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Price was $129.99. Great product. What a great sound. No comparison with the speakers on the 40 in. Panasonic tv. The wireless woofer easily connected. Needs to be located in a straight line from the sound bar to set it up, however, i. E. Same distance from floor as sound bar. Once this is accomplished it can be placed on floor behind a chair for instance. Provides great base sound. Very pleased. Great price.

-E. Linda

28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Introducing The All-new Vizio 28 2. 1 Sound Bar System. Easily Upgrade Your Tv A 2-channel Sound Bar Plus Subwoofer Crystal Clear Sound At Levels Up To 95 Db. Use Bluetooth To Stream -Vizio Sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

  1. Listed: Sound Pressure Level 95db.
  2. Listed: Wireless Subwoofer.

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This sound bar, even though it is not "top of the line", has exceeded my expectations. The sound bar was easily attached to a high end samsung quantum dot series 55" tv. It took longer to unpack the soundbar from it's packaging than it did to hook it up and have it functioning with the tv (very simple). We use the sound bar/bass as our sole sound source for our tv. It does take a little bit of time to "tweek" the bass/treble to your listening preferences; but it's easy to do with the provided remote. Best 28-inch 2.1 channel sound | Vizio-Home Theater System Or Htib Review ( Apr 2020 ) Listed VIZIO SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound bar 2. 1 audio channels. Sound pressure level 95db. Wireless subwoofer. Bluetooth streaming .

Vizio sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 channel sound bar Review (sb2821 d6)

Installed in 10 minutes. Great sound and nice bass. You can adjust the bass to pound if that s what you like. The standard setting is perfect for normal viewing. If bass too high had a tendency to drown out voices. . With my older 50 inch sony bravia i had to connect the optical cable to my xfinity cable box and turn off the tv speakers. . The xfinity remote was easy to program to adjust the bar volume and turn on/off both the bar and tv with one button (all power on/off button). . The bar is a nice size and does not overwhelm the space. -L. Sarah

Vizio Sb2821 D6 28 Inch Channel Sound

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0845226014345
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.00 inches
    Length:28.00 inches
    Weight:3.85 pounds
    Width:3.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: VIZIO
  • Model: SB2821-D6
  • MPN: SB2821-D6
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: SB2821-D6
  • Sub-Type: Home Theater
  • UPC: 845226014345
  • Warranty: 1 Year

28-inch 2.1 channel sound Home Theater, Introducing the all-new vizio 28 2. 1 sound bar system. easily upgrade your tv with a 2-channel sound bar plus subwoofer with crystal clear sound at levels up to 95 db. use bluetooth to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer. the sound bar features dts truvolume, which minimizes the distractions of fluctuating volume and dts trusurround for an immersive surround sound experience. with everything you need for a quick and easy setup, upgrading to an amazing home theater experience has never been easier plug the sound bar and subwoofer in, connect to your tv, sit back and enjoy. what's in the box: 28" sound bar wireless subwoofer remote control wall mount brackets quick start guide audio cables Vizio Sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar (SB2821-D6-Vizio).

Vizio Sb2821 D6 28 Inch Channel Sound Home Theater

  • For the price you probably can't beat it. The sound bar sounds pretty good but the sub-woofer isn't very deep. If you're looking for a deep base sound than this probably isn't the one you want. You'll probably have a hard time find anything better for the price. Good quality sound for a small to medium sized room. I'm very happy with it. I replaced a very expensive polk system that broke on me. The only noticeable difference is the sub-woofer. The sound quality might have been slightly better, but probably not worth the extra $300.
  • I bought this to replace a bluetooth speaker that died. I only use it to stream music over bluetooth so i can t comment on how it works with a tv. It took about 5 minutes to set up and paired with my ipad easily. I find the remote control easy to use, i m not sure why others have complained about it. I do recommend reading the instructions, they are clearly written and easy to follow. The sound quality is excellent, much better than the speaker i replaced, even though the speaker was rather expensive. The sub woofer adds a lot of depth to the sound. There are preset equalizer settings or you can set your own. The volume is more than enough to fill my living room. Please note that i am not a fanatic audiophile, just an average listener.
  • Sound is awesome on my 10 years old tv. Taking 2 star off because it shuts of automatically after every few hours. Also, when it's back up on , all the sound settings are gone and needs to be reset which is painful.
  • Sub woofer is useless. It seems unable to do proper sub-woofing. Could not tind any combinations of adjustments to settle it down. Without it, the sound bar seems to work pretty well. Had a new instance where the volume would adjust completely or completely mute with one push of the up or down volume switch. Too bad it is too late to return it. Do not suggest anyone buy it.
  • Have a bit of hard time connecting bluetooth. Have to reset 3-4 times. Won t sink with iphone 7+. Sound is good though.

28-inch 2.1 channel soundVIZIO SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound bar (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

For starters, i had a htpc with a denon 7. 1 avr and a 65in sharp aquos. I moved to a house half the size and needed to downsize everything. 7. 1 it is not, but for the simplicity and the price it is downright amazing. With the sub placed opposite the bar and tv, the dispersion of the sound is very good. Understand that if you buy one, you can't expect surround sound in the truest sense. However, unless you are a real av snob, you will not be disappointed.

Vizio Sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar
Click to see NoticeVizio Sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar (sb2821 d6)"I have recently purchased a few new tvs and a few of these vizio soundbar systems. I used to pair the tvs with blueray players and multiple speakers but got tired of having wires everywhere. . These soundbars and remote sub-woofers are very easy to connect, have very few wires and sound quite good. I mounted the soundbars underneath the suspended tvs using an inexpensive bracket and was able to hide the wires easily. . Good product and decent sound."

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(2) Question: What is the difference in sb2821-d6 vs. sb3821-d6?

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VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

I use this with my panasonic large screen tv using the digital cord that comes with the speaker. Mine does not turn on and off with the tv. I need to use the separate remote that comes with the speaker (or the buttons on top of the speaker). It took a while to figure it out and get used to the controls and buttons, but we kept the instruction manual handy for constant reference, and after a week of constant use, we are pros :)! we love it! it isn't movie theater quality, but it is great for getting those little detail sounds that aren't heard on the regular tv speakers. The bass and treble are adequate and adjustable. I also use the bluetooth feature to listen to pandora with my ipod. I can walk about 30 feet away with my ipod and it will stay connected. I turn up the volume the whole way and it only slightly starts to crack. It is wall mountable, but i can't address how well that works since we have it placed on the middle shelf of our entertainment center. If you do mount it on a wall, be advised that the included cords aren't long enough to reach far.

The all-new vizio 29" 2. 0 sound bar offers amazing audio in a compact size. Its sophisticated new design makes it an attractive addition to any 32"+ class tv. Use bluetooth to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer. With everything you need for a quick and easy setup, upgrading to an amazing home theater experience has never been easier - plug the sound bar in, connect it to your tv, sit back and enjoy. The 2. 0 sound bar features two powerful full-range stereo speakers that boost your audio and deliver amazing sound. Streamlined design vizio sound bars are crafted to accentuate your tv with a minimalist body style that blends in with any room of your home. Vizio sound bars utilize dts audio technologies to deliver elevated multi-channel audio for the most immersive sound quality.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound BarVIZIO-SB2920-C6-29-Inch-Channel-Sound

Vizio Sb2920-c6 29-inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar 2015 Model (sb2920 c6) FAQ.

I did a lot of research online before i purchased the vizio soundbar. I have a panasonic viera tv, and have only had the built-in speakers previously. Since i watch a lot of movies, i wanted better sound. I am very happy with my purchase and the vizio has exceeded my expectations! this is, a 2. 0 system, basically left and right channels, no separate bass speaker. However, the bass is far more powerful than what i get from the tv's speakers, and i'm not concerned about my condo neighbors hammering on the walls. Purchase with confidence! -Notice from . Lawrence, Gloucestershire

Click to Show vizio sb2920-c6 29-inch 2.0 channel sound bar 2015 model (sb2920 c6) Details

Thanks to the review that said it cleared up british accents on sherlock. Did just that and improved all audio to what i needed. Volume is good enough for a long narrow room but don't know that it would "fill a large room with sound". It did not come with the cord i needed but i had one that had come with the tv, (red and white connectors at both ends) i do have to control it separately from tv but it did solve my problem for a decent price.

Vizio-sb2920-c6-29-inch-2.0-channel-sound-bar-2015-model-(sb2920-c6) set picture

- . RuffI bought this because i was tired of the tinny sound of the standard speakers in my tv . What a pleasant surprise! a huge improvement, with a very mellow and rich sound, and just enough bass without being too much. Voices are clear and i no longer have to struggle to hear conversation. Very easy to hook up. For the price, i find it hard to beat. One complaint-the supplied batteries were dead and i had to replace them with fresh ones.

Picked one up at walmart today for $79. 00 plus tax. I have to say impressive for the price. . This is coming from someone who only buys huge name brand items. I was caught in a little mess. I had a lg sound bar that had sub woofers built in. ( i don't like the standalone subs regardless of wired or wireless). I am not a huge audiophile either. I just wanted better sound than the tv. My lg sound bar started having trouble with the built in arc function and i used the best buy geek squad warranty on it. Problem is they lost it in shipping. They made good on money for me. However, my gripe was i was stuck with new technology that had those huge stand alone bass tubes. I was too the point that even if i spent $1, 000 for a bose system, i was going to get a bass tube. So i made a choice down grade to a lesser quality name like vizio, insignia, rca, etc. I looked online and did research and found that the new 2015 model vizio looked nice. A symmetrical perfect cube design. I figured it would look nice at the very least and had to offer some what better sound that the tv speakers. . Boy was i right. The sound quality is great for a $79. 00 investment. There is no thumping bass like some of you would like. Though it does give me richer sound than standard tv speakers. The volume goes higher and the sounds fill the room better. . To sum it up. . If you're stuck on having a huge system, then i understand. Grab a reputable name. I was happy with the sound quality of bose as well as that vacuum tube system samsung makes. The stand alone sub just wasn't for me. . But seriously for $79. 00 where can you go wrong? it is pretty and works well. I had the volume way up with no distortion. Seems crisp enough to make me happy. . I am using the 29" bar with the included optical cable to my samsung un48ju7500 tv. Works good. . There is a 38" version of this 2015 model sound bar coming as well. Adds dolby digital technology. It also has a bit larger drivers. Instead of 2. 5" they are 2. 75". The 38" model also will have two passive radiators for more bass. It is not written on the vizio website but i did confirm it when them. So there is a total of four speakers on the 38" 2015 model. I suspect it will sound a bit better. The passive radiators will add 10hz on the low. Instead of 70hz it can get to 60hz. Or so it is written. . I am probably going to get the 38" bar as well when it is released. . I hope this helps. I will keep this item. Too bad i couldn't buy it from online store. Com.

S. Mahood, Missouri

Brand :    vizio
Color :    Black
Size :    2.0 Sound Bar, 29"
Weight :    4.50 pounds
  • Easy upgrade that boosts sound with a powerful punch
  • Premium audio with dts studio soundtm, dts tru volume tm and dts trusurroundtm
  • 95 db of room-filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. sound bar frequency: 70 hz - 19 khz
  • Easy setup - connect the sound bar to your tv using one of the included cables. refer user manual for troubleshooting steps.
  • Built-in bluetooth lets you lose the wires and listen to your music with a tap of a finger
Price :    $72.99 (was $78.99)
Model :    SB2920-C6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (vizio product review) for VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar available ( Apr 2020 )

VIZIO SB3621n-F8M 36 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System 2018 Model

Introducing the all-new vizio 36" 2. 1 sound bar system, designed to complement 40 + class tv s. Boost your tv audio and enjoy your entertainment in full audio clarity. The wireless subwoofer delivers a room-filling audio experience with deep thumping bass. Tv shows, movies, and sports games become loud and clear. Upgrade to premium audio with performance that delivers up to 100db of sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. The sound bar also connects you with your favorite music. With bluetooth capability built-in, you can stream music from your smartphone or other compatible music player in high quality. Lose the wires and listen to your music with a tap of a finger from anywhere in the room. Complement your tv with a minimalistic design that blends in with any room of your home. All the audio cables you need are included in the box for an easy setup from start to finish. Inbox parts: - remote - rca to 3. 5mm audio cable - 3. 5mm to 3. 5mm audio cable - optical digital cable - digital coaxial cable - power cord for subwoofer - power cord for sound bar - wall mount brackets.

VIZIO SB3621n-F8M 36 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System 2018 ModelVIZIO-SB3621n-F8M-Channel-Sound-System

Brand :    vizio
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    SB3621n-F8M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Exclusive 2018 model with dts virtual: x
  • Bluetooth: stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop via bluetooth
  • Wireless subwoofer: experience room-shaking bass with the wireless subwoofer
  • Dts virtual: x delivers virtual overhead sound for an immersive sound experience
  • Audio quality: enjoy 100 db of room filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion
Price :    $179.99
Home Theater :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (vizio product review) for VIZIO SB3621n-F8M 36 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System 2018 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer

Nice for the low cost. Good sound. I wish there was a method to allow this to turn "on" with the tv, as it does automatically turn "off" after the tv is powered off. The woofer work nice and sound nice when situated behind the tv (although the instructions say differently).

Upgrade your tv audio to a premium experience with the vizio 38 2. 1 sound bar system and wireless subwoofer, a great fit for 42 + class tvs. The sound bar system packs a punch with a wireless subwoofer and integrated dolby and dts audio technologies, delivering a room-filling audio experience with deep thumping bass all in a sophisticated new design. The built-in bluetooth feature allows you to wirelessly stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer. With everything you need for a quick and easy setup, upgrading your tv audio to a home theater experience has never been easier.

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Wireless SubwooferVIZIO-SB3821-C6-38-Inch-Wireless-Subwoofer

Vizio Sb3821-c6 38-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer 2015 Model (sb3821 c6) FAQ.

Just got this vizio sb3821 sound bar few days ago. It only took me an hour or so to install and hook up to my vizio 42" hdtv i have hanging on the wall. The sound is really awesome! hard to imagine this robust sound is coming from a speaker bar this size. The wireless subwoofer really hits some deep lows. Puts in a nice background bass sound to my movies. Vizio hit a home-run with this set up! would recommend this to my friend. -Notice from L. Anonymous, Wisconsin

Click to Show vizio sb3821-c6 38-inch 2.1 channel sound bar wireless subwoofer 2015 model (sb3821 c6) Details

Realitively inexpensive soundbar that really enhances the sound output from my tv. I'm very pleased with this unit.

Vizio-sb3821-c6-38-inch-2.1-channel-sound-bar-wireless-subwoofer-2015-model-(sb3821-c6) set picture

- V. NewellI read the reviews and purchased this sound bar and i'm very pleased. I'm using the system with comcast (xfinity) and my toshiba flat screen. I used the optical audio connection from my flat screen to the bar. The subwoofer is blue tooth and automatically connects. The sound is great! i even paired the bar with my apple laptop and played music through it. All works great, updated connections, modern look and good quality. I would buy it again.

I love this sound bar. I have a 55" lg flat screen and it works awesome with it. My husband found it pretty simple to hook up and all the cables give you everything you will need. What i also like is it does not block the tv at the bottom. It sits right below it, which makes it easy to turn off/on. The sub is small so that can pretty much fit anywhere.

D. Erickson, Southend-on-Sea

Brand :    vizio
Color :    Black
Size :    2.1 Sound Bar, 38"
Weight :    5.80 pounds
  • Built-in bluetooth lets you lose the wires and listen to your music with a tap of a finger with built-in bluetooth
  • Enjoy 100 db of room filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion*
  • Premium audio with dolby digital decoding, plus dts truvolume and dts audio post processing
  • Wireless subwoofer adds rich bass from anywhere in the room*
  • Wireless remote for convenient volume, input and audio controls. wireless subwoofer range approximately 60 feet - line of sight from sound bar
Price :    $129.99 (was $149.99)
Model :    SB3821-C6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2 to 4 weeks
Home Theater :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (vizio product review) for VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer available ( Apr 2020 )

WALI Universal Sound Bar Mount Bracket Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs. Weight Capacity SBR201 , Black

Works fine, although with my particular tv and soundbar combination, it took some wiggling and trial and error before i found the only configuration that worked. With all the slots and holes in the pictures, i thought i'd have a wide variety of mounting options, but not so. Also, be aware that the slots are different widths-i had the big bolts (for a big tv) so i could only use certain slots. The instructions are not super clear (all illustrations, and there were actually a couple of errors in the way things were drawn), but take your time and you can figure it out. All that said, it was a great solution for us.

Wali sbr201 universal fit for most tv and sound bar mount bracket. It fits most 32 to 70 inch tvs and vesa compliant: 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm product dimensions: 18(l) x 6. 5(w) x 1 (h) inches. Takes only a few minutes to install, all the necessary hardware and installation instructions are included.

WALI Universal Sound Bar Mount Bracket Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs. Weight Capacity SBR201 , BlackWALI-Universal-Bracket-Mounting-Capacity

Wali Universal Bracket Mounting Capacity (wl sbr 201) FAQ.

I used this to setup a soundbar on one of my tvs. It is universal and fit my vizio perfectly. Was able to setup in about 10 minutes. This held my soundbar in place without any issues. Will buy again if i need to. -Notice from P. Nicole, Kirklees

Click to Show wali universal bracket mounting capacity (wl sbr 201) Details

Easy install and comes with a ton of hardware for a wide range of devices. I used it to mount my soundbar over my wall-mounted tv. It only took me a few minutes to hook it up and mount it and it was ready to go!

Wali-universal-bracket-mounting-capacity-(wl-sbr-201) set picture

- Z. DorothyDoes exactly what i needed it for. I was able to use this hardware to mount my vizio sound bar to our 65" lg flat screen tv. This kit also included the necessary screws, spacers, and washers. Installation (by myself) took me 5 minutes with a + head screw driver. . Side note: i used this to mount our sound bar to the top of the tv. When moving the tv stand back against the wall, i noticed the sound bar flexes back and forth (the brackets are thin). When stationary, the sound bar is sturdy.

Received this on time. Used it to attached a lg sound bar to my lg 43"tv. I was not able to attached the sound bar itself directly to the bracket (it was nothing to do with the bracket itself) due to the design of the sound bar. I ended up attaching a small piece of wood to the bracket thus allowing me to attach the sound bar to the bracket. All in all it worked perfectly and i would recommend this bracket to anyone. Good product.

B. Angelica, Newham

Brand :    wali
Color :    Black
Size :    N/A
Weight :    2.65 pounds
Model :    SBR-201
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Flexible:adjustable bolt slots with sound bar sitting above or below the tv. fits most tv wall mounts (fixed, tilt, full motion, articulating, interactive).
  • Package includes: 2 x wali sound bar bracket , 1 x mounting hardware kit, 1 x user manual, 10 year protection
  • Features: stylishly connects to tv wall brackets or directly to the tvs on stands, instead of mounting to wall. ideal for corner installations.
  • Compatibility: vesa 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm. dimensions: 18(l) x 6. 5(w) x 1 (h) inches. universal fit for most tv and sound bar mount bracket.
  • Built: the brackets are constructed from black brushed high quality 2. 5mm thick steel to hold sound bars up to 33lbs/15kg.
Price :    $12.99
Receiver Or Amplifier :    Best Audio Or Video (wali product review) for WALI Universal Sound Bar Mount Bracket Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs. Weight Capacity SBR201 , Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth Black

My son (32 yrs old) was happy to get this

Yamaha yas-107bl sound bar with dual built-in subwoofers & bluetooth black

Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth BlackYamaha-YAS-107BL-Built-Subwoofers-Bluetooth

Yamaha Yas-107bl Sound Bar Dual Built-in Subwoofers & Bluetooth Black (yas 107bl) FAQ.

I've been waiting for yamaha's new soundbar for a few months now. Because yamaha's have great reviews with the sound, however it's been a few years since they released a new one. And i'm glad i've waited! this soundbar sounds great! no need for extra subwoofer for my small room. Enough bass with built-in subwoofers! highs sound very clear! -Notice from B. Monique, Camden

Click to Show yamaha yas-107bl sound bar dual built-in subwoofers & bluetooth black (yas 107bl) Details

This is a great soundbar with many features and a built in woofer. The sound is very clear at the very highs of the volume. A great soundbar without breaking the bank.

Yamaha-yas-107bl-sound-bar-dual-built-in-subwoofers-&-bluetooth-black-(yas-107bl) set picture

- M. PamelaLove it, great bass, gets louder than expected

Hdmi connectivity really helps. The sound quality is excellent!

W. Isabel, Victoria

Price :    $130.41 (was $179.88)
  • Ultra-slim, beautifully-simple design
  • Clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity
  • Simple setup with hdmi, optical or analog connection
  • Built-in subwoofers for deep bass without a second box
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming
Brand :    yamaha audio
Color :    Black
Weight :    7.50 pounds
Model :    YAS-107BL
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2-3 business days
Speakers :    Best Speakers (yamaha audio product review) for Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth Black available ( Apr 2020 )

VIZIO SB3821-D6 SmartCast 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer

Vizio smartcast 38inch 2. 1 sound bar system

VIZIO SB3821-D6 SmartCast 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Wireless SubwooferVIZIO-SB3821-D6-SmartCast-Wireless-Subwoofer

Brand :    vizio
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.80 pounds
  • 2. 1 channel home theater solution with incredible audio performance: 100 db of room filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion
  • Simply tap the cast button from 100+ audio apps you already know and love to start playing on your sound bar
  • Download the vizio smart cast app2 to turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful touchscreen remote
Price :    $144.49 (was $169.99)
Model :    SB3821-D6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (vizio product review) for VIZIO SB3821-D6 SmartCast 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer available ( Apr 2020 )

Mount-It Soundbar Mount, Universal Sound Bar TV Bracket For Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Sonos, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Adjustable Arm Fits 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs Capacity, Black

I was at first skeptical, since my samsung sound bar is complicated and doesn't contain mounting holes. After researching, the only way to mount my samsung sound bar is with a samsung wall mount, however i didn't want my bar mounted on the wall since my tv is on a swivel mount, so it needed to be attached to the tv. Researching online came up with nothing, so apparently what i done has never been done before? ! (i find this odd) so i decided to be creative. Once installed, these worked beautifully. You can see in the provided picture, i used this set with the samsung sound bar mount. I mounted the mount it to the tv which then attached to the samsung mount. It worked beautifully and couldn't be happier with the end result. Fits nice and flush under the tv.

Mount-it sound bar bracket is made from high quality steel to hold sound bars up to 15kg/33lbs. It can be easily attached to tv wall brackets or tvs on the stands directly instead of mounting to wall and leaving ugly screw marks. The bracket gives a clean and neat look with your sound bar sitting above or below the tv. It is ideal to have the soundbar parallel to your tv. The mount is ideal for hanging on an articulating mount where the sound bar can face the same direction with the tv to make perfect auditory and visual experience. The sound bar brackets can be mounting with standard vesa 200x100 to 600x400. Universal sound bar mounts are incredibly easy to install, and fits most brands of speakers; easy installation takes only minutes.

Mount-It Soundbar Mount, Universal Sound Bar TV Bracket For Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Sonos, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Adjustable Arm Fits 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs Capacity, BlackMount-Soundbar-Universal-Mounting-Adjustable

Mount Soundbar Universal Mounting Adjustable (Mount It) FAQ.

I was a little skeptical at first based on the price alone, but after installing the mount, i have to say i am extemely impressed. The instructions made it super simple, and didn't involve much thinking. . I chose to install the mount with the anchors for my new 55inch led, and this thing isn't going anywhere. There aren't any signs of buckling and the construction of the mount is extremely durable. I love the fact that the mount swivels and extends far out from the wall, which helps out a lot with connecting av devices. . Great product and an awesome price! -Notice from S. Anonymous, Louisiana

Click to Show mount soundbar universal mounting adjustable (mount it) Details

Worked as predicted. The sound bar has been up there a little over a month now and no issues. Fyi- i didn't take the tv down to put it up there. I just did the one side, then the other while it was still hanging up there.

Mount-soundbar-universal-mounting-adjustable-(mount-it) set picture

- N. SharonFine product. However does not work with samsung hw-j250. . Giving 4 stars, as it was everthing i expected this to be, hardware is complete and nice. . Taking off one star as the samsung hw-j250 has the mounting hole spacing that prevents these brackets from holding the bar below the tv, while these are vertical. I did eventually find an angle that sort of works, but only uses one mounting hole on the tv, so it's sloppy, and could be moved if pushed sideways. My sound bar is sold with my tv on online store, so there must be a correct mounting bracket, though i'm not sure which one it is, it's not this one. However since the mounting points on the tv's are somewhat standard, i suspect it's the sound bar that is causing the problem for me. If the spacing on the hw-j250 was wider or narrower, it would work correctly.

Just mounted my 58in samsung 6 series tv and used the mount-it! to mount my soundbar as well. The universal fit takes a little work but at the end of the day i was able to install everything. I have a samsung hw-m430/za soundbar which is a best buy specific model. Like others who have a samsung tv and soundbar i had to use the wall mount that comes with the soundbar. Even then it requires several tries to fit it on the mount as the stock wall mount has ridges. I had to adjust the angles and check several times to make sure it's not bending anything and eventually got it to fit just right. It's now sitting right below the tv perfectly in the middle. So for anyone with a series 6 samsung tv and a samsung soundbar this mount will work it just takes time and patience to fit it.

O. Cecilia, Durham

Price :    $10.98 (was $11.00)
  • Easy installation - connecting the sound bar to your tv is as easy is screwing in 4 bolts. see our video on the left for installation details. with 18. 25 inch length, our bar is longer than the competition's, allowing easier installation on large screen size tvs.
  • Adjustable fit - curved design and adjustable bolt slots ensure fit to almost any brand and model of tv or sound bar. connects to all types of tv wall mounts (fixed, tilt, full motion, articulating, interactive).
  • Improves sound quality - allows the soundbar to move with your tv. when a tv is turned left or right with an articulating full motion mount, the soundbar speaker turns with the tv to always face the audience.
  • Heavy-duty - unlike other flimsy competitor mounts, our mount is made from 2. 5 mm thick high-strength steel and can carry up to 33 lbs. all of the required hardware is provided.
  • Universal sound bar mount - connects to the back of your tv and sound bar. creates a clean look with your soundbar sitting above or below the tv.
Brand :    mount-it!
Color :    Black
Size :    Sound Bar Mount
Weight :    1..1 pounds
Model :    FBA_MISB391
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Ce :    Best Ce Accessory (mount-it! product review) for Mount-It Soundbar Mount, Universal Sound Bar TV Bracket For Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Sonos, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Adjustable Arm Fits 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs Capacity, Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Cable Matters Infrared Remote Extender Cable 10 Feet

I looked into getting this as we installed new built-ins around our tv, and wanted to hide the cable box in a cabinet. I was worried when some of the reviews said the angle range (side to side) was sort of limited for this product. But it pretty much works from any angle in my living room. A few times i had to hold my arm out a bit to change the channel, but that's really no different than trying to hit the original cable box. I'd def recommend.

Remote control solution the cable matters infrared repeater cable is the perfect solution for controlling a blu-ray player, catv box or other video source from your hdtv. Install where a sound bar is blocking access to the hdtv ir sensor or home theater components are concealed in a cabinet or nearby closet. Important notes - test the cable before attaching with the adhesive backing - locate the source ir sensor by shining a flashlight on the device - check that the usb tv port provides 5v usb power or use a wall adapter - not compatible with set-top boxes using rf signals - plasma tvs and cfl can cause interference specifications - receiving frequency: broadband 30-60 khz - local connector: ir receiver - remote connector: ir transmitter (blaster/emitter) - ir receiver range: up to 16 ft 30 angle - ir transmitter range: up to 5 in - power connector: usb - male - usb y-cable length: 6 feet warranty limited one-year warranty and lifetime product support

Cable Matters Infrared Remote Extender Cable 10 FeetCable-Matters-Infrared-Remote-Extender

Cable Matters Infrared Remote Extender Cable 10 Feet (203002 10) FAQ.

This extender works well. The cables seem to be high quality, the ir receiver is much more sensitive than the device i'm using it for, and it's pulling power from my tv no problem. I sometimes see the activity light on the receiver (which lets you know when it is receiving an ir code), but it is fairly dim so only at night with a dark show on the tv. I wish it were a little brighter. Also i wish there were adhesive on the receiver as there is on the transmitter, but for this price i'm not taking any stars off. -Notice from P. Rebecca, Plymouth

Click to Show cable matters infrared remote extender cable 10 feet (203002 10) Details

This device does exactly what it says it does. If you have something blocking the remote control sensor on your equipment use this device for an easy fix. Just put one end of this device by your equipment and the other end out front so your remote can "see it. " perfect.

Cable-matters-infrared-remote-extender-cable-10-feet-(203002-10) set picture

- . JuneThe tcl p series tv is great, except that it has one major flaw. The ir sensor is in the middle of the tv, which is unfortunately blocked by the center channel speaker of my sound system. As you know, line of sight is required for ir, but no need to worry, as this product is the perfect solution. Placing the "blaster" under the middle of the tv, and the sensor on the side of the center speaker has completely eliminated my issue. Would recommend this product to anyone with a similar issue.

This works well with my sony xbr900e. I ran into the classic issue of having a speaker right in the way of the original "eye". . The sending "eye" of this extender can even be placed right under the remote eye (on the stand - i have it table mounted), and it works great. Access angle for the receiving "eye" is really good too. I can get responses from about 40* off of each axis (about 80* of usable left-right area). . A note on use with the x900e: you cannot use the tv's usb port to power it if you want to use this device to turn on the tv. Device needs power before it will work, the tv only sends power to the usb port when on. It's a catch 22. I decided to use an old cell-phone charger to power it - now i always have power, and the remote works as expected all the time. . Only complaint: i wish the cable was longer between the usb and the receiver. Too much length on the sender (imo).

K. Valdez, Hammersmith and Fulham

Brand :    cable matters
Size :    10 Feet
Weight :    0.20 pounds
  • Home theater accessory repeats the ir signal to a dvd player, stb box, receiver or other a/v source with an infrared sensor; route the cable out of sight with a wall mounted hdtv; install the ir transmitter end in a concealed equipment closet to hide a catv box and control it remotely
  • Universal compatibility with most a/v equipment with infrared sensors (not rf); 30 degree ir receiver angle provides plenty of leeway to get the right angle with your remote
  • Simple installation of this lightweight ir cable; locate the ir blaster near the source sensor to repeat the signal to the source; place the ir receiver in a convenient location with line of sight of your hand-held remote; ir tx and rx cables have adhesive circles on the back for mounting
  • Ir remote control cable extends the signal to a video source like a blu-ray player so it can be controlled from your hdtv; red led in ir receiver bulb verifies the signal transmission
  • Usb powered ir extension cable has an integrated 6 foot y-cable to receive 5v usb power; connect to an hdtv usb port or to a usb wall charger
Price :    $9.99
Model :    203002-10
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (cable matters product review) for Cable Matters Infrared Remote Extender Cable 10 Feet available ( Apr 2020 )

TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

I am shocked at the picture quality. I went into this purchase wanting a larger inexpensive tv for the master bedroom. So far i am floored, the picture blows away my panasonic plasma i purchased several years ago (for 3x the price). The roku os is super easy, the antenna integration and usb storage for recording live programming are great. . One small item i can nitpick is the white led at the bottom center of the tv that remains on after powering off. I haven't dug through all the settings yet, i will post an update if i can disable it. Update: the led can be disabled in settings under power settings. . If this set can continue to perform, i will replace my main panasonic plasma with the new tcl c series. . The pic is from a nature show "the hunt" streamed from netflix. . I can't imagine a better picture for the price point. That coupled with the roku os and i am extremely happy with this purchase

The s-series 4k tcl roku tv delivers stunning picture performance while bringing all your favorite content through a simple, intuitive interface in a sleek modern design.

TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-55S405-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Features: 5 stars. The roku features work very well! . Display: 3 stars. Fair to good. The backlighting is a little uneven. (see picture. I did not edit it, but it looks more non-uniform in the photo than in real life). The uneven lighting generally is not noticeable for tv/movie viewing. Dim scenes have a lot of motion blur, especially at 480p. Upscaling from the dvd i tested was not very good (seemed to draw weird extra lines/edges). Great for 720, 1080 and 4k though! . Edit: i realized the weird appearance of the dvd was due to the bluray player i was using. The bluray player was upscaling the 480p to 1080p. (i assume the tv further upscaled to 4k). From a distance it looked ok, but up close the artificial enhancement of edges looked pretty bad. I set the player to display the original resolution. The picture was much better! . Value: 4 stars, great tv for the price! -Notice from Y. Anonymous, Rhode Island

Click to Show tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model (television) Details

Picture is stunning! . Setup was easy. Sound is a little muddy but not dreadful. . Hd tvs look worse if you get too close. This tv, well, when i finished setup i watched "doctor strange" in 4k. The closer i got the better it looked. And i mean one inch in front of my nose! . . 5 stars for an incredible bargain!

Tcl-55s405-55-inch-4k-ultra-hd-roku-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- . ShaynaGreat tv for the price! the up conversion is hit or miss but mostly it is a hit. I've been recording videos in hd, 1080p for many many years, wedding videos and such and they looked great on a 1080p tv but the up conversion makes them look even better! somehow it can even break down the strands of hair and make them stand out. With the 720p upconversion, it still looks good. When you start going lower and lower like 480 then it starts to look blotchy and sometimes even worse than the original. . The overall picture is great! the screen is bright, the blacks are solid, the colors are vivid and brilliant, it truly looks great! with the 120hz, i don't see too much motion lag in faster action movies, i haven't watched sports with it yet though. . The sound, blah. Terrible! no matter what anyone else says, it's only good enough to listen to, nothing great. I just hooked up a set of powered pc speakers to it for now and they sound much better. . The menu is super simple and easy to navigate and use, it is very intuitive. The remote is the same, it has enough features and the buttons are placed where you would expect them to be. The video and other menu's though are very simplistic. By default, you are able to select most of their pre-programmed and use them easily. They honestly look great already, i don't believe many people will want to deviate from that. But there is an advanced menu as well where you can change all the individual settings like saturation, hue, warmth, and the others. . From what i have experienced, seen previously, and researched as well sony and samsung make the best tvs if you pay for one of their higher end models but for the price and value this tv can't be beat. I'm glad i paid the extra $50 for this 2017 version over the 2016 version. If anyone is looking at the 2016 model, here are the main differences i seen between them:. . 1) 2016 has no hdr, so no true black and no vivid color contrast. 2) 2016 energy star rating is not as well, i think you will save about $11 - 15 in electricity bills in a year with the 2017 model. So in 2 or 3 years it will pay for the difference. . I would highly recommend this tv to anyone who is looking for an excellent low or moderate budget tv. It is also great for someone who is not as "tech savoy" as the remote and menu's are easy to use. I can only compare this to a septre 50" 4k tv i bought last year to see how the videos and picture would look on a 4k tv. The video on this tv is much brighter and distinguished, the upconversion on it is much better, the sound on the septre was better though than this one.

So far so good. Package arrived in good shape. It let the tv sit in the box overnight until it got to room temperature. The set-up, start to finish, was about 35 - 40 minutes. The majority of the set-up time was devoted to establishing a roku account. . The quality of the pictured is very good, exhibiting no dead pixels. For this price point i was not expecting oled picture quality. . Looking forward to watching 4k content. I will update my review as appropriate.

U. Rochelle, Barnsley

Price :    $379.99
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 49. 1" x 28. 5" x 3", tv with stand: 49. 1" x 30. 8" x 8. 7"
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv
  • Direct-lit led produces great picture quality. panel resolution:3840 x 2160
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur. wi-fi : 802. 11ac 2x2 dual band (support 2. 4ghz & 5ghz)
Brand :    tcl
Color :    Black
Size :    55 inches
Weight :    30.00 pounds
Model :    55S405
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

I utilized an hd antenna along with the roku service, that works perfectly. Once you tune your channels , hit the antenna icon and then the left arrow and it will give you the channel lineup for the antenna just like cable tv.

Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers in the world and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. The s-series 4k tcl roku tv delivers stunning ultra hd picture quality with four times the resolution of full hd for enhanced clarity and detail, as well as the most streaming channels of any 4k tv. We've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. With hrd compatibility, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-49S405-49-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Tcl 49s405 49-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Tv was well packaged. Only been using this tv a couple of weeks but haven't experienced the tcl issue of turning on and off, ironically, the 42" tcl i am replacing had this issue the entire 8 years i owned it and it is being moved to my workshop now. Have been and continue to be happy wit tcl. If i have issues i'll update my post. -Notice from . Stacey, Leicestershire

Click to Show tcl 49s405 49-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model (television) Details

Tcl 49s405 is an impressive smart tv for the price - we didn't realize that until four years ago when we bought a 40" for our office though 4k wasn't available then. Since moving this fall, we decided to upgrade to a larger screen with 4k and we love built in roku so all we compared the tcl line with a few others and price wise, tcl came out on top again. With this smart tv we are also cutting the cord, we've gotten used to what roku has to offer and has now partnered with (online store being one, super easy to set up) along with the higher package hulu and a few other groups that cost less in the long run, offer more ultra hd (that's 4k) and 4k straight up. We are saving a lot of money and super happy with the picture quality but man! you can tell when it's on cable and external antenna hd against 4k! . If you are on sd or the latter cable, the black is holographic and annoying and either too bright or too dark even with all the settings tcl offers with the 49s405. The speaker still isn't great but a lot better than the older one we have though we still use a full stereo surround sound system. It also has just enough hdmi ports with ethernet & a headphone jack. There is no lag time when using your laptop on screen and while we don't use it much, the smart phone app allows you to do everything from your phone that the included ruko bar does as well as control and broadcast in sync with the tcl. It's also built so you can use just about any wall mount you may already have without blocking access to the side panel so there is that too. If you are looking for a bargain and thinking of cutting the cord, start with a tcl. You really will not be disappointed.

Tcl-49s405-49-inch-4k-ultra-hd-roku-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- . WilsonSo far this has been an excellent tv! it arrived safe and undamaged, there have been a few reviewers who unfortunately received damaged screens. Not the case here! a 55 inch screen is unthought of in this price range. The picture is good for tv and bluray, and i can't speak for the sound because i hooked up the bose sound bar immediately, it costed over half the price of this set, but will be connected to every tv i own until it dies. No issues with this tv at all, easy to install and a breeze to set up and use. Love the simplicity of the remote and menu screen. Buy, buy, buy! you won't be sorry!

I did some tests with the 49s405 and an old crt monitor to test input delay (input lag). I'm not 100% sure that i did it correctly but what i'm seeing is 40 - 50ms+ on the tv. That being said i played some overwatch and didn't feel the delay and it didn't seem to affect my performance. Overaqll i am happy with the tv but i am not videophile. In video games, input lag is the delay between the television or monitor receiving a signal and it being displayed on the screen.

G. Rebecca, Saskatchewan

Brand :    tcl
Color :    Black
Size :    49 inches
Weight :    25.40 pounds
Model :    49S405
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 43. 7" x 25. 3" x 3", tv with stand: 43. 7" x 27. 7" x 8. 5"
  • Direct-lit led produces great picture quality. wi-fi:802. 11ac 2x2 dual band (support 2. 4 ghz & 5ghz)
Price :    $339.50 (was $339.99)
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

vizio sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 channel sound bar Price : 90, was : 129 as 2018-10-31
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Vizio Sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar (sb2821 d6) Reviewed by on

Top vizio sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 channel sound bar (sb2821 d6) Content

The F.A.Q. for vizio sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 channel sound bar

The sound quality is incredible. For such a small soundbar, it really brings the bass. It was pretty easy to set up although i'm using this in combination with a projector and unable to connect it to the projector but still able to connect it to online store firestick, however, you have to connect it every single time. This is pretty frustrating for those moments where i just want to turn on the tv for 20 minutes and the set-up each time takes about 2 minutes. I wish there was a way to fix this issue. The first few days i had it, it would either cut out/disconnect or produce a loud buzzing in place of the normal tv sound. This scared me a bit but the issue only came up once or twice within those first few days and i haven't had it again since (purchased 3 weeks ago). It's mounted to my wall and looks perfect there. I highly suggest mounting it if you can.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on VIZIO-SB2821-D6-28-Inch-Channel-Sound

(0) Question: Can this be used with a pc desktop?

(1) Question: Can i connect this to a pc tower that has no bluetooth capabilities? or a projector?

(2) Question: What cables are needed?

(3) Question: Can the speaker volume be controlled by my current tv's remote? i have a fairly new sony kd60x690e 4k tv. i don't want to have to use 2 remotes!

(4) Question: Does it work on older tvs?

(5) Question: Can i use the soundbar without the subwoofer or do they have to be used together?

(6) Question: How many watts does it have?

(7) Question: Can it be used without the subwoofer if i don't like the bass?

(8) Question: How tall is the subwoofer?

(9) Question: Does the sound bar come with wall mount or tv mount bracket? if not what would be recommended?

(10) Question: What are the dimensions

(11) Question: What is the package size

(12) Question: Is the sound bar wireless?

(13) Question: Will the vizio tv remote control the sound bar

(14) Question: Would the sound bar detect a bluetooth adapter hooked up to my tv?

(15) Question: Could you tell me what cables are included please? thank you.

(16) Question: I am ordering this to replace the one i have now. both are the same will both subs the one that come with it and the one i have now connect to together

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Sound is very nice even though the remote has only 3 sound settings (voice, standard, and cinema), all three sound great. The separate bass speaker has up and down controls on the remote also. The best thing is that the sound bar responded to my comcast tv remote and turns on/off and up/down with that. I bought my son-in-law the vizio sound bar he wanted and his only works with the sound bar remote. Not his tv remote. I like mine better.

Electronics 282271, Home Audio 110648766, Sound Bars 1103087323, Speakers 365271Top Vizio Sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar (sb2821 d6) FAQ Content

Best vizio sb2821-d6 28-inch 2.1 channel sound bar (sb2821 d6) in review

Setup was ridiculously easy. It took longer to remove from the box than to get it up and running. Default settings required little, if any, tweaking. Dialogue is clear and music and effects are excellent. . Although it is not the big, booming system you would want for your main home theater system, for a second tv this fits the bill perfectly. Only one more feature would make it perfect, and that is if it had the capability to learn volume +/- from my tv remote. . Update: it does learn your tv remote. And all by itself (no programming required! )

. Garner, West Sussex

You might like to see Smartcast 38 5.1 sound bar system 2016 introducing the all-new vizio smartcast 5. 1 sound bar system. the system includes rear satellite speakers and wireless subwoofer that deliver fully immersive 5. 1 true surround sound -vizio sb3851-d0 smartcast 38 5.1 sound bar system 2016 model
  • Special: Download The Vizio Smart Cast App2 To Turn Your Smartphone Or Tablet Into A Powerful Touchscreen Remote.
  • Special: Simply Tap The Cast Button From 100+ Audio Apps You Already Know And Love To Start Playing On Your Sound Bar.
Affordable Vizio Sb3851-d0 Smartcast 38 5.1 Sound Bar System 2016 Model (Home Theater System Or Htib) Sb3851 D0 Vizio Sb3851-d0 Smartcast 38 5.1 Sound Bar System 2016 Model (sb3851
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  2. Listed: Full Access To All Ports, Buttons And Functions, Custom Cutting On The Case Allows All Functions Of The Remote Are Open For Use.
Lower Price Fintie Protective Case Apple Remote (Phone Accessory) Atva016us Fintie Protective Case Apple Remote

H. Ruby, Arkansas says

I actually purchased this to use and i am not a "professional" online store reviewer. . Simply outstanding for the size and price. Great sound, good amount of bass from the wireless sub. Zero setup issues. Absolutely no regrets, love this thing. You have a need for a small soundbar look no further.

P. Susana, Islington

This is the sound bar if you want to use it mainly for tv you can use your comcast remote to control volume and turn off along with your tv. Had a few sound bars including a lg soundbar that sold for $400. Was included with the 65" lg tv was very disappointed fooled around with it for a year use it now just for music thats all it's good for. This vizio sb2821-d6 is the one, has base control plus many other features and the separate woofer which is really a base speaker like it should be, now i really get the true sounds not artificial sounds and music sounds fantastic. And at a decent price. If your having problems understanding the voices on your new tv believe me this is the one. Thank you, vizio for a great product and thank you, online store for handling this. People look no further this is the one. It's not your hearing and your wife won't be hollering to turn it down. Peace in the family.

D. Elanor, Lincolnshire says

This sound bar and subwoofer are pretty powerful. The sound quality is great. Setup was fairly easy, i just had a couple of issues at first, but it didn t take long to figure out what was wrong. There are 3 different cables included to connect the bar to your tv, but only one worked well for me. Sometimes when you first turn it on it doesn t come on immediately, but after about 5 seconds it usually reconnects and sound comes booming out. I wasn t sure what a subwoofer actually did, so i thought mine was broken at first because it sounded muffled, but after a quick google search, i learned what the subwoofer does, it picks up the lower frequencies like bass. It basically gives you the surround sound experience and magnifies the booming and thumping sounds (which always gets my dogs to jump up and bark. ) i m very pleased with this unit, especially for the price.

Q. Theresa, Alberta

I ordered this product putting a lot of trust in the reviews i read about it. This one had the exact sound i was looking for. I kind of tweaked the eq a bit until i basically found the sound that i like. After exploring it, i pretty much appreciated the difference between the sub and the bass controls, once i heard the difference of what each one does. Once i found my sound sweetspot, it pretty much stays there the whole time, just having to switch between music (for dvd concerts, wifi music streaming, cd s, etc. ) and movie (pretty much self-explanatory), depending on the case of what i am after. Those two are basically the main functions that i use. . I also always have it on true volume the whole time to avoid volume surges commonly found in action movies. Bluetooth sound and works perfect since day 1. Everything is sounding and working as i would expect it in a best case scenario, so i am pretty happy about my purchase and would definitely recommend this product. . This unit is replacing an old 300w lg 5. 1 home theater system, which sounds pretty awesome and is itself a very nice sound unit. But i really wanted to finally explore the whole bluetooth media streaming thing, without having to sacrifice sound quality and this unit pretty much does it in an excellent way. Cristal clear sound! loud volume! awesome bass! totally recommended!

J. Angelica, Connecticut says

Pretty cool little unit. Bought it for a bedroom vizio tv that has always had terrible sound control. I was shocked but pleased at how small the sub is. The only other vizio soundbar i d seen had a huge sub. This was for a bedroom and i was able to hide it easily. The small sub puts out very heavy bass/thump. I turned it down quite a bit, but it also is a down firing sub sitting on oak floors, behind a solid oak dresser and cornered by sheet rock. It may be much softer on carpet. Soundbar itself sounds good. The system has good sub, bass and treble control with tv and music mode. I haven t fully learned the remote but it s easy to use and responsive. Bluetooth was easy to pair my iphone to (all thru the remote). When playing music and pushing the volume the sound quality wasn t great, but i didn t spend a lot of time trying to dial it in and i m sure it can be corrected. I d be sleeping on the couch if i tried to play shinedown that loud in the bedroom more than once anyway! . . Tv sound is completely stable and clear. No variations between scenes, commercials and etc. It doesn t take a lot of volume to make a movie sound like it s raging through the room (in a good way), and volume can be dropped to a whisper and is still clear. . At this price it more than delivers and a massive upgrade for a 42 bedroom tv. . Note: comes with everything but hdmi cable. I only use the digital optical audio cable but could not find where it stated that it came with one, and ended up buying one separately but didn t need it.

. Betty, Sutton

Final edit: well, it finally happened, the subwoofer died out of nowhere. Guess it was really too powerful for it's own good ; -) it lived fast and died hard, lol. All told, i more than got my monies worth out of this setup, and can't complain about it at all. I'm glad i took a chance on an unknown soundbar and give vizio full props for making a decent product at a great price here. It wasn't perfect, but it was definitely a great deal. . Edit 2: i just started seeing a minor problem with this soundbar. Every 20th or so time i power it up, it's simply not responding either to the remote or on the bar itself. Unplugging the power from the bar itself and re-plugging it in fixes it. Until it happens again. From other reviews on here this seems to be a common problem in varying degrees(some have it happen all the time, others intermittently like me, others still no issues at all. ). Guess vizio needs to step up the quality control here a notch or two. I wont take a star off for it, but i'm just letting you folks know it is a potential problem. . Edit: i figured out what was making it shut off so much-it has an energy star setting turned on from the out that can actually be turned off by hitting the power button and the volume down button (on the soundbar, it doesn't work on the remote! ) and holding it for 5 seconds. The led display shows it shutting off and now it stay's on full time :-) my bad for not thoroughly reading the instruction manual. I'm a man, so yeah :-d. . This one i took a huge chance on as i saw zero reviews for this version anywhere on the web. But for a 32" tv setup, this may be the best deal out there. . The price made me think this wasn't gonna be all that great, and i almost passed on it for an established samsung or lg soundbar in this price bracket. But i decided to take a chance and i was really surprised by what i got for under $100. 00. . The unit is smallish, only 28" long with an equally smallish wireless subwoofer unit. And at first glance i thought "uh oh, this is gonna be bad". But then i set it up (under 10 minutes total, no joke, optical cable to the tv, plug in the sub and soundbar, and you're done), and boy oh boy was i ever surprised. The sound is very rich, clear and spacious made better still by the rather large assortment of effects available. These include a very convincing trusurround hd button, and even the truvolume setting was very effective at keeping the sounds level and non jarring. Bluetooth devices paired in seconds and work great up to around 20 feet (ymmv depending on what your sending the signal with, of course). . And the sound levels are capable of getting very, very loud with out distorting, that was the biggest surprise of all. It filled up a very large bedroom effortlessly, with the treble and even the bass being very strong and in your face. Wow, amazing! that tiny subwoofer puts out some floor thumping output, where it's coming from is anybody's guess, lol, it's just there, strong and clear. Again, amazing. . Vizio deserves some praise here for this one, it's simply shouldn't be this good for the price paid. The only negatives i can find are that if no sounds are made for a few minutes, it just shuts off, no warning at all. Annoying more than anything, but there it is (see edit above for the fix! ). Also the led dot system that they use (they are along the left edge of the soundbar) instead of a full led scrolling display that most of it's rivals use is a pain to get used to. It works, but it's not that great at letting you know what your doing sometimes. That's it, nothing else tarnishes this rather stellar soundbar experience. . I'll end this by saying that this is a fantastic deal at only $99. 00, it's a must buy if you have a smaller tv that needs a boost in sound performance, just buy it and enjoy a great sonic experience for not a lot of cash!

Y. Donna, Thurrock says

This is our first ever sound bar so i do not have much to compare it too but we love it. It was very easy to set up took 10 min it came well packaged and looks great! the sound is awesome we use it for the tv of course but we also use it with our phone to listen to music. Love it has great sound. The sound bar itself fits perfectly under our tv or it can be mounted with a mounting kit on the top of our tv. The lil sub woofer is small and compact and really does well.

R. Medina, Massachusetts

I give this product 5 stars for the fast delivery and easy return. After reading the reviews i decided to order without regard to the size of my space. I really didn't need the sub woofer. Just ask my neighbors. :-). I may order the bar without the sub woofer if the head set i found doesn't work with my tv. I hope the single bar works as good as the set.

. Jackson, Indiana says

Great fast delivery. Simple to hook up. Took more time to unpack than set up. Clear sound with great base. I would have bought the 5. 1 surround sound but didn t want all the speakers in the family room. Way better than the tv speakers! it has plenty of base to shake the house. Very clean voice sound. Definitely a great purchase for the price without the clutter of a full surround sound unit.

N. Joanne, Minnesota

Extremely satisfied with this sound system, purchased as a budget "good enough" item but it's way better. Bluetooth was big selling point and the teenage daughters love that feature they actually hang out in the living room with us now instead of their bedrooms lol ! set-up was painless, excellent manual, but be advised my unit did not behave as advertised as each unit was linked together. The sound bar found the tv immediately but the flashing lights indicated otherwise. So too the subwoofer ( which is nicely thumpy ) my suggestion: put in a dvd and hit play as you set it all up that way you can hear it and verify. Summary: you won't rattle the art off the walls but you'll come close.

C. Olga, Merton says

The sound is superb and the bluetooth subwoofer worked fine. It is a five star product by itself, but i took away one star only because i could not get my comcast remote programmed to use it. Believe me i tried every suggested code number and more. Either have to buy a harmony remote or use two remotes (one for sound control and the other for tv, cable, etc.

. Guest, Plymouth says

I bought this soundbar for my upstairs tv that is rarely used. It was cheap and had good reviews, so i figured i d give it a shot. Well, i hooked it up and tried it out and was blown away by the sound quality. So much bass! i immediately unhooked it and took it downstairs to replace my bigger, more expensive soundbar in the family room. Literally the only complaint is that the bass tends to drown out the highs. I had to max out the treble and put the bass at around 75% to get a nice balance.

. Heidi, Ohio

This is the second vizio soundbar/sub woofer system i have purchased, after having bought several old fashioned surround sound systems with loads of speakers and wires out the wazoo to string along the ceiling and down the walls. Vizio's sound quality is better than anything i have as yet purchased for the price, and the simplicity of installation makes you wonder why you ever bothered stringing all those wires and cables for a surround sound system that cannot even touch what this simply two piece system does . My hat is off to online store for carrying this quality and fantastic sounding product . I have plans to purchase another of these units in the very near future . Vizio, all the way!

T. Sherry, Poitou-Charentes says

Great speaker, the bass isn't very strong, but for the price i don't think you can beat it. Much louder than tv speakers and good tone. Love this purchase. Comes with multiple speaker connections for any need. The wireless connection from the sub to speaker is easy to do and syncs fine. It's a bit confusing to set up the input from the speaker to the same input for your tv ( you need to change the input from the speaker when you change the input for the tv), but once you figure it out its no problem.

S. Denise, Wyoming

Don't let the price fool you, this little baby packs a punch that i would think must be hard to beat in this price range. . While not the single loudest speaker ever created, it delivers great sound at both the low and high end and is perfectly sufficient for any home purpose, short of intentionally trying to piss off your neighbors. . Installation is trivial; one only needs to connect the appropriate cables and turn the damn thing on. Took me less than an hour to completely install, read the manual, and customize all the settings, which include a truevolume option to auto adjust sound volume across inputs, a surround sound option (which works phenomenally btw), energy saving option, movie/music presets, and individual subwoofer/bass/treble levels. . What's really interesting is that this speaker system is so good, esp at more extreme frequencies, that i can actually for the first time very easily notice the loss of quality due to lossy compression when using bluetooth instead of aux in for playing music. Make sure if you intend to use this with high quality audio or video that you use high quality methods of connection (either the optical or coaxial for tvs, and preferably a high quality aux in for music). . I don't usually write reviews, let alone glowing one like this, but this may be the best $150 i've ever spent. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality budget soundboard for home.

A. June, Dorset says

I can not believe the quality for the price you get with this set! a lot of bass for a small sub but being so small it's easy to hide or put out of the way. Definitely put the sub in a corner for the best results. On the sound bar the mids and highs are crisp with very little distortion at high levels. I had issues trying to find a good sound bar that was small. My tv in my bedroom is a 40in (so about 35 in wide) and it seemed like there wasn't really any 2. 1 systems that sounded good while having a small form factor. But this has exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend it.

U. Judith, Bolton

Please handle this unit with care when taking it out of the box. The sub-woofer in particular, which has the speaker cone located on the bottom of the sub-woofer. If you grab it from the bottom, you could damage it very easily. When set up properly, i found this sound bar to have very good sound. However it did take me awhile to reach this state. Because like most men, i know everything, i skipped through the instructions, plugged in the sound bar and was extremely disappointed in the quality of the sound. Here are a few tips to make things easier. If you're doing a horizontal installation in front of the tv at ear level, the sound button the the bar should be located on top, and the small lights that show volume level, etc. , should be located on the left when facing your tv. That way the speakers are facing you. Also, i had a difficult time finding the audio settings on my tv to turn off the internal speakers and use the external speakers. Naturally i thought, heck just turn down the volume on the tv speakers to zero and it should be the same thing. Wrong ! you have to find and turn on the external speakers, and turn off the internal speakers for this sound bar to work properly. The sound bar does come with a remote, which is an absolute necessity no matter which sound bar you order. Read the instruction manual carefully, as you have to use the 'previous" and "next" buttons to adjust the sub-woofer, bass and treble settings. Since i know everything, i naturally assumed the volume up and down buttons would adjust these settings. Wrong ! also, there are buttons to enable truvolume, and trusurround hd, but the manual doesn't clarify exactly when to use these settings or what they actually do. I suggest trying both settings and see if you notice any difference in sound quality. I've read a few complaints about the bass not being that strong, but i found it to be excellent. I wonder if these users had the sub-woofer in the correct location, and if they figured out how to raise the sub-woofer level using the remote, and if the sub-woofer stopped working and needed to be "re-linked". I had to re-link mine, and although the instructions could be better, got the sub-woofer working properly in a few minutes. With the sub-woofer is turned on, located in the right area, and adjusted with the remote, you should be very happy with the results. Why only 4 stars for this product? first, the instruction manual could have been more informative about the settings on the remote, and second the ergonomics of the remote are in my opinion very bad. The volume adjustment in particular is usually an up and down toggle on every remote i ever used, but not on this one. The technical designer genius of this remote decided to put a big square "enter/play/pause button between the up and down volume adjustment buttons. Hence adjusting the volume by feel is the worst of any remote i've ever had. That being said, once set up properly, you should be extremely happy with the sound quality of this sound bar.

I. Anonymous, Bedfordshire says

Works well, but getting it to change inputs is really frustrating. We like this and we're glad to have added it to our living room tv since the tv sound isn't the greatest. However, if we want to toggle between a music device (which is another input) vs the tv it takes forever to find the new device. And also takes forever to get back to the tv input once done listening to music. Very annoying. I wish the input control worked differently to just choose a like tv inputs do (ex. Hdmi 1 and 2. You know what you're choosing and it's fast. )

F. Alexia, Montana

Improved the sound on my tv. There were times i could not hear or understand what was being said on my tv. I didn t want a home theatre because the room where the tv is small. Found this item, it got decent reviews so took the leap and bought it. Was very easy to install and connected to my network flawlessly. More importantly i can now hear and understand what is being said on my tv. Very happy with purchase.

M. Newell, Wakefield says

Great soundbar with quality sound at a great price. Easy setup (and i am a technophobe) and did it by myself without help from husband. Could not be happier! now we can hear the conversations during movies (no more 'what did he say' and music plays the way that we can get the most out of it! no regrets on this one.

W. Hadley, Baden-Wuerttemberg

I bought the vizio sb2821-d6 because the tv speakers were lousy. This sound bar looks good in front of my 40" vizio(same width as tv). The sound is great and plenty loud if used as a living room stereo. I listen to i heart radio with it and sounds really good. Remember to go into your tv settings and turn off the tv volume or you will have an echo.

Top 28-inch 2.1 channel sound Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

N. Perez, Thurrock says

It worked good for 2 weeks. Never turned it up loud, one other speakers blew listening to music on 10% volume. Clearly a poorly made product. Do not buy

K. Jackson, Wyoming

Pro's. Sound quality is very good. Comes with the cables for all input options. Has many input options. Digital and analog. . Con's. Does not detect audio source (i have keep fiddling through all the inputs and turning it on and off). Usb port does not play mp3's so it's pretty useless. Vizio has very limited support hours and options and i could never get their email option to work. The sound volume does not get all that high, depending on the source. The light setup on the side to detect inputs is a real pain to use. No output options at all (a headphone jack would have been nice). . If the auto detection worked i would have given it four stars because it is a real pain to get it to find the active input.

C. Anonymous, Wokingham says

I've had this for 11 days and a speaker already busted and cracks. Nowhere in the description did this say refurbished, until after purchase. I want my money back. Just ridiculous. Do not buy this.

V. Gloria, Nottinghamshire

Bought mostly for the subwoofer which did not turn on at all

Y. Jacqueline, North Dakota says

Constant static. terrible sound quality

G. Sally, Connecticut

I am consistently having to turn the volume up and back down. To hear voices you have to turn it up, but then when there is a lot of on screen action you get blasted by noise.

O. Guest, Sachsen says

Woofer is ok but sound bar is not much louder than the my speakers . Little indicator lights on the side were hard to see and similar which made setup a pain. Instructions not clear. Need a small lcd/led with words to indicate mode of operation.

U. Denise, Cheshire

I didn't like the sound-sounded tinny and not good quality so i returned it. Customer service was great!

L. Laura, Maryland says

Received jan. 9, 2018. Stopped working 2/25/18. Spoke with visio tech in chicago who ran diagnostics and said it has a short in it.

B. Rita, Languedoc-Roussillon

Came with a shorted out sub. Online store was great with the return.

M. Josephine, Derbyshire says

Popping sound in the left speaker right out of the box. I plugged in the power and connected it via bluetooth to my desktop and there's a consistent popping every 5-10 seconds. . Troubleshooting update: i blew a small amount of compressed air into the left speaker based on a recommendation, that didn't seem to help but power cycling it appears to have worked. Will continue to monitor.

Z. Angelica, St. Helens

Seemed easy enough but every few days it just stops working. This last time i am unable to get it to work again.

F. Walsh, Hamburg says

The only time this sound bar works to my liking is when i have it hooked up to my tv through the optical cable. The sound is terrible when i hook up my phone through bluetooth and is equally as bad when i plug my phone in through the aux port with a 3. 5mm audio cable. Also, the remote is extremely finicky and sometimes will only work if you're within 3ft in front of the bar. Kind of pointless if you're trying to adjust the volume or other options from your couch. I'd recommend something else at this point, it's really just not worth it.

W. Theresa, Telford and Wrekin

Sound bar is good for standard ota broadcast or youtube viewing. Unfortunately it is terrible for gaming. For normal users there will be no problem with this product but for gamers it is impossible to distinguish where sound is coming from.

R. Paige, South Dakota says

Piece of junk. Sent back first, received replacement. Starting cutting out and unit not not responding to buttons or remote. Sounds. Work intermittent. 6 months approx since replace. Now a useless item. Had to purchase another from a competitor. No more vizio products for me.

T. Helen, New Jersey

Wow i only had this for 2 months with light use and it all of a sudden started making a crackling sound in the sound bar

A. Cunningham, Arkansas says

I just received my sound bar, opened the package and got everything set up. As soon as i turned it on it started smoking and didn't even have signal wires hooked to it. I had to unplug it before it caught fire. Very pissed off. I'm sending it back. Thanks vizio.

H. Diana, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Not loud. Yeah i guess to watch tv it s fine but if you want to play music it s not loud enough. I ended up giving it to a family member and spending another $100 and got one that s extremely loud and does a lot more. I do not recommend.

J. Mahood, Isle of Wight says

So the bar sounded awesome. For about a week. Then there was a lot of crackling coming when i would play music that just made the sound quality so much worse. I really liked the product before it started crackling, so i exchanged it for another one. This time is lasted a couple months before it started crackling again. Now it is too late to return the product so i am stuck with a weird sounding sound bar. Spend the extra bucks and get a nicer quality speaker.

S. Julie, Missouri

I like how the speaker looks. I bought this to replace an earlier vizio speaker. The older speaker produced a richer, more nuanced sound. The new speaker sounds decent, but it doesn't have the depth of sound i was looking for. The subwoofer is weak compared to my old vizio speaker system.

. Shayna, Victoria says

Opened it. Set it up and tested it with my iphone. Pairing was tricky but somehow i accidentally got it to work after a few tries. I think the bar has to pair with the device and the sub pairs with the bar. The sound was loud but the quality was weak. The sub could hardly be heard and i expected more when i turned the bass ans sub levels up. The bar made a cracking sound from one side. That was the deal breaker. It's going back today.

P. Medina, Missouri

Sounds great but the remote, even after a replacement, does not work unless i am within three or four inches of the sound bar.

X. Elanor, New York says

After 2 months of moderate use, i turn on the sound bar and start hearing distortion and static. Not very happy.

Q. Mays, Surrey

Warning - this vizio product is not covered by the manufactures warranty and the seller "alphaban" will not warranty it either ! . We purchased the sound bar and it went bad in 11-months and have been trying to get it repaired or replaced. Alphaban is not a vizio authorized retailer.

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