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Price was £29.99. After trying the online store video app on my bluray player, i found that while playing prime videos, after a while my tv screen would go blank and i'd get a message on screen saying "unsupported signal check device". Sometimes the screen stayed blank for just a few seconds and others it was for an extended period, even preventing me from playing dvds and blurays. At this point i was unimpressed with prime video but suspected it was my sony bluray player at fault so i bought the fire tv stick with alexa remote. . What a difference it made. The fire tv stick is slick and fast. Prime videos stream flawlessly and if you are a prime subscriber there is a great selection of free content. I also tried out the netflix app which again streams netflix content flawlessly, a definite improvement over the netflix app that i had been using with my tivo box. The alexa remote works very well for voice control. The remote also has the benefit that there is no need to point it at your device unlike conventional remotes which makes sense since your fire tv stick will most likely be plugged into the back of your tv. . A point for potential customers to note is that the fire tv stick must be plugged into a mains outlet. . I am delighted with my purchase. If you are a prime customer, i consider it to be a must buy device.

-. Moore

Fire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Stream On The Big Screen Just Plug Your Fire Tv Stick Into An Hdtv And Start Streaming In Minutes. Use The Included Alexa Voice Remote To Search Across Apps And Find The Best Way To -Fire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player

  1. Reviews: Over 7, 000 Apps, Games And Alexa Skills, Including Prime Video, Bbc Iplayer, Itv Hub, Netflix, And More. Plus, Access Millions Of Websites Such As Youtube, Facebook, And Reddit With Browsers Like Silk And Firefox.
  2. Reviews: Launch Apps And Control Content With The Included Alexa Voice Remote. Simply Say “launch Netflix” Or “skip Ahead 5 Minutes” And Alexa Responds. Plus, Play Music, Search For Local Restaurants And More. Just Ask.

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I do like the online store tv fire stick, however i do have a couple of things i wish they would sort out. 1. If you have your fire stick plugged in all the time on the tv and you haven't been on it in a couple of days, when you go to watch it, it has disconnected from the internet so you have to unplug it and plug it in for it to work again/connect again. 2. I don't like the move online store has taken to blending the pay for movies/tv shows with prime movies/tv shows on the same page - its confusing, especially as the prime content doesn't have the little label on like it does on other versions e. G. Xbox. 3. Alexa doesn't work with spotify, when i say a playlist name, it says it can't find it (works ok with online store music though, funnily enough). 4. The youtube app is no longer available on the fire stick. . I bought 2 fire sticks in the black friday sales, as a prime customer i thought it made sense to get a fire stick rather than another chromecast (i already have one in the living room). Its great for watching online store content and netflix and bbc iplayer but had it not been for the sale i probably would have got another chromecast just so i would be able to cast youtube videos - its ashame there is an ongoing issue between youtube and online store, its to the detriment of their customers. . The alexa feature is ok, perhaps not as intuitive as the adverts would have you believe. Best fire tv stick alexa voice remote | -Digital Device 4 Review ( Jan 2020 ) Reviews Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player The next generation of our bestselling fire tv stick. the most powerful streaming media stick, with the fastest wi-fi and most accurate voice search-now including the alexa voice remote.. Over 7, 000 apps, games and alexa skills, including prime video, bbc iplayer, itv hub, netflix, and more. plus, access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox.. Launch apps and control content with the included alexa voice remote. simply say "launch netflix" or "skip ahead 5 minutes" and alexa responds. plus, play music, search for local restaurants and more. just ask.. 8 gb of storage and 1 gb of memory for apps and games, a quad-core processor, plus 802. 11ac wi-fi for fast streaming and smooth performance.. Easily find what you want to watch with search results from netflix, prime video, and other third-party apps.. Prime members get unlimited access to prime video, featuring thousands of movies and tv episodes, including the grand tour, at no additional cost. plus, prime members can add over 40 premium channels such as discovery and eurosport player.   channels are available as individual subscriptions so you only pay for the tv channels you want.. Pick up where you left off. bring hit shows and movies with you when you travel. plug your fire tv stick into a tv's hdmi port, connect to wi-fi and continue watching.. Play current favourites or quickly discover what to watch next directly from the home screen. .

Fire tv stick with alexa voice remote streaming media player Review (53 005218)

This item was a present from my eldest son and it works just great. My 42" lg smart uhd tv that was connected to my wifi simply refused to stream movies from online store saying insufficient internet connection! but would usually stream youtube videos ok. I tried everything i could to sort out the lg but nothing helped. My son then said i should try adding an online store fire stick to one of the usb ports on my tv and bought one for me as a birthday gift. As the lg said the problem was due to insufficient internet connection i did not hold much hope of fire stick working but low and behold it works great. It was easy to set up and connect to my wifi and always connects and runs movies without any problems at all. So much for my lg tv being smart. Thanks to my son and to online store for producing a product that really works and for including the excellent alexa voice control to an already great product. -D. Alice

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fire tv stick alexa voice remote streaming media Smp, Stream on the big screen just plug your fire tv stick into an hdtv and start streaming in minutes. use the included alexa voice remote to search across apps and find the best way to watch. the fire tv stick has the fastest wi-fi and most accurate voice search of any streaming media stick. shows start faster and stream more smoothly than ever before. always something on with access to online store video, netflix, curzon home cinema, all 4, youtube and more, there are tens of thousands of tv episodes and movies ready to stream. watch live tv (including sports and news) as it happens. subscription fees may apply. designed around your voice use the alexa voice remote to quickly find what you want to watch. just say "find romantic comedies" and alexa will show you results from apps such as netflix, online store video and more. want to skip the opening credits? say "fast forward a minute" within online store video and online store channels. alexa, the brain behind online store echo, doesn't stop there. simply press the microphone button and ask to play music, place your favourite order from just eat and more. new skills are being added all the time. fire tv stick with alexa voice remote works with smart home devices such as lights, switches, thermostats and more from wemo, philips hue, hive, netatmo, tado and others. learn more about compatible smart home connected devices, including starter kits for easy setup. even better with prime being an online store prime member unlocks thousands of movies and tv episodes, including online store original series, plus ad-free listening to over two million songs with prime music. from award-winning series man in the high castle and goliath to great shows for kids such as tumble leaf and creative galaxy, something is always on. online store channels is exclusively available to prime members. choose from over 40 channels including discovery, eurosport player, itv hub+, hayu and more Fire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player (LY73PR-).

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  • I am so impressed with this. It's a very good streaming device and i get no buffering or stuttering (i do have fibre broadband, but even so i've had a rival unit - rhymes with "rome" - buffer and misbehave). I like the fact that it is self-contained with its remote; just plug it in, give it your wifi password and you're away. You need prime to get the most out of it, of course, so you are bought into online store's ecosystem. . Has a good range of apps for other stuff (the usual; netflix etc). Online store music is worth a special mention; really good for background listening when you don't feel like watching tv. . Overall excellent - this is getting more use than our main tv box.
  • I received this as a christmas gift and i can honestly say i am very impressed. Used constantly to watch movies and tv shows. Set up was very quick and straightforward. We had it connected and working in less than 10 minutes. The alexa voice application is the full alexa you get on the echo devices, the only difference is you do not have to say 'alexa' beforehand. Simply press the mic button on the remote control and speak, alexa will then search for your request. A definite must for anyone with prime membership. Excellent product 5*.
  • Having just recently been granted access to the 21st century courtesy of a new high(er) speed broadband connection i thought i would treat myself to a fire stick. So far, however, it's a case of, hmm, not sure i should have bothered. When it works it is absolutely fine - but only when it works. I have lost track of the number of times i have had to remove the stick from my tv and re-insert it to get it to pair with the remote. The suggestions in the troubleshooting section don't have any effect and so i have to resort to my "withdrawal method" to get any sort of response. By the time i have pfaffed around doing all that i am so scunnered i can't be bothered to watch what i had intended to. As a result my fire stick has been getting less and less use as the weeks go by.
  • I'm afraid this didn't work too well for me. . We got it at the end of october and it worked ok for a while - we used it over christmas - then at the start of january every time i went to use it, it just kept restarting, it would stay on for a few minutes then it would restart again - making it totally useless. . I tried resetting to the factory settings as i read that might help but it didn't. . Online store say they want you to return it in the original packing - which i don't have - so it looks like i am going to have to try returning it in some other packaging.
  • I needed something that had netflix, spotify, bbc, online store prime and youtube. This had everything i needed but it took a little while to get used to the clunky interface. It's fair enough that it promotes its own online store prime media with adverts but it's frustrating that online store prime video doesn't have a self-contained app. The latest grand tour episode will appear next to the netflix app for instance and i am still not sure how i can browse what's on prime tv. . The voice functionality is a bit of a gimmick as you can only search online store's own content. If online store could just allow me to say blue planet on bbc iplayer rather than having to spend a minute clicking through characters on an on-screen keyboard then this would make the experience so much nicer. Surely it can't be that hard to implement? . . Right now the firestick is just ok. It does slightly more than its competitors for the price but no tv box is ticking all the boxes for me right now. From january the 1st 2018 the fire tv it will take a huge step backward as youtube is getting pulled so i will probably look for something else.

fire tv stick alexa voice remote Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Would give it 6 stars if i could! no more linking up a laptop to the tv - just switch to hdmi 2 and hold down the microphone buttonand speak to alexa and hey presto your desired media appears. I am having fun exploring films and programmes i wouldn't normally watch and glad i don't rely on just terrestrial tv now. I object to paying subscriptions for various media so this is a great way to fully use the included prorammes with my amaxon prime which is marvellous value. It's great also seeing my photos pop up and so much more. . Highly recommended

Fire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player
Click to see NoticeFire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player (53 005218)"Kids love it. Son likes twitch (i had not heard of it before). Bought for an upstairs tv but now considering for downstairs in addition to sky tv. Movies provides an alternative to sky cinema. We used to have sky multiroom but this is cheaper (after few months). One thing i would say is - on some 'channels' you put on a programme and it stops at the end (it doesn't continue to the next programme and so on. ). Very limited if taking abroad (had it in spain). Shame you can't get everything whilst abroad - considering online store is international. If online store did 'unlimited movies', like it does with music - this would be the best thing since sliced bread!"

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M-one Right Angle HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90 Degree Adapter For Fire TV Stick

19-pin standard size connectors. Gold-plated connectors for maximum signal transfer fidelity plug-and-play design. Hdmi cables feature small connectors and jacks that bear the brunt of the cable total cable weight.

M-one Right Angle HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90 Degree Adapter For Fire TV Stickm-one-Female-Degree-Adapter-Amazon

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  • 90 degree, male to female
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  • Make cable installation easier in tight spaces with a right angle adapter.
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Ideal choice for powering tv stick the ugreen tv stick power cable is an ideal choice to power your tv stick directly from your tv's usb port. It eliminates the need for an ac power outlet , and makes charging faster and easier. Special design for cleaning the space the l shape and short cable design is a perfect way to connect your tv stick to tv without tangle. Compared with other long cabless, it can keep the space tidy and clean. Universal compatibility for your devices the charger cable supports google chromecast, intel computer stick and roku streaming stick and other tv sticks. Important notes 1. It is just a usb cable, please make sure if the usb port of your tv can provide enough power for your tv stick. 2. Tv stick is not included. Package content ugreen micro usb tv stick charger cable x 1

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EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick 2 Pack . Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port 2 Pack

Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet the exinoz power cable allows you to power your fire tv stick directly from your tv's usb port. It's the fastest and easiest way to set up your fire tv and eliminates the need for an ac power outlet. Ideal length for clean space the exinoz power cable is the perfect length for connecting your fire tv stick to your tv's usb port. Long usb cables (like the jumbo usb cable included with your fire tv stick) can hang down behind your tv, cluttering the area behind your tv, not to mention the use of an ac power outlet. Made for fire tv this exinoz power cable connects the fire tv stick to your tv's usb port. The 90-degree connector minimizes the length of fire tv and reduces the likelihood of it peeking out from the side of the tv. User notes please make sure that your tv usb port has at least 850 ma of power. For lower power tv usb ports, we recommend our other product, the exsonite intelligent power cable which can support most tv models, even with much lower tv usb power output.

EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick 2 Pack . Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port 2 PackEXINOZ -Cable-Fire-TV-Pack

Brand :    exinoz
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  • High quality cable which comes with 1 year product replacement guarantee
  • Note: does not include the fire tv
  • Mini usb cable length for powering your fire tv stick from your tv's usb port
  • Removes clutter from behind your tv by removing the long usb cables that can hang out from behind your tv
  • Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet to power your fire tv stick
Price :    $7.97
Digital Accessories 4 :    Best Consumer Electronics (exinoz product review) for EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick 2 Pack . Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port 2 Pack available ( Jan 2020 )

Right Angle HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90 Degree Adapter Keple Roku 3500EUA / Fire TV Stick / Google Chromecast Streaming media player / Miracast Airplay Stick / August DVB USB / KitMaster Stream / Anycast Streaming Stick / PINWHEEL Q7 8GB Quad Core / Toshiba 32D1333 / LG 42LF652V High Speed, Gold Plated, 3D, 4K UHD Resolution, Supports Ethernet & Audio Return

High quality 90 degree hdmi male to female adapter! perfect for mounted flat screen tv's or installations with little or no space. Supports hdmi 1. 4 technology with easy plug & play functionality ideal for converting a straight hdmi cable into a 90 degree connection keple hdmi adapter also protects the hdmi port on your tv being damaged from repeated plugging and unplugging gold-plated connectors that resist corrosion while offering optimum signal transfer. Perfect for wall mounted tv / lcd monitor / blu ray player & many more   specifications: - connector 1: hdmi (type a) male - connector 2: hdmi (type a) female - supports resolutions at 4096 x 2160 / 3840 x 2160 / 2560 x 1600 / 2560 x 1440 / 1920 x 1200 / 1080p - supports ethernet & audio return   compatibility list: roku 3500eua streaming stick online store fire tv stick google chromecast streaming media player miracast airplay stick august dvb usb freeview tuner stick kitmaster stream anycast streaming stick pinwheel q7 8gb quad core android 4. 4 tv box device toshiba 32d1333 lg 42lf652v    

Right Angle HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90 Degree Adapter Keple Roku 3500EUA / Fire TV Stick / Google Chromecast Streaming media player / Miracast Airplay Stick / August DVB USB / KitMaster Stream / Anycast Streaming Stick / PINWHEEL Q7 8GB Quad Core / Toshiba 32D1333 / LG 42LF652V High Speed, Gold Plated, 3D, 4K UHD Resolution, Supports Ethernet & Audio ReturnHDMI-Keple-Chromecast-Streaming-Resolution

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  • High quality - keple 90 degree hdmi adapter enable you to connect to the back side hdmi port on the wall-mounted tv, blu ray players, solution for narrow space and avoid bending the hdmi cable.
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YCTC 3 Port HDMI Switch 3 x 1 HDMI Switcher 3 Way HDMI Switch Splitter Pigtail Cable Supports HDCP 3D 1080P HD Video Audio Blu-Ray/Chromecast/Fire TV Stick/HD-DVD/Xbox 360/Roku 3-In 1-Out

Lack hdmi ports on your tv? tired of plugging/unplugging the cords to get an available hdmi port? this 3-port hdmi switch will be a good solution to get extra hdmi port for you easily. Key-press-switching function if one device is active, it will detect and display it automatically. If there is more than one active device, the last connected device will display and you can also press the "select" button to choose the device you want to attach to. The led light will turn on to show that is connecting to. High quality made of gold-plated connectors and top-notch material, the switch will give you stable performance. No distortion of audio and video. Crystal clear video resolution up to 1080p for high definition video, it is compatible with 480i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i. Specification: 3 hdmi input / 1 hdmi output supported audio formats: lpcm, dolby ac3, dts7. 1, direct streamdigital supported video: 24bits, 36bits supported resolution: 480i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p video bandwidth: 6. 75gb/s or 225mhz operating humidity range:-15 to 55 warranty: 30 days money-back and 12-month worry-free guarantee! package included: 1* 3-port hdmi switch 1x user manual

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  • 3-port hdmi switch. 3 hdmi in and 1 hdmi out. a great solution to have multiple game systems or other sources attached to hdmi port easily.
  • Plug and play. cable length: 50cm(19. 7inches). no extra power needed. gold-plated connector resists corrosion, providing rigidity and better signal performance.
  • High definition. hdtv resolution up to 1080p (1920x1200) and support 3d. audio formats: lpcm, dolby ac3, dts7. 1, direct stream digital. no distortion of audio or video, no delay in signal transference.
  • Wide compatibility. work for apple tv, ps3, ps4, tv box, roku 4, blu-ray/dvd player, stick and other devices with hdmi port.
  • Auto-switch and manual-switch. when one device is active, the switch will automatically detect and display it. with a "select" switch, it can be switched to the device you want to connect to easily. three blue led lights numbered 1, 2, and 3 will turn on to show it is connecting.

HDMI Switch 4K, GANA Gold Plated 3-Port HDMI Splitter HDMI Switcher Supports 4K/Full HD1080p/3D High Speed Pigtail Cable

Gana 3-port hdmi switch the hdmi switch is to connect more source devices to display on one screen (tv, projector or led monitor). This switch with 3 input ports can connect 3 devices at the same time which can avoid frequent disconnection and reconnection. Save your time and money. 4k resolution supported this hdmi switch is updated with 4k video transmission supported. Hdtv deep color and 3d video are supported as well. You can enjoy high quality movie at home or build your own home theater. Powered from connected devices no extra power cable is needed to make this switch work. As long as the connected devices supply sufficient power, the hdmi switch is capable to automatically obtain power from connected sources devices. Specification: input: 3 hdmi ports. Output: 1 hdmi port. Video supported: 4k, 1080p, hdtv deep color. Length (including cable): 21 inches package contains: 1* hdmi switch 1* user manual compatible with: hdmi input devices: dvd player, hd-dvd player, blue-ray player, camcorder, sat receiver, digital camera, pc, mac notebook, xbox360, ps3, ps4, nintendo wii u, laptop, pc, tivo, vizio, sony and many more. Hdmi output devices: lcd tv, plasma tv, tft, projector, hd-ready or full hd tv. It is suitable for all hdmi devices / backward compatible with older hdmi devices and gadgets. Note: for some devices, the hdmi switch may not work when only one input device is power on due to insufficient power. In this case, please turn on two or all the three source devices to try.

HDMI Switch 4K, GANA Gold Plated 3-Port HDMI Splitter HDMI Switcher Supports 4K/Full HD1080p/3D High Speed Pigtail CableGANA-Splitter-Switcher-Supports-HD1080p

Brand :    gana
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Model :    sw-3 cable
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  • 3-port hdmi switch 3 hdmi ports in and 1 hdmi out for various hdmi devices. 3 hdmi source devices to be connected and manually selected to play, to avoid constantly plugging and unplugging.
  • Plug and play no extra power required. the hdmi switch will obtain power automatically from the source devices through the hdmi ports.
  • Hd audio and hdcp compliant - audio formats: lpcm, dolby ac3, dts7. 1, direct stream digital. no distortion of audio or video, no delay in signal transmission.
  • Gold plated hdmi input and output 24k gold plated connector resist corrosion, reduce tarnish and increase transmission performance.
  • 4k resolution supported this updated hdmi switch supports hdtv deep colour, 4k resolution (3840x2160p) and 3d video.
Price :    $6.99 (was $12.99)
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EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick. Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port

Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet the exinoz power cable allows you to power your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast directly from your tv's usb port. It's the fastest and easiest way to set up your fire tv and eliminates the need for an ac power outlet. Ideal length for clean space the exinoz power cable is the perfect length for connecting your fire tv stick or other streaming device to your tv's usb port. Long usb cables (like the jumbo usb cable included with your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast) can hang down behind your tv, cluttering the area behind your tv, not to mention the use of an ac power outlet. Made for fire tv this exinoz power cable connects the fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast to your tv's usb port. The 90-degree connector minimizes the length of your streaming device and reduces the likelihood of it peeking out from the side of the tv. User notes please make sure that your tv usb port has at least 850 ma of power. For lower power tv usb ports, we recommend our other product, the exsonite intelligent power cable which can support more tv models, even with much lower tv usb power output.

EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick. Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB PortEXINOZ-Cable-Fire-Stick-Powers

Brand :    exinoz
Size :    1 Pack
Model :    Exinoz Fire Cable
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally dispatched within 24 hours
  • Removes clutter from behind your tv by removing the long usb cables that can hang out from behind your tv
  • Note: does not include the fire tv, roku, chromecast
  • 2 year guarantee high quality cable which comes with 2 year product replacement guarantee
  • Eliminates the need for an ac power outlet to power your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast
  • Versatile mini usb cable length for powering your fire tv stick, roku stick or chromecast from your tv's usb port
Price :    $6.47
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (exinoz product review) for EXINOZ Mini Power Cable For Fire TV Stick. Powers Fire TV Stick Your TV USB Port available ( Jan 2020 )

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I have the new fire tv box and this the new fre tv stick rd generation and i must admit i dont have a 4k tv but wanted the fire tv box for the dolby atmos sound unfortunately at the date of 20/12/17 there is no programs what so ever in dolby atmos so if like me you dont have a 4k tv then the stick is the better allround option for you, with the box the sound often gets stuck between either dolby digital plus for everything or simply just stereo, or just crashes completely so you have no sound and you have to go to the main menu and start again for whatever reason, with this new fire tv stick you get none of the problems that come with the fire tv box, sound is as it should be if you have it connected to a av receiver or a 5. 1 tv set up or sound bar etc, there s no drop in sound at all which is a blessing, yes the fire tv box is slightly quicker at loading content but for picture and sound at the moment is exactly the same, i must admit this fire stick is a big improvement on the second gens one, netflix as no drop off of picture quality or buffering issues like the second gen did and is quite alot quicker at loading, until online store updates the fire tv box properly at the moment if you dont have a 4k tv ths is the one to have, and if you are thinking of upgrading from the second gen version i think like me you will be pleasantly pleased you did bottom line is its not a massive jump up from the second gen but it is that bit better and faster with none of the glitches that came from the second gen at the moment

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(2) Question: If i have the older voice remote will i get alexia? !

(3) Question: How can i play personal videos (currently on my laptop) using fire tv stick ?

(4) Question: Is there an option to upgrade from the old fire stick, to the new version?

(5) Question: I live in a caravan and have portable ee internet device can i use the new fire stick through this or does the tv have to be conected by broardband

(6) Question: How do you watch catch up tv

(7) Question: If i have an echo can i use this to control the fire stick? e. g. without using the remote can i "ask alexa to play elvis from spotify on firestick"

(8) Question: If you have this and an echo, how do you ensure both devices don't try to respond?

(9) Question: Hi. i have the old online store stick. and looking at upgrading it. is it worth going for the 4k or the 39:00 one. does this come with the mains charger

(10) Question: Do i need an aerial too?

(11) Question: Can i control my tv functions using alexa (change channels, turn up tv volume etc)

(12) Question: Our long is the hd i extender

(13) Question: I have already online store music unlimited for my online store echo will it work for music on online store fire stick?

(14) Question: Alexa has stopped its search function. it will open apps but no longer carries out any searches. can anyone suggest what's wrong and how to fix it?

(15) Question: How many firesticks can be used with online store prime account?

(16) Question: Can i watch u. s and u. k shows on the same device?

(note) Question: where/how to get Electronics (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Electronics's products

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I have smart tvs in both my living room and bedroom, but wanted to use the firestick to run kodi. You can easily move the stick from tv to tv, but it does need to be plugged in, so a little more hassle than a simple usb. Online store and netflix and both much slicker and faster than the versions on my sony bravia and samsung tvs. One thing i noticed is that if i'm watching netflix on my smart tv and the firestick is plugged in, netflix will only play for 10 mins and then it closes down and the stick pushes it's way onto the screen! not sure why this happens - it's not a problem as i'm now using the stick for all on demand stuff, but it's worth noting. This happened on a samsung smart tv so might not be in all instances. A great little gadget though!

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Had online store prime for parcel delivery speed for months but never got around to using the included online store prime video. Finally got around to buying a n online store fire tv stick. . Fitting instructions. 1)slot the stick into a hdmi slot on your tv. 2) plug the included usb cable into the online store fire stick and then to your domestic power (plug provided). 3) let the software set itself up. 4) watch movies. . So simple it's almost incredible. . Been using it a week. It's reliable and there's hundreds of movies. . Highly recommended, so much so i am buying another for a second tv.

U. Sally, Northern Territory

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. Erickson, Michigan says

Maybe its because the internet speed in my area (the forgotten countryside) is poor (1. 5 mbps) because i can see really no difference between using the onboard online store/netflix/bbc iplayer to my smart tv via terrestrial antenna than when using the firestick over wi-fi/internet. Was expecting the firestick to make a dramatic improvement on my viewing opportunities. If openreach promises are to be believed i will get another opportunity to judge the merits of the firestick when i get access to superfast broadband (over copper) in march. Setting up was no problem and the equipment provided is impressive. Will come back in the new year if openreach holds to its promises given over the past 2 years! i won't hold my breath.

C. Wanda, Shropshire

The fire tv stick allows the download of free content apps such as all4, bbc i-player so it is worth it just for that. I agree with others that the prime side of it is disappointing as the amount of free content is limited. The stick is trying to guide you towards parting with more money through online store's own offerings of films and tv included or not included on prime. You can probably get a free month trial of prime and it is fairly easy to cancel before you have to pay so judge for yourself. The stick itself is easy to use, the only irritating problem i find is skipping past the stuff i am not interested to get to all4 and i-player. There is also the firefox and silk browser apps so when youtube disappears on 1st jan 2018 from the stick you should still be able to access it through them. All in all, i like this device and generally prefer it to my google chromecast since i don't need to use a tablet or phone to access catch up tv.

Q. Veronica, Blackburn with Darwen says

Early days yet, but this seems to be a very useful addition if you have already online store prime. You will need also, a smartphone or ipad running ios or android and a tv with a spare hdmi socket. I found it very easy to set up and it probably took no more than 15 minutes to do so after unpacking the box. The remote can be used by pressing buttons or by pressing the microphone button and speaking commands. Note that you don't have to have any other kit such as online store echo. We do have online store echo. To talk to "her" you need to say her name first ie "alexa play radio 1". With the remote for the fire stick you don't have to use the name alexa first - presumably so you don't inadvertently activate any echo device. My only negative issue is that i was expecting this to work seamlessly with online store echo devices so that i could dispense with the remote. In the usa that is possible, but online store has not put this capability into the uk system and it is very careful to avoid saying whether it will and if so when. The benefits are that you can access online store prime movies for free (included in online store prime) plus a whole range of other features eg youtube, netflix etc. I do not recognise many of the tv programmes that are available and it may well be a case of quantity rather than quality, but i did notice things like the complete dowton abbey collection - i have yet to watch any of that series but know it was popular with others. Google "prime programmes" and you can see what is available. Overall a great value piece of kit.

K. Courtney, South Carolina

I purchased a roku stick some months ago and i used that for accessing various apps (netflix, bbc iplayer, now tv, online store prime etc) rather than accessing them through the smart tv itself as there seemed to be buffering problems with the actual onboard tv apps. The roku stick was reasonably satisfactory (apart from its extremely non-responsive remote control that is enough to drive you up the wall! ) but then i started watching a couple of things on uktv and had to watch them on a tablet because the roku stick did not have the uktv app as standard and there seemed to be no way of downloading it, none that i could find anyway. Then i noticed on an illustration in the online store advert for the fire tv stick that it included uktv - so i bought one. Not exactly a bank-breaking outlay at about fifty quid. I disconnected the roku stick (bye-bye roku) and plugged in the online store fire stick, and away i went. A much, much more responsive remote control for a start and, yes, there was the uktv app in place and ready. Very useful. Then i realized that although the online store fire stick had the uktv app - it didn't have the now tv app! what a rubbish technological age we live in. After a bit of exploration though i found that using the fire stick, and with a broadband connection, i could actually access the internet, which i haven't been able to successfully do via either the smart tv or the roku stick, and, using silk or firefox browsers, download the online now tv app and keep it as a bookmark. It might be possible to keep the app in some other way but i have only just started exploring. Next i shall see if i can download the bbc radio version of iplayer, which doesn't seem to have been given any thought by either roku or online store fire. All in all i would heartily recommend the fire stick over the roku stick. Sorry roku, but there you go. Perhaps you can come up with a new version that has an internet connection that works and uktv and bbc radio apps and others as standard. And a remote control that has a faster response time than a sedated tree sloth!

N. Joanne, Ealing says

This is my second firestick, and my first with voice remote. I use it almost exclusively to access tv and netflix as well as online store video and am very pleased with it. Less impressed with the voice remote which is not efficient enough for my liking and which will only work with the online store videos when it comes to fast forwarding etc. And if you are going to need to use the remote as well as voice, then you might as well just use the remote in my humble opinion. But the quality is good, it is incredibly simple to install and to use, the instructions are clear and we have had many hours of pleasure and relaxation using it to stream movies, box sets and tv programmes.

R. Olga, Essex

Arrived very neatly packed and courier delivered. Quite easy to work out what all the bits were for. I am thrilled to now have a tv that will connect to the internet! rather thrilled, though setting up took a bit of time, due to the fact that i did not really know what i was doing. I then downloaded various apps which enable prime, netflix, iplayer, etc, on my television. I had chromecast before this and the fire tv stick is a vast improvement since i no longer have to involve my computer. I haven't had it long (an hour or so) so can't comment on durability but so far i'm delighted. All i have to do now is to work out what commands the voice remote will respond to, since the ones i tried were not recognised.

A. Mathis, Newcastle upon Tyne says

I bought this for a friend as a gift. My friend loves it as it has turned her average old tv to a smart tv! theres a lot of free programmes to download on there, so for those of you who worry that you may end up having to add thing on and rack up a bill, do not worry. My friend loved the fact that she could get disney channel for her kids free of charge (but be warned its only free for the first month). What i didnt like personally was that as soon as my friend plugged into her tv it was linked to my account. The only reason i knew was because online store started sending me order confirmations luckily all the downloads my friend made were free. So make sure if you are buying this as a gift to go into your settings manage devices deactivate firestick. If i hadnt noticed, in a months time i would have been paying for my friends disney channel! so make sure u do this and inform anyone you have bought it for that they need to set up their own account.

. Bertie, Louisiana

My new 4k tv already has streaming apps built in, but switching arc on to get proper sound back through the surround decoder was a chore. Plugging this into my av amp enables me to just select it and get surround without fuss; and it worked fine and was very easy to set up. I will buy one for my ex now, as her super lg oled tv gives her the same arc problem, and in addition, has no pause, play and fast-wind buttons on the fancy new-style remote, making it very fiddly to pause and play by using the on-screen pointer to select buttons on-screen. Voice operation works better than i expected and is a nice bonus. It doesn't seem to always work directly - it will search online store, but if you want to search bbc i-player it seems you have to select i-player and maybe select search and then press ok on the spoken command. I'm not sure about this; it's confusing. I expected to be able to say 'search youtube for later with jooles', but that doesn't seem to work. You can say 'youtube' to select the app though. . If you want surround sound you will have to turn on 'dolby plus', and this is a setting hidden away on the tools menu (navigate to it at the top right of the online store home page. The menu button on the remote is for selecting things like subtitles while playing. My only problem is a very loud clunk through the speakers when i pause and unpause while playing a film with dolby surround sound. This is with my own settup which uses and oppo bdp-103 as surround decoder, and have had similar issues when pausing my humax box into this, so i suspect that the problem may not arise on other surround decoders/av amps. A useful feature on the remote is the ability to step forward or back 10 secs by a single press on the fast-wind buttons on online store programmes (a little 10s icon appears as you do this), while pressing and holding sets fast wind going. It's a pity this device needs a power supply plugged into it, but i guess that's the price of having such a powerful processor in it (it takes 1a 5v). There is no off button on the remote, so i wondered how to leave it. Just changing to another input on the tv or av unit seems to stop it (important as otherwise it will use up your broadband data allowance without you knowing! ) note that when you then select the unit again nothing appears until you press the main button, after which the picture appears in a few seconds. . I was disappointed to find that there was no surround sound on 'jooles later' from bbc i-player, a programme i know was broadcast with surround. From googling it would appear that there is no surround on i-player (shame on you bbc). Online store material works well with surround, but i haven't tried other apps. The sound level from fire stick seems to be around 10db higher than on other sources, and i don't understand how this can be, given that the sound is digital and cannot actually go louder than any other source over hdmi suggesting worryingly that it's dynamic range has been compressed at source (in the usual 'loudness war') or that it might clip on loud moments (though neither is obvious to me). Having to turn the level down is a bit annoying. Picture quality from fire stick, viewed on a 65 inch 4k tv through an oppo bdp-103 with excellent 4k upscaling is excellent, and i think generally better in terms of sharpness and motion artifacts than freesat broadcasts, which is surprising but pleasing. . The fire tv stick is of course a good way to give your old tv a new lease of life, for use in another room perhaps, and, significantly, without the need for any aerial. If you plan to do this, note that although news broadcasts are omitted from bbc1 on i-player, both the bbc news channel and bbc parliament channel are available. Also available are channel 3 and 'radio 1', not as the actual radio programme, but offering a selection of 'live lounge' and festival events plus other special programmes, all with video, which i found interesting. A search for 'proms' reveals around 25 of the televised concerts, though they expire after a week or too and have no surround sound. It seems a pity that the bbc do not keep all of these available as a classical music resource, as i doubt that they bring in much copyright revenue. It is because of copyright issues that the bbc does not keep major dramas like 'the imitation game' or 'castles in the sky' available on i-player, though it sells them to online store where they are available to buy. . Unfortunately, hd films tend to cost around 10 to buy on online store tv which is comparable to the cost of a blu ray disc, the latter offering better picture and sound quality, so that the reason for streaming tends to come down to being able to watch instantly rather than next day. Renting is around 5, but only lasts for around 48 hrs so if you decide to show the family or watch again you can end up wishing you'd bought the bd. It is not necessary to have online store prime membership in order to buy or rent films etc, and prime only gives free access to relatively few actual films (though i found 'arrival' fascinating and worth watching. ). . The voice recognition works remarkably well, but the implementation is dismal. It only works on online store, not bbc i-player or anything else (sometimes you can use it to enter text into a search but it's so awkward to do this as to be pointless. ) it would be so easy to do the obvious thing and make the voice recognition search everything and come up with really useful answers, but instead it does what we have come to expect in the modern world and directs you to online store for 'octonauts' where you will pay for something that is free on bbc. The 'skip' function is ridiculously limited - i'd expect to be able to jump forward or backwards by any amount and do a whole lot of other things, but not thought seems to have gone into this at all. . I would have bought the fire tv 4k version, but having watched some 4k on youtube, and bought a few choice 4k movies on bd, i find there is nothing left i really want to watch in 4k yet. I'm sure this fire stick will find a use somewhere if i upgrade to the 4k version at twice the price later.

G. Dorine, Southampton says

Great value and easy to set up. Despite me having patchy wi-fi, it also seems to manage without buffering. So, the gadget is definietly 5* i found the remote and menu a bit difficult to figure out at first but now after a while i have managed to master it. . However, i currently use it mainly to access online store prime video content (movies and tv shows) and am a bit disappointed in the free content but then i think media is going this way. Considering i get 100s of free tv channels on freesat with my tv license, it seems that any other content has to be purchased piecemeal (ap, netflix, bt sport, sky, etc. ). I look forward to the day when media content is like electricity and the companies compete for who can offer it cheapest. I love rugby, for example, but am damned if i'll pay sky or bt sport for a whole sport package when all i want is a rugby match every week or so. Similarly with ap, watching movies will get expensive if i have to pay 3+ for every movie rental. That seems exorbitant compared to the cost of its predecessor, lovefilm. Now i know why inflation is going up!

F. Diana, Barking and Dagenham

Best streaming device i've ever bought. My tv provider was charging far to much for limited tv content so i've been looking for a cheaper alternative. Tried android boxes and online subscriptions. All were glitchy and a waste of time. The fire stick is smooth, easy to use and great to look at. I have an abundance of content on prime video and prime music but can add many other sources also, even side load. I can stream from other devices directly on to it with no lagging or interruption from texts or calls etc. I can play content in ultra hd and it looks great. I'm now considering getting the fire tv box for full 4k content but for 40 the fire stick is by far a real bargain. I will never complain i have nothing to watch

Y. Rita, Redcar and Cleveland says

Fabulous piece of kit! super easy to use - the set up process is totally self-explanatory. We are loving being able to watch catch up tv on the itv player app, not to mention all of the fabulous online store exclusive dramas and free films, courtesy of my online store prime subscription. My only regret is that i didn't buy one years ago!

T. Widmer, Stockport says

This is a great product in every sense. I purchased the fire tv stick with the intention of upgrading an older tv into a smart tv. I have to say, this product and the resulting smart tv exceeded my expectations in every way. The setup process was very quick, slick and without any hassles whatsoever. I was particularly interested in using this with online store prime and plex: both of these worked flawlessly. Online store music was a joy to use through the fire tv stick, particularly using the alexa voice remote. The first time i used it, i spoke into the remote play some bob marley . Bob marley tracks queued, came the reply, quickly followed by the opening bars of marley s classic turn your lights down low. I have a lot of stored movies which i hardly ever watch because of the cumbersome way they are scattered around my devices. Using plex with the fire tv stick overcomes this drawback: i am now watching movies and tv programmes which have lain inactive for several year due to apathy. The ease of use and the slick interface make it a pleasure to go in search of those dormant movies and series. There are a lot of apps available for download; i have to say i haven t explored this area yet, but will in the near future. I would recommend this device without hesitation. I bought this during black friday sales, but even at the full cost it is a fantastic purchase.

I. Pamela, Bedfordshire

I have a smart tv (just over a year old), but cannot get bbc iplayer to play (it did once and then stopped). I bought this fire stick for the sole purpose of having bbc iplayer back. It was so easy to set up, unpacked it, plugged it in, entered internet password and away i went. The quality of programmes, speed and staying connected is so much better through this than the tv that i'm now watching all my catch up and prime through the firestick and not directly through the television. I suspect that says more about my tv than the firestick, but if i didn't have a smart tv this is a wonderful little device and when bought on black friday a very reasonable workaround for my bbc iplayer problem.

X. Isabel, Redbridge says

With terrestrial, freeview and sky channels, alongside dvds i never thought we d need to look at online content providers like online store and netflix. . That all changed with a friend staying over and pulling out his online store fire tv stick and showing the options available. Within a week we d bought the fire tv stick allowing us to use online store (as prime members) and four months later we were signed up to netflix. . We have a 10+ year old, basic tv and the fire tv stick has transformed this in seconds to a smarter tv. We simply plugged it into an hdmi slot on the side of the tv, plugged it into a power socket connected to our wifi and online store prime and we were off. So simple. . This has given us access to traditional movies and some great online only series such as stranger things to watch when and how we want. You re no longer constrained to a tv schedule, but if you want can spend a weekend on a binge, for example watching all the episode of the good place one after the other. . Certainly no way we ll be paying for sky movies any more. We ll keep the basic subscription and use the money saved to pay for the online store prime and netflix subscriptions.

Z. Harrison, Greenwich

This replaced my previous fire stick from about 3 years ago. I am a big fan of the stick. It really only shines when you subscribe to online store prime and use their content. The changes from the previous stick are positive and negative. The control is much longer. One of the nicest features of the original stick was the very compact and usable control. It sat neatly in the hand. This is not so nice to use. On the other hand, i am pleasantly surprised how much i like the voice activated control, alexa. I never got on with stuff like siri or android equivalents but this works nicely and makes finding content easier. It's mostly useful when you know the title you're looking for. For browsing i'd still flick through the listings to see what's on. So a 4 or 4. 5 out of 5, slight deduction for the bigger controller. Hopefully next time they'll find a way to incorporate alexa into the original sized controller.

L. Lawrence, Alsace says

If you pay for prime or have alexa aleady you'd be silly not to get one of these while they're on sale . Worth it for the grand tour . But there's loads more to see and do not forgetting it can also control those connected devices you've set up with alexa. . Me and my son watch the 'grand tour' on the quality at 1080 is superb . Ok so we have 300mbs broadband but if you have good enough broadband the quality of the shows easily rivals sky. Infact this small stick is much much more responsive than the virgin media tivo box and the picture quality is better. . This stick is designed to be always on so is quick to start up and is always ready to turn on those smart switches . You can put it to 'sleep' however by holding down the home button and selecting 'sleep' on your screen.

. Meredith, North Tyneside

Pros:. . It comes pre-loaded with your online store account. A *very* nice touch online store. . Amazing value, especially at 25 black friday deal - you almost can't lose by buying one. . I put this into the back of a spare computer monitor and now i have a tv for the spare room, simple to install no fuss. . The apps on it are great and perform very well, including plex, netflix and bbc news. . Alexa is very good not just for search but for most alexa skills, and with two or three more features added would be the same as an online store dot. . Cons:. . The menu system is bonkers! with headings like 'my videos', 'tv shows', 'movies', 'apps'. Where apps is the app store, not your own apps. I can't for the life of me work out the difference between 'my videos' and 'tv shows'. More sensibly, we'd have 'music', 'tv', 'movies' & 'apps' (where apps are our own apps). It's so bad to work the menus i tend to just use my apps instead like netflix or plex. . I'd rather pay more for the stick and have *no* adverts in my menus, thanks. This is the *only* cheap/trashy part of the experience. There are already plenty of suggestions. I don't need adverts anywhere, thanks. . Better app integration with the menu system. When i go to movies, i'd like to see movies from plex, online store, netflix and any other movie app. There seems to be a minimal integration but there seems to be too much effort to push online store content. Content is king, if you have great shows online store i'll watch them, no need for the hard sell. . In summary, all things considered, great value for money - i doubt you'll regret buying one.

J. Alma, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

The fire stick turned up very quickly and was easily installed in to the hdmi port of a television. All you need is a router with a wi fi connection and internet access with a good high speed connection to stream video. To get the most out of this you will need online store prime which is 7. 99 a month. I already had netflix which i was watching on a smart tv but had to download the netflix app to the fire stick which you need to have an account for ie. Online store prime but you get quite a lot for this and not just movies so i don't think this is bad value. There are plenty of other apps to add to the fire stick to stream movies etc. I was impressed with the fire stick as it allows streaming to your tv very easily and is easily installed and even voice activated. Highly recommended .

B. Gina, Alaska

I thought it would sort of be a bit of a waste since i have a smart tv and a blueray player, but it has alexa built in so i thought "what can it hurt? ". I have an online store dot and use alexa for my moderately smart home. Alexa works well on the fire tv stick, and the speed of this is really excellent, with apps working really well. Great for music through the tv soundbar too! . . It has had a heck of a lot of use since buying it, and that says it all. Great that i bought it in a prime sale at a wonderful price! . . Highly recommended because of the fast navigation through films etc. If you are undecided, i'd suggest you go for it!

M. Anonymous, Alberta says

I wish i had bought this a long time ago as i have not gone back to use sky tv since this was easily installed on back of tv. I had netflix installed and between online store tv and netflix i am set up for all my needs. Bbc i player channel 4 sky news have all been installed and i have had fabulous hours watching the crown/ empire/ the 100 and the absolutely fantastic serious of viking and outlander. You can still watch eastenders or bake off too. It is worth my prime subscription and as i bought my firestick on a prime offer i had the best deal all around. I am not technical at all but the instructions are so simple even i could install it but my daughter did mine for me.

H. Paige, California

Awesome, easy to use, great range of features and apps, quick, alexa works well, cheap to buy. . If you have online store prime, make sure to install the music app, this has a great range of music and can be voice accessed by alexa, e. G. "play christmas tunes. ". . Two gripes:. (1) alexa voice search only works for some apps, catchup tv players eg iplayer are notable in their absence. (2) due to online store's business practices they are in a tit-for-tat war with google so the youtube app is soon to be removed.

. Hurst, Richmond upon Thames says

Quick delivery and easy to install. Sometimes i cant get programmes but that seems to be down to my broadband and is usually very quick to fix - just log out and in again. Find the voice control very useful especially if i get a bit lost in the memu and i know what i want. I just tell it the name of the programme and it finds it.

. Michele, Bradford

It's a great dongle which i use daily (or nightly). If you have an online store prime account, which i have it is even better as you can play all the movies and tv series' available to your prime membership, which amounts to 100s of various programs and films. It also has catch up tv and a large variety of apps, one in uk which allows live tv of the 5 terrestrial channels, and no need for a tv aerial as it is internet based. Some may save on paying for a tv license fee this way. The actual device is perfect size to fit in any hand, has very few buttons/controls so as not to be complicated and has a very good sensor to the hdmi dongle which plugs into your tv. The 2nd (new) version has a quad-core processor and is much faster on all operations. I compared this to the now tv device which was much slower and constantly lost wireless connection. This also uses your home wireless network and has never lost connection, even when other devices in the same room have - that's impressive! . Finally, because of a row with google, they pulled youtube from the fire stick from start of january 1st 2018, but in a perfect answer to this major issue, online store allowed a browser app firefox and another to get around this, and youtube worked exactly as it did before, same interface and all. It was a brilliant and superb solution to the problem google had tried to cause, as i among many use youtube all the time on the fire stick and it would have crippled the device if not for this fix, . I am constantly reviewing products on online store, and i cannot recommend this device any higher. I did buy mine when they had it on offer of 25 which was a bargain price, but if you want to turn a non-smart tv into one oevr-night and have a reliable wireless network, this is the answer. I believe the more expensive version includes an ethernet port.

S. Kellie, Somerset says

I bought this on 1st dec, specifically for watching youtube. I don't watch movies at all. I am fed up of having to ask people to stand or sit huddled around my pc to watch things on youtube. The sales page here on online store made it explicit that this device streams youtube so i bought it. . It arrived today and i set it up, went to youtube on it, first thing i am told, youtube only available for another 30 days and that's that! . . Damn!

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I. Williams, North Tyneside says

A little background - i am a prime member who regularly watches prime video and also pays for the privilege of prime music unlimited. . I really like my fire stick. It's great, and saves so much time when compared to how i previously watched online store prime video - by plugging my laptop into the tv via hdmi, then viewing through the internet browser. It's pretty easy to set up and it's slightly intuitive. I say slightly because it needs some simple updates and it'll be spot on. Annoying thing number 1 - say i've watched 4 episodes of a series. I go to bed, go to work, come home, have dinner and we use our fire stick to resume our tv series. Instead of saying "watch episode 5" it says "watch episode 4 again". And this is for season 1 of a series now on season 3 (online store original). So i have to go to "all episodes" and pick it out. Annoying thing number 2 - finding music. The alexa voice control is great for finding tv shows. For finding music it's annoying. If you search for an artist using voice control it will shuffle all of said artist's music. It won't just find them so you can scroll through their albums. For that, you need to go old-school and use the clicky buttons and on-screen keyboard. . I've had it about a month now and it has once crashed on me. I had to unplug it and plug it back in. I'll keep an eye on that. . As far as i know you cannot cast with it. So keep your chromecast if you buy one.

U. Reed, Colorado

Bought for my dad so he can watch youtube on the tv, but now we re being told the app will stop working from jan. It s now completely pointless and a waste of money.

P. Sheila, Isle of Wight says

The stick works great, even my mother who's a complete technophobe has no problems navigating to iplayer, netflix etc and finding the programs she wants to watch. The interface is snappy and the alexa integration works fairly well in most cases, though not great with some apps. . I could happily give it 5 stars, but. I know this is one of the cheaper tv sticks, but as with a lot of online store products, it really does feel like i'm paying for adverts. To navigate to the last used app, you have to press down twice, not a huge inconvenience except for the fact that the first down press takes you to an advert for whatever online store is trying to push on you, which immediately opens a video with volume that takes up half of the screen. . In fact in the whole os, there's one or two rows of icons for other apps (which need to be scrolled across rather than even showing in a grid) and the entirety of the rest is showing online store content. . It does work very well and it's much cheaper than some alternatives, but do be prepared to have online store content rammed down your throat while you're searching for what you want.

E. Teresa, Alberta

Ok so this fire stick is pretty good, nice and easy to install comes already linked to your online store account and logs you straight in. Easy. I mainly use it for plex and watching youtube, which both work extremely well the apps are nice and clear and well organised for the content. I ve also tried a few games in it too and there s some really fun family ones on there. . So why 2 stars i hear you ask because a recent petty fallout with google means now google is removing the youtube app from the online store tv line on the 1st january 2018! so i have instantly lost half of my main viewing pleasure with this thing. Such a shame too. And this is the problem when it comes to these media boxes / sticks. There s never just one universal one that just has everything on it!

A. Bullock, Ohio says

Takes ages to get going but once you do its not bad as a very basic android based media centre with remote. We got this purely to test the plex client for streaming our own media to it internally but sadly its incapable of receiving high bitrate hd streamed video content over wifi with lots of buffering and errors. Also you may want to consider hdmi digital audio being passed through from your tv to your home cinema receiver/amplifier/soundbar/etc. Otherwise output audio will likely be restricted to tinny television speakers which kind of defeats the idea of a good home cinema experience. Shame as with the optional ethernet adapter this might have more potential for better streaming but we have given up on this and gone back to using our ps4 console as our preferred plex streaming client as that has dedicated ethernet for higher bitrate streaming and digital audio outputs to our home cinema surround system.

B. Sally, Quebec

I purchased the firestick for itvhub, bbc iplayer, all4 etc as my lg don t have these. I started online store prime trial for 7. 99 a month but i will be cancelling. There are very little free prime movies, those that are there either cost to buy or cost to rent. For example, i searched for "jean claude van" and loads of movies came up, some of the oldies to like blood sport. However every movie i went into you had to buy or rent! what s the point of prime i may as well spend 5. 99 a month with netflix and get tons more moves included for free!

D. Joanne, Iowa says

The fire stick is a good idea and, for the most part, works well. However alexa"s voice recognition isn't always great and she doesn't always understand what i have said. So i wonder how she does with strong accents (mine's wiltshire but not at all broad). It can be quite frustrating to ask for the same thing several times, especially when it's something you've asked for before, to be told it's not recognised (excuse me it's in my music library). If you have put in a request, which isn't quite correct, you don't get asked "did you mean" (as search engines do), but have to have your request 100% correct. This is a common problem with all alexa based items, and one that online store need to put some serious work into. Perhaps they could invest some of the money from the many millions of tax they don't pay.

M. Terry, City of London

I have to say that this fire stick has been amazing for accessing all my apps. Apparently my tv is now too old to get online store video on it, despite the app still being present. So i wasn't using it as i had to log in via a ps4. I figured this stick would mean i could assess netflix (still works on my tv) and online store video from one place and it would mean i used them both more equally. The quality is fantastic, and really allows me to make the most of my tv. . The only downside i can see, and why it only get 3 stars, is that there's no ability to turn it off that i can find. I don't want to have to unplug it every single time i stop using it. I can't see how that makes it easy to use. However, if you change to watching something on an external hard drive or sky or a dvd for example, it'll interrupt you within 30 minutes trying to get you to log into whatever app you were using before. Even if you actively change the source to the correct one for what you want. It's very frustrating, and if you happen to walk away having paused whatever you're watching, when you come back it'll have cut in. In some cases meaning that you've lost your place and have to go to the hassle of trying to go back into whatever app you were using. There might be a way to stop this happening that i haven't figured out yet, and if so, please comment. But currently it's just really frustrating to watch anything that's not the fire stick without having to remember to remove it from the back of the tv each and every time.

W. Sharon, Portsmouth says

This was my first foray into the world of online store prime and fire stick tv and i signed up for 1 year. . Apologies to gender neutrality supporters but alexa is definitely female. I justify this observation by the 'cut you down' quick responses from alexa should you ask anything remotely suggestive. Any form of blasphemy and alexa is there with the virtual bar of soap ready to wash your mouth out. . . However, press the button and ask alexa for masters of sex season 1 and on your screen pops up the film at 9. 99 and tv advert for marigold rubber gloves within 1 second of asking. . It is for this reason i gave the alexa tv stick / prime 3 stars. The technology is fantastic but you need to talk to alexa carefully otherwise it could turn out very expensive. . Example. "alexa, films with steve mcqueen" and all the promoted films carry a charge or. "alexa" uk tv shows with sid james" and the options all came up with additional charges and so it goes on. . If online store wants to compete with sky / netflix, online store prime needs to stream terrestrial tv and free to air channels in hdand they need to be better and lower cost that their competition. . In much the same way that sky bundles movies, music, sport etc online store prime needs a "bronze, silver & gold" level of service with all channels free to air/stream within the band subscribed to. . Finally prime needs to be more clear . I actually purchased 1 year of prime assuming i could stream music streaming via my tv - wrong. Only after signing up for prime did it become clear prime does not include all music and my music selections were all chargeable. So for now i continue to use apple music via sonos for my music streaming. I doubt i will renew prime. . Integrating alexa with tv remote is a nice try and a bit of fun but online store prime for tv and music falls short of my expectations.

G. Delgado, Kansas

Be aware that this device ships with full, unhindered access to your account, personal details and password. I did not realise this and bought it as a present for someone. I only found out they had access to my account when purchase receipts turned up in my email. If this device is lost in the post, is stolen, or in my case is given to someone else, the new owner just needs to plug it in and they have instant unchallenged (there is no username password prompt) access to all your the personal account info, photos and purchasing ability. Apparently the purchasing pin setting designed to prevent unauthorised purchasing does not even work on the firestick. If the security issues and personal information protection were taken a bit more seriously this would probably be a great device. As it is, it leaves users wide open.

J. Ruff, Harrow says

Online store make an incorrect claim for this device :-. "fire tv stick with alexa voice remote works with smart home devices such as lights, switches, thermostats and more from wemo, philips hue, hive, netatmo, tado and others. Learn more about compatible smart home connected devices, including starter kits for easy setup. ". This function requires the alexa app. Not installed on the device. I spent over an hour with the support line and they say that this function is not supported. On trying to install the app from online store the fire stick with alexa is listed as not compatable. Basic alexa functions are working on the stick. If anybody from online store would like to comment please do.

S. Erin, Wiltshire

It's a fantastic media streaming device and i would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the following issues. The online store supplied batteries only lasted a day and heavy duty batteries that i replaced these with only last 2-3 days. Initially it was almost impossible to open the back of the remote to change the batteries (and i'm no weakling) but fortunately after a few days the back loosened up and then came off without any trouble. To get around the batteries going flat after a few days i'm using rechargeable batteries and keep spare sets available. When the batteries loose their charge the remote stops working, sometimes you receive a warning of low batteries but not always. Fortunately you can still control the firestick with a bluetooth keyboard, remote control application on a smartphone or with the anynet function enabled on the tv via the tv remote.

T. Jessica, Kingston upon Thames says

For someone whose not that techy i have found it quite complicated. Not sure what or how i'm supposed to do and add things. Could do with incudes idiot proof ideas and instructions on what to do once it's set up etc. Also, i was under the impression i could get itv player/hub on it but it's nowhere to be found? ! one of the reasons i bought it so not pleased then either. I'd also like an option to find free items. Ie in. When looking through movies. Ypu have to scroll through them all to find the free ones. On a whole though, i'm sure if i knew what to do i'd enjoy it better.

R. Aldana, Nevada

Bought this as a present for my parents to be used as a catch-up tv device (iplayer, itv hub, etc), no online store tv or prime account. So whilst it works very well, the fact that the voice command seems to default to online store tv is a disappointment. Eg:. Saying 'sherlock bbc' or 'sherlock iplayer' brings up a list of sherlock holmes films available on online store. Saying 'eastenders' brings up something called ideas men on online store (? ), even though the word eastenders is at the top of the screen, so it hasn't misunderstood me. Thought this kind of thing was against eu competition rules. Shame. Good product otherwise.

. Susana, South Tyneside says

Just got this recently now i cant watch youtube as of 1/1/18 thinking we should get a refund as this was one of the main reasons for buying it also considering cancelling prime now. Looks like false advertisement to me.

N. Glenda, North Carolina

Very irritated with this! the stick works brilliantly and i am very pleased with it. However, having set it up, i then decided to watch something on freeview only to find that the stick was causing major interference making it unwatchable. Unplugging the stick solves the problem. I went online to look for a solution and found dozens of people having the same problem. So, online store obviously know about this but failed to mention it. One person on line suggested i buy a longer hdmi cable to move the stick away from the back of the tv. I have ordered one and will wait to see if this helps. I only bought the thing so that i could have all the catch up services on my tv. As i say, i am very pleased with it but do i want to keep unplugging it whenever i want to watch freeview? i will be contacting online store about it (which is a bit like pulling teeth! ) but i am not sure they can do anything or will want to! their standard response to other people's complaints has been to send another stick - which also causes the same problem.

C. Allen, Warrington says

I purchased this fire stick as a christmas gift for my father, after 3 days of trying to set it up he gave up and asked me to return it. I then had a look at it myself and encountered the same problems as he was getting, so i then rang online store who set it up in a couple of minutes. Then my father discovered that he couldn't get all the programs that you see on the misleading fire stick tv advert. The only way around this was for him to become an online store prime member at a cost of 79. 00. So to get around this i added my father to my online store prime membership. But any charges he may incur will come out of my bank account, something we will have to sort out . There are a lot of free things you can get with the fire stick, but you really need to have online store prime. Finally my father added kodi to the fire stick and now with online store prime and kodi added he gets all the programs he wants.

Z. Pearson, Alaska

Was hoping this would have better internals than the one i got last year, which was stuttery and jumpy and laggy in the interface, and gave up the ghost after 10 months. It arrived preauthorised to my account, but it was a gift for someone in my home, and it was a nightmare to take my details off and put new ones on. Why do they feel the need to pre register things to your account? . . Anyway, this one supposedly has better internals, processor etc, but it's still occasionally laggy and stutters through its menu systems. Maybe it's faulty maybe it's just still under powered. Either way it's just about liveable so will keep it and hope it lasts longer than the first one.

. Lorenz, Cornwall says

You need really fast broadband speed with this stick, which isn't really possible in ireland when the internet speed is rather erratic unless you pay a leg and arm for fast and stable internet. Almost all of the shows that i was watching were stalled continuously throughout the shows due to buffering. However, that has nothing to do with the product really and perhaps due to my technological incompetence - i have read that you can install something on the stick to save the shows you wanna watch onto the stick so that buffering issues are overcomed. But that's too much messing around for me for now.

Y. Erickson, North Dakota

If youtube is not available on firestick then it is not worth to buy it. There are more better options available on market. I am bit unlucky as i bought it on 22nd november and just after buying it there is pop up notice that youtube is no longer available on firestick. I destroyed the packing in good faith on online store but now i am regreting, otherwise i could return it.

Q. Wilson, Essex says

*warning to those with older tvs* yes, the device itself is a fairly decent improvement over the 1st gen fire tv stick with regards to performance. However, for some odd reason, there is no longer the ability to change the output scan settings as you were able to with the 1st gen fire tv stick. What does this mean? well, unless your tv has the ability to adjust the scan settings for all input ports, especially hdmi, then you may well find that the picture is permanently zoomed in to some degree. For me, who like to watch a lot of documentaries, this means captions telling me people's names/places etc. Are cropped so can't be read completely. This is after disabling the screen magnifier function. I don't understand why online store would not include this functionality in the 2nd gen fire tv stick. Perhaps they just think everyone has newer tvs which tend to have the ability to change the scan settings. But even then, there will be some newer tvs that don't. I have just contacted online store and on the basis that i purchased this fire tv stick thinking it would have the same features as the 1st gen and in not doing so means i can't use it, they have agreed to let me return the item.

L. Guest, Victoria

Pretty good. Let down by a few basics. I got this as a backup device for a second tv or for travel. It's easy to set up and the picture quality is reasonable. Cons: 1. There is no volume control at all. My roku box remote has a volume which links in to the tv volume somehow through hdmi. Even a volume output limiter would be something. I miss this greatly when using the fire stick. My roku remote also has a headphone input which is great for watching at night or across a room without disturbing others. 2. The interface is busy as hell. There's no real order to anything and finding your way around is taxing not to mention embedded ads everywhere. Roku interface is very clean and simple. 3. It's geared up to selling stuff so it's not always easy to tell what's free, or for sale etc until you drill down into a menu. It's all thrown in together. Make sure you turn off in app purchases too as i've had a few near misses in games. 4. No dedicated youtube app due to dispute with google. Can access it through a browser on the stick but it's clunky. May be added in the future. 5. Power cable makes this device less tidy than it could be. You need to plug it into a wall. Don't think you can run it from that usb port on the back of your tv like some people/products say you can. The usb port on your tv is almost certainly not powerful enough and you could damage either device. Either that or fire stick will probably just power off randomly from not enough juice. Pros: redeeming features are that the voice command is pretty good. It's really easy to just speak and have it play some music etc. It's a bit hit and miss at times but mostly works. So accessing content this way can be great. Caveat: unless you have prime it's probably not worth it. Was a bit disappointed by the general quality of the apps and games. The stick is really geared up for giving you prime content and selling you content. Netflix works ok though so if you need a basic stick then this is good. Overall: it's a decent enough device if you have a prime account and/or netflix. As with most online store digital products, it is a selling tool for them so it's cheap for a reason. They are hoping you will buy and rent content through it. You don't have to of course. Finally you can get this close to half price when on offer. For that amount it's a good streaming device with a few compromises.

V. Barbara, Somerset says

Works well and in general we enjoy this but there are a few issues. . 1 - the remote is badly deisgned. I can't tell you how often i've accidently returned to the home screen when i meant to press play. Should have been spotted at the design stage. . 2 - voice search should be useful but it only searches online store video, not netflix or any other app. There's very little on online store video that you don't need to pay for so this makes it next to useless. . 3 - talking about alexa and voice control: i find it crazy that it can't work with the echo. I would love to tell alexa to pause or play. Perhaps this will come in time. . 4 - there is no consistency between apps. Basic interactions vary greatly between apps which makes controlling it very difficult and easy to make mistakes. I feel that online store need to have better quality control of their apps and make developers follow certain ux rules. . 5 - the sensor on the device doesn't work at more acute angles. For instance, mine is sticking out the left of our tv and struggles to pick up inputs. I imagine this is a bigger problem if your hdmi is right at the back of the tv. . In summary - this is a product that needs a bit of improvement by online store to make it a great device - in the meantime it's just ok.

K. Emily, North East Lincolnshire

This is my second purchase of a firestick, we use the one we've got all the time but it seems like it's getting a bit tired and it would be nice to have one on more than one tv. We use it daily for netflix, kodi, youtube and on demand catch up channels. Super disappointed that we're losing youtube in january though (due to the disagreement between youtube and online store) - we're really going to miss having such easy access to it and it might put us off future purchases.

. Dorothy, Minnesota says

I loved the idea of voice remote and decided to try this. Online store stick arrived and worked immediately. I figured out how to connect it to the sound system (bluetooth speaker section, connected to my bluetooth adapter homespot bluetooth receiver v4. 2 wireless bluetooth adapter with aptx low latency for music streaming to hifi stereo sound system. Found additional remote on the tablet (useful because typing of usernames and passwords using the small one is a nightmare). Voice commands and application choices are great, there is online store prime, netflix. I'm certain that more apps will be coming. There are some teething problems: although i typed my netflix login data, it keeps on warning that something might cost money. There is also a nice selection of free tv channels - so you end up having a basic tv (only better resolution then for example on virgin media). There are also free channels for cooking, exercise etc (free yoga, pilates. ). Soon after, i tried to play local files, and ended up installing downloader to install kodi (i don't like plex because it requires a pc and wants to be accessible from the internet - i don't plan to be a web server host thank you very much). Kodi not really integrated with alexa but plays all my files so nothing to complain about. The bad:. - sometimes, for no reason, the thingy restarts. Perhaps it crashed. Perhaps it is upgrading (in that case can you please limit upgrades to once per week and display some message like upgrade in progress). Today it ended up in reboot loop so i unplugged the power (hard reset). After that it said it needs to do something for up to 10 minutes to recover. And everything started nicely. Message to developers: please provide menu options to send you logs of these suspicious reboots. And if upgrading, display the message! . - my tv somehow doesn't show the full picture. So i zoomed and zoomed but still no full picture. It doesn't help that your menu for this option says find the setting on the tv! how hard can it be to add some zooming so some people can see the full screen? . - the gadget is quite hot when working so ensure you put it to sleep when you finish using it (long press of the home button gives some useful shortcuts, like sleep). I don't know if that is considered a hardware design issue? . - there is an option to display screen of your device - sort of wireless hdmi using miracast. It works a bit strangely, it needs to be enabled in the menu. On other devices it is usually always on. . I do hope these are early troubles and that they will disappear with new software. I really like choice of apps (please add kodi! ) and i found an additional remote add on to control other devices that piggybacks onto this one: mission cables mc24b add-on remote for fire tv. This allows me to switch on the tv and control the volume so is really a nice add on. . Despite the bad, it has enough good interesting points so is worth the try!

X. Sandra, Massachusetts

The device itself is really well made and is easy to use but online store refuses to sell googles products on their website which as a consequence google has pulled support for their apps which means there is no longer a youtube app available so you have to use a web browser on the firestick and use the youtube website (not a very good solution imho) also the firestick runs android no matter how online store tries to hide it, they make you use to online store website to download android apps which doesn't have the amount of apps the playstore has which is a shame (there is other ways round this as many people know) but its just a shame that online store are doing this as a result tye customer suffers.

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