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Price was £249.00. Very nice speaker, paired with a very nice app/software that really makes listening to music a joy. It lost a star as i somehow feel that the cheaper play1 is overall a better speaker and for a much lower price. I'm wishing i'd bought two play1 and set them up in stereo for around the same price.

-. Arnett

Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Think Of A Scenario And The Play:3 Fits. At Its Most Simple Level, It’s Ideal As A Music Zone In A Small Or Medium Sized Room. Alternatively, Use Two As A Quality Hi-fi Speaker Pair. -Sonos Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black

  1. Attributes: Versatile: Fits Ideally In Tall And Narrow, Or Short And Wide Spaces.
  2. Attributes: Streams Music Services, Your Music Library, Internet Radio And Podcasts.

Low-Priced Sonos Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (Speakers) Play3uk1blk

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Just purchased my first sonos player. There is an offer on atm offering a free bridge when you buy a play 3 (finishes end of november 2011) so i got both for 257 with free delivery. Ordered from online store on friday and delivered yesterday, monday! . . Got a d-link share centre pulse 2-bay box and 1tb samsung drive at same time which i've set up as a nas. Everything up and working without any fuss and well pleased with the result - this little beauty really rocks and has now replaced an old philips cd/radio in the kitchen. Wife listening to radio 2 on it as i write. Also impressed with the pc windows controller app - so easy peasy intuative. . So if anyone is dithering about getting one of these, take the plunge while the offer lasts. The sound quality is incredible for such a small but compact unit. Best smart wireless speaker | Sonos-Speakers Review ( Jan 2020 ) Attributes SONOS PLAY:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black Stereo sound: intense and immersive, with deep bass for a speaker its size. Versatile: fits ideally in tall and narrow, or short and wide spaces. Streams music services, your music library, internet radio and podcasts. The sound remains same when placed vertically or horizontally. Trueplay tuning:for the ideal sound possible, wherever you place your speaker. Connect your play:3 to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love. Comes with three years manufacturer free breakdown cover; terms and conditions apply .

Sonos play:3 smart wireless speaker, black Review (play3uk1blk)

Stylish and very good, acoustically superb from a small unit, synced with "spotify" and everything you want for an evenings music. -. Betty

Sonos Play Smart Wireless Speaker

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Sonos
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0180501002052
  • HardwarePlatform: CONSUMER ELECTRONICS
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.96 inches
    Length:3.87 inches
    Weight:16.95 pounds
    Width:3.41 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: Brand New And Sealed. Typically Dispatched Within 24 Hours.
  • Manufacturer: Sonos
  • Model: PLAY3UK1BLK
  • Total: 1
  • OperatingSystem: Not Applicable
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: PLAY3UK1BLK
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: SPEAKERS
  • ReleaseDate: 2011-07-27
  • UPC: 180501002052

play:3 smart wireless speaker, Speakers, Think of a scenario and the play:3 fits. at its most simple level, it's ideal as a music zone in a small or medium sized room. alternatively, use two as a quality hi-fi speaker pair. add more bass with a sonos sub or go the whole way and use them as satellite speakers within a sonos 5. 1 home cinema system. whatever you decide to do, the user friendly sonos app guides you through the set-up procedure. Sonos Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (PLAY3UK1BLK-Sonos).

Sonos Play Smart Wireless Speaker Speakers

  • Just added this play 3 to my system and i love it. It is very easy to connect and has great base.
  • Outstanding crystal clear sound quality. I have music stream most of my waking hours and the cross fading party setting is great (there's no pause between tracks). I highly recommend sonos and i will be adding more speakers for upstairs.
  • Compare to sonos play one this is absolute rubbish. Yes it is louder but it doesn t reproduce sounds below 60hz, all quality bass is missing. On low and mid volume play one goes down to 40 hz. Its a joke that more expensive and bigger speaker sounds so bad. In fact it is so poor that i thought that i bought it damaged , i gave it back and sonos has sent me another new speaker that sounds same bad as the first one. I don t understand why people are so happy with it. Save yourself some money and buy sonos play one. It is so muche better.
  • Small and well made, this speaker delivers a full sound, with great dynamics and enough volume to fill a 5. 5x3m (20 x 10') room with sound, although not loudly. . Owning a pair of play 1 speakers which sound good when setup as stereo, it was logical to extend the system around the house. The play 3 was put in the kitchen to replace a standard radio. The sound was a huge improvement in both quality and volume over the old roberts. . The unit itself is well made, looks elegant and does not take up too much space. However volume is surprisingly reduced in comparison with the pair of play 1s (10-15db at 2m for the technical). Wifi reception too has been less than stellar in a part of the house that has never previously given problems for other devices. Most frustrating though is the poor sonos software that is required to make this device work; in just over 3 weeks, the device has required a fresh setup 3 times as it 'disappeared' from the sonos system. Sonos software for phones / laptops / and idevices is extremely irritating, with constant updates required and everything stops working until the control software or device firmware has been refreshed. . The final nail in the coffin though is this: the kitchen is a family room and the idea was that as we all use apple music, anyone could play their own music through the play 3. Install the sonos app and play the music from phone / idevice. How hard is that? . . Well according to sonos, it is impossible. No matter whose device is in use, the only apple music available is from the account that setup the sonos system - mine. Why would kids want to play my music? jazz, classical? i believe the term is 'fail'? sonos support are not helpful. . Now the shortcomings have become obvious, the play 3 has been returned on the sonos 'try it for 100 days' offer and the play 1s are looking for a new home.
  • The hardware and app to control the sonos are 4/5 stars. . The installation software is 2/5 5 stars, issues include a lack of information on what part of the process is failing and its inability to find and use the internet connection. Issues were eventually solved by doing the power on/off activity using the internet connection for something else for the software to make use of the existing connection. Once you are past this issue it is palin sailing.

smart wireless speaker SONOS PLAY:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Ordered this 7pm on saturday, it arrived 3pm on sunday. Setup was incredibly easy using the app. Some confusion around using the app, as it "piggy-backs" on spotify (for example) so sometimes you think you've closed it and it's still in the "active app" list. . Aside from that, it's pretty easy to use. Within 30 seconds i had it linked to my spotify account, and within another i had it connected to my home server, where i've ripped all my cds. The app picks up all the metadata from the server too, so it displays album cover, track name etc. . The speaker itself has plenty of volume and range. I'm using it as a stand-alone speaker in the kitchen, to make washing up and dishwasher packing/emptying more bearable. If i were to put it in the lounge i'd buy another and pair them as a stereo set. . Not the cheapest speaker to run as a stand-alone, but if/when i add more speakers i'll be glad i spent a little bit more. I nearly bought the play:1 but was concerned over whether it would be up to it. I'll never know i guess, but i'm very happy with the play:3.

Sonos Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black
Click to see NoticeSonos Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (play3uk1blk)"Really good sound. i have nothing bad to say."

(0) Question: Hi. i would like one speaker upstairs and one downstairs, presumably they can be played independently? ie: switch one off, when not required? . many t

(1) Question: I have an ipod classic, could i play music from that with a sonos?

(2) Question: Is guarantee included?

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SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, White

Stream music wirelessly throughout your home with the sonos play:1 - the smallest of the sonos range. The play:1 delivers powerful audio that can fit anywhere. Featuring a pair of class-d digital amplifiers, one to power the tweeter and one to power the 3. 5" woofer, the play:1 delivers a highly accurate audio reproduction. Rich with deep bass and crystal clear highs, the stylish play:1 may be diminutive but don't let its compact size fool you, it delivers a surprisingly full, detailed and hugely enjoyable sound wherever you choose to locate it.

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, WhiteSONOS-PLAY-Smart-Wireless-Speaker-White

Brand :    sonos
Color :    White
Weight :    1..85 pounds
  • Rich sound despite its size
  • Connect your play:1 to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love
  • Mini: fits in any space, fills any room
  • Also works as a sonos home cinema rear speaker
  • Trueplay tuning: for the best sound possible, wherever you place your speaker
Price :    $149.00
Model :    PLAY1UK1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (sonos product review) for SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, White available ( Jan 2020 )

Flexson Single Floorstand SONOS PLAY:3 - Black

The flexson speaker stand is designed for the sonos play:3, delivering a neat and tidy solution with an easy-fit, vertical or horizontal mount. Ideal to either free floor space or even act as rear speaker stands in a sonos playbar based cinema set-up.

Flexson Single Floorstand SONOS PLAY:3 - BlackFlexson-Single-Floorstand-SONOS-PLAY

Brand :    flexson
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.3 pounds
Model :    AAV-FLXP3FS1021
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Floorstand. bespoke design for sonos play:3 speaker
  • Put your sonos play:3 at the ideal listening height
  • Clever cable management keeps things tidy
  • Holds speaker securely at 820mm high
  • Precision engineered in england
Price :    $35.15 (was $64.99)
Home Theater :    Best Ce Accessory (flexson product review) for Flexson Single Floorstand SONOS PLAY:3 - Black available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black

I put off buying this for a long time - wondering whether it would make much difference to my previous set up (play base with two sonos one speakers as surrounds). I do not regret buying this at all - it really gives the sound a much deeper feel. Although the previous set up sounded great before, if i turn the sub off now it definitely sounds like it is lacking.

As you'd expect from sonos, the sonos sub gen 2 is a breeze to set up. With no wiring or programming required, simply press one button and follow the prompts from the sonos system controller. It automatically adjusts the audio settings to ensure that the sub is fully optimised to work with your paired sonos components. The sub works with the play:1, play:3 and play:5 plus all amplified sonos units including the connect:amp, zp120, zp100 and, of course, the sonos playbar.

SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss BlackSONOS-Wireless-Subwoofer-Gloss-Black

Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black (Speakers) FAQ.

Great sound, expensive but worth every penny, works brilliantly with sound bar and two play 1's to create the cinematic experience in your own home. -Notice from . Wayt, Calderdale

Click to Show sonos sub wireless subwoofer, gloss black (speakers) Details

I bought this to add to my sonos soundbar and two play:1's for a complete 5. 1 system in my livingroom. Very easy to add to current set up and has made a great addition, and the overall combined sound is brilliant with movies/tv and music.

Sonos-sub-wireless-subwoofer,-gloss-black-(speakers) set picture

- J. GuestAdd this to your sonos setup and you'll realise just what you've been missing. I have this setup with a soundbar and two play 1's in a home theatre. It's just superb.

Excellent subwoofer which enhances other sonos speakers you may have. The sub can be turned down very low but still gives a great sound.

Z. Lara, Birmingham

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Gloss Black
Size :    38 cm
Weight :    35.27 pounds
Model :    Sonos Sub
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $699.00
  • Display it or hide it. sounds great even on its side.
  • 2-year warranty included
  • Works with playbar, play:1, play:3, play:5 and connect:amp.
  • Experience ultra-deep, soul-shaking boom with no cabinet buzz.
  • We've made some minor changes to sub. the cosmetic changes include blacked-out trim and a smaller logo. sub's sound and hardware components remain the same.

Flexson Single Tilt Swivel Wall Mount Bracket SONOS PLAY:3 - Black

The flexson sonos play:3 bracket adjusts your play:3 to the ideal position. Designed exclusively for the play:3, this wall bracket is a perfect fit - both in terms of style and functionality. Made from high quality steel and finished to match the black play:3, this bracket upholds the sonos standard of quality. With a swivel adjustment of 60 degrees and a tilt of 25, it's now easy to wall mount and adjust your play:3 to the exact position required. Sonos play:3 not included

Flexson Single Tilt Swivel Wall Mount Bracket SONOS PLAY:3 - BlackFlexson-Single-Swivel-Mount-Bracket

Brand :    flexson
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.62 pounds
  • 180-degree rotation allows you to use the play:3 in either horizontal or vertical mode
  • Unique tilting mechanism - plus left or right swivel - allows you to angle your sonos play:3 speaker exactly where you want it
  • Wall bracket. bespoke design for sonos play:3 speaker
  • New, improved design with added functionality
  • Tilt it, swivel it, rotate it - even hang your speaker upside down!
Price :    $29.97 (was $32.28)
Model :    AAV-FLXP3WB1021
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Ce Accessory (flexson product review) for Flexson Single Tilt Swivel Wall Mount Bracket SONOS PLAY:3 - Black available ( Jan 2020 )

Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Built In Black

Hmmmm. . About the only option for an ethernet cabled alexa device. . Got 2 one's. Sound is very good for the size. . But alexa is a bit dozy. . Often wakes up when she shouldn't, like when someone on the tv says any word with an "x" in it. . And often doesn't wake up when she should. . Lets hope they tweak the software.

Enjoy seamless high quality audio with the new one speaker from sonos, built from the mighty play:1 blueprints, the one speaker is backed by a pair of class-d amplifiers and custom-built drivers for a more unique acoustic architecture. With touch controls on the top of the speaker, allowing you to tap to turn up the volume, swipe to skip tracks or even mute the microphone for privacy from alexa. Online store alexa power your listening experience by online store's very own alexa ai built right into your sonos speaker. Alexa can play songs, manage smart devices and can even check news and traffic for you! all the music you love at your fingertips or the tip of your tongue. Find the right music for every moment on spotify. Search any artist or song, create and share playlists, and get personalized recommendations. Listen on sonos and control the music with your voice, the spotify app or the sonos app. Thanks to the 6-microphone array you won't have to worry about alexa not hearing you, no matter how loud your music is player, using smart voice capture and noise cancellation, sonos one ensures you're heard. Better over time as sonos is able to continually updating with new features, services and skills, your music and voice options will both keep getting better over time. In fact you can add spotify voice control supported by december 21 2017! multiroom the easiest way to create a network of audio in your entire household, use the sonos app to pair all of your speakers together, or split them into groups that suit you. Pair two sonos one speakers together in the same room for a stereo sound experience, and connect them to other sonos devices for that extra bass or surround sound power, such as the sub and playbar/playbase. The choices are plentiful with multiroom! you can even pair two sonos ones together in the same room for instant stereo sound although you cannot be stereo paired with other sonos speakers.

Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Built In BlackSonos-One-Controlled-Speaker-Amazon

Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Built In Black (oneg1uk1blk) FAQ.

Brilliant very easy to set up and the sound control superb. -Notice from U. Mays, Middlesbrough

Click to Show sonos one voice controlled smart speaker alexa built in black (oneg1uk1blk) Details

Absolutely love it. Sound quality is incredible for a speaker of this size, however you would expect that from a brand such as sonos. The alexa function works really well, i even shouted downstairs from the landing and the speaker heard me in the kitchen. Only slight downside is that there is no bluetooth connectivity (sonos works via connection to your wifi network so won't work unless connected to wifi) and there is no aux connector. I knew both of these things before ordering so won't score down because of this.

Sonos-one-voice-controlled-smart-speaker-alexa-built-in-black-(oneg1uk1blk) set picture

- K. WhitemanPrimarily i wanted a speaker to play music - so i wanted it to sound great. Having listened to a range of smart speakers out there at the moment, i was somewhat disappointed with the sound quality of them all. Most had lack of bass and clarity, usually sounding dull, muffled and like a baked bean can. The emphasis seemed to be a smart assistant first, with the ability to play music second. Then i heard sonos and apple were entering the smart speaker market - more money than some other popular smart speakers i could mention (sorry online store), but you get what you pay for! 199 price point for the sonos one isn't wildly different from some of the other speakers anyway, although the new apple one due next year will have to be pretty special to justify their price tag. I waited for the sonos one to arrive in a local store, so that i could 'try before i buy. ' first impression was i expected it to sound better - but it was in a large store environment, lots of background shoppers noise, other speakers being played, and also, often the product isn't set up properly for display/demonstration purposes. I also knew i'd be able to adjust bass and treble via the sonos app anyway. After a few more weeks chewing it over, i saw the sonos one on promotion with online store and decided to take a gamble. Surely this speaker can't be as bad as some people have made out? ! sonos have had a great reputation over the years? . Verdict. Well, i've only had it a few days, and first impressions are - wow! it sounds amazing! you'd have to be some tech geek audiophile to say otherwise. A really full, well balanced sound - treble is nice and crisp, and there's plenty of bass. I adjusted the eq via the sonos app, as i like my music to have high treble. It sounds seriously good. I've linked my online store music account to it and it works seamlessly- no problems at all. If spotify is your thing, sonos have now released a software update which can make that your default music player which works with voice commands, if you prefer. Now the alexa issue - which i'll be honest, was the thing that first put me off buying this. So far i've had no problems. I've only had the speaker a few days, and only had to repeat myself a couple of times. It hears me fine whilst playing music. So far - every time (although it is in a fairly small room to be fair. ) all commands i have given alexa, she has heard and given an answer. She gave me a sky sports flash briefing, as i have downloaded the skill on the alexa app, but at present i don't think you can get other news flash briefings. This will change, i expect, along with other enhancements as further sonos updates are released over the coming months. So just to confirm - alexa has worked fine for me - no problems. I've never owned any other smart speaker, so can't compare if alexa is better or worse on this, but from my own experience, no problems at all! set up was fine - just install the sonos app, alexa app and music account app (e. G. Online store or spotify), create accounts for each and then just follow the really easy step by step instructions. It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish. So to conclude, i can't understand a lot of the negative reviews for the sonos one - it makes me wonder if some of them have been written by publicity staff of rival products. For me, this has been a fantastic purchase - it really is an amazing speaker, and i'm just so pleased i've got one. The aim is to get another two, when funds permit. It's still in its early months of release, and so with further updates, is only going to get better and better. Just buy one - you really won't regret it.

I actually cant say how much i recommend this product! the sound quality is amazing! i currently have it linked with my tunein, spotify and online store music and i have had no problem with any of these apps. . I currently have the alarm set to wake me up at 5. 30 during the weekdays too my radio station and it still hasnt missed a day, even after a power cut! . . I will definitely be buying more for different rooms across the house!

D. Kristen, Cumbria

Brand :    sonos
Color :    black
Weight :    3.92 pounds
Model :    ONEG1UK1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Start and control your music with your voice; alexa built right in
  • Combine voice with the sonos app to manage all your music in one place: music, spotify, apple music, internet radio and hundreds of other streaming services
  • Connect wirelessly with other sonos home sound system speakers to play music in any or every room
  • Enjoy full voice control for spotify on the sonos one
  • Enjoy rich room-filling sound from a smart speaker
Price :    $199.00
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Built In Black available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black

For transparent, life-like sound, the sonos play 5 simply excels. The latest play:5 uses three, smartly synchronized mid-woofers with a trio of tweeters to give a full-bodied, detailed sound that's bursting with energy.

SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, BlackSONOS-PLAY-Smart-Wireless-Speaker-Black

Price :    $479.99 (was $499.00)
  • Trueplay tuning: for the ideal sound possible, wherever you place your speaker
  • Line-in: plug in any device you want
  • Fills a large room with pure and immersive sound
  • With deep bass that packs a punch
  • Streams music services, your music library, internet radio and podcasts
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    14.02 pounds
Model :    PL5G2UK1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (sonos product review) for SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black available ( Jan 2020 )

Flexson 3 m Extension Cable Sonos PLAY:1 Speaker - Black

Flexson's extension cables for sonos allow you to put your sonos speakers exactly where you want - not just where their power cables will stretch to! get rid of ugly extension blocks and choose this bespoke, neat solution.

Flexson 3 m Extension Cable Sonos PLAY:1 Speaker - BlackFlexson-Extension-Cable-Sonos-PLAY-Black

Brand :    flexson
Color :    Black
Size :    3m
Weight :    0.29 pounds
Model :    FLXP3X3M1021EU
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (flexson product review) for Flexson 3 m Extension Cable Sonos PLAY:1 Speaker - Black available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $10.98 (was $10.99)
  • Increases length of sonos mains cable to 2. 9m/9. 5ft (1m cable) or 4. 9m/16. 2ft (3m cable)
  • Designed for sonos play:3, play:5, playbar and sub
  • Black and white versions available to match your sonos speaker and cabling
  • Ideal for use with flexson floorstands and/or wall mounts
  • Flexson is a british specialist in accessories for sonos, with more than 75 solutions to help you get more from every sonos product.

Flexson Desk Stand SONOS PLAY:3 - Black

Get the most out of your sonos play:3 with this compact, well engineered desktop stand from flexson.

Flexson Desk Stand SONOS PLAY:3 - BlackFlexson-Desk-Stand-SONOS-PLAY

Brand :    flexson
Color :    Black
Weight :    0..5 pounds
  • Holds sonos play:3 in horizontal mode
  • Optimises speaker performance by minimising vibration
  • Black or white finishes to match sonos play:3
  • Elegant steel design
  • Stylish speaker stand angles sound to your ears
Price :    $24.99 (was $31.23)
Model :    P3DS1021
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (flexson product review) for Flexson Desk Stand SONOS PLAY:3 - Black available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS BOOST Wireless Performance Component

Although the sonos system works without the need for a bridge or boost, the most robust and highest quality wireless connection is still guaranteed by either of these. As the most powerful wireless product built by sonos, the boost is ideal for larger homes, homes with thicker internal walls or any environment where your standard wi-fi system can struggle.

SONOS BOOST Wireless Performance ComponentSONOS-BOOST-Wireless-Performance-Component-WHITE

Brand :    sonos
Color :    WHITE
Weight :    1.10 pounds
  • Offers complete sonos wireless 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings
  • 2-year warranty included
  • Designed for unparalleled wireless reliability or to create a sonos home theatre set up
  • No skips, delays or drops with your sonos system - even in homes with wireless problems
  • Works to wirelessly connect playbar with sub and rear speakers
Price :    $84.99
Model :    BOOSTUK1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (sonos product review) for SONOS BOOST Wireless Performance Component available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black

Its all been said before. This is our fifth sonos node. Now streaming online store prime music and radio all over the house. Our system is rock solid and we boss it with iphones and android phones. Cant imaging life without it. This little speaker fills a small room but anything bigger than about 3mx3m really needs a play 3.

Stream music wirelessly throughout your home with the sonos play:1 - the smallest of the sonos range. The play:1 delivers powerful audio that can fit anywhere. Featuring a pair of class-d digital amplifiers, one to power the tweeter and one to power the 3. 5" woofer, the play:1 delivers a highly accurate audio reproduction. Rich with deep bass and crystal clear highs, the stylish play:1 may be diminutive but don't let its compact size fool you, it delivers a surprisingly full, detailed and hugely enjoyable sound wherever you choose to locate it.

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, BlackSONOS-PLAY-Smart-Wireless-Speaker-Black

Sonos Play:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (play1uk1blk) FAQ.

Now that the price has been reduced it's easy to recommend these as decent value. They are well built, the sound is pretty good (although no real low-end of course, and the top end is a little muted) and the sonos software is getting better all the time. . I do find it rather baffling that you can now get a pair of play1 speakers for much less than the price of the "connect" device which plugs into a conventional hifi (which to me seems like it should cost a lot less). These speakers also lack any connectivity which might allow you to adapt them to anything other than sonos' world (no bluetooth, analogue connections etc). It feels like the pricing structure and specification are designed to lock you into the sonos ecosystem - which reminds me a lot of why i don't buy apple products. -Notice from O. Carol, Southend-on-Sea

Click to Show sonos play:1 smart wireless speaker, black (play1uk1blk) Details

Read the positive reviews. Wait for a drop in price by 10-20 pounds (it comes around regularly) and then buy one.

Sonos-play:1-smart-wireless-speaker,-black-(play1uk1blk) set picture

- A. GarnerAfter deciding to clear my clutter i started to look into streaming mechanisms that gave a good sound throughout the house. I was lucky enough to find retailers with setups of sonos and its competitors. Sonos sounded the best by far. I made what i considered a large financial investment in my first play 1 but after setting it up and listening to my music on it not much time passed before i bought my second play 1. On the whole i have been really happy with the system. I generally have both play 1s in different rooms but grouped to play the same output. Sonos wakes me up in the mornings and it's really easy to update my music library from my nas whenever i add something new. The app is easy to use and the sonos design is so sleek and stylish it just sits on the side in each room in an inconspicuous manner. Until you switch it on. . I love my sonos system and am now, having moved house recently, happily considering buying a playbar to replace my sony sound system for the tv. . If you are looking to invest in a music player such as sonos but have a certain amount of trepidation regarding the cost please don't let the cost put you off. You really do get value for money and when i had problems with my broadband set up recently the sonos help desk really put themselves out to help and advise. After you buy your first piece you can take time to save up for the next piece and the joy of sonos is that you can add to your desired setup over time and it can interact with almost any av equipment you have in the house.

This was a present for my husband and he was delighted with it. 3 months later and i think it's his favourite gadget! we have it in our open plan living room/kitchen/diner and the sound is very clear and more than adequate for our needs. It has exceeded my expectations. It is also far superior to a small battery powered wireless speaker that we have, which is only used for holidays.

. Imelda, Bury

Price :    $149.00
  • Rich sound despite its size
  • Also works as a sonos home cinema rear speaker
  • Mini: fits in any space, fills any room
  • Trueplay tuning: for the best sound possible, wherever you place your speaker
  • Connect your play:1 to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    4.08 pounds
Model :    PLAY1UK1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (sonos product review) for SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black available ( Jan 2020 )

sonos play:3 smart wireless speaker, black Price : 218, was : 249 as 2018-02-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Sonos Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (play3uk1blk) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for sonos play:3 smart wireless speaker, black

I researched speakers for ages until i eventually bought this, and very happy i did. Great sound and the sonos app is straight forward.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on SONOS-PLAY-Smart-Wireless-Speaker

(0) Question: Can i stream audio from a movie on netflix or iplayer to this speaker(s)? does it support airplay?

(1) Question: Can i link this to my online store echo wirelessly?

(2) Question: Do i need to buy a sonos connect with sonos 3 so that i can play music from my pc music library?

(3) Question: Can u use these as surround speakers for home cinema?

(4) Question: Can i play my online store echo through the sonos 3?

(5) Question: Does the speaker need to be connected to your router? my router isn't close to where i would use the speaker

(6) Question: If i buy a sonos 2 and a sonos 1 will they work together without a bridge

(7) Question: I have online store music on my ipad will it play this music through my ipad.

(8) Question: Can i use this with a aux cable?

(9) Question: Does sonos 3 only have one speaker

(10) Question: I use my mobile phone as a wireless hotspot to connect to the internet. will play:3 work in this configuration?

(11) Question: Will this work with online store prime in the uk?

(12) Question: Will it work with bbc iplayer?

(13) Question: Does it accept flac files from nas

(14) Question: Does it work with i pod only

(15) Question: Does the sonos3 play radio and does it have a usb port

(16) Question: Can you play songs from an iphone 4s without any other equipment ie. bridge or pc

(note) Question: where/how to get Sonos (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sonos's products

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Fantastic speaker for bedroom or kitchen if you have children . Connects to all the major streaming services thru a phone or pad not just apple. Very good sound , that you can fine tune for the space and placment with easy to use software that walks you thru the seasy steps . This speaker has no aux input and uses wifi to operate .

Electronics & Photo 897065, Hi-Fi & Home Audio 1285804, Speakers 1385804Top Sonos Play:3 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (play3uk1blk) FAQ Content

Best sonos play:3 smart wireless speaker, black (play3uk1blk) in review

The latest addition to my sonos collection of 3 play 1's, 2 play 5's, connect and a bridge. Sounds great as expected. Replaced the 1 in the kitchen to provide a slightly bigger sound. Very pleased.

D. Linda, Alaska

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P. Gladys, Birmingham says

Amazing speaker . Everything sonos is amazing quality. A+

R. Eva, Wiltshire

Absolutely superb quality. Fully worth the price. Best speakers i've ever owned. Easy to set up and work every time.

I. Valdez, Kingston upon Thames says

Ordered thursday evening, arrived saturday morning - brilliant. Easy to set up - pretty much plug and play. The software on the included cd installed quickly and my music collection transferred in 15 minutes or so. Have used the iphone controller app and think it's great. Have installed on the wife's iphone and kids ipods too and all work concurrently (watch out for sneaky track changes! ). Have just downloaded the ipad app controller as well (all free by the way) and this has slightly more functionality about it having a repeat and shuffle function which appears to be lacking on the iphone controller (although you can do this on the pc). In terms of sound quality my untrained ears think it's excellent quality - we have a modest size semi-detached house and the sound from this unit comfortably fills the kitchen/dining room at less than half volume. Having only received today it's very early days but haven't had any issues with wireless connection - no problems streaming from the music library on pc or from internet radio or napster. Definitely 5 stars for me so far and can see me adding to the system with more purchases but can't see us needing anything bigger than the play:3 for our size house! . Update: i have now discovered that the iphone app does in fact have a repeat and shuffle function - you have to touch the song details as they play and these functions appear! even better.

Z. Clara, Nottingham

Love the speaker, but the app is quite clunky. Given how long sonos has been around and given the price point, it's quite disappointing. The ui really needs some improvement, but the sound is great.

W. Jarvis, Saskatchewan says

Odered saturday arrived monday. . Opened the box, plugged it in, followed the instructions on the controller, bingo. I already have a bridge and a couple of connects so this was a doddle. . The sound from the play3 is pretty special. There is a real depth and clarity to it which belies it's size. I can see our sonos set up here being added to in time. Fabulous bit of kit. . Some criticism has been levelled at the power drain on standby. Personally; i switch it off when i'm not using it and it boots itself up in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.

A. Emily, Rhode Island

I love the sonos system - it was easy to set up initially, had a few problems with accessing music from a laptop and then from a nas but the sonos helpline is excellent and the problems were soon resolved. Now i have surround sound for the tv and music on tap from the nas (operated by a smartphone). This particular speaker was bought to add to an existing set up (including playbar, sonos 1 speakers and sonos sub) and it was easy to add in and enhance the quality of playback.

O. Margaret, District of Columbia says

I received my sonos play 3 and bridge this week and am already absolutely blown away by it! i replaced my old b&w zeppelin mini (great sound, but a hassle to keep your phone docked in, plus a terrible remote) so took the plunge and went for sonos and am now in love with it! . . Took about 3 minutes to set up and get the app running with it, and now i can't believe i ever used anything else for my music. The app is really simple to use, whether on ipad or iphone, although the bigger screen of the ipad does it more justice. From there i can select any of the music that is in my itunes, on my spotify or pick up any radio station from around the world with the tunein radio app - perfect! . . I have seen a few reviews criticising the app or the wireless connection, but i have had no such problems. I now can't wait to move to a bigger place so that i can get more sonos devices linked up!

U. Judith, New York

I've been using sonos for a couple of years now and i love it! it's scalable, intuitive to use, reliable and highly performing! i own three play3, one connect and the ipod dock. I play music mostly from napster and some times from my local library. My next step is to substitute the tv theater system with sonos components. I highly recommend sonos to whoever is looking at multi-room entertainment, don't waste your money on cheaper systems! sonos requires a substantial initial investment but gives you the best solution available in multi-room music!

H. Mays, Hillingdon says

As with all sonos products the play 3 is brilliant. Fantastic build quality, awesome sound, really loud. Love it.

. Patton, Idaho

Love love love my sonos system. Could not imagine being without it. Great sound

C. Anonymous, Newfoundland and Labrador says

Great sound very pleased with them (2) needed the subwoofer to give that extra dimension

E. Nellie, North Carolina says

Love this. Since setting it up in my living room with a laptop and spotify we haven't touched the hi fi or any cd's. Sonos app on the smartphone is good specially when connected to the spotify account. Not as deep sound as good traditional hi fi, but for the money and convenience its superb. Loud enough for a house party too.

. Medina, Wokingham

I've just bought this for my daughters christmas, tested it out hooked up to my existing sonos play:5. . Sound is fantastic, impressed by how easy it was it add to my existing setup and the android app is simple and easy to use. If you have more than one of these, pair them for true stereo or place in separate rooms to enjoy different playlists in different rooms. You can also group multiple speakers to play the same music or radio station at the same time! . . A little more expensive than other options, however, well worth the extra pounds.

B. Smith, Nottinghamshire says

Just what i wanted - already had play 5 (gen 2) , a pair of play 1s and a connect:amp so was already bought into the system. Works well in the kitchen in coordination with the play 5 in the lounge - seamless music/radio across the two rooms

Q. Dorothy, Basse-Normandie

For a long time i've been waiting for a very versatile music system and sonos fills the need completely. Most of the reviews are positive, but some of the negative review are not worth the site they are posted on. As a rule, i always look for negative reviews, to get to the bottom of what could go wrong. I have to say some people find it hard to differentiate between faults in the system as against supporting systems. ( ". Not able to support more than 65000 music files" - seriously what a comment? ). I unpacked sonos bridge, connected it to my router and established connection within a minute, then unpacking sonos 3, connected it the bridge and was ready to rock and roll within 5 - 6 minutes. The sound is seriously solid and full. I'm now looking to expand the system further. What a pleasure.

S. Parker, Gloucestershire says

After researching a lot about the probably wireless systems to buy, i settled on sonos. The ease of use is the primary point. Coupled with great sound this makes it a perfect buy. If you have the bridge set up, then all that the sonos needs is power and it will play any music from your ios or android phone or tab, wherever you want it within the house. Setup multiple speakers and you can play one music in one room and another music in other or the same music through all rooms. The app and setup is quite literally plug and play. Takes less than a minute to download and setup (it is literally done with the push of a button). It cannot get more simple than this. Your multiple controllers can control the music queue quite efficiently. We tested this during the new years party at our place. The sonos app was downloaded on 5 phone and synced up. The queue could be controlled from any phone or the song could be replaced by any one person who was being the dj at that point. Basically we ended up enjoying the music from multiple devices without having to manae complicated playlists from a laptop. I would thoroughly recommend this. My eyes are now set on the sonos soundbar :)

F. Rebecca, Schleswig-Holstein

Very easy to set up, and great sound quality. I was replacing a very old hifi with this as i need to downsize to make better use of the limited space in my flat. What i wasn't expecting was how clear the sound is on the s3. Don't get me wrong the old hifi has a 'fuller' sound as the speakers are bigger, but the sonos has much better clarity, certainly with high and mid tones. . The setup was also very easy. As i was replacing an existing zoneplayer with this one, i just added this one to the controller let everything sync (less than 2 mins) and then i could unplug the old zoneplayer and hifi. . I cannot compliment sonos enough on the quality of their products. I have looked at all of the other options, but i don't see anything that really compares at the moment. They are definitely in a class of their own.

N. Connie, Lewisham says

Great little speaker. Bass is really good. I had extremely high expectations of this speaker - i'd say they were almost met but not quite to the standard i'd hoped. Still glad i made the purchase though. Still one of the best speakers that works with alexa seamlessly.

L. Lisa, Ohio

Hi all don't keep thinking about buying the sonos 3 just do it! its great and well worth the money, i have three sonos 5 in my network as well as the new sonos 3. I purchased the sonos 3 for two main reasons. 1)i thought a smaller unit would be better for the kitchen. 2) the price 100 cheaper! . If i'm being honest the 5 may have a little more base and better range at higher freq (notes) than the 3, . But other than that the sound is fantastic and eqaully as good as the more pricey sonos 5

T. Carmen, Newcastle upon Tyne says

Fantastic piece of equipment - pair them up for superb surround sound stereo. The set up is actually enjoyable, it is that good. I use online store prime for streaming - huge choice of not everything but so much music. The best side of technology which can be frustrating often but not with the great sonos system.

J. Finch, Ile-de-France

Sounds great but i got caught out by the wireless statement, i believed when ordering that this is one of the sonos's that would charge off the mains and run without a cable (wireless) so please don't make the same mistake. Apart from that i'm very happy

Top smart wireless speaker Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

F. Guest, Slough says

Upgraded from play 1 to play 3. Lost all my playlists from sonos and had to re download deezer. Be careful when you decide to install another speaker. Sound great quality great. Thanks

J. Pete, Richmond upon Thames

The sound from this speaker is good and it works well with google play music. It also has good power to it. But all that aside, it is not particularly feature rich, there are no auxiliary inputs, bluetooth or anything like that. If you are after a speaker just to stream through then this is fine, but if you might want to plug something else in then you are out of luck unless you want to spend loads on additional components to allow you to do that.

R. Courtney, Centre says

Great sound (too bassey for my liking). Standard set-up was easy, it was more involved to get it working with samsung smartthings (although connecting anything to smart things is always more involvedthan it should be). It doesn't have bluetooth or an aux-in but there are plans for integration with online store echo at a later date which will be awesome if it works.

T. Theola, Coventry

A high quality wireless speaker with great audio. Unfortunately, i had to return it because i did not enjoy the necessary apps required on both iphone and mac to play music. I may reconsider if an apple airplay feature were introduced in the future.

O. Terry, Iowa says

Just arrived today. I have a play 1. I think the new play 3 is not quite right. The high end sounds aren't as clear and it isn't as loud. Definitely something wrong with it. It's going back. Gonna get another play 1 and save myself 150 quid.

. Guest, Rutland

2 years and 3 moths later (3 months out of warranty in other words) both my play3 and playbar hardware failed during a party where they were both on-admittedly at highest volume setting. Plain bad luck or abuse. I will let you draw your own conclusions but i would have thought they were tested at upper limits and upper boundaries built in? maybe the hardware isn't that good quality after all, under that sleek exterior. . Thankfully my daughters marshall bluetooth speaker took up the slack and the party was largely uninterrupted.

Y. Benton, Essex says

We ordered a new system consisting of play:1's, 3's and 5's. After they arrived we couldn't tell much difference between them, after having several people to listen to each of them and seeing if they could guess which was the expenive, middle range and cheapest, after many attempts made by myself and others nobody got it correct once. We've sent them all back and replaced all of them for play:1's. The value for money of the play:1's is head and shoulders above the others and for bigger rooms set them up in stereo!

V. Helen, Nordrhein-Westfalen

I bought a sonos play 3 a couple of years ago and immediately bought a second speaker for another room in my house. They are amazing, very easy to setup and (as a spotify premium member as well as big consumer of soundcloud and mixcloud content) satisfy my need for having an always on approach to music in my house. . However, if you are a fan of listening to bbc radio then i would suggest avoiding sonos at all costs. This is because sonos use tunein as their radio aggregator and, for whatever reason, the bbc recently decided to change the file format of their streams and as such tunein and sonos have difficulty playing these meaning that the audio constantly drops out and stops playing, making listening to our own national broadcaster often frustrating and sometimes impossible! back when i first purchased my first sonos i was also able to listen to all of the listen again content that the bbc had to offer, now these have also disappeared. . This has led to much finger pointing and rumour spreading on the official sonos support community pages as to whose fault it is the bbc, sonos or tunein? really it doesn t matter, because it is us, the loyal sonos customers, that are ultimately losing out. There is also a lack of communication (or radio silence if you will) from sonos themselves on this issue with the only real info being the official lines of we don t comment on upcoming updates and we don t want to release something until we have it right . However, this has been going on for so long now (years! ) that i am beginning to wonder (and fear) that the whole issue might be hardware related rather than just software rendering my investment in sonos null. . As a big fan of bbc radio, this whole issue is stopping me from buying any further sonos speakers, unless i want to plug my phone into the speaker s line in jack and stream the bbc that way (thanks for that elegant workaround sonos! ). . My advice? if you get yourself a sonos system, invest in a spotify premium membership and don t throw away your old dab radio.

I. Dorothy, Reading says

Easy setup and good sound quality but spoilt by the fairly basic spotify integration.

N. Elizabeth, Southwark

Spotify pure music discovery heaven, spotify on sonos frustration, no social support & missing features. . A good product, nice hardware and sleek finish but positives end there. . There is no airplay & bluetooth - who makes a product worth 250 without these features. I will be returning mine. . You cannot stream bbc radio 1 . Period. . You cannot search songs on spotify app within sonos.

. Susana, East Riding of Yorkshire says

Brilliant hardware; poor software and integration. Everybody will tell you about the amazing quality sound of this device. I also subscribe that opinion. But it will let you down in terms pc memory consumption and most importantly, be able to generate a seeming less experience with the rest of the apple digital ecosystem -airplay; itunes; podcast; youtube; etc. In my experience it has been: difficult and time-consuming to access my music library; disappointing when connecting to my everyday apps; unreliable when playing some programs; with a lack of relevant functionalities to customise your preferences. Itunes, which is already a limited and clearly not a state-of-the-art program, seems somehow sophisticated to the app provided by sonos. So my advice is to wait for something much better to be offered in the market by sonos, or by some other brand.

C. Jennifer, Idaho

Sonos 3:- this is not a terrible speaker but just not worth the money. The sound quality is similar to the bose sound-link (prob slightly better at the highest volune), but at 100 more its way over priced. In addition if your wireless or hub goes down then there is no music as it does not even have an aux inlet. When comparing it to my hifi then its miles off the mark hence decided to experiment with a blutooth connector for it. Product returned. Note the sonos 3 from online store arrived just in the original carton which looked like it had been kicked around and was partly open so if buying i would opt for another supplier as there was no option to have it boxed.

. Nancy, Buckinghamshire says

I managed to get a sonos play 3 with a sonos bridge bundled with it so quite a good deal. Both the play 3 and the bridge are well constructed and the play 3 is reassuringly heavy. Each unit came with its own dvd and instructions. My intention was to use the bridge connected in to my netgear router vis the supplied cable and the play 3 would then free-lance around the house where ever it was needed. . The sonos software loaded with out any hitch on to my imac running snow leopard. I followed the installation instructions to initiate the bridge and then the play 3 unit and all connected and was recognised with out any problems. The software took a bit of carefull thought to get it to link to my music folder but again no real problem. I tested the system as controled from the imac to start with and had it playing music with in a short space of time. The play list needs to be cleared before selecting to play an other album otherwise it adds the selected to the end of the play list. This is easy to do as a options box appears so you can delete the original play list or add to it. . I then loaded the control software app on to my ipod touch (gen 2) the software loaded no problem and i was soon able to control the play 3 using the ipod. I found no issue with any wifi delays, the system responded quite quickly to instruction from the ipod. Song selection was intuative. Again you need to clear the loaded play list before you can play a new play list otherwise it just adds it the end. . Wifi range was not what i had hoped and was a bit limited but not sure if that is a function of the sonos bridge or the net gear router. . This is a good hardware amd software system and is very compatible with the system i have. My only disappointment is the very flat sound the single play 3 makes. To my ears there seems to be zero stereo image from the 3 internal speakers, might as well have just a single mono speaker. The quality of the sound is ok there is a volume control on the play 3 unit so if you do not have a ipod touch or the sonos controller then you can still control the volume when at a distance from your imac, can't change the play list though obviously. . If you can afford it get two play 3 units so you get the fully stereo image at least i hope you would for 500.

. Margaret, Hartlepool

Good sound quality. Easy set-up. Just right for a bedroom speaker. But the software is crap for making playlists, creating mixes and searching. (look at the functionality of the plex music manager to see how far sonos is behind on software) the hardware is very good though.

E. Rhonda, Illinois says

Go for a play 5 or two play ones this isn't worth the extra over a single play 1

M. Lynette, Wirral

I love my sonos system and have a play 3, 5 and connect amp. Unfortunately i find the play 3 the inferior of the three. The sound quality is nowhere near the play 5's, having neither the richness of sound nor the substantial bass. The lack of line-in is also a frustration for a 250 product. . The play 3 is probably fine for very small rooms, but for anything larger, e. G. A kitchen i would certainly suggest the play 5 for its superior sound quality. Anyone considering purchasing a pair of 3s for a stereo setup would do well to consider a connect amp and some dedicated speakers like monitor audio bx2s. . Having said all this, sonos is a great system. If/when they add support for google music, online store cloud player and android phone/tablet streaming, life will be (mostly) complete.

D. Sherry, Worcestershire says

I have the zp1s in a couple of rooms and would rate them over one (and probably guessing, even two zp3s) somehow it just doesnt sound as meaty or full. If just listening to talk radio im sure this would be fine but for music, spend the extra and get a couple of zp1s - they fill a surprisingly large space

H. Bertie, Colorado

Great sound quality but the app isn't great and i have issues with it connecting sometimes which makes it a frustrating experience at times.

G. Noguera, Arizona says

I was disappointed not to be able to play spotify through the speakers unless i signed up to a premium account. Especially when a friend bought a pair of cheap bluetooth speakers and can happily play spotify through them. This is not the first time by any means this problem has been flagged, if you go to the forums you will see this problem has been ongoing for a long time. So don't expect it to be changed any time soon.

U. Monique, Middlesbrough

Lets put this into context - i am a huge fan of sonos. But if i had the choice i wouldn't buy the sonos play 3 again. Reason why? its audio quality is showing its age (5 years old now) and the latest updates to the play 1 actually mean that it (the play 1) now sounds much better and is 100 cheaper. . The play 5 (especially the new model) is very good. Still (and obviously) the best in the range. But given that i have the play 5 in the lounge and two play 1's in the bedroom and kitchen respectively, i needed something in the family room so thought the obvious choice would be the play 3. I have since tried to send it back but unless you buy directly from sonos's site (i. E not from online store and or the marketplace) then the 100 day offer doesn't apply. . The play 3 is good, it has depth but is definitely not immersive or room filling unless you want to re-qualify that as 'loud'. It is too bassy compared to the play 5 and play 1. (even after truetuning -the new sonos function which scans your room with your phones microphone and adjusts the sonos player to be the best it can be). And whilst it still looks nice, it just looks nice. Nothing special. When you compare to the play 1 in a shop you'll know what i mean by that. . To summarise: buy a play 1 or play 5 - or wait until the new play 3. Don't buy this version.

Z. Irene, Lincolnshire says

Good product let down by a terrible app. The bose soundlink (which i also have) just connects via bluetooth. Sonos sound is better but you have to play everything through the terrible sonos app. It's ugly and crashes and doesn't support everything. Such a let down of an otherwise good product.

A. Shayna, Portsmouth

 i have made quite a heavy investment in sonos equipment and so to expand my system i am pretty much stuck with them. Don't get me wrong they produce great speakers that make a great sound and this has led to a very strong reputation in this arena. The problem is that their software was designed for people who had ripped their cd's onto a hard drive and wanted to play them via a music server. The move to music services means that we are all using spotify and the like to listen to our music these days and that's where sonos falls very badly down. Whilst they are trying to address the problem the sonos app is very much an analog solution in a digital world. The functionality is very limited you can't even organise your online albums and playlists in folders which makes it almost impossible to find stuff if you have more than a dozen or so in your library. The problem is caused by the fact that the architecture of the sonos system isn't very compatible with how spotify et al software works. . If you are thinking of making a big investment (and a sonos system is a big investment) you may want to wait it out to see if they can address these critical issues. For the moment they have just stumbled but some think they may fall. . Update: july 2016 - sadly the summer 2016 software update merely introduced a peek and view option for iphone 6+ users. Seems that the sub-standard software issue will continue for the foreseeable future which is bad news for sonos system owners.

B. Diana, Maine says

So first off, delivery was all good, packaging all good & i really can't argue with sound quality which is really good. . The problems start with the limitations of sonos. I have it linked to music on a mac mini streaming through a television. I can only play my itunes library though the sonos app. No other sound goes through the speaker and there is no aux in on the bridge for me to see a way to rectify this problem. This means it will only ever work for your music through their player (app) which does not keep the sorting options you have slogged through on itunes. Annoying. More annoying is that this 'all the music in the world' bs. None of the good internet radio stations i've tried has worked with sonos unless you upgrade to premium. For me this was quite an expensive system, to pay monthly fees to get spotify and last. Fm to work in addition to this is asking a bit much i think. Other services say they are not available in our region, is the uk really that much of a backwater? and finally i tried to add a pc on my network and it gives me some error about indexing which no one seems to have the faintest idea how to fix. . So yeah, good sound, nice concept. Not going to work as anything but speakers for you itunes which is vexing.

L. Gina, Iowa

Great for music, not so great for everything else. The eq is quite bass heavy too so bear that in mind. . Think i'll be returning it in favour of a bluetooth receiver paired with some "proper" speakers.

Q. Linda, Wokingham says

Unreliable, poor sound quality, expensive. Emperor's new clothes

K. Erickson, West Virginia

Good sound and quality, however, the radio keeps breaking up

. Kimberly, Utah says

Despite the marketing claims. It isn't rock solid wifi. It's just as crap as any other wifi really. I had to buy a wifi extended for these speakers to work. Once they were connected however these speakers are brilliant. But don't think your wifi limitations will be solved magically by this system. They won't.

X. Barbara, Southend-on-Sea

Pretty underwhelmed, but have gone from monitor audio br2 s and a yamaha receiver to this. Should have been expected really. Friend has a bose soundtouch 30 and it sounds alot better, although is more expensive. Ease of use though i cant complain so kept it. Plus wasnt aloud the bookshelves and receiver anymore, too 90 s apparently!

S. Jessica, Bretagne says

I'm giving this 3 stars for the depth of sound i'd expect from a 250 speaker. Its just not loud enough. The functionality, which is what you're paying for with sonos is excellent and i find the app and setup extremely easy. The problem was simply that at full volume, this single speaker was not punchy enough to fill my kitchen / living area which only measures 6m x 5m. In a room of this size you must require the play 5. I bought my son a play 1 for christmas and to be honest, i dont see any difference in the sound quality and as another reviewer suggested, you'd be far better off buying a stereo pair of play 1 speakers for around the same price. I'm a sonos fan, but the play 3 just seems pointless. If you want big sound, buy the play 5. Otherwise the play 1 is the best option and is almost 100 cheaper then the 3.

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    Get Discount Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black (Speakers), Sub wireless subwoofer, gloss as you'd expect from sonos, the sonos sub gen 2 is a breeze to set up. no wiring or programming required, simply press one button and follow the prompts from the sonos system controller. -sonos sub wireless subwoofer, gloss blackDiscount Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black (Speakers) Sonos Sub
    Sony Ht Mt500 Soundbar High Resolution Streaming (htmt500 cek)

    Sony Ht Mt500 Soundbar High Resolution Streaming (htmt500 cek) 885

    Today's Deal Sony Ht Mt500 Soundbar High Resolution Streaming (htmt500 cek), Ht-mt500 compact soundbar interior matching design, high-resolution audio music streaming services - the sony htmt500 2. 1 compact soundbar from sony is a versatile device that brings all your music and movies to life in the volume and clarity they deserve. this device you can enjoy -sony ht-mt500 compact soundbar interior matching design, high-resolution audio music streaming services - black
    • Benefits: Simply Connect The Main Unit To Tv Via Hdmi, And Place The Ultra-slim Subwoofer Next To Your Tv Cabinet Or Lay It Flat Under The Sofa.
    • Benefits: Immersive Sound: Recreate That Cinema Feeling With Sony's S-force Pro Front Surround Sound Technology And Enjoy Bass That You Can Feel Through Your Body Thanks To The Dedicated Sofa Mode.
    • Having never used a soundbar before i was unsure how it would work or benefit me; i'm not a hi fi or film buff, just a fairly average tv viewer and music listener. My tv has undeniably poor sound (panasonic viera) so any improvement would be welcome. . Easy to unbox and following the quickstart inst... go to
    Discount Sony Ht Mt500 Soundbar High Resolution Streaming (Audio Or Video) Htmt500 Cek
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    Sonos Playbase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black (Audio Or Video)

    Sonos Playbase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black (Audio Or Video) 422

    Get Discount Sonos Playbase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black (Audio Or Video), Wireless home cinema sound base, the sonos playbase adds powerful cinema sound to your movies, tv shows, sports and games, as well as wirelessly streaming your music. -sonos playbase wireless home cinema sound base, black
    • Special: Two-in-one: Adds Cinema Sound For Your Tv And Streams Music Too.
    • I was reluctant to pay full price but the black friday deal of 100 off made it more palatable. . As well as a high end 2 channel music system we have a sonos system in various rooms around the house so this seemed like a perfect partner to what we already had. Due to the big 2 channel system we lack... go to
    • Special: Simple Two-cable Setup: One Connects To The Power And Other Connects To Your Tv.
    Economical Sonos Playbase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black (Audio Or Video) Playbase

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