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Price was $16.90. I've tried a few other remotes, but decided to try this one when my primary remote started having issues with the buttons not pressing. The main reason for trying this one was the price point, it is priced fairly cheap compared to other mce remotes that also offer some kind of mouse control. This has been a very good remote for me. I mainly use it with xbmx and as long as it is available, it will be my goto remote for new xbmc setups or recommendations to others. . Pros:. Feels well constructed and buttons don't feel like they will wear out easily. I can't say this enough! . Includes decent mouse controls, they are not great, but just as good as other mouse remote integration i've seen. And most remotes in this price change will skip it all together. Buttons are easy to press. I know this sounds dumb, but i've had my fair share of fights with remotes that are hard to use. . Con:. To get working well with xbmc, i did need to include a custom keymap. It worked pretty well out of the box, but the keymap really helped get all the functionality out of it. Along with the keymapping, the info button (i symbol) is mapped to the mouse right-click and can't be remapped by itself. It's the only button that is like this, but being the info button it's a little annoying that i can't remap it separate from right-click.

-Z. Mays

Windows 7 Vista Xp Media Center Mce Pc Remote Control Infrared Receiver Home, Premium Ultimate Product Specifications: O Number Of Keys: 46 Keys & 3 Mouse Keys O Remote: 199 X 54 X 34 Mm O Weight: Around 95g O Compatibility Os: Windows Xp Mce, Vista Premium And Vista Ultimate -Windows 7 Vista Xp Media Center Mce Pc Remote Control Infrared Receiver Home, Premium Ultimate Edition

  1. Add-on: One Remote To Contol All Of Your Digital Media.
  2. Add-on: Friendly Media Center Menu (the Microsoft Media Centre Edition On-screen Menus Are Specially For Remote Control Interaction).

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Online store fire tv is great for what's worth for watching prime instant videos & occasional gaming on big screen tv. Voice search is very good too using the included remote but there is one issue that being the fact that the remote is 'bluetooth' not 'ir' so that means you cannot teach your programmable universal remote with the command sets from online store fire tv remote. I have been trying various methods to use my universal remote which i use to control all my audio/video pile of equipment of my home theater to seamlessly work with online store fire tv but not an easy task since the remote is 'bluetooth' based. . After doing some research on-line i found that certain 'ir remotes' which were designed to be used with microsoft media center (mce) somehow do work but only certain picky types of mce ir remotes. I took a gamble and bought this ortek media center mce pc remote control and infrared receiver since it looked pretty much same (especially the controller) and i can confirm that this works with online store fire tv and i was able to use the included remote and program my other universal remote all the basic commands one needs to navigate online store fire tv's user interface. The only thing that does not work is the closed caption choice (cc) button which is no big deal! the other benefit is that you can put the online store fire tv to sleep by pressing the power button which even the original bluetooth remote from online store cannot do it :). . Oh! by the way if you were wondering - it 'does' work with microsoft windows xp/vista/windows 7 based home theater pc to control mce functions just fine :). . Good buy! Best windows vista xp media center | Ortek-Remote Control Review ( Apr 2020 ) Add-on Windows 7 Vista XP Media Center MCE PC Remote Control and Infrared Receiver for Home, Premium and Ultimate Edition Infrared wireless freedom up to 10 meters. One remote to contol all of your digital media. Friendly media center menu (the microsoft media centre edition on-screen menus are specially for remote control interaction). Play music right from your remote control (control your dvd/vcd/mp3/audio media functions directly and easily from your remote control). Mouse function: control your cursor without a mouse .

Windows 7 vista xp media center mce pc remote control and infrared receiver for home, premium and ultimate edition Review (vrc 1100)

Very good remote. Replaced my beyond tv remote which was absolute cr p. For the first time in a long time, i haven't had to try twice, if not three times for the remote to register a button push. This registers everytime and is very responsive. The mouse control is a little wonky but still a good implementation for your home theater when you need that mouse control. I'm going to buy one to replace my other remote(s). -Y. Jackson

Windows Control Infrared Receiver Ultimate

Product Dimensions
Height:1.18 inches
Length:7.87 inches
Weight:0.21 pounds
Width:1.97 inches
Product Description Pop-up Windows Vista Features: Sleep: Put Your Computer To Sleep Mode, Saving Energy WWW: Start The Default Web Browser And Go To The Homepage Start: Start Media Centre Close Button: Close The Active Application MCE Keys: My Music, My Video, My Pictures, My TV, Guide, Live TV, Recorded TV, DVD Menu 8 Multimedia Keys: Record, Stop, Play, Pause, Pre-Track, Next-Track, Rewind, Skip 3 Mouse Keys: Cursor Control, Click And Right Click Buttons Product Specifications: Number Of Keys: 46 Keys & 3 Mouse Keys Remote: 199 X 54 X 34 Mm Weight: Around 95g Compatibility OS: Windows XP With MCE, Vista Premium And Vista Ultimate, Windows 7 Computer: One USB Port Transmission Distance: 10 Meter Battery Type: 2 AAA Batteries
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windows 7 vista xp media center mce pc remote control infrared receiver home, premium ultimate Speakers, Product specifications: o number of keys: 46 keys & 3 mouse keys o remote: 199 x 54 x 34 mm o weight: around 95g o compatibility os: windows xp with mce, vista premium and vista ultimate o computer: one usb port o transmission distance: 10 meter Windows Control Infrared Receiver Ultimate (VRC-1100-Ortek).

Windows Control Infrared Receiver Ultimate Speakers

  • This thing is the bomb! bought it 2 and a half years ago for my home theater pc and still going strong. Make sure to position the ir receiver so that there is nothing between it and the remote, and it works perfectly. I've tried other remotes that had constant connectivity issues, but not this one. I mainly just use the mouse, left click, right click, enter and directional buttons, but i've had to use the other buttons before and they work just fine. It doesn't take much battery either! i just replaced the battery for the first time a couple months ago. That's 2 years of daily use. I use it on a computer running windows 8 and haven't had any problems.
  • This product is the vcr-1100, which includes an ir receiver. The vcr-1000 is only the remote itself. The ir receiver may work with some other devices, logitec harmony i believe. . Windows 7 works very well. All drivers are included with windows. You don't need (nor is there) a setup disk. Media center is fully supported. . A few keys are not hooked up to anything when the desktop is active, but there is a nice free package lm remote keymap which knows about the remote and can handle any key reassignments you want to make. . This remote is both a hid (mouse/keyboard special function keys) and keyboard (normal keys). Some buttons generate key presses, others generate mouse actions. Lm gestation keymap tray icon has a live review window that will show you what windows will see for each remote key. (melloware hidtestser. Zip will show the hid traffic but not the simulated keyboard presses). . While i haven't run other media center replacements or linux programs, all which i've researched say that they also understand the hama and/or have a plug-in that will support it. . Update: technical note:. . These are the keyboard key-presses simulated by buttons on the remote. Some key names, like "browser home" do not appear on the standard 101/102 board, but are found on the fancy keyboards with extra buttons for "media center" support. . Www - browserhome. Sleep - power. My tv - leftshift+leftctrl+t. My music - leftctrl+m. My pictures - leftctrl+i. My videos - leftctrl+e. Record tv - leftctrl+o. Guide - leftctrl+g. Live tv - leftctrl+t. Dvd menu - leftshift+leftctrl+m. Play - playpause. Pause - playpause. Reverse - leftshift+leftctrl+b. Forward - leftshift+leftctrl+f. Pre-track - mediaprevtrack. Next track - medianexttrack. Stop - stop. Record - leftctrl+r. Back - back. Info - info. Left - left arrow. Up - up arrow. Right - right arrow. Down - down arrow. Ok - enter. Start - leftwindows+leftalt+return. Close - leftalt+f4. Clear - esc. Enter - enter. . Note the two duplicate key pairings - "ok" / "enter", and "start" / "pause". . In particular, start/pause must be implemented as a toggle so "pause" cannot be implemented as 'freeze' if running and 'frame advance' if frozen, like some devices operate.
  • I purchased this as a replacement to a gryation brand remote, and has turned out to be a pretty "meh" remote. The setup is pretty straight forward, plug in the ir receiver and your off to the races. The mouse cursor directional button is terrible in terms of responsiveness to the pressure placed on the directional pad. Start to push and get barely any movement, press harder and zipppp the cursor scoots across the tv. I've found i spend more time futzing with the directional pad on this remote than i do if i just use my media keyboard with a track pad, granted that's far bulkier, but mouse control is far better. Granted that is really only a single gripe, but probably the most desirable feature on a remote such as this. Consider it was under $20, i guess its not the end of the world.
  • I have amended this review below:. This thing is just awesome. Our overly favorable opinion may have to do with the low expectations. After burning through a few more expensive units, i decided to stop spending and get the cheapest one. It doesn't control any other device, like turn your tv on or off, but it controls your computer beyond the media center. The big round disk in the middle is a mouse pad. You can move the mouse with it, right-click - everything. There is even a "close" button to close widows without having to move the mouse over the "x" and click on it. It takes two aaa batteries (included). It works from any angle, so you don't have to aim perfectly at the receiver. The only gripe i can have is that the receiver has a very strong feedback light. My wife asked me to buy another one just in case, to have a replacement - it's that good! . -. After having this remote for awhile, now it is obvious to me it is not a real mce remote. You may know that right away because it does not have the official green button. The draw backs are:. 1. The green button does not always function as expected, but that's not too bad, . 2. The info button acts like a right click - if your selection is in the middle of the screen but the mouse pointer is off to side (it's invisible) the info button will make the menu appear for the item under the mouse pointer not on the actual selection. Using the mouse pad on the remote i have to first move the mouse over the selection and then right click. 3. The numeric buttons do not double as letters. You cannot type a search with this remote. Period. This one is pretty tough to swallow. . On the other hand it works with windows 8 (the consumer preview version).
  • This thing works, no question about it. Just don't expect a logitech, because it won't be. I uses keyboard stoke codes, so you'll feel as you use it that you're using the keyboard arrow keys when moving the cursor for example, but i against it works. Plus the range is short. I really needed its electronic functions to program a universal remote. This works great form except for the fact i can go as far as i want with the uther devices but if i'm using windows media center i have to make sure the line of sight is clear to the usb ir-receiver and lean forward to get closer to the pc. But it fricken works which is the point. My reason for buying this ortek is because the pc remotes i liked were too expensive. I don't regret buying it though i wish i had better pc remote commands and stronger usb ir-receiver

windows vista xp media center Windows 7 Vista XP Media Center MCE PC Remote Control and Infrared Receiver for Home, Premium and Ultimate Edition (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

*purchase a usb extension the usb receiver cord is short* the ortek windows 7 vista xp media center mce pc remote control and infrared receiver works out of the box with kodi/xbmc and windows media center , if you want more functionality from it read the rest of the reviews. There is a review that tells you how to change settings. It works for me just over 30 feet away with a fairly straight line of sight. I purchased three of these for my wmc/kodi htpc to make turning channels easier for parents and in-laws to use like a regular remote. You can use the receiver with a logitech remote which is excellent(i have not had the time to setup yet). The only down side is it does not turn the tv on or off. You cant beat the price either

Windows 7 Vista Xp Media Center Mce Pc Remote Control Infrared Receiver Home, Premium Ultimate Edition
Click to see NoticeWindows Control Infrared Receiver Ultimate (Ortek)"Great remote. Much better than the hp one i had previously. The feeling holding it in the hand is good. Mouse pad works good, and all of the features link up to the proper action. I use in xbmc (now called kodi) without issue, or extra config. . I wish they recessed the places they silk screened the button labels. My volume, d-pad, ok, and mouse click button labels are all but gone, and the only thing protecting the number pad it the buttons themselves, as the labels on direct on the silver part. . Also, the volume keys don't slide the volume when you hold them down. You have to tap repetedly to get the volume to move. . Oh and the little light on the remote could make a blind man scream."

(0) Question: Can the volume up control the tv volume?

(1) Question: Does this remote work with the online store fire?

(2) Question: I stream movies from online store movies on demand from laptop tv. can i control the laptop stream (play/pause, volume, brightness, etc. ) with this remote?

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard

Built on the latest broadcom 2837 armv8 64 bit processor the raspberry pi 3 model b is faster and more powerful than its predecessors. It has improved power management to support more powerful external usb devices and now comes with built-in wireless and bluetooth connectivity. To take full advantage of the improved power management on the raspberry pi 3 and provide support for even more powerful devices on the usb ports, a 2. 5a adapter is required. Technical specifications: - broadcom bcm2837 64bit armv8 quad core 64bit processor powered single board computer running at 1. 2ghz - 1gb ram - bcm43143 wifi on board - bluetooth low energy (ble) on board - 40pin extended gpio - 4 x usb2 ports - 4 pole stereo output and composite video port - full size hdmi - csi camera port for connecting the raspberry pi camera - dsi display port for connecting the raspberry pi touch screen display - microsd port for loading your operating system and storing data - upgraded switched micro usb power source (now supports up to 2. 5 amps) . Please see the product packaging.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B MotherboardRaspberry-Pi-RASPBERRYPI3-MODB-1GB-Model-Motherboard

Brand :    raspberry pi
Color :    Raspberry PI 3
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 4 usb ports, 40 gpio pins, full hdmi port, combined 3. 5mm audio jack and composite video
  • Bluetooth 4. 1, bluetooth low energy
  • 802. 11n wireless lan, 10/100mbps lan speed
  • 1. 2ghz 64-bit quad-core armv8 cpu, 1 gb ram
  • Camera interface (csi), display interface (dsi), micro sd card slot (now push-pull rather than push-push), videocore iv 3d graphics core
Price :    $25.00 (was $39.00)
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (raspberry pi product review) for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard available ( Apr 2020 )

Aerb 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Multifunctional W Infrared Remote Learning, 3-Gyro 3-Gsensor, Air Control Android Smart TV Box G Box HTPC Mini PC ,PS3/4 Xbox 360

Aerb x-a8 2. 4g is multi-axes handheld pointing device, working at multi-environment for computer and other smart devices. It is plug and play, simple and smooth. It is portable and tiny, and you can carry with travel, and use for work or school or home entertainment system as a remote control device. It works as a mouse, which converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen. It works as a keyboard, and you can use it portable to replace your usb keyboard. It works as a remote, which you can program and learn some important keys from your tv remote. It is designed with some universal function keys, which work for most tv boxes, htpc. (it is not granted to work for all though because some systems are customized by the vendor) support system: 1. Google/ android os 2. Mac os 3. Linux os 4. Windows package included: 1 * x-a8 keyboard mouse remote 1 * usb wireless receiver 1 * user manual (aaa battery required but not included) attention: as a universal controller, some function keys might not work for your system if it is customized by its manufacture.

Aerb 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Multifunctional W Infrared Remote Learning, 3-Gyro 3-Gsensor, Air Control Android Smart TV Box G Box HTPC Mini PC ,PS3/4 Xbox 360Aerb-Wireless-Keyboard-Multifunctional-3-Gsensor

Brand :    aerb
Color :    Black
Size :    MX3 Black
Weight :    0.28 pounds
Model :    ae0444
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Air remote control: very convenient to operate in horizontal and vertical mode for game and typing.
  • Ir learning: it learns up to 5 keys on your tv ir remote;
  • 2. 4g wireless keyboard mouse w gyro sensor and ir remote learning mouse;
  • Plug and play, transmission distance up to 10 meters;
  • Alternative for usb keyboard and mouse, support android smart tv, iptv, networked set-top box, mini pc, android tv box, htpc, pctv;
Price :    $13.99
Personal Computer :    Best Abis Video Games (aerb product review) for Aerb 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Multifunctional W Infrared Remote Learning, 3-Gyro 3-Gsensor, Air Control Android Smart TV Box G Box HTPC Mini PC ,PS3/4 Xbox 360 available ( Apr 2020 )

Rii K25A 4 in 1 Multifunction Portable 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard ,Audio Feature And IR Infrared Remote Control With Rechargable Li-ion Battery PC,Laptop,Raspberry PI 2, MacOS,Linux, HTPC, IPTV, Google Box, Android Box, Smart TV ,XBMC,Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8 10 Black

Feature: - thank you for purchasing the mini multifunction keyboard! , wireless mini qwerty keyboard & ir remote & fly mouse combo, audio feature with usb interface receiver. And built-in advanced lithium-ion battery, energy-efficient. - you can use it for emails, to enjoy your favorite games. It is compatible with htpc, tv box running android systems. It also supports the sony playstation3. Use it with your htpc on your sofa or browse the internet in the most comfortable fashion. - this is also a universal infrared remote controller with learning function. The remote control has a powerful ability to identify unknown format with a wide and reliable range of learning formats which means about 99. 9% tv infrared remote control on the market can be learnt . After learning the signals can be transmitted with high precision with a wide learning range(20khz 60khz) and a small frequency error(卤1khz). Specifications - receiver (dongle): nano style - connect port: with usb2. 0 above - rf mode: 2. 4ghz gfsk - transmission distance: up to 10 meters - transmission power: less than +4db - power supply: rechargeable 450mah polymer lithium-ion battery - charging voltage: 4. 4v 5. 25v - charging current: 300ma - sleeping current class1: 86ua - operation voltage: 3. 7v - operating current: 22ma - product size: 170mm*49mm*16mm package includes: - 1 x multifunction keyboard - 1 x usb wireless receiver - 1 x user manual - 1 x usb charging cable

Rii K25A 4 in 1 Multifunction Portable 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard ,Audio Feature And IR Infrared Remote Control With Rechargable Li-ion Battery PC,Laptop,Raspberry PI 2, MacOS,Linux, HTPC, IPTV, Google Box, Android Box, Smart TV ,XBMC,Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8 10 BlackMultifunction-Portable-Wireless-Rechargable-Raspberry

Brand :    riitek
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    MX-RT-MWK25A(us)
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 2. built-in advanced lithium-ion battery, energy-efficient. support usb charge, when press and drag at the same time, if the mouse freezes for a couple of seconds, you can use the usb extension cable on your device
  • 1. multifunction, wireless mini qwerty keyboard & ir remote & fly mouse combo, with usb interface receiver
  • 4. innovative shape, portable, elegant, perfect for pc, pad, android tv box, google tv box, xbox 360, ps3, htpc, iptv. not work with the fire tv stick ! generally, this keyboard works well on smart tv. but different smart tvs have diverse systems, especially samsung smart tv. so we can't make sure it is compatible with any system. :) before you place order . try the common wired keyboard and mouse on your smart tv. if the keyboard and mouse all work well, this keyboard-mouse combo can, too.
  • 3. you can use it for emails, to enjoy your favorite games. it is compatible with htpc, tv box running android systems, auto sleep and wake up feature. switching off the keyboard after use
  • 5. generally, this keyboard works well on smart tv. but different smart tvs have diverse systems, especially samsung smart tv. so we can't make sure it is compatible with any system. :) before you place order . try the common wired keyboard and mouse on your smart tv. if the keyboard and mouse all work well, this keyboard-mouse combo can, too.
Price :    $28.99 (was $49.99)
Personal Computer :    Best Keyboards (riitek product review) for Rii K25A 4 in 1 Multifunction Portable 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard ,Audio Feature And IR Infrared Remote Control With Rechargable Li-ion Battery PC,Laptop,Raspberry PI 2, MacOS,Linux, HTPC, IPTV, Google Box, Android Box, Smart TV ,XBMC,Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8 10 Black available ( Apr 2020 )

SANOXY Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse PC

Sanoxy wireless usb pc remote control mouse for pc watch movies, view photos, and listen to music from your computer without having to touch your mouse or keyboard. This remote acts like a wireless mouse, but has the functionality to control your pc's media software. Pcs are becoming our personal entertainment centers, the place where we store our music, movies, & photos. Now you can bring those files into your life without having to be at the computer all the time.

SANOXY Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse PCSANOXY-Wireless-Remote-Control-Mouse

Brand :    sanoxy
Color :    BLACK
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3-4 business days
  • Easy to use, slim and easy portable
  • Cable length: 80cm
  • Plug and play, no need driver
  • Sanoxy usb pc remote control
  • Support system : windows2000/xp/mce/vista
Price :    $7.98
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (sanoxy product review) for SANOXY Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse PC available ( Apr 2020 )

FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top Boxes

I setup osmc with this on a usb extension cable and it works great so far. Easy setup with my harmony remote. I wish they would add a home button and fix the back button on the default config for the harmony 650 but i'm still giving it a 5 star review because it's easy to reconfigure those couple of buttons the way i wanted them and the firmware upgrade process was also a breeze. L had it all setup in less than 5 minutes. No more using my smartphone as a remote or laggy delays.

Flirc allows you to use nearly any remote control with any device that has usb including; firetv, xbox 360, xbox one, playstation 3, htpcs, raspberry pi, and more. Flirc's user-friendly software guides you through each step of the pairing process and takes just a few minutes to complete. After your remote is paired with flirc, there is no other software to run or install on your device. Just plug flirc into any usb port and enjoy! flirc has partnered with logitech harmony to provide the best user experience on the best line of remote controls. Add the flirc firetv or xbmc/kodi device to your harmony remote and it will work with flirc without any additional configuration. You can also use the many built-in preset configurations in the flirc software to quickly and easily configure flirc with your remote for common applications such as xbmc/kodi, firetv, and windows media center. If your favorite application isn't one of the presets, simply use the virtual keyboard in the flirc software to pair any button on your remote control with any standard keyboard key. Flirc works on any device that supports usb keyboards and is one of the top accessories sold for the raspberry pi. The flirc team is always working on new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Free firmware updates are regularly released and are available on flirc's website. Flirc is also working on an api for seamless integration within other applications. Remember to visit the flirc website and forums for helpful tips, tricks, and support. Coming in future firmware updates: long key presses - assign two functions to one button. Macros - want to run a number of commands on a key press? with the new flirc, you can store over 500 keys, and have more than one keypress per individual remote button. Iospirit - bring ir remote support back to the mac. Coming in 2017 is a unique collaboration to bring you exciting new features between flirc and iospirit

FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top BoxesFLIRC-Generation-Universal-Control-Receiver

Flirc Generation Universal Control Receiver (100013) FAQ.

Just plugged it into my fire tv box, and my factory tv remote (samsung, 7 years old) just worked. No additional configuration required, which is good because it came with no documentation whatsoever. Would have given 5 stars if it at least had come with some customization instructions or the item had shipped more quickly. -Notice from R. Guest, Kansas

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This is a must have if you have a home theater setup that has a device with a bluetooth remote and you are trying to use a universal remote without bluetooth. I put this on my online store fire tv after setting it up with the harmony remote on my computer and now i can use one remote agian. This is beyond helpful if you have a wife that needs the simplicity of one remote.

Flirc-generation-universal-control-receiver-(100013) set picture

- D. BrendonThese are super convenient little devices. I use them to be able to control my htpc's in two different rooms with my harmony remotes. Works flawlessly. It can be a little confusing to set up, but i blame that on the harmony software.

Worked perfectly to allow a raspberry pi running rasplex and openpht to be controlled with an old remote. Using the configuration tools to capture remote buttons and store a remote configuration to the receiver is a very easy task, and the ability to back up and restore the configuration makes it even better. Assuming one had multiple devices needing controlled (say similar tv setups in multiple rooms), you could easily set this up once and get everything working, backup the configuration and then just plug in each adapter and save the configuration to it one click and have everything working in minutes. . The range is incredibly good as well, in my case the raspberry pi is mounted on the back of an insignia roku tv that is mounted on an articulating wall mount, with the receiver just plugged into the bottom facing downward but still behind the tv, and the remote easily controls it from a bed across the room without issue. In my testing, it didn't seem to matter much if i even faced the receiver up and towards the wall or into the corner, it was able to pick up the signal without any obvious directional sensitivity at all. . Will likely pick up a few more of these for other tvs and to just have some on hand for when the need arises, as they're much easier to work with than the old ways of scrounging up an ir receiver with the right chipset and fiddling with lircd configurations for a couple of hours.

P. Meghan, Connecticut

Price :    $16.79 (was $16.89)
  • Also works with playstation, xbox 360, raspberry pi, windows media center, kodi, plex, and many more
  • Flirc's easy-to-use software walks you through the entire pairing process and works on windows, osx and linux
  • New version brings many new software features, hardware features, and partners
  • Control your firetv with almost any remote control, including logitech harmony remotes
  • Out of the box support for logitech harmony remote controls with the harmony firetv device
Brand :    flirc
Weight :    0.6 pounds
Model :    FL-25626
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (flirc product review) for FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top Boxes available ( Apr 2020 )

windows 7 vista xp media center mce pc remote control and infrared receiver for home, premium and ultimate edition Price : 16, was : 16 as 2018-06-29
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I have a desktop set up as a media center on the tv. I don't use the microsoft media center software. Received the item and plugged it into the usb port. Windows 7 recognized it immediately, loaded the driver, and it works great. I can navigate without a mouse now, as it has a directional circular rocking pad that moves the mouse around. I can select and watch any media on my computer from the sofa, using ms media player without getting up. It also has controls for browsing the internet. I had on of these that came with my computer, and it quit. This one works better than the original.

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(4) Question: Does this work with an intel nuc without the ir dongle?

(5) Question: Does it work with xbmc linux?

(6) Question: Does this remote works with xbmc on a raspberry pi?

(7) Question: Is the mouse control a touchpad like a laptop, or directional like arrows?

(8) Question: This not work with media center in windows 8. 1 64 bits ?

(9) Question: Anyone tried this remote with windows 10?

(10) Question: Compatible with mediaportal win 10?

(11) Question: Pi

(12) Question: Does it work with roku

(13) Question: The ir receiver installed under windows, but nothing on the remote seems to work under windows 7? i've tried 2 sets of batteries.

(14) Question: My pc is in the office 20 ft down the hall separate from my tv room. will i be able to use this remote control from the tv room?

(15) Question: Has anyone tried this with plex? if so how did you configure the buttons?

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Fire tv uses bluetooth remote and has no ir receiver built-in. This kit allows you to control the fire tv with logitech harmony remotes based on ir. Most features have equivalent buttons and can be mapped to harmony. Just be sure to limit or eliminate the harmony options to 'repeat' ir commands x times - it will default to some absurd number like 4 repeats so that hitting 'up' for example makes your fire tv respond as if you hit the 'up' button 4-5 times in quick succession. . If you're using this for fire tv and harmony remotes then obviously you can throw the mce remote in a drawer once you're setup. All you really need is the usb ir receiver.

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Best windows control infrared receiver ultimate (ortek) in review

For people with fire tv that can't seem to get this to work, remember to turn off usb debugging. It took me an hour to figure this out. I couldn't get the unit to recognize the ir adapter. When the fire tv unit was rooted, kodi was loaded and. You need to enable usb debugging. If you don't remember to turn-off the usb debugging (after rooting and loading the software), then the devices plugged into the fire tv won't be recognized. Once i did this everything worked awesomely. I especially like the mouse function on the remote that allows me to jump to different parts of shows without the need to ff. It's literally plug and play as long as usb debugging is off/disabled.

. Nancy, Delaware

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N. Nees, North Carolina says

Bought this to replace a hauppauge remote that came with their tv tuner card. Their remote was slow and usually not very responsive. Even with new batteries and directly aimed at ir receiver from 1 foot way. I delt with it for 6 months and knew there had to be something better for my win 7 htpc. I was right, because for under 20 bucks this thing is awesome. There is a night and day difference between the 2 remotes. This one is responsive and works across my living room (15 foot away). . The buttons feel nice and the feedback of them is welcoming. It is on the lighter side about the same weight as and would prefer some heft in a remote, but i can't complain. The weight is on par with the hauppauge remote. I feels nice in my medium sized hands and the button placement is just right. I figured the mouse pad would be a gimmick and wouldn't use it, but i tried it out and was a bit surprised that it works quite well. I have used the mousepad on the remote instead of reaching for the mouse on several occasions in the last 2 days do to its usefulness. However, i will note that the mouse cursor is a bit slow moving at first (at least on 50" tv and may be worse on larger displays) , but when the mouse pad is held it picks up speed and is useful. . It is plug and play, so i was up and working in about 60 seconds after plugging in the usb ir receiver. My only complaint is that i did have to use a spare usb extension cable that i had lying around because this one is rather short. This is probably not the case for most people and a longer cable could be a nuisance. However, i don't have my htpc on my entertainment stand, instead it is on a neighboring a bookshelf since i am using a monstrous full tower (go big or go home). I am not sure of overall quality of longevity since i have only been using for 2 days, so time will tell. Overall, i would buy this remote again and would recommend it to others as well.

. Hadley, Dorset

Works great as a plug and play kodi remote. Has been solid without issues for me for 2 years now. Once you figure out the misc buttons (just try them all) all is good. I wouldn't rely on the mouse control in the center but it does work well in a pinch. To compliment this remote i also have a logitech remote keyboard/touchpad for when i need to control the os outside of kodi.

S. Michele, Iowa says

I bought this remote to use with one of my libreelec kodi boxes. This remote worked right out of the box, perfectly. . I also have logitech harmony one and a harmony 900 universal remotes. This remote from ortek works perfectly with the "mce remote" profile on the harmony remotes. . I like this remote so much that i just purchased a second one for my other kodi box.

E. Rhonda, Redbridge

This may be the first time i've ever wanted to give something a 10 star review. I feel like i robbed someone after snagging one of these for only $12. I plugged it in and. It worked! no installation cd, no annoying configuration to deal with, none of that. It is true plug and play. I recently set up a new entertainment hub based around my windows 7 home premium desktop pc which now serves as a gaming and multimedia center. Everything was working great, except it was annoying to have to use the mouse and keyboard to pause movies, change volume, etc. Enter this remote! i run netflix, hulu and others through windows media center and this remote works flawlessly. I had some concerns over the receiver being out of line of sight because of my set up so i made sure to get it dead center under my tv to ensure it would work. Then my kiddo was playing around the other day and accidentally pushed it off to the side and it was laying on the floor. I didn't even notice until today because the remote was still working perfectly despite being behind the leg of the tv stand. . As if the ease of set up wasn't enough, this remote is really a joy to use. It's just the right size and all the buttons are placed in such a way that it's easy to navigate without looking at the remote. The large circular button in the center acts as a mouse which is useful for navigating outside of windows media center and the arrow buttons have instant response when navigating within windows media center, netflix and hulu desktop. The pause, play, fast forward, rewind and skip buttons are all spot on. I can even put my system to sleep with the power button! i can't express enough how much i love this remote. I have already gotten much more than my $12 worth. Love snuggling with my kiddo while we watch movies and not have to sit up to grab the keyboard anymore. I plan to purchase another when i set up our second system downstairs. Highly recommended! you won't be disappointed. :)

O. Laura, St. Helens says

I bought this set specifically to add ir functionality to my boxee box so that i can make use of my logitech harmony remote. On the plus side, the receiver was %100 plug-and-play. I plugged it in and the included remote was able to operate the boxee box as desired. The "dongle" has a cord(instead of a simple thumb-drive form factor) which is an added benefit, in that you can place the receiver and box in different locations if desired. . (partial relevance warning - the following is for boxee box info purposes only, and was not considered in my overall rating of product). Success was only partial out of the box, tho, because, even thought this remote is labelled as an mce remote, i was unable to find a logitech harmony "device" that mimic'd it(i did try the mce harmony selection). Not a major issue, and easily solved by just learning the remote's commands(and there are all of 7 commands on the boxee remote than i needed to map), but i'm mentioning it here just to be thorough. . I'm not giving it a 5 because the remote itself looks and feels like the toy remotes you can get for children in the grocery store toy section between the pop tarts and the cereal. I wouldn't be super happy with it if i were planning to actually use the remote, but since i'm not i'll settle on 4 stars since i like the functionality i'm getting.

C. Carmen, District of Columbia

This is a great windows remote. I purchased it to control my media pc that runs windows media center, xbmc, spotify and sonos. The remote handles all programs with no problems. Basically, whatever program you have in the foreground this remote can handle. I'm quite impressed with the functionality and range. Furthermore, the remote doesn't really have to be pointed at the ir sensor to work. I have used it in other rooms, (with an open floor plan so the opening is rather large, ) and as far as 20 feet away from the computer. I've owned a logitech harmony remote and for the price, i'll take this one over the logitech any day. Very satisfied with the functionality and quality of this product. I seldom use the touch pad for the mouse function of this remote as i have a wireless keyboard and mouse nearby and it's just more practical, however, in times when my keyboard or mouse weren't as readily available, (or just total laziness, ) i have used the touch pad and it works well. Only complaint there is the speed in which the cursor moves. It starts slow then speeds up to help with accuracy. I think it's just an added benefit/feature and can't justify docking any stars for it.

W. Terry, Nevada says

Hands down the best htpc remote out there. Not only does this remote have every function needed to operate windows, but it also will operate kodi and has all the functions working right out of the box. It also works for kodi android boxes. Unlike 99% of the remote/air remotes. Out there, this remote actually has the ability to move the cursor around the screen with the d pad like a mouse or use the arrows keys to navigate around. It also has a simple stop button for playback and a return button. Check out all of the other remotes out there. I bet you can't find one that has both of those buttons. There's a menu button, an info button, page up and page down too. The only thing this remote may not have is a querty keyboard, but it's not really an issue with kodi since you can use the nav keys to enter the letters. Maybe a backlight too, but i've never really needed that. . All in all the best remote you can buy and can't beat the price.

M. Meghan, Ealing

Quirky solution that is almost there. I have two windows media center pcs that replaced set top boxes for my fios subscription. I was used wireless mouse and small wireless keyboards then i found this. It is an improvement over the mouse/keyboard setup. It has its short comings as the buttons don't cover all bases. I still end up needing to use a mouse/keyboard. Last night wmc completely locked up and this would not respond. It only works inside of wmc so to get back out to windows to kill wmc i still needed a keyboard. I may look further for this type of remote that also includes rudimentary keyboard control for windows. But it does improve my control and convenience for the most part. I wish it was illuminated or had better ergonomics but then again for the price its a good value. I would pay more for better ergonomics i. E. Bigger more tactile buttons and backlighting plus the addition of rubberized grips as this tends to slip around in my hand when trying to do the one hand method.

T. Lindsey, Manitoba says

I just got this remote yesterday and am very glad i made the purchase! the remote itself is well built and very similar to our directv remotes. Ergonomically it fits well in the hand and is very easy to use. Also, it is very easy to set up, all i did was plug in the ir adapter into a usb port, put in the batteries (2 aaa that came with the remote) and you're in business. I use windows 7 and it took less than 30 seconds to find and install the drivers (probably closer to about 10 seconds). . I am disabled and this makes it so much easier to access my computer from my bed. Much more convenient and less bulky compared to using a wireless keyboard and mouse too. Because i spend so much time in bed, i listen to music a lot and this makes it so easy to adjust the volume and skip tracks. The built in mouse features works awesome for when i am listening to songs from napster or other programs other than windows media center or windows media player. . My room is 15'x20' not including the attached master bath and i have no range issues anywhere in the room or even in the bathroom with the door open. . One of the main reasons i got this remote was for the built in mouse function. Other than basic movements, there are buttons for right clicking and left clicking. It took my wife and me about a minute to get used to the mouse movement; starting slow, than speeding up. . All in all, a good remote with some very handy features and for a price under $15, it's a great deal and i very much recommend it if you're looking for a basic remote and a cheaper substitute to a wireless keyboard and mouse.

J. Rita, Maryland

Holy cow - what an awesome little remote. I should've bought one of these years ago. We watch tv through windows media center and ota broadcast. I can't imagine this remote would really be beneficial for any other purpose. If you plan on using your computer to watch tv; this is an absolute must have. We tried many different set ups for ditching cable and a simple mohu leaf antennae, a dedicated laptop computer with windows media center, and a usb pc tuner is the cheapest, most reliable, and has the most features. If you're looking to cut the cord, that's the setup i recommend. The laptop was a pricey investment, but being that it's dedicated just for tv watching, it's nice to have abc. Com, nbc. Com and the other networks available anytime. Not to mention the other stuff you can add like itunes, plex, etc. . The only complaint i have (and it's pretty nitpicky) is the remote receiver that plugs into the computer blinks bright red to indicate it's receiving a remote command. It's by far the biggest and brightest indicator light i've ever seen (except maybe on aircraft). You can see it at the end of the cable in the picture - it's big and it's bright, only when receiving a signal from the remote. It doesn't glow when idle.

X. Harrison, Prince Edward Island says

I was confused by this remote because none of the instructions on the mythtv or xbmc pages for a mce remote would work. As others have mentioned, the ir receiver identifies itself as a keyboard for most of the keys and as a mouse for the big center button and two mouse keys. . After searching for about a day, i stumbled across the information that this remote is actually a ortek technology vrc-1100. There are instructions on both the mythtv and xbmc wiki pages on the correct setup. Once you have done this, you will find the remote works well and has nice range. For the money, once you get past this roadblock it's not bad.

U. Moore, Australian Capital Territory says

I'm very happy with remote. I received a free windows vista computer that was going to the scrap pile. A friend suggested using the computer as a media center unit. We tried to install vista 32bit and had a bit of trouble. Slow! once installed, the computer worked just fine. Installed antivirus, and then added xbmc. I placed it in my workshop out back and hooked up to the spare 36" flat screen and craig's list stereo sound system. Worked great, but needed to get a remote. My friend suggested this remote. Worked right out of the package. No drivers needed. This is great for when i'm working at the bench and i have to pause for a bit. Also, now that i have wireless adapter, i can watch netflix and use the remote to pause instead of the mouse. This was cheaper than a wireless mouse and works just fine for me.

B. Donna, Isle of Wight

I can testify to the durability of the product. I have used one for years and it has always functioned flawlessly. I have also used it on multiple computers and there is never any issue with installation or driver recognition. Plug the receiver in, it installs drivers automatically and within seconds the remote functions. I love the green quick button that brings up windows media center automatically. Product is durable, well designed, easy to use, functions exactly as expected - what more is there to say?

. Theola, North Yorkshire says

This is the second unit i've purchased and very happy with both. They are what they say they are, remote controls that work with ms windows. Advertised as working with vista and xp. I'm using one on the pc i've set up as a media center in my living room and it's using windows 8. 1, not the first proble, the other is on a pc in another room acting as a media center there and using windows 7, not the first problem. Put the batteries in the remote, plug the sensor into an usb and place the sensor where the remote can "see" it. Worked instantly. A bit slow for for full operation of the computer, but great for the media functions. Imulates keyboard and mouse. I was able to copy everything into an all-in-remote easily, so either way. For less than $16, quite the deal. Buying the if sensor by itself would cost more. And to answer most the questions most people have, if your pc computer uses a key board and mouse, has usb ports, windows xp or later, this remote will work. I find it too slow and a pain to use for everything like internet and things like that but for running the multimedia functions: play/pause, forward/reverse, stop, etc. Can't be beat for the money. The remote feels like most any aftermarket replacement remote control, not too big and not uncomfortable. No back lit buttons may be a gripe, but they work fine and easy to find-feel-press.

I. Jennifer, Bremen

I bought this ir remote only for controlling my (bluetooth) fire tv. And it works great! the power button turns off the fire tv (the fire tv does not even have a power button! ). . I was a bit concerned after i ordered it. As i found an online store fire tv manual that said the usb port did nothing. But they must have since upgraded it. As the ir receiver works! one less remote in the collection once programmed onto the home theater master. :). . Some of the mouse controls are a bit of a mystery: a small circle appears on the screen. But what does the fire tv do with it? future x-ray feature?

A. Wells, South Australia says

I didn't see much discussion of this remotes usefulness with media player classic, 32 and 64 bit, which i have to say, beats windows media center for speed, user friendliness, and pretty much every manipulative aspect of video watching there is, including the final quality of picture with mpc's extensive host of rendering options. Likewise, we tried this on vlc . . . As for "user friendliness" mpc was by far the most responsive in terms of number of features controllable by this unit, as well as being the easiest to manipulate/program. It need be said, mpc (compared to both windows media center and media player) is not packed with snooping and calling home dlls/exe's and other internal apps etc. - that you'll find wide open for network traffic (by default) in windows firewall? on average, in vista, 7, 8, there's 75-80 separate, inbound and outbound services, extenders, etc. , to block that are, in many cases, calling in and out through the network, compared to mpc's "optionally-on" network enhancements, including, auto subtitle locator features. . . And we refuse to check the spyware os known as win 10 - yes it is , but we can only fathom how bad that's digging into your private life. Nonetheless, this is the best remote so far for the money and for media player classic users, probably for vlc users as well, who've taken the time to figure that out. We use it on a homemade multi-core intel, win7-64 system with an xfx radeon 7850, using the mpc (media player classic) 64-bit version. This is digitally hdmi and toslink tied to a yamaha sound system and b-screen tv. The unit isn't programmable for the other devices, but once mpc is set up, we've virtually eliminated using other remotes. So far we've figured out, using mpc-64, you can use all the following without any tweaks, (mpc has an endless, readily accessible number of tweaks, ) but out of the box, this remote will:. Open player, either empty or by using the mouse feature to load a video. Skip to prev/next video in folder, (with either the or the channel up down buttons). Ff - rr, (left right buttons) (you can set the number of frames/speed you want under "tweaks / jump distances" within mpc). Interestingly, this thing has two separate volume controls when using mpc. The main volume up/down buttons control the primary windows volume output level, while the "up down" buttons out of the box control mpc's volume separately. You can set mpc's volume jumps in, 1 - increments, giving you incredibly fine tuned control over dbs. Media player classic's num-pad "pan-n-scan" feature works perfectly with this remote's numpad. Zooming, panning, if you need to manually change aspect ratios, (correcting oddly sized video encodes such as cell phone videos) are all easily adjusted with "5" being the instant reset - all work without any tweaks. If you're fingers are nimble, you can use the above mentioned zoom features in conjunction with the mouse control to pan-n-scan etc. . . Of course, play, pause, stop, scan-n-view-forward and reverse, and, as we're learning, more and more of mpc's extensive list of remote commands can be reached via this remote. So, with enough testing, i think we'll eventually find that everything's accessible one way or another with this remote. Of course, the nice thing about this is the mouse control, which, if you wanted, you could skip setting remote commands and simply use the mouse in mpc or any other player as you would sitting at a desk. We had a similar remote that came with a video card that ate batteries in out of control fashion if you used the mouse much. This one does not - haven't even begun to wear down a set after nigh six months of using the mouse feature daily. Really appreciate the corded receiver too, making it possible to use a usb port on the back of desktop and hide the tiny receiver alongside a speaker or where ever. . . Great product all around: ortek windows 7 vista xp media center mce pc remote control and infrared receiver for home, premium and ultimate edition

G. McCarthy, Oklahoma

This remote does everything i was hoping it would. It wakes the computer from sleep, has dedicated media center buttons to do all the functions of any other mce remote. I also love the mouse function, because we use itunes on the media computer to stream movies from another computer in the house. The infrared connection seems strong. I just have the receiver poking up at the top of the tv but still hidden. . My only wish is that the skip forward and reverse buttons were a little more pronounced, but it's not enough to take it down a star. Well done, ortek!

D. Alma, Newcastle upon Tyne says

This remote is simple to use, works very well, and is surprisingly universal. I have owned one of these remotes for nearly three years, and i have never experienced any connectivity problems. It works as intended with windows media center, and it also works with plex home theater, xbmc, as a mouse and number pad for windows itself, and even works on a chromebook. . This remote was originally designed to work with windows vista's media center. It works perfectly for that function. Since the point in time this remote was released, microsoft has discontinued its media center. However, the remote still works with other media centers, such as plex home theater, xbmc, mythtv, and others. It works on linux platforms as well as windows. The controller also works well as a mouse (using the track pad) and a number pad. The other buttons offer other shortcuts as well. . If you want to use this remote with xbmc or other media centers, you may need to do a bit of work to get everything setup correctly. This remote works as it should on plex home theater without any special setup, but it does need work before you can use it on xbmc. There are plenty of guides online that will walk you through the setup process. If you need to use it for a different media player, you will need to do some research. . To setup the remote itself, all you need to do is plug the receiver into a usb port. The computer should automatically download the necessary drivers to work with the device, and it should take no longer than a minute. If you are using a linux operating system such as ubuntu, it should work just as well. I have even tried this on a chromebook, and it worked just fine. The remote is universal in the sense that it should work anywhere you need it to. . Overall, i would recommend this remote to anyone who needs a simple, easy to use remote control for his/her pc.

. Sheila, Southampton

This is my second of these remote controls for use with windows media center, the first being used on our living room t. V. Computer, this second one for the t. V. Computer in my study. (by the way, that first controller i've dropped a number of times over the year or so we've had it and it still works fine. ) both computers run on windows xp and the remote control functions great with them, one a sony vaio, the other an hp. I just plugged the infrared sensor into a usb port on the back (with the computer turned off) and once the computer is rebooted the remote comes to life, no driver necessary. . It's much more fun using windows media center to record and watch t. V. Shows with this remote control, since jumping up to grab the mouse was proving to be a pain (albeit a small pain that i should be ashamed to even mention - this isn't drudgery or deprivation i'm talking about, folks! ). Once in a great while the non-mouse buttons on the remote stop working and i reboot the computer and all's well. The remote is comfortable and well laid out. For $12, you can't go wrong!

R. Bertie, Hampshire says

The product packaging talks about windows vista and media center, and the manual is copyright 2007 - 10 years ago - so clearly this model is old. However, the included aaa batteries still worked, and windows 10 installed drivers for the usb ir receiver. . For windows, the remote's mouse functions work, and its 'e' button launches the default web browser. The remote's volume control seems to affect the windows master volume, so all devices. The start button does nothing. . I bought it for use with cyberlink powerdvd (version 17), which we use to play movies. The pause, play, and scene forward & back buttons work. The tv guide button toggles closed captioning on / off. The remote's arrows and ok button work to navigate blu-ray disks' navigation menus. The fast forward / fast reverse buttons do not work. . I have not found a way to program what the other buttons on the remote do, so mostly they are useless. That said, the buttons which do work are arranged reasonably.

. Juliana, Nevada

This ends up being a great purchase for kodi users. I've used this remote, or at least the ir receiver for years and have several of them. I have a computer set up with kodi on several rooms in my house. I use the ir receiver on each and have harmony remotes programmed to issue the same commands as the remote control. Therefore i can control my tv, receiver, bluray players and kodi on the pcs all with the harmony remote. Works great. I do wish they would sell just the ir receiver. At this point in time, i have about 6 of the remotes which i don't actually use.

F. Colleen, Durham says

Coupled with my tv tuner kit, i ordered this device for my computer/tv in the garage. It works great and after i did away with the pc in the garage, i moved the remote indoors to my pc connected to my media center. It is so easy to navigate, i only use my wireless keyboard to type. I even set my pc password to a number so i could use this remote to login. It will allow you to put your pc to sleep (hibernate) and wake it up. This was a great purchase at an excellent price. . The seller fulfilled the order in a timely manner, it was shipped and received on time. I would definitely recommend this product and seller to others.

. Helen, Connecticut

The vendor switched the brand from ortek to gmyle and the package specified that it was just for windows vista. That worried me since i was on windows 7 home premium. I was also concerned because my logitech myharmony universal remote was programmed for the ortek model. I tried it anyway since the item pictured looked exactly the same as the unit that came and it had a sticker on the package that said it was win7 compatible. So, when i tried it the product worked just fine and the receiver picked up the myharmony commands the same as the ortek would have. All of the hot buttons and the player controls work just fine. I would give them a 5 star rating except for the substitution. I don't like those kind of surprises.

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C. Melissa, Somerset says

I will say for the price, you can't beat it, but i think it's worth spending a little extra to get this one:. . The main issue with this particular remote is the infrared usage - you pretty much have to point right at the receiver any time you want to use this remote. Also, using the mouse with the big round rubber circle can be a little tedious at times, probably made that way mainly because of the ir usage. If money is the main decision maker, then this one wins out. Otherwise, i'd go with the one i linked to above. That little bit of extra money is very much worth it. The other remote, i think, out-classes far more expensive remotes.

V. Helen, Bretagne

Can anyone advice how exactly it works with the fire tv (ftv)? . I tried hard many times but still failed. What i did:. 0. Plug receiver to pc, remote working; . 1. Plug receiver to ftv, remote not working; . 2. Tried to add remote to ftv remotes, can not find it; . 3. Switched to logitech harmony 700, tried to match ortek or anything, can not find it; . 4. Trained harmony with the ortek remote's power key and up key, synced. Still not working. . So anyone got it working on ftv recently? . . Thanks!

R. Shayna, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Kinda clunky and slow to maneuver. It works and does what it's supposed to, but there are much better on the market. The ir sensor seems much bigger than it needs to be and became a nuisance. It didn't come with anything to hold the ir sensor in place (sticky tac, double sided tape, or velcro) so at first the ir was simply free hanging. If you have a small piece of velcro or double sided tape, it makes managing the ir much better.

D. Carol, Tameside

This remote actually works fine with windows media center ala windows 7, however it appears to have been manufactured for windows vista. As such, the buttons are not necessarily labelled correctly, however they do work. Not a complex product and there are many competitors, from such sources as the company whose name sounds like new eggs. No real reason to choose this product over any similar one, and likewise, no reason to avoid it.

. Monique, Ontario says

This works ok, but my complaint is no alpha-numeric keypad. Our last remote,  noah's mediagate, was starting to fall apart, so i picked this based on the number of positive reviews. . It is simple to get this to work with windows 7 media center, but there are no directions and there is no number, email or website to go to for support. . Our videos folder in windows media center has over 300 titles. It is nice to be able to jump to the "star wars" folder on the mediagate remote simply by pressing the "7" button four (4) times: p-q-r-s. This remote will only show you the number "7" four times. . If anyone knows how to turn on the alpha characters on this number pad, i'd appreciate it! otherwise, it is going back.

W. Colleen, Pays de la Loire

I received an xbox one (x1) for christmas and decided to try the pass thru feature with my htpc. My htpc did not have an ir receiver, so i thought i would pick up the cheapest one on online store to test with the x1. Unfortunately, this one is not a certified media center remote. When i configured the x1 for a "media center pc", none of the commands from the x1 triggered the ir receiver. I really hoped this would work, so i could control my htpc using the x1's voice control features. . The remote itself controls the htpc just fine, even when passed through the x1. I mostly marked the remote down because some of the buttons stick, like the scroll up button cause me problems on the guide and the main menu. I will continue to use it until i find a certified control that works with the x1.

B. Smith, Hawaii says

The receiver has a bright, red led that gives off a strobe effect anytime you press/hold a button. This means that if you are holding down/using the "touchpad", it will give off a constant strobe. This is not exactly a desired effect, especially if you are using this for an htpc in a dimly lit room. I am surprised more people haven't complained about this. I find it very distracting. The touchpad is not a true touchpad, and the acceleration of the cursor is inconsistent. The result is that it is hard and time consuming to move the cursor over what you want. I will admit that the remote itself seems to have sturdy material construction, for the price. However, the receiver and receiver cord are very low quality. The thin plastic case around the small circuit board is loose and makes a creaking sound if you squeeze it slightly. I did contact the seller hoping for some improvement in my transaction experience. They did respond promptly, but i was not impressed or pleased with the resolution. Overall, i cannot recommend this item at all, as it seems to fail in the main respects of functionality and interactive experience (even at this price point). I ended up getting a logitech k400 wireless keyboard and it has satisfied my htpc needs. I tried the other keyboard + true touchpad mini remotes out there, and some of them are decent if you get lucky and receive one with quality soldering around the battery, but for goodness' sake don't drop it or it's gone for good. Lol. So i went with logitech.

S. Pete, Reading

It works. The receiver has a huge red light that turns on every time it registers. A more subtle receiver would be nice. Second, the directional pad and the blank circular pad (slow mouse control) should be in the reverse places. You can't really reach the directional controls with a normal grip, so this is very inconvenient work well with windows media center

U. Miller, Pennsylvania says

The remote and receiver both work great, and the built-in mouse function is actually pretty handy, as i don't keep a keyboard or mouse hooked up to my htpcs (i handle stuff that requires that kind of stuff with teamviewer, generally). . But if you're trying to use it in the dark, good luck. It's impossible to tell which end is which without looking directly at it, and the button layout is a bit confusing in the dark. You really can't operate it by feel.

L. Harrison, Birmingham

This is just a warning for those using it for kodi or wmc. I've used this for 4 years and the biggest problem is that the info button is all messed up. This is important for editing things in the wmc guide, channels etc, big pain in the ass for kodi as well. This isn't a true mce r6 remote. I always thought, what is wrong with the fast forward and rewind in kodi? it never worked right. I thought the problem was kodi. Guess what? it was this remote. . I decided to buy a bluetooth dongle which has the true mce remote commands. Using my harmony hub and controlling the remote through bluetooth, both kodi and wmc now work peefectly as they should. Rewind and forward works like they should in kodi. Ahh, the info button works like it should now. I can actually run my computer easily with my remote. I could never do that with the ortek. . Now if you can't do bluetooth and must use ifr, please do some more thorough research and find a remote that is truly mce r6 equivelant. . I can't believe i suffered for 4 years. My bad

J. Sharon, Barnet says

I only purchased this for the ir receiver and could not get my logitech harmony to recognize this brand of the media center remote. I had to each it the commands by programming each ir code via the learning mode which is the only device i have ever had to do this with. I have two other media center remotes and they both use the same ir codes even though they are different brands. . The ir receiver is very good but comes with an extremely short cord which is not good considering most people are using this to run media center on their home theater pc or other media front ends such as plex. . If you plan on using this remote and have an usb extension cable then this remote should be perfect for your needs. However, you are better off looking for a hp or bigger named brand than this one if you are planning on controlling it by a universal remote. . I took a way 1. 5 stars for it having different ir codes and 1/2 star for the short cable to the ir receiver. . This is a solid 4. 5 out of 5 if you can live with the short cable and plan on actually using this remote as opposed to a universal remote.

N. Shawna, Bourgogne

This is a frustrating device to use. The operations that i perform most frequently are provided by tiny buttons which cannot be reliably located without looking at the remote. It appears to me that the designers of this remote spent little or no time using it with media center and the result is a device which does not get easier to use with practice. The largest and most easily located buttons should be the most frequently used controls on the remote. On this device the largest button allows you to move the mouse about the screen, and i have used it only a handful of times. The controls for skipping commercials which i use constantly, are tiny and hidden in a rectangular array of similar buttons ( i have to look at the remote to find them). Part of the difficulty with this remote is the poor design of media center which has a complicated and counter intutitive interface. There are operations which media center provides which i only discovered once i started using this remote. I would give the design and layout of this remote no more than 2 stars. I have given the remote an additional star because it manages, despite its many limitations to make media center easier to use. I would describe it as "an unexpectedly useful piece of junk". The designers should go back to school for retraining.

. Irene, Leicestershire says

This may be great for some applications, but i could not get it to work with my mythtv box very well. It worked, but some buttons would not do what they were supposed to no matter what. The play button was the main deal breaker. Could have been my pc though. Not sure. I eventually got a streamzap and it worked out great. I had a universal wr7 and programed it to work with the streamzap reciever and codes. Works great now. Streamzap is on the list of ir devices for mythtv and configures itself.

. Heidi, Hounslow

We love this remote. The problem is that after a few months the printing on the buttons comes off. This is our second of these remotes, and the printing starting disappearing on the second remote about 3-4 months after installing it. As a result, if my mother in law or anyone else comes over and has to control the remote, she has no idea what buttons do what.

. Mable, Colorado says

This remote worked without any configuration immediately on an openelec system. . I recently upgraded my htpc and wanted to upgrade my remote experience as well. Many people suggest using android or iphone apps or some wireless usb keyboard, and though i have done that and still use them occasionally, they are never as convenient as just picking up a remote and feeling for buttons without even needing to look at the remote. . And though this remote is cheap, that's where my problems start. Particularly, with the volume, the volume buttons themselves don't feel significantly different than any of the other buttons. If i just want to quickly turn the volume up or down, i have to look at the remote because the shape of the buttons isn't significant. You can tell from the picture what i meant, but i wouldn't have considered that before purchasing. . Also, i've gotten use to the quick response of using a wireless usb keyboard when pressing any of the keyboard's keys. With the remote, the pressure you need to apply to depress a button isn't as immediate. Also, and this could just be a configuration issue, out of the box certain functions don't work as expected when the buttons are held down. If i want to lower the volume, i have to repeatedly press the button, instead of just holding it. . At least for openelec, i haven't found any significant way to change the configuration. The mouse pad in the middle is useless, but i wish i could change it into a directional pad. . It is a light remote, but it feels weird in the hand. My hand naturally rests in the inner curve of the remote, which means that my thumb will most comfortably reach buttons above the mouse pad in the middle. If i want to turn down the volume, i have to slide the remote up in my hand which doesn't feel natural because of how it bulges beneath where my hand rests.

Y. Wayt, Colorado

Bought this remote as a cheap alternative for my htpc running windows media center 7. I also purchased it for the ir receiver so that i could use my harmony 700 to run my htpc. Two issues i have with the remote. A. No backlight - this is a real deal breaker. Probably should have researched the remote a bit more. Would recommend it if it had backlighting but in my living room the lights are dim/off most of the time and back lighting is a must. B. Will not wake the htpc from sleep mode, so i still have to use my wireless keyboard to wake the htpc. . Lastly the remote is in the harmony database. Use ortek vrc-1100 for the model number. The remote does the job for the price but if you use it in a dim room look elsewhere.

Z. Julie, Lewisham says

Not exactly what i expected. This equipment does not use the standard ir protocol utilized by microsoft windows vista/7/8 mediacenter. So with this ir receiver you can't successfully use other universal ir remotes. So, buyer beware - this is limited value equipment. When the supplied remote dies - then the ir usb dongle is dead also.

F. Edith, Rotherham

This unit is solidly built, very light in the hand, easy to hold. Some keys vary a bit in feed back when pushed, black numbers on grey keys are hard to make out in less than bright light. I did not test extensively but the keys and media controls appear to perform as advertised. I have not drop tested the unit, but overall it appears to be rugged and appears like it will survive substantial use. . I purchased this unit for use on a win 7 system. This remote will not turn this pc on or off. When on, it will put the pc into sleep mode and from the sleep mode will turn the pc to full on. Instructions were clear and install is automatic. . The mouse function works as advertised. The remote has no alpha letters, so you can only logon from sleep mode with a numbered password (including * and keys or no password. . This remote, with the limitations noted, met my needs but may or may not meet everyone's expectations.

X. Erin, Manchester says

It does work on windows 7 media center. Was able to program my harmony 650 remote to work with it. . Cons: the cord length is only 2 feet! other mcpc ir sensors have 8 to 15 feet long cables. Will have to buy a usb extension cable. The other issue is when the sensor receives a signal, a very bright red led flashes in side the sensor head. Very, very annoying. . I have ordered a new ir sensor "genuine dell j4462 rc6 receiver ovu104007/00" from red planet trading through online store. . Edit two weeks later: the dell receiver also has only a two foot cord but looks much better.

G. Kristen, Oregon

I purchased this remote so i could watch my exercise dvd's on my new windows 10 pc. I hoped that, as advertised, the remote would let me play, pause, fast forward, choose the dvd menu, etc without reaching for the mouse or having to stop my exercise. But this isn't happening. Those buttons on the remote are not working with the installed dvd player on my computer, so i am very disappointed. On the positive side, i can instantly go to a web page and put my computer in sleep mode. That's helpful. But the main purpose for my purchase was not achieved.

T. Ruff, Kent says

Works as intended. The sensor doesn't seem to be sensitive enough to catch bounced ir from the remote, so you will most likely need direct line-of-sight to the ir receiver. It blinks red when it detects input from remote, so it'll be in line-of-sight and annoyingly blinking a bright red light right at you. . I'm not annoyed enough to buy a new one, but they really should have thought about the red light design. I'll probably end up opening it up, removing the led, and soldering the connection.

K. Nees, New Mexico

I bought several of these remotes, for use with all of my home theater pcs, and they are good except for one problem which i quickly discovered. The info button seems to be simultaneously sending a mouse click command, which causes unexpected behavior in windows media center unless you remember to drag the mouse completely off the bottom of the screen at the start of your session. Let me explain. When you start windows media center, the mouse defaults to the very center of the screen but immediately becomes invisible. Now, say you are using the arrow buttons on the remote to scroll around in the program guide, and you come to a program that interests you, so you press the info button. Of course, you expect to get info on the program that is currently selected and highlighted, right? wrong! when you press the info button, the remote also sends a mouse click command which makes the hidden mouse cursor suddenly become visible again, causing wmc to jump focus to wherever the mouse cursor is located. So, you wind up getting info on a completely different program than what you wanted. The only workaround i have found is to always remember to drag the mouse completely off the bottom of the screen at the start of each wmc session.

. Cageen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

The vendor did good: the order was fulfilled by gigacity amn via online store prime and arrived quickly, with quality packaging. The package was easy to open and not bulky. . The product:. . My primary wmc need is to have easy "tv like" remote to watch live usa cable tv in wmc via a silicon dust homerun prime. This includes viewing recorded tv and using the wmc guide feature. I dont really use any other wmc features, but watch other videos on your tube and vlc. . Overall this is a good, but not great remote. It works as advertised, has good range, good angles, and very long battery life. All the buttons work in wmc as expected. I recommend it for use with windows media center if you are looking for a inexpensive remote and have good eyesight. . Some of the buttons are tiny and very hard to read (black ink over dark grey rubber for the numpad area), so if you don't have great vision you may want to try a backlit wmc remote instead. . The big advantage i saw in this remote over other "tv style" wmc remotes, is the large grey circle pad which is effectively a mouse type device ( in practice this works similar to a xbox joypad type device to move a cursor, and it is not a touchpad which maps a range of movement). This remote also has dedicated buttons for left mouse and right mouse. While this "mouse" functionality is cool, i eventually ended up using a real wireless mouse to compliment this remote. This is probably preference for me personally but is worth mention. . To make a 5 star wmc remote for me you would take this remote and make the following improvements (i would pay more $ and buy another if it included the below features):. . Offer a version with trackball instead of joypad. Same placement on remote. Keep the dedicated l/r mouse buttons. . All buttons on the remote should be backlit. . Live tv, recorded tv, and guide buttons- bigger buttons and clearer labels. Visually or texturally emphasize these buttons over other buttons so i can see them and feel them, instead of having to learn where they are from a zoomed photo. . Numpad button block- . Make buttons a lighter color so you can read them. Make all these buttons backlit. Separate the buttons further part like a phone pad, move the clear key and close key further away from the buttons to prevent fat-fingering. Today its too easy to mash unintended numbers or worse yet- "close" or "clear" buttons instead of the "0" or "7". Add texture to key 5 or similar so you can recognize it by feel. . Add 4-6 buttons with learning functionality so i can program the remote to turn on tv, change it's input and change it's volume.

I. Williams, Gloucestershire

I bought this to hopefully replace my wireless keyboard on my htpc (running xbmc 13. 1 on xbmcbuntu) as my primary method of moving around. After about a week of use, i am not sure i can do that. . The overall feel of the device is nice, although, the bubble design can make it difficult to have the remove slide up or down in your hand for easy upper and lower button access. With better button placement, this wouldn't bother me much at all. The buttons depress well and have a nice feel to them. . But the buttons themselves are actually one of my biggest complaints of the remote. They just aren't the buttons i am looking for in a media center remote, at least with how they are programmed by default with xbmc. At the top, it has buttons for several different modes, such as music, picture, video, and tv. Out of the box, again using xbmc, the music, picture, and video buttons brought you to the correct area in xbmc (video bringing you to the overall video library and not movies or tv shows, which i think is the correct way). The tv tries to start up the live tv/pvr functions in xbmc, which i'm not using. The next row down contains 4 additional buttons, all of which attempt to open up the live tv/pvr functions. Since i don't have the requisite hardware for live tv (a tv tuner), xbmc just provides an onscreen error that disappears after a few seconds every time i press one of the buttons. When i dig into the keymap for the remote so i can reprogram these buttons, it will be better, but the pictures on the buttons will make it difficult for someone else to pick up and use correctly without coaching. . There is also only buttons for back and "info" (as likely indicated by the "i" on the button). In xbmc, the "i" button accessed the right click function of the mouse directly where the mouse pointer was. This is a problem and took me a bit to figure out because the mouse pointer is normally hidden in media centers when the mouse isn't being moved. So i would click on the button and a menu would pop out if the hidden mouse pointer was over something that had a menu. There is nothing to access an onscreen menu, or to go "home" or the main screen. . This also includes the ability to move the mouse around and provide a left and right click. Personally, to me, media centers are designed to be used without a mouse for input, so for a media center remote, this is unnecessary. However, i can see that many users would like this, and i do see some benefit when i load chrome through an xbmc plugin from within the media center. However, this is not common, and i would need a keyboard anyway for input, so grabbing my actual mouse would be easier than using the directional pad. The left and right click buttons waste two buttons that could've been used for the navigation buttons. . To continue with the buttons, the channel and volume buttons are too low in my opinion. You tend to grab the remote with your index finger resting at its thinnest point (at least that's how i naturally grab the remote). The arrow keys are at the perfect spot for your thumb to access them. However, to get to the channel and volume buttons, you have to kinda toss the remote up a bit to get it to slide forward in your hand. While this is an easy enough maneuver and something people have had to do for years, to access various buttons in the remote, i feel that the channel and volume buttons should not require this. They should be easily accessible when you have the remote in your default/natural grip. . Finally, i am not able to press and hold the volume button and have the volume adjust up or down until i let go. I have to press it repeatedly to make the changes. This takes additional time since there are so many stops with the volume. This could be a configuration issue (at least i'm hoping it can be changed), but it would've been nice to work out of the box. . Likely, most of my complaints with the buttons will be able to be changed with some remapping of the keys, but this is an annoying solution. Plus since the buttons aren't labelled with how i will be remapping them (menu, subtitle, movie, tv, home), it will take a bit for me to remember them and even longer for others to learn how to use it naturally. It will likely be easier to keep the keyboard in my coffee table for easy navigation around the software.

E. Dorothy, California says

Don't waste you money on this item. Just purchase a wireless keyboard with a touch pad as its way easier to use. And a track ball is also a better choice than this item.

. Taylor, Vermont

Was afraid this item would ship from china and take 3 weeks but i bought it from gigacity and they are in silicon valley. First wmc remote so wasn't sure how things work. Basically it uses the ms keyboard/mouse drivers and the remote emulates keyboard's buttons. It comes with no drivers of its own and as soon i plug in the receiver into my usb port, win7 automatically loads its ms drivers and that's it. There is nothing to configure in wmc. All buttons work as the should except sleep, not a deal breaker since my htpc is configured for idle sleep anyway. Any button wakes up my htpc just like your usb keyboard or usb mouse. Since this particular remote/receiver combo is tuned for some nec code (i hear) unless you are unlucky enough to own a piece of nec equipment, your other remotes won't disturb this receiver and wrongly wakes up the pc. Would be nice if it allows me access to its mapping so i can find out what's wrong with the sleep button and such but perhaps this is too much to ask for a sub $20 item. Remote's buttons are basic, but if you are like me, intending to transfer the remote codes to a universal, really doesn't matter does it. Usb cable is only like 4' but the receiver sits flat, which is the main reason i chose this. . For folks still hell-bend on wanting their remote to completely turn off their machines. In 2014, is really totally unecessary. Go ahead, hook up any kind of power measuring gadget to your pc and you will find out, even when "completely off, " your box is sipping as much power as when the box is simply placed on sleep. Don't take my word for it, let the power meter tells you. One never completely turn off our cellphones or ipads, that's how it's done these days. Unless you are my auntie fiona, who even pulls out the power wart after she's done emailing, then never mind. :d. . The receiver blinks with this golf ball size led (exageration) and it's off-center. Ai-yai-yai.

M. Suzanne, Halton says

About 50% of the times the ir usb dongle freezes windows7 during startup. The red led of the dongle stays on and windows does not load and needs to be restarted. Even worse, the plug of the the pc needs to be disconnected and the caps of the power supply needs to be discharged. If the dongle is connected after logging in, the remote works fine. The dongle is low quality and probably faulty. Waste of time and money.

P. Teresa, Arizona

I am working through the process of "cord-cutting" and tried this remote for a windows media center pc. The remote worked out of the box on my win7 pc without a hitch. So the product works fine. . But, it is not a "friendly-remote". It is all "icons" and no words. No one could pick up this remote and figure it out without the manual. In order to replace my set-top box with a wmc pc, the remote must be just as easy for my wife and kids. This one is not. . For some reason they put four buttons in color at the top, none of which have anything to do with just turning on live tv. Instead the little icons are supposed to be interpreted as "my tv", music, pictures and videos. The small row of grey buttons below that include similarly ambiguous icons for "live tv", the guide and recorded tv. . The whole remote is full of icons that make little sense and it is missing an obvious "last channel" button. . The cable for the ir receiver is also fairly short. . If i can make the receiver work with my harmony, i will keep the device as a backup. But for my other tv's in the house, i will not be re-buying this remote. Looking for a different product to keep the wife happy. A friend recommended the rosewill remotes.

O. Allen, Sefton says

I bought this to use with a win7 pc running media browser. It's ok, but not ideal. I really should have bought a true windows compatible ir remote. (that uses "windows" ir codes). It's a pain to integrate to harmony remotes, and functionality with windows pc's via harmony, is sketchy. . The remote itself performs as expected - it just didn't work well with my harmony.

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