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Price was $59.99. This review is for the zmodo ding wifi doorbell package. It comes with a ding doorbell, a wifi extender, two window/door sensors and some kind of device to prevent feedback noise from the doorbell if needed. We did not need it, because we had no problems with feedback noise. It also comes with a 6 month free cloud storage! . . I like others had issues with setting up this video doorbell! i eventually went to the zmodo troubleshooting site and found my issue! . *if using a cellphone for setup, you have to first temporarily turn off your phone network in the settings under "mobile network". If you are using cellular data, the wifi extender will not work! * once i turned that off, i set it up in minutes! . . I also lost the connection once when having to reset my router for other reasons, but i called customer service for zmodo and was on hold about 5 minutes and the helped me through it, step by step. . It connects to your normal wired doorbell and when someone time the bell it sends a notification that "dings" on your cell phone through the app and you can answer or decline. You can also prerecord up to 5 messages for it to play like, "leave the package at the door" or "we are not available" etc. You can set up motion detection our schedule when to have notifications. There are home, away, wake up and sleep schedules and you are up if and when you want notifications for both the doorbell and motion sensors. . All in all, i think it's great for the price! there are times when it is delayed because it has been sleeping or it will send a notification when it senses a car or an animal. But it does what it says, it dings when the doorbell rings, rings on your phone to answer it and it sends screenshots when there is motion! . Hopefully the few little issues with the delays in the app will improve with time, but for the price and all it does i still rated it 5 stars! i love it!

-D. Guest

Smart greet – wi-fi video doorbell – 155 viewing angle – cloud service what’s included in the package? (1) zmodo greet wifi doorbell (1) quick guide -zmodo smart greet – wi-fi video doorbell – 155 viewing angle – cloud service available

  • Feature: A New Hd Wide-angle Lens Gives You A Clear View Of Your Entire Space. Slide Your Finger Over The Live View Screen To Pan The Video Feed Left Or Right. You Will Receive An Alert And A Recorded Video Clip Whenever Motion Is Detected.
  • Feature: Easy Setup – Use Existing Wiring For Quick Installation And Easily Connect The Greet To Your Wifi.

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I have been using last gen zomodo doorbell for a year and it has been working well with some limitations. After a week of trying the new one, i saw some improvements and like it so far. The new one has wider view and better image quality. The camera angle can't be changed unless you provide a base mount with a angle, but so far it causes no problem as it seems to be triggered with motion at center area only. However the view can't reach ground near the wall, so if a package is dropped on the ground near the doorbell, i can't see it. It captures every usps/ups/fedex driver who drops a package at my front door. It does miss once when i went out and passed by the doorbell quickly. I still have problem answering calls and talk back through my android phone, i think the problem only exists on android phones as my iphone and ipad works well. The speaker volume is still too low so people can't hear what you say clearly. The conclusion is the telecom function still needs improvement. It does not bother me as i almost never need to answer my doorbell anyway. That's the reason i don't use ring or nest, i just don't feel like paying monthly fee for a function i only need to use once or twice a year. I also installed the beam hub, it did not succeed until i saw the customer service answer to one reviews here. You just need to add device later if the automatic installation did not report success. I don't think i need the hub anyway. My wifi is strong enough and i found the doorbell can work as a hub for the door/window sensor. The package comes with two door/window sensors. They are problematic as there're seconds of delay for reporting open/close status. I'm fine with it as i use them as backup device. I have z-wave door/window sensors installed on smartthings, one of them had false alarm before, so a secondary sensor would really help. Another reason i chose zmodo devices is that the company keeps improving their products, they fixed many problems with the last gen product. I also use their cameras. They are not the best but inexpensive and very easy to use, i use them to cover where my 4k hikvision cameras can't cover. The Best smart greet wifi video doorbell ( Mar 2020 ) | Zmodo-Surveilance Systems Review Feature Zmodo Smart Greet - Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - 155° Viewing Angle - Cloud Service Available Answer the door wherever you are, see and speak to visitors directly from your smartphone or web using on-demand video, meaning that you can view live video of your front porch at any time, even if no one rings the bell.. A new hd wide-angle lens gives you a clear view of your entire space. slide your finger over the live view screen to pan the video feed left or right. you will receive an alert and a recorded video clip whenever motion is detected.. Easy setup - use existing wiring for quick installation and easily connect the greet to your wifi.. Zmodo cloud service: motion alert clips are saved in the cloud for 36 hours for free. all users are also eligible for a 30-day free trial of our 7 day cloud recording plan. paid cloud recording plans for storing 24/7 footage are available in 7 and 30 day plans. with the paid plan options, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.. This product includes a 60-day return policy, 3-year limited warranty, lifetime us-based tech support ( tel: 217-693-5706. working time: 8:00 - 20:00 cst, mon-fri ). .

Zmodo Smart Greet - Wi-fi Video Doorbell - 155 Viewing Angle - Cloud Service Available Review (af ksh001w)

As my first video doorbell this is quite satisfactory. I can now see when packages have been delivered while away from home and can also see who's at the door before answering it. The installation was involved as i had to get into the attic to cut the doorbell wire and splice it to a new wire to run to the video doorbell. At first the video doorbell would not only call my phone but would also cause the doorbell in the house to ring but some loud buzzing sound was coming from the doorbell chime so i had to wire in a piece the ding video doorbell came with to fix the buzzing. It did indeed stop it from buzzing but now it doesn't ring anymore either. That's disappointing as i don't always have my phone in the same room so i may not know when somebody rings it. I also don't always get calls on my phone when people ring it. It seems to work off and on. I'm thinking it might be having a hard time staying connected to my wifi. At some point i will try messing around with the location of the wifi booster/bridge it comes with. If i can get the calls on my phone to be consistent i'd be interested in some additional outdoor cameras for when i am out of town so i can check on the house on the go. I thought a system like this would be super expensive but zmodo's products are quite affordable. -V. Sarah

Zmodo Smart Greet Doorbell Available

  1. Class: Camera
  2. Brand: Zmodo
  3. EAN: 0889490013154
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Weight:1.72 pounds
  5. Manufacturer: Zmodo
  6. Model: 4331021191
  7. MPN: AF-KSH001W
  8. Quantity: 1
  9. Part/Serial Number: AF-KSH001W
  10. Type: Photography
  12. UPC: 889490013154

smart greet - wi-fi video doorbell - 155 viewing angle - cloud service Photography, What's included in the package? (1) zmodo greet wifi doorbell (1) quick guide Zmodo Smart Greet Doorbell Available (4331021191-Zmodo).

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  • The set up with the app was okay, once you read the instructions. The installment was the easiest part as it connects to my existing setup with no problems. The small screws at the bottom to secure the device in place requires delicate touch; just a few turns or else the housing can get undone. To remove my exist bell and connect this system was 20 minutes tops. This is the case because of the existing structure in place, otherwise for older homes or houses without the existing wiring can easily take hours; it all depends on what currently in place. Knowing that this device like other zmodo devices requires your wifi network to be visible and 2. 4ghz networks, i created a separate wi-fi netwirk just for devices like these and turn off my cell service, forget my pior network and connect only to the newly created network, i am using a wireless access point that allows me to setup multiple networks. Doing this saves me alot of frustration upfront. Once the connections were made and working as expected, i assigned it an static ip address based on the mac address so it will always have that address place on my network and place on my nvr also from zmodo. The camera is very clear and i like the fact that you get a 180 degree angle viewing covering the front of the house. However, i wish it was not so sensitive to everything from tree movement, the casting of shadow and ligh from the sun, and vehicles lights at night. Heat detection feature would be much more preferred. But for the prices, it is tolerable. I am not using the included extender as i notice it reduces the speed on my network and since my wifi access point is close to the doorbell; there is no need for reconnecting the extender. . I am concidering getting a second for my backdoor. However, i am waiting for the price to decrease again.
  • Ok. So. Those saying it took only 40 minutes have to be expert installers! between getting the tech to work to drilling holes to finally turning the power back in, it took me about two hours. I do gabe some home handywoman experience. Im not familiar with zmodo products. The box says ding and i read other comments that this was a holiday promotion. I looked for online at faqs on the website. No ding but the directions call it a greet. . Everything you need is in the box: a level, a screwdriver, anchors, screws, and sensors and of course the ding. The beam is also in the box. The beam almost defeated me right off the bat. I plugged it in. Followed the app directions. I plugged it in about 10 feet from the router. After a few bad words, i plugged the beam in right next to the router! success! . The beam was ready. I followed the directions provided. It took me a while to get the pilot holes drilled but that s a user issue. Got the ding installed and on. It s a beautiful thing. But next, i thought i was doomed. I could not get the beam to find the ding. I moved the beam to a plug right by the door. Went through the app, followed those directions and i kept getting a time out error. I took a time out and went to the store. I tried again. Time out. Beam was blue and so was ding- that meant they were both online but what the heck? ! . Not to be defeated, i downloaded the meshare app. Don t bother- it wasn t that. I went back to the zmodo app. I went to the plus. I went to add device but i did not chose automatic. I did it my way and went to wireless device device and you know who was there. Ding! so i went from there and now i m happy. I m putting off the sensors for right now because my brain is spent. . Night vision- not bad at all. I do have a streetlight and my outdoor garage lights are as bright as the sun. One pic has it with the garage lights and the other without. . The view- i ve only seen it at night but i can see my neon or directly across the street, the house to the left of him and two houses to the right of him. . The cloud. I did not receive an activation code for the free week but even without the cloud, it does what i want. . I m pleased with my purchase and i hope it has a long life. I am now considering adding more products from zmodo.
  • This takes a little time to set up and i'm usually pretty good at winging it. I have 10 to 12 megs of download spead and less then 1 meg upload speed dsl network. That seems to be sufficient for low demand household. I had to reinstall the camera doorbell in order to rais it up to head level, otherwise when people stand close to the door you can't see their face. I had to drill a new hole in my siding and then find the doorbell wire, took me about 3 hours to find the wire in the wall and to pull it into the new whole and reinstall the doorbell. The charge in the unit died while i had it disconnected, but it came bacck up and worked all by itself after being wired into the power for a short time. No further set up was required. I also cut a cedar wedge to go under the doorbell in order to tip it towards the door. It seems to sense people reliably and my videos of events seem to be pretty good. I do need to install the doorbell isolator at the house doorbell because it seems to mess up the talking and sometimes makes noises all by itself. That devise is included in your package, i will do that soon. It takes about 10 seconds or less for the live feed to come up on my iphone 6s but sometimes it takes two tries to get it to work. The live video will sometime freeze but the recorded video is ok. The second install of the outdoor bell caused me to break out the nut that has a fixed mounting inside the casing, therefore, it came completlly detached from the casing and now i will have to super glue it back in. Right now i have just forced it back in but without being solidly attached does not protect the unit from falling off the bracket. One screw is funtional, therefore, it is ok for now. I haven't installed the door sensors yet, therefore, will continue my evaluation later. So far i am ok with the system and plan to keep it, especially after all the work i did to get it up and running. I still need to learn a few things but i will get there eventually. I would like to get some more outdoor cameras but will probably look into wired versions or ones that hook directly to a compatible hard drive. This wifi stuff keeps taxing my system and will someday force me to upgrade the speed i have. Although i did see one of the other reviews that said even with fast wifi he had trouble. I have to think that person may have limitations to his system he doesn't know about. . 2/22/2017 update, i have worked with this system now for over a week, talked to a company tech support person and reinstalled the doorbell camera at almost a 90 degree angle from the door. I included pics below. This 80 to 85 degree angle to the door looks bad but seems to solve false alerts. Now you have to be right at the front door before it will activate. Even then it sometimes will not activate. I have not been able to capture one delivery person on video no matter how i mounted it at the front door. The talking sound from the phone to the door bell is excellent but the sound back is very diffucult to understand and it is delayed. Especially on an android device. My old android took 45 seconds for the sound to get from the doorbell to the old android phone. It was almost instantanious with my iphone 6s but the sound to the phone was garbled and hard to understand. This may be because i only have 1meg of upload speed. Although i have read similar complaints in other reviews. If you have a fast internet and lot of time to make adjustments you may really like this system but it is not for me in my circumstances. Tech support said that alerts come from anything the camera can also see. Therefore, there is no distance adjustment or ability to control alerts on the camera. The only adjustment you can make is to tip the camera towards a stationary wall where nothing moves except people who come near. Also, it does not appear they have upgraded their firmware or software to work smothly with ios 10. I have been told that they are working on the problems but so far it has not been done. I have had to reboot my phone at least once a day and for some reason late in the evening the app does not work for about 1 1/2 hours. I cannot even log in even though the android device partially works. This has happened to me twice. Also, was able to make the door sensors work except for one. The program gives you a readout on battery strength and one was almost dead right out of the box despite the protective plastic strip being pulled just a few days ago. The other said full charge but now in just a few days it is in the red too. The batteries are cheap to buy but not easy to change once the device is installed. There is a sticky 3m tack on the back and once you stick them on the door you have to pry the backing off with which is very difficult since the hole in the casing to pry on is stuck to the door. I have been in contact with afd tech llc - online store market place and they have been very hepful in trying to get my problems resolved. I hate to do this but i am going to return this item because of the fact it is worthless to me and the doorbell now looks terrible the way i have to install it to ellimate alerts. The pics below show the second and third way i installed the doorbell near the door. The last pic shows what the camera sees from the last install. I gained a lot of knowledge working with this system but i have come to the conclustion that i need to spend more money and get a good survalence system, 4 or more cameras that are wired and do not rely on the wifi and internet to record. . 3/3/2017 further update. After sending back the door bell system i ordered the funlux 720 indore day night, with microphone and speaker. Installed it up to the right of the door inn a protected area. I now get alerts and 4 pics of every event. I can get a live feed in around 3 seconds and it looks great. I also installed a wired intercom and it works great. I can pick up live video on the road, any wifi, etc. The only downfall is the speaker on the device seems to be worthless and cannot be effectively heard. It sound good on the phone end. This product uses the same app as zmodo and is probably made by zmodo. I got it for $30 on online store. I powered it by going through, in and down the wall with a 10 foot mini usb chord plugged into a surg protector usb plug expander. You cannot use the doorbell power on his camera.
  • Ok, so i don't typically believe in leaving one-star reviews. They are often posted in anger or out of frustration, and often in haste. However, i truly have found that a combination of multiple unsuccessful setups, less-than-helpful customer service, and unreliable service from the doorbell and wifi extender have elicited my one-star review. Let me begin: i am confident and comfortable with setup of electronics. I know what i'm dealing with here. In the box:. -beam: the wifi extender and "hub" which is supposed to link the doorbell and accessory alarms to the home wifi. -ding: the video doorbell you think you want. -power accessory: nobody's really sure what this actually is. Seems like it just prevents your doorbell from ringing. -door/window alarms (magnet-type alarms like you'd get at the dollar store, only they link to the beam and alert your phone). -instructions (poster format, not booklet). . I know how to follow directions. I followed the directions. It still doesn't work. . I followed all of the setup instructions, confirming that i was, in fact, operating by all zmodo's rules:. -you must be on a 2. 4 ghz wifi connection, not a 5 ghz. -you must have an already-existing mechanical doorbell (ding doesn't work with electronic). -your doorbell must be regulated by a 16 v transformer (i was later advised by a zmodo agent to change to a 24 v transformer). -your wifi ssid cannot have any spaces in it (so, i had to rename my wifi something without spaces). -you must have the patience of job. . I downloaded the zmodo app (which, by the way, is clunky at best) and started setting up the beam (extender) as per the instructions: plug in beam, open app, teach it your wifi creds, done. Everything seemed hunky-dory. I read the instructions further. I drilled the holes in my brick-front townhome and hung the ding (doorbell) as per the instructions. Hooked up the wires. Seemed fine. The beam wifi extender was one sheetrock wall and maybe 20 feet from my home wifi router, and my ding doorbell is maybe another 25 feet from that, on the other side of a brick facade. The front door (where my ding is) is near the edge of my home wifi's capabilities, due to walls and whatnot, so i placed the beam around the midpoint, in a hallway leading directly to the ding. (are you confused yet? ). . I tried ringing the doorbell- it rang once, and then nothing. Gave it a little while and it seemed to have straightened itself out. ? went to the indoor chime and there is an audible and obnoxious electrical buzzing sound, so i install the "doorbell accessory" that is included. A mystery object with two wires coming out of it. Instructions say to install if there is a problem with buzzing or whatever so i install. Now the doorbell doesn't work at all. No ding dong inside. Removed and threw it back in the box. Now i'm irritated because i'm not living with a constant buzzing/humming/rattling sound. Not in my house! . . I check the feed from my phone. I get signal, but it is on about a 15 second delay and it is an inconsistent feed. Jerky and out of sync. Not cool. Definitely not suitable for answering a door. I tried talking to myself through the app. Glitchy and jerky and useless. . Whatever. All seemed well enough and it was working, so i went out to dinner. At this point i had put in about 2 hours of work on this thing. After dinner, i wondered why i wasn't getting alerts of pedestrian traffic and decided to check in on the place, so i logged into the (clunky) app and found the ding was offline. Weird. . When i get home, the ding was flashing some color (maybe blue at this point? ) and the beam was flashing green. Ok but why? . . So i figured i'll just reboot the beam from the app. I tried that but it didn't do anything to solve the problem, so i hit the reset button and deleted the beam from my phone. Fresh restart, here i come. In doing that i decided to delete the ding as well, since it was secondary in the installation process originally. Big mistake. During the setup process you teach the doorbell your wifi ssid and password so that (presumably) it can link to your beam (which *should* be broadcasting as your home wifi now, as i understand- think of it as a silent assistant to your home wifi- same name and invisible). Well, i figured i'd just hit the reset button on the ding doorbell and start fresh. Nope. There isn't a reset button for the actual doorbell (don't look online and tell me there is because that one has one. This one does not. Note the differences). Matter of fact, when i contacted the online customer service about how to reset it, they asked me "why would you want to reset your doorbell? " cute. Whelpp, my doorbell decided to stay linked to my home wifi (not the beam, which is now not functioning) and i can't access it through the app because i deleted it so i'm lost as to what to do, but it is now showing solid blue saying it's still attached to something, i just can't access it. . Anyway, to circumvent this issue, i guessed i would just have to rename my wifi . Yet again (meaning i now have to re-sync all of my home's wireless devices again just to set up this damned doorbell. ). . Now i have to start over again with the beam. Fine. Did it. Now i can link up my ding because there isn't a network it has creds for so it's blinking green looking for a new network. Awesome. I'm back in business. . Nope. The beam then begins restarting and becoming unreliable. It begins flashing blue then solid green then flashing green then flashing blue and then no response to the app. The ding, however, seems to be connected not to the beam, but to my home wifi. It's still functioning, but again at a slower and glitchy, delayed, and useless speed. I reset the beam and started over. (in all seriousness- this is probably going into the 8th hour of actual, hands-on dealing with this hot mess of a system). . So here i sit, 11:00 pm and i have put an aluminum foil parabolic reflector behind my router and hoped for the best for now to achieve less-than-acceptable performance from the doorbell and i'm holding out hope that zmodo reaches out to me for either replacement, upgrade, or at the very least a return and assistance in repairing the bricks damaged by their truly awful product. . Regarding customer service: to add insult to injury, the online help was obviously outsourced and mediocre at best. There was a definite language barrier, and response time was minutes between and the person often misunderstood the question (despite my best attempts at clarity and simplicity). I did call customer support as well during business hours and spoke to one lady who advised me "it seems that this product doesn't fit your application and i would advise you to return it and find another product" (ha! ) so i asked her if zmodo would cover shipping back and the repair to the damaged bricks and she got sassy and we got disconnected. I called back and spoke to another rep who advised me to purchase a larger transformer and it should fix all my buzzing problems with the chime, but at the time that was my only concern. . Tl; dr buy something else instead. I spent 8+ hours on this piece and i'm over it. Customer service has yet to help.
  • I should have learned from past mistakes that cheaper isn't always better. Trying to save a few bucks i bought this mess instead of a ring (i have since fixed that mistake). Out of the box it was missing the security screws. After attempting to get it to work with a 50-year old mechanical chime, i upgraded to an electronic chime and a newer, more powerful transformer, figuring with all new stuff it would work flawlessly - wrong. The wi-fi features worked great and were simple to setup though. This thing would only "pop" the mechanical chime and did not not sound at all on the new electronic one. After measuring this, that & the other i discovered that the white "voltage adapter" (couldn't find any information on this device anywhere so i named it the "voltage adapter") we not passing any current through it. . Emailed zmodo support after noon on a friday so i didn't expect to hear back until monday. Monday rolls around and nothing around noon so i initiate a support chat only to be ignored after stating the issues. Ok, use the phone stupid. Wasted another 2-hours attempting to get someone on the phone to no avail. . After that i figured zmodo could care less about their customers so i became a non-customer and returned the unit to online store, whom is great on returns, and purchased a real ring unit. Waiting for it to arrive today but i am expecting a trouble free experience with it. . Stay away from zmodo if you have the slightest inkling you may ever need support or replacement parts as you will probably not get what you are wanting.

smart greet wifi video doorbell Zmodo Smart Greet - Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - 155° Viewing Angle - Cloud Service Available (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The setup was a little difficult to do, but that was my fault as we have 2 ssid's (2. 4 ghz and 5 ghz) and this only connects to the 2. 4. Anyway, has been working for the most part pretty well. We did have some slowing the last few days where the video's timed out, but as of today they are all working fine. Tried to get customer service on the line, but it was busy and the chat through the app doesn't work. They also state that they are there until 8pm cst, but i've called at 6pm and gotten they are closed (maybe i called the wrong number on their website? ). The only issue i still have is that i get a buzzing still from the doorbell and have the device installed. I will keep trying to reach their cs to see if they can resolve it. I do like the scrolling of the camera for live view too. Other than that, for the price is a good product.

Zmodo Smart Greet - Wi-fi Video Doorbell - 155 Viewing Angle - Cloud Service Available
Click to see NoticeZmodo Smart Greet Doorbell Available (af ksh001w)"We received the ding doorbell over 2 months ago. I waited to do this review, because i wanted get out of the "honeymoon" phase and truly see how the camera works. While there are a few quirks to the camera, overall for the price it is a great camera and meets are needs. We signed up for the 7 day continuous cloud recording, which i highly recommend. . I like that i can go back at anytime and view our feed or view the live feed, if need be. It doesn't send me a motion alert, but you can see the alerts in the app. It does ring to my phone when someone rings the doorbell, delivery guys love to ring the bell. I like that they do that as it lets us know instantly when something is delivered. This came in hand over the holidays. We have not had any issues with it detecting motion due to wind or a shadow. The motion detection seems to work nicely for us. . One of the quirks is the way in which it films. This could be due to our network, too. Sometimes a person will just appear at our door, instead of showing them walking up. Same thing when they leave, it is as if the person just vanishes. The camera does not do this all the time, so it may be our network. . Also, there is a bit of lag when answering the doorbell offsite. Sometimes when i am talking to someone at the door i can hear myself as an echo. It is strange the first few times. . Overall, as i previously stated, we are happy with the doorbell and it serves its purpose for us. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family."

(0) Question: Do gou have topay for a monitoring service?

(1) Question: Where does the zmodo wi-fi video doorbell gets the necssary power ? i understant that it gets activated by pressing buttom which is connected to chime

(2) Question: If i buy a second unit (we are 2 apartments), will work separately if wifi is the same?

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell WiFi Extender, Full HD 180 Degree Wide Angle Camera, Dual Band 5GHz/2.4GHz Capability

Overview: zmodo greet pro 1080p wifi video doorbell package gives your home a 24/7 full protection. With a 180 view angle, advanced motion detection and instant alert, you won't miss any visitor. With the zmodo app, you can view live footage remotely, anytime, and receive alerts with a short video clip whenever motion has been detected. Package includes: 1) zmodo greet pro 1080p video doorbell(support 2. 4ghz & 5ghz) 1) zmodo beam wifi extender(support 2. 4ghz) 1) tools for installation 1) quick setup guide 1) warning sticker

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell WiFi Extender, Full HD 180 Degree Wide Angle Camera, Dual Band 5GHz/2.4GHz CapabilityZmodo-Doorbell-Extender-Degree-Capability

Brand :    zmodo
Weight :    0.97 pounds
Model :    SD-H2105
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dual band wifi supported : greet pro supports both 2. 4ghz and 5ghz network, which reduces connection time and simplifies the setup process. connecting 5ghz network strenghthens greet's connection while also prevents signal interference.
  • Instant alert : receive an instant alert when someone pressed your doorbell or triggered the motion detection. see, hear and speak to your visitors from your smartphone or tablets, or choose to play a pre-recorded voice message if you are unavailable.
  • 180 field of view & 1080p full hd : full hd live stream of everything at your doorstep in 180 fish-eye perspective, and with the night-vision sensitivity settings, you will always obtain the perfect picture at night for up to 16ft away.
  • Free cloud plan : motion clips are saved in zmodo cloud for 36 hours for free. paid cloud plans are available in 7 or 30 days. the product also includes 60-day refund, 3-year limited warranty and lifetime us-based tech support.
  • Complete coverage : the greet pro package comes with a zmodo beam wi-fi extender that strengthens network signal and acts as a indoor chime. if you have zmodo door/window sensors (pro version) installed in your house, beam will alert you when the sensors are triggered, making the greet pro package a security solution for not only your front door, the entire house is under protection.
Price :    $199.99 (was $219.99)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell WiFi Extender, Full HD 180 Degree Wide Angle Camera, Dual Band 5GHz/2.4GHz Capability available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 4 pack Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras Night Vision

An affordable security solution for your home and business. This wireless home security camera kit can meet all your needs to check on your home, kids, pets or business anywhere anytime. It is very easy to setup via zink. You can remote access using smartphone, ipad or pc.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 4 pack Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras Night VisionZmodo-Wireless-Security-Outdoor-Cameras

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    White
Size :    9 x 9 x 4 inches
Weight :    3.60 pounds
Model :    4331911047
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 4 pack Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras Night Vision available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $90.00 (was $99.99)
  • Easy and quick setup - zink. power on the camera and download zmodo app from google store or apple store, one click to complete the network configuration without additional setup. connectivity: ip/network-2. 4ghz wireless (incompatible with 5ghz). 3-year limited warranty, including 60-day of return for refund warranty. lifetime us-based tech support.
  • Zmodo cloud service - all users are eligible for a 1-month free cloud of our 7 day cloud recording plan. cloud service requires no subscription and no credit card credentials. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • Ip65 weatherproof - this weatherproof camera can be placed both indoors and outdoors, with a supported temperature range from -10 to 50 . protect every inch of your home through every season.
  • Always stay connected - seamlessly stream video remotely via the mobile zmodo app for ios and android or via internet browser on user. zmodo anywhere anytime. receive intelligent motion alerts on your mobile phone when motions detected. playback motion videos to check for the missed moments. improved motion detection enables you to set a motion detection zone on the area you care about .
  • Ir night vision - equipped with infrared lights and ir cut, the camera can automatically switch to black and white night vision view when in the dark to ensure you a crystal view. the night vision sensitivity is adjustable. you can share the device to your family and your friends on the app to enjoy the happy moments in your house.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 2 pack Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras Night Vision

Zmodo wireless security camera system ( 2 pack ) smart hd outdoor wifi ip cameras with night vision

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 2 pack Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras Night VisionZmodo-Wireless-Security-Outdoor-Cameras

Price :    $59.99
  • Always stay connected with timely alerts: never miss a moment, seamlessly stream video with the mobile zmodo app or using your internet browser at user. zmodo. receive intelligent smartphone alerts when motion is detected.
  • Vivid 720p hd, stunning night vision: you can see crystal clear and detailed images with this high resolution security camera system. see what's happening in the dark with 24 automatic infrared lights. up to 65ft(20m) night vision.
  • Ip65 weatherproof: this weatherproof camera can be placed both indoors and outdoors, with a supported temperature range from -10 to 50 . protect every inch of your home through every season.
  • Quick setup in minutes: just plug in the wifi wireless security camera, download free zmodo app, add the device in just minutes. please contact us via message for any questions. you'll get 60-day money back guarantee, 3-year limited warranty, lifetime us-based tech support.
  • Zmodo cloud service - all users are eligible for a 1-month free cloud of our 7 day cloud recording plan. cloud service requires no subscription and no credit card credentials. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
Brand :    zmodo
Color :    White
Size :    9.5 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight :    1.85 pounds
Model :    ZM-W0003-2-N1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System 2 pack Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras Night Vision available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo ZM-KSH004W Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Beam Smart Home Hub Wi-Fi Extender - Cloud Service Available

Zmodo greet wi-fi video doorbell with beam smart home hub and wi-fi extender - cloud service available

Zmodo ZM-KSH004W Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Beam Smart Home Hub Wi-Fi Extender - Cloud Service AvailableZmodo-ZM-KSH004W-Greet-Doorbell-Extender

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    Zmodo Greet w/ Beam
Model :    ZM-KSH004W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (zmodo product review) for Zmodo ZM-KSH004W Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Beam Smart Home Hub Wi-Fi Extender - Cloud Service Available available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $79.99
  • Easy setup - use existing wiring and connect to wifi using the free zmodo app. use beam to easily set up greet. with beam connect, setup is as simple as telling the app how many devices are powered on and ready to pair. " if you have any embedded spaces in your home network you must rename network name and password with out any spaces.
  • Zmodo cloud service - motion alert clips are saved in the cloud for 36 hours for free. all users are also eligible for a 30-day free trial of our 7 day cloud recording plan. paid cloud recording plans for storing 24/7 footage are available in 7 and 30 day plans. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • This product includes a 60-day return policy, 3-year limited warranty, lifetime us-based tech support ( tel: 217-693-5706. working time: 8:00 - 20:00 cst, mon-fri )
  • Answer the door wherever you are - see and speak to visitors directly from your smartphone. personalized voice message - a recorded message will play when you can't answer the door.
  • Smart motion detection - receive an alert and a recorded video clip whenever motion is detected. have access to 720p hd live video at any time from your smartphone or the web. ir night vision-equipped with infrared lights and ir cut, the camera can automatically switch to black and white night vision view when in the dark to ensure you a crystal view.

Zmodo Pan Tilt Smart HD Wireless Two-Way Audio Camera Night Vision

Overview this pan tilt wireless home security camera can meet all your needs to check on your home, kids, pets or business anywhere anytime. It is very easy tp setup via smartlink. Two-way audio makes kids, pets and you always be together! features * easy smartlink wireless setup new smartlink wireless setup technology allows you to setup your camera easily in seconds. There's no configuration necessary, just run the setup and the camera will communicte with the phone automatically. * pan & tilt functionality remote pan & tilt control lets you watch your entire home and keep track of your loved ones wherever they go. With sharp, responsive pan & tilt movement and 4x digital zoom, you can quickly scan a wide area and zoom in to see more details. * two-way audio hear what's going on in your home and talk directly with your family and pets. * support microsd card up to 64gb you can record up to a weeks worth of video at no extra cost (microsd card not included). * tips to setup camera this camera is designed to work with the meshare app. Download the free app from the apple app store or the google play store. Do not use zsight with this camera. Make sure you connect to a 2. 4ghz wireless network. This camera is not compatible with a 5ghz network. If your router has both bands available, make sure each network has a unique name so you can easily tell which network you are connected to. For prompt replies to your questions, contact afd online store customer support! camera spec *image sensor: 720p color cmos *rotation view:horizonal:350 ã vertical: up 65 ã down 20 ã *lens: 2. 8 mm *night vision: up to 30ft package includes * (1) 720p indoor ip pan tilt network camera * (1) quick user guide * (1) power adapter

Zmodo Pan Tilt Smart HD Wireless Two-Way Audio Camera Night VisionZmodo-Wireless-Two-Way-Camera-Vision

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    Silver
  • 720p hd image quality with ir-cut-you can see more clear and detailed image with this high resolution camera day and night. support microsd card(not included) up to 64gb, so you can record and playback video within lan.
  • Zmodo cloud service - motion alert clips are saved in the cloud for 36 hours for free. all users are also eligible for a 30-day free trial of our 7 day cloud recording plan. paid cloud recording plans for storing 24/7 footage are available in 7 and 30 day plans. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • Easy setup- zink in seconds! power the camera, then input the wifi password and it configures to complete the network connection. 3 year manufacturer warranty, including 60-day return for refund warranty. lifetime us-based support.
  • Remote view anywhere anytime-free zmodo app allows you to remote view , 350 pan and 85 tilt the camera. two way audio directly to the ones you care. you can also view from pc.
  • Push smart alerts to smartphone when motion detected-you can schedule notification by motion and specific time.
Price :    $39.99
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Camera Other Accessories (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Pan Tilt Smart HD Wireless Two-Way Audio Camera Night Vision available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera 4 Pack Night Vision

Zmodo wireless two-way audio hd home security camera (4 pack) with night vision

Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera 4 Pack Night VisionZmodo-Wireless-Two-Way-Security-Camera

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    Black
Size :    14 x 10 x 2 inches
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Zmodo cloud service : all users are eligible for a 1-month free cloud of our 7 day cloud recording plan. cloud service requires no subscription and no credit card credentials. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • Two-way audio : the camera has a built-in mic so that you can talk and listen through the zmodo app anywhere and anytime, making it feel like you never left home.
  • Motion alerts : this wifi camera will send push notification alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected so you will know what's happening immediately. you can also playback motion alert video clips to check for missed moments.
  • Full 720p hd : you can see crystal clear footage of your home with this high-resolution mini wifi camera. always stay connected to your home by remote monitoring through the mobile zmodo app for ios and android or via internet browser on user. zmodo.
  • Wide viewing angle : with a 115 field of view, you can use one camera to capture an entire room without ever having to pan or tilt. the ir night vision can also help you see what's happening in low light conditions with black and white automatic infrared lights.
Price :    $90.44 (was $99.99)
Model :    ZM-SH75D001-WA-Q4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera 4 Pack Night Vision available ( Mar 2020 )

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, Works Alexa

Very cool little gadget. I was very impressed with he angle of the camera, very wide. I was worried that using my old doorbell location would only allow me to see people when they're at the door, and my view of them might be limited. But it field of vision is so wide i can see all the way down my path to the street with the camera located perpendicular to my door. I've had no false alerts from the motion sensor and it's actually a fun way for my kids to run out and ask me a question when i'm at work without them having to facetime me! i shall be buying the stick on camera for above my garage and possibly the flood light camera too for the back yard.

At ring, our mission is simple: to reduce crime in neighborhoods. And by putting the power of home security in your hands, we re making that mission a reality. Ring keeps your home secure and your family safe by protecting you against intruders, burglars, package thieves and any other unwanted guests. Ring makes sure you never miss a visitor. Because with ring, you re always home. Ring video doorbell lets you answer the door from anywhere. Whether you re halfway across the world, or just too busy to walk to the door, ring lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or pc. Ring sends you instant alerts when anyone presses your doorbell button or triggers the built-in motion sensors. From the free ring app, you can see your visitors in brilliant hd video, and hear and speak to them with crisp two-way audio. You also get a free trial to cloud video recording, which lets you review, save and share videos captured by ring. Ring video doorbell comes in four color options, so you can pick a finish that fits your home and your style. It's weatherproof construction and infrared night vision means you can monitor your home around the clock day or night, rain or shine. Compatible with ios and android mobile devices, and mac and windows pcs. Live video on demand available for hardwired ring video doorbells. Comes with a free 30-day trial of cloud video recording. Requires wi-fi connection

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, Works AlexaRing-Wi-Fi-Enabled-Doorbell-Nickel

Ring Wi-fi Enabled Video Doorbell In Satin Nickel (88rg000fc300) FAQ.

I love my ring video doorbell. I can't speak for how easy is was to install, because i had my handyman do it, but the software part of it was a breeze. Already, i've expected packages when i was not at home, but i was able to talk to the fedex guy from a distance and arrange when he could deliver my package at a time that i'd be home. If i didn't have my ring videobell, my package would have gone back to the fedex center, and i'd have to jump through hoops to pick it up. Same with my ups guy - i spoke to him while i was out to dinner with my sister and asked him to leave the package at the back door. I like that i can see who is standing on my doorstep without having to open the door or look out the window. Prior to getting my ring videobell, i have had issues with packages being stolen from off my top step, so the ring videobell recording whoever approaches my door is a great benefit. The video recording is part of a service that they charge for. The first thirty days are free, and then it's $30 a year after that. Well worth it, in my opinion. . Okay, so the only reason i gave it four stars instead of five is that sometimes there's a lag between the movement in front of the house and the recording. Not a large lag, but large enough to notice. Also, the instructions are not really clear about charging the battery. You need to take the bell off the brace (easy to do) every few months and charge the unit. Not a problem, but the instructions should be clearer on that. . Otherwise i really love my video doorbell. -Notice from K. Anonymous, Doncaster

Click to Show ring wi-fi enabled video doorbell in satin nickel (88rg000fc300) Details

I love most everything about the ring except the distance in the range. I need a zone 3 as a bus stops in front of my home and my ring chimes constantly. Other than this small annoyance, i'm so satisfied. I will be ordering another one for my backdoor.

Ring-wi-fi-enabled-video-doorbell-in-satin-nickel-(88rg000fc300) set picture

- S. WilsonUpdate 6/6/2017. Someone pried the button off my doorbell and i had to interact with ring customer service for the first time. I'm upgrading them back to 5 stars because i was so impressed with my interaction (unlike skybell). I went on chat to see about buying a replacement button. Zach told me they didn't offer replacement buttons, but would be happy to replace the whole unit for me. A few minutes later, i had an order confirmation and a new unit on the way. I'm impressed by how easy it was to contact them, and how responsive they were. On top of that, i'm pretty sure a break-in to my neighbour's house was averted when a suspicious person came to look through her windows last night and she confront him through her ring. . Update 6/1/2016. Finally got live view on my own ring now. Other members of my household got it a few weeks earlier than i did so they don't seem to roll it out by household but rather by individual account. . Update 3/31/206. Although my ring has the latest firmware update (1. 6. 76), i still don't seem to have live view on my app. According to the ring support site this feature is being steadily rolled out and users will receive an email when their device has been enabled. My neighbour's ring has already been activated so i added a screenshot of what your ring should look like with live view as an option. Note : according to the support page on live view, you will only have this feature on the regular ring if you are connected to doorbell wiring for power. . Update 3/23/2016. You might want to wait to get the new ring pro depending on your needs. They just announced that they are accepting preorders for availability within the next couple of months (not available to preorder on online store yet. ) the new pro version requires wired doorbell power while this current version allows battery. The pro version is 1080p instead of 720p and supposedly has better options around motion detection and night vision. I'm curious to see if the pro version will resolve some of the issues i've seen (and some of the criticisms other reviewers have) of the delay between a motion alert or doorbell ring and getting the alert on your phone. . In my previous update 3/19/2016 i erroneously stated that only ring pro will have live view. As joe pointed out in the comments, live view should be available as a firmware update for existing ring devices. My device did not yet update so i cannot test this feature, but once mine does i will check it out and update this review again! . . -. I bought the skybell first because i hadn t heard of ring. Due to a manufacturing issue where i started seeing the video feed of someone else s front door instead of mine, i got a ring instead. I'm actually glad it happened because i prefer the ring so much more to skybell, despite some of the limitations. . Having had a chance to install both on my door, here are my impressions:. . *installation*. Skybell comes with the bell, a mounting plate, and some instructions. Screws were standard and installation was relatively straightforward. Getting the doorbell to connect to our network was a pain. It wasn t able to connect via a 5g network plus it didn t have strong enough signal strength so we had to get a second router for and set up a whole separate network for skybell. . Ring s package impressed the heck out of me. You get a little tool pouch with all the tools you need to set up the ring, including a screw driver, drill bit, self level and more. If you are screwing into stucco (as i was), i don t recommend you use the included drill bit. The hole it drilled was a little large and i had to silicone caulk the hole afterwards to give the screws enough grip. Ring connected to our network pretty seamlessly and didn t need to have a separate network nor require the 2nd router. . *size*. Ring is much larger than skybell. I wish it was thinner but i understand there s a lot to cram in. The ring does stick out quite a bit visually on my wall, but worth it for what i get. See attached photo to see the size difference. . Skybell: 2. 15cm / 0. 8in thick, 7. 1cm / 2. 8in diameter. Ring : 0. 87in thick, 4. 98 tall by x 2. 43 inches wide. . *battery / power to the device*. Skybell is fairly low powered, so there is no battery attached to it. It runs off the power from your doorbell so it cannot be mounted anywhere you do not have direct power. . Ring is battery powered. I charged it to about 60% via a usb cord first before i plugged it into the wall. You can get some trickle power from the doorbell, but depending on the weather and use, you may find you drain the battery faster than it charges. An hour after the bell has been plugged and with one test video call in i was at 57% battery. Three days later it charged to 77%. This might get annoying, but it does mean ring can be mounted anywhere, not just where you have direct power. . *mobile app*. Skybell only lets you have one user at a time. If you want more than one person to have access to the video stream you have to share accounts. I do like that you can see your doorbell on demand. I like being able to check in on my door. I understand that ring is working on this but it s not yet available. . Ring lets you have multiple users. The first installed user just has to send email invites to the other users. Ring shows you recent activity, but you need to pay a $3 a month subscription to see your videos on cloud. I wish that wasn t the case but $3 isn t that bad. I imagine i will upgrade for the cloud storage long term. . In terms of use of app, the ring interface was relatively straightforward to use and understand. I like being able to set the active zones for tracking motion so that you don't get too many false alarms. . *video on demand*. Skybell : yes, but i saw another person's front door too. Ring : not yet, coming soon. . *motion detection:*. Skybell : yes. Ring: yes. . *video quality*. I couldn t find the specs on the skybell. Ring seemed to have slightly higher video quality in the day and slightly higher audio quality but this may be subjective. . Please note : if you are expecting the quality that you get on your web cam or facetime on an iphone the quality will not be comparable. This is still early technology so the voice quality and video quality will be a bit crude. I suspect the design team had to make some trade-offs between video quality and ability to power the unit via battery / trickle charge from the doorbell electrical wire. That said, i am able to identify the voices and recognize people in the camera so that for me is sufficient though of course i hope that future generations will continue to improve in this respect. Ring's cloud recording page gives you a pretty accurate idea of what your videos would look like. . *lag / delay between door bell ring and phone notification*. Seems to be about the same on both. There is a bit of a delay, but for me that s acceptable compared to the alternative of just missing the door altogether. . *customer service*. Haven't had to interact with ring's customer service, but skybell's was so horrid i'm still upset about the interaction. Skybell wanted me to ship my defective skybell to them at my expense when it was broadcasting someone else's video stream instead of mine right from the start. I get that it's expensive for them, but it's not a way to win a customer. . Update : i actually did have to interact with ring customer service and they impressed me greatly. My doorbell button was probably tampered with and they issued an exchange, no questions asked within minutes of contact. . Overall, between skybell and ring, ring wins for me hands down.

Installation was a breeze, setup was straightforward and the product works as advertised. It's a really cool feature to have around the house, i had a real live test an hour after install that made my wife feel very safe to have the ring. I just pulled up at a home depot parking lot to get some pool chemicals and got a notice on my phone that someone was at the front door. It was a door to door salesperson that my wife was trying to get rid of. I pressed the mic on button and spoke over the two way intercom that's built in to the ring and i told the guy "thank you but we're not interested". Surprised them both, he took off and my wife burst out laughing! she felt safe knowing that i was able to keep an eye on her and the front door across the world on travel or just across town at the store! i had a challenge with motion sensitivity setting because of my entry orientation and trash trucks driving by, etc. But after some tweaking it now works great. Had a call with a support person and they were very professional, offered to do whatever it took to fix my problems and followed up to make sure all was well. I'm a fan, will buy more of these and look forward to future products and innovations from ring.

. Guest, West Virginia

Brand :    ring
Color :    Satin Nickel
Size :    all
Weight :    0.57 pounds
Model :    88RG000FC300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (Home Improvement product review) for Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, Works Alexa available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $79.99 (was $94.01)
  • Watch over your home in crystal-clear hd video
  • Live view enabled: check-in on your property at any time with video on demand
  • Get instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors
  • See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your smartphone, tablet or pc
  • Works with alexa for voice control (alexa device sold separately).

Zmodo 1080p Full HD Outdoor Weatherproof WiFi Wireless Security Camera System - 2 Pack - Cloud Service Available

Overview zmodo outdoor camera 2 pack is designed to protect your home and business 24/7 with 1080p full hd image quality. With free zmodo app, you can save motion alert clips in the cloud for 36 hours for free. All users are also eligible for a 30-day free trial of 7 day cloud recording plan. Package includes 2) zmodo 1080p outdoor cam 2) power adapter (6ft) 1) quick setup guide

Zmodo 1080p Full HD Outdoor Weatherproof WiFi Wireless Security Camera System - 2 Pack - Cloud Service AvailableZmodo-Outdoor-Weatherproof-Wireless-Security

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    Black
Size :    5.9 x 4.4 x 3.4
Weight :    0.30 pounds
  • Receive alerts on your phone - receive an alert and a short video clip whenever motion is detected. easily toggle alert schedules to determine when you want to receive alerts, customize motion detection zones, and more.
  • Zmodo cloud service - motion alert clips are saved in the cloud for 36 hours for free. all users are also eligible for a 30-day free trial of our 7 day cloud recording plan. paid cloud recording plans for storing 24/7 footage are available in 7 and 30 day plans. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • Ip65 weatherproof - this weatherproof camera can be placed both indoors and outdoors, with a supported temperature range from -10 to 50 . protect every inch of your home through every season.
  • 1080p full hd non-stop monitoring - get a crystal clear full-hd picture of your home, from anywhere at any time, and see up to 65ft away in the dark. night-vision settings allow you to turn on, off, or adjust the sensitivity of your night-vision so that you can obtain the perfect picture of your home, day or night.
  • Additional free services - this product also includes a 60-day return policy, 3-year zmodo warranty, lifetime us-based tech support by phone, or 24/7 live chat with a real zmodo representative. ( tel: 217-693-5706. working time: 8:00 - 20:00 cst, mon-fri )
Price :    $74.37 (was $84.99)
Model :    SD-H2921-B-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo 1080p Full HD Outdoor Weatherproof WiFi Wireless Security Camera System - 2 Pack - Cloud Service Available available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo Wireless 1080p PT Smart HD WiFi IP Two-Way Audio Camera Night Vision

Zmodo 1080p hd pan/tilt/zoom 360 complete coverage smart home system with zmodo cloud service

Zmodo Wireless 1080p PT Smart HD WiFi IP Two-Way Audio Camera Night VisionZmodo-Wireless-Two-Way-Camera-Vision

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    white
Size :    6.5 x 6.4 x 2.9 inches
Weight :    1.27 pounds
  • 1080p wide-angle hd - with 140 wide-angle view and 350 pan and 70 tilt, the zmodo pt camera covers every corner of your space. adjustable night-vision technology provides a crystal clear picture from up to 30ft away, day or night.
  • Zmodo cloud service : all users are eligible for a 1-month free cloud of our 7 day cloud recording plan. cloud service requires no subscription and no credit card credentials. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • Enhanced two-way audio - simultaneous two-way audio allows you to talk to and hear your family and loved ones, no matter where you are. the built-in anti-noise microphone and loud speaker are optimized to ensure for easy listening and conversation.
  • Simple setup & 3-year limited warranty - set up your monitoring quickly and easily using the free zmodo app for ios and android. requires an ios or android smartphone and a password-protected 2. 4ghz wifi connection with wpa/wpa2 encryption (5. 0ghz networks are not currently supported. includes a full 3-year limited warranty and lifetime us-based tech support. you can also talk to zmodo live chat technical support from the zmodo app.
  • Mobile alerts - receive an alert and a short video clip whenever motion is detected. easily toggle alert schedules to determine when you want to receive alerts.
Price :    $49.99 (was $129.99)
Model :    SD-H2001-A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Wireless 1080p PT Smart HD WiFi IP Two-Way Audio Camera Night Vision available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo Greet - Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

720p hd wireless smart doorbell

Zmodo Greet - Smart WiFi Video DoorbellZmodo-Greet-Smart-Video-Doorbell

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    NA
Size :    NA
Weight :    0.31 pounds
  • On demand access - access live video at any time from your smartphone or the web
  • Smart motion detection - receive an alert and a recorded video clip whenever motion is detected
  • Easy setup - use existing wiring for quick installation and connect to wifi using the free app
  • Personalized voice message - a recorded message will play when you can't answer the door
  • Answer the door wherever you are - see and speak to visitors directly from your smartphone
Price :    $69.99
Model :    ZH-CJAED
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Greet - Smart WiFi Video Doorbell available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera 2 Pack Night Vision

Zmodo wireless two-way audio security camera & 6-month cloud storage - all inclusive bundle - smart hd wifi ip cameras with night vision

Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera 2 Pack Night VisionZmodo-Wireless-Two-Way-Security-Camera

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    Black
Size :    7 x 2.1 x 4.5 inches
Weight :    0.95 pounds
Model :    ZM-SH75D001-WA-Q2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera 2 Pack Night Vision available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $44.98
  • Easy and quick setup - turn on the camera and complete the network configuration in just minutes. connectivity:ip/network-2. 4ghz wireless (incompatible with 5ghz). with a 115 field of view, you can use one camera to capture an entire room without ever having to pan or tilt. 3 year manufacturer warranty, including 60-day return for refund warranty. lifetime us-based support.
  • Zmodo cloud service : all users are eligible for a 1-month free cloud of our 7 day cloud recording plan. cloud service requires no subscription and no credit card credentials. with the plan, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • Full 720p hd video - you can see crystal clear footage of your home with this high-resolution mini wifi camera. always stay connected to your home by remote monitoring through the mobile zmodo app for ios and android or via internet browser on user. zmodo.
  • Two-way audio - the camera has a built-in mic so that you can talk and listen through the zmodo app anywhere and anytime, making it feel like you never left home. ir night vision- see what's happening in low light conditions with black and white automatic infrared lights. the night vision is adjustable so that you can also see color image in low-light situation.
  • Receive motion alerts - this wifi camera will send push notification alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected so you will know what's happening immediately. you can also playback motion alert video clips to check for missed moments.

Zmodo 720p HD WiFi Wireless Home Security Camera System Two-Way Audio Night Vision Motion Alerts 115 Degree Viewing Angle 3- Pack

Zmodo mini wifi camerakeep track of the people and places you care about most in brilliant hd. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, a click or two is all you'll ever need to check in. Stay connected by receiving alerts when motion detected and talk directly to your love ones. Key features*set up in minutes with zinknew zink wireless setup technology allows you to set up your cameras easily in seconds. No configuration needed, just run the setup and the cameras will communicate with the phone automatically. *smart motion alertsreceive notification when unexpected motion is detected. You can schedule alerts by specific time and date. *see clearly in the darkthe automatic infrared lights allow you to see crystal clear up to 30ft at night. *easy to expandyou can easily customize and add extra cameras in your system, to make a whole solution for your home and business. Camera spec*image sensor: 720p color sensor*lens: 2. 1mm*angle of view (diagonal) : 115 degree*night vision: up to 30ft*connectivity: ip/network - 2. 4ghz wireless (incompatible with 5ghz)package includes*(3) 720p wireless camera *(3) power supply for camera *(1) quick guide

Zmodo 720p HD WiFi Wireless Home Security Camera System Two-Way Audio Night Vision Motion Alerts 115 Degree Viewing Angle 3- PackZmodo-Wireless-Security-Two-Way-Viewing

Brand :    zmodo
Weight :    1.28 pounds
Model :    ZM-SH75D001-WA-Q3
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • With a 115 field of view, you can use one camera to capture an entire room without ever having to pan or tilt. ir night vision-see what's happening in the dark with automatic infrared lights.
  • Always stay connected -seamlessly stream video and two way audio directly via the mobile zmodo app for ios and android or via internet browser on user. zmodo. receive intelligent motion alerts when motion detected.
  • 3-year limited warranty-us warranty and lifetime support. no monthly fees or service contract required.
  • Easy and quick setup. turn on the camera and complete the network configuration in just minutes. connectivity:ip/network-2. 4ghz wireless(incompatible with 5ghz).
  • Full 720p hd image quality-you can see crystal clear and detailed images with this high resolution camera.
Price :    $69.99 (was $150.99)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo 720p HD WiFi Wireless Home Security Camera System Two-Way Audio Night Vision Motion Alerts 115 Degree Viewing Angle 3- Pack available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo Pivot Door/Window Sensors 2 Pack

The zmodo door/window sensors work with the zmodo pivot to protect your home and peace of mind. After setting up your pivot, you can add the sensors in the zmodo app and create preset directions for where your pivot will turn when each sensor is triggered. The sensors connect wirelessly to the pivot to send you alerts on your smartphone when one is opened or closed. You can also schedule alert notifications in the app. The sensors are easy to mount with their adhesive backing and have a battery life of up to 1 year when triggered 10 times per day (batteries can be replaced easily by customer as needed). Please note that these door/window sensors require a zmodo pivot to work and are not compatible with other smart hubs.

Zmodo Pivot Door/Window Sensors 2 PackZmodo-Pivot-Door-Window-Sensors

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    White
Size :    na
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    ZH-CJCFT-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Receive detailed alerts directly on your smartphone whenever your door or window is opened
  • Pivot supports up to 32 sensors so that you can cover doors and windows throughout your home
  • Whenever a door or window is opened, pivot can rotate to a preset direction to capture what happened
  • Sensors are easily bound to pivot through the zmodo app and are mounted using their adhesive backing
  • Cover more of your home by connecting these door/window sensors to your zmodo pivot (required)
Price :    $23.00 (was $24.00)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo Pivot Door/Window Sensors 2 Pack available ( Mar 2020 )

Zmodo 1080p HD NVR WiFi System 4 HD Outdoor 4 HD Indoor 1.0 Megapixel Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera 500GB Hard Drive, Intelligent Recording, Smart Motion Detection, Web Access

Zmodo - 1080p hdmi nvr - wireless 4x 720p outdoor cameras 4x 720p indoor security cameras system 500gb hdd

Zmodo 1080p HD NVR WiFi System 4 HD Outdoor 4 HD Indoor 1.0 Megapixel Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera 500GB Hard Drive, Intelligent Recording, Smart Motion Detection, Web AccessZmodo-Megapixel-Intelligent-Recording-Detection

Brand :    zmodo
Color :    Grey
Size :    15 x 12 x 15 inch
Model :    ZM-KW2007-500GB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Professional customer support : lifetime us-based tech support, 3-year limited warranty, and 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Intelligent recording : optimize the storage capacity with zmodo's intelligent recording. the nvr records at lower fps when no motion is detected, and at maximum during motion. the 500gb hdd is capable of saving up to 45 days of recording.
  • Clip alerts on phones : receive a clip alert on your zmodo app whenever motion is detected, and customize which areas on the cameras' live view will trigger an motion alert, to prevent false alerts and get notified by alerts that really matters.
  • Easy installation & setup : no need to run cables all over your house to connect the nvr and cameras. simply mount the cameras, plug in the adapters and go. connection between the nvr and cameras is through your internet.
  • Remote & local playback : cameras are built with excellent quality for 24/7 hd monitoring jobs, and video feed is saved to the included 500gb hard disk. watch the playback either locally on your monitors, or remotely on your phones through zmodo app.
Price :    $191.10 (was $239.99)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zmodo product review) for Zmodo 1080p HD NVR WiFi System 4 HD Outdoor 4 HD Indoor 1.0 Megapixel Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera 500GB Hard Drive, Intelligent Recording, Smart Motion Detection, Web Access available ( Mar 2020 )

zmodo smart greet - wi-fi video doorbell - 155 viewing angle - cloud service available Price : 54, was : 59 as 2018-05-10
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Great Britain
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Zmodo Smart Greet Doorbell Available (af ksh001w) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for zmodo smart greet - wi-fi video doorbell - 155 viewing angle - cloud service available

Easy to install. Connection to devices (doorbell or window/door devices) can take a while but if you place near for the configure then deploy you don t encounter problems. 720p resolution is good for most use as a doorbell. Not obliging monthly payment for cloud storage is a nice option if you review alarms daily immediately. From the time the button is pushed to the time it rang my phone was approx 55 minutes which may seem long until you consider the path of communication, consider programming an auto response to keep visitors in place. If there is one feature that would make this outstanding, it would be adding the ability to create alert zones like the zmodo ip camera already has. Without it, the alerts are frequent if you are anywhere near your street ( anything passing within 50 yards in front of camera).

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Zmodo-Smart-Greet-Doorbell-Available

(0) Question: Can this withstand extreme heat and cold? (like -20 degrees and 100 degrees farenheit)? also, can this withstand rain?

(1) Question: Is it weather proof?

(2) Question: What is the actual size of the doorbell unit?

(3) Question: What doorbell should i buy to set this item up?

(4) Question: Is standard wifi so hub use optional? don t need range tiny place.

(5) Question: Do you need to create an account with zmodo if you are not using the cloud storage ?

(6) Question: Is there a way to know the time and date of activity?

(7) Question: Hi, does this doorbell ring work with batteries if i do not have wiring conection available?

(8) Question: I hooked everything up. everything works except my chime inside will not work. if i disconnect the power accessory it will ring. power accessory bad?

(9) Question: If i connect to existing doorbell will it work with my existing intercom system?

(10) Question: Will this work with meshare app? i already have zmodo wireless cameras but i want to add the 2way audio zmodo cameras as well. thanks

(11) Question: Hi this need sim card to make call?

(12) Question: Is this unit battery powered?

(13) Question: Does this door bell need to be hard wired or is it battery operated?

(14) Question: Does this have any installed memory?

(15) Question: Does the zmodo doorbell include a stand alone ringer and/or does it only notify you on your phone?

(16) Question: Ho do you power this unit if you don't have a wired doorbell already?

(note) Question: where/how to get Zmodo (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Zmodo's products

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I'm giving this 4 stars because of the flimsy locking mechanism but otherwise this door bell and beam system works great. The beam receiver took a little while to set up but it was because the older version of the software (or firmware on the beam, not sure which update changed it) didn't automatically scan for wifi access points, so you had to type it very carefully. I did have to reset it a few times in order to get it to work (took about 45 minutes), but once it did it worked really well. The furthest distance between the door sensor and the beam is about 20 feet with many walls in between - no problems receiving the open/close signals. . A few of the reviews here mentioned the app being unstable, but i think zmodo has improved it. It's fairly stable and it hasn't crashed on me (ios 11). I get the doorbell notification within about 3 seconds of the button being pressed (and that's on both home wifi and cellular service). The free 36 hour cloud recording is also very handy. The playback is a little choppy, but it's enough for monitoring. The software adds tick marks on the timeline so you can scroll through where motion was sensed. The live video quality is also decent (720p). The night shot works great also, but if you leave a porch light on, you probably won't need it. . I hardwired it to a 16vac doorbell power supply/chime. You have an option to disable your home's doorbell chime. I wish there was a way to disable ding's doorbell chime instead. There's a few minutes of battery supply in case you lose power, but it's really not meant to power this device for long (about 10 minutes). . Overall, its a great substitute for a more expensive system like ring. I'm attaching a photo of the locking screws with the thread pulled out of the doorbell. If you do purchase it, be aware of this flaw (screw the security screws in very slowly). I fixed it myself by gorilla glueing the thread back into to the holes on the doorbell. You really do need to lock this doorbell in place; otherwise it can easily slip up from the bracket. . *update* i want to correct my statement about the free 36 hour recording. Its only for alerts, not full motion clips. It does take a snapshot though.

Biometrics 14114241, Electronics 282271, Security & Surveillance 631425Top Zmodo Smart Greet Doorbell Available (af ksh001w) FAQ Content

Best zmodo smart greet doorbell available (af ksh001w) in review

After reading several, mostly positive, reviews about this cheaper ring doorbell alternative, i decided to give it a try since it was only $60 with prime shipping/returns. Setup was fairly easy and straight forward. The installation and setup instructions were clear and easy to follow. We had to change our wifi name to take out the spaces, but that was really no issue at all. After setting everything up, i noticed a strange static/feedback-like sound while viewing the camera with my smart phone. I thought it was a defect to my particular doorbell, so i ordered another one to test. The second greet doorbell made the same noise. Instead of sending them back, i decided to keep them and give one to my parents. Setup at their house was just as easy. The doorbell made the same strange static noise at their house, but another strange thing is the doorbell camera would only show the image in black and white even in bright daylight with the night vision sensitivity set to "low". The only time it would switch to color is if i turned the night vision option to "always off". Even though the doorbell isn't perfect, i believe it is a really good deal for only $60. The camera is clear (even at night with the night vision mode) and usually only has about a 1/2-1 second delay while speaking to people thru it. If they can figure out how to have their devices connect to 5g wifi instead of only 2. 4, i'd probably give it 5 stars. That being said, i was impressed with it enough to have purchased two more as gifts.

T. Barbara, Enfield

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W. Yvette, New Hampshire says

My review is for the ding video doorbell with 6 month cloud coverage, not any of the other zmodo doorbells. If the front of the doorbell is completely flat, along with the sides, top and back, that is the one. I think these online store reviews sometimes are for all models of a product, not just the one the reviewer purchased, so be careful, i am only speaking of te one i've attached a photo for. . I will follow up with a detailed review with pictures and videos. I do not understand some of the negative reviews. I have gotten help via chat and over the phone in setup, but once everything was connected and working, i am impressed with the doorbell. It sends alerts to my phone quickly, and unlike some of the other reviews i've read, audio and video, both ways, is clear and intelligible with at most a 1 second delay, hardly noticeable. I would recommend this - absolutely - especially at this price, a quarter of what i've seen for the top rated ring. The instructions that came with the device are the only problem as they didn't work when followed to setup the device, but luckily chat or phone is available the same day you contact them. I also purchased two of zmodo pan and tilt wireless cameras and they are working great, have sharp day and night video and two way audio, at a great price. Again, this is for the ones i've attached a photo of.

Q. Aldana, New Mexico

I now own both a ring pro doorbell and this ding doorbell! now i am kicking myself for buying the overpriced ring! . . This doorbell is awesome for waaay less money! and this ding doorbell comes with 2 extra door and window sensors, so it's like a mini alarm system all on its own! . . My comparisons:. . Video appearing:. Ding: this doorbell live video comes up almost immediately. Something like 1-2 seconds after clicking button. Ring: the expensive ring doorbell typically takes 5 seconds or longer to show me anything! -frustrating. . Install: physical installation is pretty much the same on either device, but ding also comes with zmodobeam device and 2 door and window sensors. (you don't need to install or use the sensors if you don't want to. ). . Setup:. Ding: you use zmodo phone app to set up zmodobeam device on your wifi, and then set up the ding doorbell, then the 2 extra sensors. A little bit more techie then the ring. But more features too. . Ring: you use the ring phone app to set up ring doorbell. Pretty simple. . Bottom line, this ding outperforms, and is a much better bargain than my ring pro doorbell that cost more than double what this one cost.

. Adrienne, Lambeth says

I like it, was very easy to setup and install picture quality is awesome as well as pretty good night vision. . I just had 1 significant issue. When installing the safety screws, as it hit the small plastic mount wedge, it very easily forced out the brass insert. It happened on both sides of the device. So i love it but now it is not very secure. Anyone can easily take it a walk off with it. If not for this i would be giving this 5 stars. Update 08/14/2017:. Changing from 3 to 4 stars. I have received excellent support from zmodo for supporting my ding wifi. They also sent me rma for my defect on the security screws. Still a design flaw. Secure screws should be smaller and not protrude so much out the bottom of the device. All in all i am satisfied with my purchase.

. Ruff, Wandsworth

Ok so we have some pro's and cons with this device. I am going to break it down into sections. . Set up. This part sucked, and sucked pretty badly. A reasonable person would think, connect to the cam via the cams wifi ssid, follow the prompt's, choose your wifi network ssid, enter the password and complete. Nope not that simple. First you must use the beam which doubles a wifi extender/repeater. You must set this up first you cannot use the doorbell without the beam set up. One would think zmodo would have a simpler set up where you could connect the cam without the beam if it wasn't needed. The only reason i can think of is because the beam acts as a central receiver for all their devices. . Now in terms of connecting to your wifi ssid, this was quite frustrating. For several hours i could not get this thing to connect to my wifi. It was only after trying different troubleshooting and poking around did i figure out that i had to "forget" my network ssid and password on my phone, so basically it was like i was connecting to my wifi for the first time. Only after this was i able to connect the beam to my wifi. . So very important, make sure you "forget" your home wifi network on your phone before proceeding! . . Good. Zmodo gives you everything you need to get the doorbell attached. Screws anchors and so on. It comes in two pieces, one is the base, the other is the doorbell. Attach the base with the wire leads from your old doorbell, slip on the doorbell from the top until it locks in place and your done. The pieces all seem pretty solid and of good material. . The camera is very clear picture wise, you can pan right and left, or you can see the full panoramic view. You can also select either hd or sd from the zmodo app depending on your network bandwidth when outside your home (not on your home wifi). Pan is very responsive. The app has some pretty cool features (although take a look at the bad section. ) audio is pretty good. You are alerted on your device (phone whatever) if someone rings your doorbell and can answer them and hear them speak. . Bad. I'm not thrilled with now being stuck in zmodo's eco system of devices. I have one other ip cam, and have it connected to a program called ispy which does the recording, scheduling and motion sensing. I have the cam set up with a static ip that i have selected. In addition i have another vendors app on my phone where i can add whatever cams i want. Not so much with the ding. With the zmodo your options are severely limited best i can tell. I guess this makes it user friendly, but if you want full control of all the aspects or you like to tinker you might be out of luck. It might take a bit more tinkering in my router set up to find the actual ip the beam or the ding is actually taking. I think the cam and beam might be on a static ip on the device which is no bueno. If you have upnp enabled on your router the ding will open the right ports for you. If not you're going to have to find out what ports this thing uses. I personally like to know what's happening on my network, and i think the device isn't transparent about this. . The app has very little documentation. A google search didn't bring much up. There are alerts for motion that can be set up for different times of day. These alerts can be set up to notify you or not notify you on your phone. This is a blessing considering this thing picks up motion a little too easily. There are also "ring alerts" which can be set up per device on a schedule for quiet time. I am not sure if this overrides the other alerts schedule or not, or what it does. . Audio is good, but if someone rings the doorbell and you open the video the sound of the "ding dong" is quite loud, and annoying. . You get a limited amount of storage/clips if you don't pay for zmodo's cloud service. Again if the device was more transparent i could set it up with ispy and do all the darn recoding i want too. Come on zmodo do the right thing. . Overall. Good doorbell cam if you don't want to pay for the ridiculous amount of money the ring doorbell is priced at. Good if your into a simple set up with some caveats (remember the wifi). Bad if your a tinkerer, and feel like your now trapped in zmodo's eco system of devices. Bad if you don't feel like paying money just to store all video clips when you could do it your self.

L. Patton, Louisiana says

Being in the security business, i have installed other doorbell cameras such as the skybell, skybell hd, ring, ring pro and the zmodo greet. All of them have their pro's and con's. For me, my requirements are:. . 1 no monthly recording fees - well that knocks ring out of the ring! come on ring. No free recording option at all? ! way to go zmodo. They used to give you just 24 hours but now with the new app you get 36 hours free! sure it isn't 7 days but still kudos for delivering a free option that works for me and my customers! . . 2 unit cost - again, zmodo you delivered at a price that no one else has came close to! thank you! . . 3 picture quality and does it work? ! - to me, the picture quality on the zmodo models are the same or better than the rest! the app is pretty well designed and easy to use. I always look forward to app updates though and am excited to see upcoming ui improvements! would be nice if the app could grab the wifi name and password that is already used on the android/iphone used to set it up. I've seen it done with other apps. Also, a much needed feature is the ability to sort your cameras and show the name on the camera. Small things that would go a long way in making it the best app! . . Thank you zmodo!

Y. Edna, New Jersey

Already had the small wifi cameras so went with this doorbell to keep everything in one app. Also helped that it was priced competitively against other options. I love this doorbell and it gets 5-stars for performance and ease of use; however, the zmodo app (see below) is why i'm only giving 4, at the moment. . Doorbell package:. Setup was a breeze and hooked right up to my existing doorbell connection. For the price, it is definitely worth it and i can't imagine units which are 2x and 3x the price are going to give you much more in terms of performance. Image quality is great and night vision works better than i expected. Frame rate is really good and there's very minimal delay between the app video and doorstep. All-in-all, it's a great little piece of hardware at a very reasonable price. Unless you've already bought in to another brands app/devices and don't want to have multiple apps to manage, i have no solid reasons to not recommend giving this product a try. . Beam. I installed the beam which came with it but already have a strong wifi signal around my house and haven't noticed an improvement (it's rare that i don't get a full signal). There's definitely a benefit of having the beam for easy paring of other zmodo devices, though. Will be curious to see how much it helps with signal out in my garage once i hookup my outdoor cameras. . Window/door sensors:. Haven't installed. . -. Zmodo app for ios:. I really enjoy the look and feel of this app and i only have a few minor points which would really help the user experience:. . "alerts" and motion sensing:. With my zmodo cameras i have the ability to set a particular cropped area of the frame as the only part which activates from motion and triggers an alert (ie the bottom 1/3 of the image). With this doorbell, i can't seem to figure out how to do the same thing and i end up with a clip under "alerts" every time a car drives by. Would be nice if this only recorded the short clips when people came into my yard or doorstep. Also, assuming this feature was added, push notifications like those i. . Camera crop position memory in app:. The doorbell camera takes a landscape video of most of your porch; however, when in the app it automatically crops the image to your phones portrait ratio. You can then scroll left and right in the app to see the other sides of the video. Since my doorbell is a little offset from the actual door, every time i boot the app i have to scroll over to the right to actually see the door area. While it isn't difficult to do this, it would be nice if the app just automatically went back to the position i left it. . Carousel on main app page:. The beam has a default picture which shows up in the home carousel. Not sure if other beams have cameras but since mine doesn't, it just displays a stock image. Would be nice to remove it from showing up so the only thing scrolling in my carousel are active cameras. //-

J. Melissa, Oxfordshire says

I picked up the ding home package to replace my ring doorbell, which had, at the time, what i felt was pretty sub-par video for a 720p camera. Figured that if the video quality wasn t any better, i could use one on the back door. . After installing the necessary 16v wiring (normally already present in most homes, but not in mine. A local big box store has a doorbell kit with a 16v transformer and a basic doorbell for $12. ), i got the ding connected up to the included beam extender and was blown away by the difference in quality. I used to joke that i probably couldn t identify myself in a ring video if i broke into my own home. That definitely wouldn t be an issue with the ding. For a comparable 720p camera, the ding is heads & shoulders above the ring. No fisheye image, but instead, a wide screen view that covers most of my covered porch. Even low light is so much better. At night, the ring went into night mode, even with the porch light on. The ding stays in daylight mode when the porch light is on, render a clear, full color image. Turn off the porch light and the night mode image of the ding is clear and sharp. The ring is a pixilated mess. The ding hardware is lightyears ahead of the comparable ring. If my uploaded comparison pictures work, you ll see the difference. These were captured at the same time. . So if the camera is so good, why only 4 stars? you might ask. The area that the ring has the ding beat is in the software. I activated the 30 day cloud trial, hoping there would be additional features that weren t included in the out of the box setup, but even those are pretty limited. If anything i complain about is actually present, either in the full paid cloud account or just missed by me, please comment to let me know. . Since i didn t have a doorbell, i picked up ring s companion wireless doorbell. Sorta like the beam, except besides functioning as a doorbell, it would activate a chime whenever someone approached the front door. That was an awesome feature that i wish the beam would do. Ring also has a windows 10 app, which runs in the background and alerts me to anyone approaching the front door while i m sitting on the computer on the other side of the house. Zmodo hasn t come up with a windows app yet, so i have to rely on the web app, which isn t really favorable for running in the background. Ring also has a windows mobile app (i know, dead technology) that alerts me to movement and doorbells while i m away. Android & apple only for zmodo. In addition, setting up the ding and the beam were a pain, but i got them working. The door switches (a nice feature when they work) are hit & miss. If zmodo could get the software side up & running, with comparable features as the ring, it would be a clear 5 star winner. . Overall, i m definitely sticking with the ding. Software issues can be easily updated and corrected, but hardware is stuck forever.

. Smith, Brandenburg

I had considerable concerns about this product based on a large number of negative reviews. However, after reading 2-3 in-depth reviews that were positive, i purchased the doorbell system. I experienced several problems that were not a fault of the product and after several hours, contacted support for assistance. A summary of major challenges are outlined below. . 1. If you have a very simple home network and doorbell, there should be no problems watching the zmodo videos and following the instructions. . 2. Guest network - if your system allows for a guest network, turn it off! turn it off! . . 3. Android phone - you may have problem entering a camera name. Just enter a couple of characters and edit the name after the install is complete. . 4. Zmodo knowledge base - zink troubleshooting guide - print and read very carefully. The following items were important on my installation: ensure no spaces in ssid (your network name) and at least six characters, security must be wpa or wpa2, network must be 2. 4 ghz, prior to connecting to the zmodo device network "zmd sap", you must "forget your network" which will prevent your phone from accessing your home network automatically. . Zmodo support: yep, lots of complaints here regarding connect/hold time which is understandable during heavy holiday season purchasing and other factors. However, don't give up! put your phone on speaker, do something else and wait in line. I was connected to customer service agent jared and he provide an excellent customer service experience. He was very empathetic, understood the product extremely well, and logically went through each step in the installation process. My stealth guest network was the culprit and he correctly identified the reason my camera would not connect to the correct home network. Thank you to zmodo support carrie and jared. No, i am not a seller's employee - i am a retired computer services manager with years of dealing with difficult customer situations and these service agents exceeded my expectations.

F. Wells, Ohio says

The main advantage of this over products like ring is definitely the price. I have been curious about adding this kind of security device to my home, but wasn't ready to pay $150 to $200. Ding provides a cheaper alternative. I didn't really need the door monitors, so i didn't try them, but they would add some level of door notification in the event of an unexpected entry. Because of the need for a hard wired connection for the camera (while ring offers a battery powered/rechargeable version), you will need to figure out which circuit breaker controls your doorbell. I had to try nearly all of them before learning that mine is tied to a furnace breaker. Also, my existing doorbell located quite a distance below eye level, so i either have to mount the camera sideways , to allow the scanning feature on the video that is sent, or have to insert an angled block between the wall and the camera to aim it toward the visitors' faces. One big issue i discovered, that is related to this product and is the reason that i am knocking off 1 star is the beam product. When i install it and connect to my wifi, it interferes with my wifi connection on tablets. I suspect i could resolve this with multiple network names, so that the beam is the only device connected to the ssid that i create for it, but that adds a level of complexity that should not be required. That issue is making me consider returning it.

B. Lorenz, Medway

Doorbell was relatively easy to install. You just remove the old button and attach the wires to the new unit. The security screws on the bottom pulled out of the plastic before they were remotely tight, but i was able to put epoxy on the securing nuts and push them back in and it now holds firm. The wifi extender was kind of a pain to setup due to my router being dual band and my s8 seeing both signals during setup. I had to use a tablet that only saw the 2. 4 connection to complete the setup, but once i figured that out, it only took 3 minutes to complete. My only real complaint is that the motion sensor is inconsistent. Some times it picks up people coming to the door and sometimes it doesn't unless they push the button. It never picks up street traffic, causing a false alarm, but the lack of consistency is a little disappointing. At 1/4 the price of a ring doorbell, i am still very happy with the purchase and would recommend to others.

K. Alba, Kensington and Chelsea says

For a fraction of the price of ring, this thing is awesome. I have a new house, install was super easy. Turn off breaker, take off old bell, wire these 2 wires, screw, mount, turn on breaker. Download app, connect and done. Worked right off the bat. . When i first plugged it in, i noticed that everytime i pressed the doorbell, it would reset the unit. I then read the booklet, and it said to leave it on for 10-15 mins and they were right. Now it doesn't. . The picture is awesome. Very wide, very high res. My internet works good at my door, but the added hub must help. . As with most smart doorbells, there is a slight delay in audio when you talk to someone at the door, and sometimes there's a slight delay when someone rings the bell, but its worth the 4-5 second delay. Rang today and i saw the ups guy walking away after he rang the doorbell. It shows up on your phone like a video call. Very cool. . The design is great, it looks expensive, and i like the blue light it illuminates. I've already had friends with ring say it's awesome. . Looks like they've consolidated the app. It's easy to use, and fast. Kind of a memory hog and lots of notifications if you have it all on, but worth it. The cloud feature is awesome, too. Easy to use 24/hr timeline, etc. Well worth the $. . I would recommend for the price for sure.

A. Jennifer, Knowsley says

Not bad. You get what you pay for. The remote video viewing is good. The sensor activation needs more work; door sensors would intermediately activate the alarm on the beam. Pushing the "ding" on the doorbell does not always initiate a call to your smart phone or tablet. There is no procedure to factory the doorbell. I'm sure all this can be resolved via software updates. . Update:. I increased by internet speed with my isp, and everything seems to work better. Make sure you have enough bandwidth (internet speed) to handle the doorbell camera. Please design a better way to secure the camera to it's mounting plate; the current setup is too fragile for an outdoor camera.

O. Ophelia, Aquitaine

I love this zmodo doorbell. It comes with 2 sensors and a wifi beamer or booster. I was able to set it up easily with a little help from the customer support. They replied to me quickly using the chat messaging. There is a little delay when someone rings the doorbell but it is due to my internet service and my phone data speed. Then doorbell also got a motion sensor. It notifies me when someone comes near the doorbell and records a video clip. The video is clear. It switches automatically to infrared at dawn. The video is wide angled wide enough to see a good view. The sensors are great! it alarms my phone loudly like an sos when there is an intrusion on away mode. The beamer beeps as well. It would be nice if the doorbell sound on the phone can be changed. So far i love it and i have no issues plus i got it cheaper on a lightning deal for $46! . It s not as expensive as the others but it works satisfactorily!

. Kristen, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

After having a serious fright at home by two angry strangers pounding on my door, i decided to purchase this ding doorbell package as well as the zmodo 720p hd outdoor home wifi security cameras. Cameras were suggested to me by the local police department. I received the cameras the same day i ordered them which was wonderful. Thee next morning i opened up the packages and started setting up the system. It was super easy! i just followed the very straight forward simple directions that came with the ding system and the cameras and voila! instant security! the best part is i can monitor the house anywhere on my phone and i can answer the door. Hear what is going on and best of all. I feel much more safe. My husband can also monitor the house and my son as it works on more than one phone. The system will give me alerts to any movement (you can set how sensitive the system is) it records continuously and it not stored on a device in my home. It is on the cloud. (wherever that is) ha ha. The cameras can also see at night and have a very good range of vision. I can go back through the video and take screen shots and record blurbs off of the recording if needed. I can not recommend this more. The cost was incredibly reasonable. I plan on getting more cameras in the near future.

. Theresa, Idaho

Revised on april 21, 2018. After a power surge, the doorbell got disconnected from the network and could not reconnect it again t the same network. Had to change networks. . . . The product is easy to install, as shown in the instruction. Connecting it to the internet may be a bit challenging and requires some patience. Zmodo assistance (via chat) may be helpful. The product is reasonably priced and works ok as an intercom device and a security camera. The unit has live video recording stored in the cloud, which requires subscription that is not worth the price in my opinion. It also detects motion and stores motion alerts in the cloud for free (for 36 hours), which seems more useful than subscription-based continuous video recording. Motion detection is decent - it detects people and cars most of the time, but not cats and squirrels. . This product requires the zmodo app, which is barely ok but buggy (at least for android). The main problem with this app is automatic mode scheduling, whose main and only purpose is to stop notifications at predefined times (e. G. At night). It simply does not work. It either fails to change modes at specified times, or changes them in an unpredictable fashion. Therefore, you may not be getting notifications when you want them, and get them when you do not want them. However, it is not a big deal and it can be circumvented by setting "do not disturb" mode for the android phone to stop notifications . . Another problem is the mounting screws at the bottom of the unit. Those screws need to be tightened to prevent the unit from being removed from the mounting bracket. Since they are embedded in the plastic body of the unit, they break very easily, and once broken the unit can easily be removed and stolen. For extra security, i attached an l metal bracket to the door frame right above the unit to prevent its removal. . Pros:. 1. Easy installation. 2. Works with the existing electro-mechanical doorbell. 3. Inexpensive vis a vis other brands. 4. Decent customer support (at least via chat). . Cons:. 1. Buggy app (defective mode scheduling). 2. Questionable internet connectivity (could be a network problem) that may cause delayed response. 3. Very fragile mounting screws that easily break and expose the product to the risk of theft. 4. Plastic casing

N. Tracey, Victoria says

First off, i like playing around with gadgets and getting them to work. It took some time fiddling, but now that i have the ding doorbell working i like it quite a bit. Also, i picked it up on a deal of the day, and the price was great! i had a lot of trouble connecting with the included beam wifi extender, but with persistence it eventually worked. Actually installing the doorbell was easy. Then i had trouble pairing the included door/window sensors with the beam wifi extender until i updated the firmware on the beam. Once i did that, setting them up was a breeze. The range on the sensors seems to be pretty good. I put one on the side door of the house and the other on the back door of the garage. At this point, most of the system was working, but when i tried ringing the doorbell my phone did not ring, and i got a missed call error message in the app. I used the chat with support function in the app (very responsive support), and the support person walked me through adjusting the settings on my cell phone so that i could get the call notifications. I have not tried the cloud service yet, but everything else seems to be working fine. I am happy with the product, especially at the excellent price!

G. Hayward, Wiltshire

This is a holiday promotion for a video doorbell that is much less expensive than the heavily marketed ring video doorbell. I just installed it and it works as described. Packaging was first rate and it arrived one day after ordering. The retail package inside online store's box is a holiday themed square box. The unit itself looks and feels robust and the appearance is acceptable. It would be nice to have had the choice of some other colors than satin metallic gray/black. . The installation went well, but i had to vary from the instructions at a couple of points. Setting up the wireless extender "beam alert" went smoothly per the instruction pairing with my uverse modum/router. . Mounting the "greet (smart doorbell)" on the brick exterior of my home was also straight forward using the supplied screws and nylon inserts. It is a nice touch that tools including screw driver and drill bit are included in the package. If you are installing on brick, have a second drill bit because one bit is not up to drilling six mounting holes. The screw driver fits both the phillips head mounting screws and the torx security screws. I did have a problem with the security screws in that the doorbell housing was not fully seated on the backing plate when i tightened the security screws. This resulted in the threaded brass insert on the housing being pulled out as i tightened the screws. (others have noted this problem) so as of now, the doorbell button/camera is not secured. I am blaming myself for this an i will have to figure out my own solution for this. . I had to do a considerable amount of fiddling with the wiring of the power accessory at the doorbell ringer to get it to ring the existing bell. Wired as shown in the diagram simply did not work. The diagram shows to take the wires off the doorbell terminals and put them on the terminals of the power accessory. Then you are to attach the wires from the power accessory to now empty terminals on the bell. I finally got it to work by leaving the doorbell wired as it was originally and then adding the two wires from the power accessory to the doorbell terminals. The terminals on the power accessory are empty. Now pushing the button rings the existing doorbell in the house and after about a one second delay rings the phones that are running the zmodo app. . Pairing the video camera and the app was easy following the instructions. I have the app loaded onto an old iphone i had laying around that only works on wifi, (it's sitting in a dock in the kitchen), my wife's iphone and my android phone. I have a couple of other old iphones around and may mount one inside the front door to have an electronic "peep hole". There is no windows mobile phone app. There is however a web interface which it works on my 2in1 laptop and full laptop. . The video quality in the daylight is quite good. I have a view of most of my front yard. We recently had some yard ornaments stolen, so maybe we will get a video next time. I have not had it installed long enough to see it at night, but i am wondering what effect the lighted christmas decorations will have. . The package also includes two magnetic door sensors that i don t intend to use. I wish there was a way to add the video feed to a picture in a picture window on my television. I also wish i could integrate this video doorbell with my home8 security system. Home8 video-verified monitoring alarm system with two (2) twist hd security cameras for home/baby/pet, wireless security system with free basic service, featuring online store alexa integration

H. Teresa, Newfoundland and Labrador says

I bought this on a lightning deal and it works well, after lots of problems setting it up. . I could not get the beam to connect to my wifi, so i connected the doorbell directly to my wifi by clicking on the + sign in the upper right corner of the app and clicking on "zink" instead of hitting "tap here to add a beam. " after several tries i was able to connect to doorbell. . At this point, the video for the doorbell would work for a couple of tries, and then it would just show "establishing secure video channel" and not show the video. Logging out of the zmodo app and relogging in (click on "me" on the lower right of the app page and then log out and in) resolved the problem, but was kind of onerous. So, i decided my decade old 2. 4 ghz router was being overloaded by all my devices, so i ponied up $60 and got a new dual band router. I set up the new router, which immediately reconnected to the doorbell, and i no longer had the "establishing secure video channel" problem. . With the new router i then tried to connect the beam extender by setting my wifi to channel 1 (as recommended by zmodo customer support, which said to use either router channel 1 or 11 if the beam didn't set up on the initial attempt) and going through the beam set up in the instructions. It worked like a champ and i was able to name my beam. I then set my wifi back to auto channel and it all worked fine. . As other reviewers have mentioned, the threaded, knurled brass inserts that you screw the security screws into detached from the doorbell housing as i inserted the security screws. I tapped them back in and only inserted the security screws about half way. Sound from my phone to the porch was fine, but it was pretty garbled (i. E. , essentially unintelligible) from the porch to the phone. Zmodo customer support offered to send me a replacement to see if it corrected the sound and security screw issues. . I received the replacement doorbell and i replaced itl, reset the beam, and tried the set up procedure again. The beam appeared to set up properly (i got the solid blue light), but the app would not progress to let me name the beam and set up the doorbell. I then retried connecting the doorbell directly to my wifi again. It didn't connect the same way that it did the first time, so i chatted with customer support. They said to check "wireless device" under "wireless device and smart kit" after clicking on the + sign on the upper right of the app and then "add device. " the doorbell was there and i was able to connect it directly to my wifi. I then reset the beam and was able to get it to connect to channel 1 of my wifi and the doorbell with no problem, after which i shifted my router back to auto channel select. I had the same problems with the security screws on the replacement doorbell, but the sound from the porch is a little better than the original doorbell. I decided i live with the security screw and sound issues for the price of this package since the little brass fittings for the security screws only appear to be retained in the ding housing by friction anyway and really don't provide a whole security. . Overall, this package is not perfect, but the picture from the porch is excellent, as is the sound to the porch, and the beam wifi extender seems to work pretty well. If you have problems setting it up, i'd recommend chatting with zmodo or spending the 30 to 45 minutes waiting to talk to someone at zmodo-they were very courteous and helpful once i was able to talk to them. . I'm not much of a techie and sorry if all of this sounds convoluted, but i hope this helps if you're having problems with this package. . Update 1/17: being a glutton for punishment, i went ahead and bought a zmodo 1080p outdoor camera, too. As it turned out i had the exact same problems connecting it to the zmodo app as i did with the ding doorbell. The camera instructions said to follow the beam set up instructions that came with the ding doorbell. That didn't work at all-it said it wasn't available. Then i tried connecting directly to the wifi using the procedure described above. It didn't work, but the camera led was glowing solid blue, which indicated it was connected to my wifi. I went to the "wireless device" screen and the camera was actually there. I named it and gave it a password just like i did for the doorbell. All i got was a spinning circle and the app would not progress. After retrying everything without success, i decided to uninstall and reinstall the zmodo app. Miraculously, that worked! so if you're unable to get your ding or a camera to hook up to the app, maybe uniinstall/reinstall the app will work for you, too. . Update: after living with this doorbell and the beam range extender for a couple of months, we couldn't be more pleased with this product, so i decided to upgrade it from four stars to five stars. For the money, it's a great security upgrade!

U. Mable, Kansas

Fantastic doorbell camera, even without the additional cloud features. . The first step of using the doorbell camera is to download the zmodo app to your smart device. Once downloaded, create an account by selecting a username and password. . A standard install could be done by just about anyone with simple tools, it even comes with all of the tools you would need, plus the screws and wall anchors. Just simply remove the old doorbell, connect the wires to the base plate of the doorbell camera, attach the base to the building, then attach the camera to the base and tighten the security screws. Done. . Once installed we were having issues with connecting the beam unit to the wi-fi network. We quickly figured out that the router was the issue. The router we were trying to connect you was a dual band router that broadcast of the 2. 4 ghz and 5 ghz, with both channels having a similar name, but with a slight variation. The instruction manual even warned of this being a problem. It was an easy fix once we logged into the router. We change the name of the 5 ghz network and saved the settings. Once we have that squared away the beam unit easily connected to the 2. 4 ghz wi-fi network. Please keep in mind that these devices will not connect to a 5 ghz network, only a 2. 4 ghz network. . The next step was to connect the doorbell camera to the network and that was done very easily using the zmodo app and selecting the automatic connection setting. This step is very painless and the doorbell camera coonected as expected. From this point everything was connected and worked as it should. Both the beam and the doorbell camera neither firmware update and that was done easily through the application. . The doorbell camera provides an excellent picture during the day as well as at night. The night vision is fantastic. The camera was mounted on the front of a house that faces south. Even with sun directly shining on the camera, it still provides an excellent picture with a very nice wide angle. . The mpunting point is about 20 feet from a busy road way and that causes many false motion alerts from vehicles that drive by, but that was expected. Testing the doorbell ring alert in real time provided a slight lag between the time when the button was pressed and the phone started ringing but the lag time was only less than 10 seconds. . All in all we love the doorbell camera and the functionality of it. We would certainly recommend it to anyone that s interested in it and have also recommended it to neighbors, friends and family. . The only great we have and the reason for not giving it five stars is the security screws located at the bottom of the unit. One of the two security screws had the grommet stripped from the housing when tightening. Not a big deal for us because we had a perfect solution for fixing that, which was a little bit of two-part epoxy, but we can see this as a problem for basic users and installers. . We are excited to see what zmodo has in store for future devices. We would like to see smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors and lighting controllers added to the zmodo lineup that can be used with the nicely designed and user friendly zmodo app.

S. Williams, Utah says

Ding was fairly easy to install. It look less than 15 minutes. It took a while to get the beam to connect to my network and i had to use instructions that i found online which were more helpful than what was included. I am pleased with it so far. The zmodo app can be temperamental at times and the entire server (zmodo) went down which had me worried until i went to their fb page and found out there was a problem with the network. I gave it 4 stars because my camera sometimes records a car after it has passed by but doesn t record others at all and the audio when you speak has a echo and a slight delay. Hopefully, the newest version allows you to zoom a bit more and you are able to tweak the areas that you want to monitor. I will eventually upgrade. Please include some instructions or post a video on how to install the noise corrector. P. S. I have not had any luck with using the meshare app.

C. Parker, Saskatchewan

Very nice price but installation was not intuitive. I had installed the repeater about a week before i installed the doorbell. That was probly a mistake. After i installed the greet, it would not be discovered on the auto add device setup. I did this about ten times before giving up and requesting a return. . I decided to give it one last try before i sent it back. Instead of following the instructions in the setup sheet, i went to add the device manually in the non-auto options. Once i discovered that the greet had picked up my wifi signal, i went to see if it was discoverable and sure enough, it was in the new device section. All i had to do was click on it and add it to my device list and now it works as advertised, like a champ. . A very frustrating setup process. I hope this helps folks to give them another way to try and discover their greet. Apparently, there s more than one way to add this device and get it to work. Needs to be a better setup, but in the end, it works.

. Meredith, Sachsen-Anhalt says

So i had received the ring pro for free and thought why do i need it so sold it. Also, we already have security cameras covering the outside including the front door. They will trigger and record when motion is sensed. However, it does not live notification so saw this being advertised and so far so good. . During initial setup, it was a bit of a pain. Initially i wanted to avoid the beam but it seem though you need it in order for the doorbell to work. Setting up the beam was a bit of a mystery as i could not tell if it was set up properly until i noticed the light on it went from green to blue. I guess it just took some time. I am tech savvy so this was a bit slow in my experience. But once the beam was set up, i was able to automatically add the greet with not much issue. When i say not much. I mean at first it showed up in the app as a device but then it seemed to disappear and then it finally appeared again and stayed there. . The free 7 day clip archiving promo did work from me but that was a bit odd too. It seemed to not work but when i went on the pc it showed i had the service for 6 months. All in all the whole set up experience was a bit odd but it worked in the end so 1 star off for that. . Otherwise, this is a great alternative to ring. Now i have not tried ring but at this price, this is a steal. And the 2-way communication works quite well without much lag ( i wasn't expecting much at this price point) but it was better than expected. The 720p view is not bad and neither is the night vision. And installing to existing wired doorbell was a breeze. Do keep in mind this is wide coming in at 4 inches so you will need to have a stable area to install it. I had to use a small block of wood to provide additional back support.

Top smart greet wifi video doorbell Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

J. Brendon, Kansas says

I ordered two of these at different times. Both will not connect. I have 11v ac steady at the terminals. The light on both just stays solid green. They never blink like they are supposed to and never allow me to configure them. Three times i have done tech support via chat. Each time they have me go through basics and then just tell me to get and rma and send it back. Like i have nothing better to do but deal with their quality control issues. I can t even give a review on functionality because they never even got past step one of connecting them to my network. It s not my wiring or network either. I have a ring doorbell that works perfectly when connected. I got this to replace it as a cheaper option. Bad idea, at least for me. . Update: i replaced my doorbell and transformer with a utilitech doorbell kit. Everything works now. Apparently there is a doorbell/transformer setup that this does not work with. Honestly, it works quite well now and i have no complaints about its functioning. I replaced a ring 2 with this and i actually like this better. However, zmodo needs to acknowledge their compatibility issue and make it public so people know what they are getting into and so that customers don't need to go through this nonsense. I understand that there "may" be a resistor that could be wired in line to remedy this with my old bell. However, this information is not in the manual and can only be found when you scour the internet. Also, its not like i can go to the corner and but a 20 ohm resistor. I need to order it, wait a week, then hope it works. This is unacceptable and for the life of me i cannot understand why zmodo allows this to continue. This issue should be documented in the manual and the resistor should be included. There is a breakdown here in customer support and it is extremely damaging to the brand. I was very close to returning all my cameras and the doorbell because i could not trust a company with such severe quality control issues. This was not helped with support's failure to address this issue with me and just suggest i send it back for replacement. In reality, the product is fine but product development, technical support and marketing have done a terrible job of working together to find a customer satisfaction-oriented approach to resolving this issue. Are you listening zmodo? your reputation is being damaged and you are losing customers and money because you cant get your act together as an organization. If you want to make it to the big stage and actually stay there, you must fix this problem with how you run your business. If you do not, you will always be a fringe, mail-order only minor player in this industry. Your product gets 5 stars. Your company gets 1.

R. Palmer, Berlin

Returned and ordered a ring original. I really wanted to like the greet, and the camera itself is exceptional. The motion detection, however, is terrible. And the app has to be closed and opened continually unless you like watching the spinning circle. It would catch real people less than 50% of the time, while picking up cars on the street with ease. Set-up was quite difficult, but i at least re-learned how to manage my router settings after a couple of hours (you will have to switch to 2. 4 ghz only). I also discovered by reading user threads from google searches that i had to put my motoz android in airplane mode to complete setup (not all phones, but some won't pair up otherwise). The instructions simply weren't even close to suffice for my setup, and customer service was off for the holidays. The two-way audio really wasn't so much two-way. I should admit that i purchased this after reading many unfavorable reviews similar to mine (not only online store reviews), but for the money and the 1 best seller on online store status swayed my decision. I appreciate all you people out there who i ignored. You tried your best. . So on to the ring original. Setup was a breeze (it also requires 2. 4 ghz, but my system was already switched, thank you zmodo). The ring camera is more "fish-eye", but it does make it carry a wider field of view. The zmodo greet hands down has a clearer camera, and superior night vision, which is why i really wanted to like the greet, and gave it plenty of time to try and redeem itself. The ring hasn't missed a real person yet, and it does offer some customization of the areas that prompt an alert. I understand the new pro level rings offer much more refined zones, but i'm not upset with what the original offers. As a bonus, the ring original also rings my interior doorbell. The greet did not ring the actual doorbell. And on that note, greet includes a small unit you may or may not have to wire into your existing doorbell to eliminate a constant humming noise, which i had to do an my guess is most will have to do that also. . Finally, i don't work for ring, i paid real money for both. In fact, i purchased 3 of each because 2 were christmas presents for our children. They still got to open their greet, and then i demanded them back and informed them they would get their rings after christmas because they didn't arrive in time. I waited 2 weeks after installing the ring to feel prepared to give an honest opinion. I did read that rings can be sensitive to cold temps, and we've been in single digits (and negative) for much of this time, and it's performed flawlessly. The app is very stable also. I'm not yet signed up, but they do have a "neighborhood watch" alert you can join with other ring users, which is probably very cool and informative. I'm a ring fan.

F. Mahood, Saskatchewan says

Got 2 issue, my chime start to has a noise after ding is install, i tried to fix it by install the noise corrector, but then the chime won't sound at all. Second issue is one of the window sensor came with it is missing the magnet. I contacted zmodo support (which took forever to connect) and all they can do is to replace the power accessory (or return the item to where i purchased), which wouldn't fix the issue, hate to take everything down because the noise issue, email the seller (ezoomtek), and will see how they respond. Update(12/12), after spent two days with support, which they asked for the picture of the connections and just asked me to reconnect the wires but didn't help at all, the conclusion is from them is "sorry that the solution doesn't fix your issue. Yes, it is totally ok that you initiate return process with online store. " i guess they don't care as they are dumping the inventories that won't move , if you are consider for the item, make sure you are okay with following issues. * probably won't work with your hard wired chime. * took 5 sec to ring on your phone and 20 more secs to get connected to the camera after visitors ring the bell, at most case, you are either at the door and visitor are already gone. * the sound quality is bad on both way, it's impossible to take via the app to the visitor. * and you will only have above issue if you can get the thing to work in the first place, i spent 3 hours trying to get the thing connected to wifi and showing on the app. I already have low expectation when purchased the item since it's so cheap, was thinking that i can use it as a surveillance camera if even if the app sucks, but sadly the chime didn't even work, waste too much time on a $60 purchase, will just get a ring and have happy holiday!

P. Franklin, Australian Capital Territory

Pro's:. + video works pretty well. 24 hr recording is pretty cool. + price is nice. + value is great if it works as intended. + customer service is great so far. . Con's:. - setup is a pain. I have a skybell at a different residence and that was easier than ding to setup. - no audio in. I can talk to the person at the door with a 3 second delay but they can't talk back. (i can't hear them). My experience with other products are better. - audio out is very low and delayed. They can barely hear me. The speaker volume is very low even on the highest setting. My experience with other products are better.

. Anonymous, Tennessee says

It is adequate, but if it wasn't a gift i wouldn't buy it. The main reason i rate it low is tech support is abysmal. You can easily be on hold a hour, and online chat is no better. The main pluses of the bell are:. 1) cloud storage free, at least for 24 hours. 2) it was priced much less than the ring or skybell. 3) easy install and setup. 4) the zmodo app seems to work fine. The minuses outweigh the pluses and i may yet send it back:. 1) truly horrible tech support. 2) the record on movement window is much narrower than live view. Someone standing very close to the door can't be seen. 3) when i talk to someone they hear me fine, i hear them fine. But i also hear what i just said coming back thru the phone, must be lag. Customer support has been no help whatsoever. 4) for part of the day my porch is shaded, so people at the door appear more in silhouette. This may be a trait of doorbell cameras, i don't know. I'm not going to try another one if i send this back. At the very least i will never buy a zmodo product again. . 2/1/17 - finally got thru to tech support at zmodo. They said they would personally test a unit that wouldn't give feedback and send it. The next day i got a email saying they didn't have one that would work and could send me a greet 1. 0, unacceptable because that's not what i paid for. Really too bad, i wanted to like it. So boxed it up and sent it back. Bought a ring, way easier to set up and no feed back. No free cloud though.

W. Glenda, Rutland

So let me tell you how wonderful this product isn't! . I purchased this camera on the presumption that it would act very much like all the other cameras on the market, and what i mean by that is that it would send you a notification when someone actually stood in front of it and attempted to steal packages that you ordered off online store or ebay. . Nope! dead wrong on that. Ive had 6 packages left on my doorstep and not a single one of the "alerts" on my zmodo app were of anybody coming to the front door and dropping off a package, or when someone took a package! . . Instead im notified every single time a car drives by in the road. Which i could care less about mind you. I would not recommend this p. O. S to anybody who wants to rely on a camera catching anybody doing anything mischievous or against the law in you front yard. . Apparently it is only triggered if you have stood 30 feet away from it or are driving a vehicle. Also dont park your car on the side of it because apparently having objects near it makes it no since anything until its out the field of vision. . Also the application does not allow you to fine tune anything. You really get absolutely nothing from this product

A. Ross, Massachusetts says

Returned. So many problems with this unit. I already own a zmodo camera system and have no complaints. Thats why i took a shot at this doorbell but it turned out to be a nightmare. First, the small retaining nuts on the bottom of the unit that the security screws go into are seated so poorly that they fell out and i had to take the unit apart and glue them back in. Second, the setup is difficult if you have a dual band router, which is like everyone these days. You have to be able to change your internal router settings and disconnect the 5ghz radio in order for the unit to find the 2. 4ghz frequency. Ive installed a dozen smart home devices that i didnt need to take that step. Next, after finally getting a proper connection, the alert from the doorbell button press was very delayed and inconsistent. Worked maybe 3 out of 10 tries. Next problem was that for whatever reason, my existing zmodo camera system grabbed the signal for the doorbell away from my phone and displayed an image on the surveillance monitor. After that, i had no access to the doorbell settings or features on my phone. I made three attempts to contact zmodo tech support but got weary waiting for someone to pick up. I tried multiple resets and reconnects to no avail. Retuned.

N. Rowe, Rhone-Alpes

It says this includes the following:. . (1) zmodo smart greet wifi doorbell. . (1) zmodo beam wifi extender and smart hub. . (2) door/window sensor. . (1) noise corrector. . (1) quick guide. . The 1x zmodo beam wifi extender and smart hub and 2x door/window sensor were not inlcuded. . Also, there seem to be no way of reseting this thing. At first, i connected to my guest ssid for testing. I didn't know that there's no way to change that afterwards. I've searched and the instruction is to push that small reset button below but there are no buttons. . Another issue is reception. I have 2 wifi access points and one of them is around -60dbm where the doorbell is but connectivity is still unreliable. It disconnects all the time. I wish the extender was included. Maybe that's the fix.

X. Fabian, South Dakota says

I've had this product installed over 6 months. Pros - outstanding wide angle of view, really appreciate since trying a porch light camera from kuna, which is 50% of the angle of view. Cons - the audio latency makes 2-way audio unusable, you can't talk to someone because the delay is 8-10 seconds. After replacing the mechanical chime transformer, i'm still unable to use the doorbell, so i had to replace with a wireless doorbell, which works great. The recorded audio and video are great when it records, i've been able to walk to the door, wave a the doorbell and nothing is captured. I've also encountered false alerts where i can't see anything moving in the captured video. It took 4 months before the zmodo app was stable, but working much better now, after they had me using meshare also. For $99, it's a great alternative to ring.

E. Patricia, Saarland

You can buy a cheap video doorbell the zmodo greet (aka ding), or you can get a great video doorbell the ring video doorbell 2. . You can spend about two hours setting up the greet like i did. Multiple times the app reported that it had failed, both in attempting to configure the beam component and the doorbell itself, but after trying all of the techniques recommended in other reviews, like turning off your guest wifi, etc, they finally did successfully configure even though the configuration process never reported success. . Or you can spend about 10 minutes setting up the ring. One attempt, success. . You can invest several days fussing with the greet like i did. You ll finally conclude that the notifications are worthless. You ll get a motion notification with every. Single. Car. That. Drives. Up. Or. Down. Your. Street. But you ll often get no notification and no video recording of actual people walking up to or away from your door. And when you do get a notification, the app is so slow to respond that whatever triggered the alert is long gone. So you ll turn off the notifications all together, and waste time reviewing your daily dose of dozens of clips of cars driving by, in case there s an actual motion event you want to see. . Or you can configure the ring to ignore motion more than 30 feet away, and get virtually no false alarms and reliable valid notifications when you should get them. And the ring app launces so quickly that you actually can answer the door via the app, the way you want to. And the ring differentiates between motion alerts and actual doorbell rings, so you can respond appropriately to either. . You can email zmodo about your struggles with false alerts and missed alerts, and after a couple of days you ll get back a broken english response explaining how the product is intended to work but with no real practical advice to make it work like you want it to work. . Or you can call ring s helpdesk, get in the queue for a callback (without even having to enter your phone number they use your caller id) and get a callback in about 15 minutes from a very nice, very patient, very articulate, very smart guy named arthur who is willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy. Absolutely the best helpdesk experience i ve ever had. . You can decide that the cheap video doorbell is no bargain, like i did, and remove it and install a ring video doorbell 2 instead. And you ll be glad you did. And you ll be happy to pay the $30 per year for access to past events, because, well, you get what you pay for. . You might decide to keep the beam part of the zmodo home kit, like i did, though. It s a pretty decent hub for door and window sensors. And the sensors themselves work pretty well. And what you spent on the home kit isn t enough more than a dedicated door and window sensor system to make it worth the effort to uninstall everything and send it back for credit. . You get what you pay for. Ring worth it, ding not so much.

C. Anonymous, St. Helens says

I purchased two ding's, one for the front door and one for the back. Installation and setup was a breeze. The back door needed to pitch down and angle to the right so i 3d printed a wedge (made for a ring). The live stream and motion clips from the app and from the website look great. Day time and night time modes are both easy to see. When someone rings the bell my phone rings within 10 seconds and can see who is at the door. I have contacted zmodo support three times with questions and they have been very quick with responses. I am really impressed since most companies offer almost no support at all. . Now for the negatives:. . One of the cameras has broken after just two days of use, the only color it records is pink. See the photo of what it looked like thursday and then friday. Zmodo support was very quick with troubleshooting to confirm that it was broken. I have ordered another and will send the defective unit back. Minus one star for receiving a defective product, will update once i get the replacement in. . The camera records 24/7 but what they don't tell you is that it only records one frame every 5-10 seconds. If motion is detected then it records continuously. Someone put some ruts in my yard but because of the huge delay in recording i missed capturing the entire thing! i know this isn't meant to be a security camera but recording all the time seems like a must in case the motion detection is missed. Minus one star. . No onvif/rtps support. Your locked into the zmodo app which is a bummer but this was not a surprise. . No support for echo show. There is a zmodo skill why isn't this supported?

. Anonymous, California

Once this doorbell is setup, i have no major complaints but it takes some time to get there. . The biggest issue with this doorbell is the application setup. The application is pretty terrible which is obvious from its reviews at the google play store and according to the instructions, it makes you think that you have to setup the "link" that comes in the box in order for this to work. That is not the case and was the biggest hassle in the setup process. No matter what i did (at first), i could not get the link to find my network. I tried every step in the manual. I reviewed the faq's online. I reset the unit several times and nothing would fix the issue. . Frustrated with the link not working, i tried to just setup the doorbell itself. At first, i had the exact same issues as the link with the doorbell not finding my network. However, after doing some additional research, it said that the doorbell takes about 30 minutes after being connecting to a power source to be ready for use. After that, i was able to connect it to my network. . Once the doorbell was setup, it works as expected. Sometimes there are delays between someone pushing the button and the notification going off on your phone. What you should expect is if someone is simply delivering a package and leaving that by the time a notification rings on your phone, the delivery person is walking away. However, if someone is coming to your house and rings the doorbell that you will receive a notice within 4-5 seconds after they ring the doorbell. . The biggest thing that you will want to know with regards to this doorbell is the motion sensor. The motion sensor is very sensitive and will most likely go off every time that a car passes in front of your house. Since there is no way to adjust the sensitivity on the motion sensor, the best way to combat you receiving a notification every 5 minutes is to turn off the alerts under the notification section of the app. In order to do this, go to the "me" section of the app and then click on "system settings". Under system settings, click on "notification management". While in notification management, you can turn sound, vibrate and light all to "off" but keep new message alerts "on". This will allow you to still get a notice on your phone when the doorbell is pushed so that you can respond immediately but eliminate any time a car passes the house. The motion notifications are still available to view is you review them in your alerts but it keeps your phone from going off constantly. . Overall it is great for the price once you figure it all out. Getting there can be a pain though.

I. Eleanor, Haringey says

I looked at the ring product that is like this and it is really nice but $179 or $229 is just too much for something so simple. At $60 this zmodo product is pretty darn good for the money. It does what it says it will do and you can view your doorstep from anywhere (if not firewalled to block access). I got one for myself and one for my in-laws. The overall solution is good but not great. Let s start with the good. - it alerts me when something passes by my doorway and it notifies me when someone rings the doorbell. - i can review all the events in the cloud through the application. - i can talk to someone over lte that is at my front door (technically i have only done this in tests not yet had someone ring it and i answered while they waited. ). - the picture clarity is good and i can see over 50 feet in daylight and about 20 feet in darkness in the front of my door. - the sound is based on connection but i can hold a conversation through the device. - this particular package comes with a lot of extras like door sensors and i find that to be a good value. - comes with tools and mounting hardware. - physically installing this is easy as to setting up the beam and connecting the door camera is a different issue/subject. - the mount to the wall is good. Keeping it there. See below. Now the bad:. - it is blocked by firewalls so alerts via some wifi's might not get through. I would assume that is the case for any product like this in nature. - it doesn't send an image to your phone of what triggered it. I have to go into the app, get it to replay from the cloud and that doesn't always go as planned. I found it easier to check from home on my wifi. Limitation to me since i would like it to be easy to see what triggered the alert. - it requires that zmodo beam to be used. Meaning if you don't have the beam setup then you can't use just the door camera. To add more detail to that. It comes with beam and it is a hub for their products. Like the included door sensors. If you wanted to just use the door camera then your out of luck because without the beam this will not work. It appears to be their home automation hub. ? . - the pictures from customers showing that the screws to lock it in place are popping out is very valid. There is no way to securely mount this that will keep it from being taken with the current design. Those little screws, once tightened just push out the brass grommets from the plastic and are useless. - if someone wanted to rip this off the wall it would not be hard to remove especially since those screws are useless. - setup of the product is twofold and at times not so easy. You first have to setup the beam as mentioned then you need to get the camera attached to it and bingo it is working sometimes. I had to reset the beam twice on setting up mine and the same for my in-laws. Resetting the beam allowed me to restart and get it going. Sometimes i found it will add the door camera to the beam but not show completed in the app after restarting the app once it showed it working not fun and not easy to setup unless you like to troubleshoot. - in the extras it has this little candy sized device that looks like a pass through of some kind. There are no instructions on how to install it or what its function is but after reading around on the product page i think it is the piece they mention to help with doorbell issues like at my in-laws it won t stop ringing going there today to try it. But the confusing piece about it is that you have two screws on each end that look like a connection point and two red wires sticking out of it that look like a pass through. Again no instructions on what this is or does and how to wire it! . - will update review when i attempt to install the door sensors. - finally the iphone version of the application is crap. You can set some stuff but it isn t user friendly and nowhere does it allow you to set motion sensitivity. The first one i setup didn t alert as much as the second one. So i assume you can adjust the sensitivity but nothing is written about it that i can tell. Looking for help is probably available via contacting them but i shouldn t have to do that for a fully baked product. There should be lots of documentation on everything if i wanted to read about it but there is none. - the setup guide isn t horrible but it is lacking. They need some white papers or detailed user guide on their site something that explains every aspect of their product. . So there are more bad points than good. But i think constructive criticism is useful hopefully someone other than myself finds this info constructive lol. . Would i recommend this to a friend depends on the friend. Meaning if they are technical then yes they can figure it out and save some money. But if i were to recommend this to say my mother or a coworker i would only do it if they improved the overall setup and design. Not the design of the door camera but the overall design of how everything comes together and its operation interface. I would tell my mother or non-technical coworker to pay the extra money and get something like the ring doorbell. . Update - 1/16/2018. Had this for weeks now and it get one more start for working this long as well as the fact i spent more time with the app and it isn't all crap. Meaning it still needs improvement but better than i originally thought. Still lacks the ability to adjust the motion sensing or anything along those lines. But it does have a thumbnail of the alert under alerts and the replay is ok. I found out you can access them via the web just like they said. Of course knowing the link is the next trick. Login with the creds you created in the application. Not sure what browser is best but an improvement over just using the app to review. Also i do have to mention if you get one of their cameras for free. Meaning you review this product after buying it. They will give you a free camera. I am not a fan of wireless only cameras but this worked out better than expected. What does this have to do with the ding. Well it is the app that incorporates it all and that works nicely. Also they offer 6 months free cloud on all of these devices. Nice value. The competition isn't that inexpensive. Add to the overall value. Probably update again when i finally try the door sensors. :). . Update 3/15/18:. Having bought three and returned one i had to remove a star. The picture i posted is from the third purchase and it shows a kind of scratch or smear on the outside plastic lens making the picture blurry. Quality control is probably an issue if that is being shipped to customers. Overall still like the product but going to look for another solution. Btw, with the first two purchases i was offered free wireless cameras for a review. By the third i think they realize i was they same person or they were out of those crappy free cameras. They worked but not well enough to spend money on them. Lucky for me they were free. Anyway. Ok product and if your strapped for cash this will work.

D. Yvette, Havering

The plus, i now have a camera at my door and the picture quality is pretty good. . Lots of minuses. Hard wear was junk like you can see in most reviews, i had the same problem but made it work. The hub would say it was connected to the internet but the app would say it wasnt. Took about 10 reboots of the hub for it to finally say it was connect to the app. Motion director has a different sensitivity every time it goes off. Some times it goes off from about 20 feet away, sometimes it does when they are 2 feet away. And it will stop recording while movement is still going on right in front off door bell. I can hear people thru the mic if they are right at the door, but when i talk the phone gives off a loud feedback and then you cant hear anyone. "i have a samsung s6". The door bell now will no longer ring because i had to attach the jumper box this comes with for it to get the correct watts to work correctly. So if someone is home who doesn't have the app on there phone they have no clue if someone rings the door bell

Q. Ruby, Nevada says

This is not a good product. First, when alerts come across that it has detected movement, you are supposed to tap the notification to view the video, but it doesn't work. You then have to back out of the alerts and go back into them to see any. Second, it is impossible to see who rang the doorbell or answer in a timely manner. It always says connection timed out, even when i'm at home on the same network. . So, if you just want it to keep the videos so you can look at them sometime later, i suppose it works, but you'll have to pay them a monthly fee if you want them kept more than a day, which means it's not even good for that without a paid subscription. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more for something that works.

L. Campbell, British Columbia

Ok, so i just posted a review of the zmodo pan and tilt camera and figured while im at it, i should post my review of this one also. I had been looking at this doorbell for a while, back when it was the zmodo "ding" i wanted a doorbell camera but didnt want to spend $100 bucks or more for one. I also wanted one that i can record/view live footage along with the doorbell rings etc which a lot of the more expensive ones dont allow you to do (or they didnt and added that functionality later). . Installation:. Installation was pretty straight forward. The hardest part was mounting it as the spot for my current doorbell was a little more narrow than the smart greet doorbell. I was still able to make it work. I connected everything, installed the beam and got that working then added the doorbell. At first everything went off without a problem, everything worked like i thought it would. . Usage:. Video looked good, was able to open the app and see live video, it got motion alerts just like my other 2 zmodo cameras, it actually use the same app so i was familiar and at that point, everything was the same. . I then press the doorbell, i hear the chime in the house go off, but no alert on my phone. About 5 minutes later i get an alert on the phone and when i look, i see me pressing the doorbell. I thought "this isnt helpful, if someone rings my doorbell, they will be gone before i get the alert". . So after messing around with it some more, i figured out that i wasnt actually getting the "doorbell ring" alert. What i was getting was just a motion alert. And the reason it was taking 5 minutes before i got that alert was because when i pressed the doorbell, the device was rebooting. So a doorbell ring was never being registered. I never saw how the doorbell function of this device actually works. . The door/windows sensors that came with it, i was able to get them paired and setup in the app but they never worked either. . So i contacted support, it took a couple emails then i tried the chat about a day later and got in touch with someone, they told me that maybe my doorbell transformer isnt strong enough and that i should make sure i have 10-24v. That what is happening is that there isnt enough power to to do some of the functions. . So, i bought a new transformer, a 10-16v transformer. I didnt check mine before i bought it. I get home and go to replace it and i already had the exact same transformer installed as the one i bought. I got my meter out and tested the voltage coming out of it and it was 16. I figured maybe 16v wasnt enough power so i took the transformer i bought back and got the 24v one instead. Installed that and still had the same results, even though i was now getting 24v. . I eventually sent smart greet doorbell back, bought another one that was a little more expensive (the iseebell doorbell) . That one connected and worked as i expected from the beginning. The functionality on the zmodo app is better than the iseebell app but the iseebell works. I really wanted this zmodo greet doorbell to work for me but i was really disappointed. If you can get it to work, i think it is a really good alternative to say a ring doorbell but for me, it was a bust

H. Anonymous, Tameside says

Pros:. Ok video quality. . Cons:. Simply doesn t do what you bought it for. App does not always alert you to a doorbell ring (a *primary function of a video doorbell). Motion alerts do not work, even when people walk right up to the camera. Cloud recordings have 12 second gaps . It s more like picture recordings every 12 seconds, not video. Makes my chime box constantly buzz and the included resistor to fix that issue disables my chime box entirely. Setup instructions are wrong and unintuitive, which makes what should be a 15 minute setup take hours (but whatever, you re thinking the same thing i thought; meh, this guy couldn t figure it out. I m tech savvy/in it/have an engineering degree/have installed 162748 automation and smart devices. I won t have the same problems as him. ). . All of my cons are well documented in the previous reviews, as well. I thought i d roll the dice but the product really isn t good. Please do not buy this video doorbell. I do not recommend purchasing. . As an aside; the included wifi range extender is also junk. If your end point device happens to connect, your speeds will be abysmal when it even works at all. More often, the extender needs frequent reboots (multiple per day) so you'll be connected to a wifi extender that can t connect you to the internet, essentially blocking service in its effective area. It s a wifi blocker!

Y. Margaret, Languedoc-Roussillon

It s a doorbell. Yes, when i open the app i can see a very delayed shot from the camera. . There s a huge delay with alerts when the bell is rang, when my visitor speaks, and my visitor can t hear me speak. I get no notification when the camera senses motion and no recorded alert in the app. . Importantly, i get no buzz or notifications when my doors are opened. I can see they have been opened if i look for it in the events section of the app, but an intruder could be in my house having a cup of tea and the beam wouldn t sound a buzz, even though it is set to do so. I can activate the buzzer manually from my phone, but why? what purpose does it serve? . . The app is uninstinctive and doesn t allow you to set any preferences easily. I can t customize what i m looking at in there and it simply was tedious to set up. . The beam was more than tedious to set up and requires a lot more tinkering to get working than it should. On top of not actually sounding except when i tell it to do so specifically, that makes me wonder if it is dysfunctional. . I did read after updating the firmware which i always do as soon as i set up a device if an update is available that the update messes up alerts. So maybe if i hadn t updated, by beam would alert when the doors are opened? hmm. . Just not what i was hoping for.

U. Watson, Bedfordshire says

Product description and support documentation was unclear, stated if you didn't have a mechanical doorbell you would need a resistor. I have a digital doorbell, purchased a resistor separately, only to find out that the product does not work with digital doorbells (ones that play music instead of traditional "ding dong" style). Spent a few hours troubleshooting and trying different suggestions to get it working only to come back to the q&a section here to see it's not compatible. . Another product online sells a "digital doorbell adapter" for their offering that looks like it might help but i wasn't willing to spend additional money to see if it'd work with this product. The other popular brand says you just need to wire up a diode (already had one) to make theirs work, but that did not work for me on this product. Since i didn't get to actually use the product i can't offer a full review but wanted to offer up this feedback just in case.

T. Terry, Wandsworth

I had very high hopes for this doorbell but it failed miserably. . The good:. The clarity day and night is amazingly clear, i mean beautifully clear. The distance of viewing was truly a couple hundred feet. The width of viewing was also very, very wide. The installation of the unit itself only took about 15 minutes. It works with your existing door bell. It can be used by several people at the same time on smartphones and computers. You can observe everything live online or on your smartphone. . Now for the bad:. It took about 3 hours to set it up as the directions are horribly wrong and useless. The doorbell never rang on the 1st push, its seems to sleep and has to be woken up with the 1st push before it will work. The clarity of being able to speak and hear those on the outside your door is terrible and mostly nonexistent. The lag time of someone triggering the motion sensor and you being alerted is minutes, that's if you do get an alert at all. You must to use the wifi extender device or the unit will not work: period. Did i mention the setup sucked beyond belief? . . Most criminals will ring your doorbell before breaking in as they want to make sure no one is at home. They may only ring your bell once before breaking in on you. If that's the case would you want to take a chance with a doorbell that never rings on the 1st push? . Same thing for getting a motion alert whether you're at home or not. Can you afford to be alerted many minutes after the motion field has been broken? . Are you willing to hope that you will receive a motion alert at all? . It is also very important to be able to understand what those at your door are saying and more importantly vise versa. Are you willing to lose yet another failed opportunity to speak to that criminal at your door before they a break in your home? . . Is this the kind of unit you want to use for the protection of youself, your family and your home? . I would say only if you care about being able to see what is going on and none of the other features matter.

G. Kathlene, Hamburg says

I purchased this for my parents for just simple wifi powered front door video security. However, the doorbell is very wide and did not fit onto their existing doorbell opening. Be sure to check the dimensions on this product before purchasing. Instead of returning this product i kept it for myself. It fits onto the exterior door molding, but it is a tight fit. Therefore the size of the doorbell, is a downside. The doorbell and beam was very difficult to setup. I am not sure how we got it to work but it is not setup through the beam device, which is the wifi extender that the manual directs you to set it up through. The picture is great and the audio from the doorbell works, but the speaking feature from the person ringing the doorbell has never worked for us. Zmodo's customer service is non-existent. I have called and attempted to chat online, with no response. This product was around $60. 00 and seems like a steal comparing it to other doorbell products, but i have spent more time installing and continuing to troubleshoot problems, that i would just rather uninstall it and return is for a product double the price.

S. Moore, Luton

The doorbell camera works well so far. The screws to secure the camera in place are weak and broke off before they could be screwed in. The beam takes several tries for it to connect to the app. Lots of resetting and retrying. The door/window sensors will connect to the beam but make sure you update the firmware of the beam. I found this out the long way. Reason for the three stars. The ding doorbell rings and you can see what s outside 3-5 seconds after the events. There is no motion notification. I ve had several people come to my door and not once i got a notification. The forums state there should be a settings for the motion sensor setting in the app, but there is not, it was just the setting for the night mode.

Z. Audrey, Florida says

Upon ordering the ding/greet it arrived quickly, yay online store! the mounting of the ding in the location replacing my old doorbell was easy. I did have an issue while tightening one of the (2) security screws whereby the nut the screw threads into unscrewed and became detached from the hole it was subset within. So only one of the security screwes was successfully attached. After supplying power to the unit and pushing the button, my doorbell rang. Yay. So now to configure the beam . Boooooo. . The instructions seem pretty straight forward, . But they are not applicable to all devices you may use to configure the unit. For instance; one of the instructions directs the user to "tap here to install a beam". Well on my fire phone running android, that option was nowhere to be found. I looked and looked, became frustrated, walked away, came back and looked again. Still not there. I grabbed my galaxy tab running android as well. And tada, it was there. So no idea why the discrepancy. . Following the instructions further, i got as far as connecting to one of the (2) ap's the ding sends out "ap zmd" and "zmd sap" (confusing). I then entered my network credentials and pressed the green checkmark which then turned gray. After a short wait i got a timeout error. Strangely, the beam status light was then solid blue which is supposed to indicate that it is connected to the wifi network. Upon viewing the connected devices list in the zmodo app, there is no beam listed. So i decided to call support. Uh-oh. . The support line 217-903-5037 mon-fri 8:00am - 8:00pm cst, us time. I called at 8am cst on the dot, and navigated their voice menu and fairly quickly reached a support agent named sandy. She seemed nice enough but informed me there was a different dedicated number for setting up the greet/ding. Sandy informed me there was currently no one in line for that support division and promptly transferred me. The automated voice informed me that i was caller 1 and would be helped by the next available agent. I remained on hold until 8:58am when an agent finally took my call. I did inquire why if i was the first in line that i had to wait 58 minutes to receive help, to which the agent replied that it was because that department did not actually begin taking calls until 9am. Thanks sandy. . I explain to the agent the solid blue light dilemma and ask for assistance. The agent asked me what type of router i had. I was uncertain as to do with anything, but i obliged. She then asked me who my internet service was with, which was a major indication we were heading down the wrong path. I explain to her that my isp is irrelevant as i only need my wifi network to set the unit up locally and my isp is irrelevant. The agent advised me she would place me on a brief hold to research a few things. The hold music sounded an awful lot like a dial tone. Yup, she hung up. Thanks! . . Through no help from the support line i managed to get the beam associated to my account. I have not been able to associate the ding/greet with the beam though. I do have a zmodo nvr though, and strangely, the ding/greet live video shows up as one of my cameras. I'm guessing that during setup the ding/greet was connected directly to my router instead of the beam . So, i figured resetting the ding/greet my be a solution, but the rest button on the bottom of the unit referred to in the instructions does not exist on my unit. The only holes on the bottom of my unit are the (2) security screw holes. . I'm assuming that must be the reason i can't associate the ding/greet with the beam . I did ring the doorbell to see what happens, and my doorbell rang, but that's it. . On another note, since the ding and beam device names come up as unknown in my router client list, it would be nice if they supplied the mac addresses on the box or units. . To be continued.

O. Dorothy, Connecticut

I hate to think about someone with no product installation experience trying to install this product. I'd go so far as to say, it's impossible. Why? the instructions are so horribly inadequate, the average person, one who never worked with wireless devices, for example, would never get far. Another example? following instructions, i connected the extended range device and configured it to work with my xfinity router. Not so fast. The software downloaded to my phone kept telling me that there was no connection, but never offered me the opportunity to try again. I had to leave the app, return to the setup program and start over. Amazing! after many tries i gave up and went to the doorbell and worked on that. The impression given in the add on online store it sounds easy. Two wires and your done. Nope. When i installed the doorbell, to stay safe, i didn't drill holes in my stucco, i just removed the old doorbell and hung the new one to see if i could get it to work first. So, it's attached, and flashing green (indicating it's working on connecting) but nothing on my phone screen, no video. I take a break. In the meantime, i look down to see the range extender has a solid blue light indicating it's connected to the router. How do i know? there is nothing to indicate it's connected in the software, there's only the solid blue light. Huh? next, i take a look at the doorbell and it's showing solid blue meaning it's connected to the router. I check the video, nothing. . The next morning i check the video, it's working! how? to make a long story short, here's what happened. When i saw the video for the first time i broke my own rule and installed the doorbell where the old doorbell was, turned on the power and it once again it showed solid blue. But now the range extender was flashing green, and didn't recover. I unplugged the range extender only to find that the doorbell is still solid blue. It doesn't need the range extender because my router is strong enough to pickup the doorbell, and i don't need the range extender. Nowhere in the instructions does it offer this option. . The doorbell continues to send video, audio, and works with night vision. Nice! if you buy this be careful, and be ready to return it. It's not easy to install. Oh! and the 6 months cloud service offered with the doorbell, doesn't work. On the zmodo website it says the 6 month offer doesn't exist for this model of doorbell. What? . . There's so much more to this. I thought it would be worth warning you that installation is a much bigger project than just attaching two wires and walking away.

. Juliana, New Mexico says

There were problems from the get go with this video doorbell. . The "beam" unit would not connect to 2 different wi-fi units at all. It was only able to connect to a third unit "synology dual band wi-fi" after turning off the automatic switching and turning off the 5kz band. The unit only works with the 2. 5kz band. . The doorbell unit constantly connected directly to the wi-fi unit instead of the "beam" unit. I had to open the wi-fi control software and ban the doorbell unit from using the synology wi-fi. If the doorbell unit isn't going through the beam unit for it's wi-fi connection you will get no alerts. The beam unit is what sends the alerts. . The doorbell unit wouldn't stay connected to the "beam" unit. It was 8 feet away so should not have had any signal issues. . The motion and sound sensors did not always function when someone was on the porch even when only a couple feet away. The doorbell unit was right next to the door. When the screen door is opened it shuts with a load bang. This did not always activate the video either. . The motion/sound detection didn't start sometimes until after someone had been at the door for a while. For example, the mailbox is a slot in the door. The mailman walks up, opens the screen door, puts the mail through the slot, lets the screen door slam shut, and turns to walk away, and then the unit turns on and captures the mailman's back as he walks away. Worthless if you want to id someone at your door after the fact. . To get the wi-fi, beam, and doorbell units to connect to each other you have to turn off wi-fi switching on your cell phone or it won't work. I also had to delete the other wi-fi 5kz band. The cell needs to be using the same wi-fi connection as the zmodo units will use. Having to go through this process after each time the doorbell disconnected was a real pain. . The doorbell hummed without the unit supplied to suppress the hum. Once that unit was installed the doorbell wouldn't chime. . The audio for the doorbell was so bad it was difficult to make out what was being said. . There was a delay in getting alerts from the doorbell unit through the "beam" unit. So someone would be left standing and waiting until the alert came. Since the chime was no longer working the cell phone alert was the only way to know someone was at the door. And when the alerts didn't happen the person at the door was left thinking no one was home. . The zmodo cell application is unstable and would crash. A restart of the cell was required to get it able to restart. . The alert videos were too short and would turn off even when someone was still on the porch. . It won't be plug and play unless you are lucky. Uninstalling it after installing it took about 45 minutes including putting the old doorbell back on. I spent a lot of time debugging the wi-fi connecting issues. A lot of that was going through internet searches to figure out solutions. The manual is actually a fold out pamphlet and too basic for the potential issues you can run into. I tweaked things for 3 weeks trying to get it working well but finally gave up and returned it. . When it did capture video the video was decent. A final note. One of the miniature locking pin inserts was not able to be used as the threaded piece in the doorbell case was loose and fell out. There are two in the unit. These are what are supposed to keep the doorbell unit from being stolen off your outside wall.

K. Benton, Derby

Firstly, my order shipped incomplete. The extender and the door sensors, clearly specified in the product description, were not included. After contacting the seller these items were sent out separately. . The doorbell unit is nice looking and decently well made. . Issues:. 1. The software is not ready for prime time. Alerts hardly ever worked and if they did, they were so delayed as to be useless. 2. Installation was a pain and not at all intuitive (and i am an electronic engineer). 3. Motion sensing worked for a while and then stopped altogether. 4. My doorbell (with a 17 volt transformer) would not ring. Ring alerts were so delayed that the notification on my phone was useless. I installed the power accessory to stop the doorbell vibrating. . Yes, i had excellent wifi signal strength. . I returned the package and opted for a set of blink cameras instead, which work perfectly right out of the box and were much easier to setup. . In conclusion, i think this is a product with potential but it should not have been released to an unsuspecting public until development was completed.

. Jackson, Nottingham says

First off, the item i received says ding home package on the box and ding on the actually video unit. When i went to the zmodo. Com webpage for tech support there is no ding product just greet. So i used the help information for the greet doorbell. Be forewarned. . Installation was not as easy at 1-2-3. After ready some of the previous post i decided to follow the installation paperwork to the letter. The installation of the wifi extender took a couple of tries and a visit to the tech support page. That was where i learned how to reset the wifi extender. That installation took about 90 minutes to make sure it was up and running. . Then there was the doorbell itself. The actual removal of the old doorbell was simple and the install of the new one was painless. Took about 60 minutes. I would have preferred that the harness it uses had come with some extension wires so i could have installed it higher (like some of the videos on the support webpage) but it didn't. It is a little low but livable. . After installation that was when the problems started. After turning on the power my doorbell would not stop chiming. I installed the power accessory and that stopped the ringing. Completely. Now the doorbell would not sound at all. I called tech support. They helped me and were very patient. Tech support had me use a voltmeter to check and they told me that there was not enough power to run my doorbell and my ding. Solution: install a new transformer. Yes, you can run this without a doorbell. The phone app will ring my mobile phone and my wife's phone if someone rings the doorbell but since we tend not to have our phones with us at all times we wanted the doorbell to chime. . I am handy but i avoid electrician duties. Called the electrician, went to my local electrical supply store (lowe's, home depot, ace do not carry a 24v transformer, ordered one from online store but that one never arrived)) and a week later the electrician installed a 24v/40w transformer. He made sure it was all installed correctly, including to the doorbell and my ding. Still did not work correctly. Paid for and tried another doorbell. Works without the power accessory but has a noticeable hum (electrician explained why) but does not work with the power accessory attached (no hum). Paid the electrician and then called tech support again. Now waiting for a new power accessory to be sent to me. . All in all the unit itself works. Almost too good actually. I get alerts all the time when a car drives by or when it windy. Still working on that aspect. Waiting patiently for new part to arrive. Video is clear and the sound is clear and understandable. Overall i will be happy with the product if i can make the noticeable hum go away. Not sure i will pay for the zmodo cloud service after the trial period is over. I am going to see even if it needed and make my decision at that time. . I probably would have the same problem with any of the other competitor's units had i purchased one of those instead. So after spending all that time and extra money i hope this last step gets resolved soon.

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