyboards, mice, headsets, and mobile devices. Specifications : bluetooth version: 4. 0 with edr - data transfer rate up to 3mbps ism band: 2. 402-2. 480ghz operation range: class ii, up to 50 meters in open space with no interface. Profile support: serial port, object push, file transfer, lan access, personal area network, audio gateway, headsets, hid, keyboard, mouse, hcrp (printer cable replacement), pim, synchronization profile, a2dp, avrcp compatibility: windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, vista, xp and 2000 bluetooth-enabled devices, like smart phones, tablets, keyboards, mice, speakers, printers, headsets & more not compatible with mac os and linux in the box : ekobuy bluetooth usb dongle driver cd warranty: 1 year

EkoBuy Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter PC Gold Plated USB, Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista - Plug Play on Windows 10EkoBuy -Bluetooth-Adapter-Transmitter-Receiver

Ekobuy Bluetooth Adapter Transmitter Receiver Black (ekb10155) FAQ.

Great little gadget. Usb powered. Win 10 automatically found and installed the drivers for it from the web, but a mini cd of the required drivers is included to get it up and running if your pc has no internet connectivity. I bought it to allow me to stream my music collection from pc to alexa (so it acts as a bluetooth speaker). Equally, it can stream radio stations that alexa has problems finding (using its unreliable voice search on tune-in). This is 6 well-spent. -Notice from J. Wayt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Works well on my asus windows 10 computer. Small usb fits into usb 2 port. Unfortunately not a lot of instructions with it but found that going into devices and clicking on to bluetooth helped obtain signal.

Ekobuy-bluetooth-adapter-transmitter-receiver-black-(ekb10155) set picture

- W. IsabelReally easy to install in win 7 and 10, lasting longer than that from another manufacturer. Using it for headphones and works well when synced. The only issue is that i have to 'rediscover' it in the software after each start-up, after which syncing is easy. Seems a problem with bluetooth in general. Recommended overall.

Works well. Use for ps4 controller. If using windows 10 make sure you do not install the drivers from the website or the disc (don't even use the disc) just plug the usb in (before you start the pc) and the bluetooth icon will be in your system tray (bottom right of you screen to the left of time/date) if not click the little up arrow to show the rest of the icons. If you install the drivers the device will not work, they are meant for windows 7/8 etc.

V. Julie, Kent

Brand :    ekobuy
Color :    black
Size :    Mini
Model :    ekb10155
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Compatible with bluetooth v4. 0, v3. 0 + v3. 0-hs, v2. 0 products such as bluetooth keyboard, wireless mouse, bluetooth headset or any other bluetooth devices
  • Compatible with windows 2000 / xp / vista / windows 7 / windows 8 / windows 10
  • Supports a2dp/hfp/hsp/avrcp, multiple language and headset voice chat as well as the internet and lan interface
  • Ultra small form factor only 22x19x8mm
  • Latest bluetooth csr 4. 0 wireless adapter, low energy, dual power
Price :    $6.39
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (ekobuy product review) for EkoBuy Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter PC Gold Plated USB, Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista - Plug Play on Windows 10 available ( Apr 2019 )

Philips SHB9850NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone Activeshield Pro, NFC - Black

More sound, less noise with smart touch controls tune in to a universe of music with the philips shb9850nc headphones. Boasting up to 99% noise cancellation, they are your ultimate travel companion. Enjoy music easily with smart touch control and one-tap nfc pairing with bluetooth devices.

Philips SHB9850NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone Activeshield Pro, NFC - BlackPhilips-SHB9850NC-Cancelling-Bluetooth-Activeshield-Black

Brand :    philips
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.51 pounds
Model :    SHB9850NC/00
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    temporarily out of stock. order now and we'll deliver when available. we'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item.
Ce :    Best Headphones (philips product review) for Philips SHB9850NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone Activeshield Pro, NFC - Black available ( Apr 2019 )
Price :    $144.99
  • Accessories; 1. 2 m audio cable, usb charging cable, airplane adapter, start guide
  • 40mm neodymium speaker drivers deliver precision sound
  • Activeshield pro noise canceling reduces noise by up to 99%
  • Ergonomic cushions for long wearing comfort and a tight seal
  • Bluetooth 4. 0 with built-in aac and aptx codec support

AKG N60NC Foldable Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones WIRED Carry Case - Black

Combined with the super-soft ear pads, the active noise cancellation blocks pretty much all outside noise. If you travel by 'plane, train or coach, noise cancellation headphones make all the difference. Quiet sections of music are now audible and the whole travel experience becomes more restful than ever before.

AKG N60NC Foldable Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones WIRED Carry Case - BlackAKG-Foldable-Active-Cancelling-Headphones-Black

Brand :    akg
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.33 pounds
  • A 3d-axis folding mechanism provides the highest level of portability and storage
  • Best in class noise cancelling technology
  • Reference class sound quality
  • More than 30 hours battery life
  • Passive mode allows you to keep listening even when the battery is flat
Price :    $123.78 (was $179.95)
Model :    N60
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Headphones (akg product review) for AKG N60NC Foldable Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones WIRED Carry Case - Black available ( Apr 2019 )

Broonel Hard Headphones Case / Cover With Built in 2500mAh Power Bank For Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 / Plantronics BACKBEAT SENSE

Broonel london power case, designed to offer utility and luxury for wireless noise cancelling headphones. With a built in power-bank & impact resistant soft core design, this case keeps your headphones protected and fully charged.

Broonel Hard Headphones Case / Cover With Built in 2500mAh Power Bank For Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 / Plantronics BACKBEAT SENSEBroonel-Headphones-Plantronics-BackBeat-BACKBEAT

Brand :    navitech
Color :    Broonel Jet Black
Size :    Plantronics BackBeat Pro
  • With a built in power-bank & impact resistant soft core design, this case keeps your headphones protected and fully charged.
  • Cases internal powerbank charges in 30 minutes via micro usb charger, can charge majority of headphones twice on a full charge.
  • Power bank contains a 2500mah capacity ul certified li-polymer battery with a input / output: dc 5v. 1a.
  • Universal sized case, fits majority of popular wireless noise cancelling headphones including , bose quiet comfort, beats studio wireless, sony mdr, sennheiser momentum, b&o play by bang & olufsen and many more.
  • Single usb output, includes 50cm micro usb charging cable.
Price :    $24.99 (was $34.99)
Model :    452
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (navitech product review) for Broonel Hard Headphones Case / Cover With Built in 2500mAh Power Bank For Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 / Plantronics BACKBEAT SENSE available ( Apr 2019 )

UK to Australia Adapter aPlug. Pack of 2 Works Throughout Australia Super Reliable. UK to Australia Plug Adaptor. Plug Adapters Australia.

Your aplug adaptor plug for australia works: uk to australia (including sydney, melbourne, perth, brisbane & more) also works uk to new zealand, china, argentina (please contact us for full country list). Package includes: two travel adapters for australia, instructions for use seller warranty description: 1 year no quibble money back guarantee (contact us for full t&cs) aplug assistance - ask us about the best places to eat and visit in the country you're travelling too. We know all the best things! key information: color: black whole size: 50x63x52mm (lxwxh) type: type i adapter plug australia pin size: 4(d)x19(l)mm weight: 40g the travel adaptor uk to australia is designed for uk to australia use but also works with eu plugs (eu to australia). Small and light weight design - perfect to use for travel, work or home 3 pin - earthed electrical rating: max. 10a 250v ce certified & designed to british safety standards

UK to Australia Adapter aPlug. Pack of 2 Works Throughout Australia Super Reliable. UK to Australia Plug Adaptor. Plug Adapters Australia.Australia-Throughout-Reliable-Adaptor-Australia-Black

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Avantree aptX LOW LATENCY Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter TV PC 3.5mm, RCA, Computer USB digital audio Dual Link Wireless Audio Adapter Headphones, Class 1 Range - Priva III 24M Warranty

Add bluetooth function to tv, dvd, pc or any audio source device, and stream high quality audio to bluetooth speakers, headphones and receivers. As the world's first dual link aptx low latency supported transmitter, priva iii can connect to 2 aptx low latency headphones / speakers / receivers simultaneously, and both will have no lip sync delay. Product specification bluetooth version: 4. 2 bluetooth profile: a2dp audio codec: sbc, fast stream, aptx, aptx-ll operating range: up to 30 meters weight: body approx. 16 g; base approx. 7 g size: 48 mm (l) x 48 mm (w) x 15 mm (h) what's in the box? avantree priva iii magnetic base 3. 5 mm audio cable rca audio cable micro usb sync charge cable user manual quick user guide warranty 24-month quality warranty for normal use from avantree directly. Contact avantree support for this. Support if have any problems, contact us mon-fri 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Emails are answered within 1 business day. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Avantree aptX LOW LATENCY Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter TV PC 3.5mm, RCA, Computer USB digital audio Dual Link Wireless Audio Adapter Headphones, Class 1 Range - Priva III 24M WarrantyAvantree-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Computer-Headphones

Brand :    avantree
Color :    No Battery for Fixed Location - dual link aptX LL (Priva III)
Size :    Priva III - Black
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    BTTC-318-BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Aptx low latency in single & dual link: simultaneously stream audio to 1 and even 2 headphones with zero lip-sync delay while watching tv, movies or gaming. (note: to achieve low latency (
  • Check your audio source output before purchase: priva iii is ideal for devices with analog audio outputs, e. g. tv with rca audio out or headphone aux out; av receiver with front panel headphone jack. for tvs with only optical audio output, please consider "avantree audikast" instead.
  • Extended range & auto-reconnect: bluetooth class 1 technology transmits audio signals up to 100ft / 30m. easy to pair and auto-reconnects to the last paired device.
  • No built-in battery but forever power: this bluetooth transmitter requires usb power, use your tv's usb port and it powers up automatically when you turn on tv. or use any phone charger, pc usb or other 5v usb outlet. never worry about charging.
  • Computer usb audio support: ideal for pc use since it supports digital usb audio output. no need any additional aux cables.
Price :    $34.99 (was $39.99)
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (avantree product review) for Avantree aptX LOW LATENCY Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter TV PC 3.5mm, RCA, Computer USB digital audio Dual Link Wireless Audio Adapter Headphones, Class 1 Range - Priva III 24M Warranty available ( Apr 2019 )

Brainwavz Hardbody Headphone Case - Suitable For Most Headphone Sizes - Removable Internal Pouch & Carrying Strap Included Black-Red

Introducing the brainwavz large headphone carry case. This case is designed to keep you headphones clean and safe as well as providing enough space to store other devices via its internal, zipped pouch. Its safe and secure and closes via twin, brainwavz engraved zips. The case is built hard for your headphones protection. This in-house designed case also features and handy, removable, shoulder strap, making it easy to carry your phones around and use the case like a small bag. This case can hold most large headphones with ease. It comes with a inside removable zipper pouch where you can hold additional accessories, like extra cables, plugs or earpads. The case also comes with a carrying strap. Engineered

Brainwavz Hardbody Headphone Case - Suitable For Most Headphone Sizes - Removable Internal Pouch & Carrying Strap Included Black-RedBrainwavz-Hardbody-Headphone-Case-Removable-Black-Red

Brand :    brainwavz
Color :    Black-Red
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    FBA_Headphone-Hard-Case
Quantity :    1
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  • Large headphone case that can store most headphones.
  • Built hard for your headphones protection.
  • Detachable internal pouch to carry additional accessories.
  • Stylish red and black design with brainwavz engineered zippers.
  • Carrying strap included.
Price :    $17.99
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Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE Wireless Headphones

The plantronics backbeat pro 2 se wireless headphones allow you to stream music from select devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers. These headphones utilize powerful 40mm drivers to deliver plantronics' signature hi-res sound quality, which boasts crisp highs, rich bass, and natural mids. Backbeat pro 2 se's features class-1 bluetooth technology, which allows you to stream your favorite music from up to 330' away. Nfc technology is also onboard for quick and easy pairing with compatible accessories. In case no bluetooth devices are available, the backbeat pro 2 se also supports a 3. 5mm wired connection for lining in audio. In terms of design, the backbeat pro 2 se features cushioned memory foam earcups that are both comfortable and effective at blocking background noise. Intuitive on-ear controls make navigating your music easy, and built-in smart sensors automatically pause or resume playback when you remove or put on your headphones, so you never miss a beat. The backbeat pro 2 se's rechargeable battery provides up to 24 hours of playback on a full charge and will last up to 6 months in sleep mode. The headphones come with an audio cable, charge cable, and travel case. On-demand active noise-cancelling silence the world around you with on-demand active noise-cancelling at the touch of a button rich, immersive audio escape with plantronics' signature audio for crisp high notes and rich, deep bass class-1 bluetooth range roam, talk, and listen at a range of up to 330' 24-hour battery you're free to listen or talk continuously for up to 24 hours on a single charge additional features 40mm drivers with plantronics' signature audio

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE Wireless HeadphonesPlantronics-Backbeat-Pro-Wireless-Headphones

Brand :    backbeat
Model :    207120-90
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Price :    $229.99
  • Multipoint technology simultaneously connect two bluetooth devices (2h2s)
  • Bluetooth range up to 330' (100 m) from phone or tablet with class-1 bluetooth
  • Driver 40 mm dynamic drivers
  • Noise cancellation controllable active noise canceling (anc)

LogiLink USB Bluetooth V4.0 EDR Class 1 Micro Adapter

Antenna:internal integrated, weight:2. 4 g, height:0. 45 cm, width:1. 42 cm, depth:2. 3 cm, min operating temperature:-10 c, max operating temperature:50 c, connections:1 x usb - 4 pin usb type a, max range open space:100 m, bluetooth class:class 1, connectivity technology:wireless, data transfer rate:3 mbps, data link protocol:bluetooth 4. 0 edr, bluetooth profiles:dial-up networking profile (dun), file transfer profile (ftp), object push profile (opp), personal area networking profile (pan), serial port profile (spp), synchronization profile (synch), generic access profile (gap), advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp), audio/video remote control profile (avrcp), hard copy cable replacement profile (hcrp), basic imaging profile (bip), basic printing profile (bpp), phonebook access profile (pbap), generic attribute profile (gatt), health device profile (hdp), object exchange (obex), spread spectrum method:fhss, frequency band:2. 4 ghz, compliant standards:bluetooth 1. 1, bluetooth 1. 2, bluetooth 2. 0, usb 1. 1, usb 2. 0, usb 3. 0, bluetooth 2. 1, bluetooth 3. 0, bluetooth 4. 0, os required:microsoft windows vista / xp / 7 / 8

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Plantronics BackBeat FIT Mobile Bluetooth Headphone - Black Core

Plantronics backbeat fit back core 20600505 plantronics mobile

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Mobile Bluetooth Headphone - Black CorePlantronics-BackBeat-Mobile-Bluetooth-Headphone-Black-Core

Brand :    plantronics
Color :    Black Core
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    206005-05
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Headphones (plantronics product review) for Plantronics BackBeat FIT Mobile Bluetooth Headphone - Black Core available ( Apr 2019 )
Price :    $74.18 (was $82.99)
  • Preserve battery charge with deepsleep mode. charge time - up to 2 hours
  • Hear your music and your surroundings with the open eartip design, while the reflective finish adds night time visibility. mems microphone with dsp
  • Tangle-free workouts with truly wireless headphones - wireless firmware updates via mobile app
  • Stability and comfort with a flexible neckband design with easy-access on-ear controls for calls and music
  • Rich, immersive audio to keep you moving - listen for up to eight hours on a single charge

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Mobile Bluetooth Headphone - Sport Grey

Push yourself with wireless sport headphones that are as unstoppable as you are: backbeat fit. Flexible, durable and waterproof, they stay comfortably in place through your most intense workouts. When it comes to your workout, nothing gets in your way. Stay focused and distraction-free with wireless sport headphones that stay comfortably in place. Backbeat fit provides superior stability with a behind-the-ear design and comfortable ear tip. The only reminder that you're wearing them is the rich sound of you

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Mobile Bluetooth Headphone - Sport GreyPlantronics-BackBeat-Mobile-Bluetooth-Headphone-Sport-Grey

Brand :    plantronics
Color :    Sport Grey
Weight :    0.5 pounds
  • Tangle-free workouts with truly wireless headphones - wireless firmware updates via mobile app
  • Preserve battery charge with deepsleep mode. charge time - up to 2 hours
  • Rich, immersive audio to keep you moving - listen for up to eight hours on a single charge
  • Hear your music and your surroundings with the open eartip design, while the reflective finish adds night time visibility. mems microphone with dsp
  • Stability and comfort with a flexible neckband design with easy-access on-ear controls for calls and music
Price :    $84.99
Model :    206002-05
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Headphones (plantronics product review) for Plantronics BackBeat FIT Mobile Bluetooth Headphone - Sport Grey available ( Apr 2019 )

plantronics backbeat pro 2 mobile headset - black tan Price : 163, was : 183 as 2018-04-05
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Great Britain
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Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Mobile Headset - Black Tan (207110 05) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for plantronics backbeat pro 2 mobile headset - black tan

I absolutely love these. This year alone, i purchased the bose qc25 which i found a little wanting in the audio department. They were nice and light and the noise cancelling are probably the best i've experienced to date. I also purchased the akg-y50bt which i thought would be an improvement on the already excellent akg k451. Sadly not. So i was about to splash out 300 on a pair of bose qc35 but read the reviews for this baby. Naturally, i was a bit sceptical especially as the price tag was a mere 130. And the name plantronics. Not really a known brand as the likes of bose, beats, sennheiser or even sony. My experience with plantronics has mainly been in corporate offices and call centres. Far less than the high end offerings from bose, sony, denon etc. They arrived next day. Pairing to my s7 edge was a breeze using the nfc function. They sat reasonably comfortably on my rather large head. But what really took me by surprise was the sound quality. The bass was rich and with good stereo separation. I use them mainly at the gym. So anything that drowns out the monotnous thumping beats of techno music coming through trillion and one speakers dotted around the gym is a bonus. These did just that. And without the nc function activated. The nc function, when activated, does an ok job. Ish. Definitely doesn't come close the bose in terms of nc. But for sound quality, it adds a little extra volume and roundness to your music giving you the ability to control sound output. Yes, they are louder than the bose qc25 and akg-y50. There is a downside. It can feel a tad on the heavy side after prolonged usage. Also, i've just found out a newer and possibly better version has just been released. On the upside. Good sound quality, excellent battery life, quite comfortable to wear and the remote control functions work well too, especially if you're an android user. A steal at 130. Love em love em love em.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Plantronics-BackBeat-PRO-Mobile-Headset-Black-Tan

(0) Question: Do these headphones have 3. 5mm connection and cable?

(1) Question: Whats the best way to recharge pro head phones

(2) Question: How big are these headphones in size

(3) Question: How could i use them wirelessly with a pc? many thanks

(4) Question: Are the ear-pads replaceable, or able to be "popped" off?

(5) Question: Moght be a basic question, but no one has mentioned anything. are these on the ear or around the ear headphones?

(6) Question: Frequency response? driver size? the most important specs are missing from plantronics website. does anybody know this information?

(7) Question: On a phone call, can i hear my voice played in through speakers while i am talking ? i want to hear both sides of the conversation not justotherperson

(8) Question: Can you listen to the in flight entertainment with these?

(9) Question: What cable can i buy to use with these headphones? my tv does not have bluetooth and need the cable to be longer than 3m.

(10) Question: If i connect these to my home phone via a cable, can i also have it connected via bluetooth at the same time to my mobile phone or laptop?

(11) Question: Just wondering if you all have the same experience as i do . when the anc is on there is a very quiet but constant white noise in the background ?

(12) Question: Can i connect 2 bluetooth devices with the headphones and will they work at the same time? thanks

(13) Question: Is there any way to turn off the feature "automatic pause when taking them off"?

(14) Question: Can you play music or have a conference call wirelessly or wired while you are charging these headphones?

(15) Question: Hi, anyone had an issue with the audio and video being out of sync? tested using tv, pc, couple of ipads and all out of sync. grateful for any advice

(16) Question: Are you able to "turn off" the noise cancelling function so that i can hear ambient noises? i need to hear my children if they call me.

(note) Question: where/how to get Plantronics (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Plantronics's products

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I tried the akg bluetooth headphones, but they were too loose and let in too much noise. I then tried the bose bluetooth, but, although the sound was amazing, they too let in too much noise. These are cheaper than both, but have far more features. They also block out a lot of sound, even without noise cancelling on. I was afraid they would be heavy, but they are actually quite comfortable. I was umming and ahhhing between these and the beats, but these won on price and the fact that you can use them with a cord if the power runs out. You can't do this with the beats. Happy!

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Best plantronics backbeat pro 2 mobile headset - black tan (207110 05) in review

These are some of the best headphones i have ever used. They have literally saved my life on my daily commute: i no longer have to listen to students having their early 20s existential crisis conversations. . More seriously, though, these headphones tick all the boxes: very comfortable, excellent bluetooth range and connectivity, impressive battery life. They're a little heavy, so i wouldn't say they should be used for running, sports etc. The active noise cancellation feature is where these headphones really shine, though. The experience is a little like someone turning down the volume knob of the outside world. It works very well, but don't have the expectation that you won't hear anything outside. Ambient noise is reduced, and by enough to enjoy whatever you are listening to. . If you are exposed to noise regularly, these could massively boost your quality of life. Plug in with some podcasts and audiobooks and you'll be happily in your own world.

I. Allen, Isle of Wight

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V. Shirley, Sunderland says

Having initially bought the original backbeat pro's which, while mostly excellent, had one or two major design flaws, i decided to bite the bullet on the extra 80 to get these. My first impressions were very good - all those issues seemed to have been solved and they have been tweaked elsewhere - but having now had them for a month think i am better placed to leave a more informed review. . The sound quality while a bit bass heavy is superb - i've never spent over 60 on a set of headphones but i listen to a lot of music and they are comfortably the best i've heard. I haven't tried the bose quiet comforts or the sony's but i cant see much that would justify spending 100+ in this department. The bluetooth is generally excellent - connection is seamless and all the controls work well. I've noticed the occasional jitter when going through a few walls/longer distances and when two devices are connected but the range is also very impressive. Switching between two devices can get annoying and they can interfere with each other but these aren't big issues. Big sell for me was being able to just get up and walk about without the wires/phone and i was proved right here. Even just lying down not having wires everywhere is a big plus. The battery life is immense - charges in no time and lasts for ages. Haven't tried any of its competitors but all the review mags say this is a huge selling point over its rivals. The design/comfort was the reason i returned the original pro's and these are clearly vastly improved in both departments - 50g lighter, more compact and much better looking. If i wear them for a few hours my ears can get a bit sore and beady (probably not helped by my massive head) but again i wouldn't call it a problem. Noise cancelling - these are often sold as being 'rivals' to the bose and sony as premium noise cancelling wireless headphones, but i think in all honestly in this one department this might be a bit of a stretch. It does block out some noise, particularly on the lower end, but its far from being 100%, and the padding seems to do half the work. Don't get me wrong - it 'works' and is still a useful extra feature to have, especially in busy/noisy environments - just don't think its on the same level or even just off the bose/sony because its clearly still a peg below. Think it may only be an issue for some people but i sometimes found the noise cancelling put some extra pressure on my ears as well, kind of like they were being 'sucked in. ' read the occasional review of these that have said something similar so don't think it is just me. - there is a tiny bit of noise leakage but you can only hear it at top volumes/ when someone is within reach of you. I wear these at my university library with the volume reguarly around the 80% mark and have never had any issues. . In most respects these are excellent - superb in most departments and without any major flaws, they are clearly a solid alternative to its more expensive rivals, particularly if you are on more of a budget. That said, i was a bit underwhelmed with the noise cancelling and there is definitely room for a bit of tweaking here and there. While good value at 220 they aren't 'cheap' by any stretch, so didnt feel i could give them full marks. Big thumbs up on the whole though - would 100% get them again given the choice.

K. June, Alsace

Oh come on! i've only had these for the afternoon but they are the best. The sound is very good, bassy but not too much so and very clear. Paired them to my phone and when i turn on bluetooth they connect, my last pair of 'bins' that cost 50 more than these were a complete pain, i often had to re-pair them to connect. Within a few minutes i had mastered where the controls were on these, the volume is a large dial on the right earpiece, brilliantly easy to use, the mute and anc button are easy to find even with my fat, work scarred fingers! why do headphone makers usually make the controls so hard to use, my last headphones had the controls so 'flush' with the body that i never could work them without taking the headphones off to see where they were, what use is that! lastly, when you take these off the headphones pause and then start again when you put them back on, fantastic. I can't stress enough how good these are, don't pay more as i did with my last pair, buy these, you won't be disappointed.

H. Mays, Prince Edward Island says

Having used these for 6 months for 3+ hours every single day i feel its time to review these properly. These cans really are outstanding value for the cash you pay and you will not find a better mix of sound, comfort and quality until you at least double the price. . Pros. 1. Battery life is outstanding. Lasts nearly a week and a half at the usage stated before and when they run dry you can still use them. 2. Comfort is great for me. I have a quite large head and ear but these are still comfortable but this is just my experience. 3. Sound is very good. Not up to par of my 400 quid denon cans and 200 quid sound card but not far off. Bass can be a little boomy but this can be corrected with an eq. Nice balanced treble and mids and comes alive under the eq. 4. Quality is outstanding. Under my usage these look brand new and i have not treated these with the respect that they deserve. They have been shoved inside bags, dropped and have even fallen asleep with them on. Ear cups are like new and don't looked they they are going to peel any time soon. 5. Works with no power in the headphones (battery dead) with supplied cable via 3. 5mm jack. 6. Active noise cancelling is a godsend on diesel trains i travel on each day. Works well and is as good as bose's implementation on the quite comfort series headphones. 7. Mic is good quality and callers have said i was very clear on the other end. Mic works well on windows via bluetooth via skype and teamspeak. . Cons. 1. Quite heavy and clamp your head quite tight. Personal preference and doesn't bother me. 2. Active noise cancelling not as good with glasses on. Ear cups need to be sealed tight around the ears to make best use of this feature. 3. Still quite expensive although, a steal when you look at rivals prices. . These cans are a steal at their price point and i wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair, although it doesn't look like these ones are gonna die in a hundred years such is the quality, and any buyer will not regret investing in these. If you are a glasses wearer i suggest you try some noise cancelling headphones first to hear the difference with and without specs and see if its worth it as all noise cancelling cans are like this. These cans really are a rival to the beats studio wireless and bose quitecomfort 35's having tried both and not finding 200ish quid difference.

D. Bullock, Trafford

Amazing headphones for the price. Sound quality is fantastic, the range with class 1 bluetooth is great. I also love the features like:. - auto pause when i take the headphones off my head. - mute with a single button (useful in calls). - ability to connect two devices at the same time, try to imagine; i listen to music on my macbook, and then someone calls me on my phone and i can receive the call via the headphones. - 24-hour battery lifetime. . They have just two cons:. - these headphones are heavy. - bulkiness, i look like a teletubbie when i wear them. . The best headphones in this price range.

Q. Tracey, Oregon says

I bought these to take on holiday, as i can't stand the noise inside an airplane. They were a replacement for a decade-old set of foldaway sennheiser noise cancelling headphones. The old ones were an 'on-the-ear' design which i found became quite uncomfortable after a little while. These, on the other hand, are well padded and sit 'over-the-ear', surrounding rather than pressing on it. . Leading to the fist point, comfort: i had no problem wearing them four hours at a time, the top band is well padded too. . Battery life: they last all day long. I think they quote 24 hours use. I never managed to run them down, even travelling with music all day. . Noise-cancellation: very good. They beat my previous set, which at the time were quite expensive. The seal around the ear certainly helps, but the technology is pulling its weight too. I'd say there was less of a feeling of 'negative noise pressure' from the cancellation than with my previous set. Not only was it blissfully quiet on the plane, but i also found they were quite effective in allowing me to listen to my own musical choice while someone else was in control of the hifi. . Weight: they're a little on the heavy side, probably the cost of all that battery life, but not so much i'd downrate them for it. . Extra features: controlling my ipod with the headphones is really convenient, and in general use i found the controls well designed and intuitive. There's also a sneaky monitoring button, which switches from noise cancellation to microphones picking up the noise from the room and playing it to you. I did find myself using it from time to time rather than taking these comfortable ear-pillows off. . Overall: best purchase i made all summer. I think i'll start using them as my regular set, even when i don't need the cancellation.

N. Anonymous, Arkansas

These headphones sound an absolute treat. For once a decent full bodied sound over blue tooth. Charging is pretty quick for something that has such a long play ability. Pairing with a smart phone is a doddle with great controls from the buttons on the phones. Comfort is very good (for me with glasses) compared to other over the ear devices. . Noise cancelling works well at a flick of a switch, arguably not the best but it does make a big difference. . Controls are extremely good and intuitive, turning the well damped ring on the right phone adjusts the volume, the track skip backward and forward on the left. There is a button on the underside of the right phone hat engages the mike so you do not have to taker them off to hear someone talking to you. . Take them off and they will pause the music, put em on and it starts again. . Now for pc use, well my home pc has a decent bluetooth set up so all is well with the sound and the mike working well right out of the box. My work dell ultra book pc however was a different story, the mike would not work with skype for business (one of my prime reasons for purchasing this product was to eliminate wires) however after purchasing a asus usb-bt400 3mbps usb bluetooth v4. 0 mini dongle from online store it all flicked into life following many pc restarts and device manager selections. Un pair the phones from the pc (if previously pared before installing the latest driver (go to the asus website to get the latest and ignore the cd) and install, disable the generic bluetooth device in device manager and restart and all should pop into play. . In summary, a cracking product that may look a tad industrial but sounds extremely good for a bluetooth headset with a microphone that works well with both smart phones and a pc. Highly recommended.

. Elizabeth, Wirral says

To test the noise cancelling i charged them and switched them on - then stood near the cooker extractor while it was on "full tilt". This is fairly similar effect to the drone of a turbofan jet. I'd even say they performed better than my expensive bose qc25's. . Admittedly they are physically a "little heavy", but once you've discovered the optimal position on your skull, it's unnoticeable. Audio quality is very pleasant, if you enjoy bass-heavy music you'll love them, but even choral music is passable. Connectivity is very good and once you plug it into a decent source (that's not mp3 or bluetooth) they sound much better. . A pair of bose qc 35's is outrageous expense for someone (like me) who will only use them on business trips. I hate so say "no-brainer", but that's how i feel about my choice to buy these headphones. . As a final note, my broken bose qc25's cost me 250 when they were new. They broke after a year and (obviously) bose have no repair service. Plantronics are noted for their spares and aftermarket service.

Z. Jacqueline, Bromley

Wow, i love these headphones. I searched online store, youtube and google quite literally for days to find a pair of wireless over ear headphones & i'm so pleased these were the outcome. . There are so many headphones available and it's tough to decipher what are best value for money. I have the jabra move headphones which are about 60 and great for the gym. I wanted some better sounding headphones that are overear with noise cancelling. These headphones look great, fantastic quality, very long battery life, good active noise cancellation (not the best but certainly very good), and the sound fundamentally is brilliant. These headphones are comfy, the wireless bluetooth connection is strong. The voice is cool as well with battery levels etc. . Cons - i don't see any. The size, they are fairly large but they look cool. They don't fold so if you wish to travel, you'll need to make sure your bag is big enough to hold or put round your neck. No cons. . Plantronics are a fantastic company. We use their headphones for work, so this is why i thought i'd give them a go. Very pleased i did! better than the jabra pro, and i hear others have compared these to 200+ headphones.

R. Marguerite, South Australia says

I purchased these headphone, after i was able to tell off my first plantronics back beat pro series 1 model. . I am a huge fan of music and of headphones, along with with earphones. . My view on the product is 5/5 and i will stand by this as we all know, sound and the way we hear it, is always and will be - different. My style of music is blues and rock and i feel these fit the sound signature very well and exceptional. . The functions and features as stated on the product details does what it says. I love other brands such as bose of which, i have the new soundsport wireless and they are brilliant and the sennheiser urbanite xl wireless. . The back beat pro se series 2 are amazing and i am so glad i got these and i use this everyday since my purchase. The battery is amazing and does last 2 weeks on full charge, 2 hours a day use with or without the anc and i highly recommend these. . My views are honest and hope my short but yet simple review helps. I don t type long winded reviews. . Thanks all. . Vish.

. Harrison, Luton

These are the best earphones that i have ever owned. They are absolutely brilliant in every respect. Their sound is fabulous. Their on-earphone features are great. They are so comfortable that i cannot feel them on, and often find that i have still got them on half an hour later after i have stopped listening. Amazing. And even more great features: the bluetooth range is superb all over the garden. And the battery life is the most amazing thing of all. I use them and use them and use them and still, the nice voice says, "battery high". These are one of the best things i have ever owned in terms of promised performance and features at a very reasonable price. I am 75 years old and have listened to headphones since they looked like something out of a wwii bomber and ran from a crystal set. I listened when they stopped being analogue and became digital, and i was blown over by the quality of cds. But not until eighteen months ago, when i bought these backbeat pro headphones, have i found perfection. I need to seek no more. Thank you, thank you, plantronics for a true engineering marvel. Edit: i want to add that, after 18 months, a small tear appeared along the stitching inside the earphone cup. I wrote to plantronics and they wonderfully sent me a brand new pair of the same model, even before they had received the damaged pair back! they are really an amazing company and deserve every success. Their performance fully supports my earlier review when i first received the headphones. Thank you, plantronics.

P. Nicole, Coventry says

Good sound. My main headphones are the far more pricy sennheiser hd800s and an spl phonitor headphone amp, and whilst these have nowhere near the sense of openness and fine detail, neither do they sound tinny or overblown in the bass, and in fact i could quite happily listen to them all day. The big attraction is the bluetooth, which works well. It's quite liberating to be able to wander about the kitchen or wherever whilst streaming audio from the mobile. Downsides as far as i see it are two: the main thing for me is that they're just a bit on the large side, and i feel a bit self conscious wearing them in public. The other thing is that the noise reduction is actually quite weak, and so if that's your primary objective they might not be the best buy for you. On the plus side, they're wonderfully functional, with the ability to alter volume, skip tracks and pause/restart playback from the headphone. I haven't yet tried using them to make or receive a phone call. Overall, i'm pretty happy with them although do wish they were a bit smaller :)

U. Heidi, York says

Like a lot, maybe even love these. The battery seems to last forever! . I use them for phone calls mostly, but also on planes to listen to the plane's audio with a cable. Perhaps most amazingly useful from is the ability to have it bluetooth paired to 2 devices at once, in my case iphone and ipad. I don't have to switch between the devices (connect/disconnect), it simply picks up the connection for the device that is playing sound. So i can watch a video clip on my phone and finish that, pick up my tablet and start a video clip on that and it seamlessly switches between them - no buttons to press on the headphones and no messing with bluetooth settings on the phone or tablet. Sound is great. Noise cancelling very effective. Another interesting design element is the "mute" button on the bottom of the right cup. What this button actually does is almost-mute the bluetooth stream and switch the noise-cancelling microphones function to instead pick up external sounds and play those sounds to you through the headphones, so that you can hear the person next to you! you still get a faint (10%) background of the audio stream, so you would be able to hear if the caller was trying to get your attention. Very clever.

F. Rebecca, City of Bristol

This review is overdue, but for the 1st time today i've tried these headphones cabled in: they sound lame, lack depth and detail, although turning on noise cancelling adds a bit of crispness. Turn of the power and wack up the volume, and they become seriously boomy, with mids and highs sounding flat. You could amp them up, but you'd also need eq. . But wait! . . The backbeat pros are wireless headphones! . . Whip out the cable and bluetooth kicks in, and with it depth. The base is well stated but no longer boomy and never distorted, the midranges balanced and rich, the soundstage wide and uncluttered. Switch on the noise cancelling and the base (which is the region where the nc really operates) is slightly suppressed, arguably where it should be, and the mids even crisper. Listen to a nice and open acoustic track, like ed sheeran's one, and appreciate the detail: the breathing, scratching on the fretboard, beautiful lyrics. I've owned twice as expensive headphones, and they've sounded muffled in comparison. I've also owned headphones with better nc, but none of the depth and crispness. And i've tried the qc25's which produce utter silence, but the sound is not as nice and they are cabled. You may find better sound in the p5s which have just gone wireless, but you'll get noise isolation as opposed to active cancellation and slightly less battery life, and pay at least twice as much for leather cups (the backbeat is all plastic). Or you could wait for the momentum 2's to reappear, once the bt issues get ironed out. As well as leather cups they are half the weight and look gorgeous but now at near 3 times the price. . And this is in essence why i have given the backbeat pro 5 stars: i could wait for one of the more expensive alternatives, although aesthetics aside i struggle to justify the cost! however the pros tick so many boxes, the software behaves (and there's a utility to download and flash updates), and if you ignore list price and hunt around, value for money they must be very hard to beat! . . On the train or in the office, the nc really makes a difference. Without music it doesn't generate complete silence like the bose. But as others have observed, as soon as you start playing something, the quality is much improved. The cups are comfortable and so is the headband, and they do not feel heavy even though they look bulky. Typically when not listening to music, they sit around my neck with the cups facing in. A nice feature is that when you lift them off of your ears, they automatically pause the sound. And when you place them back on, the music starts to play again and fades in (on ios this equally applies to videos). The headphones are largely plastic including the cups, and with summer kicking in, they can feel a bit sticky after a while. By the way these are not totally closed drivers, there are grills at the back and a some sound does leak. But unless it is silent around you, and you have the volume really high, this will not be an issue. Behind these grills on one side is a row of leds that shows the battery reading during charge. That same side controls the phone: you answer with a click and the built in mic works fine unless there is a lot of background noise. Given the bt can reach a good 20+ metres across the office floor, i can leave my mobile on the desk, comfortably walk away and keep talking. The beauty of no cables! the pro can connect to two devices at the same time, so you can hook up a laptop and play music, but your ready to take calls. Then just put the laptop away, and switch to playing music on the phone while you walk, no need to pair. This all works seamlessly with ios and osx devices, my only complaint being that sound lags video (apple most likely at fault here). If you bring in another device and the first 2 are still active, you will need to pair it separately, just press the right side button 2-3 seconds and it disconnects from the current devices. Very straightforward and predictable. The right side rotary control is the volume, on the left side you have track forward/backward. Oh, and they pair with a blackberry so great for conference calls. . Bottom line after a month of solid use at home, on the train, walking or in the office: love the sound, bluetooth very reliable, noise cancelling noticeably improves quality of music, software behaves intuitively, been connected to the phone + one other device is the obvious setup and great when you're on the move. Downsides: they are big, mostly black plastic, not very pretty, and leak slightly at high volumes. And yeah, i'd love leather cups. But not at 3 times the price!

C. Perez, Corse says

These are a cracking pair of headphones for the money. I bought them to drown out a noisy commute but couldn't justify bose prices and i didn't want in the ear plugs. I'm not an audiophile but listen to streamed music and podcasts on a daily basis and these have been an absolute joy. These are quite a chunky size but have a really high quality feel to the manufacturing and the materials used. Noise cancelling is better than i would have given them credit for and were quite capable of cancelling out the drone of a noisy hovercraft on my daily commute. It is worth remembering that noise cancelling can only do so much and will cancel a consistent drone but made bugger all difference to the noise of my snoring partner. Pairing was the easiest i've come across for bluetooth headsets and controls for volume are easily accessed by a wheel/ bezel on one earphone.

E. Bertie, Minnesota

Like with neon micro hifi, i took a risk with less known or obvious brand. And no regrets. Works beautifully. What a detail to the sound. Well built. Fell asleep twice in them, and they didn't get damaged, just slid off gracefully at night. Usb cable included for charging. Phono wire too. Came beautifully boxed, so would be a great present. I'm so happy it was a gift for myself. It tells you when you put on if phone device connected. Press a button, and it even says battery status! wicked. Easy twist motion for volume and tracks. Nfc and bluetooth. I haven't noticed loss of quality to sound bluetooth vs its wired play times. At the beginning they needed 'burning' that is when you let them get used to the volume, so as you start playing, every few moments push its volume limits on the dials and it will let you go higher. I read in reviews with various brands sometimes it's needed to start off with new headphones. It's not a fault. They even have a sturdy protective pouch for storage. One of the best purchases in my entire life. I put yesterday a new relaxation app on my phone through them, and i set to thunder sounds. And i didn't expect that: sitting in my bed, i dropped my book on the sound of sudden thunder, had to take them off to check if it wasn't a real thunder due to the sound being to authentic and detailed! laughed at myself for 5 minutes. I would highly recommend. Ps quite big but look cool and they're not heavy or don't get ears too hot. No discomfort at all and i'm fussy.

S. Jennifer, Michigan says

I have a ton of bluetooth headphones, it seems like every other week i'm getting a new pair. But 2 years on i'm still rocking my backbeat pro. They are the best headphones i own. . Let's first address their physical appearance. These are big! if you are a self-conscious person i would advise that you avoid wearing these in public. I wear them everywhere. The bluetooth range of 100m+ is impressive. The active noise cancellation is brilliant. I would say it cuts out at least 90% ambient sound - they are perfect for noisy trains on the london underground. The faux leather and foam earcups are so comfortable. The sound reproduction is superb. They have the richest, deepest bass i've heard in a wireless headphone. The bass is more powerful with the anc turned off. With the anc on, the clarity of my music is unbelievable. . You're not going to be going for a run in these anytime soon, and people that have tried them have told me that they are heavy. They do have a hefty weight, but it's not uncomfortable on your head or neck. It's more of a premium quality weight.

M. Audrey, Texas

I am a 65 yr old audiophile and have spent the past 2 months finding a replacement for my bose qc15. I initially checked out the qc35 and found it did not come close to the sound quality of my qc15s - yes i am very fussy! . I then looked at the beoplay h9 and bowers & wilkins px - both looked stunning especially the b&ws. I ended up ordering the b&ws but had to return them immediately as i found them to be quite heavy and not very comfortable to wear - the headband rubbed against my bald head unfortunately - they are beautifully made however i must confess. I then turned to youtube and came across these little beauties which are almost half the price of the cans mentioned above. True they are a little base heavy but that can easily be dealt with by a downloadable equalizer app. The sound quality is exceptional across the range and my music tastes vary from led zeppelin to mozart ! . . Needless to say i am delighted with my purchase and as far as i am concerned they are the best value out there whether you want noise cancelling or standard headphones.

W. Claudia, Peterborough says

These provide as advertised, if not better. I have only given 4 stars because of years of earbuds and the comparison bulk is taking some getting used to, these are excellent headphones and i recommend these, although it's clear i have nothing to compare with. You may find some other earphones slightly more compact and maybe lighter and probably more expensive but battery time and ease of connecting plus other features have fully satisfied me. 12/01/2016 ultimate test, first time for me; due to mild weather decided to mow the lawn. Sun shining but cold so i used these to keep my ears warm. Switched on adjusted sound, then started cheap supermarket 147cc petrol mower. Initialy dissapointed as i thought the earphone cases would give some sound defence /poof. Then i turned on the anc and was amazed, sure i could still hear a background hum from the mower but the music and lyrics were so clear, soon forgot about the background mower noise. Then the grass was cut.

Y. Broyles, Staffordshire

Like most people who order noise cancelling headphones, i wanted something to reduce the background noise whilst traveling. . I travel at least once a month with work and wanted something to replace my bose quiet comfort headphones. . When these arrived i was firstly impressed with the packaging. . It came in clear box with a purple sleeve around it. Upon removing the sleeve i was confronted with the headphones. . The headphones them selves are incredibly well built. They are comfortable, and the battery lasts a long time! i have had these since october and i have only had to charge them a handful of times! . . Along with the headphone you get a nice purple fur lined case with usb cable and instruction manual. . My first time testing these was on a transatlantic flight to new york. . It was an early evening flight with 90% of the passengers awake and chatting. . This was the perfect opportunity to test these. I popped them on, paired the bluetooth and away i went. The sound was so immersive, the highs and lows were on par if not better than my old bose headphones. . I liked the fact that if someone tries to talk to you, there is a little button on the bottom that you can press to turn on one of the microphones to hear what they are saying without even removing the headphones! . . The noise cancellation was far better than the bose quiet comfort however the only draw back with these headphones is the fact they are incredibly bulky! . . If you don't mind the size of these, they are exactly what any traveler should buy! the controls on the side are extremely handy as you don't have to remove your phone or ipod from your pocket to change the track!

G. Megan, Kirklees says

I bought these mainly so i could watch tv and listen to the radio without the annoying noise coming from my neighbours' flat. They are great for wireless streaming from my phone or laptop. For tv i had to buy a headphone lead as i don't have a bluetooth tv and i found that transmitters don't work so well (continual noise drop-out being a main problem). However the sound is excellent and the noise cancelling is good, although is more 'noise reducing' as you will still hear outside noises from a feet away. They are pretty chunky so you won't look particularly great when wearing them but for indoor use, or if you are not as vain as me :) then they are fine. They are also very quick to charge (1-2 hours). Haven't used them for a phone conversation yet so no idea if the mic is any good or not but overall i'm fairly pleased with them.

. Wimbish, Harrow

I've had these headphones for around three months now, so i'm going to detail the pros and cons from my perspective:. . Pros:. - the sound quality: okay, perhaps i'm not a sound engineer but i love music and have listened to many headphones and these really are good sound. They don't blow your mind as if you're hearing music for the first time but they're surprisingly good in my opinion. - noise cancelling: the anc works well and a lot of people talk about the buzzing when no music is playing or volume is low. I noticed it when i first got them but either i listen to music load enough, or, i never hear it. Don't let it get to you as soon you won't hear it. The noise blocking is pretty good, however, on the train i can still hear the announcements in the background when anc is switched on. When flying, the constant sound from engines/air outside was significantly reduced meaning i could listen at a comfortable volume due to not having to drown out that noise. - battery life: this is quite impressive and i would estimate it's in the region of 20-24 hours as tested. I listen on my commute (40 mins) morning and evening and can also listen to music for a few hours during the day, along with conference calls. I would charge at most once a week. To the point that i forget when i last charged them. Additionally, i regularly forget to switch them off but they seem to switch themselves off and don't chew the battery which is great! . - controls: the controls are super intuitive and when you have your phone in your pocket on a busy commute, there's nothing better than being able to flick to the next song with ease from the headphones themselves, without trying to figure out where the control is - very easy. - hear outside: i use this all the time. Although i can hear the train announcements with anc on, i can not make it out well enough to understand what is being said. For this i hit the "hear outside" button and it amplifies what's being said. Such a great feature for commuters! . . Cons:. - bulky: these are not small headphones by any stretch of the imagination. When i capture my reflection in a shop window sometimes i realise that my head is football shaped with these on - wider than it is high! . - inline microphone quiet: i regularly use these headphones for conference calls in the office via my mobile using the microphone lead and i regularly get feedback from colleagues on calls that i'm quiet unless i hold the microphone close to my mouth and in the right position which is frustrating. Unsure if i'm doing something wrong? . - auto-pause switch: sometimes this plays up when i look down or my head goes in a certain direction. This can be a real pain especially when you're listening to a podcast or on an important phone call.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Rita, Montana says

After rising for a few months, there is one annoying fault with the headphones - that being it sometimes fades the music in and out every few seconds. It seems to require resetting the headphones and is rather annoying. Have taken the rating from 5 to 3 as a result - needs fixing! . . Great sound; great battery; almost perfectly comfortable (slightly larger ear-cups needed, and the bracket at the top creates small pressure points which requires adjusting after wearing for a few hours (which is still pretty impressive! )). . Really great - compared favourably to a friend's bose headphones which were double the price. Not quite as good in terms of noise reduction, but still pretty sweet.

D. Teresa, Worcestershire

Perhaps my expectations were high. Got this one today and i have been using it all day. Noise cancellation seems to be ok to drown out white noise or attenuate background noise while travelling in the london underground. However, it doesn't sufficiently cancel out conversations in the office or my colleague's noisy potato crisps eating activities. . The build quality seems fine but the textured plastic material and the faux wood doesn't feel very classy. . Wearing it for a few hours does hurt my ears; more so on my right than left - perhaps i have something wonky about my ears. . The battery life seems excellent. . Bluetooth connectivity is flaky when paired with multiple devices. . Update 13 dec 2017: i am regretting my decision to get these instead of the bose qc35. The bluetooth connectivity drop is so frequent that it is more than a mere annoyance. If it is expensive, it has to function. This one doesn't.

. Eva, Durham says

I like the full bodied sound but the bluetooth connection lets it down. Sometimes it will play for hours without problem but then it will disconnect randomly a few times in a few minutes. The build quality seems fine but it lacks the refinement of the bose ae2ws which are lighter and more comfortable. The noise cancelling is reasonably good. They are excellent value for money. If the connection was more stable these would be 5 star for me.

Y. Evelyn, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

This is almost a great product. I find the sound quality perfectly acceptable. Battery life seems great. Some of the extra features that persuaded me to buy this product over others seem to work really well on initial use. For example, pausing whatever you're playing when you take them off is a nice touch. Similarly, being able to hear your surroundings (and your own voice) at the press of a button works. . What really lets them down is that the audio quality is choppy from my computer when i also have it connected to my mobile. Since i bought these intending to use them at work in exactly this configuration, this is really disappointing for me. I'll see if they're worth using just connected to my computer before deciding whether to return them or not.

A. Rowe, New South Wales says

Sound quality and anc was very good. Feature-set was also excellent - i particularly licked the voice prompts! . . The only downside was comfort. The heeadset is pretty heavy, and i could wear them for about 45 minutes before they were just too uncomfortable (read: painful! ) to wear with an ache around both ears, and pain across the top of my head. A great pity indeed, but long duration comfort is a prime factor. . Had to return to online store for a refund (and online store maintained their great customer service).

Z. Smith, Northern Territory

Nice product with lots of features and good top end, but does not cope well with bass - tv sound and game explosions break up.

I. Alba, New Hampshire says

Its okay. Doesn't cancel the chewing noises of my work colleague who munches loudly (reason as to why i bought them in the first place). Also after just a few months you notice that it starts having bad contact with your phone and computer, cutting sound frequently

B. Angela, Derbyshire

Amazing features and sounds really nice. Unfortunately i found them uncomfortable on my left ear (who knows why) and heavy, so i sent back for a refund. Bluetooth also had issues with my lg g3, which disconnected on a few occasions.

O. Meghan, North Dakota says

Given the excellent customer feedback the item received, i think i ve been unlucky and received a deffective product. Still i am amazed how unlucky i've been regarding the number of issue i have. . Here are my problems:. . 1/ pairing mode only works half the time. Say it s connected but i cannot hear the any sound. This is the main issue. . 2/ i can hear a light bleep like an ultrasound, it s really anoying. Happens with anc on and off. . 3/ very poor quality of the voice of the woman saying volume minimum, etc. Like if the sound was saturated. It s not so important but it give a bad overall impression. . 4/ the sound can be choppy when using the bluetooth. It happened when i was on a call and when i was simply listening to music. . 5/ when connected with wire, the sound is bad, saturated. Sometimes i am interrupted by a voice out of nowhere saying bluetooth off . . Overall it looks nice, there are a lot of options, but there are too many flaws, it's too complicated. I will return the product and buy another one.

S. Meyer, Missouri

I agree with the large number of fans of this product. However i listen mostly to classical music and my wife happened to have delivered at the same time a pair of beats solo2. Using a bluetooth transmitter, as my hi-fi is not enabled, i was able to compare the two. The beats won by their greater detail and presence. Maybe the price difference has something to do with it too but a user with a different music preference may well get a different result. As an aside, to achieve the comparison i had to disable the sensors on the plantronics or they dropped the connection to the transmitter when removed.

C. Jarvis, Limousin says

Had these for eight weeks, and like others the ear cups are literally coming apart at the seams. . Sound is fairly good, and noise cancelling is adequate, although you can still hear people talking in a noisy office.

H. Audrey, Enfield

Perhaps i got a bad unit, but i really don't get the hype about these. . On the plus side, they're very comfortable, and the battery life is good. . On the minus side - the sound quality, mic and bluetooth connection are all terrible (or at best, swing between good and awful within a 5min period). There was a persistent buzz/feedback whine/hiss sound when listening to music via bluetooth, even with noise cancelling switched off. This did seem to go away if the cable was used, and to be fair the sound was pretty good in that case, but that kinda defeats the purpose of paying for wireless cans. The mic would drop out randomly during phone calls. The bluetooth connection would drop out when music was paused, meaning the cans had to be switched on & off or the source device bluetooth restarted. It wasn't a problem with the source device either, this happened every time with 5 different devices. I've returned them & got the bose qc35ii instead and the difference is amazing - if you can afford it i'd recommend those without hesitation. If not, try something else because the plantronics bbp2 are definitely not worth it.

K. Crawford, Sheffield says

Based on the reviews i'd read i was expecting to be blown away by these phones. However i can't help feeling a little disappointed. The sound is ok but not that brilliant. The wireless facility is good and the controls on the headset are very handy. The noise cancelling is not very good. Switch on the anc (active noise cancelling) and you will barely notice any difference.

. Williams, Tennessee

From the best features, to the worst:. There isn't a pair of headphones that competes with the features of these ones. The pause-when-removing, combined with the phenomenal battery life (and the hibernate) make these the most user-friendly headphones i've ever used. Literally just put them down and walk away, don't worry about using up your phone battery, or wasting your data streaming: genius! the controls are pretty great too, solid, tactile dials and switches. They even sound great, and the reception is unusually good and stable. I could walk all over my office and have nothing resembling a crackle or a dropout. Very impressive. . The noise cancelling was good, but not amazing, though it did make me realise that that in a busy open plan office, perhaps a good set of closed-back phones would do the job of isolation almost as effectively, rather than stressing about active noise cancelling things. Once the music was playing, i didn't notice it much. I didn't notice a sound quality penalty from turning the anc on. I didn't have much confidence in buying from plantronics, which is a firm i associate with office supplies rather than hi fi, but these actually sounds pretty good. Very listenable, and a good rendition of bass music that i could get behind. . The "awareness mode" is amusing and useful - piping the microphone into your headset. I actually found it to be more sensitive and more directional than my actual ears, so i could put that on, and point the left earcup at a conversation across the office, and be able to pick it up, but when i took the phones off, i could only hear the hubbub. It made me laugh. . I actually returned these to online store though, with a heavy heart, because they just weren't comfortable enough. They clamp rather tightly, and the ear pads are quite firm and not deep. I felt a constant and unpleasant pressure on my jaw joint, that i didn't enjoy. I could adjust the angle of the cups a bit, but it just moved the pressure to elsewhere. They are pretty heavy, i guess partly because they have 24 hours of battery in them, they certainly feel heavy in the hands, but i admit i didn't feel it much on my head. They also seem robust, chunky. I wouldn't have much fear of throwing these into a bag, except that they might rip right through the bag. Because they are heavy, and big, and angular. . Aesthetically, they are bulky. I quite like that look, but it does say "function" rather than "oh nice! ". . I wanted to like these, because the price is great and honestly, because the features were incredible. That pause-on-takeoff thing is so good, so good. There's nothing like these. But they weight about four tonnes. . The bag they come with has this amazing purple fur lining. It was actually the most revelatory part, but it seemed silly to keep some headphones, just for the drawstring bag they came with.

X. Anonymous, Arizona says

. Is the only way i can accurately describe my backbeat pro's. The set that i'm currently wearing, on the train platform, waiting on my morning commute have just greeted me with the familiar 'recharge battery' message. This isn't because the battery is bad, on the contrary, it's good but the sensor that is supposed to detect whether you're wearing them or not to manage it's standby mode isn't working. And that's the thing, these headphones are really, really buggy. These are actually the 4th, yes, 4th pair that i've had on plantronic's warranty programme. Control functions on the first pair started to give up after about 2/3 months. The guys at plantronics where great and quickly sent out a replacement. This second set, and the third, had really noticeable digital disturbance when connected to bluetooth with noise cancelling activated. And while i could send this current pair back to, i'm settling for the fact that, so far, only this one sensor is faulty and won't reset. So why do i still like them, even have some affection for them? well, the actual music quality is stunning for the price. Better than a lot of their competitors at twice the price. Should you buy them? while others have experienced similar problems from threads i've read, many still give them great reviews so maybe i'm just one of the unlucky few but i'd struggle to come back to the brand:(

V. Anderson, Stockton-on-Tees

Found it too bulky, and the cans didn't quite go around my ear, and were so shallow they literally sat on the ear as well. I couldn't get much out of the noise cancellation, and the sound quality was decent but nothing out of the ordinary. With glasses i found it pretty uncomfortable, and the sound lost a lot of depth once the over ear seal was broken by the glasses frames. I can see why some people love it, and it's worth trying if you are sat at a desk and aren't planning to move around much with it, but it wasn't the right product for me.

J. Gloria, California says

I have mixed feelings about these headphones. . Pros:. -very cheap for active noise cancelling bt headphones! . -superb sound quality. -best controls on any headphones i have ever used (used them daily with gloves on with no problems). -take them off to pause music, put them back on to fade it back in : brilliant! . -insane battery life! . . Cons:. -very poor active noise cancellation, but it does cut out the low frequencies, so at least outside noise is less annoying. -the round (why? ) earcups will get very uncomfortable very quickly. -they are heavy which contributes to the discomfort and makes them wobble on your head (can fall off if you turn your head quickly). -on your head they look massive and much worse than in the pictures, which is a big deal, if you want to use them at work. . Conclusion: i liked them, but ended up trying a pair of bose qc35s and despite the price tag (you can buy 2 plantronics and then some for the price of the qc35) and sensing these back. The bose noise cancellation is crazy good, they are comfortable and despite being smaller, perfectly cover my ears. They are light and snug on my head, so no matter what i do they stay on my head and they look more professional for work. Sound quality was the same and controls are better on the backbeats. If you can't stretch it for bose, plantronics will not disappoint.

M. Noguera, Somerset

These are vey clever headphones but it is important t realise that they are very heavy and bulky and you might be just as well off with a lightweight pair of headphones and a thin cable. The headband is quite tight and not that adjustable considering the weight. I will keep them but i wish i had tried them out first.

N. Hayward, Camden says

A good solid pair of headphones with decent sound, if you want a pair of headphones with all the features then you will love these, however they don't do all of the features as well as some headphones ( noise cancelling not as good as bose qc35 etc. ). I was disappointed however that after two days of use i noticed that the wire mesh on the right ear cup had come away, leaving the two microphones exposed, this leads me to question whether or not these headphones would be good in a wet climate, along with the less than high build quality which i experienced.

E. Ophelia, Texas

Pros: nice sound quality, easy pairing, very good battery life, very good wireless range, good noise cancellation. Cons: ugly bulky plastic design, very heavy(not good for commuting), uncomfortable to wear more than an hour

Q. Annette, Bedfordshire says

Initially i found these headphones pretty good, however they have got slightly tinny over the two months that i have had them. When you buy expensive headphones you expect them to be pretty flawless and all of the top of the range headphones to be of the same quality to the average ear, however these are definitely sub standard after a few months. Disappointed big time! if i was buying again i would choose a different brand / pair

R. Bertie, Birmingham

I wanted some bluetooth cans for primarily watching tv while kids/wife in bed but i didn't want to spend big bucks. I had tried a freinds bose quietcomfort 35s on and they felt lovely but these were half the price so i gambled. Didn't pay off. Yes the cans are heavy and the noise cancelling was not great (compared to the tested bose) but they did connect perfectly to my sony str-dn1080 amp which is what i have sky/online store, etc working through. Immediately the issue was evident - lip sync - very bad. No settings can be adjusted to help here as any changes to the source could only be made to worsen the lip sync so i tried to live with it. After watching a few different things it was killing me so i decide to send them back and get the bose. Whilst looking at the bose i ended up going for the sony wh-1000mx instead. Hoping they would work with the amp better plus being a few quid less. Great move as the lip sync is not there and they are light and comfy like the bose. These plantronics are a few years old and the old model so maybe the gen2 versions are better but they are also a lot more money.

. Colleen, Stockport says

The sound quality has been excellent and the headphones are great value for money at their price now compared to their competitors, unfortunately the bluetooth reliability and hands free microphone let them down. I regularly find i have to reboot them because the bluetooth connection cuts out with crackling sounds when the device in only a meter or so away and regularly get complaints that i can't be heard when using them as a hands free kit for my phone. If you don't need the hands free function and are able to put up with restarting them every now and then they are great value for money.

L. Bethany, Missouri

The noise cancellation is okay, but you can't use the microphone without the sound going incredibly bad, almost telephone quality. Thats the big downside. I would have expected for this price to have had decent hi-fi sound when using the mic too.

T. Linda, Richmond upon Thames says

I really did want to like these. Unfortunately, i found them heavy and uncomfortable. Sound and build quality is great, but the clamping force is high, and there wasn't enough room for my (very normal sized! ) ears inside the cups. I just knew that wearing these for more than about 30 minutes would be painful, so they had to go back. Your mileage may vary, of course.

U. Kimberly, Berlin

Sound is good. Battery life is good. Controls are good and easy to learn. Noise cancelling fairly effective. Comfort is ok. Power lead is short and only on the left (not good for me). However, after about six months the left ear pad came apart, not good as i only use these at home maybe 2 or 3 times a week. I glued it but it was never going to last and the right is now also going. Meanwhile, the cheaper brand that i bought for my daughter are fine. Ebay does replacement ear pads but at some point i suspect i'll go back to sennheiser kit.

F. Shirley, Alberta says

It's testament to how great these headphones are in terms of performance that i put up with the many flaws in them. . To name but a few, the automatic pause when you remove them is dumb and appears to simply toggle the current state; in other words, take them off whilst music is playing and they pause- great. However, if you pause the music, then take them off and the music happily starts playing again (with you completely unawares if the volume is low). I've also found the automatic pause unreliable- i can be walking along and the music suddenly stops and so i have to hit play again. A few steps later and it stops again. It seems at times it just can't decide if they're still on your head or not. Other times i don't get this problem at all, but when it happens it drives me nuts. I understand automatic pause can be turned off but have yet to get the headset updater software to connect to the headphones via usb in order to turn this setting off. . Other quirks include the option to pair not always coming up when restarting the headphones. It might take several attempts of turning off and then back on whilst holding down the right ear button before the "pairing" voice chirps up. . My current frustration is that the headphones lose the connection to my iphone 6. I pair the two, have music working fine, then stop the music for some time (or switch to listening to my ipad) and when i come back to the iphone the music no longer comes through on the headphones. I have to remove the pairing, turn off the headphones, repair (assuming the pair option comes up- see previous paragraph) then *usually* the audio comes back on the headphones. Sometimes it doesn't and i have to repeat the process. . Really, really frustrating for the above reasons but i still love these headphones for the sound quality, noise cancellation, two device pairing and ridiculous battery life.

G. Heidi, Oklahoma

I really liked these headphones, they felt great on and the sound quality is very good and they have great features such as stop start when taking them off. A downside is they are heavy. However i had two sets and they both suffered from the same fault which is vibration when noise cancelling is activated. The vibration is so bad that the headphones are totally unusable. I strongly recommend that anyone buying these headphones conducts extensive testing of the noise cancelling feature before the allowed return date. Maybe i was unlucky but two faulty sets say i wasn't!

. Carrie, Dorset says

These headphones are very unconventional, but very well made and packed with features. This was what drew me in initially; for the price the value seemed amazing. They do also offer a very good sound, and the noise cancelling works reasonably well for this class of product. . However the first -1 for me is the weight; they are extremely heavy! this meant that i had to get the position on my head exactly right, or they would slip off, and they made me feel top heavy. This meant that it was actually an effort to support my own head, and gave me a neck ache after 30 minutes or so. . The other -1 is that the ear cups are not very ear shaped and fit poorly, especially if you have larger ears; they are not quite 'over-ear' headphones. This combined with the weight meant that they were not comfortable for very long, and thus for my intended purposes not very useful. They are also very bulky and do not fold flat. . Tl:dr. + good sound and noise cancelling, very well constructed, packed with added value features. - poor ear cup shape, ridiculously heavy and bulky, not very portable, not comfortable to wear for long periods

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