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Price was £699.00. Great addition to any sonos system. Really pleased with the sub. Adds that extra bit of base to music and films when watching tv for a high quality sound experience.

-H. Hakala

Sub wireless subwoofer, gloss as you’d expect from sonos, the sonos sub gen 2 is a breeze to set up. no wiring or programming required, simply press one button and follow the prompts from the sonos system controller. -sonos sub wireless subwoofer, gloss black

  • Featured: Experience Ultra-deep, Soul-shaking Boom With No Cabinet Buzz.
  • Featured: Display It Or Hide It. Sounds Great Even On Its Side.

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Wow- to say it makes a big difference is the understatement of the year. Clear resounding base that really adds the finishing touch to my sonos surround sound system. Expensive but absolutely worth every penny. . Set up is an absolute breeze The Best sub wireless subwoofer, gloss ( Jan 2020 ) | Sonos-Speakers Review Featured SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black We've made some minor changes to sub. the cosmetic changes include blacked-out trim and a smaller logo. sub's sound and hardware components remain the same.. Experience ultra-deep, soul-shaking boom with no cabinet buzz.. Display it or hide it. sounds great even on its side.. Works with playbar, play:1, play:3, play:5 and connect:amp.. 2-year warranty included .

Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black Review (sonos sub)

This sub provides cinema quality sound in my playbar surround sound setup -X. Cecilia

Sonos Wireless Subwoofer Gloss Black

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Sonos
  3. Color: Gloss Black
  4. EAN: 8717755771506
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:14.96 inches
    Length:15.83 inches
    Weight:35.27 pounds
    Width:6.22 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Sonos
  7. Model: Sonos Sub
  8. MPN: Sonos Sub
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: Sonos Sub
  12. Type: Speakers
  13. Category: SPEAKERS
  14. Size: 38 Cm

sub wireless subwoofer, gloss Speakers, As you'd expect from sonos, the sonos sub gen 2 is a breeze to set up. with no wiring or programming required, simply press one button and follow the prompts from the sonos system controller. it automatically adjusts the audio settings to ensure that the sub is fully optimised to work with your paired sonos components. the sub works with the play:1, play:3 and play:5 plus all amplified sonos units including the connect:amp, zp120, zp100 and, of course, the sonos playbar. Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black (Sonos Sub-Sonos).

Sonos Wireless Subwoofer Gloss Black Speakers

  • Needed to have this to take my play3s into another dimension, great sound.
  • Amazing sound qualirty and performance.
  • Purchased this when heavily discounted in december. Superb piece of kit but can only give 3 stars due to crazy price if bought at full rrp.
  • Fantastic sub however i ordered black not white i know it's a 50/50 chance but it says it in the box what colour it is .
  • I was quite disappointed when i first connected the sub to 2x play 1 - it added a some bass but only after i manually tuned up the basses in the equalizer - at standard setup (although after performing the "trueplay" tune-in by sonos) the sub was quite subtle (even contacted sonos support - their response was to adjust the equalizer . Well. ) - to be objective the room was rather "large" (say 3. 5x7m) and possibly not best wrt acoustic (older conservatory). I moved the sub into a smaller room with a playbar - here it performs ok (it adds a lot of basses although i miss the "wow-factor of sound filling the room" quoted by other reviewers - the "sound" performance is in my (subjective) view comparable to other standard subwoofers i had and they were much cheaper). Sub is however excellent wrt limiting the rattle - even if placed on a wooden floor or cabinet i don't hear any rattle (what was a problem with my old standard subwoofers) .

sub wireless subwoofer, glossSONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Wow wow wow, i started off with the sonos playbar and that sounded amazing so thought i may as well get the sub too which gives you amazing bass, also added two sonos play ones as well so that it gives us surround sound. Can t fault it, we all love our music and the sound is like nothing you ve ever heard before. I know it s pricey but if you can stretch your wallet you have to have this. It s my hifi and surround replacement, with the sonos app which is also a great app to help you set up all really easy to do. Surprised i haven t had any complaints from neighbours yet

Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black
Click to see NoticeSonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black (Speakers)"If you re into sonos this takes no explanation, superb bit of kit, finishing off my surround sound set up perfectly"

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(1) Question: Can this be used/paired with the sonos sound base?

(2) Question: Would the sono sub work with alexa as a subwoofer without any sono speakers

SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black

For transparent, life-like sound, the sonos play 5 simply excels. The latest play:5 uses three, smartly synchronized mid-woofers with a trio of tweeters to give a full-bodied, detailed sound that's bursting with energy.

SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, BlackSONOS-PLAY-Smart-Wireless-Speaker-Black

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    14.02 pounds
  • Trueplay tuning: for the ideal sound possible, wherever you place your speaker
  • With deep bass that packs a punch
  • Streams music services, your music library, internet radio and podcasts
  • Fills a large room with pure and immersive sound
  • Line-in: plug in any device you want
Price :    $479.99 (was $499.00)
Model :    PL5G2UK1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (sonos product review) for SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS BOOST Wireless Performance Component

Although the sonos system works without the need for a bridge or boost, the most robust and highest quality wireless connection is still guaranteed by either of these. As the most powerful wireless product built by sonos, the boost is ideal for larger homes, homes with thicker internal walls or any environment where your standard wi-fi system can struggle.

SONOS BOOST Wireless Performance ComponentSONOS-BOOST-Wireless-Performance-Component-WHITE

Price :    $84.99
  • No skips, delays or drops with your sonos system - even in homes with wireless problems
  • 2-year warranty included
  • Works to wirelessly connect playbar with sub and rear speakers
  • Offers complete sonos wireless 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings
  • Designed for unparalleled wireless reliability or to create a sonos home theatre set up
Brand :    sonos
Color :    WHITE
Weight :    1.10 pounds
Model :    BOOSTUK1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (sonos product review) for SONOS BOOST Wireless Performance Component available ( Jan 2020 )

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stands designed SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 PLAY:3 - Pair Black

This stylish speaker stand fits the sonos one, play 1 and play 3 and is designed specifically to complement their modern brand aesthetic.

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stands designed SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 PLAY:3 - Pair BlackSanus-Wireless-Speaker-Stands-designed

Price :    $79.99
  • Wire channels in the stand make cable management easy if you choose to plug in your play speaker
  • Includes all hardware needed for a quick and easy assembly process. in under 15 minutes your stand will be assembled.
  • Use this stand to position your sonos speakers at the ideal angle for the best sound quality.
  • Comes with rubber feet for stability on hard floors, and spikes for stability on carpet.
  • Designed to work with the sonos one, play:1 and play:3 speakers in any orientation.
Brand :    sanus
Model :    WSS22-B2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sanus product review) for Sanus Wireless Speaker Stands designed SONOS ONE, PLAY:1 PLAY:3 - Pair Black available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black

I bought one of these for the kids bedroom - i've already got a play 3 in the kitchen. For a small speaker this sounds really good - much better than the cd player it replaced, which was about 3 times larger - and it's certainly good enough for the kids. They had it turned up a little loud for a 'play disco' and it kept itself together well. I've shown them how to use the sonos app on our tablet and they understand it and can control it themselves - so quite literally "even a 5-year-old can use it" - although they still haven't got their heads around "where are the cds? " and "where is the music actually coming from? ". :). . I had some dropout problems with this and the play 3 over christmas but solved it by configuring my wifi router to use a specific (better) channel - no more problems and the whole system is now working without any issues. Looks pretty good too.

Stream music wirelessly throughout your home with the sonos play:1 - the smallest of the sonos range. The play:1 delivers powerful audio that can fit anywhere. Featuring a pair of class-d digital amplifiers, one to power the tweeter and one to power the 3. 5" woofer, the play:1 delivers a highly accurate audio reproduction. Rich with deep bass and crystal clear highs, the stylish play:1 may be diminutive but don't let its compact size fool you, it delivers a surprisingly full, detailed and hugely enjoyable sound wherever you choose to locate it.

SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, BlackSONOS-PLAY-Smart-Wireless-Speaker-Black

Sonos Play:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black (play1uk1blk) FAQ.

I'm relatively new to the streaming world of sonos, having bought my first play 1 only a few weeks ago. But because it's so good at streaming music into my kitchen, i just had to buy another so that i could also stream music into my hall - who knows, i might even buy a third for my bedroom, such is the streaming splendour of sonos. . The pros: it's an aesthetic hit thanks to its understated black and grey colour scheme and its sleak, almost cylindrical shape - a shape, i'm pleased to say, that makes it easy to place the play 1 in a corner; it streams radio paradise flawlessly via tunein radio, as it similarly does when streaming flac audio files from my nas (there's a slight snag, however; see below); grouping speakers results in perfect timing during playback with no lag between one speaker and the other; and, perhaps most important of all, the speakers sound pretty good considering their diminutive size. In my particular case, however, i found that the speakers sound best when the bass is turned down a tad, which can be done with ease thanks to the accompanying sonos app, which is pretty sleak itself, and also when the speakers are mounted on stands to give the resulting sound room to breathe, as it were. For what it's worth, i use flexson desk stands as they're just as sleak as the speakers themselves and fulfil this function, sonic breathability, pretty much perfectly. . The cons: the vertical dispersion isn't great, so the speakers only sound at their best when they're at ear height and perhaps a bit higher; gapless playback isn't supported - at least, not when the speakers are streaming audio from my nas. This means that when playing a live concert album, for example, there's a brief break between tracks; the play 1, and presumably other sonos speakers, doesn't stream audio files greater than 16/48. This means that if, like me, you have lots of hi-res audio files on your nas, you'll either need to convert them to a supported sample rate beforehand - 16/44 or 16/48, depending on which is the most natural fit according to the original sample rate - or downsample and push them to the speaker on the fly as the play 1 simply can't and/ or won't pull them across your network for playback all by itself. I use my synology nas's audio app, ds audio station, to downsample and push hi-res audio to my sonos speakers on the fly, but it's a bit clunky in operation compared to the super smooth experience you get when the sonos is doing the actual streaming. . In summary, if sonos were to add gapless playback and support for hi-res audio files to all the things the play 1 does so well, it would make it the perfect mini streaming speaker. As it is, however, and i say this with all due respect and sincerity, it's almost perfect! . . Edit: it turns out that the play 1 can indeed stream gapless audio from my nas when the speaker is doing the streaming; it's when audio is pushed to the play 1 via ds audio station that playback isn't gapless. I guess that brings my overall rating of the play 1 up to 4. 5/5 :) -Notice from V. Eva, Florida

Click to Show sonos play:1 smart wireless speaker, black (play1uk1blk) Details

I've had all my music ripped for years and having recently made the move to spotify in favour of buying cds, i needed something that would allow me to connect to all my ripped music that i ve uploaded to google play music as well as spotify and my online store auto-rip music. Bluetooth speakers are ok but they are limited and sonos takes it to another level altogether with their wi-fi speakers. . I bought two play 1's and when paired together in stereo mode you more or less have the sound quality equivalent to that of a good mid-range amplifier and speaker setup. I ve been using my speakers for four months and unlike with bluetooth, i ve not had a single dropout. Music is seamlessly streamed over my wi-fi and it sounds fabulously clear. . They re heavy and very well built and they ooze quality and understated style, with some basic control buttons on top of each speaker. There is no 3. 5mm input and it does not have bluetooth functionality. Setup is straightforward and it s all done via the recently overhauled app. . There are lots of music services available to add. Online store music, google play music, spotify, apple music, deezer, tidal, tunein radio and loads more that i've never heard of. The ones i use integrate perfectly. . The app is easy and intuitive to use and when installed on a device it acts like a remote control. It allows you to add 'favourites' (playlists, songs, radio stations, artists, etc), control room settings if you have multiple sonos speakers, adjust the eq, add or remove services, set alarms and all sorts of other things that you can tailor to your exact personal preference. Both the apple and android apps occasionally lag. I can also control my speakers from my windows 10 pc. . Finding and playing back music is a breeze. If i search for an artist, album, track, etc it shows results from the various providers i ve added (google play music, online store music and spotify) as well as from my network attached storage (when it s switched on) and the particular device i m using. I can then add tracks from all of those sources into a playlist if i want and the speakers play it back seamlessly. . Sonos are going to face competition from apple and google with their forthcoming wi-fi speakers but in the meantime, i highly recommend the sonos play 1 speakers. . Update 18/10/17: online store alexa - it is now possible to connect sonos speakers wirelessly to an online store echo or echo dot, albeit with limited functionality.

Sonos-play:1-smart-wireless-speaker,-black-(play1uk1blk) set picture

- A. GarnerAfter deciding to clear my clutter i started to look into streaming mechanisms that gave a good sound throughout the house. I was lucky enough to find retailers with setups of sonos and its competitors. Sonos sounded the best by far. I made what i considered a large financial investment in my first play 1 but after setting it up and listening to my music on it not much time passed before i bought my second play 1. On the whole i have been really happy with the system. I generally have both play 1s in different rooms but grouped to play the same output. Sonos wakes me up in the mornings and it's really easy to update my music library from my nas whenever i add something new. The app is easy to use and the sonos design is so sleek and stylish it just sits on the side in each room in an inconspicuous manner. Until you switch it on. . I love my sonos system and am now, having moved house recently, happily considering buying a playbar to replace my sony sound system for the tv. . If you are looking to invest in a music player such as sonos but have a certain amount of trepidation regarding the cost please don't let the cost put you off. You really do get value for money and when i had problems with my broadband set up recently the sonos help desk really put themselves out to help and advise. After you buy your first piece you can take time to save up for the next piece and the joy of sonos is that you can add to your desired setup over time and it can interact with almost any av equipment you have in the house.

Excellent product, delivered next day. Perfect sound at even high volumes - no ideas of the output but certainly loud enough. A doddle to configure and set up then there is the job of pairing it with music to play. Upside - loads - downside - could do with better set up instructions for a first timer. Will be buying another one and also a play 3 for other rooms. The sound is incredible.

F. April, Barking and Dagenham

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    4.08 pounds
Model :    PLAY1UK1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Rich sound despite its size
  • Connect your play:1 to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love
  • Mini: fits in any space, fills any room
  • Trueplay tuning: for the best sound possible, wherever you place your speaker
  • Also works as a sonos home cinema rear speaker
Price :    $149.00
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (sonos product review) for SONOS PLAY:1 Smart Wireless Speaker, Black available ( Jan 2020 )

Flexson Tilt Swivel Wall Mount Bracket SONOS PLAY:1 - Black Pack of 2

Tilt it swivel it even hang it upside down! flexson s bespoke bracket for the sonos play: 1 allows you to wall mount your speaker in the ideal place to sound - and look - great. This new improved design gives you yet more flexibility and functionality. The new flexson mount has a unique tilting mechanism as well as the ability to swivel left or right so you can perfectly angle your sound. The bracket also allows you to hang the play: 1 upside down so you can access its on-speaker controls even when it s mounted high up. You can even mount your speaker on the ceiling! the flexson wall mount for sonos play: 1 is precision engineered to perfectly match the size style and colour of the sonos speaker. It also allows for neat cable routing easy fitting and flexible placement. Free up your surfaces and mount your music today! please note the wall mounts are available in both single and pairs black or white. - wall bracket. Bespoke design for sonos play:1 speaker - new improved design with added functionality - unique tilting mechanism - plus left or right swivel - can also be fitted to the ceiling - precision engineered - quick and easy to fit and adjust

Flexson Tilt Swivel Wall Mount Bracket SONOS PLAY:1 - Black Pack of 2Flexson-Swivel-Mount-Bracket-SONOS

Price :    $37.95 (was $39.94)
  • Precision engineered. quick and easy to fit and adjust.
  • New, improved design with added functionality
  • Unique tilting mechanism with left or right swivel - allows you to angle your sonos play:1 speaker exactly where you want it
  • Wall bracket. bespoke design for sonos play:1 speaker
  • Can be mounted to the wall or ceiling
Brand :    flexson
Color :    Black
Size :    Pair
Weight :    0.99 pounds
Model :    FLXP1WB2021
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 2-3 business days
Home Theater :    Best Ce Accessory (flexson product review) for Flexson Tilt Swivel Wall Mount Bracket SONOS PLAY:1 - Black Pack of 2 available ( Jan 2020 )

Flexson Floorstand SONOS PLAY:1 - Black Pack of 2

Very happy with quality. Feels sturdy and looks great. Improves the sound quality of sonos rear speakers.

These superior-quality, powder coated steel floor stands from flexson allow you to mount your sonos play:1 speakers and listen to your music wherever you want.

Flexson Floorstand SONOS PLAY:1 - Black Pack of 2Flexson-Floorstand-SONOS-PLAY-Black

Flexson Floorstand Sonos Play:1 - Black Pack 2 (aav flxp1fs2021) FAQ.

These put your sonos play:1s at the perfect height. They are great quality and the setup is simple. There is a slight gloss in some parts, but it looks nice. Mine are behind my sofa and they blend in perfectly with the room. . My only criticism is that building them could be a bit quicker - there are some parts that you need to assemble that you would think could just have been put together in the factory as coming un-assembed doesn't save any packaging space. But all in all assembly is easy. -Notice from G. Anonymous, Leicester

Click to Show flexson floorstand sonos play:1 - black pack 2 (aav flxp1fs2021) Details

Nice quality stands. Fairly discreet, i use these to lift my 5. 1 surrounds up behind the sofa. They're about the right size for this.

Flexson-floorstand-sonos-play:1---black-pack-2-(aav-flxp1fs2021) set picture

- C. JessicaThese compliment the sonos 1 speakers very well. High quality and worthy of holding the speaker up. The height is pefect for my sofa to set the play 1's as surround speakers.

These should be a premium product and they do look and feel it, unfortunately for me i have too many components of 1 item and not enough of another to even build both stands. . The screws that come with the stand to hold the speakers in place are too long and will not secure the speaker in place, i had to use both plastic washers on 1 stand to secure the speaker. So now i need a further 2 washers and the missing component to complete the stands! . . Sorry but poor for the price, currently in contact with flexson about the issues. . Update: flexson have been pleasant to deal with and issued replacement parts in 24 hours. So top marks for customer service.

N. Candy, Stockport

Brand :    flexson
Color :    Black
Size :    Pair
Weight :    15.43 pounds
  • Put your sonos play:1 at the ideal listening height
  • Precision engineered in england
  • Holds speaker securely at 820mm high
  • Clever cable management keeps things tidy
  • Floorstand. bespoke design for sonos play:1 speaker
Price :    $71.56 (was $78.98)
Model :    FLXP1FS2021
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 1-2 business days
Home Theater :    Best Ce Accessory (flexson product review) for Flexson Floorstand SONOS PLAY:1 - Black Pack of 2 available ( Jan 2020 )

Sonos SUB Audio System

Musik soll in den bauch gehen, ihre seele berühren, sie zum tanzen bringen. Genau das erreicht der sonos sub. Der subwoofer sorgt für einen raumfüllenden sound, bei dem sie jeden akkord, jede bassline, jeden drumbeat hören und tief im magen fühlen. Die 2. Generation des sub hat gegenüber seinem vorgänger ein style-update bekommen und sieht damit noch eleganter aus. * ergänzt jeden sonos smart speaker um atemberaubende bässe, sorgt für satten, raumfüllenden hifi-sound * edles design und einfaches setup mit nur einem tastendruck * platzieren sie ihn überall, selbst flach unter dem sofa streamen sie ihre gesamte musikbibliothek, beliebte musikdienste, wie apple music, spotify oder deezer, und internetradio * funktioniert mit sonos connect:amp, play:5, play:3; play:1, playbar * einfache steuerung mit smartphone, tablet oder computer über die kostenlose sonos controller-app 3. 1 und 5. 1 heimkino-surround-sound leicht gemacht verbinden sie einen sub mit einer playbar zu einem 3. 1. Sound-system oder mit einer playbar und zwei beliebigen sonos-speakern (play:1, play:3, play:5) zu einem 5. 1. Surround-sound-system. Reiner sound, keine vibration zwei gegenüberliegende force-cancelling-lautsprecher sorgen dafür, dass der gesamte sound und die ganze energie der musik laut und klar durchklingen, ohne dass sich etwas davon in nebengeräuschen des gehäuses verliert. Einrichtung: ein knopfdruck kein kabelsalat. Keine programmierung. Drücke einen knopf, befolge die einfachen anleitungen auf deinem controller, und das system optimiert die audioeinstellungen automatisch. Der sub und die zugehörige sonos-komponente werden perfekt ausbalanciert und gewährleisten im ganzen raum ein optimales hörerlebnis. Wo immer sie wollen weil er wireless funktioniert und sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal auf eine perfekte leistung ausgelegt ist, können sie den sub überall im raum aufstellen - sogar flach unter dem sofa. Das sonos wireless hifi system das sonos wireless hifi s .

Sonos SUB Audio SystemSonos-Sub-SUB-Audio-System

Price :    $754.48
  • Sonos
  • Subg1eu1blk
Brand :    sonos
Weight :    35.27 pounds
Model :    Sonos Sub
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (sonos product review) for Sonos SUB Audio System available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black

So easy to set up. A complete joy to use . One optical cable from telly to sonos . And is also a brilliant streaming music speaker . Pricey but golden quality for those who can afford it .

The sonos playbase adds powerful cinema sound to your movies, tv shows, sports and games, as well as wirelessly streaming your music.

SONOS PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, BlackSONOS-PLAYBASE-Wireless-Cinema-Sound

Sonos Playbase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black (Audio Or Video) FAQ.

Debated spending the money, but so so glad i did, well worth it! usual sonos quality, ease of use along with easy set up and integration. Highly recomended - if you can spare 700! -Notice from P. Anonymous, New Hampshire

Click to Show sonos playbase wireless home cinema sound base, black (audio or video) Details

This is a wonderful piece of kit, a bit pricey but worth every penny. Setup was a easy, took 5 mins. Connected it to my smart tv and the audio was immensely transformed. Music streaming took another dimension, the sound is crisp and clear, the bass so deep and heavy (controllable). I stream most of my music library through the playbase when am not watching tv, my sonos 5 is getting a breather. The sonos play 1 in the bedrooms are easily grouped and i can seamlessly change from playbase to sonos play 1 as i go into my bedroom. . I think i will get the sub as a christmas present to myself. . Since introduction, sonos wireless speakers have set an excellent benchmark which will stand the test of time. Great products.

Sonos-playbase-wireless-home-cinema-sound-base,-black-(audio-or-video) set picture

- W. FlorenceI've had my playbase for just about a month now and it is absolutely brilliant! superb sound quality, very acceptable bass level, premium construction and material quality. I cannot fault this product in any way. Next on my list is adding the sonos sub. Well worth the money if you care about quality.

Bought as a gift and it s phenomenal on its own. Can t wait to build up with the speakers and other bits

B. Cassella, Sunderland

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    18.96 pounds
Model :    PLAYBASE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Simple two-cable setup: one connects to the power and other connects to your tv
  • Tv sound and music you can feel, from a speaker that blends into your room's design effortlessly
  • Two-in-one: adds cinema sound for your tv and streams music too
  • Works with your existing tv remote; securely supports tvs up to 77 lbs (35 kg)
  • Syncs wirelessly with sub and two play:1s for 5. 1 surround sound
Price :    $649.99 (was $699.00)
Home Theater :    Best Audio Or Video (sonos product review) for SONOS PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black available ( Jan 2020 )

sonos sub wireless subwoofer, gloss black Price : 699, was : 0 as 2018-02-12
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Great Britain
World Wide
Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer, Gloss Black (Speakers) Reviewed by on

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Added this to a sonos surround setup for the tv to make awesome 5. 1 experience! . . Works great with when added to a playbase with two sonos one's as surround. Really blows you away with some serious base! . . The build of the unit itself is savage and the packaging is also top notch. Setup on the sonos was seamless

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(0) Question: Can this be paired with a sony bravia tv as well?

(1) Question: Does this only work with sonos sound bar or will it work with the lg sound bar i just bought?

(2) Question: Is this the 2nd gen version? if so, when did it release? thanks

(3) Question: So. play 1's for surround or the sub first to assist my playbase?

(4) Question: What is the difference between v1 and v2 sonos sub? also do they look different?

(5) Question: How many subs can you connect to playbase?

(6) Question: Does this come with the sonos 100 day no quibble return warranty advertised on their website?

(note) Question: where/how to get Sonos (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sonos's products

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Best sonos sub wireless subwoofer, gloss black (speakers) in review

The quality and the depth of this is amazing. Definitely worth buying to complement the play bar.

D. Zelda, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

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N. Jackson, Rhode Island says

I put off buying this for a long time - wondering whether it would make much difference to my previous set up (play base with two sonos one speakers as surrounds). I do not regret buying this at all - it really gives the sound a much deeper feel. Although the previous set up sounded great before, if i turn the sub off now it definitely sounds like it is lacking.

C. Angelica, Haute-Normandie

This is a high quality sub and it really enhances other sonos products paired with them as this offloads the bass from the other speakers making them sound better too. . This is a solid and quite heavy item with a deep black shine, which adds to it's quality feel and it can really deliver bass when watching tv, movies or just listening to music. Expensive yes but well worth it in my opinion for the sound and warmth added along with a healthy kick of low end bass. Simple to setup, easy to change sound settings via the app, i would strongly recommend this addition for any sonos fan. . Happy to answer any queries and please vote if helpful.

. Denise, Kansas says

Brilliant sound from this such a difference

Y. McCarthy, Islington

Added to a playbar. Big improvement in overall sound. Incredibly easy to set up too.

A. Meyer, East Sussex says

Brilliant and my wife isn't complaining as it just enhances the sound not blowing up the ceiling (at my settings)

K. Lewis, Halton

I waited years before buying this sonos sub. Naturally, the price had always put me off but despite this, the sub was worth buying overall. And what a difference it has made to our listening experience. . I am using a playbar and two sonos play:1 speakers. Beforehand, i used to turn the bass up on the playbar when playing music but it was never wholly satisfying, delivering a boxy bass that was not that pleasant to listen to. For listening to the tv, i turned the bass right down as this boxy sound made listening to programmes, in particular speech, very annoying. . Now, because of the way the sonos equipment works, the bass duties are 'passed over' to the sub and the overall clarity has improved immensely. For music, the sub delivers wonderful deep tones that goes through your chest and not your ears. For watching tv, i can put the bass up but the clarity remains and the overall sound seems enhanced. The bass sounds on the sub are simply magnificent. . This may be an expensive bit of kit but i am so glad i bought it.

P. Joanna, Bournemouth says

Erm. . I underestimated how powerful this thing is. . First experience:. Luckily, the day this arrived, my neighbors were out and my family went out to do laser tag while my cousin was round. So i set it to max volume and let it perform. The tiles outside were rattling, the floor was shaking and it made me hysterically laugh at it's power. It's just crazy i can't put it into words! i was super entertaining to see those two drivers push their excursion and move like a sub should! . . Bass performance:. At 25hz, the table wobbles from the differing air pressure and not the actual movement of the unit due to force cancelling drivers so their advertisement of 25hz being the lowest is true. I then used a line-in via a connect to test it at even deeper volumes and the sub stops working well at 24hz and below. At 20hz, the drivers stop moving. So instruments like organs, that can go as deep as 14hz, you won't feel. Though expecting such a feat from this sub is unrealistic. Don't forget that it can go really, really loud - more so than any other sonos product. It will improve the audio quality of any sonos setup you have my miles and is a must have if you have their home theatre setup with the playbar/base and two play:1's as rears or simply like listening to music at high volumes (this even applies to a stereo pair of play:5's as the bass rolls of at around 70% volume). The sound is crazy! . . Trueplay:. I used trueplay to tune the speakers to sound their best, and that also makes a good difference. Before i start i want to tell you what trueplay is and how it works; briefly speaking - it's a way your speakers can tune themselves with built in software by using an iphone to listen to repetitive sonic frequencies and calculate an optimal listening experience for any room through the mic of the phone. It's very clever stuff. If it sees some frequencies more emphasized than others it tightens up the frequency response. . With trueplay, everything seems clearer, bass more controlled and the whole listening experience is balanced. Turning off trueplay introduces a more muffled and over-bassy experience for me - however the difference can either be great, or next to none at all depending on the placement of your speakers. I have mine in a corner so that explains why bass is over saturated. Now it's under control and it sounds great! this is also so good for a home theatre as people place their subs in an sub-optimal locations (under sofas, in cabinets, or hidden behind furniture) making the low end really unbalanced. Trueplay sorts it all out and chooses the best settings for your speakers so they work flawlessly with the sub. Eq can still be applied over the trueplay settings meaning if you want balanced audio with a bit more oomph in certain frequency ranges you can (bass-heads alert! ). . Overall:. Sound performance at low volumes are also really great. My play:1's suddenly seem to have more control over vocals and high end frequencies due to the sub taking all the low end work away. At under 5% volume audio sounds better without the sub but who listens that low anyway? on the other hand that horrible bass roll-off at higher volumes has disappeared. Those two 2. 5" woofers in the play:1's can only really handle volumes at around 40% before they sound a little weak and roll off. I noticed at higher volumes, toggling between the play:1's alone, then with the sub to compare the difference is really interesting. When the sub is on they go louder and clearer and the bass is still powerful and deep. The sub just goes louder and louder and still has potential to go louder at 100% volume - assuming your sub level is set to anything lower than +3! however it's daring of you to set the sub level to max at 100% volume and you will be in for an experience. . Specifically, the sub can be used to:. - eliminate bass roll off at high volumes through any sonos unit (even the play:5). - complete a home theatre setup. - improve the audio quality of any sonos unit (so they focus on mids and highs) even at low volumes. - allow any sonos unit to go deeper than they can by themselves. - produce clean, almost rattle free bass. - make any sonos unit go louder and clearer. - increase the bass volume beyond comprehension with any sonos unit. - annoy neighbors! . . Pros:. - the unit looks really classy with that pure block piano finish. The rim on the inside is made of pure metal and the drivers feel really solid. They're not made of paper. - bass is powerful, loud, deep and controlled. It integrates seamlessly with existing sonos equipment and you're guaranteed the best listening experience if you are pairing it with more sonos speakers as low end tonal crossover is handled specifically for whatever sonos speakers you pair it with + trueplay. Sonos seem to do all the heavy work with tuning with simple intuitive ways built into the sonos controller and in-built speaker software. - force cancelling drivers stop the unit from shaking delivering an (almost) rattle free experience. You can place a glass of water on the top and there would be little to no ripple! to be fair, that experience stops at high volumes due to the air pressure of the room rattling the objects instead. It doesn't stop the fact you can feel the sub bass that's for sure! . - wi-fi over bluetooth makes music streaming more native, and also makes music sound better using your favorite streaming service. - your phone isn't used to deliver the music to the system. It's only a controller. This means that once you start a playlist, the sonos system remembers it and just streams it straight over wifi directly from say, spotify. This is great as the audio is converted to analog from digital straight away to the drivers meaning this is the best way to listen to music streaming services through speakers. You can turn off your phone or walk out the house and it will still play! . - every sonos unit has a full blown linux computer inside. It's like the brain of the system. It handles the audio, trueplay, wifi connectivity through to your phone, alexa integration and much more. Thanks to this, sonos can really optimise the sound of the speakers and make the experience really easy. Yet, behind the scenes some super complicated techie stuff that's happening that traditional stereo systems don't have. This is why sonos is such a great buy for some people - it's that ease of use and versatility that it offers. Sonos tout their system as something that won't grow old in under a decade due to software improvements to sound. And i can see where they're coming from! . . Cons:. - inputs are lacking with just power and an ethernet port. If you would like to use a line-in with sonos you will need to buy a sonos connect (rca, 350), connect:amp (rca, 450), playbar (optical, 700), playbase (optical, 700) or play:5 (3. 5mm, 450). If you wish to integrate a sonos sub with a non-sonos amplified stereo system then you can use the connect:amp. This is not cheap! it's also a fact that you can get better sounding subs for the same price. Though you're buying into the ease of use, and seamless use of sonos that's guaranteed to work optimally no matter the situation - and multi-room! and this is why i am sold! . - piano finish easily scratches. They do supply a micro-fibre cloth to clean up any fingerprints! . - doesn't come with an ethernet cable (very minor problem though, to be honest). - no support for high-res audio files. You're top end is 16-bit, 4. 1khz flac. However it's also arguable whether people can actually hear the difference with high-res anyway - i can't. I have tried comparing them side by side though that might be due to the fact i was using generic headphones. If you wish to get that cd quality audio with you sonos you can use a streaming service like tidal or deezer hifi ( 20/mo). This is a much higher quality audio stream than spotify, for example, and will give the the very best out of sonos! . - trueplay is only available on iphones. This means you can't tune the speakers with android. I have a galaxy s8 and had to use my brothers iphone to tune the speakers. If a family member or friend has an iphone ask to borrow it - it only takes a few minutes to tune and you can give it back. The option to toggle trueplay on/off becomes available on android after that too. Kinda sucks though. Sonos' justification to this was that mics vary too much on android, and they simply don't have the time or resources to tune every device to work flawlessly. They even said mics on the same model of phone can differ depending on what network provider it's locked to. Oh well. - i did have cut-out issues with the line-in using a sonos connect. So i invested in a boost setup wired via a switch to all my sonos devices for super reliable line-in streaming over sonosnet. I haven't had any cutouts since! that is extra money, and also shows that wifi can't be as reliable as a hard-wired system. Though when it works, it works amazingly. If you have poor internet maybe invest in a different speaker system as you're in for a rough ride. . My overall experience with sonos is phenomenal. It ticks all my boxes. I love its deep accurate bass, software versatility, looks, loudness and seamless integration with my existing sonos system. It's a powerful unit and is, (for me, ) worth the money! i am loving my sub and i have no regrets! . . (p. S i moved the sub after the review, as shown in the picture. I had it in the corner of a room during the writing of this review if you're wondering why i am not being truthful in my trueplay setup explanation. )

. Wayt, Calderdale

Great sound, expensive but worth every penny, works brilliantly with sound bar and two play 1's to create the cinematic experience in your own home.

. Hadley, Kingston upon Thames says

Bought to go with the playbase - beautiful finish, great sound and easy to setup - what more would you expect from sonos

J. Guest, Idaho

Add this to your sonos setup and you'll realise just what you've been missing. I have this setup with a soundbar and two play 1's in a home theatre. It's just superb.

Z. Lara, Birmingham says

Excellent subwoofer which enhances other sonos speakers you may have. The sub can be turned down very low but still gives a great sound.

. Dorothy, Swindon says

I debated buying one of these for a year after buying a playbar, but finally took the plunge and have no regrets! they should not be allowed to sell the playbar without one of these! this thing really does transform the sound adding lovely deep bass notes to music and movies. It was really easy to set up and i have it hidden behind an armchair (female friendly) and out of sight of a 3 year old! very impressed.

G. Alba, Illinois

This makes the purchase of a sound bar and play 1 speakers so much more worthwhile. Great depth of sound and thudding base. Whats not to love.

R. Carol, Sunderland says

Wow! what a difference this makes to the sound from a tv or music collection. Best to make sure the neighbours are on holiday before hiking the volume. This device will blow you and them away!

Q. Campbell, Minnesota

You got to have it. Play bar is good enough but sub takes it to another level. Music, movie and general tv sounds fantastic with it. Default settings for bass is right for overall experience but you can increase it to crack your house wall.

W. Anonymous, Havering says

Just amazing, i was sceptical but it's worth the money.

B. Kristen, Languedoc-Roussillon

The base this adds to the sound is amazing. I can't watch a film without this now.

T. Rebecca, District of Columbia says

Great sound and control (via ios app)

F. Jessica, New York

I bought this to add to my sonos soundbar and two play:1's for a complete 5. 1 system in my livingroom. Very easy to add to current set up and has made a great addition, and the overall combined sound is brilliant with movies/tv and music.

M. Taylor, Tasmania says

Fantastic sub speaker. I have had several 'party sub' speakers, but nothing comes close to the deep base sound this makes. I just want to add more now to my other rooms to complete my home setup. Packaging and instructions are superb. Setup in under 5 minutes. Item is heavy and sturdy and can be placed anywhere for great effect.

. Brenda, Kent

Hubby is more than happy with this. fast delivery.

E. Smith, Derby says

Awesome! . Nearly blew my windows out. Will set off car alarms beware.

Top sub wireless subwoofer, gloss Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

I. Weber, Derby says

I have purchased a number of items, play bar, sub 2x play 3 and a play 1. . Since adding the sub and play bar the system crashes daily and i'm having to reboot everything each time i want to use the system. And now today the system will not work at all. And i cant get it online after spending over 4 hours trying. Such a nightmare. . I bind macs to ip's to secure my network. Everything is pingable and no fw issues. . Biggest issue is the app and updates, the app want to update the system every 35 seconds it seem. . Wifi in the house apparently was the problem but moved the router into the same room as the 'problem' area and still got the same issue so ruled out wifi. So looking forward to supports help. . Guess the play 3 wifi radio is pants on the unit i have. . The system was good until i added the playbar and sub and since then (3 weeks) ive got a 2000 sound system that works as good as . Well its not a good situation to be in it doesnt work. I cant use the main room system due to wifi in the house. . I have a support sr with sono's but my options were purchase more hardware, wifi issue. . I have tired the ethernet options but as soon as i plug a unit into the network via ethernet my router has a 'bender' and disconnects the isp route to the outside world (like a spanning tree issue). . If the hardware was cheaper i wouldnt be overly worried but 2k, guys this hardware sucks. . Since then i went out and brought bose sound touch 10 and running in pairs, so far no issues but only running 2 speakers, one thing i will say tho the little sound touch 10 give more sound then the sono1 and 3 units. Sound is 100% better with bose if im honest. I feel like purchasing the touch30 and checking those units out. . Overall, some users have great reviews but for me, having this setup for 3 weeks and the amount of iss. . I personally wouldnt recomment sono's after this issue and for the price, go with bose. The bose app is a bit behind then sono's but bose vrs sonos. Bose from now on.

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