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Price was $16.99. I was a little doubtful of getting this bracket because noone on the other reviews or questions answered the question with a definite answer. A lot of people we're asking if this works with the epson 2030, everyone's answer was "it should, it's a universal bracket and it should work. " that is not the answer i wanted to see. The definite answer to question is "yes", it fits the epson 2030. As you can see in the picture, only 3 arms will attach to the projector. That's a fault on the projector, not the bracket, but it still works though.

-K. Janice

Lcd/dlp projector ceiling mount bracket white fits flat vaulted ceiling this mount is videosecu brand. mount features a flexible mounting system that can be used most projector model, and it has the versatility to attach to nearly any ceiling. the mounting -videosecu lcd/dlp projector ceiling mount bracket white fits flat vaulted ceiling pj2w 1ca

  • Extras: Without Extension Pole, The Height Is 5. 9″; With Extension Pole, Height Adjust From 18. 1″ To 26. 7″ (45. 9-67. 8 Cm); Ceiling Plate Adjustable 0 To 90 Degree Swivel.
  • Extras: Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Maximum Loading 44 Lbs (20 Kgs); Rotate Adjustment Left And Right 5 Degrees.

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Able to set it up in about 2 hours with most of my time organizing and troubleshooting. I think the parts are plenty good in quality. The instructions are not the greatest. If you take your time and think about what you are doing and what the instructions suggest, it will go up fine. Lay out all the parts as shown in the instructions which makes it easier to install what you need. Be sure to use the washer spacers to attatch to the ceiling bracket. The attatched photo should help. Plenty of adjustments to aim the projector once done as can only get close to the center of gravity given the attachment points for the 2030. I love it. The Best lcddlp projector ceiling mount ( Sep 2019 ) | Videosecu-Office Electronics Review Extras VideoSecu LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket White Fits both flat or Vaulted ceiling PJ2W 1CA Mounting arms removable and extendable, 3" extra extension adaptor included. Without extension pole, the height is 5. 9"; with extension pole, height adjust from 18. 1" to 26. 7" (45. 9-67. 8 cm); ceiling plate adjustable 0 to 90 degree swivel. Heavy duty steel construction, maximum loading 44 lbs (20 kgs); rotate adjustment left and right 5 degrees. Integrated cable management; exclusive "no-slip" adjustment system; lock in any position; easily release and lock. Standard size hardware, comprehensive installation manual included. videosecu brand. please report to if you recieve a mount without videosecu logo .

Videosecu Lcd/dlp Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket White Fits Both Flat Or Vaulted Ceiling Pj2w 1ca Review (pj2w)

It is busily danging a projector from my ceiling. I installed this thing about 6 months ago and then forgot it. That's a good thing because it means the mount has been doing its job and not giving me hassle. . There are lots of pieces and it's a good idea to follow the instructions. This is especially so for the bottom part that attaches to the projector. All the pieces i needed for hanging a projector off the ceiling were included. . There are lots of rotating and angling about adjustments that make it easy to aim the projector at whatever is being used as a screen. That said, you want to mount everything square anyway to avoid tombstoning the view. Sure, the projector can adjust for it but everything just works and looks better if the projector is square to the screen. . As for the quality of the mount itself. It is a fine hunk of metal. Mu ceiling joist will break before this this mount gives way. -X. Diana

Videosecu Projector Ceiling Bracket Pj2w

  • Order: Office Product
  • Brand: VideoSecu
  • EAN: 0811535010972
  • Manufacturer: VideoSecu
  • Model: PJ2W
  • MPN: PJ2W
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: PJ2W
  • Sub-Type: Office Product
  • UPC: 811535010972

lcd/dlp projector ceiling mount bracket white fits flat vaulted ceiling Office Product, This mount is videosecu brand. mount features a flexible mounting system that can be used with most projector model, and it has the versatility to attach to nearly any ceiling. the mounting interface features four double-jointed support arms that allow flexible positioning to reach almost any mounting point of the projector. each arm can be precisely positioned to avoid covering important projector ventilation and access points used for lamp and air filter replacement. this minimizes heat build-up and maximizes lamp life. its robust construction allows the mount to positively hold the projector fixed at nearly any angle. this mount's tilt and roll can be adjusted independently of one another, compared to the clumsier adjustments needed for ball-and-socket mounts. it comes with an adjustable channel and ceiling plate. this allows the projector to be mounted at an adjustable height from the ceiling. this auction is for 1 set of white projector ceiling mount. does this mount fit my projector? please look at the mounting screws on the top of your projector. measure the distance between the holes. if your projector has 3 holes pattern or 4 hole pattern, and the maxim distance between any two holes(especially diagonally) is less than 12. 5 inch/32 cm, then this mount will fit your projector. if your projector has holes more than 12. 5" apart, you need 5" extender (sold separately in our online store store : b0036849j6) which can cover an area up to 17 inch in diameter Videosecu Projector Ceiling Bracket Pj2w (PJ2W-Videosecu).

Videosecu Projector Ceiling Bracket Pj2w Office Product

  • I was expecting to pay a small fortune to find a projector mount for my vaulted ceiling. This was one of (if not the) least expensive projector mounts i've seen that works with a vaulted ceiling. The price is even amazing for a flat ceiling mount. . I wasn't expecting too much given the low price, but this mount does it all. It is extremely stable. I attempted to put my full weight on it by hanging from it (don't try that at home, kids) before trusting it with my projector. It held my weight with no problem at all, and i wouldn't be surprised if it could hold over 200 lbs. Not that there are many home-theater projectors even close to that weight, but it should give you an idea of just how strong this is. . Installation wasn't difficult. The instructions it came with weren't too good. Basically just an exploded view diagram of how the pieces go together. Since the mount is universal, that means you need to figure out how to connect it to your projector since there is no real standard for where projector manufacturers place the mounting hole screws. It took me several tries to get 3 of the 4 holes aligned on mine - which would have been sufficient, but it finally occurred to me that i could reverse one of the brackets to get all 4 screws in. I forget what i did exactly, since this was months ago, but just keep in mind that you will need to "macgyver" this thing a little bit. . Once the bracket and bar are attached to the ceiling, do a quick test by pulling it down with about 30 lbs of force to ensure the bracket is locked in there and that the parts were installed correctly. Mine slid a quarter of an inch before coming to rest - after that i couldn't budge it. Then slide the projector with the rest of the mounting assembly onto the bracket. . After the projector is placed on the bracket, it is just a matter of aligning everything with the projector on. It may take a few minutes to get perfect alignment since making minor adjustments on each axis requires slightly unscrewing, making an minor adjustment, then tightening a bolt. It might have been easier if it were a ball and socket adjustment to align everything at once with one bolt. However the alignment is something you only have to do once during installation, so it's not that bad. . One adjustment that is slightly hidden is the left/right adjustment. Many other reviewers complain about the lack of left/right adjustment, but it's there just a bit hidden. Refer to the product photos on online store, one of them shows where that adjustment is located. It only gives you +/- 5 degrees of adjustment so you do have to be slightly on target when you mount the main bolts to your ceiling, but it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. . Using zip-ties for the cables (power, vga, hdmi, or whatever you're using) running along the post make the installation very tidy. There might be a way to route the cables inside of the post if you plan it out right, but i didn't bother. . The original projector is going to be replaced soon, i will update this review after trying the mount with the new projector. Most likely a different brand projector. . Overall, this is a great mount for a great price. I highly recommend it!
  • I ordered this originally for the optoma hd20 projector, however, when the hd20 started displaying vertical lines out of the box i went ahead and got the viewsonic pro8200 instead. This robust projector mount was able to successfully hold even the pro8200. . All hardware is included for a whole bunch of projectors. The only problem is you have to do a lot of trial and error with the arms to get the alignment correct. But once you figure that out it's pretty easy. Mounting options are also aplenty. I had to do a lot of trial and error with that too till i got the perfect height and alignment. . The reason i'm taking away one star is because the enamel paint on my mount was severely cracked on the main mounting arm, however, i think it was structurally still safe to use it, so i've installed the pro8200 on that anyway. Once installed it holds the projector pretty steady. The quality of the materials while not top notch is still pretty good and solid. . If you're handy this mount will serve you well, if not, you may possibly need some help with the installation. The flexibility is what makes this a little confusing to install, otherwise it's great value for money. I paid twenty bucks for this and i think it's worth paying even thirty bucks (current price) as compared to some of the more pricier ones out there that don't seem to provide the flexibility in mounting options. . I would strongly recommend this universal projector mount as being well built and providing value for money, albeit for some trial & error during installation.
  • The instructions are nearly useless, so you should have a bit of a knack for this sort of thing in order to assemble it. That said, you are probably comfortable with this if you are buying it, and it's not super difficult (just a warning to anyone afraid of mechanical assembly). In the end i had to make 4-5 trips to the hardware store to get all the right bolts/nuts/washers/etc. I needed to make this truly universal, but that was partly my fault. For example, there was nothing provided to connect this mount to my projector - needed specific bolts/washers for that. I'm happy with the final assembly, and it seems fairly sturdy. My main complaint would probably be that there is not enough easy adjustment to make - i. E. , it should be easier to adjust and then tighten the projector. Also it seems overpriced for what you're getting, especially if you have to buy a lot of extra bolts like i did. Next time i would look for a mount for my specific projector first, but would be ok to buy this again if there wasn't one.
  • Mount is solid enough but there a few issues that need to be addressed. I would have probably given the product 4 stars but if i have to go to the hardware store to buy something that should have been included then the review is adjusted accordingly. I know many people had issues with the instructions. I agree, they aren t great but i m fairly handy so it was not too difficult to put the unit together. The schematic on the directions leaves out some nylon washers on certain sides but common sense will get you through that omission. . My main issue came from mounting the unit to the projector. I am using an optomo gt 1080 so i figured it would fit no problem. The arm that connects to the projector has four claws that can be used to connect. The directions say that if your projector only has three (which the optomo has) mounting holes, just remove one of the claws and move the third to the middle position of the mounting plate. Problem is on the mounting plate i received in the kit there is no middle position. I see some pics on here that clearly show the middle hole on the mounting plate but mine doesn t have one. So, i need to drill it out. Not a huge deal but an added step. Then when i go to mount the claws to the projector there are no screws that fit the unit. The screw is a standard m3 which are used in all hardware builds so you would think it would be included. So, now i have to go to the hardware store and buy three screws in order to mount the unit. . I m hoping this mount works better than the out of box experience i ve encountered so far. Unit is solid enough but the necessity to break out the drill and go to the hardware store definitely detract from my satisfaction level.
  • Lower section does not lock in properly. The lower section came out and my projector hit the concrete floor 10 foot below destroying my projector. I suggest if you use this cheap mount that you drill a screw from lower mount to upper mount so it can not slide out and damage your projector as mine is trash!

lcddlp projector ceiling mount VideoSecu LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket White Fits both flat or Vaulted ceiling PJ2W 1CA (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

After looking at many projector mounts and briefly considering building one from scratch, i bought this one. It's both well made and well suited to the job. The price is fantastic! the instructions and illustrations are helpful. With a couple of hours for experimentation and final installation i've mounted an optoma hd25e so it both adjusts easily and holds the position i've set. . I opted to leave the adjustments tightened just enough to firmly hold position, but loose enough that i can tweak them by hand if needed without tools. I had worried that fine adjustment might be difficult, but have found it easy to tweak every adjustment by hand to within 1/16" on screen. . This mount is strong enough to securely hold many times more weight than my projector. I also like that if ever desired i can dismount the projector from the ceiling simply by removing one screw to lift it off the safety catch, then three more screws if i want to remove the mounting bracket from the projector. This will be very handy if/when i want to take my projector to an event or replace the lamp. . Everything i needed was included in the package except a phillips screwdriver, and a pair of needle nose vice grips (a simple open end wrench would be better but i didn't bother to dig one out of my toolkit). . Caveat: if you're seeking simplicity, buy the expensive mount made solely for your projector and hire someone to install it. For anyone with some basic understanding of simple tools and ability to improvise, this mount is easier to figure out than most ikea furniture i've encountered. For the majority of projectors it would probably be even easier to install than it was for me. . Details:. Keep in mind this is a "universal" mount, so you may need to improvise some depending on how "standard" your projector's mounting connections are. Improvising with this mount was easy, because it's designed with lots of flexibility. Getting it to work with my optoma hd25e took an hour of experimenting with several options before choosing, but it was great having several choices and the actual installation only took another hour or so. . I ended up using only three of the four adjustable sliding mounting arms, and reversed one of them in the slide so that i could position the bracket at the projector's center of gravity (cg). The cg could have been left off balance because there's ample strength in the mount and adjustments, but i wanted to ensure there's no creep over time so i took the extra time to balance the mount (when held in my hand by the bracket, the projector hangs at something near my target angle when installed). Reversing that one sliding bracket also required removing the slide itself and shifting it to another hole for mounting to the main bracket. Doing that enabled me to place the cg where it needed to be. I placed the fourth sliding arm pressed firmly atop the projector's vertical tilt adjustment foot thinking that might help with fine vertical adjustment, but that was totally unnecessary. . The distance i wanted from the ceiling is in the range not available with this mount. It could be changed fairly easily by simply cutting the two sliding metal channels that comprise the extension arm. Doing that would reduce the range of extension available to include the distance i wanted. Instead i opted to mount it without the extension and adjust the screen placement instead. In my case, since i use a tilted rigid foam core screen with a taller aspect ratio than my hd25e projector, i simply tilted the screen backward a couple of inches and shifted the image placement toward the top where i wanted it anyway. Another option would have been to tilt the extension arm, and thus gain another inch or two of reduction in distance from the ceiling, but doing so would make the projector off cg and thus potentially less stable long term. The amount of tilt in the extension would be limited by the angle adjustment limits on each end of the extension.

Videosecu Lcd/dlp Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket White Fits Flat Vaulted Ceiling Pj2w 1ca
Click to see NoticeVideosecu Projector Ceiling Bracket Pj2w (Office Electronics)"I decided to give this a review and post pictures of how i configured the bracket to fit on an acer h7531d projector(picked one up from newegg for almost half off on black friday. Wooot-woot! ) acer h7531d dlp home theater projector (1080p). I like the fact that you can invert the brackets and move them to different locations to make it work for your projector. I haven't put it up yet as i'm waiting for the weekend to do that, but the upper part seems solid and the bracket that mounts to the projector feels solid after you tighten up the bolts once you have it configured/laid out. . I will not be using the extension pole, so i can't comment on how that will work, but it is pretty heavy gauge steel. The acer h7531d takes m3 screws, this kit comes with m3x8, so i will need to go pick up some longer m3 screws, the manual recommends m3x25, but probably won't need something that long, otherwise you'll need washer, which this kit comes with as well. . Take a look at the pix i uploaded to get a better idea of how it looks configured to match the holes and have it centered as possible."

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(2) Question: Can you run the cables inside the arm directly from the ceiling (ie: receptacle in attic) without having to mount a receptacle beside the projector?

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Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Best projector ever. The level of detail is insane, and the quality of the movies is excellent. I didn't do any calibration whatsoever, that's the out of the box resolution and configuration, i had viewsonic, and benq, i returned them and got this one, the quality is amazing, it lacks in aspect ratio funtionality and size adjustment but if read the size and installation guide van figure it out easily. Totally recommended.

The home cinema 2045 wireless projector is designed to be your home entertainment hub, delivering full hd 1080p content from an array of devices. Offering up to 3x higher color brightness than competitive models, epson 3lcd projectors ensure vibrant images. The projector features up to 35, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, advanced image processing, plus 2200 lumens of color brightness and 2200 lumens of white brightness. Enjoy hd movies, games and more with two hdmi ports and mhl, or wirelessly stream content via miracast and intel widi. Use your blu-ray disc player, gaming console, streaming device, tablet or smartphone and project up to 300".

Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater ProjectorEpson-Cinema-Miracast-Theater-Projector

Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3d Miracast 3lcd Home Theater Projector (v11h709020) FAQ.

Works perfectly, i would definitely say you need some speakers with it, but it does not have to be anything crazy. It works really well with ambient light and well with lots of light. The only time it does not blow me away from it when it is very bright and it is a dark scene but that it was i expected. The picture is great and very easy to set up. I did lots of researched and was worried the distance from the screen or the level of the screen would not work but it works perfectly. I could not be happier with the projector. Also, i use it with my xbox one and it works great. -Notice from X. Cindy, Wolverhampton

Click to Show epson home cinema 2045 1080p 3d miracast 3lcd home theater projector (v11h709020) Details

I replaced a benq w1070 with this. I absolutely loved the benq, but there didn't seem to be any other decent alternatives in this price range. This projector has been working flawlessly for several months.

Epson-home-cinema-2045-1080p-3d-miracast-3lcd-home-theater-projector-(v11h709020) set picture

- J. ErinThe picture quality is amazing on this item, it is bright and crystal clear. I had some problems setting it up because my old projector had to be back quite a bit further than the epson but once i did get it set up i was very impressed with the quality and with the ease of use. The other thing i checked on this was the price of the projector lamp, on my old projector the lamp was over $250. The epson has a range of bulbs available by different manufacturers from $30 to $65. Also the lamp should last over 6000 hours which is twice as long as the average lamp life on my old projector.

Hd quality. This projector is replacing an acer vga projector, by comparison it is very contrasting and bright. Flexible by varied inputs and wi-fi. In "cinema" mode the noise is very low. Speakers for occasional use only. Today i have a cinema at home.

D. Cathy, Birmingham

Price :    $399.99 (was $660.00)
  • Up to 3x higher color brightness, and reliable performance - 3lcd, 3-chip technology
  • Focal length: 16. 9 - 20. 28 mm; zoom ratio: 1. 0 - 1. 2 manual
  • Full hd 1080p, widescreen, 3d performance - for movies, games and more, up to 300" on virtually any wall or screen
  • Color brightness: 2200 lumens, white brightness: 2200 lumens
Brand :    epson
Color :    white
Weight :    6.90 pounds
Model :    V11H709020
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector available ( Sep 2019 )

Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p, 2x HDMI 1 MHL , 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color White Brightness Home Theater Projector

The home cinema 1040 projector delivers bright, full hd 1080p widescreen entertainment at home. Offering up to 3x higher color brightness1 than competitive models, epson 3lcd projectors ensure vibrant images. Portable and easy to use, the projector features up to 15, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, plus 3000 lumens of color brightness and 3000 lumens of white brightness2. Connect your blu-ray disc player, gaming console or streaming device like chromecast, and project up to 300", on virtually any wall or screen. Two hdmi ports, mhl3 connectivity, a built-in speaker and convenient setup tools make it easy to enjoy hd content out of the box.

Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p, 2x HDMI 1 MHL , 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color White Brightness Home Theater ProjectorEpson-Cinema-Brightness-Theater-Projector

Brand :    epson
Weight :    5.70 pounds
  • White brightness: 3000 lumens; color brightness: 3000 lumens
  • Screen size range: 80-inches from 8 feet; 119-inches from 12 feet
  • Connectivity: 2 hdmi (1 mhl), 1 rca (composite), 1 rca (1 audio l/r), 1 vga d-sub 15 pin (computer input/component), 1 usb type a, 1 usb type b
  • Contrast ratio: 15, 000:1; keystone correction: yes; lens shift: no
  • Warranty: 2 year limited; lamp life: up to 10, 000 hours (eco mode) and up to 5000 hours (normal mode)
Price :    $514.99 (was $682.77)
Model :    V11H772020
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p, 2x HDMI 1 MHL , 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color White Brightness Home Theater Projector available ( Sep 2019 )

Homegear 110 HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control

Pretty nice projection screen. I was able to hang the unit fairly easily. The only issue that i have is that the rf remote has lost sync a couple times with the receiver and i have had to resync the remote, which is fairly simple. There is a slight ripple on the right side of the screen, but it seems to be working itself out the more i use it. I tend to roll up the screen while not in use to prevent possible sun fading or damage. Decent for the money

Transform your lounge into a home cinema in a matter of seconds - kick back, put your feet up and lower your 110" projector screen to enjoy the full screen experience in the comfort of your own home! the homegear hd 110" motorized screens add a whole new dimension of comfort and movie viewing. Homegear screens are made from an engineered three layer construction consisting of: a black pvc back, a terylene fabric middle layer and a matte white pvc top layer. This 3 layer construction and exposed black frame results in a richer and sharper picture quality that enhances the watching experience. In addition, a rf remote control is included, so don't worry about missing a frame, going for a toilet break or swinging by the kitchen! features size and aspect ratio 16:9 aspect ratio 110" diagonal screen size (96 x 54in) case size: 104 x dia 3in product weight: 20. 3lbs screen material high contrast 1. 3 gain screen that is washable with soap and water 1" black masking borders to enhance picture contrast 160 viewing angle perfect for residential or commercial use 3 layer black backed screen which eliminates light penetration and produces top quality color reproduction static resistant, fire retardant, mildew resistant casing & installation durable steel casing with plastic ends- white wall or ceiling assembly simple plug and play system motor system energy efficient, quiet motor that enhances longevity control system rf remote control distance 25m wall mountable control panel for use without remote other information compatible with all projectors (dlp, crt, lcd, hd, 3d) styrofoam packaging for added protection ce certification

Homegear 110 HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote ControlHomegear-110-HD-Motorized-Projector

Homegear 110 Hd Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control (Office Products) FAQ.

I moved the position of my projector a bit and, as such, had to change out my 100" screen for this 110". The edges of the canvas curl inward just a touch, but not so much that it meaningfully distorts the image (the curl is most prevalent on the black border- by the time it gets to the screen it has almost completely smoothed out. ) i get the sense that this is an issue that might differ from screen to screen, so i wouldn't be surprised if others don't have this issue. That said, it's not severe enough to dock a point. . I haven't timed it exactly but i'd say the screen goes down and up in just under 30 seconds, and seems a bit faster than the previous 100" i owned of the same brand. Not much, but it does seem maybe 2-3 seconds quicker going up and down. From what i can tell, this screen is nearly identical (or perhaps entirely identical) in terms of the quality of image you'd get compared to the brand names that are offered at two or three times the price. If you're concerned about image quality, don't be. I've seen some of the other projector screens in action and this one is at least as good as the others, and is vastly superior to projecting the image on a wall or a sheet. -Notice from L. Ross, Virginia

Click to Show homegear 110 hd motorized 16:9 projector screen w/ remote control (office products) Details

For the price, this screen almost seems to good to be true. Unfortunately, that much seems hit or miss. My screen in particular came with some pretty nasty fold marks and after a few days of hanging in hopes that those might stretch out, waves along the edges began appearing, although not as drastically as some of the other pictures linked from past reviewers. However, it's pretty noticeable with nothing projecting on it. That said, i own an epson 2030 which is rather bright and will hide most of the lines and screen issues unless a dark scene of a movie comes along. For the price though, the motor is quiet, the texture of the screen itself seems well made, and the image looks really nice so no real complaints other than the fold lines and waves that don't really want to go away.

Homegear-110-hd-motorized-16:9-projector-screen-w/-remote-control-(office-products) set picture

- C. ColleenGreat screen. I can tell it only costed $100. But for the money, it works very well. I am projecting with a benq ht2050. There are some ripples in the screen, and near the left and right edges it curves forward a bit. But it is hardly noticeable and i plan to use a heat gun to try to straighten it out a bit.

I love this screen. It's smooth and quiet, but is a bit slow, but nothing to complain about. When we're turning on our theater we just push the button to lower the screen first, then turn on the stereo and then projector and by the time everything is warmed up, the screen has already been down. I wish there was an option to choose which side of the screen had the plug, tho, as we have ours over the ledge of our stairs in our loft and when the screen is up the cable hangs in the middle, not near the wall. The wall is on the left side, opposite the plug side. But we're over it. Love it so far. It's been about 7 months.

I. Arnett, Harrow

Price :    $139.99
  • Casing & installation, durable steel casing with plastic ends- white, wall or ceiling assembly, simple plug and play system
  • Other information, compatible with all projectors (dlp, crt, lcd, hd, 3d), styrofoam packaging for added protection, ce certification
  • Motor system, energy efficient, quiet motor that enhances longevity, control system, rf remote control distance 25m, wall mountable control panel for use without remote
  • Size and aspect ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, 110" diagonal screen size (96 x 54in), case size: 104 x dia 3in, product weight: 20. 3lb
  • High contrast 1. 3 gain screen that is washable with soap and water, 1" black masking borders to enhance picture contrast, 160 viewing angle perfect for residential or commercial use, 3 layer black backed screen which eliminates light penetration and produces top quality color reproduction, static resistant, fire retardant, mildew resistant
Brand :    homegear
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (homegear product review) for Homegear 110 HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control available ( Sep 2019 )

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector

Experience games and movies the way you have never seen before on an optoma gt1080 high definition gaming projector. Designed for serious gamers like you, the optoma gt1080 delivers super-fast 2800 lumens bright hd games to the screen with stunning color accuracy and a 25, 000:1 contrast ratio for maximum image detail and improved visibility. Allowing you to acquire and assess information easily and to formulate a faster, more accurate response to defeat your opponents. Equipped with the level of all digital connectivity you need for today s gaming gear, the optoma gt1080 will keep you on top with two hdmi ports, mhl connectivity, vesa 3d sync port, razor sharp 0. 5:1 short throw lens to deliver larger than life images even in space constrained environments, powerful 10 watt audio, 12 volt output, whisper quiet operation and up to 6500-hour long lamp life for worry-free gaming.

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming ProjectorOptoma-GT1080-1080p-Gaming-Projector

Brand :    optoma
Color :    White
Weight :    5.80 pounds
Model :    GT1080
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • 2800 ansi lumens
  • Screen size range: 111-inches from 4 feet; 166-inches from 6 feet
  • 2 x hdmi (1. 4a 3d support) + mhl v1. 2, audio out 3. 5mm, 12v trigger, 3d-sync, usb service
  • 1-year limited parts and labor, 90-days on lamp
  • Contrast ratio: 25, 000:1; keystone correction: yes, lens shift: no
Price :    $449.99 (was $699.99)
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector available ( Sep 2019 )

Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable LED Projection Micro Home Theater Projector

Specification: primary function: multimedia portable mini led projector image system: tft lcd lamp:led special function: keystone correction 15 degrees native resolution:800*480 supported resolution:1920*1080 aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9 brightness:800 lumens contrast:800:1 focus: manual lens:f 125mm image size:34 to 130 inches projection distance:3. 51 to 12. 46 inches projection mode: front projection operation mode:manual remote control output: headphone projection source: external from av in /usb jack/memory sd card ports usb 3-in-1 av in sd card 3. 5mm earphone dc in os language: english, polski, russian, deutsch, spanish, czech, etc. Input: ac 100-240v 50/60hz output: dc12v power waste:30w speaker: 2. 0w *2 multimedia player support file formats: video encoding format: mpeg1/mpeg2/mpeg4/divx/xvid video format: avi/mov/vob/dat/mpeg/mpg/rm/rmvb audio fromat: mp3/wma/wav image format: jpeg/bmp/gif/png e-book format: txt size: weight: 1kg size:201*153*67. 5 mm package includes: 1x user manual 1x power adaptor 1x 3 in 1 av cable 1x remote control 1 x projector

Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable LED Projection Micro Home Theater ProjectorTaotaole-Multi-media-Portable-Projection-Projector

Brand :    taotaole
Color :    White
Size :    T30 Upgrade
Weight :    1.76 pounds
Model :    na
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (taotaole product review) for Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable LED Projection Micro Home Theater Projector available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $39.91 (was $69.99)
  • Put 2 brand new aaa batteries in the remote aim at the ir receiver of the projector this is very important steps as the projector is controlled by ir
  • Led lamp 20 000 hours life portable design easy to take and travel great for outdoor movies not recommended for ppt or business presentation ideal for home theater movies and video game use
  • Multi tofunction input avbyusbbysdbyhdmibymicro usb 50w low power cost
  • Image size 30 to120 inches projection distance 3 5 to12 5 feet with keystone correction adjusting the picture trapezoidal distortion
  • Native resolution 800x480 brightness 800 lumens contrast 800 1 aspect ratio 4 3by16 9

Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p, 2x HDMI 1 MHL , 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color White Brightness Home Theater Projector Certified Refurbished

The home cinema 1040 projector delivers bright, full hd 1080p widescreen entertainment at home. Offering up to 3x higher color brightness than competitive models, epson 3lcd projectors ensure vibrant images. Portable and easy to use, the projector features up to 15, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, plus 3000 lumens of color brightness and 3000 lumens of white brightness. Connect your blu-ray disc player, gaming console or streaming device like chromecast, and project up to 300", on virtually any wall or screen. Two hdmi ports, mhl3 connectivity, a built-in speaker and convenient setup tools make it easy to enjoy hd content out of the box.

Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p, 2x HDMI 1 MHL , 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color White Brightness Home Theater Projector Certified RefurbishedEpson-Brightness-Projector-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    epson
Weight :    5.70 pounds
Model :    V11H772020-N
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • White brightness: 3000 lumens; color brightness: 3000 lumens
  • Screen size range: 80-inches from 8 feet; 119-inches from 12 feet
  • Warranty: 2 year limited; lamp life: up to 10, 000 hours (eco mode) and up to 5000 hours (normal mode)
  • Contrast ratio: 15, 000:1; keystone correction: yes; lens shift: no
  • Connectivity: 2 hdmi (1 mhl), 1 rca (composite), 1 rca (1 audio l/r), 1 vga d-sub 15 pin (computer input/component), 1 usb type a, 1 usb type b
Price :    $599.00
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p, 2x HDMI 1 MHL , 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color White Brightness Home Theater Projector Certified Refurbished available ( Sep 2019 )

VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector/Projection Mount Extending Arms Mounting Bracket MOUNT-VP01W

Great adapter which was easy to install and heavy duty. They give you plenty of hardware to go with it which seems to be able to accommodate any kind of projector.

Mount-vp01w is a brand new, heavy duty, all steel, universal ceiling projector mount. Ideal for any home or office, this high grade steel mount is weight tested at 30lbs and designed with adjustable arms to fit most projector brands with mounting ranges from 2" to 12. 5". Mount-vp01w sits 6" from flat ceilings making it low profile. Features include 15 degree tilt, 15 degree swivel, and 360 degree rotation to maximize projection angles. Simple tightening of joints makes this as fluid or stationary as desired. This is a quick assembly and comes with common mounting hardware. The projector mount comes in a white finish. Important note: as mentioned above the mounting arms for this projector mount have a maximum reach of 12. 5". Before purchasing, be sure to find the mounting holes on top of your projector and measure the distance between each one (especially the ones diagonal from one another). If all diagonals measure 12. 5" or less then this mount will fit your projector. Compatibility fits most projectors on the market. Distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be 12. 5" or less high-grade steel supports projectors up to 30 lbs features 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all optimal viewing angles obscure mounting system holds your projector just 6" from the ceiling surface possesses quick release hooks that detach and attach by loosening and tightening mounting bolts quick assembly and comes with common mounting hardware

VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector/Projection Mount Extending Arms Mounting Bracket MOUNT-VP01WVIVO-Universal-Adjustable-Projection-MOUNT-VP01W

Vivo Universal Adjustable Projection Mount Vp01w (Office Electronics) FAQ.

Got it to go with my new optoma 1080 3d short throw projector. My projector only has 3 connection holes so all i did was remove one of the arms then fiddle with the 3 arms until it fit. Once mounted, it is easy to move just a little to get it just right. Why pay more? -Notice from K. June, Milton Keynes

Click to Show vivo universal adjustable projection mount vp01w (office electronics) Details

Sturdy and has many holes to accommodate most projectors. I personally used this on an epson 2030 no issues. Awesome! even fitted it to a tripod without extra parts.

Vivo-universal-adjustable-projection-mount-vp01w-(office-electronics) set picture

- A. PattonWorked exactly as intended and advertised. Seemed to be really good quality for a low price. . This thing can be adjusted in every direction, once you get it installed, it is super easy to get leveled correctly.

This is an extremely versatile projector mount! i had to install our projector on a slanted portion of the ceiling, and it was so easy. The mounting arms are highly adjustable, and since our unit only had three mounting screws, i was able to remove one of the arms. There is a bag with many different screw sizes to match just about any kind of projector, and it includes the allen wrench needed to tighten the joints. Very pleased with the product.

. Parker, East Sussex

Brand :    vivo
Color :    White
Weight :    2.60 pounds
Model :    LYSB01013QA86-ELECTRNCS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Fully adjustable with 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all the right viewing angles
  • Solid construction made entirely of high grade steel, supporting projectors up to 30 lbs
  • Universal mounting fitting the majority of projectors on the market. distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be 12. 5" or less
  • Low profile mounting system holding your projector just 6" from the ceiling surface
  • Easy installation with quick release hooks that attach and detach by tightening and loosening mounting bolts
Price :    $15.29 (was $16.99)
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (vivo product review) for VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector/Projection Mount Extending Arms Mounting Bracket MOUNT-VP01W available ( Sep 2019 )

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection MOUNT-VP02W

Works good. Thin but very inexpensive as well. Worked well for the kids room i put it in.

Mount-vp02w is a brand new, heavy duty, universal ceiling projector mount. Ideal for any home or office, this high grade steel mount is weight tested at 30lbs and designed with adjustable arms to fit most projector brands with mounting ranges from 2" to 12. 5". Mount-vp02w extends from 15" to 23" from flat ceilings to fit the user's needs. Features include 15 degree tilt, 15 degree swivel, and 360 degree rotation to maximize projection angles. Simple tightening of joints makes this as fluid or stationary as desired. This is a quick assembly and comes with common mounting hardware. The projector mount comes in a white finish. Important note: as mentioned above the mounting arms for this projector mount have a maximum reach of 12. 5". Before purchasing, be sure to find the mounting holes on top of your projector and measure the distance between each one (especially the ones diagonal from one another). If all diagonals measure 12. 5" or less then this mount will fit your projector. Compatibility fits most projectors on the market. Distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be 12. 5" diagonally or less high-grade steel supports projectors up to 30 lbs features 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all optimal viewing angles adjustable mounting system extends your projector from 15" to 23" from the ceiling surface possesses quick release hooks that detach and attach by loosening and tightening mounting bolts quick assembly and comes with common mounting hardware

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection MOUNT-VP02WVIVO-Universal-Adjustable-Projection-MOUNT-VP02W

Vivo Universal Adjustable Projection Mount Vp02w (Consumer Electronics) FAQ.

This projector mount is amazing! i had to go through 3 different ones and then i came to this one and i can t say enough good things about it! awsome product and great price! -Notice from B. Jackson, Derby

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Excellent product especially for the price. Very flexible in terms of mounting and adjustment. Once screwed into the studs it's also very sturdy which is something i feared initially. My projector is mounted right next to a fan and i was worried the vibrations or wind from the fan would move the projector but the image is solid and never falters.

Vivo-universal-adjustable-projection-mount-vp02w-(consumer-electronics) set picture

- J. PerezI ordered this projector for my boyfriends birthday. I wanted something that was small and easy to use but had great picture quality. I have been beyond impressed! i originally ordered a ceiling mount but we love the fact that we can move it into any room and poject right the wall. He has made many comments about how easy setup is. We often use a fire stick or he uses his x box, he says that both are super easy to plug in and go. One thing i couldn't find information on was sound, but don't worry the speakers within the projector are great. We often use a small speaker such as a beats pill to make movies a little louder. In all i am extremely impressed with this projector and i highly recommend for any home theater system.

I had my doubts about buying this product because my optoma projector had some pretty narrow bolt pattern (almost like a triangle) and i didn't think it would be sturdy even if it did fit. Too my surprise the hardware came with many different sized bolts and once i attached it to the ceiling it is pretty darn sturdy. I can rotate the mount up down left and right in all directions. As long as you properly drill out the sized holes for the ceiling and use the anchor pins properly it will be sturdy. If possible try to go through a stud, that is what i did and for everything included you cant beat the price!

. Diana, Nebraska

Brand :    vivo
Color :    White
Model :    MOUNT-VP02W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Easy installation with quick release hooks that attach and detach by tightening and loosening mounting bolts
  • Fully adjustable with 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all the right viewing angles
  • Solid construction made entirely of high grade steel, supporting projectors up to 30 lbs
  • Telescoping height adjustment mounting system extends your projector from 15" to 23" from the ceiling surface
  • Universal mounting fitting the majority of projectors on the market. distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be between 2" to 12. 5" diagonally
Price :    $15.83 (was $17.99)
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (vivo product review) for VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection MOUNT-VP02W available ( Sep 2019 )

videosecu lcd/dlp projector ceiling mount bracket white fits both flat or vaulted ceiling pj2w 1ca Price : 12, was : 16 as 2018-12-02
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Videosecu Projector Ceiling Bracket Pj2w (Office Electronics) Reviewed by on

Top videosecu projector ceiling bracket pj2w (office electronics) Content

The F.A.Q. for videosecu lcd/dlp projector ceiling mount bracket white fits both flat or vaulted ceiling pj2w 1ca

For the price i have to say it works well, its painted and matches the white ceiling. It has a minimal footprint so it doesn't look like some huge post hanging from the wall. There were only a few minor cons i ran into with this product. I could not fit a power cable with a thick jacket through the post unfortunately because it interfered with the locking bolts that run through the middle of the post. The other flat vga, hdmi, and cat6 were no problem, but i just ran them all together and zip tied them to the outside of the post on the opposing side of traffic to keep them somewhat hidden. The keystone was off when i tried to initially mount it without the post at the ceiling height i had it at, so i put the post in which put the keystone off in the opposite direction very slightly, so i missed the sweet spot between the minimum length of the post and straight mounting it. Someone else supposedly cut the post down which could be an option for me as well, but its close enough since i just project onto a wall in a living space, this is not a full time theater room for me. . I pre-drilled the holes to the ceiling beam and used a battery powered craftsman right angle impact to snug the bolts in the last bit. Someone else said the bolts were crap after they broke the heads off. Wow they must have over torque'd the & % out of those bolts without creating a pilot hole. I have an older legacy sony 720p sony vpl-vw10ht with 3 mounting holes. The universal bracket did work, it just took some creative mixing and matching of the arms provided to get the mount to sit 90 degrees to the mount. I was able to mount the 4th arm and tuck it close in case i ever use it with another projector or a future homeowner needs it. I think this would be expected for most universal mounts. It worked though and that was the key. The only other issue i had was the roll adjustment +/- 15 degrees needs an external tooth lock washer to create increased bite into the metal. I had to really tighten those two screws down to hold the offset weight of the projector in the adjustment angle i needed otherwise they would slide. The instructions were a little vague in some places, but if you took the time you could figure it out if you have half a brain which i guess is in short supply nowadays from reading a few of the bad reviews.

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(0) Question: Anyone use this with the optoma ml500?

(1) Question: What tools, exactly, are needed to install this mount?

(2) Question: Lg electronics pa75u slim led projector, can it fits this model?

(3) Question: Does this work with the benq w1070

(4) Question: Does this come with the extension poles

(5) Question: Purchased as it was recommended for my epson 730hd. it doesn't fit. can it be adapted?

(6) Question: I bought this projector mount but it doesn't comes with the screws and bolts as described in the manual. isn't that supposed to be part of the package

(7) Question: Does this fit the lg pw800 mini-beam projector?

(8) Question: W1070

(9) Question: Can this be a stand mount? i don't want to install it on ceiling

(10) Question: Has anyone tried this mount on the new epson powerlite home cinema 3000, 3500, 3600 projectors yet? extenders needed?

(11) Question: Is it easy to disconnect a projector from this mount, if i was to have a backyard movie night for example?

(12) Question: Does this mount allow you to easily connect/disconnect your projector for portablilty

(13) Question: What is the height of the base?

(14) Question: Does this work with an lg ph300 mini projector

(15) Question: Does this fit the optima hd27?

(16) Question: Hd25e?

(note) Question: where/how to get Videosecu (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Videosecu's products

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The mount was too long, so i cut both of the down tubes 5". So now my projector sits 13" below my ceiling, which negates keystoning with my projector. I bought an epson 2030 with this mount, and it holds it securely. A little finicky with adjusting, but all good. It is a little brainstorming on how to position the mount arms to correspond to your projector holes. At least it was to me, with the epson. But in all, this mount holds my projector securely, looks nice and professional.

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Electronics 282271, Mounts 11966901, Projector Mounts 12576901Top Videosecu Projector Ceiling Bracket Pj2w (Office Electronics) FAQ Content

Best videosecu projector ceiling bracket pj2w (office electronics) in review

I would have bought pj1w model ( and saved some money. I believe the extension pj2w additionally have of no use. If you are not looking for a specific requirements to extend the projector a lot from wall, just go for pj1w and save some money. Overall product quality is ok - the most difficult part was to keep the projector leveled, due to the weight of the projector and cables. The mounting hands were not strong to hold it tight and was always slipping off how much ever i tightened it. Apart from that its a descent product

H. Eva, Franche-Comte

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. Hurst, New Hampshire says

Ok at first i would have given this thing only 1 or 2 stars because it is a bit of a hassle to set up. Mounting it to the projector wasent very difficult in my case but fine tunning the projector to the correct direction is a bit tricky and can take some time to get it just right. I am pretty particular and didnt like any skew in my picture so getting the adjustment just right (rotating left and right) was a bit of a headache. The two very little bolts on top for making this adjustment are hard to get to with the projector mounted. These two bolts alow the projector to be rotated and is a must to get a perfectly square picture. Once i did finally get everything set though it was all good, and i am not going to be moving it anymore now that it is set. So it does the job and it is much cheaper than most of the mounts i have seen. If you don't mind playing around with this for a couple of days to get it just right and don't plan on moving the projector once mounted then this is a good buy. It looks like it would work for just about any projector on the market. My projector is a benq ep5920 just incase anyone was wondering.

Q. Melissa, Mississippi

I have the optoma hd66 and was a bit worried about getting this projector after seeing a few folks saying it didn't work. There was on reviewer whom had the hd66 and did manage to get the mount to work for them, so i was hopeful. Using the picture on the mentioned review, i was able to attach the mount to my projector, but i decided that this wasn't ideal. The mount was too far back, and should ideally be more centered between the brackets. Enter my solution. . I've attached a few pictures, which i hope help anyone else with this model, but the key is to actually reverse one of the longer mounting arms. If the kit came with 4 mini-arms, instead of just two, you wouldn't need to do this, hence the star deduction (in addition to the meh instructions on mounting to any projector). . The bottom line is this: this is a very versatile mount that will work for basically any projector. It includes multiple screws and washers to help you find the best solution for your projector. If you're comfortable with a screwdriver and socket wrench, you'll have no problems with this. In the end, while i made it fit the projector fine, and was able to build the rest of it, i couldn't actually mount this to my ceiling. Not the mount's fault turns out we just can't mount through our lathe plaster ceiling without professional help, which isn't worth it for a rental.

M. Patricia, Georgia says

Pretty tough to get it all together to hold my optoma gt1080, but was able to sort it out. Instructions weren't great, but again. I got the job done. Chief complaint is that it's all a little wobbly, and it's extremely difficult to make the small adjustments needed to get my projector lined up perfectly and, once done, it needs to be re-adjusted every few days or so (which is extremely difficult).

I. Connie, Brandenburg

We bought this with optoma hd20 projector and it works flawless. Mount has full range of motion everywhere. Left-right, up-down, diagonal. Everywhere. Because our ceiling is not flat (spanish wall) mount had to be installed in a crooked position but it was a 5 minute job to adjust it perfectly. You get plenty of extra parts in the box and you will not use all of them. Optoma hd20 has 3 holes and this mount comes with 4 arms. I posted pictures how we did this. If your projector also has 3 holes this may help you a little bit. Check pictures in the item pictures on top. Something to pay attention to: all screws are in metric measurements. I found out this the hard way. I used power drill to screw it to the ceiling and i damaged the head of a philips screw that came with the mount. When i went to lowes to find the allen socket wrench for it they didn't have it because of metric measurements. This is easily avoidable though, just use regular screw driver to mount this thing and don't use the power drill. All in all 5 stars.

B. Neva, Berlin says

Mount is very versatile, i. E. , includes ability to make many adjustments for positioning projector. Mine arrived w/o assembly instructions, but an inquiry to manufacturer resulted in them being e-mailed to me within minutes. I had to do some tweaking to get bracket to mount onto my optoma hd28dse projector, but it in the end it worked fine. One word of caution is that bracket should be located as close to projector's center of gravity as possible. When i first secured bracket to projector it seemed to be in a logical position. But when i lifted projector by bracket i could tell it was "off-center. " fortunately bracket allows for adjustments and i relocated it to get closer to projector's center of gravity.

Z. Whiteman, Lorraine

Works well, very adaptable with the arms and sliders. I bought this mount for a 3-hole epson 2040 and it works very well with a 3-arm config. This product comes with a lot of hardware, but assembles pretty quickly. I was able to put it together in about 20 minutes. The extra hardware is mostly to adapt to the different projector mounting threads, so most of it is not needed. Using the 5th hole to make a 3-arm configuration made it very easy to place the mounting bracket closer to the projector's centre of gravity. The trick is to reverse one of the feet (the one for the rear hole) in order to better center the bracket. The image shows the result. Overall very pleased with this mount! cannot beat it for this price.

T. Anonymous, Saskatchewan says

Works great. The hanger is still a little loose even when tightened all the way. I have everything tight so it doesn't move around the bolts, it's just around the points where the arms meet and places where parts overlap. This actually helps it in the end as it can be adjusted just by pushing it one way or another without loosening any bolts, it doesn't need this too often because it would take something shaking or a cord pulling to make it get a hair out of line. One other thing to mount some projectors you may have to get creative as i needed 3 of the short mounting g arms and it came with 2, so i had to make one of the long arms a short one by removing a half inch in length. I read a review before buying this and it said pretty much the same thing, but for the price this is not a big deal at all. Overall it is a very nice mount for the cost and keeps my projector out of harm's way.

U. Irene, Kensington and Chelsea

Be prepared to dig in. . If you have a smaller projector be prepared to do some minor surgery. The supplied head was too big for my small samsung hx300. First thing, make sure it fits your projector! . . I had to remove the 4 leg extensions and turn over the remaining legs to secure it to the projector. . Once it's mounted correctly it's solid and bullet proof. . Some things to look out for:. . The instructions don't tell you what size drill to use for the supplied lag bolt to drill into the stud. I used 3/16" and it worked perfectly. . The kit doesn't come with wall anchors for drywall, only for mounting to concrete. I used 14 1 1/2" from hd and used a 5/16" drill bit they worked perfectly. . The instructions are too small and tiny to be useful, what they do detail zoom isn't too useful. . I pretty much ended up winging this assembly but i knew i could make it work and once installed it's solid as a rock. I used the center hold into a stud and the two outer holes for wall anchors. It's not going anywhere.

. Kimberly, Somerset says

I have a drop ceiling and needed to have my optoma hd20 hang below the tiles but attach to the ceiling. This worked out quite well as i could attach it to the side of the support beam and have it hang down through a right-sized hole for the post in the ceiling tile. For the price it works well and the many various ways you can adjust the mounting points with 4 long and 4 short arms was daunting at first. Looking at reviews here and seeing photos of it on the hd20 made that a non-issue. Make sure you follow instructions, tighten things when done, and test it before putting your expensive item under it. As another suggested, give the mount and hanging post some of your body weight to ensure it has a good mount that will last. . The reason i gave it 4 instead of five is that i had to go buy on additional piece for stability. I found with people upstairs it would move a little. I had to get a bracket that wraps around the post to the cross beam to help secure it. This is especially apparent if you jack in a laptop or another device to an open connector, like hdmi2, to see photos or whatever. Then the things would shift away from the projection screen. After putting in this bracket, it has a lot less movement.

Y. Campbell, Kentucky

Great bang for the buck mount. It works with my 3 point projector infocus 3118hd. . Pros, seems strong. Cheap. I could have went with the cheaper unit (without the extension), but i wanted to make sure i would have it, if i needed it. . A few issues, maybe just nit picks. . 1) i mounted the ceiling bracket sideways. Because my beams run left to right (not back to front). I think the part marked "90 degree swivel adjustment" should be a "180 degree swivel adjustment" it seems like the projector wants to drop down a little lower, like it wants to center itself at 91 degrees. If that makes sense. Think of looking at a swing set from the side. The swing naturally sits at the bottom. What if the swing was sitting forward a few degrees (as if the set was on a hill). I think projector wants to drop down to center a micro centimeter more. . I want the option of being able to move it just a bit more on that access. I may later take it down and use my drill to drill out that quarter circle of an opening just a bit more. Or i might place a small spacer on one side of the mount which would offset the swivel opening so the projector can hang down and center itself a tad better. I am finding it difficult to get a perfect line up with my screen, but not sure its because this small issue. . 2) the way the bracket (piece that is screwed onto your projector) connects to the mount (piece bolted to ceiling) is funky. The bracket is drastically less wide then the mount, so you have to use a spacer on one side, but it doesnt matter because the screw that goes through the "90 degree swivel" opening (i mentioned above) is short and pulls the bracket right to the mount (on 1 side). Why not just make the bracket piece wider? . . 3) if they made it wider it could fix issue 3. There is no way to tighten the "10 degree rotation adjustment" screws. They are 2 screws in a tight spot. I was able to use my finger a bit, maybe i need a slim wrench? , if they widened the piece above the screws, and put the screws in the other direction (screwed down rather than screwed up) you would have more room to tighten them. . Any tips on getting it to frame on the screen better are always welcome!

. Edna, Virginia says

This thing has the worst instructions, but let me say that it is sturdy as hell. It took me forever to figure out how to interpret the instructions and apply to my optoma gt1080 projector. The projector seems to want to not stay exactly in place after tightening down the bolts. I'll have to look at it again to see if i can tighten them more. I do not worry about the projector falling because in that area it is very good. I did have to go to lowe's to buy screws for my optoma gt1080 which was 3 12mm m4 bolts (i believe) you can look up the manual online for that projector, but i don't blame this product for not supplying that. Now actually figuring out how to position the bracket was a 30 minute process and like a puzzle. This part ruined the product for me more than anything else. But i will post a picture that satisfied me the most in order to actually mount it to my projector. It's eh. Cheap and alright.

G. Finch, Maryland says

This universal mounting is made for for a much larger and heavier projector so the legs can accommodate spacing much wider than needed for my optoma. Initially it seemed that it would be too large, i. E. , that i would not be able to adjust it small enough for the rather compact and light optoma (as most projectors are now these days). But by turning 2 of the sliding inserts around (not suggested in the manual-you have to use some ingenuity and common sense), it worked! it comes with 2 one-foot extensions for mounting considerably lower than the ceiling but it turned out i didn't need them and the 6" (15 cm) drop without any extension was just right for me. . Positives: it has every possible adjustment imaginable. You can fine-tune rotation on every possible axis and in addition, the mount is made for either horizontal ceilings or sloped ceilings up to 45-degrees. Every screw, washer and lug you need is included (including the m3 screws that most projectors use) and even allen wrenches for the bolts. You will, of course, need a screw-driver and drill. It can be installed by one person without assistance. . Negatives: the only negative is that the manual and accompanying diagram is really sloppily written, i mean some errors are just absurd. Washers and nuts that are clearly needed are missing from the diagram (but they are not missing from the shipment! ), the wrong screw numbers are shown in the diagrams, etc. , but with a little common sense you can figure out what they really meant, and anyone attempting to install this would generally have enough experience being handy with such things to figure it out. So i wouldn't let this keep me from buying it (but you'll be scratching your head trying to figure some of this out! ).

V. Guest, Arkansas

Outstanding price and value. Very versatile to put the projector up in different configurations. The mount to the projector is kind of odd, my projector had 3 screw points for a mount, but they were too close together to connect the 3-4 arms on the mount. I had to connect the mount to the screw holes made for the projector legs, which worked perfectly but i don't think it was supposed to work this way. It was literally the only way it could work though. . There's lots of small parts and it took at least 2 hrs to get everything perfect. It is however my first time putting one up. . Overall, for the price and features you cannot go wrong and for $25 you can't fault the unit. Happy with the purchase and i know you will be too. Feel free to thumbs back if this review helped.

D. Nees, Bremen says

High quality kit. One can definitely mount any projector any way he wants to. It's full of adjustments. Good thing it comes with good instructions and every screw and nut you may need. I had one issue with my acer h5380bd though: the screws that attach the mount to the projector were a little too short, so i had to attach the mount to the leg holes, not the mounting holes. But that's because i'm lazy and i didn't want to go to a hardware store to buy slightly longer screws.

. Paula, Wolverhampton

This worked great for me. I see a lot of frustration on the mounting holes. I had a very small 3 hole pattern and thought it wouldn't work. But see if this helps you. . There is an extra hole between two of the sides. You remove the two arms around it, and move one of the arms over. Now, my first instinct was to spread the 3 out like a spider, but the hardware they give you, there are not enough short pieces to slip inside and make the holes line up. Disregard completely that even if you could get them to line up the bracket wouldn't be straight. . But here is what you do, and someone actually posted a customer picture on here of exactly how it should look. I'll link that in the end and see if it posts. But basically, you want to make a v with the two arms on the back, swing them towards the arm that is mounted in the center hole. The one in the center hole is then pointed forward or up in the middle of the v. The v portion grabs the two outer screw holes and the one in front points towards the front of your projector. . Took a minute to figure it out, and lots of stars have been docked for people saying they can't get it to work. This is a universal kit. The manufacture doesn't test all brands, and unlike tv wall mounts, there isn't really any industry standard sizing on projectors. This mount i bet will work for 99% of projects, you just have to figure out how to line it up. . I'm not going to dock a star for it, but the only other annoying thing about the mount is all the hardware. This has so many adjustments, angles, everything, i really like it a lot. But no hardware is preinstalled. They give you a back full of nuts and bolts and you get to put in a whole grip of them to mount it in the position you want and hold it there. . I did not use the extension bracket, i needed mine sucked up close to the ceiling. The bracket is very secure. I've got one of the lag bolts into a stud, and this isn't going anywhere. . I'm going to try and link the picture, sandy wilson posted it in jan 2011. Http://www. Online store. Com/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/b000idc0k2/ref cm cr dp cust img see all img0

J. Lindsey, Nebraska says

Installation can be a bit of a challenge like others pointed out, but it's worth the effort. I installed it for my optoma hd26 and it played well with it. Please see the pictures attached to find out 1. How to connect the projector to the mount (you will have to remove one of the prongs from the mount as hd26 only has 3). 2. The screws you need to attach the hd26 to the mount (the ones that came with the mount are not long enough).

C. Margaret, Gateshead

I bought this to mount an epson powerlite home cinema 2000 projector to my basement ceiling. For the most part, it worked fine, but it did not have enough height adjustment for me to be able to get a geometrically correct screen image without having to use keystone. And when you use keystone, you lose screen resolution (which is bad). Ideally, you want to mount any projector so that it creates a rectangular, squared off image without any digital keystone. This assures that all of your pixels are being used to create an image, instead of shifting some of your available resolution outside the active picture area. But i digress. . First of all, my mount came with all of the necessary hardware (screws, washers, etc. ) and the instructions were pretty clear. The only extra tool i needed was a drill for the ceiling mount holes and a philips head screwdriver. The mount comes with two allen wrenches to adjust the rest. The videosecu mount comes with an adjustable extension arm. If you want your projector right up against the ceiling, you can mount it without using the extension arm at all, and this will put the top of your projector 5. 5" from the ceiling. For me this was just slightly too high to get a squared off image on my 92-inch screen which is permanently mounted to the wall. . So i tried the extension arm, which drops the projector down significantly lower, with a range of around 16. 9" to 25. 6" and this was slightly too low (i feel like goldilocks! ). At the least amount of extension (16. 9" from ceiling), i was able to square off my projection image using about +7 on the vertical keystone scale. This isn't terrible, and did create a nice-looking image for most content, but putting up a 1080p test pattern showed that the view-able image was no longer getting the full 1920x1080 pixel resolution. In actual viewing, this becomes noticeable mostly with text as in movie credits, and a subtle loss of detail on some movie content. . The only other issue i had with the mount was due to my projector having three instead of four mounting holes. The mounting interface has four adjustable feet that screw into holes on the bottom of the projector. Most projectors have four holes but the epson home cinema 2000 and 2030 have three holes. The manual that came with the mount suggests that you remove two of the feet and place one of them in a fifth hole that is located between two of the others on the mounting plate. The problem is that the mount i received has no fifth hole - it's simply not there. It is pictured on the videosecu web site with a fifth hole, so i'm guessing they may have added this hole to a later version of the mount and i may have gotten old stock. I ended up leaving all four legs on the mount and just used three. Using two of the long feet and one short foot reversed (for the projector's center hole), i was able to get a nice tight mount, pretty close to the projector's center of gravity so it was not pulling in any one direction. . It's important to note that this requirement to use keystone may or may not affect you if you use this or any other projector with the videosecu mount. My issue is due to a couple of things: the screen is already mounted in a fixed location (i can't move it up or down) and the epson home cinema 2000 and 2030 projectors have a fairly unique throw angle. These projectors have 92% of the image above, and 8% of the image below the lens center line. You reverse these numbers when mounting the projector upside down from a ceiling. On a 92-inch screen, this means the lens must be about 3. 5 to 4 inches below the top of the screen in order to get a square image without keystone. If your projector has a different throw angle, or if it has lens shift, or if you have higher ceilings (mine are about 8 feet) or more flexible screen mounting options, then this videosecu mount may be a perfect fit. . Other than the need to use keystone in my specific case, the videosecu pf12w offers decent adjustability and performance for an excellent price. I was able to adjust the tilt in all directions to hit the screen properly and the projector locks in place pretty well so even the occasional light bump (from my head) does not misalign the image. If it weren't for the need to use keystone to square the image, i would be extremely satisfied with this mount. As it is, i'm going to try out epson's own universal projector mount with its optional adjustable extension column to see if that gets me the exact height i need. Based on the specs, i think it will.

O. Glenda, Wokingham says

I'm using this with an nec vt700 (which means it will work with every other nec to my knowledge). As others have mentioned, this is a remarkably strong projector mount. It comes with great instructions and all the hardware you need (plus extras of every piece! ). I have been working in it for a long time and have seen all varieties of projector mounts (mostly for much more money), and i have to say this is the best i've used thus far. The degree of adjustability is incredible, and you can fine tune it almost any way you want. There have been some complaints here about the instructions, which i believe are totally unfounded. I thought they were concise, but more than clear enough to understand and use effectively. I will be using and recommending this mount from here on out!

L. Smith, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

This is a very solid unit and i like it overall. Adjustability for pivot along two axes and solid build quality. As some have mentioned, the assembly instructions could be a bit better. I am very mechanically and technically inclined and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to put this thing together. It didn't help that all the nuts and bolts come in one bag and the instructions seem to include parts in the parts listing that were used on the pre-assembled portions, so at first glance, it seems like you got short changed. All the pictures of the parts are pretty generic, too. Like they show the same icon for all the washers but put different size designations on them. If you're not familiar with metric bolts and washers, it could be really confusing. . The term "universal is a bit questionable. I got this to use with an acer x1261 and it is not a good match at all. There are only 3 mounting receivers on the underside of that projector and they are very close together and in an offset triangular pattern. As it comes out of the box, you can't get more than 2 of the claws on the mount to line up with any of the holes. The m3x8 screws that are included are also too short to pass through the needed washer, the hole in the mounting arm and hit threads in the projector, as the receivers are inset very deep in the casing. After about 15 minutes, removing one of the claws, flipping some bracketry and twisting things around in a manner than i'm sure the manufacturer never imagined, i just barely managed to line up with all three holes. Then i had to hunt around town for some longer screws. I couldn't find any m3x10 or 12 so i had to get m3x16, which were too long and i had to grind them down (i guess i could have used some spacers or a handful of washers). . Anyhow, i'm going to stick with it because it's solid and i've gotten it working but i'd save yourself some headache and look for a different mount if you're getting an acer x1261.

E. Brendon, Hessen says

Thanks to pics uploaded by another reviewer i was able to get this mount to work. There are 4 legs on the mount but only 3 pre-drilled holes on the hd20. You have to remove one of the 4 legs (the sliding portion of the leg anyway) by simply unloosening an allen head screw. Another sliding leg also has to be removed and placed in backward facing to match up with the third hole on the hd20. The pics didn't specifically address that, it kind of looks like there are only two of the mounts legs attached. I ended up using the extension rod. It was kind of a pain as you have to balance a metal cylinder inside the extension shaft while screwing into it from the outside. I didn't use the extender's cable management as it would require for dis-assembly to change out cables if one goes bad. . This mount requires a lot of assembly and dis-assembly if you want to do it right. Definitely read the manual and separate the parts before you begin as there are about 20 washers that are different but look the same. This was my first projector. My advice is to do a complete moc up of the projector placement (to include firing up the projector with a test image on the wall) before tightening the allen head screws and drilling into the ceiling (thank the lord i had some left over spackle). I had my son help me out so i held the mount up to the ceiling and he held the projector. . You have to decide first off if you are going to use the extender, as it will modify the install greatly. Attach the projector to the mount's feet as per the other user's review pics and above description. . The ceiling bracket has 3 holes and three screws. The screws have a socket head with a phillips head screw pattern also. My advice is to use a 8mm socket and electric drill not a screw driver, as i easily stripped out the phillips portion driving in the first screw. The ceiling bracket has a center hole that will allow you to put in the screw first then place the mount on and slide it over (to lock it into place). You can then install the other 2 screws. Not sure why, as you have to install the mount by itself as you cant tighten the screws with the bottom portion attached. Also the screws say they are 10mm. I didn't have 10mm drill bits, so i approximated and it made the drilling a bit rough. . Once you have the ceiling bracket installed, then you can slide the bottom portion (with projector attached) onto two pins before screwing it in tightly. This is a major plus if you don't have a helper to hold the projector while tightening everything with the provided allen wrenches. You will need another set of allens or at least the bigger one of the two that come included if you use the extension to tighten them. . Over all, it took me about 1. 5 hours from start to finish. Hope review helps.

F. Hannah, Trafford

The descriptor for this and the pictures show the ability to align this to a 3 arm configuration. This is not the case as the mounting plate only has 4 holes in it, not 5. This seems well built with that exception, but since it is advertised as having 3 arms or 4 this is a major design flaw and i must review it as one star for being totally worthless to my installation. . Update: after receiving a replacement for this it turns out that this should indeed have 5 holes in the mounting bracket to allow for a 3 hole projector mount. I have adjusted this to 4 stars as it really does a good job, but left out a star for poor quality control. Missing drilling and tapping a hole is a big miss in my opinion.

Top lcddlp projector ceiling mount Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

S. Medina, Nebraska says

Update after a few weeks - there's so much play that it occasionally needs adjustment even though it hasn't been touched at all. I'm hoping it "settles" over the next few months and doesn't need adjustment once every few days as it has over the last couple of weeks. Update after a year and a half - it has settled and is much better but still needs adjustment about once a month if you're super picky like i am. Please see original review below. . My main complaint is that this mount does not hold the projector firmly enough. I wanted to be able to press buttons and clean the lens without worry. Unfortunately, if you press a button or touch the projector in any way, be prepared for a small adjustment to re-aim your projector as even with all of the screws very securely tightened, there's still plenty of wiggle left. . My other complaint is that it does not play nicely with my epson 3010 projector. I needed to purchase 4 extension arms and then had to custom cut the hardened steel arms with a dremel cutting wheel to get the longer arms short enough to fit correctly. Not the end of the world but after spending an extra fifteen bucks on the extended arms i had hoped i wouldn't have needed to do any metal work. . Pros. Inexpensive. White (matches my projector and ceiling). Lots of adjustments available for aiming. Secure - i feel like i could hang from this if i wanted to. . Cons. Doesn't hold very firmly. Doesn't easily fit epson projectors

I. Stacey, Medway

This mount does not work with an acer 5360. The holes on the projector for the screws to attach the mount to the projector itself are too close together. You can play with this distance a little bit on this model by moving the legs in and out, but not enough to match up with the holes on the projector. I'm too lazy to return it so i ended up using it by taking a hacksaw to the pieces to get them to fit. But, obviously this isn't what you are looking for. If i had to do it over again i would buy one capable of fitting mounting holes that are close together or just buy this one:. . Projector-gear projector ceiling mount for acer h5360. . If it fits your projector then it's a good buy and really let's you fine tune all the angles, etc very easily.

. Heidi, Centre says

To put this review into context, this is the only projector ceiling mount i have ever worked with and am not returning it. This ceiling mount was the most frustrating part of putting together my home theater. The extension bar has some play in it and it is very difficult to keep it pointed directly at the screen we purchased. There is no fine control of the positioning once you have it pointed in the general direction of the screen. This makes positioning it for a permanent home theater system harder than it should be. . The other issue is that while the extension bar can get very large (almost twice its length), it can't get very small. Going from no extension bar to extension bar adds a substantial length. The projector hangs down much further than it needs to. . I wish i had researched more and spent a little more to get something that would have:. 1) allowed the projector to be as high as possible without causing a fire hazard based on the manufacturer's recommendations. 2) found a mount that had both course and fine control for aiming the projector at the screen.

A. Anonymous, Northwest Territries

Nice design that fit my epson 730hd projector. Most would not fit my projector due to limited distance of mount arms. Bought two of these ceiling mounts. The option of the extended arm was great where i need to avoid a light fixture. A few gotchas is the screws. 1) the screws go into sheet metal and in my efforts to secure the projector so it would hold position, the one screw stripped the threads. Sheet metal is not enough for threads. This is my specific reason for giving it 3 instead of 4 stars. Despite this i still think it was still very much worth the money and in some other ways is a better mount that many other more expensive mounts that i looked at. 2) hard to adjust angle and then tighten screws to hold position. Screws are not easy to get at, so you end up seeing what position is close and tightening screws and seeing if you got it right and then loosening and doing it again. Once set it works fine. It should be a one time pain so i do not consider it much of a negative but given my first complaint i think it could use some thought about design. . The other minor ding i give to this is that when i mounted the projector, the instructions suggest running the cable through the extended arm. This was all backwards, the cable came out of the arm headed to the front of the projector and the arm is too tight of a space for feeding cables. I opted to instead purchase some cable mounts that i could position on the outside of the arm. Easier to manage that way instead of struggling with feeding them through the arm.

C. Dorothy, Swindon says

Really wanted this mount to work. On unpacking it seemed very sturdy and well made. When configuring in non-extension mount mode all the screw holes were correct, but i needed it for the extension where one of the holes (top wall mount to extension arm area) we not drilled correctly. Thus i can't use it. Really wanted it to work, but not going to take a chance on exchanging for another that is manufactured correctly.

N. Ruff, Bradford

It works, but that is about the only nice thing i can say. . Pros: it holds a projector, it has multiple expansion options to fit most projectors. Cons: the many adjustments also cause alignment issues. I can take the lens cover off and it causes the stupid thing to get out of alignment. You can easily tighten down some of the tilt screws, but the 360 degree rotation nuts are impossible to get to without buying a special small wrench. Even tightened down, the slightest touch can knock it out of alignment.

R. Erickson, Nova Scotia says

This is most definitely a case of you get what you pay for. If i'm not mistaken the product description claims that this mount is universal and suitable for both ceiling and wall mount application. Regardless, i would not recommend purchasing this product for a wall mount set up. It probably does okay from a ceiling and does have some redeeming adjustment qualities. However, the hardware seems a bit cheap and the mount is somewhat of an eyesore in a residential setting. I still managed to mount my benq w1070 to a wall but i had to go a little outside of the regular capabilities of the mount and rig something up. I mounted it on the wall and extended it to about 22". After the first day it had already settled and sagged a bit (even with stud mounted security) so i attached some light picture wire from above the mount on both sides with drywall anchors to reduce the burden of weight on the extended mount. It seems to be holding pretty well with the added support but i must admit that there was a bit more time and effort involved than i expected. I'm relatively happy with the set up now but i would probably recommend something specifically designed for wall mount purposes if that is your goal. This mount will likely do fine if you're going for the ceiling mount approach.

K. Hurst, Pennsylvania

Took some noodling to get the mount "legs" set up right for my projector (acer h6510bd) they state the center of gravity of the projector should be at the down rod. This ment cleverly flipping some of the leg feet and then installing the bracketry. The assembly is confusing because the amount of parts they give you and only refer to things as m-l or m-n which means going back and referencing the first page and back and forth again and again. They don't nessisarly state the bushings need to be on both sides of certain parts but it can somewhat be infered by the diagram which isn't drawn to scale. Word of warning as well the plate that goes on the wall/ceiling they imply is mounted the same direction of the joists in a joisted ceiling which is ok if your screen is down joist but otherwise you'll end up with a projector facing the side wall if you follow the rest of the instructions. So bottom line is i'd advise mocking everything up first before doing anything permanent. . My next gripe is the amount if adjustment makes it such that even if everything is tight plugging in a cable or something can knock the projector out of alignment. . Last gripe is apparently my projector fan isn't perfectly ballanced and this mount does a good job of using the cealing as a speaker which wasn't a problem before. . Past that it seems like a good mount and was reasonably priced

Y. Imelda, Waltham Forest says

This does work, but it's far from quality. Admittedly it is much longer than my old ceiling mount but the quality is way off. Good luck getting it perfectly level. If you must hang from the ceiling, are cash strapped and have the patience to fiddle then this mount is an ok option. . Update . . Most of the wobble can be eliminated using thick stud plates perpendicular to the regular mounting. See my photo. You can buy them from the plumbing department of home depot; their real purpose is prevent drilling screws into water pipes. . Initially the picture had really bad keystoning. This is because most projectors have built in keystone correction which makes using upside even worse. This can be mitigated by tilting the projector upwards. An obvious solution but it took me a day to think of it + your projector will need a lens-shift function to re-position the picture. This five year old sanyo plv-z2000 has it, but it was a higher-end device when new. . The picture is now virtually perfect and the projector almost wobble-free. Knowing this stabilization solution i'd likely buy again but still think it deserves three stars because most buyers won't be as handy/creative. .

H. Shawna, District of Columbia

This is not a complete solution (does not include screws for attaching to projector itself) and takes a lot of time and effort to setup. The instructions are bad. The product itself is pretty ugly, the only consideration was function. If you have large ceiling drop it is probably a good solution. And if you don't mind fiddling with it to get it to work. For me, i should have just purchased the more expensive mount but i saw that people said this worked well with the optoma hd28dse and this was $35 cheaper. It may work but you have to spend a lot of time configuring the arms to match the mounting posts on the projector, and then take a trip to the hw store to get the m5 screws to attach it. And there might have been other issues but i stopped trying after realizing that it would take all of this time and that for a few more $ i could get the better / faster solution.

M. Margaret, Hammersmith and Fulham says

You get a free puzzle to put together when you order this. 100's of pieces in the box, and you only need 10 of them. Not recommended for a 3 prong projector. And it's not super stable either. I'm jamming paper in the crevice to get the projector to display at a low enough angle. Upgrade to the $50 job and save yourself some headaches.

Q. Angela, Cornwall

Mad complicated- when i opened the box, millions of pieces fell out. Maybe that's just the nature of a wall/ceiling mount but it was insane. I ended up hobbling together two separate mounts just to get it on the wall and even that barely works. If you buy it- be prepared for a complicated job, or buy (cuz it looks strong and legit) and have a professional install it. I wish i had.

. Anonymous, Hartlepool says

I'm sure this product works great for the majority of the users who buy it and there must be a reason why it is the number one seller in its category. But i just could not get it to work for me. As stated it is a universal mount, which means it should work for 90% of applications- but you have to figure out how to get it to work- the included instructions/drawings won't help. I was just not technically minded or patient enough to immediately figure it out and after several hours i had a hundred pieces of bolts and parts staring at me with my projector no closer to being mounted. . While it is nice that the manufacturer includes just about any nut/bolt/washer you would ever need, they don't mark or separate them out so this is even more you have to figure out before you can even begin. . Eventually i broke down and bought another mount that is supposed to be guaranteed to fit my projector (benq hc1200) without any tetris problem solving. If you like puzzles and are pretty good with tiny nuts and washers you may have better luck than me. I wanted to like this product as it seems solidly built, includes multiple height and play adjustments and even comes in two colors but it is just so darn frustrating to put together.

E. Walsh, Utah

Not bad, pretty good for a really good price. I was not willing to pay for the high dollar mounts so this is the one i went with. It does the job, but it was pretty difficult to get it to work. I have a portable projector, so the bolt pattern was really small. The arms on this mount are long so i had to flip them. When mounting on the celling it was really hard to get the angle i needed. It was just tough to fine tune the projection angle. Took a while to get it up, but now that it is i do really like having a mount rather than leaving the projector on the table. Get what you pa for. Does work, but not easy to work with. Good thing is this is a set it and forget it product so now that it is up, i am happy with it.

B. Pearce, Washington says

Okay so it worked. But it took a long time to figure out how to make the mount work for my acer h6510bd projector. I never have problems with directions, half the time i don't even need them but this was ridiculous. In one part it told me to remove an arm and move it to position b for a three arm setup. There was no position b, no hole. I ended up getting this to work by turning around one arm. Honestly i gave it 3 stars because it did work. It has a lot of useful adjustments but if i had gotten a projector specific mount i would of had this thing up a day earlier. I did not use the extension arm but it looks "unsafe" to me.

. Kathlene, Tennessee

This product does not have proper screws for the optoma hd26 1080p 3d dlp home theater projector. The screws in the package were too short when trying to attach the projector to it. That is a huge defect! i had to use screws from my garage to fit the bracket/projector. . Think about it. Ceiling mount is attached, but projector cannot be attached to it. What is the point

U. Matherly, Coventry says

I wish i had opted for a higher-quality mount. It is versatile enough for my panasonic pt-ae900u, but the weight of it causes it to sag if it is touched when pressing buttons. The screws cannot be tightened much until the threads start to strip which is the main problem. If they used thicker or higher quality metals then this would be a great mount.

D. Beale, Maryland

Assembly instructions are not quite clear, and some pieces are very difficult to put together, especially after threading the cables through the shaft high up by the ceiling. Also, my hdmi cable is heavily shielded, and did not thread easily through the shaft. Getting my rg6 and power cord through were also tough. I'm happy with it now that it's up, but it would be better if the finished product was more rigid. Another complaint is that they provide 4 and 5mm bolts to attach the mount, but mine needed 6mm, so off to home depot. Off again to home depot for a second trip, as the lag screws they provide to thread into the ceiling joist are made of metal so soft a phillips head screwdriver will strip them. I got them most of the way in before they stripped, then had to use a pair of vice-grips to take them out. I got some stainless steel ones and installed them with a socket wrench. Overall a decent product for the price, but they shouldn't provide screws as soft as ju-ju-bees.

O. Emma, Schleswig-Holstein says

Did the job. Just. I'll make this quick. Instructions will give you a general idea, but are very unclear. For example, it tells you a screw needs to go on something, but its unclear if its going on the outside or the inside of the part. Way too many different sized screws and bolts to deal with. Instructions again are worthless at figuring out what screw is what, because they all look alike on the page. After an hour, i went with my own thing and didn't use even half of the screws that came with it. Works well for something this cheap.

P. McCarthy, Norfolk

Arrived today. Whew! what a task! i have a optima hd25e and i had to get real creative to make this work. Thousands of pieces. Instructions will give you a head ache. I just winged it and managed to get it "somewhat" right ( i hope it doesn't fall apart on me). The final swivel piece seems impossible to install with what was provided. I had to go to lowes to pick up a extra nut and screw to complete this. I'm proud that i stuck with it but if you lack patience and creativity, this is not for you if you have an optima 25e

L. Julie, Leeds says

It holds my projector to the ceiling. That being said its universal nature means that there are a ton of bolts on this thing. Getting the adjustment correct requires immense patience. I have a screen door that slams sort of hard which means the infinitesimal vibrations radiating through my brick house shakes it out of adjustment. I discovered early on the best way to adjust it is to tighten everything down tight tight and force the movements. There is just no other way. There are no mechanisms in place for fine tuning. A few fine threaded jack screws could be added at the joints to facilitate fine tuning. I just haven't the motivation at this time to modify the device.

V. Cageen, Lewisham

If i had to do it over again, i'd just pay $40 instead of $16 and get one specifically made for my projector (acer h6510bd ) does it work? yes, it is holding my projector up, but it requires a ton of tweaking to get it level and keep it level. I believe it could've been designed a lot more simple and more reliable. If you're looking for something with great step-by-step directions, this is not it. I'm a pretty handy guy, and i'm good with hardware/building things, so i was able to make this work with modification. But if you're not, don't go this route, get one designed specifically for your projector. . Update: after a week, i have declared this a total loss, worst purchase i've ever made. Doesn't hold projector level at all. Impossible to get your projector level & keep it that way.

Z. Newell, Wandsworth says

The only reason i'm giving it "2" stars is that it appears to be somewhat solidly built "if" you figure out how to get it assembled! . Forget the printed misleading instructions. I ended up "macgyvering" my way through the assembly. The included instructions are no less than maddening! add to that i was missing a couple of key bolts and plastic washers. To the garage i went to dig through my spare nuts and bolts bin. Unfortunately, the one i had wasn't quite the right diameter so i had to drill one of the holes a little larger to finish the assembly. The manufacturer needs to revisit the assembly instructions and work on their qc department to make sure all of the parts are there before shipping. Yes, i could have shipped it back. Yes, i could have requested the missing parts, yes, you get what you pay for. However, my time is money and my weekends are full of projects so i just worked my way through it and moved on. I do like the amount of adjustments available on this unit. I just hope they hold securely as some reviews state it moves around a lot even after tightening things up. I am waiting on my projector and will adjust this review accordingly depending on the outcome and fit.

F. June, Kingston upon Thames

You definitely get what you pay for with this one. It is small, ugly and cheap. It is pretty flimsy too, i used a small/light projector and it can barely hold it steady. Nevermind if i had a bigger projector. The assembly seems needlessly complicated, lots of small parts. The extension tube is needlessly long, it starts at around a foot long. Which means you can either mount the projector on the ceiling, or a minimum of an extra foot down. Nothing in between, unless you like cutting and re-drilling. The adjustments don't hold very well, you really have to try to crank down the screws to get it to hold tight. And then you end up stripping out the threads like i did. So you're basically screwed either way (see what i did there? ). At the end of the day, it's basically a waste of money and i will probably toss mine in the trash. Oh well, at least it was cheap.

W. Anonymous, Florida says

This got the job done but for my specific projector, there were some issues. I bought this for an optoma hd27, for which there are only three mounting holes on the projector and they're all located very close together. This projector mount has four arms and instructions for how to remove one arm and move another to a "center" hole. My mount only had four holes and no center hole, so it was different than the instructions and therefore i had to angle it to fit my three-hole projector. . The second issue was with the optoma hd27, all three holes on the projector were very close together. I could see this mount working well for projectors with holes on each corner, but the optoma had holes about 3in apart. The extender arms on the mount were too big to fit the holes, so i had to cut through the metal to create smaller arms that would fit the projector holes and still lock into the mount. . Overall, this would likely work well for an older model projector, but it would not fit the hd27 out of the box and required two modifications.

. Claudia, Idaho

Arrived broken. By the time we got around to installing it the return period expired. Our projector is a epson cinema home 2045. We tried to install it and flush mount it but the thing couldn t tilt. It would just swing back to the original position. It was obvious that it was not able to support the weight. We opted for the more expensive epson brand mount and couldn t be happier. Worth the extra money.

T. Susana, South Carolina says

Just ok. If your joists run perpendicular to your screen then you are in luck. Mine don't. I had to mount a small piece of hardwood to the ceiling first so i could secure the mount. It is bristtling with nuts and bolts everywhere so it is not the most attractive thing when mounted. Getting everything tight is a chore. It seems sturdy and will work but if there is a next time i will shop around a bit more. It is holding a benq using three of the four arms. I had to hacksaw one of the spare arms to make it work.

J. Wells, Iowa

I was hoping to use this mount to get my screen bigger than it was when installed with a straight mount on a flat ceiling. I mounted this right behind my cable outputs, but because of the angle of the projector bracket on the bottom, you really can't get more than a 4-6" additional from a backward diagonal. This also isn't the easiest thing to assemble as there are a ton of different configurations and parts. The installation guide is rather vague. I'm sure this would be much better on a vaulted ceiling.

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