Unibrak Unb 550 Articulating Cantilever (Av Furniture) 1998

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Price was $99.99. I bought this mount based on the many glowing reviews, and i'm glad i did. It's very well-constructed, easily supports my 46" flat panel (63 lbs) and the ranges of motion are phenomenal. . Not much i can add that other reviewers haven't already commented on, but i would like to highlight a few things that i feel need some emphasis. . I followed the suggestions of the other folks, and purchased better-quality lag screws and washers for mounting the bracket to the wall. As an avid do-it-yourselfer, i didn't have a whole lot of confidence in the ones that came with the bracket. Maybe they're just fine, but for a couple bucks at ace hardware, i gained some peace of mind about not having the bracket rip out of the wall and send my prized samsung to an untimely demise on the floor. . Here's another very important tip: make sure you don't install the bracket upside down on the wall. The plate that attaches to the tv has two slots on the top, and you need these on top, to slide the tv into, then you attach the two lower screws through holes near the bottom of the bracket. So be sure to double check that the slots are on top before you mount the bracket to the wall. . The most time-consuming part of mounting this, for me anyway, was taking pains to be sure it was dead level, and that i was drilling into the exact center of the studs. This is critical to ending up with a professional-looking, secure installation. Once the holes were drilled, the rest was a piece of cake. . One person in good physical shape can do this, but i highly recommend a helper. It not only goes much faster, but saves your back, as this puppy is heavy. . The articulating arms were kind of stiff, which made it a little hard to move them to position the tv. But i discovered that you can use a hex-wrench to loosen the bolts on the top and bottom of the arms, and adjust the tension to your liking. . The instructions are quite cryptic, but combined with a little common sense, are adequate. I suggest reading through them a few times before starting. . Other than the instructions being clearer, and having better quality lag screws, the only other suggestion i would have for the manufacturer would be to provicde a paper template for lining up the bracket on the wall. You can make a template, as others have mentioned, from the cardboard box the mount comes in, but a ready-made one would be a nice touch. . All in all, we are extremely satisfied with this mount, and would not hesitate to buy another one. If you are researching wall mounts, stop right here and buy this one. Price and quality-wise, you won't find better.

-M. Reed

Dual Arm Articulating Cantilever Lcd Plasma Led Lfd Tv Wall Mount Extends 33 Inches 42 50 58 65 70 Extra Heavy Duty Sony Lg Panasonic Samsung Model Unb 550 Is One Of The Strongest Mounts On The Market Today. There Is No Welded Parts To This Mount. Other Mounts Weld The Bracket Arms To The Adapter Plate. The Unb 550 Has Only -Unibrak Unb 550 Dual Arm Articulating Cantilever Lcd Plasma Led Lfd Tv Wall Mount Extends 33 Inches 42 50 58 65 70 Extra Heavy Duty Sony Lg Panasonic Samsung Sharp

  1. Attribute: Works With 16″ / 24″ And 12′ Stud Walls.
  2. Attribute: Vesa Compliant Up To 800 X 600 / Tilts +15/-15.

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Like many southwest style homes, mine was built with the compartmented wall sections in the living room. Luckily, the tv area was large enough for at least the 60" sharp i put in it, but about an inch or so too small for the 65" i would have purchased. With the tv mounted on it's factory stand it had to be sitting about 8" inside the enclosure which increased the distance and cut off part of the screen from those viewing off to the side. The sharp stand also tilts the screen back at the top which can allow lights, or in my case some high windows, to reflect light off the screen. Thankfully i found this unibrak extension mount that has worked perfectly for my needs. . The quality of the unibrak is very good, the steel is heavy and parts fit precisely. All movements are smooth with no slop. As others have mentioned, you don't need to worry much about precise alignment (level) on the wall, except for the need to locate the studs if mounting on drywall. My wall studs were not centered within the enclosure so the screen is actually positioned about 3-4" to one side of the mount's center. No problem with balance. Once the screen is mounted you can raise or lower the tv on it's bracket (only if needed) with the help of another person by loosening or possibly removing/replacing the 4 mount screws. While doing this at least 2 of the screws would always be holding the screen to the bracket. Besides that, moving the screen sideways, tilting the vertical angle or adjusting any horizontal tilt is done by just pushing the screen to where you want it. There is enough friction in the joints that the screen will remain in whatever position you place it. See my pics of the screen mounted within an enclosure. . And yes, the instructions are vague, with some extra/unneeded parts in the bag making me wonder of their purpose. Just read everything first and proceed slowly. . Here's a link to the pdf instructions for this mount: . . I'm quite happy with the features, quality, strength and price of this mount and highly recommend it if you need an extendable mount. Best dual arm articulating cantilever | Unibrak-Av Furniture Review ( Apr 2020 ) Attribute Unibrak UNB 550 Dual Arm Articulating Cantilever LCD Plasma LED LFD TV Wall Mount Extends 33 inches 42" 50" 58" 65" 70" Extra Heavy Duty Sony LG Panasonic Samsung Sharp Dual arm extends 33" can swivel -90 to + 90 degrees. Works with 16" / 24" and 12' stud walls. Vesa compliant up to 800 x 600 / tilts +15/-15. Extends 33" from wall retacts to 4" w/ no sagging. Capacity up to 200 pounds or 90 kgs .

Unibrak unb 550 dual arm articulating cantilever lcd plasma led lfd tv wall mount extends 33 inches 42 50 58 65 70 extra heavy duty sony lg panasonic samsung sharp Review (unb 550)

This has to be the best mount that i've ever used. When they say that this mount will hold a 65in tv and up to 200lbs they are not kidding. This mount is extremely sturdy and has zero flexing. The mounting capabilities of it make it usable on practically any wall. The range of movement is amazing. Moving the tv in and out is very easy, as is adjusting the angle. . The negative? it's definitely not an ultra-thin profile mount. If you're looking for that then you're not looking for one that swings out and properly supports your tv like this one does. The trade-off is worth it if you need that capability. Even though the kit came with an over abundance of bolts i had to end up going to the hardware store to get the right sized ones for attaching it to the tv. That wasn't really a big deal since i can't imagine that they could account for every single tv out there. Plus it was only a few dollars. . I absolutely recommend planning your install so that you get the perfect alignment. You must have an extra person or two as it's impossible to do this by yourself. . The company has contacted me several times to ensure that it was received properly and to make up for some damage that occurred during shipping. It was only paint, and because the mount was so solid and well built that i ignored it. I even thought of sanding and re-painting it myself. After ignoring it for several weeks (as it's hidden behind the tv) i received a phone call this morning to follow-up on it. They've stated that they will be sending me two new brackets. The level of customer service and the follow-up is nothing short of incredible. It's not every day that you actually get treated like a customer. I would have done so regardless as this is a very solid and well built mount, but if anyone ever needs one i'll definitely be recommending this one to them. -Z. Audrey

Unibrak Unb 550 Articulating Cantilever

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Unibrak
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0887479618970
  5. Manufacturer: UNIBRAK
  6. Model: UNB 550
  7. MPN: UNB 550
  8. Quantity: 1
  9. Part/Serial Number: UNB 550
  10. Type: Speakers
  11. Category: AV FURNITURE
  12. UPC: 887479618970

dual arm articulating cantilever lcd plasma led lfd tv wall mount extends 33 inches 42 50 58 65 70 extra heavy duty sony lg panasonic samsung Speakers, Model unb 550 is one of the strongest mounts on the market today. there is no welded parts to this mount. other mounts weld the bracket arms to the adapter plate. the unb 550 has only stamped components that will not fail. it has easy to follow instructions with a durable powder coated finish. the color for this mount is black vesa 800 compatable solid steel arms strongest on the market unlike the other mounts online this is made from heavy gauge steel on wont warp when fully extended. mountplus is the exclusive seller for unibrak products. Unibrak Unb 550 Articulating Cantilever (UNB 550-Unibrak).

Unibrak Unb 550 Articulating Cantilever Speakers

  • Pros: plastic-free, smooth movements extending, retracting, tilting and/or tweaking to "get it just right"; heavy-duty feel to the frame helps one get past the "i dunno. I don't see how this will hold my tv. " feeling; many, many screw sizes provided (along with washers, 4 spacers, etc). In the end, once installed, far better-looking and even greater feeling of a sturdy and safe system that not only freed a great deal of space, but also just looked nice and tidy/sleek. . Cons and tips: con 1: instructions, well, lack thereof really, unnecessarily vague and seemingly incomplete. I installed this with a friend and i consider us both experienced diyers, but the lack of being able to identify/match up screws from the instructions to the "baggies" was a huge frustration factor and a waste of time. However, as i was reading other reviews hoping to pick up some tips while we were struggling to affix the adapter plate, i read two great tips from another reviewer; tip 1: take the time to open up each "baggie" of screws to match them (the letter of each "baggie" to the diagrams on the faux instructions - oddly enough, the "baggies" were clearly marked with a letter of the alphabet, but the faux instructions didn't include those letters, instead they included the size of each screw/item (helpful for con 2); tip 2: a reviewer suggested taping the top set of screws/washers in place before mounting the tv to the wall plate and it was only after we were hanging the tv to the mount that i remembered reading that tip - we stopped what we were doing and taped the screws/washer in place and tada, fumbling and dropping the screws no more - course, the thing we did wrong was to allow the tape to cover the hex hole (at least we could laugh at ourselves as we realized our goof), but we used cellophane/desk tape so it was fairly easy to just punch through it with the little wrench; con 2: despite the adapter rails/option and the spacers provided and all the different screw options, the rails did not fit our tv (42" panasonic plasma) as the tv is not completely flat in the back (just below the bottom plate hole the back of the tv swoops out about 1 1/2". Although the spacers looked like they would "even out the back" so as to provie a solid vertical hold, none of the screws were long enough to go through the spacers and into the tv securely. Off to the local hardware store we went where we learned, upon returning, that a metric tooled screw was different enough from the 2 1/2" screws we purchased - maybe this is common knowledge to most, it wasn't to us (we had measured what we needed and converted the inches into metric and came up with 63. 5mm - thank goodness for an online conversion chart! ), and with the closest being 2 1/2" available at the hardware store, we opted for those, sigh). Alas, they simply would not fit the holes on the tv so off to a local auto parts store where we found/bought the longest size available, 60mm. Alas, this time just a bit too short (we could feel the screw catching the back of the tv, but it felt as though it was just barely catching which, in turn, just screamed "don't chance it! "). I could have ordered the "right part", but the wall section was installed (my friend made a template out of cardboard by tracing the part that would be fixed to the wall. This made it very easy to ensure the wall arm would be perfectly level and helped identify/mark the precise center of each stud) so we opted to improvise - we determined we had the option of allowing the vertical rails to stick up above the tv by about 6-8 inches by moving them to sit just above the "protrusion" below the bottom hole on the back of the tv (he thought it was fine, his wife and i groaned at the thought and sight) or chopping the excess off. Or, as we opted, bending each rail at the extra 6-8" excess so as not to affect the fixed rail durability and allow each rail to mount completely flush to the tv, as is intended. . Wishful thinking: had the rails fit the tv without tweaking we would not have needed different screws and we both felt the entire system would have been a breeze to install (had we matched the parts from the "baggies" to the faux instructions, had we taped the screws/washers ahead of time and had we read the other reviews before starting the entire process :). One could probably install this without another set of hands, perhaps if the tv was on a table/counter at the same height as the arm or the tv was light enough/easy to lift/handle, but three of us lifted and positioned the tv to slide onto the arm, two lifting, one guiding - just made it easier in the end, for us. . Summary: would i buy another/recommend this to others? yes. Especially now that i know what to expect and how to prepare. This is a very sturdy and versatile unit, a great value for the quality and a bargain for the price. I would have given this 5 stars had there been a way to properly attach the rails to our particular tv (e. G. , longer screws, shorter version of the rails, etc) and had the instructions been a bit more comprehensive. Had this fit the tv properly out of the box, 4. 5 stars. Reserving a 1/2 star "penalty" for the lack of detail in the instructions/diagrams (an easy fix, if only the vendor would read the reviews. Oh, a girl can dream).
  • I'll be honest and say that i was a little worried about this wall mount due to the low price versus what bestbuy was selling for $400. But when i received it i was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product. I used it to install my samsung un55d8000 55-inch 3d led hdtv in the corner of my livingroom. Assembly was a snap and i had my tv up within 30min and it looks great. It came with an extensive pack of nuts and washers for any bolt size configuration which turned out to be very helpfull because my tv had divots where the bolts are so use of multiple washers was neccesary. I would recommend this product to anyone thats looking for an alternative to paying $ for a wall mount. In my opionin it is of the same quality as those that sell for much more, save your money for your surround sound system because this mount will save you a lot of money.
  • Nice wall mount but bad design for attaching tv mount base to the wall mount. The m8 bolts are hard to align between the base and mount plate when hanging a large tv (65") and the instructions are almost useless to tell you part orientation during assembly since the parts are not stamped front or back nor are the instructions clear. The other problem is the pivot plate design. This uses a pair of pins with e clips on both ends to allow the tv to tilt up and down. Be careful that these clips stay in place when tilting tv, there are no washers to keep the clips from catching the edge of the bracket hole and it will pop out. Also the locking clamp is not useful once the tv is mounted since the latch handle can't rotate around so be sure to set the adjustment to your liking first before mounting the tv.
  • Brief review here, the bracket itself is 5 stars very study and strong. In my case the kit was missing screws and pertinent washers. The kit does come with a lot of extra parts but not relevant to my install and as for the parts that were reassembled it didn't appear that the factory installer was consistent with the washers that were used. Lastly the instructions were poor.
  • I bought this mount from mountplus after reading the overwhelming positive reviews. While, the mount turns out to be not that great at all. My installer said the price was good, but the quality was dissapointing. I got what i paid for. The mount sagged right away when the tv was set onto it. Oh my god, my tv looked like that it was taking a nose dive. We tried our best to adjust but can not correct the problem. The installer said the arms are too long and too weak to support the weight. My tv is a 58 in panasonic, weighs 108 lbs. So i ended up to buy a mount from the installer and now my tv is set safely on the new wall mount. Returning the mount costs too much in postage so i decided to just forget it. It is a huge piece of junk in my garage. I got my lesson. . My suggestion is, don't be fooled by the dirty cheap price and those reviews. God knows if those reviews were really written by a true buyer, or from someone paid by the seller.

dual arm articulating cantilever Unibrak UNB 550 Dual Arm Articulating Cantilever LCD Plasma LED LFD TV Wall Mount Extends 33 inches 42" 50" 58" 65" 70" Extra Heavy Duty Sony LG Panasonic Samsung Sharp (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I just finished installing my samsung 60" led flat screen using this mount. I had a slightly difficult install because i have a built-in bookcase/niche that is 30" deep and 46" wide. I needed a mount that stood off at least 30" with a 60" tv. Figuring out how to configure the part of the mount that attaches to the tv was the most difficult part of the install. There are absolutely no instructions which address this. My tv has recessed threads for attaching a mount. This required using inserts that came with the tv along with rubber spacers which came with the mount. They list the spacers with a picture on the parts list but never mention them anywhere else. It took some experimenting on the floor before getting started. That said, i finished the entire install in about 2 hours. My wife helped me lift the tv and it's mounting bracket onto the wall section. I am pretty good at diy projects and have every tool known to man. This might be a bit much for someone not mechanically inclined. With such a good price, you can afford to hire someone to install it. The instructions that come with the mount are almost worthless. I am very happy with the end result!

Unibrak Unb 550 Dual Arm Articulating Cantilever Lcd Plasma Led Lfd Tv Wall Mount Extends 33 Inches 42 50 58 65 70 Extra Heavy Duty Sony Lg Panasonic Samsung Sharp
Click to see NoticeUnibrak Unb 550 Articulating Cantilever (Av Furniture)"I'm giving this mount 4 stars instead of 5 only because, as other reviewers have mentioned, the arms are a little stiff. Pulling the tv out from the wall is pretty nerve wracking for me as i usually push it back almost all the way to the wall until the kids go to bed. Once that happens, i pull it out gently and extend it to almost the full length (which is a long way and the reason i bought this one! ) and turn it towards my seating position for gaming, etc. I have heard my set creak just a tiny bit as i'm extending the mount towards me, even though i'm careful to only grab the back of the part that is attached to the tv and not the set itself. I'll probably lube up the arms here pretty soon to combat this. . I have a 55' es 2012 series samsung led by the way and because of my kids i wanted to install it pretty high on the wall which was a beast to do even though the tv was listed as only being around 40 pounds. Note: if you have the same type of set with the u shaped mount (not the 4 spider legs) you can actually leave the stand on and mount the set, and then take the stand off last). . It took me and my dad hoisting it up near shoulder level while my wife was on the other side tightening down the 4 screws that attach the two separate parts of the mount (theres one piece of the mount that goes to the tv, and one piece with the arms pre-attached that goes on the wall first). . The nice thing about the actual mounting part is that the piece that is attached to the tv goes up and hooks downs/sets down into the 2 "open top" top holes of the square attachment plate. This makes it easier to screw down those 2 top bolts and start on screwing down the bottom 2 bolts to attach the set to the other part of the mount (i took us a bit of trial and error to figure this out so remember this when you hoist the tv up to actually attach it to the other piece). . Beware the instructions do suck as everyone else oh so helpfully mentioned (engrish anyone? ) but you will rike this tv mount regardless of how bad the instructions are ; ) also beware of anyone saying that you can do this with one person. If you want to mangle your tv or have a small set then go ahead and try. If you are a videophile and are worried about tightening down every screw too much which can cause light bleed etc. On an led, then you would never go so far as trying to manhandle a big led screen by yourself to hang it up. I would recommend 3 people for the hanging part if you want to be careful with your set, and only having 2 people is possible but would be pushing it (for sets 26" and up, mine is a 55"). . The quality of the mount itself is perfect. The included screws and even the washers will work fine (regardless of what other reviews may say). If you have a samsung with recessed holes, the tv itself usually comes with the 4 pieces that sit down into those recessed holes to make them flush with the back of the tv (but if you lost them, don't worry this kit includes some too). I also needed to use 4 of the spacers included in the mount's kit right on top of those (be prepared to use the spacers also if you need to). . Overall i would definitely highly recommend this mount to anyone. If you are looking for ease of installation over cost then go buy a sanus mount at wally world, etc. For 3x the price if you need good instructions/online videos of how to do it. If you would rather get a great mount for a little over a hundred dollars and don't mind figuring some things out for yourself then go for it!"

(0) Question: How does the adapter brackets attach to a vizio 50 in tv?

(1) Question: Do you get 90 degree rotation for 65"? or just the smaller sizes?

(2) Question: This mount offers the most extension from the wall at 33"? trying to find a mount that will let me swing the tv out in front of the fireplace

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VideoSecu Mounts Articulating TV Wall Mount 32 37 39 40 42 46 47 50 52 55 58 60 62 63 65 LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel TV VESA 200x100 to 400x400, 600x400mm MW365BBM7 BM7

The videosecu single arm tv wall mount constructed with solid heavy duty steel, support most 32" - 65" flat screen tv with mounting hole pattern up to 24 inch wide and 16 inch high (vesa 600x400 600x300 600x200 500x300 400x400 400x300 400x200 300x300 300x200 200x200 200x100mm). Single arm design support 180 degrees side-to-side swivel and the plate can turn left or right up to 90 degrees (the max degree is depending on your display size). The tv mount tilt forward 15 degrees or backward 15 degrees and extends the flat panel screen up to 21. 65" from wall to achieve vast range of viewing angles. 18. 88 width wall plate support mounting stud up to 18" (standard mounting stud is 16" in us). Post installation level adjustment allows left and right rotation for perfect level in different view angles. Additionally, security screws lock the tv bracket to the wall mount from the bottom. How to ensure the mount compliance with your selected display? first, the weight of your display should be less than 135lbs. Next, mounting holes distance on the rear of tv must be less than 24" (600mm) horizontally and 16" (400mm) vertically. Last, your tv should be at least 32 inch wide. Otherwise, you will see the bracket. Notice: this mount fits most 32-55" tvs (vesa hole patterns from 200x100 mm (8x4") to 600x400mm (24x16")), some up to 60 65 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years.

VideoSecu Mounts Articulating TV Wall Mount 32 37 39 40 42 46 47 50 52 55 58 60 62 63 65 LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel TV VESA 200x100 to 400x400, 600x400mm MW365BBM7 BM7VideoSecu-Articulating-200x100-600x400mm-MW365BBM7

VIDEOSECU MOUNTS ARTICULATING TV WALL MOUNT 32 37 39 40 42 46 47 50 52 55 58 60 62 63 65 LCD LED PLASMA FLAT PANEL TV VESA 200X100 TO 400X400, 600X400MM MW365BBM7 BM7 Summary
Brand :    videosecu
Size :    29.1 x 3.7 x 9.4 inches
Model :    FBA_MW365B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu Mounts Articulating TV Wall Mount 32 37 39 40 42 46 47 50 52 55 58 60 62 63 65 LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel TV VESA 200x100 to 400x400, 600x400mm MW365BBM7 BM7 available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $33.99 (was $38.00)
  • Post installation level adjustment allows tv to be level after mounting; support mounting stud up to 18"
  • Adjustable tilt 15 degrees forward or 15 degrees backward, the arm can swivel 180 degrees and the plate can turn left or right 90 (depend on your screen size)
  • Standard hardware pack and user manual included in the package
  • Support display up to 135 lbs; arm fold 3. 07", extends to 21. 65"
  • Fits most 32" - 65" flat panel displays with mounting holes (vesa) 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 500x300, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 300x200, 200x200, 200x100 mm

Impact Mounts Universal Steel Sound Bar Soundbar Speaker Bracket Mount Above Below Tv

Love these! worked great. I was trying to figure out how to mount the sound bar to a shelf above - this was so much easier and now the sound points in the same direction as the tv!

The soundbar bracket is made from high quality steel and will hold sound bars up to 15kg/33lbs. It can be easily attached to tv wall brackets or tvs on the stands directly instead of mounting to wall and leaving ugly screw marks. It gives a clean and neat look with your sound bar sitting above or below the tv. The mount is ideal for hanging on a corner or on an articulating mount where the sound can face the same direction with the tv to create a perfect audio and visual experience. The sound bar brackets can be mounting with standard vesa 200x100 to 600x400.

Impact Mounts Universal Steel Sound Bar Soundbar Speaker Bracket Mount Above Below TvImpact-Mounts-Universal-Soundbar-Speaker

Impact Mounts Universal Soundbar Speaker (sb39) FAQ.

Easy to install and super low profile. -Notice from Z. Meyer, Auvergne

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Works great. Makes the surround sound bar looks like it belongs/came with the tv.

Impact-mounts-universal-soundbar-speaker-(sb39) set picture

- C. HakalaVery clever & tidy way to mount your soundbar!

Works great. I couldn't mount it below my tv because my tv had a lip that stopped it from being able to go flat but it looks great and works above the tv.

F. Clara, Minnesota

Brand :    impact mounts
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • The soundbar bracket is made from high quality steel and will hold sound bars up to 15kg/33lbs.
  • It can be easily attached to tv wall brackets or tvs on the stands directly instead of mounting to wall and leaving ugly screw marks.
  • The mount is ideal for hanging on a corner or on an articulating mount where the sound can face the same direction with the tv to create a perfect audio and visual experience.
  • It gives a clean and neat look with your sound bar sitting above or below the tv
  • The sound bar brackets can be mounting with standard vesa 200x100 to 600x400.
Price :    $18.99 (was $19.59)
Model :    SB39
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (impact mounts product review) for Impact Mounts Universal Steel Sound Bar Soundbar Speaker Bracket Mount Above Below Tv available ( Apr 2020 )

Aeon Stands Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount 29-Inch Extension 32 to 65-Inch TV

Long extending swivel arm this aeon tv mount can extend out 29 inches away from the wall while retracting to a slim 2. 80" from the wall. Great for when you need to reach far from the wall for more advanced viewing angles. With a 29" extension you can extend and turn a 55 inch tv 90 degrees sideways without hitting the wall. Great for when you want to view in another room etc. Post installation leveling you just hung up your beautiful new tv on the wall, you made sure to level first , but damn it anyway its crooked a little. With other tv mounts you will have to take the bracket off the wall, drill new holes and re install. With this aeon tv mount you have no worries. Simply adjust the tv via the self leveling screws to micro adjust your tv so it is perfectly level. Built to last this aeon mount features a lifetime warranty because all aeon mounts are manufactured with longevity in mind. Safety tested this aeon tv mount is built from solid die cast steel to insure the strongest possible mount. Aeon safety tests each and every mount to four times it's rated weight. That means aeon tested this mount to hold 280 pounds (for 5 min) without failure. This way we can positively say it will hold up to 70 pounds easily. Safety first and foremost. Specifications: - extends from 2. 80" to 29" away from wall - integrated cable management - +5 degree and -10 degree tilt - post installation leveling feature. - mounts to single stud wall or masonry wall. - maximum tv weight: 70 lbs - includes all hardware for installation to wood stud or concrete wall.

Aeon Stands Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount 29-Inch Extension 32 to 65-Inch TVAeon-Stands-Mounts-29-Inch-Extension

Price :    $129.00
  • Integrated cable management system allows you to neatly conceal tv wires within the inside of the arm so they remain clutter free. includes all mounting hardware to mount to a masonry or wood stud. lifetime warranty.
  • Easy quick installation to either a masonry/concrete wall or single wood stud. the post installation leveling feature insures you have a perfectly leveled tv, even if the tv mount is not installed perfectly level on the wall. single stud minimal foot print behind the tv keeps the mounting bracket hidden and out of sight.
  • Full motion swiveling arm extends 29 inches away from the wall while retracting to a slim 2. 80" . a 55 inch tv can swivel 90 degrees sideways in either direction without hitting the wall. great for when you want to view tv in another room. easily pans 180 degrees side to side. tilts down 10 degrees and up 5 degrees for optimal viewing.
  • Diagonal measurement : 23'-55'. unlike other tv mounts which feature low grade hollow, tubular steel arms, this aeon mount features solid die cast arms with no welded joints to fail. this integral design offers superior strength and safety. this mount can support up to 70 pounds and has passed a safety test of 280 pounds.
  • This aeon long arm tv mount will fit most tv's from 32 to 65 inch in size. to insure your tv will fit please make sure it has one of the following vesa patterns : vesa 100mmx100mm, vesa 200x100mm, vesa 200x200mm, vesa 300x200mm, vesa 300x300mm, vesa 400x300mm, vesa 400x400mm. this tv wall mount fits many popular name brands like samsung, panasonic, sony, vizio, sharp, lg, benq, and many more.
Brand :    aeon stands and mounts
Color :    Black
Weight :    18.00 pounds
Model :    FBA_AEON-40112
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (aeon stands and mounts product review) for Aeon Stands Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount 29-Inch Extension 32 to 65-Inch TV available ( Apr 2020 )

VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket Most 23 - 75 Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, Sharp LCD LED Plasma TV VESA 200x100 400x400 up to 684x400mm, Bonus HDMI Cable Bubble Level MF608B2 WT1

Hello, experienced reviewer here. I've been buying online and off online store for years and i always research products before buying them. . I bought this 6 years ago in anticipation of getting a new tv which i finally did today (thats right, this has been sitting in my attic for 6 years). Opened the box and had it installed in about 20 minutes. The hardest part of the installation was that i couldn't find a drill bit that fit over the large hex bolts that secure the base to the wall and i had to use my lineman's to twist them in. Recently i had to buy a similar product in walmart and they charged me like $60 because they knew they had me in the store. . Final advise: this product works great and the price is great. Have a socket wrench (or drill bits) handy for installation.

This low-profile tilt mount is designed for most 23-75 inch flat-panel tvs weighing up to 132 lbs. Vesa compliant for simple installation, supports tv with mounting hole patterns up to 26. 9" horizontally, and 16" vertically (vesa 684x400mm). Adjustable 10 degrees forward tilts to provide comfortable viewing when the tv is mounted above eye level or to reduce screen glare. Perfect choice for mount your flat-panel tv on a wall, with stylish appearance, and it makes tv viewing so much better. Open wall plate for electrical access. Fit 16" or 24" studs typical in us homes. Common wall and tv attachment hardware are included in the box. Notice: this mount fits most 23-60" tvs (vesa hole patterns from 200x100 mm (8x4") to 684x400mm (26. 9x16")), some up to 65 70 75 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years.

VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket Most 23 - 75 Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, Sharp LCD LED Plasma TV VESA 200x100 400x400 up to 684x400mm, Bonus HDMI Cable Bubble Level MF608B2 WT1VideoSecu-Bracket-Samsung-200x100-684x400mm

Videosecu Bracket Samsung 600x400mm Mf608b (Av Furniture) FAQ.

The good: the frame is hefty, solid-feeling, and does its job well. It comes with a full set of different mounting accessories in a labelled bag, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. . The problematic: be aware that the wall plate is actually two pieces, so the joint in the middle ends up inhibiting how far you can slide the tv in either direction. Also, and this was the biggest issue for me, the wall mount holes are so close to the metal ridge along the outside edge of the plate that i could barely squeeze my socket wrench in to tighten them all the way. This made assembly a much bigger hassle than it needed to be. -Notice from N. Pearce, Missouri

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Let me begin by saying, this is my first time ever mounting my tv. I have 3 tv's in the house and i wanted to see how one would look, so i'm using it on my 32" first. I gave this a 4 star rating, although there are some quirks in the beginning, i'm satisfied with it. Shipping was fast and no issues there. The package itself is rather small, the size of a vcr (or a blue-ray player for the young'ns). Everything that was described, was in this package, i read some reviews of missing items but not for me. Now lets begin with the building instructions, i'm no expert, but give me some directions and it should be step by step, right? (somewhat, i guess). . Step 1: begin putting the 2 brackets together with 2 screws and nuts (labeled something that are not in the screws/bolts/washers package). Really! ? that is not a great impression at all, so don't forget you will need patience, ha! i guess the best directions i can say is, it's the little ziploc baggie that looked to be the right screws and bolts, clearly not labeled. It may appear like "extra's" but it's the first screws you will use! . . . The rest of the steps were pretty straight forward for the most part. Until you get to the end where it suggests if you plan on mounting against concrete, umm. Maybe you should suggest that in the beginning, you know concrete or wood mounting follow these steps? . . Also during the installation they give you several different size screws (thickness and length) that are common on "most tvs", so enjoy figuring out which one fits your tv. Well, that is where the issue begins. I find the right screws but i needed washers to compensate for the space left between the tv and the mount. So my mount was loose. Then they give you these stupid "plastic washers" that are nearly too thick to be useful. I suggest giving extra washers along with the "square washers" that were included. Remember those screws and bolts in step 1? well, i used those washers to compensate that last step i had to do. And voila its mounted. Hopefully it will hold for the time being. . Overall, i would not suggest using this mount anything bigger than 32", unless you have an extended warranty on your tv. Again, if you have a huge 60", i would not feel safe with this mount, especially with the items they provide you! thanks!

Videosecu-bracket-samsung-600x400mm-mf608b-(av-furniture) set picture

- L. ClaudiaThis wall mount is a truly excellent value! not only do you get a sturdy and well made wall mount, you also get a level, and a 10' long hdmi cable! i went shopping for a wall mount in both target and walmart. And neither one of the stores had a tv wall mount for less than $79. This one came to me for about $35 bucks with free 2 day prime shipping, with the extra goodies. The only other thing i had to buy was a stud finder. . The wall mount is very easy to assemble and install. This was the first time i has attempted an install such as this, so i took my time to make sure my valuable investment would not fall off the wall. My 50" tv is not securly hung on my wall, and i can easily changes the viewing angle. . The only small hiccup i had was that mu google chrome dongle stuck out the back of the tv a little to much, and i had to use the tv's side hdmi input. Not a big deal.

Simple yet effective. I had my 50" rca tv mounted in about an hour (working slowly and meticulous). . The kit comes with a variety of mounting hardware and i was able to find some screws in the set that fit my tv. I didn't try the hdmi cable and it seemed like the bubble level included quite didn't match the results of my higher end levels so i discarded it. . The frame is two pieces that screw together. The kit has 4 wall anchors and 4 bolts. My install was on an interior wall with 24" studs and my placement only allow me 1 stud. I drilled my pilot holes and then ran 2 bolts into the stud and used the wall anchors (one on each side) to provide some added stability. My tv isn't that heavy and this didn't prove to be a problem. . The tv bracket/tilt is also 2 pieces that screw together. You simply find the desired placement of the mount and attach the bracket to the tv. You then place the tv on the track and tighten the nut on the bottom of each of the tv brackets so it can't be accidentally pulled off the wall. . I've had this installed for 3 days with zero issues. Great product and great price.

H. Mathis, Telford and Wrekin

Brand :    videosecu
Size :    23-75 inch VESA up to 684X400
  • Fits 23" to 75" tv with vesa from 200x100 to 684x400mm (mounting hole pattern up to 26. 9" horizontal by 16" vertical)
  • Low profile display your tv with stylish appearance ; strong and durable dual steel frames
  • Bonus 6" 3-axis magnetic bubble level, 10 ft hdmi cable and standard hardware included; assembly required
  • Durable construction supports up to 132 lbs; fits up to 24" studs
  • 10 degrees forward easy one-touch tilt to reduce glare, easy install
Price :    $20.11 (was $21.99)
Model :    MF608B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket Most 23 - 75 Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, Sharp LCD LED Plasma TV VESA 200x100 400x400 up to 684x400mm, Bonus HDMI Cable Bubble Level MF608B2 WT1 available ( Apr 2020 )

Heavy Duty Dual Arm 32 extension Articulating Wall Mount Samsung LG LED TV 65 70 75 79 80

Heavy duty dual arm (32" extension) articulating wall mount for samsung lg led tv 65" 70" 75" 79" 80" . Fits samsung un65ju6700, un65ju710, un65js8500, un65ju7500, un65ju6500, un65js9000, un75ju6500, un65j6200, un65js9500, un75j6300, un75ju7100, un78js9100, un78ju7500, un78js9500, un85ju7100, un78js860, un65ks9500, un65ks8500, un65ks8000, un65ks850, un65ks9000, un65ks9500, un65ks9800, un65ku6300, un65ku6500, un65ku630dfxza, un65ku7500 . Fits lg 75uh8500, 65uh8500, 65uh7700, 65uh6550

Heavy Duty Dual Arm 32 extension Articulating Wall Mount Samsung LG LED TV 65 70 75 79 80Heavy-extension-Articulating-Mount-Samsung

Brand :    universalmounts
Color :    Black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes universal wall plate (no extra wall mount to purchase)
  • Dual stud, dual arm supports up to 180 lbs
  • Vesa 600 x 400, 400 x 400, 300 x 300 . roll option to level the screen after installation
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Tv extendes 4. 9" - 32" from the wall
Price :    $121.96 (was $144.99)
Ce :    Best Av Furniture (universalmounts product review) for Heavy Duty Dual Arm 32 extension Articulating Wall Mount Samsung LG LED TV 65 70 75 79 80 available ( Apr 2020 )

Mount-It TV Wall Mount Swing Out Full Motion Design Corner Installation, Fits 40 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 Inch Flat Screen TVs, 220 Lb Capacity MI-319L

Work great ! put up a sharp 65" in the corner. . Loveit" can swing to watch tv everywhiich way

Mi-319l articulating tv wall mount for 42 to 70 inch tvs is constructed with a thick grade of steel that will safely, secure your precious flat screen television to any wall. This articulating tv mount has a high tech, sleek design, which sits slightly over 4 inches away from the wall, and has an adjustable tilt range up to 15 degrees with the ability to swivel 180 degrees at the wall plate and at the arm joint at the tv mount plate, for maximum flexibility in adjusting the side viewing angle. Dual tv safety screws are included to prevent accidental liftoff of the display. The use of heavy gauge metal minimizes sagging even fully extended. Compare the features and pricing to any other articulating tv wall mount on online store. Mount-it! experience and guarantee. Mount-it! is the expert in television and computer monitor mounts. We apply our decade long experience in this field to offer the best features at value prices. Contact our friendly customer support team for any questions or issues. Features: fits most of 42-70" tvs 26. 2 inches of extension capability is ideal for entertainment center installation. Tilt, swivel and extend/collapse function easy tilting angle adjustment heavy duty steel construction and high-tech welding technology includes all necessary mounting hardware specifications: * tv size range: 42" - 70" (some even up to 80" depending on vesa bolting pattern and the tv weight) * max tv weight: 220 lbs * mounting pattern: universal and up to vesa 850 x 450. Fits vesa 850x450, 800x400, 750x450, 700x400, 600x450 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 300x200, 200x200mm * mounting holes: up to 34. 4" apart horizontally and up to 18. 5" vertically * wall plate dimensions: 18. 9" w by 8. 7 h

Mount-It TV Wall Mount Swing Out Full Motion Design Corner Installation, Fits 40 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 Inch Flat Screen TVs, 220 Lb Capacity MI-319LMount-Motion-Installation-Capacity-MI-319L

Mount Motion Installation Capacity Mi 319l (Mount It) FAQ.

Purchased this mount to hold a large screen tv for church. The mount has performed as advertised with no problems. -Notice from Z. Emily, Bradford

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I was skeptical on purchasing this mount because the size/weight of my tv. I bought the 70" sharp aquos smart tv weighing in at 79 lbs and the weight limit of the mount being 220 lbs seemed ridiculous. After its all said and done, the weight limit of the mount is still ridiculous but it holds my 79 lbs tv just fine. Installation of the mount was a breeze. If you're not too handy around the house call a neighbor that is. This is not so easy where the common house wife may be able to install it correctly and for a short time may require 2 people to hang the mount and tv if you have a big one like mine. The tricky part is really mounting to the wall, if your a perfectionist like myself, it has to be perfectly level. This takes some time and patients because you should only drill once and if your guide holes aren't perfect, you get what other reviews say, a obviously tilted tv. The level included was a nice touch which adds to the positive review and value of the product. Once i got my tv hung i was very impressed with how solid the mount maintained through out the full extension and in any position it goes in. I got the full 25+" extension from the wall which enables my 64" wide tv to be angled to about 40-45 deg. Overall i am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the mount and even more impressed with the price i payed. I found similar mounts with less functionality for a lot more money which makes me a happy customer.

Mount-motion-installation-capacity-mi-319l-(mount-it) set picture

- U. AliceIt is very well made and heavy duty yet it was fairly easy to install. What became very convenient in my case was this mount let you make a small adjustment if you installed on the wall slightly off level. Yes you can make adjustments after you install it. There are 5 screws on the panel where the tv will be hooked. By loosing them up, you can make the panel move. I had a hard time finding a mount for 70 inch tv but this one is definitely the best.

The good, its pretty sturdy for a single arm swing out mount. . The not so good:. . 1) very light weight screws, snapped one of the lag bolts. . 2) lag bolts: 12mm socket didn't fit them, neither did a 13mm socket. 1/2 inch socket fit best. . 3) instructions call for a minimum of 16 inch spacing between bolts. The widest spacing allowed by the mounting plate is 16 inches. So the minimum became a maximum. I had to drill mine to accommodate 18 inch spacing (old house). 24 inch spacing is not that rare, if your studs are spaced out that far, you will be sol. . Two lengths of bolts were included to attach to my tv: 40mm and 15mm. Unfortunately, i needed 25mm bolts. Spacers were too long. Note, every tv is different, i used 25mm long bolts on the top, and i used the 40mm bolts (with a couple of extra washers, not included) for the bottom. . Despite the shortcomings, i would buy this unit again. My tv only weighs 36 pounds, to this mount is overkill, but what i would prefer (minimal/no sag). . Maybe i over-rated this one at a "4", but given the price, it was still decent.

H. Elanor, Auvergne

Price :    $52.79 (was $65.99)
  • This wall mounting kit is compatible with samsung, sony, lg, sharp, insignia, vizio, haier, toshiba, sharp, element, tcl, westinghouse 42, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 55, 60, 65, 70 inch tvs.
  • Universal tv wall mounting bracket with adjustable arms that fits most of 42-70" lcd/led/plasma tvs on the market (even up to some 80 inch tvs) up to vesa 850x450 and 220 lbs (fits vesa 850x450, 750x450, 700x400, 600x450 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 300x200, 200x200, 200x100, 200x150, 100x100mm). please check vesa (mounting hole pattern behind tv), stud spacing, possible blocked cable/input and tv weight prior to making purchase decision to determine whether this tv wall mount fits your tv and the installation application.
  • Weight rated to 220 lbs - this bracket is one of the strongest single arm swivel brackets available on . install your precious tv with confidence. heavy-duty steel used for this mount prevents sagging that might be visible on lower weight rated mounts. constructed from reinforced steel. integrated bubble level makes installation easier. quick and easy to install - bracket comes complete with full instructions, installation hardware.
  • Continuous tilt feature (up to 15 degrees up or down) for better viewing angle and reduced glare. large open wall plate design assures easy access to back of the tv and cables. the long extension arm and the single-arm large swivel ability makes this mount ideal for corner installations.
  • Tilt, swivel, articulate, extend, collapse with this universal tv wall mounting bracket. full motion capability makes is ideal for corner installation, over a fireplace, inside a tv center. this wall mount is designed for 16" studs. tv stays 4. 5" from the wall or can extend all the way up to 26. 2 inches. this tv mounting bracket has one of the longest extensions among the mounts sold on . swivel left or right 90 degrees.
Brand :    everstone
Color :    Black
Size :    42 Inch -70 Inch
Weight :    28.00 pounds
Model :    MI-319L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (everstone product review) for Mount-It TV Wall Mount Swing Out Full Motion Design Corner Installation, Fits 40 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 Inch Flat Screen TVs, 220 Lb Capacity MI-319L available ( Apr 2020 )

Full Motion TV Wall Mount 32 inch Long Extension 42 to 80 inch TVs

Long extension this full motion articulating tv mount extends up to 32 inches and pivots / swings right or left for optimal viewing. The dual 32 inch long extending arm will allow a 65" tv to pivot a full 80 degrees without hitting wall. Great for us as a corner tv mount or for centering on the wall between studs. Great features the most unique feature of this mount is the right to left adjustment capability. Maybe you don't like the position of your tv on the wall ? simply move the sliding arm left or right on the wall bracket up to 14 inches. Voila ! now it is perfectly centered or positioned in the corner. Movement is easy with this articulating tv mount, simply push or pull your tv to the desired location, and it will move easily and freely, no tools required. With up to 160 degrees of free movement, your tv can be viewed from any angle. The post installation leveling feature will insure you have a perfect installation every time; even if your tv is crooked. Built in cable management is included for a clean look and will prevent pinching of your audio video and power cables. Does it fit ? fits all plasma, lcd, and led tvs with a mounting hole pattern (vesa) between 200x200mm to 800x600mm. This means it can fit tv's from 32 all the way up to 80 inches in size. Please confirm for your television's mounting hole pattern or vesa size. Specifications: - articulating arms slide right and left up to 14 inches - +5 degree and -15 degree tilt - pivots up to 160 degrees - extension: 3. 1 inch to 32 inches - designed for dual stud 16 inch on center wooden studs or concrete, not compatible with metal studs - maximum tv weight: 150 lbs - includes all hardware for installation to wood studs or concrete / masonry wall.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount 32 inch Long Extension 42 to 80 inch TVsFull-Motion-Wall-Mount-Extension

Brand :    aeon stands and mounts
Color :    Black
Size :    4.8 x 4.6 x 0.8 inches
Weight :    38.00 pounds
Model :    FBA_AEON-45200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (aeon stands and mounts product review) for Full Motion TV Wall Mount 32 inch Long Extension 42 to 80 inch TVs available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $129.00 (was $169.00)
  • Fits tv's from 37 inches up to 80 inches. confirm your vesa size. works great as samsung full motion tv mount, sony full motion tv mount, vizio full motion tv mount, etc.
  • Large opening in back panel for cable entrance from the wall. this mount is for 16 inch on center studs. if you have 24 inch on center studs please consider aeon 45250.
  • Full motion tv mount with long extension from 3. 1 inches to 32 inches. great for large tv's.
  • 14 inches of horizontal adjustment for perfect centering on the wall, cabinet or corner
  • Dual stud construction for stronger articulating tv wall mount. supports 150 pounds.

unibrak unb 550 dual arm articulating cantilever lcd plasma led lfd tv wall mount extends 33 inches 42 50 58 65 70 extra heavy duty sony lg panasonic samsung sharp Price : 99, was : 299 as 2018-11-05
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Great Britain
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The F.A.Q. for unibrak unb 550 dual arm articulating cantilever lcd plasma led lfd tv wall mount extends 33 inches 42 50 58 65 70 extra heavy duty sony lg panasonic samsung sharp

This is a solid mount, as the other reviewers have noted. I only weigh 160, but that's quite sufficient to reassure me that the tv isn't going to fall. It sags about half-an-inch under my full weight. Also, as other reviewer have said, the instructions are pretty weak, but it's not that complicated, so if you're reasonably handy, mounting shouldn't be a problem. The minor issues are (1) that the wall mounting plate is about 25 inches wide, so with studs at 16" centers, the center of the mount has only about 9 inches of horizontal adjustment. With 24" studs, you have no choice of where the center will be. (2) the tv mounting bracket has a 10" by 10" square solid steel plate that will end up in the center of your tv. If your tv has any i/o connections in that area, you will at a minimum have to buy a new cable with a right-angle plug, as i did. Not an insurmountable problem, but be forewarned. This is advertised as working on a 42 to 60 inch tv, but i used it on a 40" sony bravia with only the aforementioned issues. The brackets all fit and the mount doesn't show from the viewing side. I'm quite happy with it.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: If i mount it in a moving vehicle (rv) is there a way to lock it in place?

(1) Question: In the fully closed position, how many inches does the mount come out from the wall?

(2) Question: Can it mount to concrete?

(3) Question: Does the mount is allow lateral adjustment of arm assembly on wall plate? in order to improved centering of panel on wall?

(4) Question: I have 46" panasonic plasma tv (model th-46pz85u, from 2008). the hole spacing is 660x320 mm (not specifically vesa comp. ). will this work for my tv?

(5) Question: My 16"oc studs are 3" to the right of where i want to center my tv. can i shift 3" using the 16" slots, or can i use one 12" slot and one 24" slot?

(6) Question: Will it fit a samsung 65in curved 4k smart tv?

(7) Question: Mount to brick?

(8) Question: Will this mount to a samsung un65ks9000 ? what screws do i use and what adapters?

(9) Question: I want to mount this inside the storage compartment on the side wall of my 5th wheel, with a 50" tv will it turn 180 to view outside ?

(10) Question: Will this work with a 65" lg oled65c7p? i bought this mount 7 years ago and have misplaced the manual.

(11) Question: Can the tv be easily removed from the mount? i will be installing in a patio and want to be able to move the tv inside sometimes.

(12) Question: Will this work with vesa 300 x 200 for a 65" lg oled65b6p tv? also, will it work with the wiring pattern?

(13) Question: Can i mount this to a 58 toshiba led

(14) Question: Will the unibrak unb 550 dual arm articulating cantilever lcd plasma led tv wall mount with a sharp 60 in aquas

(15) Question: Does the tv mount slide up and down vertically flush to the mounting bracket?

(16) Question: Will this mount also work with an oled tv?

(note) Question: where/how to get Unibrak (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Unibrak's products

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I never end up reviewing products because usually i don't care that much, but this mount is absolutely everything it hopes to be and more! it is incredibly sturdy, allowing me to do pull-ups on it at full extension (30") with no noticeable deflection at all! i have double-thick 5/8" drywall on top of heart pine 2x4" studs, so i had to opt for better bolts than the ones that came with it or else they might not have had enough traction in the wood to support the mount and the tv at full extension. I used some 3/8"x4" zinc plated lag screws, drilling a 1/2" hole through the drywall (1-1/4" thick, total), then a 5/32" pilot hole to a depth of 3-1/2" for the 3/8" screws. I added a drywall anchor in the wider drywall holes and cut the collars off with a knife flush with the surface of the wall to help prevent crumbling of the sheetrock around the screw joint. This mount is certainly a beast, but it is fairly easy to manipulate after you work it a bit. I might recommend working the mount before you mount it on the wall so that you don't have to work it while your equipment has to deal with that stress of movement. I'd also recommend mounting the tv with the base installed, securing the tv, then removing the base if at all possible. This can be a real help if you have to put the tv down in the middle of the mount process, and it can avoid hazards to the screen from laying the monitor face down to take the base off. The mount will suspend the tv quite well away from the wall with enough room to work the base off comfortably in most cases. . Note that in order to achieve the minimal mounting depth as advertised (3-1/2" to 4"), you will need to use the four outermost bolt slots to mount to the wall, and this probably means 24" studs perfectly split-center, masonry, or plywood will be your mounting material. Otherwise, if you place a bolt closer to the inside, you will take up space near the first pivot arms which will cause them to no longer go completely flat against the wall. I have one side bolted on the inner-most joint in order to center the tv with the wall on 16" stud spacing, and my minimal depth of mount is about 5" from the wall to the back of the tv. . One reviewer mentioned that the roll adjustment was difficult to figure out. In my experience, it just rolls. No adjustment is necessary to any bolts or anything i've found. It simply has play, and you manipulate it where you want just as you would expand or retract the canteliever arms (so if you're a perfectionist, you might want to consider putting a level on the back of the tv if you manipulate the screen a lot and want to make sure it's level wherever it lands). . Kudos, unibrak. You've probably made several more sales through me as i install tvs for my clients! :) these things are way better than the cheetah mounts i've used in the past, but still affordable.

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Audio & Video Accessories 235271, Electronics 282271, TV Accessories & Parts 466271, TV Ceiling & Wall Mounts 697067Top Unibrak Unb 550 Articulating Cantilever (Av Furniture) FAQ Content

Best unibrak unb 550 articulating cantilever (av furniture) in review

If you are reading this you have read the other comments and i won't repeat them. . I would have given this rack only 4 stars because the instructions are so poor, but the rack is so good i just couldn't do it. I have 8 flat screen tv's and have 4 of them mounted on the wall. No matter how careful i am to make sure the rack is level, the tv always sags when it is turned perpendicular to the wall with no way to make adjustments to correct this. Drives me absolutely nuts! . . This rack is incredibly stable and strong. Not only did the rack not sag with my 55 inch tv on it, but if it did, or if it was slightly off level this can be corrected without removing the tv by loosening the screws that attach the tv to the mount and moving the tv up or down to correct it. . I selected his rack in part because of the fact that at full extension the tv is far enough away from the wall so that you can turn the tv perpendicular to the wall without the edge of the tv hitting the wall. . Regardless of price you will not find a more secure and stable rack. Very well made and the price is great. I plan on getting two more for my other tvs.

S. Edith, Arizona

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Modest 4k Hdmi Cable Feet Ethernet (Cable Or Adapter) 4330115315 4k Hdmi Cable Feet Ethernet

I. Anonymous, Quebec says

Ordered this out of the 5000 different options based on the reviews it received. . I've put up tv mounts before, so most of it i could do without really reading the directions. I will say though, on the instances i had to refer to the guide, the directions were a little clumsy and took some pondering to figure it out. . Hardware and bolts are all first class, i'm not worried about anything breaking or parts detaching from the wall. Curiously, after all the heavy duty twisting and tightening, the 4 screws that actually hold the 70 lb tv to the frame are the smallest i've ever seen. I was anxious at first that they would break off or fall out, but it's been a week and the tv isn't on the floor. So i guess i worried for nothing. . Definitely need two people to get the tv hooked on to the mount, the actually mounting to the wall (done first) can be done alone. For the price, you can't beat it.

H. Monique, Alaska

I have a very confined 30" deep niche i needed to "float" my plasma tv in. The tv had to come out to the very edge of the niche, the full 30" from the back. The niche is exactly as wide as my tv, i mean exactly. I was worried i couldn't find a mount flexible enough to let me position and height and depth of the tv to the extreme accuracy i needed, including being able to get behind it to connect everything when i was done mounting. But 33" turned out to be the perfect mount of extension and i was able to pivot the tv just right to access everything behind it, while still maintaining all the other tolerances around my niche. In the end, all i needed to adjust was the bracket height on the back of the tv to get the height exactly where i needed it, again talking quarters of an inch in tolerance. . Keep in mind, this mount does not move up and down by itself. Only the bracket on the back of the tv lets you move it up and down. If you don't have to worry about tolerances then even better. Best buy offered a similar mount for an astounding $600+ dollars, plus they would come out for an additional $125 and do the mounting if i wanted. Are you kidding me? so i just saved a boat load of money. . As others have pointed out, thought, the instruction are pretty poor; there's a lot of "engrish" in them. I actually mounted the mount upside down because it was so unclear, but at least i noticed the problem before trying to mount the tv. So while it took me longer than i expected to mount, it still came out just fine, and seems extremely sturdy. I had a stud finder so i knew exactly where to drill. In my situation where the tolerances were so tight, let me tell you it pays to measure, measure, and measure again before drilling any holes. I got it right on the first try, which amazed me, but i spent a long time measuring and doing the math beforehand. Those mounting bolts are huge and you do not want to go around make holes that size all over the place, trust me. . So, great mount for a great price, if you have the patience to deal with below average instructions. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for the instructions.

A. Finch, Bayern says

I purchased the unibrak to mount my 58" plasma on a brick chimney and be able to extend the mount and swivel the tv 90 degrees. The mount is very heavy and sturdily built. The quality is really very good for the price. The instructions are pretty bad, but its really not that hard to figure out how to mount and assemble it. Just make sure you are using the right hardware for each step because although they label each packet of hardware they never refer to labels in the instructions. Because i was mounting on brick i purchased additional bolts with sleeves specifically for brick. With 4 bolts i was able to extend the mount and hang on it myself before mounting the tv. The small plate that the tv mounts on can be tilted forward and back to tilt the tv up or down and also left to right to get the tv level. . The mount does not sag at all even when extended fully. You can not rotate a 58" tv a full 90 degrees to the side as i wanted, but you can get close, probably 75 degrees. With a small tv you could get closer to 90.

U. Nees, Aquitaine

Summary. . Pros: sturdy, strong, relatively easy installation, all hardware supplied, very flexible to use afterwards, terrific price. Cons: instruction manual is a little lacking in details (but this is not a big deal). . This mount is amazing, and considering what you pay for it (less than $125), it's a terrific deal. It's made from solid steel where each piece is a single molded piece, so there aren't any joints or soldering to introduce weak spots for points of failure. It's black powder-coated for a nice look where the paint won't scratch, chip or fade during normal and some rugged use. But the best part is that once you get past how to install it (the instruction manual is ok, but the pictures on it are small and you have to study them hard to make sure that you have it right), the installation itself is pretty easy, mounting the tv is easy, and then it just works without issues. Period. . Details - installation. The mount comes in two main parts: the portion that actually attaches to the wall (i'll call this the wall-side mount) and the portion(s) that attaches to the tv (i'll call this the tv bracket). The wall-side mount has numerous holes for you to attach it to walls and studs of different types. The studs in my house easily fit within the configuration. The wall-side mount has the articulating arms already attached, so you only have to attach one piece to the wall without assembling the arms separately. Now, the instructions recommend that 2 people install this on the wall, and i had help from my brother, but after we were done, we said that if forced to, one person could do it alone. It would be much more difficult and time-consuming, but it's possible, as long as that person can support the weight of the mount. We were able to center the wall-side mount in the exact location that i wanted it, but also realized afterwards that since you can pan the tv using the articulating arms, that if you couldn't center the mount and were off by a few inches, you can always just pan the tv afterwards, no big deal. A great test is to see if you can hang off the arms of the mount. I weigh 155 pounds and was easily able to do a full pull-up on the mount, so i know it can support my tv. I recommend trying this yourself. If the mount isn't attached properly and you fall down, ripping it off your wall, that's a much cheaper alternative than having your tv fall down with the mount later on. Patching drywall will cost you around $100, replacing your tv and possibly paying medical bills if it injures someone will cost you alot more than that. Special note here: make sure you know what side of the wall-mount faces up. This part is very easy to figure out, but it's also very important. . Next i attached the tv bracket to the back of my tv. I have a new samsung 65-inch led tv that weighs 78 pounds. The mount comes with an enormous choice of screws to accommodate most any tv, and i easily found the ones for my tv because samsung labeled the thread size in its manual (m8) and the mount labeled the thread size in its manual, so i just had to match them up. Oh, one thing here: the mount manual isn't that great, remember? my manual just showed a photo of each screw along with its description (e. G. M8 screw 3/4 inch). The screws themselves came in pouches that were labeled with just a letter for each set, but no description. Each screw type is segregated so that they're not mixed together, but i had to match the description on the manual to the letter on the pouches. Not a big deal, but luckily i did that ahead of time, saving myself some work later, so i would highly recommend that to everyone. Another note about the screws: the screws that are used to attach the wall-side mount to the wall and the pieces of the tv bracket to itself are fixed. Don't get those mixed up, you only have one choice. The million other screws that it comes with are to accommodate different tvs. Again, you just have to spend time upfront to identify all of the screws so that you use the exact screws required. . Ok, back to the tv bracket. I installed the bracket together (there are 3 pieces for tvs over a certain size), then attached the bracket to the back of the tv. If you have a level, you'll save yourself some time by leveling the bracket to the tv. Installation was really easy, it was just a matter of lining up the holes to the screw (hm, that sounded kinda weird). Then you attach 2 hex screws (there is only one set of hex screws, and it's for this purpose, so make sure you get this part right) to the top of the tv bracket where it meets the mount, pick up the tv, hook the hex screws onto the wall-side mount, tighten them, attach and tighten the other 2 hex screws to the bottom, and you're done. Remember my comment above about knowing which side of the wall-side mount faces up? it's because of this action of hooking the tv bracket onto it that makes it important. . Actually, i wasn't completely done. I leveled the wall-side mount to the wall and the tv bracket to the tv. I even checked the articulating arms, and they were level. But the plate at the end of the arms that attaches to the tv bracket wasn't level, so i had to adjust that. It was easy, you just have to use the supplied allen wrench that you used for the hex screws and adjust the screws that attach to this plate, but this part isn't mentioned at all in the manual and i had to figure it out for myself. After that, i was truly done. Total installation time with 2 guys was about 2 hours, but could have been more if i didn't thoroughly study the installation manual first (measure twice, cut once, or read twice, install once). . Details - usage. Once completely installed, you get to truly appreciate this mount. It can pull straight out about a full arm's length from the wall without any sag in the tv. It can also swivel and pan to the right and left (by swivel, i mean that the angle of the tv changes as you swing it left and right; by pan, i mean that the angle of the tv doesn't change, it's still facing you, but you can carefully "slide" it right and left). Finally, it can tilt up and down a little bit. It even comes with plastic sleeves for you to attach onto the articulating arms to hide the wires and cables in so that the wires aren't just dangling around and getting in the way. . All in all, this is a terrific product at a terrific price. I would recommend this over and over again, and if i ever needed another mount, i would not even hesitate to get another of this.

D. Eleanor, Sachsen says

I bought this mount to place my 43" pioneer in my bedroom. I chose this mount based on online store reviews because of the distance the arms extend and because of the heavy duty design of the arms. After the installation is complete and i've spent some time using the mount i'm very happy with it. I would buy one again and i would recommend this to a friend. My eyes aren't young anymore and it's nice to bring the tv an extra 3 feet or so closer and then to be able to stow it back against the wall. I give it 4 stars because i needed to modify it, the directions weren't very good, and the design could have been stronger in some places (tapped holes and provided hardware). On the plus side the arms are very sturdy and the linkage with the arms is nearly brilliant. . Pros. * heavy duty arms. * multiple degrees of freedom. * very sturdy design overall. . Cons. * some of the provided hardware isn't adequate. * requires modification of some of the parts for tvs in the smaller end of the size range. * arms can pinch cables. * tapped holes in sheet metal! . . Good to know. * wall bracket is 26" wide x 10" high. Max width of bolt spacing with 5/16" screws is about 24½". * outer mounting slots are 8 ¾" apart, top to bottom. * wall arm assembly weighs a little over 22 lbs. . See the photos i posted to go with this review. . There have been some comments about the adequacy of the directions. They are one-sided photo copies and they were probably written by someone whose first language isn't english, but they get the job done. The directions make a point that installation requires two people. I had no problem installing the bracket and the tv by myself. I had all four mounting holes in my wall drilled before i mounted the wall arm assembly and i had my wrench and the lag bolts handy, it really wasn't difficult. Note that the wall arm assembly weighs a little over 22 pounds. It can be a little tricky making the bracket on the tv align with the wall bracket when mounting. For larger tvs it would be a very good idea to have two people to mount the tv itself, but one person can mount the wall bracket easily enough. My tv weighs about 60 lbs. I extended the wall bracket out from the wall, placed the tv on top of the dressers where i was mounting it, and then stacked books and haynes manuals under the tv until it was at just the right height to install the screws between the tv bracket and the wall bracket. . As the name implies this bracket is universal and i chose to make some modifications. The adapter brackets that mount directly to the back of the tv are about 25½" long but my tv is only 24½" tall so the hacksaw came out. It was really no problem to do, if you end up doing the same i recommend making your cuts so that the remaining mounting slots keep their full length plus as much edge distance as you can give them from the end of the slot to the cut you make. I made my cuts at the end of the slot on the part being cut off. I used a file and a black sharpie marker to clean up the ends of the brackets after making the cuts. . The adapter panel that attaches to the tv along with the adapter brackets has arms with 8 tapped holes spaced one inch apart for attachment to the adapter brackets. My tv has 300mm x 500mm mounts and this left some length of the arms on the adapter panel proud of the brackets. I chose to cut the arms down to just what i needed for a cleaner appearance. I used the hacksaw for the straight cut, a dremel tool to make the chamfers, and the file and sharpie to finish up. I think it looks much better without the extra material sticking out. This joint with the tapped hole is a weak point in the design: a shear bolt into a tapped hole. Because the screw exits into channel section there is plenty of room for a washer and nut on the back side of the joint. This would be the repair if the tapped hole became stripped but i chose to get a longer screw and install the washer and nut initially. . A lot of reviewers say something like it only took them two hours to install their bracket. I spent about three times that just doing layout work to decide where the perfect place to drill my wall was. Of course you must first find your studs but here is a very important consideration: the tv is going to be in the center of the wall bracket when it is stowed all the way back. It's not like fixed or tilting brackets where you can mount the wall bracket and then the tv will slide up to a foot left and right. With this mount where you bolt the bracket up is exactly where the tv will center up. To make this even more fun they designed this bracket so that with studs on 16" centers you end up with one bolt at the end of a slot and on the other side a bolt in roughly the middle of a slot on the wall bracket. This means you only benefit from about half of the length of the slot for adjustability. For reference the slots are about 2 3/16" long overall, with 5/16" lag screws their effective length is about 1 7/8". . The lag screws that were provided for bolting the wall bracket to the wall were not adequate in my opinion. They were 5/16" x 3' lag screws as they should be, but the grip diameter of the bolts under the head was less that 5/16" because of the cheap way they rolled the thread. The bolt heads were flanged and no washers were provided. The flanged bolt heads were not large enough to grip both sides of the mounting slots on the bracket. The bolt heads, though hex, even had a phillips drive recess. Who is going to drive a 3 inch bolt into a stud with a phillips driver? garbage. . Along with proper lag screws and washers, i bought some extra washers since some of the provided cut washers were thin and not manufactured cleanly and also of smallish outside diameter. I should note that the bag of screws in 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm were all of good quality. It was just the lag screws and some of the washers that were not. When you are buying washers know that 5/16" and 8mm are virtually the same size. I upgraded the 8mm washers that mount the tv bracket to the wall bracket, but used the provided truss head bolts, they were really nice bolts for the job. . With it all mounted up, i really like it. I can pull my tv the advertised 32" away from the wall. If i extend it less than that i can use the capacity of the arm's travel to pan the tv left and right quite a good bit. It can tilt all over the place. The joints in the arms are quite stiff. This doesn't bother me since my tv is only a 43" and since it's older it's over 3 inches thick. For someone with a newer, larger, thinner tv this would be an issue since they would be pushing on the glass essentially to manipulate the arms of the mount. One could lubricate the joints or loosen the bolts but i'm going to see if the joints loosen up with use first. I think i will want to move my panel with less effort ultimately though. . The other issue is that this mount can seriously pinch your cables. The pinch points i found are between the tv mounting plate and the outer arms on the wall arm assembly and between the wall mounting plate and the inner arms on the same assembly. I found the cord covers to be pretty useless on inspection; i didn't even try them. They don't look strong enough to manage stiff cords going through the motions. My pioneer has a system cable that runs into the panel, it's burly. I used tie wraps. . If you made it to the end of this review. Well just wow, because it's really long. Just buy the thing.

. Lorenz, Southwark

I have been installing custom theater now for over 10 years. My company uses sanus, chief, and diamond for our installs. I needed to install a 46" lcd in my office in the corner, but the sanus mount was $350 (my dealer cost). Im so glad i gave this mount a try. I have installed literally thousands of mounts over the years and this one i can tell you is very well made. I was very surprised at how well this was constructed considering it retails for 6x less than the mount i was going to use. Installation was easy (easier than a chief) and it is constructed much better than a diamond (junk). I would say that this is as well made as the top tier mounts, and at the price point absolutely the best bang for your buck. I do wish the articulating arms that pivot off the wall bracket were movable (finding two studs dead center of your install never happens), but with the extra long throw the arms have, it wasnt much of an issue. I am a fanatic about testing my mount installations before i install the tv. I pull on them with my bodyweight to make sure they are secure. I almost pulled myself off the floor (i am 6'2" at 250 lbs). If installed right, this is a two finger swivel (not much force to move the tv back to the wall). Tilt, pan, swivel all works very well. I would recommend this mount to anyone who needs a good strong mount. Perfect for hanging a tv in the corner.

C. Alexia, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

My installation was as follows: i through bolted the base to a piece of 2x12 which spanned. 4 wall studs with (6) 1 1/2" x5/16" bolts, washers and nuts. Then i mounted this assembly to. The wall with (8) 4"x5/16" lag bolts and washers. The location of my wall studs was not ideal for mounting directly to the wall and. I wanted the extra strength of mounting to the 2x12 attached to four wall studs. This also. Gave me extra distance from the wall as the tv (75" samsung led) will remain on about the. Same plane as the front of the two component towers and main speakers on either side of the. Tv (about 28" from the wall). This provides a range of movement further from the wall if. Ever needed for cabling, etc. The mount is very solid and has no slop in the pivot points; . Movement is very smooth; adjustment effortless. It is a bargain at the purchase price. Highly recommended.

J. Harrison, Midi-Pyrenees

I got it with one hinge butt bolt missing. I called the vendor and wanted me to send it back because they don't keep spare parts. It made sense, but i told him i would try to find the bolt locally, which i did. It was identical to the originals. The reason for wanting to keep is that the thing is very heavy (as it should be) and didn't want to mess with packaging. After that hitch, the installation was easy. The bracket extends the promised 32" and holds the tv with no sags. I had my 70 lb daughter hand from the very end of it fully extended, and measured the deflection at about 1/8". Just make sure the studs are well spaced. In my case i was mounting inside an existing entertainment center and the studs were at 24" in a bad place. I solved it by adding 3/4" plywood attached to the studs with lag bolts and to the bracket with carriage bolts. But then again i always overdesign. Have no qualms about quality or sturdiness. It also came with plastic conduits which snap to the arms to route the cables. They were a bit undersized for my use, but i solved with black velcro straps i made from a velcro 3/4" roll. Now i add and take cables much more easily and only the permanent ones stay in the conduits. I added a photo. It's hard to capture the full installation, but you can see the bracket holding its own inside the entertainment center. I only gave it four stars for the inexplicably missing bolt.

. Meyer, Hertfordshire says

After reading all the reviews, i decided to go with this mount. After installing it on the wall, i extended it all the way out an hung on the end of it (i weigh 205 lb. ) to test it out. It had no problem supporting my weight, i mean no problem. I then installed my panasonic 65" plasma (133 lb. ). It holds it very well and securely. The instructions do stink, so if you're not mechanically inclined, you may have trouble. The instructions say it only goes up to a 63" and the item subscription on online store says 65". The instructions do say it can support 200 lbs. I had to flip the tv mounting plates in order for it to fit my tv (it doesn't affect the mechanical integrity of the unit). One note, i installed washers on the bolts that go though the unit into the wall stud. The bolts that come with the mount are beefy enough, but the head of the bolt in my view doesn't grab a hold of enough metal on the mount. Pre drill your holes of course in the center of a stud and then use a good wood glue as a lubricant(helps the screw go into the stud, and when it dries, it helps prevent the bolt from backing out) to install your bolts into the stud. . For the one bad review that said it could not support their tv and the tv looked like it was going to nose dive into the floor. I can only say that maybe they received a defective product or maybe the installer didn't install it correctly (maybe on purpose) and benefited by selling them something else (made money on a sale and labor). Whatever the case, i can attest that this is a well made solid product and does what it's supposed to, hold your tv securely on the wall.

F. Elida, Brent

I bought this mount for it's ability to swivel nearly 180 degrees. I mounted it near a corner above a corner fireplace and it is able to extend and swivel far enough that the 42" plasma screen is centered above the fireplace. It comes with a huge amount of mounting hardware but surprisingly does not include washers for the lag bolts used in mounting to a wood stud wall. The mounting hardware is meticulously labeled with letters but the documentation is not similarly labeled, so it takes some trial and error to figure out which bolts are supposed to be used in each step. The covers for hiding the cables are a nice touch, but the retention clips are flimsy and easily broken by inflexible cables. The mount itself is excellently engineered and sturdy. I've seen this advertised at $399. 00 but by some fluke was able to get it for $79. 99 from mountplus via online store. Com.

X. Lawrence, Illinois says

This mount does it all! great for my 70" screen. We wanted the option to pull it out off the wall, pan and move it around left and right and angle of our choice and this mount does it perfectly! best mount i have come across at a bargain price as well. This thing is built like a tank. Bolt it into a couple studs pull it out all 33" from wall and no problem for a 200lbs person to hang from it with no sag. . The instructions aren't as bad as people claim, not very difficult to figure it out really, i suppose they could be a little better though. But its not an overly complicated process to install. . I did put a tiny bit of lubricant at each moving joint before hanging and it really loosened up movement of the arms, now it glides with ease, before lubricating it was a little stiff.

E. Matherly, Northern Territory says

I looked all over for the best mount for the money. Bought my first one for my 60" kuro plasma. 120lbs worth. Excellent quality, can rotate 90deg to the wall. And properly installed is bulletproof. Nice feel to the motion. I am a good diy er and mounted it myself. Just get the middle of the studs right and follow the drilling directions to the letter. Bought a 2nd for my bedroom 60" much lighter lcd. Mount even allows rotational tilt. Only thing that would be better is if there was a little more up down tilt. But still 5star. Considering a 3rd for a smaller 40" which is overkill but i like the mount that much.

. Miller, Virginia

Update - 4 years later. -. Still have this unit, though have mounted a newer tv on it. After four years, this thing is as good and solid as new. Still very pleased with this purchase after all these years. . Un edited original review:. -. . As with all previous reviewers, i was hesitant due to the price. Similar mounts in my area (vancouver, canada) sell for 10x this amount. This deal seemed too good to be true. . Having just completed the install, i could not be more pleased. This mount is solid, and the arms and head rotation offer what seems like unlimited positions for the screen. Tilt, extend, rotate, move. Infinite combinations. My particular install is in a corner, so i required some extension from the wall and a 45 degree swivel to face the room. No probs. I'll also note that once the tv is on the mount, it's quite simple to adjust the position and very smooth. Little effort required. . Construction is solid - heavy steel with strong joints. Construction was similar, if not identical, to the $600 model being sold at a local dealer. . Installation, thanks to previous reviewers was not so bad. Instructions aren't horrible - they give you the basic idea - and in the end, really, you need to be able to screw 4 bolts into a wall, attach a bracket on the back of the tv with 8 screws, and then 4 more bolts to mount the tv on the arms of the wall mount. Lay it out before, make sure you hit the studs and use 3 people for the last step of connecting the tv to the arms (two people on each end to hold the tv, one to tighten bolts. This final step takes about 3 minutes). For what it's worth, i made a template of the bracket, from the cardboard box that the unit ships in, to plan how and where i would install this on the wall. The unit itself is quite heavy, and you don't want to be moving this thing around on the wall to plan your installation. The bracket is designed for 16" on center studding, and in my case, offered several good options for installation. . For cables, the mount arms also come with cable management covers to hide cables. Also, there are 3 holes in the bracket which are big enough to accommodate cover plates for a standard size plug set horizontal or vertical. I've uploaded a picture to show this. . As for the review that claimed this unit sagged, i can only guess that the installation didn't hit the 2 studs required to support the tv. If you hit the studs, this will not sag. This thing is solid. . Bottom line - this is an absolute steal of a deal. I could not be more pleased with the product and am very thankful to the other reviewers that alleviated my fears that this might be too good to be true.

R. Rhonda, Indiana says

I have 2 of these now. The first i purchased over 4 years ago at the bargain price of $60. I needed a new one for a different location and i bought a different mount for $60 because this one was at over $100. What a mistake that was. So now i just sucked it up and paid the current price for this model. It is extremely well built. I can extend it fully and hang my 196lbs body from it without causing it to bend or sag. This is one of the best tv mounts made. If you need a flush mount, this is not what you need. But if you need plenty of extension, you can get it with this mount.

P. Morgan, Bolton

This thing is strong. After proper mounting you can rely on this puppy working like a champ. I went through a lot of "engineering analysis" :) to figure out how to mount it in order to hold my 130 pound plasma (60") because my stud placement would have had the tv way off to the left or right in the alcove since it's only wide enough to span two studs. But after consulting my contractor friend, i spanned 3 studs with 3/4" plywood, mounted that with 5/16" lag bolts on each end (into the outer studs) along with gluing the whole plywood panel with liquid nails to the wall. Painted plywood to match wall, etc. Drilled two new holes dead center of the unibrak mount steel back-plate where there were none, sunk two 3/8" lag bolts through the new holes into the center stud of the 3. Then sunk 5/16" lag bolts into the plywood through the normal outer mounting holes of the unibrak (between studs). When i was done, i personally hung on the mount arms extended 90% of the way. And i weigh 190. Then for fun and further testing i sat my wife on the thing fully extended. (130lb) i figure if it fails, she will heal. My plasma on the other hand was 6 grand! . Test was a success. The only downside to this mount is it is intended for bolt patterns up to maybe vesa 600x400. But my fd150 has a much wider spread on the mount holes (around 720mm). I was able to flip the vertical rails and make it work, but the manufacturer intent is to have the mounting holes on the inside of the vertical rails. I have them outside. It works. Bottom line. Great product, great value.

O. Shawna, Tameside says

I used this mount to install a 50-inch lcd flatscreen. It works great, so i gave it 4 stars. If the instructions had been better prepared i would have given this mount 5 stars. For example, i found that the adjustment for tilt was too loose and allowed the tv to slowly tilt forward, as have other reviewers. As they have rightly complained, the toggle lever to tighten this can only turn so far before it bumps into the mount. To solve this, i found that the manufacturer included a spring-loaded toggle on the end of the friction adjuster. This allows you to tighten it until it hits the mount, then pull the toggle outward and rotate it back, allowing you to continue to tighten the tilt adjustment further. If that little bit of information about the spring loaded toggle had been in the instructions, other purchasers might have easily solved thier loose tilt problem, rather than giving up on the mount and returning it. I only found that the toggle was spring loaded by chance, because i went after it with a screwdriver to remove the toggle when i found it wouldn't tighten adequately. Unibrak could save some money on returns and get some good will from customers if they improve the documentation for this mount.

T. Gina, Oklahoma

First: plan to have a helper to install it and hang the tv. . This is the largest - in terms of its arc - i could find. I wanted a bracket that would take being swung about often, so we could keep the tv against a wall but pull it out and turn it 90-deg for viewing. This works, only because the bracket is mounted at the end (an inch past, in fact) of a stub wall, leaving clearance for the edge of the tv to go around it. If the wall were continuous, this tv wouldn't turn a full 90-deg, although a smaller one might. It's as sturdy as other reviewers have stated. As they did, i tested it with my whole weight at full extension and was satisfied it wasn't going to go anywhere. I didn't try to use the snap-on cable covers preferring to use a cable zipper ( target " blank ) and lead them away as a single bundle. . July '13: a month on, i'm still just as satisfied.

. Amanda, Leeds says

I purchased this wall mount to hang my new samsung un60d8000 led tv. This wall mount was exactly what i expected (and unfortunately, so were the instructions based on the many reviews here). The mount is very heavy duty, as described, and the range of motion is outstanding. . I meticulously searched through many pages of mounts here on online store, reading reviews, and comparing different options & prices before finally choosing this one. No other articulating wall mount even came close to having the same open/closed extension range that this one has for a 60" led at this price. This is an absolute steal in comparison! . . The instructions were, unfortunately as poor as reviews are all stating. But, it's not rocket science. . My only advice, which may or may not be painfully obvious to most (it's definitely not in the instructions), disconnect the extension arms from the wall plate. Mount the wall plate to the wall. Then reconnect the arms to the wall plate. Unless you have two or three people helping you hold it up, get it level, & mark the holes. That thing is awkward & heavy with the arms on it! . . Overall, i'm very pleased with this mount and i would recommend this to anyone who's considering it.

N. Carmen, Greenwich

Our 46 inch tv is still hanging on these wall mounts almost 7 years later and we are so thankful for that! these are great! i couldn't ask for better. Does what it's supposed to. We would repurchase these in the future when we decide to put up more tvs. 4 thumbs up from my husband and i ; )

W. Wade, Knowsley says

We use this on our sony 60" 3d hdtv. Our house has a built in closet with a cut-out for the tv, made for the old style giant box tv's. So we needed this unit to extend the tv out from the wall and suspend it. It would have been nice if it would have extended a few more inches, but they aren't made that way; i looked for one. . We have another similar tv wall mount similar to this in our bedroom. It holds a heavier tv. We liked it so we'll i looked for another one for this living room tv. I found this mount and it has worked nicely. I like that it swivels so i can access the accessory plugs on the back of the tv when i want to hook up my ipad, video camera, or speakers. I don't have to crawl behind the tv. I just twist it side-ways and hook it all up.

. Lindsey, Bradford

I purchased this mount to install my samsung 60" led in a 24" deep recessed space. The tv was 54" but the recessed opening only 53". I mistakenly ordered the cheetah mount only to find out it extended only 19" (my fault for not checking). Anyway the cheetah mount went on the upstairs tv. . The unibrack is an excellent product. The wall plate was wide (26") to fit most stud spacings. I did not use the supplied lag bolts, not because those included were not adequate, i just really liked the spax heavy duty lag bolts i used for the cheetah mounts i initially installed. My samsung was light at less than 50lbs, but the mount looks like it can handle the rated weight because i had my 130lb daughter put all her weight on it at full extension and no give at all. The mounting plate can be adjusted to the correct level. It doesn't come with a built in level, but i don't really use them as i have my own. . The articulating arms are easy to maneuver out of the box, so i did not have to loosen any bolts. My only complaint with regard to the design is that you have to remove the tv from the mount if you want to adjust the tilt, otherwise it is really great. Great product for the price!

Top dual arm articulating cantilever Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

N. Benton, Oldham says

It's probably ok. The problem is that it's so darn heavy i couldn't get it in off the front porch. It would definitely take a construction crew to install it on the wall and it weights 4 times as much as the tv. I"m concerned that if mounted it would rip the rear wall off the house. It was a mistake to purchase this monstrosity. Again, not necessarily a bad product, just not a smart purchase for me.

D. Elanor, Plymouth

This mount is strong. It holds my 65" tv with no problem. The duel arms make it impossible to move past a 45 or -45 degree angle. Please dont read the directions. The directions are literally the worst instalation directions i have ever seen - i tried to follow them and it did not work. If you use the parts available and use common sense, it'll go up on the wall - no problem. Also - don't worry about all the extras because i had many, many extra screws.

F. Taylor, British Columbia says

The mount didn't arrive on the expected delivery day. It turns out that the shipping label had fallen off the box. When i contacted unibrak they said it was not their fault and that if i had a problem i should contact fedx " if the label was attached properly it wouldn't have fallen off in the first place. I give unibrak low marks for no customer service. It is a heavy duty mount but it's difficult to adjust its position. I have tried lube on the pivot joints . If you don't hold on to the mount when changing position of your flat screen you may put too much stress on it and cause damage.

R. Anonymous, Nebraska

Do not buy unless you are a very good do-it-yourselfer. The instruction sheet (too thin and limited in detail to call a manual) is extremely confusing. Lot's of typos, fragmented sentences, missing words, and frustratingly impossible to follow. Did i mention everything is metric. Ugh. Clearly written by by a foreigner that hasn't quite mastered the english language, and there's no phone number to call for assistance. I had to pretty much toss away the instructions and figure everything out on my own. Thank goodness the mount is impressively heavy duty and works like a charm, and thank goodness i have a decent degree of intelligence, but shame on whomever wrote the instructions.

T. Aldana, Tasmania says

Loved the construction and this is a solid mount that provides huge extension 32" from wall to plate which allows a serious ability to angle your tv. Unfortunately due to it's design it has very limited side shift limited by distance between mounting holes on your tv. If you don't need side shift this is a solid unit!

Y. Joanne, Missouri

This cantilever mount did everything the ones going for $300 did. The instructions do need some work. The pictures are extremely important. They include alot of extra material so the mount will work with many differing types of tv and positioning holes from the various manufacturers. . Be sure to use a level when mounting this. You do not want it off even a little bit as then the tv will slowly creep to that side. . Installing this is not for the casual user. If you do not have good mechanical skills then get a friend that does. You will need two people to mount and attach it to the wall. . Now we can pull the tv up to 28 inches from the wall and tilt or pan it as needed.

Q. Jackson, New York says

While this product is solid i was sadly disappointed in what i received. When the installer came, and he opened the box, he pointed out that one of the vertical arms was bent/damaged. There were also some scuff marks on the mount. Two of the plastic molds, which hold the wires from the tv, were damaged (not usable). . The installer was able to adjust the install, and straighten the arms to make the mount workable. . Beware - when ordering - this item was not listed as refurbished, or damaged and it most certainly is.

W. Carrie, South Dakota

Tv mount bracket shows on top and bottom after tv is mounted. Seller should update info and photo of this problem. You should not have to cut them if you have correct tv & size.

V. Gloria, Missouri says

Instructions suck. I also have a slight tilt problem from time to time where i have to adjust it to make sure its not tilted one way or the other. Otherwise, its good.

S. Shayna, Languedoc-Roussillon

I purchased this unit due to the incredible reviews it received and had no doubt that my purchase would be exactly what i needed. Unfortunately, the unit arrived damaged, one of the mounting accessories was bent pretty bad. I thought maybe it might have happened while it was in transit, however i don't think this was the case. The box and packaging it arrived in showed no signs of damage. It appeared as though someone had taken a hammer or some sort of blunt object to it and made a bend in the one bracket; there was paint missing as well. I decided to straighten out the bend in the the mounting piece myself as i didn't want to go through the arduous process of filing a claim and possibly having to pay for expensive shipping to return it. I then realized upon assembly that the mounting bracket was too long and stuck out over the top of my tv. This was nothing more than an aesthetics issue however why would the product be described for use on 46" tv if the brackets were too long for a 46" tv? the final problem came when i went to bolt the bracket into the wall. The instructions stated to use a 6mm drill bit to prime the hole for the provided bolts. The 6mm hole was not nearly big enough and i didn't have any larger drill bits so i had to run to the local hardware store to purchase one so i could complete the installation. Overall i am not satisfied with the purchase at all.

A. Alice, Darlington says

Sturdy good material, but the assembly instruction & the drawings are terribly unclear. No marking on the supplies at all.

B. Walsh, Saskatchewan

Amazingly study product. But the set up does not work for my installation for a 55" tv (52" wide) the center point of where i need my installation is a stud the mounting plate width holes allow for a maximum width of 25" so it will only cover 2 studs with 16" stud spacing. This "forces" me to use the center point of my installation as one stud, forcing the tv over out of center. The horizontal motion is fixed on the tv, so you can't slide over to adjust. One option is to put on horizontal cross beams to attach the mounting plate. But this will push the tv out more from the wall. . Unfortunately, while i tried to figure this out before purchasing, i couldn't find any good details. And the instructions don't give any guidance on it's spacing ability. . So plan ahead. Measure out the 25" and make sure you can use it. Since i've ditched the box, i'm stuck with a lemon.

C. Bethany, Michigan says

Everything's great but really hard to open, close, rotate. Hardware is very tight. Even after loosening and spraying lube in joints. But all together solid as a rock. . Update: owner called me to say "thank you" for my continued business. Now thats customer service! id do business with these people again anyday of the week! . . Update: 3-20-13: the mount is holding a panasonic 58" plasma and doesn't stay flush tight against the wall when pushed back to wall. It extends from the wall diagonal and won't stay flush to wall. Tightened up screws but keeps sagging out.

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